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Open Letter in Support of Scotland’s Ban on GMOs
To counter a letter orchestrated by the pro-GM pressure group Sense about Science the following open letter was sent to Richard Lochhead, The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment in the Scottish Government
Prof. Peter Saunders 26th August 2015

China's Ministry of Agriculture Accused of Colluding with Monsanto over Glyphosate and GMOs
China's Ministry of Agriculture accused of allowing Monsanto’s glyphosate-tolerant soybean and maize to flood the Chinese market without safety tests, condoning deception, faked samples, and fabricated safety test report; Chinese citizens are demanding a shakeup of the Ministry
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 15th June 2015

Letter of support and recognition of the work of Doctor Medardo Ávila Vazquez and his team
As the National University of Córdoba rejects the team's study on environmental health among the population of Monte Maíz, Argentina
Food sovereignty and Food Safety Commission, Argentina 30th April 2015

Ten NGOs Ask China to Stop Producing Glyphosate to Protect World Health
Ten NGOs, including the Institute of Science in Society have written an open letter to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK asking China to suspend exports and imports of glyphosate herbicides while independent testing is carried out
GM Watch 27th April 2015

Nijmegen Declared GM-Free through Citizen Action
A model local initiative for banning GMOs
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th July 2011

Letter in Support of Citizens’ Initiative for GM-Free Nijmegen
ISIS letter to the Municipal Council of Dutch city Nijmegen.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 13th June 2011

Pro-GM Science Community Public Enemy or Its Own Worst Enemy
Open Letter to Sir Paul Nurse
Dr. Brian John 31st January 2011

Letter in Support of the Latest Hearing on a Petition for a Moratorium on GM Crops Filed with the Supreme Court in India
I write on behalf of the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), a civil society organisation dedicated to providing critical scientific information to the public and to promoting social accountability and ecological sustainability in science
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th December 2008

Wormy Corn Paper Must be Retracted
Open Letter to British Food Journal Editor & Editorial Board. We, the undersigned, are writing to request the Editor and the Editorial Board of the British Food Journal (BFJ) to retract the published article "Agronomic and consumer considerations for Bt and conventional sweet corn" and to withdraw its “Award for Excellence for Most Outstanding Paper in 2004”. This paper, purporting to show that consumers prefer to buy genetically modified (GM) Bt sweet corn over conventional sweet corn, is highly misleading, if not a "flagrant fraud", as it is based on manipulations of the shoppers' preference, not reported in the paper
ISIS 23rd January 2008

Letter to Nature Biotechnology: Prepublication Review Yes, But Review Panel Must be Balanced
Letter to editor Andrew Marshall in response to the call for suggestions in the December 2007 issue of Nature Biotechnology
Prof. Peter Saunders 9th January 2008

Letter to Nature Biotechnology: Systematic bias in favour of no adverse impacts from GM feed
Letter to Nature Biotechnology in response to the article defending the "new format" feature on Ermakova's findings of adverse health and reproductive impacts on rats fed genetically modified (GM) soya, and on the validity of the "scientific criticisms" of her work.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th January 2008

Letter to José Maurício Bustani
The Independent Science Panel (ISP) writes to the Brazilian government to urge them to stop growing GM soya and indeed, any other GM crop, in Brazil.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 18th August 2005

Letter to the California Department of Food and Agriculture
A letter written to the Secretary of Food and Agriculture and Govenor Arnold Scharzenegger outlining concerns over Biopharmeceutical rice in California
Prof. Joe Cummins & Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 13th April 2004

ISP letter to the President of Croatia
Re: Croatias stance on GM crops
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th July 2003

Letter to President Lula
re: Brasilian governments stance on transgenic soya
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th June 2003

Letter To The Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee
I am writing to support the Munlochy Vigil petition, to call for an immediate end to GM OSR trials in Scotland and for a full Parliamentary debate, with a free vote on the issue of GM crops in Scotland.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th March 2002

ISIS Letter to Sri Lankan Government
GM technology is overwhelmingly rejected by citizens all over the world as a dangerous technology in the service of corporations and acting against the common good
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 22nd August 2001

ISIS Letter to Indonesian Government re GM Cotton
It is becoming increasingly evident that GM technology is inherently hazardous both in agriculture and in medicine. The most recent findings are summarized as a letter to the Indonesian government
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 13th August 2001

Open Letter to Scientific Steering Committee on Farmscale Field Trials
We are writing to express our concern that the UK farmscale field trials of Aventis Chardon LL GM maize and other GM crops should not continue. Any new technology must be tested, but there are important scientific issues that must be addressed
I-SIS 15th May 2001

Open Letter to New Zealand Royal Commission on Genetic Engineering
It is becoming increasingly evident that GM technology is inherently hazardous both in agriculture and in medicine. The most recent findings are summarized as a letter to the NewZealand government
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 13th March 2001

Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments
We, the undersigned scientists, call for the immediate suspension of all environmental releases of GM crops and products, both commercially and in open field trials
ISIS 1st September 2000

Letter to the New Zealand Minister of Food and Fibre

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

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