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Letter of support and recognition of the work of Doctor Medardo Ávila Vazquez and his team

April 24, 2015

As academics, institution officials, scientific authorities and social leaders from twelve countries who are engaged in research work into the question of food security and biotechnologies, we meet at various different international conferences and networks, such as the international food security Forum coordinated by Yunnan University in China.

We hereby wish to express our support for, and recognition of the scientific work and endeavours of Dr. Medardo Ávila Vazquez and his team, currently called into question by the National University of Córdoba in Argentina for carrying out a study on environmental health among the population of Monte Maíz (a small town in the province of Córdoba, Argentina). This study was requested by the mayor of the town and was accompanied by other academic groups from the National University of Córdoba and the National University of La Plata.

In addition to the positive consequences of the study, which led the council of Monte Maíz to implement remedial and prevention measures, we assert that this kind of environmental study in the field of food security and environmental health is of both great public interest and international significance. We express our concern at the rejection by any academic authority of this investigation and of other studies undertaken with the collaboration of the community, which, in the face of a growing sanitary and technological risk in our industrial societies, are increasingly necessary. As academics, our work and our institutions must, more than ever, be linked to the right to inform, to investigate and to create new collective responsibilities.


The undersigned:

The English and Spanish versions of this letter can be found here

Article first published 30/04/15

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algimantas k bronisas Comment left 30th April 2015 15:03:30
is there an english version of this very definitive study.....if so can you publish it ?

Eva Sirinathsinghji Comment left 1st May 2015 12:12:49
There is currently no English version that appears to be available on-line at the moment, though there is a link in this article to the original study in Spanish.

dhinds Comment left 1st May 2015 12:12:52
If the addition of further names and groups remains open, I'll be glad to add those I represent.

dhinds Comment left 5th May 2015 11:11:18
algimantas k bronisas - an english version:

algimantas k bronisas Comment left 6th May 2015 06:06:50
this is another nail in the coffin for the greedy MONSANTONIZERS of the earths seeds and food supply;the study is compact,concise,and so locally requires much wider publication and review worldwide.......wonderful work and effort!!!

Dr Robin Cook Comment left 6th May 2015 13:01:21
Am retired but previously University of South Wales

Acacia Alcivar-Warren Comment left 18th June 2015 20:08:34
I would like to add my name -if still possible.

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