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ISIS Report 27/03/12

One Million People Sign Emergency Petition to Ban Bee-Killing Nicotine Pesticide Illegally Registered in US

A remarkable emergency petition with over one million signatures has been submitted to the USEPA requesting the withdrawal of the pesticide clothianidin - a nicotine-based systemic pesticide widely used on corn/maize. Multiple activist organizations participated, lead by major US beekeepers.

The basis of the petition is that the USEPA's legal requirements for the demonstrated safety of clothianidin were never proven - and subsequent findings have shown its damages - violating the US law FIFRA, which governs the registration process for pesticides.

A coalition of beekeepers and activists gained over one million signatures on this petition, that walks step-by-step through the reasoning behind the proposed determination of the clothianidin registration's illegality - used as the basis for the withdrawal request.

This is fantastic.

Please download the complete original emergency petition linked here (English version):

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Azle Hill Beckner Comment left 27th March 2012 15:03:08
Bees are essential to our agriculture and a large number of wild plants as polinators.
Rosalba Randall Comment left 27th March 2012 15:03:02
Please stop the killing justified on science and development.....
Chantal Desharnais Comment left 29th March 2012 06:06:27
For humanity, for life on earth, for our planet...

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