Acton Aganst Closed Door UK Energy Summt

SS message on behalf of Clmate Justce Collectve - 23/04/12

Acton Aganst Closed Door UK Energy Summt

Clmate Justce Collectve



Clmate Justce Collectve and frends take to the streets to challenge the energy sttch-up gong on behnd closed doors at the UK Energy Summt.

The conference wll see representatves from the Bg Sx energy companes, ncludng EDF Energy, E.On, RWE Npower and Scottsh Power, as well as fossl fuel gants Shell and BP, consprng wth the government to maxmse ther profts at the expense of the envronment and mllons of people affected by clmate change and locked nto fuel poverty.

The Bg Sx are a key obstacle to the development of a sustanable and affordable energy system that could keep sea levels down and people’s homes warm. We want a far, democratc and clean energy system, not a corporate-controlled one that’s dsastrous for people and the envronment.

The UK Energy Summt s the wrong people askng the wrong questons and proposng the wrong solutons – t’s up to us to put that rght!

Twtter: @CJ_Collectve


Be n central London on Thursday 3rd May. Be ready to go at 11am. Start locatons to be announced.

Four blocs are currently planned, one wll be famly frendly. Check Twtter (@CJ_Collectve) for updates on meetng ponts and lve and

The UK Energy Summt s takng place at the Grange Hotel, very near St Paul’s Cathedral.


Banners, colour, musc and nose, sound systems, food, chalk, your mates.


1. People not Proft – Ths conference s all about the people who should NOT be makng decsons about our energy. t s about corporate eltes, of whch the government s now just one, colludng to make money, mpose austerty, keep control and retan ther prvlege. We’re here to say that we see a dfferent possblty: a world where people come frst. We say that the needs of communtes and the envronment come before the needs of corporatons. Ths conference s an attempt to keep the status quo of hgh energy prces, soarng profts, dependent consumers, growng clmate nsecurty and dsaster captalsm. Ths conference s a classc sttch up by the 1 % at the expense of the 99 %. Ths conference s the wrong people askng the wrong questons and proposng the wrong solutons.

2. Clmate Justce – Clmate change s already affectng mllons of people around the world, as weather patterns become more unpredctable and natural dsasters become more frequent and severe. The self-servng agendas of rch corporatons and governments, as represented at the UK Energy Summt, perpetuate and exacerbate clmate change, whlst preventng any meanngful attempts to stop t, and those least responsble for causng the crss suffer most as a result of t.

3. Energy Democracy – Ths summt exemplfes how puttng proft before people wll only cause ongong chaos. There s a postve soluton to these problems, and t’s a communty-controlled energy system. Together, we can organze a new, democratc, decentralsed renewable energy system. Access to clean energy s a rght, not a commodty. Clean energy and a lveable world for all are possble f energy s taken out of corporate control.


a) Spread the word by e-mal, Facebook and Twtter;

b) Come to the next open plannng meetng, on Sunday 15th Aprl, n London (venue to be confrmed);

c) Get n touch va and we can send you flyers and posters, and let you know about events happenng n your area. See you on the streets!

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