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ISIS Campaign 08/06/15

Independent Scientists Manifesto on Glyphosate

More than 80 scientists worldwide are calling on governments at all levels to ban the spraying of glyphosate herbicides, based on overwhelming evidence of harm from scientific studies and witness testimonies compiled by the group

Please circulate widely and forward to your local government representatives

This letter has been signed by 561 scientists and 952 non-scientists from 71 different countries - add your name

We, the undersigned international scientists and medical professionals, call on governments at all levels to ban the spraying of glyphosate herbicides.  As professionals who have read the literature on glyphosate herbicides and their effects, we have concluded that they are causing irreparable harm.

The World Health Organization’s recent reclassification of glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen” is only a small part of the known toxicity of glyphosate herbicides. Chronic exposure to glyphosate herbicides is associated not only with cancers, but also with infertility, impotence, abortions, birth defects, neurotoxicity, hormonal disruption, immune reactions, an  unnamed fatal kidney disease, chronic diarrhoea, autism and other ailments.

In addition to human diseases, glyphosate herbicides are linked to more than 40 new and re-emerging major crop diseases.  They are causing irreparable harm to the entire food web; including the plant kingdom, beneficial microbes that supply nutrients to our crops and soils, fish and other aquatic life, amphibians, butterflies, bees, birds, mammals, and the human microbiome.

For the sake of the planet, our children and our grandchildren, all spraying of glyphosate herbicides should be immediately replaced with eco-friendly alternatives that restore damaged food webs. We urge you to have the courage to stop the destruction of life on our planet as leaders for future generations.

Scientific reviews, papers, and witness testimonies are presented here:

Research papers on glyphosate herbicides compiled by Dr Alex Vasquez and Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji - UPDATED 22nd November 2015:

Glyphosate crop interactions reviewed by Dr Don Huber:

A Roundup of Roundup® Reveals Converging Pattern of Toxicity from Farm to Clinic to Laboratory Studies:

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Signed by


  1. Iñigo álvarez De Toledo MSc in Human Ecology / Environmental Science, Edinburgh University, ideaa regeneration systems, Toscana, ITALY
  2. Gregorio álvaro PhD. Biochemical engineering, Biotechnology, Univeritat Autònome de Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, SPAIN
  3. Robert Abell Ph.D, B.Ed, B.Sc. (chemistry), Owner, Automated Learning Corporation, member and founder SCIESO, Author: “Salvaging Capitalism/Saving Democracy”, and “The Corporation”, CANADA
  4. Adrienne Addinall-kokkas MSocSci (Psych), Self, Midrand, SOUTH AFRICA
  5. Rodney Adeniyi-jones Medical doctor LRCP, Genesis Wellness Ltd, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Eduardo Aguilera 10 SCI Publications. MSc Agroecology. Biology graduate., Pablo de Olavide University, Sevilla, SPAIN
  7. Shirley Al Jabi BSc.Medical Science St.Andrews, MBChB Manchester, DCH London, Jordanian Board of Paediatrics, JORDAN
  8. Norman Albon PhD, bristol Food,Crystal Growth sugars, swmiconductors Lipids, retired, Chesham,, UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Acacia Alcivar-warren Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, M.Sc. degree in Reproductive Physiology & Endocrinology, Ph.D. in Immunobiology, Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics, Fulbright Scholar, Organization of American States Fellow, ONE HEALTH Epigenomics Educational Initiative, Southborough, UNITED STATES
  10. Victoria Allen DO, retired, Ballwin, UNITED STATES
  11. Andres Allendes Silva Forester (Engineer), Amateur Agroecologist, Natural Cosmetic Entrepreneur, Agricola Petit Gris Ltda., Santiago, CHILE
  12. Andrew Allerton B.Sci (biotechnology), Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  13. Sydney Alonso Holder of 8 patents in the field of sound synthesis and analysis. Ex- university professor,(Computer Design), New England Digital Corp., Norwich, UNITED STATES
  14. Miguel Altieri agroecology, University of California, UNITED STATES
  15. Douglas Amell Bachelor of Science in Physical Organic Chemistry AND Naturopathic doctorate degree, Moose Jaw Naturopathic Clinic, Moose Jaw, CANADA
  16. Jens-otto Andersen PhD, Biodynamisk Forskningsforening, Galten, DENMARK
  17. Glenn Ashton Master of Philosophy, Environmental Managment, Ekogaia Foundation, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  18. Michel Bégin Ph.D. , Centre de recherche Lipergen, Sherbrooke, Quebec, CANADA
  19. József Bérczy Medical Docor, pensionist, Svedala, SWEDEN
  20. Elisabeth Bücking PhD (retired) Forest Soil Microflora, Forest Research Station Baden-Württemberg, GERMANY
  21. Jeanne Babar Agricultural engineer, Brussels, BELGIUM
  22. José Babot geologic engineer from École Nationale Supérieure de Géologie de Nancy, Environmental Geologist Consultant, member of SCIESO, FRANCE
  23. Didi Baev molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, (MSc, PhD), BULGARIA
  24. Juan Antonio Baeza Environmental engineering, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Cerdanyola Del Valles, SPAIN
  25. Martin Bailey Ecologist, Wildlife & Countryside Services, Rhuddlan, UNITED KINGDOM
  26. Vethaiya Balasubramanian M.Sc., Ph.D., International Agricultural Consultant and Trainer on Sustainable Agricultural Development and Natural Resource Management; Awarded by IFA the International Laureate in Plant Nutrition Award in 2003, Sigma X Society Honor since 1978, Member of SCIESO, PHILIPPINES
  27. John Balatinecz Ph.D., D.Sc. (Hon. C), Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto, CANADA
  28. Mauricio Ballen Agronomic engineering, silicon researcher, Inbioma SAS, Medellin, COLOMBIA
  29. Barry J. Barclay Ph.D. President/CEO, Planet Biotechnologies Inc. Molecular biologist and former Professor and Coordinator of the After-degree Environmental Health program at Concordia University College of Alberta, Alberta, CANADA
  30. Zsuzsanna Bardocz PhD in pharmacology and toxicology Dsc in Biology, formerly at the University of Debrecen, Budapest, HUNGARY
  31. Tony Bargardo Biomedical Information transfer processes, University of Barrington, Lexington, UNITED STATES
  33. Fernando Barri Ph.D. Profesor del Centro de Ecología y Recursos Naturales Renovables de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Investigador de CONICET, ARGENTINA
  34. Javier Barriga PhD in Zoology and Antrophology, , Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, COLOMBIA
  35. Stephen Barrow BSc Honrs, Private, Nieu Bethesda, SOUTH AFRICA
  36. Ricardo Bartelme MD, Family Medicine, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, UNITED STATES
  37. Henry Becker B.E. (Sask), M.Sc. (Sask), Sc.D. (MIT), Killam Laureate, FCIC, Engineering Medal (APEO), Professor Emeritus, Queen's University, Kingston, CANADA
  38. Henry A. Becker BE, MSc, ScD, Professor Emeritus, Chemical Engineering, Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario); Killam Laureate, CANADA
  39. Dyhia Belhabib Ph.D, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Member of SCIESO, University of British Columbia, CANADA
  40. Anthony Bell PhD, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, UNITED STATES
  41. Lawson Bell Water Chemistry, Industrial Waste Pollution, retired, Moncton, Nb, CANADA
  42. Warren Bell BA MD (UBC) CM (McGill) CCFP FCFP, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (Past Founding President), Salmon Arm, Bc, CANADA
  43. Fiorella Belpoggi Director, Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center, Ramazzini Institute, Bologna, ITALY
  44. Philip L Bereano Social science/law/policy analysis. UNEP Roster of Experts to the Cartagena Protocol (risk assessemnt), Washington Biotechnology Action Council, Seattle,, Washington, UNITED STATES
  45. Les Berenson MD, FACP, Board certified in Internal Medicine, Fellow of American College Physicians, Seattle, WA, UNITED STATES
  46. Steffen Beyer MSc Computer Science + Biology,, The Hague, NETHERLANDS
  47. Xen Biao infectious disease research, UNITED STATES
  48. Derek Bickerton Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  49. Karel Bielstein B.S and M.S in Geological Engineering, Adjunct Professor of Geology, Black Hills State University - UCRC, Rapid City, UNITED STATES
  50. Urszula Biereznoj-bazille master of biology, Goni?dz, POLAND
  51. Vincent Bijman Tropical Agriculture ( Bsc, Deventer) & Crop Protection (Msc, Wageningen University), applied research in fruit, seed pathology, arable crops , bulbs, vegetables, ornamentals ,forestry, international, Independent, Bovenkarspel, NETHERLANDS
  52. Julia Billington Harvard U. (BA, Psychobiology), MD (U. of Pittsburgh), clinician/internist, cofounder nonprofit, Hidden Wings for teens on the autistic spectrum, clinician researcher involving glyphosate and human disease, Sansum Clinic, Santa Barbara, UNITED STATES
  53. Nick Birch PhD Entomology, Fellow of Linnaean Society, Fellow of Royal Entomological Society, JHI, Dundee, UNITED KINGDOM
  54. Inge Bjorkman organic ecologist, Dr., Mariannelund, Sweden, SWEDEN
  55. Kent Blacklidge Ph.D. (Genetics / Purdue), M.S. (Aquatic Toxicology and Fish Biology / Purdue), Past daily newspaper publisher (Kokomo [IN] Tribune), Indiana University-Kokomo, UNITED STATES
  56. Thomas Blakeslee BSc degree Californis Institute of Technology 1962 , 14 patents, learlight Foundation, Westlake Village, UNITED STATES
  57. Henry Blom Cert. NES-therapist, Auriculotherapist , Qi-Akademin EF, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  58. Louise Blxham Bachelor of Science , Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM
  59. Christel Bodenstein MB Ch B, FRCP - Psychiatrist, Calgary, CANADA
  60. Ragnhild Boes Ph. D. , Nyborg, DENMARK
  61. Myra Boneta-lisbeth PhD Plant Pathologist, Reston, Va, UNITED STATES
  62. Janos Borbely M.Sc. Electronic Engineer, SWITZERLAND
  63. Charles Brashears Pharmacist, Vienna, UNITED STATES
  64. María Bravo Political Ecology, UPS, Quito, ECUADOR
  65. Rob Bright M.A. Sociology of Deviant Behaviour, Mr., Toronto, CANADA
  66. Robert Bright M.A. in Sociology of Deviant Behaviour (social sciences), Mr., Toronto, CANADA
  67. Ana Broccoli Ing Agr Ms Sc Associate Professor of Plant Breeding, Coordinator of Free Chair of Food Sovereignty, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora, Free Chair of Food Sovereignty, School of Medicine University of Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  68. Aline Brod Biodiversity and Conservation, Mortlake, UNITED KINGDOM
  69. Isla Browning BSc. MSc. retired scientist specialising in diseases of potatoes, Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
  70. Paul Bruce B.Sc Physics, Class A Meteorologist , ATLA, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
  71. Bryan Brunner PhD, Researcher, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Department of Crops and Agro-environmental Sciences, University of Puerto Rico, PUERTO RICO
  72. Michael Buchanan Mrpharms pharmacy, UNITED KINGDOM
  73. Jens Bucher Ingeniero Comercial, psycho-oncology, stress, health, CDP, Santiago, CHILE
  74. Matthew Buckley BS in Environmental Health, DC from Logan College of Chiropractic, UNITED STATES
  75. Marcello Buiatti member of the board of ENSSER, Preisident of the environmentalist organization Environment and Labor, member of the scientific Committees of Legambiente, ISDE Italy, and of the board of the Italian anti GMO coalition, University of Firenze, Rome, ITALY
  76. Tim Butler Mechanical Engineering, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  77. Roy Butterfield DSc, DIC, BSc, MICE, MIstruct E, emeritus professor civil engineering, Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM
  78. Mercedes Cabañas Bacterióloga y Parasitóloga, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, MEXICO
  79. Hilary Cadman PhD in biochemistry, Bellingen, AUSTRALIA
  80. Vilma Calderón L.N.D., Clinical Dietitian, Author: “Pierde peso y gana salud, Radio Program: Salud y nutrición con Vilma Calderon”, PUERTO RICO
  81. álvaro Campos PhD. Biochemical engineering, Biotechnology, Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaChemical Engineering Department , Barcelona, SPAIN
  82. Paula Cardoso Master's in Geochemistry (UCT); Honours in Development Studies (UWC), Trust for Community Outreach and Education , Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  83. Walter Carpenter nutritionalist, Ryan Institute, New York, UNITED STATES
  84. Robert Carson BS in Chemistry (30 years practical experience), Asheville Nc 28805, UNITED STATES
  85. C.s. Carvalho Physics, PORTUGAL
  86. Jose Casanova Profesor Titular de Universidad, Universidad de Zaragoza, Aragón, SPAIN
  87. Constantino Casasbuenas MSc Fluid Mechanics; national award 1979 for alternative sustainable energy; implementing agro-ecological project , La Costanza / Agroecology, Chía, COLOMBIA
  88. Maria Casey RHS Horticulturist , London Parks & Gardens Trust, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  89. Wattiez Catherine pesticides, PhD, Nature et Progrès Belgique, Jambes, BELGIUM
  90. Maureen Childs MBCS BSc CITP, Green Seniors, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  91. Yang Boo Choe Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics , Alliance for Better Cooperatives , Seoul, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  92. Shiv Chopra DVM, M.Sc., Ph.D., Fellow World Health Organization Author, CORRUPT TO THE CORE: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower President, Canadian Council on Food Sovereignty & Health, CANADA
  93. Margaret Christensen,md Medical Doctor (MD), Fellow of the American College of ObGYN, Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, Institute for Functional Medicine, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  94. Schreier Christo bachelor, SWITZERLAND
  95. Branko Cicic Higher States of Consciousness, the Transcendental Meditation teacher, Social worker, Fond Organska Srbija, Belgrade, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  96. Kenneth Cintron MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, UNITED STATES
  97. Dr Michael Clarjen-arconada Natural Biological Medicine / Toxicology/ Parasitology, Integral Health Center, Sag Harbor, Ny, UNITED STATES
  98. E. Ann Clark Ph.D., Associate Professor (retired), Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, CANADA
  99. Kenneth Clarke B.A. Biology Cal State University, back yard gardener, Los Gatos, California, UNITED STATES
  100. Coquillaud Claude Agronomy, Pedology, CapBac, Provence Alpes , FRANCE
  101. Jane Clemens I have a BS in Soils and Horticulture from Uof A, Ms., Ben Lomond, UNITED STATES
  102. Thomas Coffee Ph.D. (engineering), MIT, UNITED STATES
  103. Annabeth Cohen MSc Hydro-Informatics , Univeristy of Otago, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND
  104. Marc Cohen MBBS(Hons), PhD, BMedSc(Hons), FAMAC, FICAE, RMIT University, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  105. Dr Mary Cole Doctor of Philosophy - plant pathology and fungal taxonomy, Agpath P/L, Garfield, AUSTRALIA
  106. André Comeau Ph.D. plant geneticist, Quebec, CANADA
  107. Karine Contat Dos Santos Dipl. Ing. agr. ETH Zürich, SWITZERLAND
  108. Kiki Corbin CTN, President, Grassroots Educational Forum, LLC (dba: GMO Free Nevada), Incline Village, NV, UNITED STATES
  109. Inés Corraliza Assistant Professor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, working on Immune system, free radical biology and molecular pathology. Dr. in Biology, Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Extremadura ( UEx), Cáceres, SPAIN
  110. Cristina Costa Integrated Pest Management and Organic Farming (Master of Science), Polithecnic Institute of Viseu, Viseu, PORTUGAL
  111. P. Maxine Cottrell BS, Chemical Engineering, 15 years in industrial process engineering, Picardy, FRANCE
  112. Joe Cummins Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Genetics, University of Western Ontario. Author of numerous reports on gene damage, cancer and other environmental impacts of GM crops and the toxic herbicides associated with the deployment of the GM crops, CANADA
  113. Channa Cune PhD English and Health Sciences, independent, Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  114. John D'hondt Drs. equivalent to pH.D ; 30 years farming and studying effects of roundup, County Cork, IRELAND
  115. Larry Danner Although I am not trained in any of the biological fields, I have been in engineering field (BS Aerospace Engineeering) for over 30 years, including statistical and root cause analysis., UNITED STATES
  116. Robert M. Davidson M.D. Ph.D. FAIS, Fellow of The American Institute of Stress, formerly Internal Medicine physician with PhyNet, Inc. Board-certified in Nuclear (1990) and Internal Medicine (1996), UNITED STATES
  117. Anna Davis MD, Environmental medicine,Integrative Internal Medicine, Mandeville, La. 70470, UNITED STATES
  118. Miryam K. de Gorban Ph.D. Coordinadora general de la Cátedra Libre de Soberanía Alimentaria Facultad de Medicina/Nutricion Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Presidente Honoraria Médicos del Mundo, ARGENTINA
  119. Frank Dean Biological and Physical Sciences , Humanity , Spring, Tx, UNITED STATES
  120. Jamie Deckoff-jones Md Physician, Santa Fe, UNITED STATES
  121. Georg Deichert PhD Agr. Sc., GIZ, Addis Abeba, ETHIOPIA
  122. Patricia Demare M. Sc. in Chemistry, UNAM, Mexico City, MEXICO
  123. Ariel Depetris Ph.D. Epidemiólogo, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, ARGENTINA
  124. Peggy Detmers Wildlife/Environmental Sciences, Rapid City, Sd, UNITED STATES
  125. Gabriel Devriendt biologist head R, nutriphyt , Beernem, BELGIUM
  126. Arildo Dias PhD Plant Biology, Campinas, BRAZIL
  127. Pamela Dillon Chemical Injury research, Maryland, UNITED STATES
  128. Alexander Dimauro Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2 articles published in scientific journals., Cherry Hill, UNITED STATES
  129. Carol Dixon Masters of Arts , Psychology, - Rehabilitation Medicine- Psychometrist - Stroke Program, retired Psychometrist-rehab medicine, Ottawa, CANADA
  130. Just Doi B.A Otago University, The Ark Trust, Aramoana, NEW ZEALAND
  131. Alfons Domínguez Agricultural Experiment Station, Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research, S.E.A.E. and I.V.I.A., Alzira, SPAIN
  132. Obdulia Domínguez Sociologist, Barcelona, SPAIN
  133. Roberto A. Domenech Ph.D., Professor of Ecological Economics, University of Cordoba, ARGENTINA
  134. Tropeano Domenico Geology, Natural and anthropogenic risk prevention (soil conservation), CNR (Retired), Trofarello, ITALY
  135. Russell Donnelly Bsc (pending), Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Analyst, Member of SCIESO, UNITED STATES
  136. Robert Dotson, Md Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for a medical device company. Long experience in researching and developing Photobiomodulation for applications in the health field., Lumithera, Inc/, Washington State, UNITED STATES
  137. Gloria Dozo Ph.D. Profesora Titular Cátedra de Alergia e Inmunología, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, ARGENTINA
  138. Sue Dr. NMD, Health Sciences Post Bac- Harvard University, Marie Curie science award, Radiant Health Partners LLC, Paradise Valley, UNITED STATES
  139. Cornelia Dr. Peike Chemistry, GERMANY
  140. José Duarte PhD Biochemical Engineering, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
  141. Jay Dubinsky biotech and water purification and infrared focusing and collection for solar CSP; solar driven desalination,, Palma De Mallorca, SPAIN
  142. Michael Durkin Bachelors of Science Cell Molecular Biology; Numerous production awards for genetically engineered Immuno Therapies for Cancer, Self, Makawao, UNITED STATES
  143. Robert Dyson Computational mathematician & physicist. DPhil, Retired, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  144. John Earney organic, Avonstour heritage farm , Stratford, NEW ZEALAND
  145. Sue Edwards Botanist and promoter of ecological agriculture / agroecology, Recipient of 2011 Gothenberg Award for Sustainable Development, Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD), Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
  146. Philippe Elskens Master in Veterinary Sciences, Ugent, Gent, BELGIUM
  147. Irucka Embry BS Civil Engineering; Master of Engineering with a Concentration in Environmental Engineering; E.I.T., EcoC2S, Nashville, Tennessee, UNITED STATES
  148. Irina Ermakova Doctor of Biology, several awards (medals and diplomas), Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  149. Russell Eshman Doctor of Chiropractic, Irwin, UNITED STATES
  150. Alice Fabbri Public Health doctor, Centre for International Health, University of Bologna, Bologna, ITALY
  151. Concepcion Fabeiro Ph Doctor in Agrarian Engeeniering , Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete, SPAIN
  152. Corinne Fankhauser Dr. sc. nat. ETH, Ing. Agr. ETH, Agronomy, Seed systems, Phytopathology, Participatory reseach, Latin America specialist, CGIAR Alumni, SWITZERLAND
  153. Bridget Farrer BA (Sydney) M.Phil (London), n/a, Clear Range, AUSTRALIA
  154. Bárbara Fernández Muñoz Ingeniero Técnico Agrícola - Agricultural Engineer, Bárbara Fernández Muñoz, Cabra, SPAIN
  155. Dr. Carmel Fernandopulle MBBS(Cey)MCGP(S/L)FCGP(S/L), Colombo 02, SRI LANKA
  156. William Fiebig Farming Systems and Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate Smart Agriculture Programme, Silver Spring, Md 20906, UNITED STATES
  157. Reinhard Finck Oberstudienrat Social Sciences, Berufskolleg für Technik, Moers, GERMANY
  158. Maia Fitzstevens Environmental Geochemistry and Medical Geology, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Ma, UNITED STATES
  159. Michael Fox Veterinarina, ethologist with doctoral degree in medicine, India Project for Animals & Nature, Minneapolis Mn, UNITED STATES
  160. Thor Frøitland PH.D petroleum engineering, Sandnes, NORWAY
  161. Antonietta Francini MD (Rome, Italy) Specialist (Gynec-Milano) 22 published papers on Hystochemistry Ca cells metabolism, retired, Callander, CANADA
  162. Stephen Frantz Pathobiology, Zoology & Entomology B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Global Environmental Options, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  163. Debbie Freiheit Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Centennial, UNITED STATES
  164. Hugo Freije Dr in Oceanology - Environmental Chemistry Professor, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, ARGENTINA
  165. Claudia Freitas celular and molecular biology, natl cancer institute ro de janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
  166. Edward K Fujimoto Doctorate in Public Health, Nutrition, and Health Promotion, Private, Rocklin, Ca, UNITED STATES
  167. Michael Fullerton BSc (Psychology and Computer Science) University of Calgary, British Columbia, CANADA
  168. Aitor Galán BSCI Biology MSci Environmental biology, Madrid, SPAIN
  169. Angelina Galang Ph.D in Environmental Science from the University of the Philippines; MS Chemistry from Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; BS. Chemistry from College of the Holy Spirit, Philippines, Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES
  170. Pilar Galindo Sociologist, La Garbancita Ecológica, Madrid, SPAIN
  171. Jaime-enrique Garcia-gonzalez, UNED, UCR y Red de Coordinación en Biodiversidad, San José, COSTA RICA
  172. Dr. John Gardiner MBE BSc(Eng) PhD FCGI FICE FCIWEM C Eng PE(Oregon), Siskiyou Alpaca, Cave Junction, UNITED STATES
  173. Liam Garstang BSc, GERMANY
  174. Marius Geertsema Philosophy of technology, PUC-Rio, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
  175. Terri Generosa masters of science in oriental medicine, UNITED STATES
  176. Giusto Giovannetti Microbiologi, Torino, ITALY
  177. Michael Godfrey MBBS FACAM FACNEM, Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  178. Pedro Raul Goenaga Pig breeding and husbandry Veterinary doctor, Magister Scienciae, INTA, Pergamino, ARGENTINA
  179. Beverly Goldie Ed.D., (retired), Sequim, WA, UNITED STATES
  180. Stan Golik PhD informatics, UNITED KINGDOM
  181. Manuel González De Molina Dr. in Agricultural History, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, SPAIN
  182. Michael J. Gonzalez BS, MS, MHSN, DSc, NMD, PhD, FANMA, FACN, Professor University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, PUERTO RICO
  183. Jenny Goodman MB ChB MA Nutritional and Environmental Doctor, BRITISH SOCIETY for ECOLOGICAL MEDICINE, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  184. Ian Gordon Evolutionary Biologist,PhD, BirdLife International, Nairobi, KENYA
  185. Pascal Gos Molecular Biology, Ecology (MS degree), University of Geneva, Genève 4, SWITZERLAND
  186. Sid Gould Physics B. Sc., Corsham, UNITED KINGDOM
  187. Glynn Goulding Bsc Environmental Studies Professional Graduate Diploma in Education , Worldwide Sustainable and Ecological Solutions droup, Wigan, UNITED KINGDOM
  188. Carlos M. Grassini Licenciado en Ciencias Biológicas, some papers in nature conservation and more. , none now, Chajarí, ARGENTINA
  189. Beverly Green Batchelor of Science (Engineering) in Computer Science, BERMUDA
  190. Bob Greer The new science of water, Energy Systems Plus, Maruia, NEW ZEALAND
  191. Zulma Gregory BS Biology, Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,, Austin, UNITED STATES
  192. Peter Gringinger Environmental Fate and Transport of Contaminants, Risk Assessment, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  193. Helen Grond Geologist M.Sc., Functional diagnostic nutrition, Hornby Island Bc, CANADA
  194. María Guadalupe Guadarrama Huerta Licenciatura Biología, Mtria. Epidemiología y Estudiante de doctorado en Geografía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Cd. De México, MEXICO
  195. Arianna Guardiola-villora Dr. Architect, SPAIN
  196. Chris Gupta Electrical Engineer, London, CANADA
  197. Michael Gyori Applied and educational linguistics, second and foreign language education; M.A. TESOL , UNITED STATES
  198. Julian Haffegee MPhil (Biophysics), BSc, Institute of Science in Society, Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM
  199. Ib Hagsten M.Sci Agronomy; MS Ruminant Nutrition; Ph.D. Animal Nutrition; Diplomate, American College of Nutrition, Hagsten Enterprises Int., Inc. , Kansas City, Mo, UNITED STATES
  200. Steven Hall, Md Medical doctor, originator of Integral Medicine, Integral Medicine Associates, Issaquah, UNITED STATES
  201. Jacques Hallard Ing. CNAM, Site ISIAS, Mollégès 13940, FRANCE
  202. David Harper Professor of Limnology: PhD, FGS,FLS,MBiol, University of Leicester, Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM
  203. Richard Geoffrey Hartill Social Science and Social Administration, Family for Every Child, Lima, PERU
  204. Maureen Haseley-jones Dip Hort from the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew , Old Lyme , UNITED STATES
  205. Christine Hass Ph.D. Biology, Wild Mountain Echoes, Vail, UNITED STATES
  206. Brian Hauser Md MD, Sanford Health, Sioux Falls, UNITED STATES
  207. Philipp Heeb Behavioural Ecology, Environmental Microbiology, CNRS - UPS, Toulouse, FRANCE
  208. Mónica Heinzmann Physician and Bioethicist. European Master in Angiology/ Vascular Medicine, Milan University. Professor in Bioethics and Medical Ethics. Bioethics Center Director, Catholic University of Córdoba, ARGENTINA
  209. Kaj Henriksen Ph.D. Microbial Ecology, Ass. Professor Emeritus Environmental Engineering, aalborg University, Aalborg, DENMARK
  210. Martha R. Herbert PhD, MD, Pediatric Neurologist and Neuroscientist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School , UNITED STATES
  211. Ingrid Hergstrom PhD Zoology, AUSTRALIA
  212. Raul Hernandez Sustainable regional development, nutritious safe food, Alternativas y procesos de participación social, Tehuacan, MEXICO
  213. Hans R. Herren Ph.D., President and CEO Millennium Institute, Washington, DC. President: Biovision, Laureate: Right Livelihood Award; Alternative Nobel Prize 2013; One World Award 2010; World Food Prize 1995; Kilby Award 1995; Brandenberger Prize 2002; Tyler Prize 2003. Foreign Associate of the US Academy of Sciences 1999; Member the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) 2005, co-Chair International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development, Member CGIAR Science Council (2005-2010), SWITZERLAND
  214. George Hewitt BSc(Eng) CEng MICE, PMS, Bangor, UNITED KINGDOM
  215. Marilyn Hilborn DC, CCN Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, 30 years clinical practice., Austin, UNITED STATES
  216. Mae-Wan Ho Ph.D. Roster of Experts on Cartegena Protocol on Biosafety, Prigogine Medalist 2014, Institute of Science in Society, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  217. Wilhelmina Hoedjes Wageningen University and Research, BoerderijAnders, Haler, NETHERLANDS
  218. William Hood Organic poultry and bee grower, Eastman,wi, UNITED STATES
  219. Malcolm Hooper PhD B Pharm CChem MRIC Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, retired, Sunderland, UNITED KINGDOM
  220. Carl Hopman Engineer from Ecole Polytechnique, France, as well as PhD from MIT, UNITED STATES
  221. Bonny Horvath Vedic Scientist working with Vedic systems of organic agriculture. PhD Honoris Causa, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture , Woodbridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  222. Simon House MA Cantab Natural Sciences & Theology, McCarrison Society, Portsmouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  223. Judy Hoy BS, Independent Wildlife Researcher and Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist. Lead Author of two peer-reviewed studies regarding birth defects on wildlife and pesticides, UNITED STATES
  224. Don M Huber BS, MS, Ph.D. Member or former member of USDA-APS National Plant Disease Recovery Program (Chairman); US Threat Pathogens Committee; Advisory Board, Office of Technology Assessment, US Congress; Office of The Surgeon General Global Epidemiology Working Group, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University, UNITED STATES
  225. Mark Hughes BSc Physics, UNITED KINGDOM
  226. Cecchini Hugo Ing. Agr. HAFL (Bern University of Applied Sciences), MAS in Intercultural Communication (Université de Lugano), Quinta La Provenzal, Villa De Las Rosas, Córdoba, ARGENTINA
  227. Peter J. Hurley PhD, MBA, BSc, CSci, CChem, FRSC, CEnv, C.WEM, MCIWEM, AFIChemE, Independent Environmental Consultant, UNITED STATES
  228. April Hurley, Md Family Medicine Physician (MD), Santa Rosa, California, UNITED STATES
  229. Chen I-wan Engineer, former advisor, Committee of Disaster History to China Disaster Prevention, Beijing, CHINA
  230. Tara Ibrahim Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Master of Urban and Rural Planning, Halifax, CANADA
  231. Anita Idel Dr. med. vet.; SALUS MEDIA AWARD 2013, mediation & project management agrobiodiversity, Feldatal, GERMANY
  232. Elaine Ingham Soil Microbial Ecologist, Soil Foodweb Inc, Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  233. Alexander Jablánczy BA MAabd MD, Sault Ste Marie, CANADA
  234. Alexander Jablanczy MD, General practitioner, Sault Ste Marie, UNITED STATES
  235. Allan Jablon MS Human Nutrition, Mr., Ellicott City, UNITED STATES
  236. Marcie Jacobs I worked in finance and have a B/S in Business Admin. , Ms., Byers, UNITED STATES
  237. Timothy Janicke Ph.D., Chemical Engineering. Alexander von Humboldt Fellow., Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, UNITED STATES
  238. Rostan Jean-claude Pr.(retired) Ecology, Lyon, FRANCE
  239. Laurent Jeanneau PhD on organic micropollutants geochemistry, Rennes, FRANCE
  240. Elizabeth Jenks Registered Nurse, Denver, UNITED STATES
  241. James Johansen PhD in chemistry from Duke. Founded NanoLume Inc. , Pittsboro, UNITED STATES
  242. Brian John Durham University, (retired), UNITED KINGDOM
  243. Alan Johnson PhD Psychology, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  244. Gregory Jolin Organic Chemistry And Genetics & Genomics, UNITED STATES
  245. Bo Jonsson MD, PhD, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  246. Graham Jorgensen Computer Scientist, BSP, Chapel Hill, Nc, UNITED STATES
  247. Dr Joseph Makkolil Joseph Nanotechnology, Cocin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, INDIA
  248. Marijan Jost Retired University professor of Genetic and Plant Breeding, JOST Seeds-Research , Krizevci, CROATIA
  249. Cathy Justus Expert on the subject of chronic fluoride poisoning, Pagosa Springs, UNITED STATES
  251. Joanne Karohl PhD, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Carnegie-Mellon University, Hertz Fellow, Dragonfly Farm, Harvard, Ma, UNITED STATES
  252. Helen Kennedy BSc Hons Physics and Materials Science, MSc student in Sustainability and Adaptation, Poynton, UNITED KINGDOM
  253. Joe Kiceniuk Environmental Toxicology, independant, Nova Scotia, CANADA
  254. David William King MIET, FIPENZ, Retired from Ministry of Works, Rangiora, NEW ZEALAND
  255. David William King Engineer, MIET, FIPENZ., Retired ex Ministry of Works, Christchurch, Rangiora, NEW ZEALAND
  256. Menegoz Kora Agronomy and forest engineer , Andeaë, San Fabián De Alico, CHILE
  257. Monika Krüger Mycrobiology, clostridioses, glyphosate, University of Leipzig, Leipzig, GERMANY
  258. Nicolas Kropacek M.D. Public Health Free Lance Researcher, ITALY
  259. Charles La Via Ph.D., A, Nîmes, FRANCE
  260. David Laing Earth systems science (MA, Harvard '72, Geological Sciences), Stockton Springs, UNITED STATES
  261. Rafael C. Lajmanovich Investigador Independiente CONICET Profesor Titular Cat. Ecotoxicología (ESS), Facultad de Bioquímica y Ciencias Biológicas (UNL), Santa Fe, ARGENTINA
  262. Charmian Larke Hons degree 2.1 biological sciences, Atlantic Energy, Truro, UNITED KINGDOM
  263. Jonathan Latham PhD, Executive Director, The Bioscience Resource Project, New York, UNITED STATES
  264. Hugh Laue PhD organic chemistry NMMU (1969), Walter Sisulu University, Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
  265. Bridget Leadbeater BA hons Fine Art, BSc hons Development Geography, PhD on assesment of biotechnological intervention programs in low inome countries, Independent researcher and activist, Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
  266. Donald Leenknegt Pensioned physics teacher, BELGIUM
  267. Brenda LeFrancois B.A., M.A., PhD, Professor, Memorial University of Newfoundland, CANADA
  268. David Lellinger retired neotropical pteridologist, Ph.D., Brevard, Nc, UNITED STATES
  269. Peter Leppert B App. Science in Natural Resource management, Healthy soils australia, N.e. Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  270. Jean Lessard Ph.D in Organic Chemistry, Fellow of the Electrochemical Society, Emeritus Professor, 2004 Murray Raney Awardee, Organic Electrochemistry, Electrosynthesis, Chemistry of radical species, Photochemistry, Sherbrooke (quebec), CANADA
  271. Violette Levie Engineer, CANADA
  272. Mireia Llorente PhD in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Ecologistas en Acción, Extremadura, SPAIN
  273. Ron Lopert Medical Practitioner (M.B., B.S.), PSGR, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  274. Renato Lopes Saveda Environmental manager, Itatiba, BRAZIL
  275. Alberto Lopez Biology, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, PERU
  276. Javier Lopez Cepero Ph. D. Agronomy - Banana Cropping, COPLACA Banana Producers Group, Canary Islands, SPAIN
  277. Miguel Lovera PhD, Plant genetic resources and agroecology., Catholic University, Asuunción, PARAGUAY
  278. David Low Manages The Weed's Network (; PhD, MEnvSc, Monash University, Clayton, AUSTRALIA
  279. Chensheng (Alex) Lu MS, PhD, Associate Professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, UNITED STATES
  280. Mary Lucero Ph.D., USDA-ARS Research Molecular Biologist (Retired), Co-Founder, End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC, New Mexico, UNITED STATES
  281. Diana Lupu Master Degree in Drug and Evironmental Toxicology, ROMANIA
  282. Karen Lyke Clinical Nutrition MS CCN DSc, Whitehouse, UNITED STATES
  283. Amyan Macfadyen D.Sc Oxon. 1st Class Degree in Zoology Oxon.,Member Roy. Irish Academy &c. &c., Professor, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM
  284. Manuel Macias-gonzalez molecular endocrinologist and biochemistry, bioeasy sl, Malaga, SPAIN
  285. William Mackay Ph.D., neurophysiology of motor control, University of Toronto, Toronto, CANADA
  286. Nicola Macleod BSc, MSc, PhD. Zoology, Biochemistry, Retired (University of Edinburgh), Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
  287. Angus Macqueen M.Agr.Sc.; Ph.D. (Biology) , Nil, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  288. Abigail Magnus BSc(Hons) Development and Environment, FRANCE
  289. Ghooran Mahto Ph.D Scholar, La Sciensika/NKS College Vaishali, Sarairanjan,samastipur,bihar, INDIA
  290. James Mako, P.e., Leed Ap Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Environmental, Electrical), USGCB LEED AP Certified (USA), James L. Mako, P.E., Inc., Boca Raton, Florida, UNITED STATES
  291. Maria Manzur PhD Zoology, Biodiversity conservation, Fundacion Sociedades Sustentables, Santiago, CHILE
  292. Cellier Marc DPhil Oxford University, Higher Education, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  293. Francois Marillier Earth sciences, PhD, Professor, SWITZERLAND
  294. Monika Markovi? PhD in Agriculture, Osijek, CROATIA
  295. Michele Martin BA (Hons) Chemistry , Southport, UNITED KINGDOM
  296. Claudio Martinez PhD, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, URUGUAY
  297. Lucas Martinez Arocena B.Sc. in Chemist with Environment and Agriculture Orientation, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, URUGUAY
  298. Alvaro Martinez De La Vega I´m a social scientis with engineer degree. I´ve recived the most important environmetal award in Colombia , PAIS XXI FOUNDATION, Bogota, COLOMBIA
  299. Andrew Maselli Bachelor of Computer Science, Software Engineer, Rochester, UNITED STATES
  300. Juan Mason MA DPhil BM BCh FRCP, Retired, Chichester, UNITED KINGDOM
  301. Rosemary Mason Ph.D., MB, ChB, FRCA (retired), UNITED KINGDOM
  302. Estelle Masseret PhD in Ecology and Population Biology: aquatic microbiology, Université de Montpellier, Montpellier, FRANCE
  303. Tami Masuoka pharmacy, Chardon, UNITED STATES
  304. Natalie Matejko Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science), Master of Human Nutrition, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  305. Juanita Mathews Ph.D. Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, UNITED STATES
  306. Gordon Matthewman Physicist, Engineer, Economist, Independent, Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM
  307. Laurent Matuana PH.D., MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, East Lansing, Michigan, UNITED STATES
  308. Rory Mcgill Medical doctor, UNITED KINGDOM
  309. Dwight Mckee hematology, oncology, nutrition, immunology, Aptos, UNITED STATES
  310. Ramon Meco Expert in organic farming, Servicio de Investigación, Toledo, SPAIN
  311. Charito Medina Environment and Natural Resource Management, Systems Ecology, Entomology, MASIPAG, Los Banos, Laguna, PHILIPPINES
  312. Félix Medrano Chinchilla Agronomy Engineer and Environmental Impact Study post-grade, Mechi, Guatemala, GUATEMALA
  313. Paulo Cezar Mendes Ramos Ecology, Agroecology, Forestry, management of Protected Areas, ASCEMA, Brasília, BRAZIL
  314. Teodoro Mendoza teaching, research, extension, policy analyst, UPLOS BANOS, Los Banos, PHILIPPINES
  315. Joseph Mercola Ph.D., board certified in family medicine and Fellow of American College of Nutrition (FACN). Also founder of most visited natural health site in the world, UNITED STATES
  316. José Orestes Merola De Carvalho Agronomist Engineer (FCA/UNESP/Brazil), Master in Agronomy (ICIAG/UFU/Brazil), Agroecology Doctor in course (ISEC/UCO/Spain), Johrei Association of Spain, El Carpio, SPAIN
  317. Kelly Merrick MSW, mental health therapist studying the effects of toxins , UNITED STATES
  318. Franziska Meuschel MD PhD, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  319. Christl Meyer Diplom Biologin: Biochemistry, molecular biology, ethics..., AIDS Research, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  320. Martin C. Michener Ph.D., Hollis, NH, UNITED STATES
  321. Ana Millaruelo Ph.D. in Pharmacy/Biochemistry, R.Ph., California, UNITED STATES
  322. James Miller BSc Metallurgical Engineering, Retired, North Lincs, UNITED KINGDOM
  323. Jorge R Miranda-Massari BS, BSPharm, PharmD, Rph, Professor University of Puerto Rico, Department of Pharmacy Practice, San Juan, PUERTO RICO
  324. Sidney Mirsky Rhodes University B.Sc (Pharm)., Entrepreneur, Chemist, Retired USA, Beaverton, UNITED STATES
  325. Marc Moens Senior Livestock Officer, FAO of the UN, Roma, ITALY
  326. Gail Moncla B.S. in Bioenvironmental Sciences, Texas A, Texas, UNITED STATES
  327. Woodrow C. Monte PhD, Emeritus Professor of Food Science, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, UNITED STATES
  328. Marshal Montgomery doctor of chiropractic, Springfield Lakes, AUSTRALIA
  329. John Moran M.B.B.S. London University MSc Nutritional Medicine Surrey University D.F.F.P. (RCOG), H.M.C., London, UNITED KINGDOM
  330. Pedro Moreno candidate to Ph. D., in soil microbiology, M. Sc. in plant breeding and plant physiology. Coordinator of Bachelor school in Sustainable Agriculture, ITESS, Salvatierra, MEXICO
  331. Peter Moritz Medical Doctor, Emmendingen, GERMANY
  332. Wendy Morley RHN, Sports Concussion Nutrition Specialist, Board Certified, Practical Holistic Nutrition, CANADA
  333. Tom Morris Agronomy, UNITED STATES
  334. Frank Morton plant breeder, I have dozens of vegetable varieties in commercial production, Wild Garden Seed, Philomath, UNITED STATES
  335. Richard Moskowitz, Md Practicing M. D., Boston, Ma, UNITED STATES
  336. R.a.m. Mous Civil Engineer, Leeuwarden, NETHERLANDS
  338. Joseph Muguwa MSc Applied Parasitology and Medical Entomology, BSc Zoology and Botany, Dip in Managemenet and Administration, Dip. in Education Biology and Geography , Coordinating Office for the Control of Trypanosomiasis in Uganda (COCTU)a, Kampala, UGANDA
  339. Dr. John J Mulrooney Dc 30 years as Chiropractic Physician, Retired Physician, Portland, UNITED STATES
  340. Anne Murphy Cognitive psychologist by training, Ann Arbor, UNITED STATES
  341. David Musgrave M Agr Sci (Lincoln University) Dip Hort Sci (Massey University), Functional Whole Foods NZ Ltd, Geraldine, NEW ZEALAND
  342. Sarah Myhill Medical Practitioner MBBS Middlesex Hospital 1981, Powys, UNITED KINGDOM
  343. Anabela Nave Master in plant protection, PORTUGAL
  344. Julia Nemoto Dipl. Ing (FH) Agriculture, Honokaa, UNITED STATES
  345. Terrence Nicholson MS, PhD, Simmons College, Boston, UNITED STATES
  346. Anna Marie Nicolaysen Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology, Postdoc in Agroecology, member of Bioforsk Organic Food and Farming Division's reference group on The Spearhead Function of Organic Agriculture, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, ås, NORWAY
  347. Rachel Nicoll Environmental and Nutritional Medicine, BSEM, UNITED KINGDOM
  348. Alfonso Nieto G. Agronomist enginner, ANG Asesorias, Bogotá D.c., COLOMBIA
  349. Jan Nij Bijvank Classic Homeopath from 3 july 2015, Heino, NETHERLANDS
  350. Bo Nilsson MD, PhD in medicine and biochemistry, Swedish Healthcare, Mölndal, SWEDEN
  351. Kristof Nordin Bachelor of Science in Social Work, Mr., Holmen, UNITED STATES
  352. Eva Novotny PhD, (retired) , University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  353. Marleen Nys cPNI (clinical Psychneuroimmunology),, Gent, BELGIUM
  354. Marcella O'connell BSc, Mallow, IRELAND
  355. Elisabete Oliveira Crop protection, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
  356. Paul Olivier waste transformation, EPWT, Dalat, VIET NAM
  357. John W. Oller Ph.D. endowed Hawthorne Regents, Professor in Communication Disorders at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette, UNITED STATES
  358. Mariano Ordano Ecology and evolution of plant-animal interactions, Fundación Miguel Lillo & CONICET, Tucumán, ARGENTINA
  359. Laura Orlando BS, Civil Engineer, MPA, adjunct assistant professor, Boston University School of Public Health, UNITED STATES
  360. Joseph Oryokot Crop Ecology and Management (PhD), World Bank, Kampala, UGANDA
  361. Mario Alberto Osorio Agronomist engineer., independent , Wellington. Florida , UNITED STATES
  362. Stefano Ottani Chemistry, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bologna, ITALY
  363. William Owen-miller Associate Degree in Sustainable Technologies in Pre Engineering, finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics, Santa Fe, UNITED STATES
  364. Dawn Owens M.D. researcher , Oregon, UNITED STATES
  365. Ana Pacheco Microbiological biofilms; Bone infections; Environmental microbiology; Tissue culture, PORTUGAL
  366. Nancy Page MA Social Studies, Toledo, UNITED STATES
  367. Ronald Paget Biochemist with specialty in reactive oxygen species, Consultant, Galveston, UNITED STATES
  368. Tim Paine Medicine, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  369. Carlos Palacios Veterinay, University of Salamanca, Salamanca, SPAIN
  370. Joan Palmer Master Degree in Human Nutition, Founder and Director of The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition, The Institute Of Sustainable Nutrition, West Granby, UNITED STATES
  371. Nigel Palmer BS in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineer, Masters Degree in BioMedical Engineering, West Granby, UNITED STATES
  372. Salvador Palomares Materials Science, UASLP, San Luis Potosí, MEXICO
  373. Richard Panson Microbiology of human blood, Sharp Again Naturally, White Plains, UNITED STATES
  374. P. Pardha Saradhi Environmental Biotechnology; Raising transgenics of Indian mustard, chickpea, sorghum etc.; development of marker systems alternate to antibiotic and herbicide marker systems for raising transgenics; Abiotic stress Tolerance mechanisms prevailing in plants; M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Botany , University of Delhi, Delhi, INDIA
  375. Serge Parel PhD in chemistry, SWITZERLAND
  376. Ann Parker BSc Zoology, specialising in ecology, West Lancashire, UNITED KINGDOM
  377. Safiya Parker First Class Degree in Biological Sciences specialising in Physiology , Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  378. Morag Parnell MB ChB, Womens Environmental Network, Linlithgow, UNITED KINGDOM
  379. Alejandra Parra Biology and management of natural resources, Master of Planning from Otago University, RADA, Temuco, CHILE
  380. Heidi Partlowe Public Health and Industrial Hygiene, UNITED STATES
  381. Ross Pelton R.Ph., Ph.D., CCN, Scientific Director for Essential Formulas Incorporated, named one of the  Top 50 Most Influential Pharmacists in the US by American Druggist magazine for educational work in natural medicine, long-time member of Medical Advisory Board for the Life Extension Foundation, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  382. Pietro Perrino Agronomist, Plant Geneticist, Botanist, Food and health, CNR, Bari, ITALY
  383. Michelle Perro MD, Board Certified Pediatrician, international speaker on the decline of children's health related to glyphosate;, Site Lead, Institute for Health and Healing, Sutter Pacific Medical Center,, Greenbrae, CA, UNITED STATES
  384. Michael Perrone B.S. in Poltical Science, B.S. in Computer & Information Science, University of Oregon, New Earth Nation, Santa Barbara , UNITED STATES
  385. Douglas Peterson Ph. D. in psychology, San Diego Behavior Consultants, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  386. Grygorii Petjuch PhD in Gnetics, Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet, Kyiv, UKRAINE
  387. Raúl Picaporte Traditional Chinese Medicine, Independent Research, San Juan, PUERTO RICO
  388. Michel Pimbert PhD Agroecology, Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM
  389. Isabell Piroth Bachelor of Biology, Master of Organic Agriculture and Food Systems, GERMANY
  390. Jaro Pleva PhD in corrosion science, Hagfors, SWEDEN
  391. Arístides Pochettino Ph.D. Bioq. Especialista en Ciencias. de los Alimentos, Laboratorio de Toxicología Experimental, Facultad de Ciencias Bioquímicas y Farmacéuticas, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, ARGENTINA
  392. Gerald Pollack Ph.D., Professor of Bioengineering, Editor-in-Chief, WATER, University of Washington, Seattle, UNITED STATES
  393. Terry Pollock BS, Biology, MS Clinical Nutrition, Genova Diagnostics, Duluth, UNITED STATES
  394. Li Poon Applied Physics and Information Science, and published painter, Toronto, CANADA
  395. Betty Pope MS in bio-anthro--- retired, UNITED STATES
  396. Ila France Porcher Self taught, published ethologist, and author, independent researcher, Hope, CANADA
  397. Warren P. Porter Ph.D., Prof. of Zoology, Prof. of Environmental Toxicology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, UNITED KINGDOM
  398. Kalidas Potineni Principal Scientist (Ag.Ento.), (Ag.); Ph.D., ICAR, Eluru, INDIA
  399. Shideh Pouria MB BS BSc MRCP (UK) PhD CMT Consultant Nephrologist and General Physician with sp interest in Environmental Medicine, Kings College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  400. Diane Hennacy Powell MD, Johns-Hopkins trained psychiatrist and autism expert, UNITED STATES
  401. Natalie Pozo MV, Añihue Reserve, Puerto Varas, CHILE
  402. Valoha Prager BSc (Biolog), Dip Ed Nursing, Ret Registerd Nurse and Midwife, Conservationist, Schofields, AUSTRALIA
  403. Arpad Pusztai biochemistry, pharmacology, formerly Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM
  404. Greg Quist MA, Oakland, Ca, UNITED STATES
  405. Jocelyne Catherine Raccoursier Agricultural engineer, MSc in agricultural science at UWA, scholarship and honour awards, Los Angeles, CHILE
  406. Dyeanne Racette I am a General Surgeon recently retired and committed to universal health through nutrition and lifestyle changes including cleaning up the earth's environment and our own personal environment!, Morrisville Vermont, UNITED STATES
  407. Branko Radujkovic Professor, Doctor Scientiae. Nature Protection and Conservation, Sustainable Development, Faculty of Sciences, Podgorica, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  408. Gerard Raessens M.Sc. Forestry - WAU, Agroecologist, Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA
  409. Kazi Rakib Uddin Rakib NGO activist about ecological agriculture, SSARA (Society for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Advancement), Rajshahi, BANGLADESH
  410. Venkatasamy Ramakrishna PhD. Environmental biology , EnviroSolutions Ltd, La Gaulette, MAURITIUS
  411. Craig Ramsey Phd in agricultural weed science. Work classification as an agronomist, Dr., Fort Collins, UNITED STATES
  412. Jerome R. Ravetz BA (Swarthmore), Ph.D. (Cambridge), retired academic, UNITED KINGDOM
  413. Sandrine Regiec interdisciplinary Physics and biology - , .., Paris, FRANCE
  414. John Reynolds MB ChB, Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  415. Francisco Reynoso-mendoza Biologo, Universidad Autonomo de BCS, La Paz, Bcs, MEXICO
  416. Tony Richards MBChB, FANZCA, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  417. Joe Ritter Ph.D. Physics, MS1 MS2 and BS Physics Publications including work in Genetics Teratology , Kihei, UNITED STATES
  418. Denise Rochon Naturopathic Doctor, Midwife, Dr Denise Rochon ND, Sechelt, CANADA
  419. Alex Rodman Majored in biology of the University of Victoria., Vancouver, CANADA
  420. Jennyfer Rodríguez Master in Sciencies: Natural resources management and rural development, MEXICO
  421. Juan Rodriguez BSc Agriculture and Msc Organic Agriculture, SPAIN
  422. Carolyn Rogers BSc (hons) DCC BAc, retired, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  423. Gregory Rogers PHD computer science, Kensington, UNITED STATES
  424. Roberto Rojas-morales MA (Research Honours); MBA (Health); Graduate Diploma Medical Imaging; Graduate Diploma Health Management; Bachelor of Health, LaChenaie, Armidale, AUSTRALIA
  425. Peter Romilly PhD, MA, BSc(Econ), PGCE, Economic consultant specialising in data analysis, environmental and transport economics, Ecmetrika Consultancy , Newport On Tay, UNITED KINGDOM
  426. Graham Rooth MD, MRCPsych, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  427. Jane Rooth MBBS, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  428. Paul Rosch M.A., M.D., New York Medical College, Valhalla, UNITED STATES
  429. Jean-claude Rostan (Pr. retired) Ecology, Lyon, FRANCE
  430. Jc Rotunda Cognitive psychology, MA, Charlottesville,va, UNITED STATES
  431. Matthew Rowland BScHons Environmental Science, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  432. Frank Rowson B.Vet.Med., Matamata, NEW ZEALAND
  433. Barry T Rubin Phd Physical Chemistry / Electrochemistry, Elementum Research Ltd, Oswestry, UNITED KINGDOM
  434. Jane Rubin Researcher in Physiological Flow Studies Unit, Imperial College, London - air flow in lungs and blood flow in arteries, Retired - formerly researcher at Imperial College, Penybontfawr, Powys Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
  435. Susan Ruecker BS Engineering Math, Portland, UNITED STATES
  436. Mario Ruggier Software Engineer (B.Sc. Math , UN/DESA, Nairobi, KENYA
  437. Kelinda Rutan-jorgensen MS Soil Science, Esparto, UNITED STATES
  438. Adelita San Vicente Master in Rural Development and Phd candidate in Agroecology , Semillas de Vida, Mexico, MEXICO
  439. Gian Paolo Sanino Biologist with expertise in free ranging marine mammals pathologies, CMMR LEVIATHAN, Santiago, CHILE
  440. Ivan Santandreu Marine Biologist, Revista Mundo Nuevo Ltda, Santiago, CHILE
  441. Soleymani Sarah Master of Arts in Social sciences, Vaud, SWITZERLAND
  442. Uta Sarfert social sciences, self-employed, Nuernberg, GERMANY
  443. Nasir Sarwar M.Sc. Hons Agricultural Economics, Ex.Marketing Manager - Monsanto - Product Development Manager for Round up and RR seeds,, ResQ Canada, Hamilton, CANADA
  444. Peter Saunders Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Applied Mathematics, King's College, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  445. Patricia Schiewe food and nutrition, Joy of Living, Lake Oswego, UNITED STATES
  446. Gerhard Schneider biosciences, mycology, Mycorama, Colombier, SWITZERLAND
  447. David Schubert Neurodegenerative disease, salk institute for biological studies, La Jolla, UNITED STATES
  448. David Schwartz M.D., Louisa, UNITED STATES
  449. Norman Schwartz MD, UNITED STATES
  450. Dr Wendy Seel PhD in plant environmental physiology, Vital Veg, Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM
  451. Caroline Selwood M.S.I.E.O.R., M.Eng., Staatsburg, UNITED STATES
  452. Stephanie Seneff BS, MS, EE, Ph.D.  Senior Research Scientist, MIT, UNITED STATES
  453. Gilles-Éric Séralini Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Caen, Institute of Biology, FRANCE
  454. Mahdi Shadkamfarrokhi masters in biology, UNITED STATES
  455. Rajendra Sharma Environmental medicine. MB BCh BAO LRCP&S(Ire) MFHom, Dr Sharma Diagnostics Ltd, Poole, UNITED KINGDOM
  456. Christopher A. Shaw Ph.D, Department of Ophthamology and Visual Sciences, Program in Experimental Medicine, Program in Neuroscience, University of British Columbia, CANADA
  457. Raymond Shepard EdD. Psychology, Durham, UNITED STATES
  458. Mira Shiva MBBS, MD Public Health Physician,coauthor “Banned & Bannable Drugs”, INDIA
  459. Vandana Shiva Ph.D., Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize), Chair, International Commision on the Future of Food and Agriculture, Ambassador, EXPO Milan, 2015. Author of “Poisons in our Food”, “The Violence of the Green Revolution”, “Stolen Harvest” and “Who feeds the World”, Dehra Dun/Delhi, INDIA
  460. Brian Shute, Ph.D. Speech-language development, communication and swallowing disorders. CCC, NBCT, Spokane, UNITED STATES
  461. Damon Shutt Ph.D. Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, N/A, Iowa City, Ia, UNITED STATES
  462. Margarida Silva Biologist, PhD from Cornell University (USA) 1993, Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, PORTUGAL
  463. John Simonsen PhD Physical Chemistry. Professor in Wood Science and Engineering at Oregon State University, Oregon State University, Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  464. Melanie Sirinathinghji Activist/campaigner, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  465. DJS Sirinathsinghji BSc, MA, PhD, Retired, Molecular Neurobiologist, UNITED KINGDOM
  466. Eva Sirinathsinghji PhD, BSc (Hons)., Researcher/Writer Institute of Science in Society, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  467. Melissa Sklar I have a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology., Ann Arbor, UNITED STATES
  468. Alan Slater BVMS [Vet], MSc [Alzheimer's treatment], BSc [Psychologist], Chiropractor, Homeopath, BA [Music], Athena Holistics Ltd, Swaffham, UNITED KINGDOM
  469. Jack Sloggett BScF, MBA, pma, Mississauga, CANADA
  470. Crystal Smiech BS in Geology, University of South Florida, Tampa, UNITED STATES
  471. Shannon Smith Veterinarian, Snohomish, Wa, UNITED STATES
  472. Gidi Smolders animal husbandry, organimprove, Lelystad, NETHERLANDS
  473. Edward Snowdon Engineer; machine building, B.A. Eng Mech., Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  474. Carina Sparre Lippert Msc. in Biology, Aarhus, DENMARK
  475. James Spencer software engineer BS in math from U of Michigan, Glendale, UNITED STATES
  476. Richard Spike BS, DVM, Veterinarian, Jerome, UNITED STATES
  477. Joerg Spitz Medical doctor, expert in prevention, Institute for medical Information and Prevention , Schlangenbad/wiesbaden, GERMANY
  478. Janet Sprouse PharmD, Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  479. Dr Maarten Stapper Farming Systems Agronomist, BioLogic AgFood, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  480. Marius Høye Steen M.d., Bergen, NORWAY
  481. David Stein Computer Scientist & Inventor, DMS Enterpriseware LLC, Bradford, Ma, UNITED STATES
  482. Klaus Steinbrecher MA, MBA, > 20 different IT certifications, KPS Consulting LLC, Angel Fire, UNITED STATES
  483. Jan Steinman Electrical, mechanical, and software engineering; Ecology, EcoReality Sustainable Land Use and Education Cooperative, Salt Spring Island, CANADA
  484. Carlton Stewart Managementsix, Carlton Stewart Consultants, St.catherine, JAMAICA
  485. Cornelis (call Name Kees) Stigter Phys. Drs. (Amsterdam), Dr. Agric. Sciences (Wageningen), Agromet Vision, Bruchem, NETHERLANDS
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  487. Ulf Strömberg MSCHE, SWEDEN
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  195. John Diaz Investigative journalist,, Orange, UNITED STATES
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  223. Angie Epstein not applicable, NEW ZEALAND
  224. Darcy Erickson Nutritionist , Mabel, UNITED STATES
  225. Pamela Erickson I have a BA in Dance from the University of California, Riverside. I have worked with children for the last 30 years. Three years ago, just by reading the label on roundup, I refused to use it on the yard at my studio where children play every day., Hamilton, Montana, UNITED STATES
  226. Ursula Eschbach Certificate 2 in retail nursery, Darra, AUSTRALIA
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  246. Tony Ford Psychology Student and Professional Designer, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  247. Karl Forsyth Independent researcher, Santa Rosa, UNITED STATES
  248. David Llewellyn Foster doctoral candidate (u of cardiff), hartland enviro action , Bideford N Devon, UNITED KINGDOM
  249. Sandra Fougere some university, Kinsac, CANADA
  250. Douglas Fox observation and reserch into soil and water living entities., Landcare, Pozieres, AUSTRALIA
  251. Lois Francis-wolf Social Work, Wood Village, UNITED STATES
  252. Lynne Fraser BSc, AUSTRALIA
  253. Holly Frenette Bachelor's Degree , UNITED KINGDOM
  254. Marja Frerichs schoolteacher, Winterswijk, NETHERLANDS
  255. Angela Frewin BA Honours Degree in English, Sutton, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM
  256. Christine Frisco Rn Registered Nurse, California, UNITED STATES
  257. Linda Frost Organic gardener, Salt Spring Island, CANADA
  258. Nicole Fuller BA (hons), AUSTRALIA
  259. Staffan Göranson BA, Unilogo Invest AB, Falkenberg, SWEDEN
  260. John Malcolm Gaissert Retired, Arnold, UNITED STATES
  261. Davide Galletti Degree in Computer Science, ITALY
  262. Catherine Gamaroff graduate, march against monsanto, Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
  263. Di Gamaroff home, New York , UNITED STATES
  264. Lauren Gambon Environmental, Health and Safety consultant, UNITED STATES
  265. Ying Gao Shanghai, Housewife, CHINA
  266. Jacqui Garcia Bachelor of Social Science, Citizen, South Australia, AUSTRALIA
  267. Renee Garcia Bachelor of Science Kinesiology, Emphasis Physical Therapy, Kissimmee, UNITED STATES
  268. Ricardo Garcia Velasco Licenciatura, Greenpeace, Ciudad De México, MEXICO
  269. Bryan Gardham Undergraduate Degree in Plant Biotechnology, Markham, CANADA
  270. Yasmin Gardner Queensland, AUSTRALIA
  271. Biddy Garstang Non -but I am a Mother and Grandmother, Genetic Engineering Network, Cittauton, UNITED KINGDOM
  272. Robin Eleanor Gaura kitchen scientist (mom), Bahía de Banderas, MEXICO
  273. Lindsey Gazaway Bachelor of Science in Nursing, California, UNITED STATES
  274. Agnes Gazso B.A from York University, Thornhill, Ontario, CANADA
  275. Rune Geistrand Retired from media and market analysis, Knislinge, SWEDEN
  276. Jim Gerritsen Organic Farmer 39 Years, Wood Prairie Farm, Maine, UNITED STATES
  277. Michèle Gervais Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from University of Alberta. Holistic practitioner (sound therapist), St. Albert, Alberta, CANADA
  278. Elizabeth Gillespie MA Social Work, Talent, UNITED STATES
  279. Gary Gillespie Local concerned citizen / College Graduate / Director, RVCA, Talent, Or, UNITED STATES
  280. Farida Gillot As a very concerned worldcitizen I am doing research on GMO technology and the dark agenda's behind this since 2009., Lelystad, NETHERLANDS
  281. Betsy Gingerich informed. citizen, UNITED STATES
  282. Norman Gitzen Truth seeker and Steward of the Earth , Mr., Lake Worth, UNITED STATES
  283. Dan Goebel BS Biology, DipAc, Frederick, UNITED STATES
  284. Hesh Goldstein Masters Degree in Nutrition, HEALTH TALK HAWAII, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  285. Jolie Goodman BA in Psychology, several teaching credentials., UNITED STATES
  286. Deborah Goodsite Social Media content creator, Photo researcher, Picture Services , Califon, UNITED STATES
  287. Eva Goss B.S. from Northwestern University, retired, Sandwich, Nh, UNITED STATES
  288. Mary Gossi former wildlife rehabber, current keen observer of nature, Bitterroot Audubon Wildlife Rehabilition, Bitterroot Valley, Montana, UNITED STATES
  289. Tim Gow Certified Organic farmer for 26 years, Mountain Valley Organic Meats, Southland, NEW ZEALAND
  290. D Graham life 101, Mrs., Garfield, UNITED STATES
  291. Dylan Graves AUSTRALIA
  292. Cheryl Gray Educator, Seeds of doubt conference, Boulder, Colorado , UNITED STATES
  293. Wendy Gray Law, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  294. Susie Greaves BA Hons 2.1 Politics and Sociology University of Kent at Canterbury, Hull, UNITED KINGDOM
  295. Jeff Greenberg Former biotechnology executive (retired), BSc (Hon. Genetics), MBA, Greenwood Organics, Perth, CANADA
  296. Trina Gregson Education; B of Mus, MA, Clearwater, CANADA
  297. Laurey Greider amateur natural historian, Mommy, San Rafael, UNITED STATES
  298. Theo Grent Consultancy Biological Control Agents, Grent Consultancy, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
  299. Olwen Griffin Degree Physical chemistry/ HND Bus/Fin, Gallstone /liver casualty first handexperience of reversing illness through diet., Merseyside, UNITED KINGDOM
  300. Richard Griggs Educator, Kannapolis, UNITED STATES
  301. Andrea Gross B.A. degree, Oceanside, UNITED STATES
  302. Ben Grove musician, Forest Row, UNITED KINGDOM
  303. Karen Guidry BA Biology, BA Chemistry, Metairie, UNITED STATES
  304. Lorraine Guilleaume Bioingeneer in agronomy, Trame scrl, Limont, BELGIUM
  305. Katharine Gun BA Chinese with Japanese, UNITED KINGDOM
  306. Winsome Gunning I am a university graduate who feels my 3 concurrent breast cancers were linked to ongoing glyphosate exposures, Breast Cancer Survivor, AUSTRALIA
  307. Catalina Guzmán Ceramista, Ciudadana, D.f, MEXICO
  308. Laurie Guzoto I am the grandaughter of a farmer, a mother and a grandmother, a wife and a woman who see the dangers of spraying glyphosate on our food., Olympia, UNITED STATES
  309. Károly György Vice chair EU-OSHA; member EU ACHS, MSZOSZ, Szentendre, HUNGARY
  310. Moira Haarhoff Writer, editor and sub-editor, Durban, SOUTH AFRICA
  311. Nathalie Hachet Lifestyle writer, MA, FRANCE
  312. Paola Hack Common sense, years of own research, UNITED STATES
  313. Bruce Hallett Bachelor of Science (Oceanography), Hamilton, BERMUDA
  314. Ingela Hallnor qwerty, Sätila , SWEDEN
  315. Elizabeth B Handler Syracuse, NY, UNITED STATES
  316. Mhrylyn Hanson-wallis Food Producer, Bruny Island Gourmet Produce, South Bruny Island, AUSTRALIA
  317. Ken Hargesheimer BS agriculture; teach workshops in organic farming, Lubbock, UNITED STATES
  318. Brandie Harrop Avid home researcher, reader of scientific studies, cured my illness by removing GMO and glyphosate from my diet., Green Party of Canada, Sherwood Park, CANADA
  319. Dirk Hart Land & Water Management Engineer, NVLV Network for Vital Agriculture and Nutrition, NETHERLANDS
  320. Lori Harvey AA from DMACC , Boone, UNITED STATES
  321. Lars Helge Haugdal No expertise, Steinkjer, NORWAY
  322. Misti Hauser Homemaker, UNITED STATES
  323. Charles Hawkins Award for Community Service. Partcial degree in business., Two Bears Interprizes, Pacifica, UNITED STATES
  324. Mitsuko Hayakawa Linguistics, Mrs., Pearl City, UNITED STATES
  325. Henry Hayward Medway, UNITED KINGDOM
  326. Qinglin He Anning Yunnan, Kunming Steel company, employee, CHINA
  327. James Healey Chemical tech. 1 year at SUNY Farmingdale, New Oxford, UNITED STATES
  328. Clarence Healy Anti cancer activist., Institute of Cancer Education., Newry, UNITED KINGDOM
  329. Craig Hearn Macon, UNITED STATES
  330. Tanja Heggen acupuncturist, NORWAY
  331. Sayenne Heijkamp Doorn, NETHERLANDS
  332. Kellie Hein mother, Mount Pleasant, UNITED STATES
  333. Joanna Heller MSW, Guilford , UNITED STATES
  334. David Hellyer SGT RET USA , A Concerned citizen., Concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  335. Niles Henke AAS Electronics Engineering, UNITED STATES
  336. Ricardo Henriques I am a relatively well informed and extremely concerned citizen, Goderich, CANADA
  337. Harold Henry PhD - Therapuetic Counselling, Dr., Miami, UNITED STATES
  338. Michele Hershberger MATS inTheology, Hesston College, Hesston, Ks, UNITED STATES
  339. Prishanthi Hettithanthrie Farmer, Colombo, SRI LANKA
  340. Brent Hill activist, NO GMO South Africa, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  341. Regina Hill Bachelors degree in human relations, East Patchogue, UNITED STATES
  342. Jody Hixson Suquamish, UNITED STATES
  343. Brendan Hoare Organic Systems, Organic Systems, Waitakere, NEW ZEALAND
  344. Irwin Hoenig I have been in health care for over 30 years., Laurel, UNITED STATES
  345. Marilyn Hoey Post grad , Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  346. Julie Hoie trainer, Oslo, NORWAY
  347. Jon Holden Homeopathic doctor, Grønn Helse As, Fagernes, NORWAY
  348. Joseph Holder business owner, Manteca, Ca, UNITED STATES
  349. Ron Hollis Teacher, Galloway, UNITED STATES
  350. Zen Honeycutt Moms Across America founder and director, -Select a Prefix-, Mission Viejo, UNITED STATES
  351. Anders Honningsvag University, Oslo, NORWAY
  352. Elisabeth Hood RN BSN ND, UNITED STATES
  353. Maaike Hoorweg medical doctor, Zeist, NETHERLANDS
  354. Françoise Hovelaque psychologist, Riec-sur-belon, FRANCE
  355. Ted Howard Professional Permaculture gardener/designer horticulturalist. BA in physical geography/geology , Permaculture in Nelson Group, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND
  356. Lyn Howe ms biology animal science, Beach Road Farm, Pahoa, UNITED STATES
  357. K Hower Pathology Dept., UNITED STATES
  358. Michael Hoy A friend of a lymphoma sufferer, Solon, UNITED STATES
  359. Shilong HSU Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  360. Zemin HSU Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  361. Chun Hu Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Self Employ, CHINA
  362. Biao Huang Hunan, Chenzhou, Vocational and technical schools, CHINA
  363. Chialin Huang PH.D. Candidate, College of Education, University of Washington, Seattle , Taipei, TAIWAN
  364. Haiying Huang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  365. Jerold Hubbard I have been in high production grain production for over 50 years and I have seen because of over 90 % of our food production come from annualization even of our animals, I create an ecosystem that selects for PESTS. I have become a pest creator alias grass roots farmer., Johnson, UNITED STATES
  366. Marvin Hughes BS degree in Food Science. I teach naturpathic life skills to adults that are interested, Political activist & self employed, Hastings, UNITED STATES
  367. H.j.p. Hugo deep interest, van Olphen Beheer B.V., Udenhout, NETHERLANDS
  368. Leroy Hulse Roundup toxic elements are showing up in water supplies., Mr., Forest Grove, UNITED STATES
  369. Lucinda Humphreys Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  370. Dionne Husted Teacher, B.A., UNITED STATES
  371. Frederica Huxley private, Columbia, UNITED STATES
  372. Maria Ibáñez teacher of primary school, ynqt, Valparaiso, CHILE
  373. Yoko Ito Master level, Quebec, CANADA
  374. Elisabeth Jørve Concerned mom, Nordby, NORWAY
  375. Hallie Jaeger MA Candidate DU Josef Korbel School of Intl Studies in Global Health and Food Security, EEEtheWorld, Denver, UNITED STATES
  376. Carol Jagiello none relevant, Bloomingdale, UNITED STATES
  377. Joshua James I am a American Citizen that enjoys uncontaminated food and byproducts. , NORML , Sherman Oaks, UNITED STATES
  378. Arthur Jarrett Newport-on-Tay, UNITED KINGDOM
  379. Andrea Jenney MOTHER, BAchelor of arts in advertising , Clearwater , UNITED STATES
  380. Bønne Thagaard Jensen Organic farmer, østjylland, DENMARK
  381. Gj Jeong a, FARMER,Self-Employed , Taean, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  382. Palle Uhd Jepsen Private consultant with experience in wildlife management, in particular marine mammals and waterbirds, DENMARK
  383. Palle Uhd Jepsen Biologist, private consulatant (wildlife and protected areas), writer, Swansea, UNITED KINGDOM
  384. Hui Jiang Xinjiang , Retiree, CHINA
  385. Joe Joe Miller Concerned as to what I am eating., retired, UNITED STATES
  386. Aaron Johnson UNITED STATES
  387. Rushka Johnson environmental activist, organic vegetable farmer, march against monsanto south africa, Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
  388. Belinda Jones Believe in organic foods, UNITED KINGDOM
  389. Guy Jones Prosecuted products liability cases - 2,4-D etc., Mr., Conway, UNITED STATES
  390. Robert Jones Self employed builder 36 years, avid reader and local meeting organiser., Poulton-le-fylde, UNITED KINGDOM
  391. Elizabeth Jordan Retired, BARBADOS
  392. Sondre Jorgensen gardener, Det Skandaløse Orkester, Bergen, NORWAY
  393. Tony Jorgenson Senior RF Engineer with Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Lake Mary, UNITED STATES
  394. Michael Julie The Zeitgeist Movement South Africa, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  395. Rohit K A physics, nitc, Kochi, INDIA
  396. Mei Kang hospital technitian, retired, CHINA
  397. Pedro Kantaro Artist, Nogent-sur-marne, FRANCE
  398. Katheryne Kavanagh Lic Cupuncture, acupunctureinglos, Gloucester, UNITED KINGDOM
  399. Stephen Keast BA, Slaterville Springs, Ny, UNITED STATES
  400. Katie Keates Chemical engineer, Gravenhurst, CANADA
  401. Jeanne Keith-ferris BScN, Public Health Nurse, Ucluelet, CANADA
  402. Susan Keleher Dietitian, Lake Plains Dialysis, Medina, UNITED STATES
  403. Karen Keller Elementary school teacher/ mother, Del Mar, UNITED STATES
  404. Victoria Kelley Magazine editor , Aquaponics Survival Communities Magazine, Fort Garland, UNITED STATES
  405. Josie Kelly M.A. psychology MFT california license, Santa Monica, UNITED STATES
  406. Kelia Keogh Do not have any degrees, Our Land, Our Water, Our Future, Central Coast, Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  407. Jupp Kerckerinck 16 years working in shark protection, Book: , Sharkprotect e.V., Rinkerode, GERMANY
  408. Arthur Kerr-sheppard SOUTH AFRICA
  409. Har Bhajan Khalsa Organic Farmer, SOUTH AFRICA
  410. Brandy Kibler Associates Degree, Private, Glen Rock, Pa, UNITED STATES
  411. Dj King BSc, CANADA
  412. Jeff Kirkpatrick interested consumer, self, Glenshaw, Pa, UNITED STATES
  413. Lynn Kleinhenz infomaniac, New London, UNITED STATES
  414. Lothar Knobloch german Abitur, Kaarst, GERMANY
  415. Jodi Koberinski 2015 Fellow at the Oak Institute for Study of International Human Rights, Beyond Pesticides Canada, CANADA
  416. Jeremy Kobler Doctor of Chiropractic, Bach Human Biology, Kobler Chiropractic and Acupuncture LLC, Kansas City, UNITED STATES
  417. Aurelio Kopainig BA, Visual Artist, ARGENTINA
  418. Ivan Kova? Kr?eli? bachelor degree in journalism, CROATIA
  419. Beth Krncevic concerned consumer, Murrumbateman, AUSTRALIA
  420. Blanca Kroener MBA, SPAIN
  421. Jørn Krogstad BS Computer Science, Sørumsand, NORWAY
  422. Maia Kshemya N/A, Voice of the New Earth, Buderim, AUSTRALIA
  423. Max Kucera UNITED STATES
  424. Angela Kuhr Vestal, Ny, UNITED STATES
  425. Almeda Kuiphoff Mother, human being, Port Orchard, UNITED STATES
  426. Larry Kulick Licensed Acupuncturist, Masters Traditional Chinese Medicine, BS Environmental Studies, Permaculture Design Certificate, Tres Besos Vacation Rentals, Todos Santos, MEXICO
  427. Kerstin Kvisler Master's degree, örbyhus, SWEDEN
  428. Fran Kwiecien Courtenay, CANADA
  429. Nicky Kyle Organic farmer/grower 39 years, broadcaster, writer, IRELAND
  430. Rick Lacoste Need to stop killing the bees. We need nutrious food relief from disease and cancer, St.catharines, CANADA
  431. Douglas Laird MA Psychology Public Health, Victoria, CANADA
  432. Pierre Lalanne Informaticien retraité, FRANCE
  433. Gabriel Lambert Programming, Hearst, CANADA
  434. Fernando Landó Agronomist, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  435. Franziska Lang Landscape Gardener, NORWAY
  436. Trygve Lange-nielsen Not a scientist, Nesoddtangen, NORWAY
  437. Jin Han Lao Shanghai, CHINA
  438. Donna Larner Lavery MA Spiritual Psychology - Emmy award winning investigative journalist, UNITED STATES
  439. Allen Larson I have observed my body for over 80 years, UNITED STATES
  440. Elaine Larson pursuing doctorate in Education; 40 years experience in Information Technology; awarded fine artist, UNITED STATES
  441. Rafael Lassaletta Cano Licenciado Filología Hispánica, Madrid, SPAIN
  442. Shelley Lauer BSBA, ME Patient, Tucson, Az, UNITED STATES
  443. Carole Law Not applicable, private, Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
  444. Connie Lawrence Concerned mother and NON-GMO and glyphosate free supporter., B.A. English Language , Brookline, Nh, UNITED STATES
  445. Dan Leahy ddddddddddd, ddddd, Comox, CANADA
  446. Dorothy Lebovitz Upland, UNITED STATES
  447. Colton Leclaire N/A, American citizen, Cedar Rapids, UNITED STATES
  448. Michelle Lecuyer B.A. Mathematics, NH March Against Monsanto, Hampstead, UNITED STATES
  449. Elspeth Lee Human Sciences Degree, Nutritional Therapy Degree, Public Health Masters, Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  450. Michael Lee BA Hons Russian and French, Llandudno, UNITED KINGDOM
  451. Dianne Lefevre Neuropsychoanalysis, Psychiatry, nutritional medicine, Retired consultant Psychiatrist, Physician, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  452. Hugh Lehman Ph.D, Philosophy of Science, Co-editor Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, retired, Guelph, CANADA
  453. Patricia Leigh-wood Long term farmer, dealign with organic vegetables and livestock., BAHAMAS
  454. Divona Leitner Vancouver, CANADA
  455. Alden Lenhart Highschool Diploma, Nantucket, UNITED STATES
  456. Billie Leonard My significant other was in Viet Nam for two tours and suffers from COPD from being sprayed with Agent Orange which is similar to glyphosate which is a component of Agent Orange., Rathdrum, UNITED STATES
  457. Bruce Lester Scrroggins,tx, UNITED STATES
  458. Andre Leu BA Communications, Grad Dip Adult Education, IFOAM - Organics International, Daintree, AUSTRALIA
  459. Linda Levin Registered Respiratory Therapist, Mrs., Punta Gorda, UNITED STATES
  460. Madelyn Levy researcher, retired, Cincinnati, UNITED STATES
  461. Ralph Lewis BSME, UNITED STATES
  462. Cao Li Sichuan, Judicial authentication, forestry resource, CHINA
  463. Yunfa Li Beijing, High way constructor , CHINA
  464. Gary Libby organic homesteader and fisherman , Port Clyde, UNITED STATES
  465. Espen Lien Radio - electronics, home, årnes, NORWAY
  466. Mona Lien interest, årnes, NORWAY
  467. Jose Walter Lima Environmental Lawyer, BRAZIL
  468. Youfu Lin Taizhou Zhejiang, Self employed, CHINA
  469. Linda Lines Colborne, CANADA
  470. Graham Lingley *, UNITED KINGDOM
  471. Shelley Linteau Entrepreneur, Mrs., Notre-dame, CANADA
  472. Claudia Little RN, BSN, MPH, retired, Ashland, UNITED STATES
  473. Guiling Liu Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Textile Factory, CHINA
  474. Jianhai Liu Self employed, CHINA
  475. Xinru Liu Beijing, retired construction worker, CHINA
  476. Zhiyuan Liu CHINA
  477. Sudassana Liyanaarachchi B.Sc , GreenLife Sri Lanka, Kandy, SRI LANKA
  478. Rodrigo Llampasona Communications Officer, Plataforma Agroecologica, Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA
  479. Cheryl Lobue Brightwaters, UNITED STATES
  480. Malcolm Lockley Primary Producer, Bridgetown, AUSTRALIA
  481. Grant Loewen Medical and water treatment (writer), Lost River, CANADA
  482. Jason Long AS in Exercise Science & Reiki Master, Rainbow man, Ann Arbor, UNITED STATES
  483. Jennifer Longford B.A. P.G C.E. Dip TESOL Dip Training the Trainers, Exeter, UNITED KINGDOM
  484. Jon Lopez Moline, UNITED STATES
  485. Linda Lord self employed, UNITED STATES
  486. Roger Lowry City , Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM
  487. Vaccari Luciano naturalist, Modena, ITALY
  488. Zoe Lujic MSc in Environmental Decision Making, permaculture, Earth Thrive, UNITED KINGDOM
  489. Pierre Lussagnet Revel, FRANCE
  490. Raymond Lutz Master's degree in Electrical Engineering., Citizens' Oversight, El Cajon, UNITED STATES
  491. Karene Lyngholm Ecologic bee keeper and gardener, The Fermented Guru, Oslo, NORWAY
  492. David Lynn Alternative Health Blogger, Mr., Charlotte, UNITED STATES
  493. Helen Lynn Visiting Researcher at the Occupational and Environmental Health Research group, University of Stirling., Alliance for Cancer Prevention, UNITED KINGDOM
  494. Teresa Lynne Volunteer and Board Member for the Society of Genetically Engineered (GE) Free BC, Port Coquitlam, CANADA
  495. Kristine Måsvær No degree, Sandnes, NORWAY
  496. Tracy Madlener Co-Founder of How To Create A Toxic Free Community, How To Create A Toxic Free Community, UNITED STATES
  497. Leif Magnusson Long life searching for health, Uddevalla, SWEDEN
  498. Shauki Mahomed Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Richmond, UNITED KINGDOM
  499. Derek Main BSc, Mr., Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  500. Lee Mallatratt Registered nurse caring for cancer patients., Durham, UNITED STATES
  501. Kimberly Mallett psychotherapist, yoga teacher, master of arts degree, Kincardine, CANADA
  502. Koteswara Rao Mannem under graduate, prajasakti, Hyderabad, INDIA
  503. Natalie Mannering Ms., Eureka Springs, UNITED STATES
  504. Melissa Mantiq I have been informally studying genetic engineering since about 1994 after a former government Risk Assessment Director spoke to the Front Range Organic Gardeners group in Denver, CO., self, Tacoma, Wa, UNITED STATES
  505. Carrascosa María Genetic resources for food anda agriculture, Red de Semillas , Sevilla, SPAIN
  506. Louise Marais I have extensively studied the effects of various chemicals in our food because I have an auto immune disease, Community Forum, Kingsburgh, SOUTH AFRICA
  507. Duane Marcus B.S. horticulture MLA Landscape Architecture, Stone Mountain Herbs, Georgia Usa, UNITED STATES
  508. Nina Marino no degrees or awards, just lots of reading, Westport, Ct, UNITED STATES
  509. Mehrdad Marjani Plantscaping, AIP, Richmond Hill, CANADA
  510. Yasminka Markovska I am a researcher of literature, theatre and culture, social anthropology and philosophy. Writer and translator. , Oslo, NORWAY
  511. Gail Marmont Bachelor of Arts University of Auckland; Postgraduate Diploma in Community and Social Work Otago, Anti-trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Action, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND
  512. Paolo Maroncelli counsellor, Cesena, ITALY
  513. Pam Marshall concerned citizen, CANADA
  514. Agnieszka Marszalek I have Masters in the Science of Education, Chateh, CANADA
  515. Donna Martin Global citizen with eyes wide open., Ms., Lake Cowichan, CANADA
  516. Pedro Julian Martin Valasco manager, Zaragoza, SPAIN
  517. Stig Martinsen Why?, NORWAY
  518. Natalie Martkovich holistic practitioner, ISRAEL
  519. H Masih ?, UNITED STATES
  520. Sarah Mason BA, Exeter, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES
  521. Matthieu Mat Healer , Enagic, Alexandria, CANADA
  522. Nancy Mayo MSW, Needham Ma, UNITED STATES
  523. Donald Mccain MA Values in the Environment, Lancaster University Personal study of climate change Wrote book: Planet as Self, Grove of Elders, Hartland, UNITED KINGDOM
  524. B.a. Mcclintock Disabled with MCS. Research regarding said illness ongoing 26 years, Respiratory and Environmental Disabilities Assoc.of Hawaii, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  525. Tara Mcdonald Improving my family's health, which may have been negatively affected by the Glyphosate-GMO food chain., Coseva, Ottawa, CANADA
  526. Stephanie Mcdowall informed Senior, n/a, Nanaimo, CANADA
  527. Cheryl Mcduff Health researcher, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  528. Richard Mcfatridge I usually have asthma attack after eating foods containingng soy, canola, cottonseed and corn oils., Marietta, UNITED STATES
  529. Susan Mcfie Writer, artist, researcher with forty years research into the causes of modern health problems, Independent researcher, Hastings, UNITED KINGDOM
  530. Sarah Mcgibbon nil, Nannup, AUSTRALIA
  531. Katherine Mcgillivray CANADA
  532. Julia Mcgovern non-scientist, UNITED STATES
  533. Robert Mciver Retired , Pasadena, Ca, UNITED STATES
  534. Mike Means audio/video production, Self, Bullhead City, UNITED STATES
  535. Mary Meehan Environmentalist , Los Angeles, Ca, UNITED STATES
  536. Todd Melton Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  537. Sheilagh Menzies RSHom, Abinger Common, UNITED KINGDOM
  538. Alf John Merkesdal Carreer counselling, Oslo, NORWAY
  539. David Merlo Generalist,, Montreal, CANADA
  540. Erin Messenger student, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  541. Gianna Milano Free Lance Science Writer/MIT Knight Science Journalist Fellow/Professor in Science Communication , SISSA (Internation School of Superior Studies) Trieste, Rome, ITALY
  542. Courtney Miller Colorado Springs , UNITED STATES
  543. Todd Millions College-Power Engineering (process operations) Medicine Hat College Medicine Hat Alberta, Y= Ranch, Cypressolar,DSC&C ltd, R.m White Valley (#49) Sask, CANADA
  544. Dean Mindock Atmospheric Science, Collinsville, UNITED STATES
  545. Prakash Narayan Mishra M.Sc. Entomology, Worked on Entomopathogenic Nematodes in IARI New Delhi, Managing Organic farming program, Productivity enhancement of crops , Ambuja Cement foundation, Kolkata, INDIA
  546. Barbara Mitchell exposed in food and a person very I'll since 1999, I need food I can tolerate. please ban as we need healthy choices not poisoned, Mitchell's Billing Service, Miami, Arizona, UNITED STATES
  547. Mardi Mitchell Student who cares, AUSTRALIA
  548. Ronnie Mitchell None., Bellingham, UNITED STATES
  549. Tony Mitra Marine Engineer, blogger, food security activist, public speaker, Canadians for Glyphosate Testing, Delta, Bc,, CANADA
  550. James Moffett Farming, Farmer, Ficksburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  551. Tibor Moldvay M.Sc. Electrical Engineering (retired), Budapest, HUNGARY
  552. Nick Mole I am a campaigner for the Pesticide Action Network UK, Pesticide Action Network UK, UNITED KINGDOM
  553. Nuria Montaudon I live in a sprayed area and I'm fighting against herbicides for our health, Colima, MEXICO
  554. Lynn Montgomery farmer, Acequia la Rosa de Castilla, Placitas, UNITED STATES
  555. Charles Moore BS, JD, Maine, UNITED STATES
  556. Lee Moore Hamilton, CANADA
  557. Sherrie Moore personal independent research , self, Pahoa, Hi., UNITED STATES
  558. Megan Moreau Bachelor Degree-Dietetics/Nutrition, Master Degree-Education, Colorado Springs, UNITED STATES
  559. Angela Morris Reverand of Earth Based Religion, Reverand, Barberton, UNITED STATES
  560. Nancy Morrison no, CANADA
  561. Jan Morritt Ba(Hons), Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM
  562. Debbie Morton Ontario, CANADA
  563. Leon Morton B.S. Chemistry Education UNC Chapel Hill,organic grower, Sabaki Gardens Foundation, Graham,nc, UNITED STATES
  564. Sheryl Mountenay Concerned citizen, Maple Ridge , CANADA
  565. Roland Mr Holistic Health and Healing , Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  566. Steven Mr farmer, Albert Lea, UNITED STATES
  567. David Mr. Water, Bel Alton, UNITED STATES
  568. Glenn Mr. some college, Rare Fruits of Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, UNITED STATES
  569. Neil Walker Mr. Self, Champlain, Ny, UNITED STATES
  570. Autumn Ms Nutrition major, Santa Rosa, UNITED STATES
  571. Lenka Muchova loving mum, CANADA
  572. Denise Mullan concerned citizen, Fintona, IRELAND
  573. Liz Mullin Mother, Owen Sound, CANADA
  574. Fran Murrell MADGE Australia Inc, Fitzroy, AUSTRALIA
  575. Vani Saraswati Mutlur Law and Development, DCAP, New Delhi, INDIA
  576. David Mutter Nothing in particular..., Stratford, UNITED KINGDOM
  577. Renuka D Nagodavithana Bachelor of Commerce, Universal Management Services pvt ltd, Colombo 4, SRI LANKA
  578. Cristina Neilson-sewell boo monsanto, Ottawa, CANADA
  579. Shawn Neuman Bremerton, UNITED STATES
  580. John Newton Doctor of Creative Arts, UTS, Glebe, AUSTRALIA
  581. Allan Niass As an Economist, killing off ALL life forms, to improve the cost/benefit of growing one item, is WASTEful. Stupid, Self centered and claims that such persons are more intelligent and worth more, than all the rest of the Universe., Gardens Delivered, Jervis Bay, AUSTRALIA
  582. Mark Nicholas retired , Heriot Bay, CANADA
  583. Marnie Nickels Nurse , Jupiter , UNITED STATES
  584. Huailan Nie Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  585. George Niedzwiedz interested physics. Retired., Borders, UNITED KINGDOM
  586. Henk Niermans I am not a scientist, Mentereos Automotive, Llanfair Caereinion, UNITED KINGDOM
  587. Jonel Niesing High School Biology Teacher, Kewaunee High School, Kewaunee, UNITED STATES
  588. Mara Nieves Permaculture, EENUAM , Caguas, PUERTO RICO
  589. Yimei Niu Gongzhuling Jilin, Farmer, CHINA
  590. Patrick Noble Farmer of 40 years experience, Bryn Cocyn Organic Farm, Denbigh, UNITED KINGDOM
  591. Letitia Noel BFA Painting SAIC/Certified Personal Trainer/Foot Strike and Movement Specialist, Physical Esoterica Wellness, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  592. Karen Norman n/a, Stevenage, UNITED KINGDOM
  593. Joanne O'dwyer Health sciences studies/sports injuries therapist, , Ellesmere Port, UNITED KINGDOM
  594. Roberto Ochandio BS in Geography, Patagonia, ARGENTINA
  595. Nancy Oden Citizens Awards for Environmental Work on Pesticides and GMOs, Clean Earth Farms, New England, UNITED STATES
  596. Daniele Oian Traditional herbalist, SEL, Udine, ITALY
  597. Joanne Olafson nil, CANADA
  598. Patty Olejko licensed practical nurse;licensed massage practitioner;Ayruvedic herbal consultant, Irvine, UNITED STATES
  599. Torkil Olesen Dentist, Research Librarian, Copenhagen, DENMARK
  600. Laurie Olson Mom, Mrs., Port Orchard, UNITED STATES
  601. Nerina Onion Concerned non-scientist, gardener, and green campaigner, York, UNITED KINGDOM
  602. Meghan Oreilly I am a student of Naturopathic medicine - soon to be a doctor in British Columbia, New Westminster, CANADA
  603. Adriana Ortolani organic orchard, Todos los 25 hasta que se vaya Monsanto, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  604. Megan Ouellette Bachelor of Science in Nursing, CANADA
  605. Qiaomei Ouyang Retired worker, Hunan Shaoyang, CHINA
  606. Jamed Oxford Registered Nurse, UNITED STATES
  607. Evelyn Padua nurse, queensland nurses union, AUSTRALIA
  608. Lucas Pannier master orthopedagogical and psychological sciences , BELGIUM
  609. Maryann Paredes N/A, Bridgewater, UNITED STATES
  610. Maria Grazia Paris teacher retired, Paris., Milano, ITALY
  611. Stephen Parkins Consultant , Chiang Mai, THAILAND
  612. Thomas Paterson I am a holistic counselor and the majority of my clients have intestinal complications that can be linked to glyphosate., Bear Medicine Herbs, Lincoln, UNITED STATES
  613. Scott Paton B Comm. Hons., CANADA
  614. Ilya Pavlovsky Bcs multimedia technologies, UNITED KINGDOM
  615. Don Pearce Human Resources, Pvt, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  616. Cheryl Pearson no degrees - a concerned citizen, Mackay, AUSTRALIA
  617. Ib Borup Pedersen Farmer led research on deformitees, abortions and fertilityproblems in pigs in relation to Glyphosate levels in feed., Pilegaarden, Hvidsten, DENMARK
  618. Roger Pelizzari Graduate of TM-Sidhi Program and MA in Professional Writing, Maharihsi Purusha Program, Romney, Wv, UNITED STATES
  619. Malcolm Pende MEd(LD)GCertBehMgt,DipT., Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
  620. Li Peng Hubei, Wuhan, Huazhong university of science and technology, school of foreign language, teacher , CHINA
  621. Chris Percoulis Engineer & Computer Specialist, Ossining, UNITED STATES
  622. Maria De Lurdes Pereira Economics, 1956, Barcarena, PORTUGAL
  623. Barbara Peterson Life, Farm Wars, UNITED STATES
  624. Victoria Peyser Newark, UNITED STATES
  625. Kim H Phelps Complementary Health Services Degree, The Osteopathic Clinic, Dannevirke, NEW ZEALAND
  626. Pascaline Phillips B. Sc, ND, Toronto, CANADA
  627. Ross Phillips N/A, White Rock, CANADA
  628. Andree Piche master degree in psychology, Sainte-adèle, CANADA
  629. David Pickett I am not a scientist, Toronto, CANADA
  630. Helen Pieper hotel director, UNITED KINGDOM
  631. Klaus Pilgram Economist, more then 30 years of experience in development assistance, in particular rural development, Frankfurt, GERMANY
  632. Dorothy Piper College Graduate, n/a, Mckinney, UNITED STATES
  633. Carlos Pissarro Degree in Landscapa architecture by the University of Evora, Lagos, PORTUGAL
  634. Ann Pocock Degree in Health science, Bendigo, AUSTRALIA
  635. Susan Podger I am a concerned Earth citizen and a teacher of children. I hold Bacelor and Masters degrees., Masks4Schools, Byron Shire, AUSTRALIA
  636. Stephan Poetsch computer science, SWITZERLAND
  637. James Pott Independent researcher, Masters Degree in Developmental Psychology, Palliser Downs, Foxboro, CANADA
  638. Damian Power Independent Contract Wildlife Biologist, Wolfhound Wildlife Services, British Columbia, CANADA
  639. Sheila Pratt Bachelor of Arts; not a scientist, human race, Maple Ridge, CANADA
  640. Doreen Pretty social scientist, Ms., Niagara Falls, CANADA
  641. Katrina Pulice I am currently a student with no specific expertise, but I have a passion for cleaning up our world and this is a step in the right direction., UNITED STATES
  642. Rixia Qiu Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  643. Beth Quirke mother, and cancer patient , Tralee Co. Kerry, IRELAND
  644. Trond Qvale Farmer, NORWAY
  645. Katja Røen A citizen who cares for our planet and all living creatures and plants on it..., Rindal, NORWAY
  646. Heather Rae Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Chantilly, UNITED STATES
  647. Wendy Raebeck writer, health worker, UNITED STATES
  648. Carol Rahbari parent and grandparent, Ypsilandi, UNITED STATES
  649. Brian Rakita Organic certification agent, Speaking on behalf of myself, 23093, UNITED STATES
  650. Laura Ramsay BA/BPHE from Queen's Certificate in Nutrition from Shaw Academy, HANS, Vancouver, CANADA
  651. Malcolm Rands CEO ecostore. a science based internal manufacturer of household and body products , ecostore, St Marys Bay, NEW ZEALAND
  652. Vera Raneri humble human, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  653. Karen Ratzlaff Mcpherson, UNITED STATES
  654. Stelvio Ravasio no such thing, Nueva Italia, PARAGUAY
  655. Philip Record Hypnotherapist, Kent, Wa, UNITED STATES
  656. John Reed UNITED STATES
  657. Enrique Alejandro Reichel working in the field, ARGENTINA
  658. Carlos Remedios Citizen of the World, Yonkers, UNITED STATES
  659. Sophia Riad Degree in English, Cork, IRELAND
  660. Kathleen A Ricard consumer, Johnston, UNITED STATES
  661. Robyn Richards BA Psychology, minor Anthropology. working with several activist organization inc Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife., Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  662. Alison Richardson Security Officer and Concerned Citizen, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  663. Michael Richmond proud owner of some small measure of common sense., Mr., Guerneville, UNITED STATES
  664. Dennis Ripley B.S. w/minor in Chemistry, Vegatable Gardener, Rock Falls, Il, UNITED STATES
  665. Louis Rivoire Atmospheric Science, M.S., Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris), Sorbonne University, Colorado State University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, UNITED STATES
  666. Teresa Roberts M.A., Portland, UNITED STATES
  667. Nathaniel Robinson Independent Activist, Santiago De Veraguas, PANAMA
  668. Miguel Robles Artisan, Poet and Corn Eater, Project Director of Biosafety Alliance, Biosafety Alliance, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  669. Aruna Rodrigues Lead Petitioner, Public Interest Writ Petition in India's Supreme Court, (2005 and on-going), Sunray Harvesters, Mhow Cantt., INDIA
  670. Ali Romaine Registered nurse, Grapeview, UNITED STATES
  671. Alan Rosenberg QBE and author or 5 published books, Lindros Whole Earth Consultants, Rivonia, SOUTH AFRICA
  672. Andreas Rossing Angeltveit Bachelor in Art & Culture, Porsgrunn, NORWAY
  673. Jan Rostov I am an artist and photographer, janarostovphotography, Kentfield, UNITED STATES
  674. Raynbow Rotar N/A, CANADA
  675. Debbie Rowe Bachelor of Science, UNITED STATES
  676. Henry Rowlands Media Expert, Feed The World, Veliko Tarnovo, BULGARIA
  677. Magdalena Rudd Not a scientist although studied biotechnology, Southampton, UNITED KINGDOM
  678. Lesley Rumary Kent, UNITED KINGDOM
  679. David Russell Registered Respiratory Therapist (Ret.), CANADA
  680. Kevin Ryan Bachelor of Science - Environmental science, UNITED STATES
  681. Allan Rydberg BS Physics, 1968 4 patents , Wakefield, Ri , UNITED STATES
  682. Maurice Ryton A deeply concerned citizen, Edmonton, CANADA
  683. Kati Saarinen Registered Nurse, Retired, British Columbia, CANADA
  684. Margherita Sabbioneda currently on 2nd year BA Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins UAL, student , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  685. Rubén Sacchi Film director, ARGENTINA
  686. Susan Sachs Registered Nurse, UNITED STATES
  687. Fahima Sahabdeen writer, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  688. Melinda Sanders Nurse training now working in the area of cancer treatment - infusion clinic at UNC's Cancer Hospital, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carrboro, UNITED STATES
  689. Lauren Sandford double award in science, mums say no to GMO , Powys, UNITED KINGDOM
  690. Patricia Santhuff undergraduate degree, Lawrenceville, UNITED STATES
  691. Jillian Saxen Mom that does research, My home, Joliet, Il, UNITED STATES
  692. Victoria Sayre I am a concerned mother, Crystal Lake, UNITED STATES
  693. Timothy Scerra 3 yrs of Activism against GMOs & conventional farming which also uses Toxins like RoundUp., NH Right to know, NH MAM, Pembroke, Nh, UNITED STATES
  694. Debby Schaefer Yorkville, UNITED STATES
  695. Paul Scheffer BFA in Graphic Design, LEBANON
  696. Els Schelfhout health enhancer, S-sens, Sint-niklaas, BELGIUM
  697. Olivia Schlosser BS in French , UNITED STATES
  698. Jody Schmidt Concerned citizen, Lincoln, UNITED STATES
  699. Mitya Schoppe BSN,CCRN, Registered Nurse, Saint Johnsbury, UNITED STATES
  700. Judith D Schwartz Journalist, Bennington, UNITED STATES
  701. Nancy Sconza Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist, Catskill, Ny, UNITED STATES
  702. April Scott Health and Nutrition Practitioner, Independence, UNITED STATES
  703. Douglas Scott Power Engineering, Vancouver, CANADA
  704. Mary Scott Bachelor of Arts Honours Class 1 (Community & Environment), Mollymook Beach, AUSTRALIA
  705. Karen Scribner B.S. Home Economics, UNITED STATES
  706. Kevin Searcy Honouring the soil, pollinators and food, Soaring Spirit Ranch, St Albert, CANADA
  707. Daniel Seedorf Farmer, East West Farm, Marietta, UNITED STATES
  708. Chris Selkirk food producer, Mechanicville, UNITED STATES
  709. Melanie Sember N/A, SOUTH AFRICA
  710. Yanina Semle Marketing degree, Posadas, ARGENTINA
  711. Paul Separk GMO free NC Triangle Chapter founder, Henderson, UNITED STATES
  712. Nicole Setlack Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yorkton, CANADA
  713. Roland Shafer Human, Cherokee Ind, Ord, UNITED STATES
  714. Niyati Shah B.A; candidate in Master of Development Practice, CANADA
  715. Udit Shah Pharmacist, Tecumseh, CANADA
  716. Dennis Shannon BS and MS, UNITED STATES
  717. Madeleine Sharma Student, UNITED KINGDOM
  718. Stephen Shaw Retired school principal. M. Ed., Nanaimo, CANADA
  719. Wenzheng Shen Cultural Industry Manager, Wuhan, CHINA
  720. Bea Shepard Bachelor of Arts. school teacher, recovering from immune system damage via glyphosate, Englewood, Co, UNITED STATES
  721. Liadain Sherrard BA Hons in English, Cambridge University, M.Phil, Warburg Institute, Univ. of London, GREECE
  722. Yingliang Shi Small business, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang, CHINA
  723. Zhenbo Shi Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  724. Jack Shipley BS in Agriculture Science, MS in Resource Planning, Active farmer and Rancher, Grants Pass, UNITED STATES
  725. Craig Shrum teacher, CANADA
  726. Sabrina Siegel MFA, Eugene, UNITED STATES
  727. Pascal Sieger Bsc of Business, SWITZERLAND
  728. Ado Sigal Ability to think clearly, with knowledge that a member of an operating platform, cannot ever improve anything at all on its own operating platform, and if one wants to improve a program, one MUST HAVE the source code for that particular OS, so what Monsanto morons are claiming is pure idiotism., Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  729. Liz Sigel wellness, UNITED STATES
  730. Muischneek Silja no degrees/awards, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  731. Welthy Silva educated by life, Mrs., Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  732. Arthur Simmons Assoc in Psychology / Liberal arts, Mr., Galloway, UNITED STATES
  733. Jane Simoni Social Scientist, PhD in Sustainable Development, Brasilia, BRAZIL
  734. Jon Singleton Research analyst, AUSTRALIA
  735. Kate Skelly herbalist, lover of nature, people and the planet, Emeryville, UNITED STATES
  736. Ursula Skoglund University, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  737. Justine Skwersky Journalism degree, Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  738. Gwendolyn Sky I live in the mountains in southwest Oregon, where the timber industry sprays a cocktail of pesticides on a regular basis. This area is known as "Cancer Valley.", Freedom from Pesticides Alliance, Cave Junction, Or, UNITED STATES
  739. Wendy Slee Busselton, AUSTRALIA
  740. Faye Slice Landscape designer, Landscape Maintenance, Organic Grower, concerned consumer, UNITED STATES
  741. J Sloggett BScF, MBA, Mississauga, CANADA
  742. Bhavini Smith Nutrional Therapy student, Institute for Optimum Nutrition, UNITED KINGDOM
  743. Connie Smith Holistic Practitioner, Movement Matters, Inc., Rochester, UNITED STATES
  744. Elsie Smith BA literature 1968, going for MA in Vedic Science right now., Fairfield, UNITED STATES
  745. Jeffrey Smith Expertise in speaking about GMO dangers, Institute for Responsible Technology, Fairfield, Ia, UNITED STATES
  746. Jeffri Smith Nutritionist, Bothell, Wa, UNITED STATES
  747. Karen Smith analyst, Bettys Bay, SOUTH AFRICA
  748. Sophie Smith Write for an environmental newsletter for Embracing The World NGO charity, Halfmoon Bay, CANADA
  749. Terri Smith Reading scientific evidence, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  750. Marjan Smits MA, MBA, Organic Farming, Indacofoods, Monsampietro Morico, ITALY
  751. Susan Snow Lafayette, UNITED STATES
  752. Carlos A. Soler Research, advertiing, Guaynabo, PUERTO RICO
  753. Deanna Sollitt organic gardener and food consumer, Comox, CANADA
  754. Alice Sommers Beekeeper, Golden, UNITED STATES
  755. Anna Sorensen Bofa, Huntley, UNITED STATES
  756. Pamela Sorg MS, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Health Coach, UNITED STATES
  757. Michael Sorrentino concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  758. Simon Valentino Sourlas Electrician, Bergen, NORWAY
  759. Jill Southgate None - just a concerned Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother !, Essex, UNITED KINGDOM
  760. Roz Spafford Writing instructor in health sciences, CANADA
  761. Phillip Spearow Self Educated, Okeechobee, UNITED STATES
  762. Karen Spencer Analyst and project management. Trained facilitator. Master's degree, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
  763. Helen Spicer no expertise just battling cancer & wishing to stay alive & healthy, Pulborough, UNITED KINGDOM
  764. Connie Sponheim High school teacher, director, actress, Shoreline, UNITED STATES
  765. Sharon Spriggs Able to use common sense enough to know that spraying poison on food is toxic, N Chesterfield, UNITED STATES
  766. Louise Stanley Honours BSc Fisheries Biology University of Guelph, Ontario, CANADA
  767. Lai Yin Stenqvist mp, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  768. Melanie Stephen Highers, UNITED KINGDOM
  769. Merritt Stephens I am a concerned mother who does not want to consume glyphosate, Spotsylvania, UNITED STATES
  770. Rose Stevens Holistic Practitioner, and organic gardener, NO GMO MANITOBA , Beausejour Manitoba, CANADA
  771. Alexandra Stimson BA in art, Mrs., Fairfield, UNITED STATES
  772. Donald Stone Transportation, including transport and securemnet of hazardous materials, Ashland, UNITED STATES
  773. Hanna Strauss Scientific Aid, Environmental Educator, Arleta, Ca, UNITED STATES
  774. Veit Stumpenhausen 2nd grade, Limeira, BRAZIL
  775. Marilyn Suddaby grandmother, Coquitlam, CANADA
  776. Bronwen Summers Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  777. Pete Summers horticulturalist, pete summers, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  778. Steve Summers Science undergraduate, Vancouver, CANADA
  779. Guijuan Sun Retired worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  780. Guizhi Sun Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  781. Wei Sun Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  782. Wujun Sun Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  783. Peter Sundell University degree, Borås, SWEDEN
  784. Pam Swain teacher, Columbus, UNITED STATES
  785. John Taft Marketing consultant, Bournemouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  786. Arya Tajdin Economist, Yajna Centre, CANADA
  787. Fred Tal Certified green home designer, Morris Plains, UNITED STATES
  788. Cesidio Tallini Cesidian law, analytic theology, and related subjects, which seems to include everything... Analytic theology is a real theory of everything that is more than just physics., Saint René Descartes University, Winnecomac (long Island), UNITED STATES
  789. Tom Taman no scientific back ground, Saskatoon, CANADA
  790. Dehua Tan Yantai Shandong, Medical doctor , CHINA
  791. Janice Tarantino Science minor, n/a, Endicott, UNITED STATES
  792. Susan Tatham n/a, Mrs., Montreal, CANADA
  793. Amy Taylor Taylor Not applicable, Society Member, Danville Indiana, UNITED STATES
  794. Peter Taylor school of hard knocks, Qld, AUSTRALIA
  795. Stephanie Taylor i am a very concerned citizen who has spent years looking at independent research of the effects of gmo's, Comox, CANADA
  796. Tina Taylor Peoria, UNITED STATES
  797. Andrew Taynton Bachelor of Social Science, Hillcrest, SOUTH AFRICA
  798. Faryn Te Atatu BEd, Grad Dip Sustainable Practice, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  799. Fredrik Silvik Teigen Logistics worker, Fredrikstad , NORWAY
  800. Anne Temple I am a food activist and am very knowledgable in glyphosate., Hartland, UNITED STATES
  801. Chamil Ravinda Tennekoon Tea,Rubber agriculturist,Marketer, Anuradhapura, SRI LANKA
  802. Marielouise Theill Health and wellness, Køge, DENMARK
  803. Robin Thelen I am not okay with being a human guinea pig., Estacada, UNITED STATES
  804. Barbara Thomas Co-founder and director of GMO Free NJ, GMO Free NJ, New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  805. Mary Thomas N/A, N/A, Basildon, UNITED KINGDOM
  806. Anthony Thompson Architecture, Horticulture and Life experience, Dublin, IRELAND
  807. Bev Thornton yogi, Toronto, CANADA
  808. Margaret Thorpe Registered Nutritional Therapist, UNITED KINGDOM
  809. Gaoqiang Tian Jining Shandong, Farmer, CHINA
  810. Zhanqiang Tian Hebei, Quality check staff, CHINA
  811. Lindsay Tierney BA hons in graphic design, Wexford, IRELAND
  812. Elizabeth Timothy retired, UNITED KINGDOM
  813. L. Tirbee Years and years of personal study and research on glyphosate , Sevierville, UNITED STATES
  814. Toby Toby I am a Human who cares about the future of our planet , E. Flat Rock, UNITED STATES
  815. Limei Tong Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  816. Gisele Torres not experience, URUGUAY
  817. Michell Troche BA In Arts Spanish-American Studies, Austin, UNITED STATES
  818. Bc Tucker Bethlehem, SOUTH AFRICA
  819. Ardelle Tuxen Retired-Crop, dairy, beef,hog farmer 15 years, Residential Building Contractor, Associate Degree Interior Design, Viterbo University, Business,economics,law Courses-no degree, avid gardener, , Personal, La Crosse, UNITED STATES
  820. Anthony Tweedale MS, env';s studies, focus on reading toxicology & epidemiology; critique risk assessment, R/I/S/K/ Consultancy, Brussels, BELGIUM
  821. Julia Twohig Homoeopath - PhD Candidate, Healing Well Clinic, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  822. A. Tygard nature lover, UNITED STATES
  823. David Ubach business owner, Mr., Orlando, UNITED STATES
  824. Donna Ueland Associate degree science nursing, Goleta, UNITED STATES
  825. Laura Delia Ulloa Aguilar Licenciatura en filosofía, MA in Counseling, Constituyente Ciudadana Popular, San Miguel De Allende, Gto, MEXICO
  826. Werner Ulrich Veterinarian. Food Hygiene Inspector, Sta.cruz De Tenerife, SPAIN
  827. Leonetti Umberto Entrepreneur, organic and no added sugar drinks producer , BEODRINX Ltd, Murten-morat, SWITZERLAND
  828. Mayo Underwood Masters of Science, Ms., Ontario, CANADA
  829. Dawn Unruh Consumer activistt, UNITED STATES
  830. Diego Urra Gosselin I run a non profit foundation to promote non chemical ways of agriculture and Permaculture design. I have a degree in Vitivulture and winemaking, Mongeal Mapu, San, CHILE
  831. Rolf Vaardal Health professional, RVTS-West, Bergen, NORWAY
  832. Teresa Valenti Kapaa, UNITED STATES
  833. Rianne Van Den Brink BBA HRM, Oslo, NORWAY
  834. Hans Van Den Broek Practical Experiments and did use my Brain Beecolonies the reason contacts with Scientist and Beekeepers in all Continents, M, Velp, NETHERLANDS
  835. Stewart Van Der Merwe Concerned citizen, March against Monsanto South Africa, East London, SOUTH AFRICA
  836. Herman G. Van Der Waals formerly Lawyer, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  837. Corné Van Haastrecht agriculture, NETHERLANDS
  838. Maureen Van Hoek Concerned citizen, Riverview, UNITED STATES
  839. Mihkail Shaun Van Rooyen I am not a scientist. , Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  840. Jen Van-achteren Hobart, AUSTRALIA
  841. Brett Vangheluwe Attorney (Doctorate of Jurisprudence), San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  842. Eric Varela Bachelor degree in Biology, PORTUGAL
  843. Vijay Vasantgadkar architect, Ontario, CANADA
  844. François Veillerette ., Generations Futures and Pesticide Action Network Europe , Paris , FRANCE
  845. Arturo Velez Expert on agave-derived biofuels, The Agave project, Mexico City, MEXICO
  846. Theresa Verrier Poulin conscientious consumer, Ms., Grand Rapids, UNITED STATES
  847. Gary Via Information Technology systems programmer, Va. Independent Consumers , Quinton, UNITED STATES
  848. Beatriz Viacava-goulet Consumer avid reader of natural alternatives my partner in life is a scientist, Birmingham, UNITED STATES
  849. Stephen Vicat Shoe Designer , Diploma of the Cordwainers Technical College, Athens, GREECE
  850. Maria Villar teacher, SPAIN
  851. Paula Villegas American Citizen who was healed of two "Incurable" autoimmune conditions by eating only organic and NON-GMO and getting rid of all chemicals in my house. , Non, Miami, Fl, UNITED STATES
  852. Brian Visser Landcarer, W.H. Landcare group, Willunga, AUSTRALIA
  853. Salvatore Vitale degree in agricultural science, Salviamo il Paesaggio Perugia, Perugia, ITALY
  854. Karel Vitek Since 1981 when I started reasarching with Roundup as safe herbicide as seen in knowledge since then advanced forward so that it is now glyphosate as the majority of contaminants for nature and human dangerous chemicals., Agricultural Chamber of Advisers of the Czech Republic, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
  855. Howard Vlieger Crop and Livestock Nutrition Advisor, Maurice, Iowa, UNITED STATES
  856. Kristin Vogel Advocate for the conservation of agricultural land, Appropriate Rural Economics, Garberville, Ca, UNITED STATES
  857. James Vokac science educator, Willow Springs, UNITED STATES
  858. William C Vuillemot Dds Doctor of Dental Surgery, Inventor, Trillium Dental PC, Lansing, Mi, UNITED STATES
  859. Sherry Wadden I do not need a degree to know that glyphosate herbicides are extremely detrimental to our right for a healthy life in the future., Westville, CANADA
  860. Ken Walker Self employed, KW Building, Hungerford, UNITED KINGDOM
  861. Sue Walker SRN, greenpeace, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  862. Sandra Wall concerned gramma, Kincardine, CANADA
  863. Bel Walsh BSc Applied Psychology /Counsellor , Runcorn, UNITED KINGDOM
  864. Patricia Walters BSN RN, UNITED STATES
  865. Fang Wang Beijing, China Telecom employee, CHINA
  866. Hui Wang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  867. Huiqin Wang teacher, CHINA
  868. Longjiang Wang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  869. Shuhua Wang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  870. Wen Wang Jining Shandong, Port and waterway bureau, CHINA
  871. Xiping Wang Publishing and Broadcasting Bureau, retiree, CHINA
  872. Yingzhen Wang Shenzhen, Citizen, CHINA
  873. Frank Ward A human being who is concerned with a future based only on profit not health., Depoe Bay, UNITED STATES
  874. Jody Warren PhD in political sociology, University of Wollongong, Moruya, AUSTRALIA
  875. Suzanne Warren Researcher, AUSTRALIA
  876. Voirrey Watterson Teacher at Schumacher College, Schumacher College, UNITED KINGDOM
  877. Elizabeth Watts no awards, Boynton Beach, UNITED STATES
  878. Joann Webb Vermont, UNITED STATES
  879. Terry Weinbender self educated by research, CANADA
  880. Christopher Wells Concerned Farmer , Esk, AUSTRALIA
  881. Trevor Wells Farming, Farmers Legal Action Group-South Africa, Muizenberg, SOUTH AFRICA
  882. Ileana Wenger I am a veterinarian and farmer, DS Half Diamond Farm, Alberta, CANADA
  883. John Westendorp Soil Biology and Fertility, Independant, Ontario, CANADA
  884. Don White concerned parent, UNITED STATES
  885. Jennifer White Lay person who has studied glyphosate at length , Glyphosate is Poison, Toronto, CANADA
  886. Malcolm White BSc practicing livestock farmer, Napier, NEW ZEALAND
  887. Helen Whitehead Architectural Technologist, Permaculture Designer, Food Activist and March Against Monsanto Organiser, Concerned Citizen of Earth., TAWI (Transkei Animal Welfare Initiative), Port St Johns, SOUTH AFRICA
  888. Suzanne Wickham Sociologist, Kelmscott, AUSTRALIA
  889. Rachael Wiese Psychology, UNITED STATES
  890. Brett Wilcox Sitka, UNITED STATES
  891. Sheree Wilder Concerned citizen of this earth! , Fort Bragg, UNITED STATES
  892. Cindy Wilhelm Learning Organic Farmer , Dragonfly Farm Store, Chatsworth, CANADA
  893. Helene Wilkie B.A.Honours Span, Dipl in French as a Foreign Language, Master Teacher of the Usui Method of Healing a.k.a. Reiki for over 16 yrs., TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
  894. Joel Williams Bachelor of Agricultural Science, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  895. Randee Williams Personal trainer, Owasso, UNITED STATES
  896. Roslyn Williamson Degree environmental technology , Perth, AUSTRALIA
  897. C Wilson I.T., , Calgary, CANADA
  898. Elaine Wilson Am an Organic/Alternative Landscape Designer, Torrance, UNITED STATES
  899. Mimi Winter Cottonwood, UNITED STATES
  900. Michele Wojnar father sprayed chemicals for the state of N.Y. died at 63, Port Leyden, UNITED STATES
  901. Colby Wolf housewife, Canton, UNITED STATES
  902. Robert Wolfe Former nutrition with biological science major., Self, Murray City, Oh, UNITED STATES
  903. Kelly Wood Horticulturist , UNITED STATES
  904. Claudia Woodward-rice Certified by IOIA as organic farm inspector. , Aberdeen, UNITED STATES
  905. Carly Wright Holistic Nutritionist, IRELAND
  906. Connie Wright eat the stuff, domestic engineer, Ephrata, UNITED STATES
  907. Karen Wyder Thunder Bay, ON, CANADA
  908. Sally Wylie I have no expertise in this field, Mrs., Margaret River, AUSTRALIA
  909. Beverley Wynyard Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
  910. Jose Xavier I have listened to many debates and read many articles on this subject. It seems obvious to me that glyphosate is a powerful poison that we can well live without., Algoz, PORTUGAL
  911. Peiyuan Xiao Xinjiang , Retiree, CHINA
  912. Bingxue Xiong Chongqing Postal University, Student, CHINA
  913. Fengying Xiong Wuhan, Financal manager, Haiwan Investment, CHINA
  914. Huiwu Xiong Wuhan, accounting controller, CHINA
  915. Gu Xiulin Professor, Yunnan University of Finance & Economics, CHINA
  916. Fenghai Xu Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  917. Yiming Xu Student, Mudanjiang University Heilongjiang, CHINA
  918. Yun Xu Petrochina, exploration , CHINA
  919. Ireene-sointu Xxxx BA Hons Humanities, The Movement for Compassionate Living, Swansea, UNITED KINGDOM
  920. Guofu Yang Xiangyang Hubei, small business, CHINA
  921. Jinkui Yang Wuji County New City Village Shijiazhuang Hebei Province, CHINA
  922. Yun Yang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  923. Duanhong Yao Shenyang Liaoning, Self Employed, CHINA
  924. Jiumin Yao Hebei, Tangshan, School teacher, CHINA
  925. Ruihong Yao self employed, CHINA
  926. Kam Yau BA in Corporate Communications, UNITED STATES
  927. Juan Yi Marketing and Branding, Live Glyph Free, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  928. Yue Yin Haikou Hainan, Invester in futures, CHINA
  929. Rebecca York MSW and student of oriental medicine, Milwaukie, UNITED STATES
  930. Lucia You Bachlor of Arts - Latin American Studies, Kailua, UNITED STATES
  931. Brenda Youngblood Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Waddell, UNITED STATES
  932. Tianyang Yu Student, Mudanjiang High School Heilongjiang, CHINA
  933. Yang Yu Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  934. Zhengang Yu Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  935. Zhidan Yu Taiwan, Shipping company crew member , CHINA
  936. Joao Yun Physics, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  937. Matjaz Zalta Diver, Jesenice, SLOVENIA
  938. Jingtuo Zhai Shanghai, Yangshan Port, Shanghai ocean shipping tally co., LTD., yangshan port, CHINA
  939. Dian Zhang Finance, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Private Enterprise, CHINA
  940. Fangqin Zhang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  941. Fengping Zhang Citizen, Beijing, CHINA
  942. Jinfeng Zhang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  943. Mingyu Zhang Student, Mudanjiang Junior High Heilongjiang, CHINA
  944. Rui Zhang Worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  945. Rui Zhang Factory worker, CHINA
  946. Wenchen Zhang Retired worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang State Owned Enterprise, CHINA
  947. Xianhua Zhang Retired worker, Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Forest Machinary Factory, CHINA
  948. Yuanzhi Zhang Self employed, Beijing, CHINA
  949. Lili Zhou Henan, Luoyang , Municipal party committee party school, CHINA
  950. Madolynne Zimmerman Nurse Practitioner, Bethel, UNITED STATES
  951. Wanda Zubr A concerned citizen who is appalled at the reate of destruction of our environment., Tallahassee, UNITED STATES
  952. Ester Zucca teacher, Mantova, ITALY

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