SS Announcement - Green Energes 100% Renewables by 2050

SS Announcement 06/11/09

Announcng -SS Launch Conference

Green Energes 100% Renewables by 2050

Launch Conferernce 25 November 2009

Alan Smpson MP, Mchael Meacher MP, Lord Davd Steel, James Archer, Dr. Armn Tenner (The Netherlands), Dr Segfred Brenke (Germany), Prof. Joe Cummns (Canada) and others

Jublee Room, UK Parlament, Westmnster, London, 1:00-5:00pm*


13:00 Door opens

13:25 Openng Remarks

Prof. Peter Saunders , Char of Conference

13:30 100% Renewables by 2050 Realzable

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, lead author of Report

13:45 Fath, Hope and Chaos

Alan Smpson MP, Char of the Parlamentary Warm Homes Group and Government Specal Advsor on Renewable Energy and Feed n Tarffs'

14:00 Ctes and Clmate Protecton: An nternatonal Challenge & Development Perspectve

Dr. Segfred Brenke, Strengthenng Local Self-Government Team Leader, German Agency for Techncal Cooperaton (GTZ)

14:15 Renewables <>vs Nuclear

Prof. Armn Tenner, Emertus Professor of Elementary Partcle Hgh Energy Physcs, Unversty of Amsterdam, and member of nternatonal Network of Engneers & Scentsts for Global Responsblty

14:30 Communty Cooker Project

Lord Davd Steel and <>James Archer , wnner of 2008 World Archtecture Festval award

14:50 Deep Water Ar-Condtonng

Prof. Joe Cummns , Emertus Prof. of Genetcs & Dstngushed Fellow of -SS

15:05 What Next on Green Energy?

Rt Hon Mchael Meacher MP, former Mnster of State for the Envronment and Prvy Counsellor

15:20 Low Cost and Avalable Energy n the Developng World

Max Robson of Maxtech Energy Desgn

15:30 General Dscusson

15:55 Closng Remarks

Prof. Peter Saunders

16:00 Coffee and drnks n Jublee Café

For further detals

e-mal Sam Burcher

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