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ISIS Press Release 23/07/09

Brian Goodwin
A Pioneer across the Disciplines


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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Prof. Brian Goodwin in his last post as Resident Scholar at Schumacher College at the age of 78.

Brian was a scientist well ahead of his time. He pioneered theoretical biology, structuralism, complexity theory, holistic and Goethean science, inspiring generations of students and colleagues across the disciplines to ask the big questions and always to think beyond received wisdom.

Brian had been member of ISIS since the beginning and also a member of the Independent Science Panel of 2003. Brian’s funeral will be held at 2 pm on August 1 at Staverton Church in Dorset. His memorial is set for 20 September. Please check the website link for further information:

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joe cummins Comment left 27th July 2009 23:11:54
Brian was an inspiring friend. We will all miss him and try to cary on his good work to our best ability,

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