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Say No to GM Carnations for Europe

A petition has been posted against the introduction of GM-carnations Moonaqua with altered colours in the Netherlands. These carnations are not yet available in Europe because they are not authorized. But the Dutch Ministry of Environment will do that in less than 6 weeks.time. Please join our protest against this flower before then. To test on 'safety' they used mice and human embryo cells, and for a change in colour. We have enough ordinairy flowers with beautiful colours on the globe, we don't need GM ones with all the health and environmental risks involved.

Please siign Miep Bos' petition by sending an e-mail to this e-mail address ( ) by stating: Petition on GMO-carnation Moonaqua ™ , C/NL/06/01, with your name, street, town, country without commas.

More information about the GMO carnation can be found here and here (EFSA Summary) . Or go to:

The deadline is 1 September 2009 .

Miep Bos is spokeswoman of the European GMO-free Citizens,

Article first published 12/08/09

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Ishteyaque Comment left 13th August 2009 16:04:06
They are now introducing Non-food GM plants to deviate and dilute the focus of anti-GM or pro-biodiversity campaigns. We should not get trapped.

Rikje Maria Ruiter Comment left 13th August 2009 03:03:08
If we accept gen-products.... that is the Begin of the End