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Moratorium on GMOs for Europe

Two hundred and fifty delegates from 28 countries gathered in Lucerne, Switzerland, for the 5th European Conference of GMO-Free Regions, Food and Democracy , 24-25 April 2009. They called for a moratorium on GMOs in Europe.

The final declaration:

GMO Moratorium: The way forward for Europe

The participants of the 5th European Conference of GMO-Free Regions “Food and Democracy” call for an EU-wide moratorium on the authorization and the commercial planting of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In the wake of six EU member states banning the planting of MON810 and in light of the rapid increase in GMO-free regions in Europe, there has never been a better moment for a moratorium than now.

This moratorium should be used to:

  • rethink EU legislation and strengthen regional self-determination
  • redefine risk assessment according to the precautionary principle while considering socio-economic impacts; and
  • support GMO-free, diverse agriculture and ensure food sovereignty

We call upon agro-chemical companies to no longer abuse the problem of world hunger in order to justify the introduction of GMOs. Practical experience belies this misleading propaganda, which we consider to be false and unethical.

The participants of the 5th European Conference of GMO-Free Regions conclude in the closing session of “Food and Democracy” that:

  • GMO-free agriculture and food are in accordance with the will of the majority of citizens in Europe; and
  • sustainable food production which eschews the use of genetic engineering is the best strategy for farmers and consumers, both today and tomorrow

We are grateful to the citizens of Switzerland, who point the way for all of Europe with their democratic decision to instate a moratorium on the cultivation of GMOs.

This final declaration was adopted by the 250 participants from 28 countries.

Article first published 04/05/09

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