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ISIS Report 17/06/13

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Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now

Health & Environmental Hazards Especially in the Light of the New Genetics

The new genetics tells us why artificial genetic modification can never be safe because it interferes fundamentally with the natural genetic modification by organisms themselves that is absolutely essential for survival.

By Mae-Wan Ho (Ph D Biochemistry)  biosafety expert, much published author, pioneer of the physics of organisms and sustainable systems, leading critic of genetic determinism and proponent of epigenetic evolution since the 1970s; and Eva Sirinathsinghji (Ph D Neurogenetics) researcher and staff writer for Science in Society

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Ken Conrad Comment left 24th May 2013 17:05:46
I agree With Jon. Ken
Dr. I.S. Perlingieri Comment left 25th May 2013 18:06:10
25 May 2013. Today is the day that the US and 36 other countries are participating in a global STOP MONSANTO day. The evidence is already overwhelming of the toxicity of GM crops. If the governments want to do business with criminals, then it is up to citizens from all over the world NOT to buy any products from corporations that continue to cause such massive harm to us and the entire web of life. We do have the Power of the PUR$E! The buck or eruo does stop at the cash register. We can choose not to buy and, therefore, NOT support financially any company that makes products designed to harm! Just think: if Monsanto did not have any sales for 2-3 weeks, how that would impact their balance sheet!
Jon Tattersall Comment left 24th May 2013 14:02:19
These are not the deeds of corporations. They are the doings of men . They should be named.
william pina Comment left 31st May 2013 06:06:17
Hi there!!...Thank you for posting such important article about the big monsters,Monsanto Dupont ect,I swear am just waiting for the they to see those stupid things Gmo's (ALL),stoped for good of the entire humanity,'cause those corporations does not care about anything but (Get rich)no matter who's beeing affected by their acts. That in the concerning is the all world,because(they)are trying to plant their poison everywhere,but just in those countries that don't offers resistance to those plans. ¡¡Fight,fight,fight and never stop fighing, until we make them stop. Thanks again....
Rory Short Comment left 17th June 2013 19:07:10
The problem that we are facing is much deeper and wider than that posed by GMO's alone. GMO's are the natural outcome of us seeing ourselves as being APART from Nature not, as us recognising, that we are a PART of Nature and thus seeking in our behaviour to be in harmony with Nature at all times.
Theresa Comment left 19th June 2013 13:01:56
Following on from Jon and Rory's comments, I think we need to keep an eye on the Rt. Hon.David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science - see more at: Note the mention of the OECD here: and here: More information on the KBBE "concept?" here: I am seeing my MP on Friday. How best to address the issues???? One idea might be to immediately* push for stronger regulations (and promote discussion of the alternatives, see ETC Group's work on synbio for example and Corporate Watch are doing some good work) if moratoriums cannot be negotiated. *Imperial College are shortly to have an International Synbio conference See speakers. So who might be investing* in unsafe and unethical technologies? Which projects are safe and which are not? Are risks worth taking while there are alternatives? * Info, 2 years old Note: Soros, Dupont, BP (NASA ??).
Dr. I.S. Perlingieri Comment left 21st June 2013 12:12:06
21 June 2013 I am calling for a 4-day Nationwide General Strike in the US over the 4th of July holiday. As part of our collective global grievances, I have included Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's "Ban GMOs Now". Please help spread the word. The link can be found at: My Part 2 (also referenced above) has more on Dr. Ho's GMO Ban. Thank you.
lorina Comment left 13th October 2013 07:07:26
joan Russow Comment left 21st October 2013 23:11:14
I remember in 1999 in Delhi, Vandana Shiva held the Biodevastation II Conference, which Dr Mae Wong Ho and I attended. At that Conference there was a debate about tactics- to call for labeling or banning. In the end all the participants, except the International Consumer's Association whose campaign was labeling, signed the following Petition: Biodevastastion II Global Ban Declaration (i) A global ban on genetically engineered foods and crops; (ii) A global ban on the patenting of life forms; (iii) An end to the exploitation of the knowledge of farmers, peasants and indigenous peoples; (iv) A global support program for promoting organic agriculture and other forms of ecological farming, and for instituting a fair and just transition program for affected farmers and communities. Labelling addresses the right to know issue but not the equity issue - not everyone can afford GE-free or organic food and crops, and not the environmental issue- genetic drift and contamination. Monsanto and the other GE food and crops industries should have their charters or licences revoked and be charged with gross or criminal negligence for jeopardizing global food security and food sovereignty.
RIQUELMI Comment left 2nd February 2015 18:06:00
deana jewett Comment left 26th February 2015 14:02:44
i hope the world goes in the same direction as Peru. Pachama not Monsanto can save us., other species and our habitat.

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