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ISIS Report 04/12/13

Open Letter on Retraction and Pledge to Boycott Elsevier

The background to this open letter is described in Retracting Seralini Study Violates Science & Ethics (ISIS report).

This letter has been signed by 1402 scientists and 4034 non-scientists from 100 different countries - add your name

This letter has been subject to cyber-attack by a group on Facebook called GMO LOL whose members have been signing on as fake scientists. These people are insulting concerned scientists who are acting in good faith; just the sort of people you want messing with your food, or telling you what food is safe. We have put in extra checks and our many friends are reporting them to us.


Wallace Hayes
Editor in Chief
Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT)



re:  “Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize,” by GE Séralini et al, published in  Food and Chemical Toxicology 2012, 50(11),  4221-31

Your decision [1] to retract the paper is in clear violation of the international ethical norms as laid down by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), of which FCT is a member. According to COPE, the only grounds for retraction are (1) clear evidence that the findings are unreliable due to misconduct or honest error, (2) plagiarism or redundant publication, or (3) unethical research. You have already acknowledged that the paper of Séralini et al (2012) contains none of those faults.

This arbitrary, groundless retraction of a published, thoroughly peer-reviewed paper is without precedent in the history of scientific publishing, and raises grave concerns over the integrity and impartiality of science. These concerns are heightened by a sequence of events surrounding the retraction:

  • the appointment of ex-Monsanto employee Richard Goodman to the newly created post of associate editor for biotechnology at FCT
  • the retraction of another study finding potentially harmful effects from GMOs (which almost immediately appeared in another journal)
  • the failure to retract a paper published by Monsanto scientists in the same journal in 2004, for which a gross error has been identified.

The retraction is erasing from the public record results that are potentially of very great importance for public health. It is censorship of scientific research, knowledge, and understanding, an abuse of science striking at the very heart of science and democracy, and science for the public good.

We urge you to reverse this appalling decision, and further, to issue a fulsome public apology to Seralini and his colleagues. Until you accede to our request, we will boycott Elsevier, i.e., decline to purchase Elsevier products, to publish, review, or do editorial work for Elsevier.

1. “Elsevier announces article retraction from journal Food and Chemical Toxicology”, PRNewswire, 28 November 2013,

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There are 219 comments on this article so far. Add your comment
Dee Nicholson Comment left 5th December 2013 20:08:02
The mere consideration of hiding a peer-reviewed study from public scrutiny is unconscionable for a body which prides itself in presenting scientific proofs to the world. You have taken this one step further, first by hiring Mr. Goodman, who brought with him his clearly vested interest in Monsanto's bottom line, and then by kowtowing to Monsanto in retracting a study that made them look like jerks. So now you all look like evil, conniving jerks. Congratulations. We will not forget your names... at least, not until we hear a quotation attributed to those names that says "We are sorry we tried to lie to you and we will never again try that stunt, no matter who is on our boards".
kim michael Comment left 5th December 2013 07:07:29
GMO's and roundup need to be banned worldwide
Bingcheng Liu Comment left 5th December 2013 07:07:55
Correction: I am sorry for some errors in my previous letter. Please use the following one as the correct one: China is already facing serious food safety problems. Uncertainty of the safety of GM food is adding to the existing deep worries of Chinese people regarding their freedom of selecting the food they want. Some Chinese scientists are abusing their position and fame, trying to cover the potential danger of the GM food and their secret greediness of benefiting from their GM research. We Chinese people strongly request more information, more openness regarding the GM research from both home and abroad. We therefore are very angry to see Elsevier, Wallace Hayes, Editor in Chief of Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) has withdrawn a very important report by French scientists without convincing explanation to the public. I can not represent all the Chinese people, but I can positively say, I do represent all my friends who are not able to write and express their anger in English. Please carry on your protest against Elsevier, Wallace Hayes Editor in Chief of Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT). We are behind all of you and regarding your action is very scientific, very responsible, and is in the interest of the global society and food safety of human bing. With all our respects to you. Kind regards Bingcheng Liu Beijing China
ZEN HONEYCUTT Comment left 6th December 2013 09:09:50
Our American children have been the unwilling science experiments to GMOs and their health issues have skyrocketed. 1 out of 2 of our children will have Autism in 20 years if we keep going at the rate we are now. Diabetes expenses will eat up all of our federal health care budget in 13 years. Failure to conceive in the US is now at 30%. These and many more health conditions have been linked to GMOs and Glyphosate. Moms Across America are seeing their children get better when they get off GMOs, from autism, allergies, auto immune and asthma. Seralini's study was a warning, Moms choose to heed it and be "Better safe than sorry". We chose raise awareness to fight to get GMOs labeled and eat GMO free and organic or the future of our country and the world. And we will never stop. We will not give up. Because the love for our children will never end. We are supported by Seralini's undautable courage and applaud his research.
Gail Marmont Comment left 6th December 2013 09:09:34
I am not against 'science.' But I am against bad science. I am for science that has unvested interests, other than the good of mankind. I am against science that seeks to please its masters in order to make huge amounts of money, heedless of the possible effects to the rest of us.
Monica Fernandez Perea Comment left 7th December 2013 10:10:09
Please correct my name above! It's not M Nica Fern Ndez Perea, it's Monica Fernandez Perea. Many thanks, Monica.
Gary Goland Comment left 7th December 2013 11:11:21
So much opportunity to focus scientific achievement in the plant GM area on the development of genetic expression to optimise aclimatisation to climatic changes and yield improvement, yet we have corporate focus on ways of binding agriculture to the use of chemicals. Such a priority is failure to align our species need.
Ron Lopert Comment left 7th December 2013 21:09:56
Not content to litigate against honest hardworking farmers, to attack the credibility of honest scrupulous scientists working for the public good, of funding "captured" scientists to produce the results that will promote their products, Monsanto are now pursuing a new strategy of capturing the scientific process. They seek to control the very process by which independent science accumulates its knowledge base.
Jack Leiss Comment left 8th December 2013 18:06:51
I'm glad you started this letter. Much needed.
Kiki Corbin Comment left 8th December 2013 03:03:11
Dr. Seralini's work is impeccable. Anyone who applies themselves to read how his study was done will see this.
Paul Haeder Comment left 10th December 2013 07:07:10
We at Dissident Voice have been spreading the word: For for some fun reading and interview with Maewan Ho, go to: Latest piece up by UK citizen, Kev Coleman:
Catherine Sloan-Rhys Comment left 10th December 2013 07:07:01
A long time Beekeeper, I have seen and experienced the decline of the Honeybee. As well as many other pollinators. I could really rant about all the residual carcinogens in Round Up! Where shall we start? Best idea... Where WILL it end? Here and now!!! But Monsanto is big money. And unfortunately, isn't that what it's all about?
Ole Tellefsen Comment left 10th December 2013 16:04:35
Dear all, the best thing to do is to STOP submitting to this corrupted pushing house!
roupsard Comment left 12th December 2013 08:08:38
I recommend to read the excellent report and film on Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin. Available in any language.
Rahul Goswami Comment left 12th December 2013 09:09:33
The Seralini team has shown more conviction and courage through their work than many of the decorated rosters of Nobel laureates of our generation. The clarity with which they have pursued truth, and in so doing ignored the menace of the industrial-finance power structures that pull government levers, is to be saluted. ISIS has done us all a service by organising this support, which can prove to be a counterweight to the corporatised and cowardly publishing system and its lackeys.
Clas Tegenfeldt Comment left 12th December 2013 09:09:16
The peer review process is important but also "behind the scenes". It is therefore very crucial that the peer review process NEVER is controlled by commercial interests or companies. In this case there are two commercial forces, Elsevier and Monsanto, each fighting for its own economical interests. What is needed is a "open source" peer reviewed publication mechanism, where the reports published are FREE for all. Today there is big business SELLING scientific reports even though there are in electronic form on internet... Why? Why should I or my organisation PAY to get a copy of research studies? In the old days the publishers were a middle man between researchers and other researchers (mostly through libraries). Today the researcher have the research paper in electronic form and it could be published online with very little costs. Such an "open source" public domain publication online service is easy to create but needs widespread support to gain acceptance. What is NOT acceptable, as shown in this case, is that lobbyism and money CAN AND WILL censor research that may damage big business... Elsevier and other publishers are dinosaurs fighting to keep control. They are no longer necessary.
Sarah Buckley Comment left 12th December 2013 10:10:52
The debate and science around genetic modification of food is critical in the world right now. I am aghast that commercial interests are being allowed to censor the publication of high-quality scientific information. For the future of our children and our earth, please publish this study.
Bonny Casel Melendy Comment left 12th December 2013 16:04:45
Monsanto's model of coercion, manipulation and abuse of the public, of political and judicial systems, of educational systems, of the medical system, and of the media , show us clearly the future of the world if we don't come together and put human values before the devouring greed of a soulless corporation. Every step they take that denies our human rights and remains unchallenged is like a nail in the coffin of the human race. There is no more serious issue in the world right now than corporate power that dominates every system and structure within which we, as humans, live. This study is just the tip of a monstrous ice-berg.
Max von BERG Comment left 12th December 2013 16:04:04
Warren Brodey Comment left 14th December 2013 08:08:26
The tobacco companies killed many fathers and mothers. They were skilful in manipulating media and denying their silent `murder for profit´. Monsanto products are destroying many many species e.g. the bees (Roundup) as well as humans. We must not accept those who murder the Earths Ecology for profit. Our children depends on a healthy ecology. Stopping the tobacco companies took too long
Joan Russow Comment left 13th December 2013 08:08:12
The institutional Collusion, in relation to genetically engineered food and crops, among corporations, governments, universities and regulatory agencies has been endemic; this collusion has sadly spread to certain scientific publications. For the sake of food security for present and future generations: (i) this collusion must end; (ii) the precautionary principle must be invoked, (iv) genetically engineered food and crops, banned; (v) the charters of Monsanto et al, revoked; and (vi) charges of gross/criminal negligence against these corporations, levied.
guogang_yu Comment left 15th December 2013 09:09:00
Resolutely resist GMO.We need to survive.
Ole Tellefsen Comment left 15th December 2013 08:08:25
The most important thing here is that the scientific panel overlooks a crucial problem. If the rats used have a predisposition to develop cancer, and did develop cancer in higher rate being fed GMO food, what would happen with humans that have predisposition to develop cancer? The referee panel and editor asks for scientific precision, reproducibility and using different rat models, but humans (which are the eventual target of GMO) have such a high variety of genetic inheritance, that already using rats is so simplistic, that the extrapolation from rats to humans should be so that if rats do develop unusually high cancer incidence with GMO, remove GMO totally: because humans are most likely to respond - with all the stress they engulf themselves with and bad habits (living in pollution areas such as urban sites and industrial sites) - in an equally bad manner, at the minimum. The GMO industry should not override scientific scrutinity, but scientific scrutinity should indeed not override common understanding. Humans are evolved and fed on natural food for hundreds of thousands of years, not GMO. GMO can not meet the dietary requirements and the multitude and diversity of nutrients that human cells require daily. If the cells are fed otherwise, the will react and try to conform to the diet and loose their natural metabolic rythm. This will cause biochemical results which destabilize natural DNA activity.
Mike Addison-Saipe Comment left 17th December 2013 08:08:15
I practise PPL (Prevention,Performance and Longevity Medicine). I have a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine,Clinical Nutrition and Musculo-skeletal Medicine.The International Academy of Prevention,Performance and Longevity is qualifying existing practitioners in science based,results driven good health coaching and mentoring programs.Being science based we applaud the good use of solid science.We also encourage the use of certified organic,nutritionally sustaining whole foods. What we have here is a clear example of science reduced to a mockery all in the name of Monsanto's bottom line,and damn the consequences.SHAME on all concerned.
Frank Lang Comment left 16th December 2013 08:08:21
Didnt see my name on the list, though I signed. Thought I'd sign again. Sorry you are under siege by biotech trolls who sign fake names to deligitimize this petition
Robert Dyson Comment left 17th December 2013 08:08:54
Even if the Séralini research had failings (there is no suggestion it was not honest reseach), the proper way to address them would be futher independent studies. Do we smell a rat so tp speak?
Dr John Barr Comment left 17th December 2013 08:08:00
As a GP in Australia, I try my best to educate my patients about clean healthy eating, but the propaganda mustered by the food companies is frightening. Most of my patients get their information from Macdonald's information sheet, and are unaware of the corruption and fraud going on behind the scenes, with more than tacit support from those high up in the medical hierarchy.
David Brown Comment left 17th December 2013 10:10:10
Sick (literally) of these mega food/agri. corporations lying and deceiving the public with their poisonous products while corrupting governments with their bribes. We must band together put a stop to the terrorizing of independent scientists that dare report the truth. Disgusting and despicable.
Jennifer Henderson Comment left 17th December 2013 10:10:59
Here it is...Bottom line on the fraud perpetuated by the GMO industry....the big cover up...NO EXCUSE for them to libel an honest scientist, NO EXCUSE for lying in an effort to continue the poisoning of our planet. There needs to be some research done into who exactly took the bribe that caused this retraction: oh! look here! what do we have? A former monsanto employee in position of authority at the company responsible for this fiasco. Former monsanto employees, like plague ridden rats are apparently everywhere, spreading their disease of lies.
Michelle McDonald Comment left 17th December 2013 12:12:24
As I medically code and audit Physicians records of their patients who consume GMO products and watch over time the results of the toxic food products we are consuming, it becomes increasingly clear the illnesses of chronic conditions and morbid obesity epidemic are a direct result of the poor food quality made available to us now. Which of course paves the way for the pharmaceuticals to come save the day. God save us all.
John Charles Brown Comment left 17th December 2013 12:12:41
One tries to keep an open mind, because without that science cannot function and advance. But when carefully undertaken and reported work like that by Seralini is completely suppressed, the time has come to take a stand. Clearly his results would have carried more weight if double-blinding had been used and if the control group had been larger. But the study cost 1.3MEcu. It is a warning that further trials should be undertaken. Monsanto is claiming to "feed the world". That is a market of 7 billion people. They can afford to carry out such trials.
Linda Hegstrand, MD, PhD Comment left 17th December 2013 12:12:30
Integrative Medicine Physician and Biochemist
gerry vandervaart Comment left 17th December 2013 12:12:22
The truth will prevail, like it always does. But not before much suffering has taken place. (Tobacco is just one example)
Judith Gamble Comment left 17th December 2013 12:12:17
Maggie Rhoades Comment left 17th December 2013 12:12:47
We deserve the right to know what foods are GMO; we deserve the right to know what GMOs do to our health and well-being. And we must support the scientists who are doing real science to inform us of the dangers.
taylor call Comment left 17th December 2013 13:01:53
stop this criminal act against all life on the planet
Jon Davis Comment left 17th December 2013 13:01:57
This issue requires a strong effort to pursue justice restoring the scientific principles of truth not compromised by gross conflict of interests or corporate corruption.
Patricia P Tursi Comment left 17th December 2013 15:03:09
This illustrates the sad situation that has been occurring since scientists such as Reich who had his books burned and who died in prison, Rife who had his microscope and research destroyed, Naessens who was "persecuted and prosecuted, and now Burzynski who has had to fight to continue his work and research in cancer cures, were silenced and ridiculed in the name of "science. It makes me embarrassed to have a Ph.D. How can Elsevier ever be taken seriously as a research publisher? They can't.
Betty Stapp Comment left 17th December 2013 15:03:59
The integrity of all scientific work is of utmost importance to all of us. We must be able to trust what is presented to us otherwise any future work is compromised.
Patricia Massey Comment left 17th December 2013 15:03:53
Both Mr. Goodman's appointment in the face of clear conflicts of interest and the suppression of a study that clearly point to the need for further and rapid investigation of the affects of Round Up as well as GMOs should make a case for public outcry against Monsanto's ethics, and political ethics. Where are the so-called public "watch dogs". Why aren't they informing the general public?
paulette lundquist Comment left 17th December 2013 15:03:45
I parrot Ms. Henderson: Here it is...Bottom line on the fraud perpetuated by the GMO industry....the big cover up...NO EXCUSE for them to libel an honest scientist, NO EXCUSE for lying in an effort to continue the poisoning of our planet. There needs to be some research done into who exactly took the bribe that caused this retraction: oh! look here! what do we have? A former Monsanto employee in position of authority at the company responsible for this fiasco. Former Monsanto employees, like plague ridden rats are apparently everywhere, spreading their disease of lies.
Bruce Bissonett Comment left 17th December 2013 15:03:34
Consumers have the right to know findings from scientific studies that are not flawed and that meet the scientific guidelines, even if big industry does not like what is found. Profits should never trump free speech.
J Slabber Comment left 17th December 2013 15:03:27
Why are the South Africans so quite concerning this touchy topic??? I can only say a huge "thanks" to all those concerned who are making it their business to educate and shed light on this GMO time bomb!!! Without concerned people like you we could all end up sickly, and without choices!!??
Laura Cody Comment left 17th December 2013 16:04:04
Health is important without health where's the quality of life. You DONT have to be a scientist or have a degree to know this. PLEASE stop putting these chemicals harmful to humans and STOP messing with our food with bio engineering .
Miriam Adams Comment left 17th December 2013 18:06:14
Along with all the other concerned citizens of the world who have read and signed this petition I add my name to plead with a "FORMERLY" highly respected scientific publisher Elsevier---as a retired science librarian but more so as a concerned human being. With increased need for more healthy and nutritious food stuffs everywhere, it is galling and enormously shameful that ANYone affiliated with scientific research would withhold truth and essential information as has happened (again) with Monsanto /GM study. But one does NOT have to be a scientist to know SCAMS when presented with them. SHAME!!
Lonni Clarke Comment left 17th December 2013 18:06:20
It is time that the complicit begin thinking not of the rewards they gain by participating in this deadly fraud, but of the terrible price they will pay- both in the ruin of the natural world and in the righteous indignation of a poisoned public.
Chris Hunt Comment left 17th December 2013 18:06:17
Common Sense trumps deceit-greed blinds, take your cue
Lorraine Allen Comment left 17th December 2013 18:06:14
I am also with Ms. Henderson above. This country is run by Monsanto---they OWN all of us. We must get a handle on our own fate.
Rodney Dueck Comment left 17th December 2013 19:07:46
Elsvier: Without transparent integrity you are merely an illusionist for hire. Wake up.
Cassandra Auerbach Comment left 17th December 2013 19:07:38
I have done extensive work with people "diagnosed" with mental illness and have then been subjected to horrific abuses---forced drugging, being tied to a bed, electroshock, sexual violation, and more. A common situation was that these individuals were actually suffering from a real physical problem that was going completely un-looked for, because they were labeled "mentally ill." It has now come to light that GMOs can CAUSE behavior problems that are "labeled" ADHD, depression, and worse. And, we are feeding BABIES genetically modified soy-based formulas! They don't have a chance! These horrific choices are possible because actual science is not occurring, but is being suppressed for financial gain and to further the rise of the sociopathic criminals who want only power to abuse, enslave, and destroy. Don't kid yourself---although most people are helpful, there ARE those whose intentions are destructive and demonic. Those who go along with this agenda of abuse, destruction, and death should not be supported. Those who actively promote this agenda should be thoroughly investigated and their crimes publicly exposed as broadly as possible, hopefully leading to their arrest, prosecution, conviction, and imprisonment.
Dorothy McIver Comment left 17th December 2013 19:07:19
We must stop this madness before it is too late and it soon may be. Ditto to the above comments. Corporate greed in all forms is destroying our planet and threatening our survival.
Birgit Comment left 17th December 2013 21:09:23
The fact the 'science' HIDES truth over profit is nothing new.However you have reached the new low level the of church when Galileo claimed the earth was not flat. Shame on you, no one will believe you after this , no matter how many more people you hurt or destroy !
Richard Griggs Comment left 18th December 2013 10:10:51
I have read all this information on Sustainable Pulse and am appalled that any country would continue to allow this scam (GMO's) to be perpetrated on the global community. Kudos to Russia to opposing this sort of skullduggery!
Joseph Bourgault Comment left 18th December 2013 08:08:39
Years ago, I recovered from a life threatening illness as a result of my own relentless pursuit of truth, discerning the truth, then acting on what I reasoned (based on facts) and felt to be true about what was "causing" my severe health challenges. Truth, I have fully realized is understanding the laws of cause and effect. There are physiological, emotional, mental, and spiritual laws/truths which govern human, animal, and plant health and well being. If we repeatedly violate these laws (i.e. eat toxic, nutritionally deficient foods as one example) we develop chronic dis-eases. In Nature anyone can observe that all species breed within their own species and pass on their DNA/Genes in this manner, this is common law and common sense. GMO's by nature completely violate this Natural Law of Reproduction and therefore it is inevitable that there will be natural consequences which could be harmful. The #1 Goal of Science is the honest, objective pursuit of truth, so that we can understand intellectually that which we most often intuitively feel to be true. When science is corrupted by "Dishonest" people and corporations simply to make more money while doing harm, those who do the harm will inevitably have to atone for their mistakes. This is Karmic Law. The Law of Free Will is such that everyone has to discern truth for themselves and make prudent, wise and informed choices (Parents have to discern truth for their young children and teach their teenagers to discern truth). It is Natural Law that those who choose to remain asleep by refusing to listen to those who seek, find, and speak the truth, will have to experience the natural consequences for ignoring the truth. I do my best to be an honest, objective Truth Seeker in all things including the GMO Issues. I thank God for people like Dr. Eric Seralini who have the Courage to seek the truth, the intelligence and wisdom to find it, and the Courage to share the truth, as they discern the truth, with all those who are open to the truth. Sincerely, Joseph Bourgault
Jennifer Hoffman Comment left 18th December 2013 08:08:12
I lived in Australia in the mid 1990s and returned to the US after 3 years to notice that everyone had gained at least 50 lbs. and all of the men were bald. That was at the time that GMO grains were put in the food supply and portion sizes tripled. The obesity epidemic in the US is tied to GMOs and I find it interesting that rather than allowing unbiased, independent scientific testing to disprove that fact, these companies persecute those courageous enough to seek the real truth about the effects of GMOs. They must have a lot to hide because they certainly go to great lengths to hide it. And what about the GMO trolls, have they no shame and do they think they're immune to their effects?
Karen Harris Comment left 18th December 2013 08:08:20
We must eliminate these GMO Industry criminals. Yes, that's what they are. For every day they are on the loose our lives are in jeopardy. Women, men, teens, children and babies. I watched the video with the rats injected with GMO corn. The tumors were appalling. If there were less food criminals such as Montsano supporters we would have less need to inject these poor creatures. Tumors and breast cancer would cease to exist and our world would be more tolerable. Where is the joy in these sad, sociopathic brain less evil people??!! We must get on with this and be free of ill people who have "bad" intentions and sick, greedy minds.
Dr. Comment left 18th December 2013 16:04:29
It does not take a rocket scientist to see what the mega corporation are doing to the quality of life for all living things on this planet. Al of those lies, deceit and bending the truth is done so that the mega corporation can make an another buck. Remember that corporations are a "Non-Person" entity. The board of directors in each and every corporation are the ones that decide how any one of those corporations function and how they can make more money. Those are the people, often totally unknown to public, who decide what toxic chemicals are used in their products. Lets bring out the names of all of those corporate board of directors and expose them to the rest of the world. Pepole at least have a w]right to know who is destroying their lives.
Lou Comment left 18th December 2013 17:05:15
The editorial staff problem is not only an issue with Food and Chemical Toxicology. As a farmer I see it prevalent in many of my grower magazines editorials. Monsanto, et. al., are pervasive in their publication of disinformation to protect there turf. GMO labeling is the first step in breaking the stranglehold.
Gaetan Pellerin Comment left 27th February 2014 12:12:03
In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy it is not surprising that our intelligentsia may have fallen into disgrace by selling its soul to the business world. We all must try to discourage those traders who resort to corruption and for that, it is imperative that we make sensible choices in the purchase of our groceries. Nevertheless, there is a need for us all to come out and denounce the distortion generated by the unscrupulousness of some of our scientists. We must rise and oblige our leaders to oppose this falsehood and create the proper legal environment to fight this corruption in the ranks of our scientific community.
Laura F-Viherlahti Comment left 18th December 2013 20:08:32
I include in normal conversation with everyone I meet, my personal goal to avoid all food that contains GMO. I am surprised how many people are clueless to the health effects of eating GMO's, so I educate everyday. Yes, it means a more thought and effort go into food purchases, but its already paid off in improved health for myself and youngest child(no more ADHD). Since teaching in a nursing school years ago, I have always liked to read health related scientific journals. If only they can stay honest and avoid being "bought" by short-sighted greedy corporations.
Chams Pishdad Comment left 19th December 2013 06:06:06
Thank you, There is vast amount of unethical scientific research practices and conducts. It is imperative to voice to restore the integrity of science and scientist with accountability. Chams Pishdad
G K Long Comment left 19th December 2013 06:06:59
I only purchase organic foods and have been completely healed of gastric reflux disease and severe allergies. While at the grocery store, I speak with others who are shopping, how organics have improved my life. Many know that the poison is in the food. I encourage them to start learning and changing out one item at a time. 100% report pain, and chronic conditions that are the result of inflammation of tissue. The big agriculture companies want to kill off pollinators like bees, birds, butterflies to get rid of organic foods. Their plan is working as they destroy our land, water and air environments with poisons. And worst of all is the threat of genetic lineage, being destroyed, erased patented, and replaced with junk genes and abnormal species. A very bad situation.
Thomas F. Keryk Comment left 19th December 2013 06:06:39
This is the same corporate misconduct that is, has been, occurring in the pharmaceutical industry to the point of destroying peoples health. Statin propaganda is a real biggie currently here in the US. I have personally witnessed many patients injured severely to the denial of MDs and Big Pharma. This behavior must be all part of the worldwide DEPOPULATION effort. Statins will decrease lifespan six to eight years. This is criminal. Also, study the Vioxx situation where there were ghost laboratory writers. Recent settlements brought all this to light.
Alex Olshanski Comment left 19th December 2013 20:08:06
I have two children age 6 and 4 and I pray that their future is bright and free from danger. As a parent I’ll protect them from any harm just as the next parent. But how can we protect our children when the very food we buy could potentially harm them and the companies that are supposed to give us truth hide it from us? All I ask is to give us the truth so that we may come to our own conclusion and make decisions that best fit our family. Wouldn't you want that for your family?
Veera Vallittu Comment left 19th December 2013 20:08:59
I truly hope that the gangsters of this horrible story end up eating their own soup. Bon apetit et bonne sante`!
Lise Comment left 20th December 2013 08:08:27
It's scary the power these companies have over humanity! What is even scarier is the buying power humanity has once we choose to use it! C/o a mom just trying to use her power.
Don Rogers Comment left 20th December 2013 08:08:35
Monsanto is working for/with the bankers who have chiseled into stone that they intend to lower the population of the earth to 500 million and no more. If the GMOs are not halted and exterminated, Europe, Russia and China will have no choice but to incinerate all of the Americas in order to protect the unaltered (yet unaffected) food sources of the earth. (The bankers only eat organic and their physicians are all Holistic)
Sharon Sand Comment left 20th December 2013 18:06:12
Big Pharm and food manufacturers are running America. They are making us sick/fat and making politicians rich. Monsanto is at the top of the list.
jackie rivera Comment left 21st December 2013 18:06:36
This is a very serious issue to me and my family. This information should remain public!!
Sebastien Hernalsteens Comment left 19th December 2013 19:07:16
hi, why even bother publishing in this journal or reading it? If it's only good as toilet paper let's no buy it at all. I had chronic fatigue for 8 years (searched for it 8 years too as I'm a scientist) and in the end? Just bad food, that's all it took (3 weeks after dietary change) to change from a permanently sick body to a happy healthy one full of energy. Eating responsibly (nutrients instead of calories) makes you eat a whole less without hunger! No lack of food with this model. Academic studies (clinical psychology) and martial arts study learned me the same thing: that power abuse always happens and is part of human nature. Traditional masters or teachers also only let their most thrustworthy disciple prepare their food, no wonder hey ;-) Another thing is to verify everything for yourself. Difficult, time consuming, but also only source of true knowledge and safeguard against corruption. Use your brain and your gut feeling too. One half of your true knowledge is genetic and your resonance with the world, the other half is facts gathered by your senses which are imperfect and incomplete too. The blind man doesn't realize colors exist, so who tells you a 'complete being' doesn't have an infinite number of senses? The honest answer to most questions is 'I don't know'. The only problem is it has no market value, and money or popularity are strong 'gods'. They might as well label everything as most people don't give a damn about ingredients or health, as long as it tastes good now. Some people/most are programmed to live day by day without caring about the next or their legacy. Anyway, I'm diverting here. Laws are made by people and if a law is against people you should break it pure and simple. Don't feel sorry for your predator as HE will prevail. You will always be an outcast, and that's perfectly fine. All sheep go to hell hoping for disneyland. Have a laugh ;-p
Julian Rose Comment left 23rd December 2013 10:10:35
We are given the priviledge of witnessing the true colours of this dastardly outfit - and how it lives off lies and deception - in order to keep the truth at bay. However the truth will out - and the brave souls who reveal it will be truly vindicated.
Susan Gage Comment left 25th December 2013 10:10:57
You will not get away with this. Sooner or later your deceptive practices will be known and your reputation as a serious publisher will be terminally damaged. Conflicts of interest have no place in the scientific world, so clean up your act!
Rachel Comment left 30th December 2013 15:03:14
Elsevier Team, I think you have made a reputational mistake retracting the paper without a viable scientific reason. I feel sorry for Séralini and the research team who produced these results for them to then be ridiculed in this way. New science should be respected.
Torsten Rex Comment left 26th December 2013 20:08:01
This society of institutionalized terrorism and corruption is seriuosly disintegrating and destroying itself . Too many flaws and blunders and too many unethical and unfair business practices due to collective stupidity , excessive materialism and overdone short-term greed ! Someone can't look at all this mess any more , without getting rightfully and justifiably angry .....
Breanna Sikorski Comment left 9th January 2014 22:10:23
I want scientific certainty on GMO health effects as much as the next person, especially as a parent. Seralini et al. (2012) should simply disclose the study limitations. ALL studies have limitations, but that doesn't mean there isn't merit. This is a call for much more research using the entire lifespan of any animals fed genetically engineered feed--not these 90 day trials. This raises so many questions. Studies have even been done to outline the different results between industry science and independent science. That alone is more disturbing than anything. I think we're just scratching the surface. I really, really do. Seralini was trying to determine some of the cumulative effects of consuming GE feed. There is NOTHING simple about cumulative effects. More investigation is needed before we cover the globe in GE plants and animals, I'd say.
jacqueline Comment left 12th January 2014 08:08:31
good work this not only saves bugs but life of all to remove the crime of poison.
Pete Brenton Comment left 14th January 2014 07:07:25
Seralini should be given a medal for the courage he has shown against the goliaths of pseudo science while for the good of the human race.
marie.kranendonk Comment left 14th January 2014 07:07:21
i fully agree with the proetst against the withdrawel of the research article on the Seralini study. I have forwarded the email message from ISIS to colleagues and friends to sign the letter. I hope this will build a massive protest against all such moves by commercial interest groups to overrule scinetific results that show negative effcts on health and environment of their products, production processes or technologies.
Tyrone Kuiper Comment left 15th January 2014 20:08:18
Don't eat GMOs, don't grow GMOs, don't think GMOs ... regardless of what scientists tell you ! And don't censor science, Elsevier. You used to mean something.
Luis Sabini Comment left 17th January 2014 08:08:03
I consider Dee Nicholsons comments express my points of view in an english I'm not able to write better. Luis
Brian Sandle Comment left 19th January 2014 10:10:17
The current economic system requires the GMO companies to get the "best" payout for their shareholders. That has involved buying up our world seed banks and now our information banks in that interest. How will any future look back on this age?
Rudi Meekers Comment left 22nd January 2014 19:07:33
Elsevier has blamed its own name. Scientific research needs to be pure and true – without hiding facts! If not we are cheating each other. After having trouble with lots of inaccurate or misleading articles, we now face a publisher that lies to its readers. Is this the end of science? Thanks for staring this letter!
Meg Allen Comment left 31st January 2014 20:08:42
Stop GMO's. It MUST stop. Or we are the generation that will mutate the human race and all living things.
Bonnie Wright Comment left 1st February 2014 03:03:57
It saddens and concerns me that independent scientists must fear for their reputation if they choose to publish any study that sheds a negative light on genetic engineering. This will discourage scientists from wanting to study anything that big industries such as the Biotech Industry will oppose. And where will that leave us? At their mercy! Elsevier made a mistake. Any pro-GMO articles they should choose to publish in the future must be considered to be prejudiced.
Donna Waltman Comment left 1st February 2014 16:04:06
It is purely evil to push these products on the public and try to hide the terrible side effects they have. I'm sure there will be retribution for Monsanto and all who side with it in trying to hide these side effects and in spending vast amounts of money to defeat voter efforts toward mandatory labeling of the genetically modified food products. I just hope it's not already too late.
mike demartelly Comment left 5th February 2014 17:05:06
We are not summer soldiers
Dorothy Vaughan Comment left 7th February 2014 16:04:45
Elsevier's retraction of Seralini's article, while within a possible range of actions, clearly defines their ethics and values and demonstrates that they are driven by profit, and not the publication of research and findings that can advance the heatlh of the public. To the detriment of the public, unfortunately this type of behavior is not uncommon. Manufacturers in related industries (eg: Pharmaceuticals) have been SUED for withholding or retracting data that is critical of their product. Elsevier is perpetrating this lie and should also be held responsible for the consequential damage to public health.
Anna Bond Comment left 6th February 2014 07:07:10
Professor Seralini's study may be small, but it's as good as Monsanto's original study. If one was good enough to get this crop approved as safe, the other should be good enough to hold against that conclusion. Besides, being small or being "inconclusive" isn't grounds for a scientific journal to retract a study after the fact, as if it had been caught out in a lie - Elsevier, where's your pride? You accepted this study - stand to it.
Comment left 8th February 2014 11:11:35
Il est regretable que des scientifiques et des média perdent tout sens éthique et s'acoquinent avec des industriels voyous en enfumant la population sur la réalité d'un désastre écologique et sanitaire majeur. La liberté et la probité intellectuelle ne se demande pas, elle s'affirme ! Aussi nous pouvons : - D'une part délibérément boycotter et rejeter les média qui représentent clairement l'univers des voyous - D'autre part participer à la mise en place et à la reconnaissance des média qui ont un réel sens éthique.
murray smith Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:16
Monsanto is greedy for money and totally amoral!.
kausar ahmad Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:13
i just finished watching THE BUTLER last night. We need brave men and women to get things right. people who understand that they may be deprived of food and shelter in pursuit of ..... safe food. The article should be turned into a movie. inspired by true story. thank you.
Brigitte Kerrutt Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:02
America is trying hard to persuade the European Union and Australia with her Asian allies to sign the Free Trade Agreement. The lobbyists for the American industry - surely Monsanto sits amongst them - are sitting at the table with the Politicians and everything is handled top-secret. The people are not to know that they are being sold out to criminals. May God help us.
Nina Nobel Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:55
Please think about the lives and future lives of of thousands and thousands of souls that you are harming, millions if you consider all the animals eating this toxic feed. We are all part of the same human family and must learn to live on this earth together in a sustainable way. The evidence is in now and clear. For the sake of the health of humanity, stop GMO use . In the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and many other traditions there is the concept of Karma, or as you sow, so shall you reap ... My friends, you are sowing a very bitter harvest for yourselves. Take action. Have Compassion ... For the world and yourselves
Glen Hassell Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:49
To revoke facts for money is immoral and treacherous. Greed will lead to the demise of humanity.
Dan Henneberger Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:44
These chemical company owners do not care about the public's health. They only care about the money they can make now. I'm sure they only eat organic foods and only feed organic foods to their children. If they don't then I am sure they really are fools destroying the health of their own and destroying the earth as we know it.
Luis C Vite Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:39
Simone Plaut Comment left 15th February 2014 09:09:34
As a published scientific author with butterworth Heineken mann on safety I am shocked and disgusted by this article. Science has been hijacked by the greed poison pedlars and the next generation will pay the price. This is another thalidomide but on a massive scale and sadly those who can't afford to eat organic foods will be hardest hit by the effects.
Shirley Schlichter Comment left 15th February 2014 11:11:47
I had just picked up a "Discover" science magazine that is a few months old, April 2013. It had an article in it called "Seeds of Conflict" by Andrew Curry. Very good, very scary article. Here is a quote from Michael Grolm, Beekeeper: "There's no good gene technology. It's like atomic energy---once you open the door, you can't close it." We need to refresh our thinking. We have been heading in the wrong direction. We must begin again, learning nature and how to live with all of it, including insects. Kindness is a virtue. No kindness may be the beginning of evil. First: stop this madness!
Noel Smith Comment left 15th February 2014 10:10:44
It is imperative that we ensure TRUTH & HONESTY in reporting. We must start the list if proposed citizens to initiate a classaction. Against the evil perpertraters of deceipt, untruth and destruction of the health of both animal and humans.
Petra Angpao-Durrance Comment left 15th February 2014 10:10:38
We need to get informed and involved on what is happening around us,and out there. Be vigilant of where your food is coming from. Better yet let us produce our own food. Each of my 2-5 years old students have plot of garden, they have fun doing it. I am not surprised to read what is in the article, it is disgusting that even scientist become the whore of the corporation like Monsanto.Thank you for putting this information out there for people to get educated and get involved.
Nicola Packer Comment left 15th February 2014 10:10:27
Most health science is no more than marketing nowadays and those real scientists who dare to publish information not favouring the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are bullied - you have to be very brave to speak the truth!
Shirley Schlichter Comment left 15th February 2014 12:12:40
(I'm not sure if my signature hit the petition. May have been a problem) (not sure if "leave comments" means "submit" but, I do know good seeds from bad). I had just picked up a "Discover" science magazine that is a few months old, April 2013. It had an article in it called "Seeds of Conflict" by Andrew Curry. Very good, very scary article. Here is a quote from Michael Grolm, Beekeeper: "There's no good gene technology. It's like atomic energy---once you open the door, you can't close it." We need to refresh our thinking. We have been heading in the wrong direction. We must begin again, learning nature and how to live with all of it, including insects. Kindness is a virtue. No kindness may be the beginning of evil. First: stop this madness!
Linda Ruivo Comment left 15th February 2014 12:12:24
The public is becoming more aware of Monsanto's antics. Oil and vinegar do not mix. People will do whatever it takes to educate others of these dangers and will make the right choices to safeguard their loved ones. Remember supply and demand. Organic products will and have been more in demand and these organizations will grow. Stop using these tactics to scare farmers,GMO seed manupulation, killing the bees and other creatures we need for our food supply. There are more of us than of you. Greediness kills.
Faten Comment left 15th February 2014 12:12:18
We must reach the masses through public service announcements. I teach high school biology and less than 1% of my students know who Erin Brockovich is. Movies only reach a tiny segment of one generation. A movie would be good, but a public service announcements would be better! We must ban together and beat them at their own game.
Jim Harris Comment left 15th February 2014 12:12:07
The effort to discredit science for the sake of making money, while promoting potentially serious, even fatal health outcomes is immoral and, yes, evil.
Leo G Younger Comment left 15th February 2014 12:12:02
Often there appears on-line a suspicion or assertion that the GMO executives eat organically grown foods. Anyone going through the condominium's shared dumpster could find out how I eat: organically grown or wild foods labels, intermingled with my name and/or address on junk mail. I hope a private investigator will inspect GMO promoters' garbage to make public, in a book or article or video, the hypocrisy to the world. That's presuming that the GMO people are smart enough not to eat their own product.
B. Conni Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:28
The sad truth is, our world is run by power and greed. What should be a natural progression has become an unnatural regression. I am disgusted by the fact that I cannot food shop without thinking twice about the items in my cart. Healthy foods have become unhealthy for us and for generations to come. We need to stop this and return to basics. We need to take control of our lives. Shame on scientists, the food industry, and our government who trade their ethics and dedication for the almighty dollar. Our voices need to be heard!
Sharon Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:06
Disgusted by how easy it is to retract a study that has been through the rigorous peer review process all in the name of Monsanto. It is time to stop these companies from destroying what we have left of our planet and of the human species, pretty soon we will all be gone at this rate.
charlotte cullum Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:16
Being in my sixties it would be easy to sit back and take no stance on this issue but I feel this is a moral duty. To protect my children and grand children from further harm from misguided science, I can vote with my pocketbook.
Marilyn somers Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:14
It's encouraging to know that while there is a continued effort by rogue scientists to deceive the public, there is an increasingly strong counter balance of informed citizens spreading the truth. A first step is to pass a law requiring labelling of GMO foods. Then, due to the growing awareness of the harmful effects of GMO foods, the impact on the industry will speak louder than any efforts to lie their way around the truth can accomplish.
Ken Thompson Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:59
We humans have been inundated for a long time by junk science masquerading as something that is good for us. I send these companies and "scientists" unconditional love to change their ways for the betterment of all of us.
Fay Bosman Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:01
Thank you for doing this! This should also be circulated by for massive publicity and the opportunity to increase valid signature many-fold.
Jack Nachamkin Comment left 15th February 2014 14:02:31
As a scientist who has published peer-reviewed papers, I find you conduct to be beyond the pale.
Michele Comment left 15th February 2014 14:02:28
The decline of the monarch butterfly has also been linked to round up. In just 16 years the WWF has reported that the monarch butterfly occupies an area of 1.5 acres in Mexico ... Down from 45 acres in 1996. Their primary food source is milkweed and factory farms are encouraged to douse their fields with this toxin. One state along their migration route,Iowa, is said to have lost 98% of its milkweed as a result. Honeybees, butterflies, now we are poisoning ourselves and our children...I wonder if elsevier receives any funding from Monsanto ??
Derek Smith Comment left 15th February 2014 14:02:55
Money is compromising the integrity of scientific research mainly because the politicians are also in the pockets of big business and they hold the purse strings of independent public funded research. We must hold these people to account and it is this sort of action which will help. I am not against progress, but I am for truth.
Aldo Mysek Comment left 15th February 2014 13:01:07
This was & still is the definitive study on the effects of glyphosate. It was catching the world's attention via the internet. This is why the pro GMO lobby consolidated financially & moved against this landmark study. The world is much smarter than the U.S.A citizenry. Oddly enough, this actually got some MSM coverage.The sheeple hardly flinched. Now, it's back to business as usual here. The GMO lobby has bought MSM silence.The problem here is FINANCIAL SUPPORT for our cause. We need to hit them in the pocketbook by both money support & boycotting their poison. Education is lacking here due to media control.
Joseph R. Grivois Comment left 15th February 2014 14:02:38
I am a citizen of the United States. I am not a scientist nor member of any investigative body. I have read and seen much evidence that makes Roundup/glyphosate and any genetically modified organism a very serious threat to mankind. The devious and highly unethical practices of Monsanto and similar organizations (Bayer for one)just deepen suspicions that they have something to hide and care only about profits. I believe they (Monsanto et al)are fully aware that GMO's are extremely hazardous to health and I wager that folks in that industry do not consume GMO products nor allow their families to do so. If that is so, wouldn't that knowledge be a smoking gun? Someone should do investigative work in that area. I encourage anyone to educate themselves and avoid GMO products as much as possible and keep such products away from your children. Spread the word. We have a right to know what's in our food all along the food chain. I don't want to consume animals that have been fed GMO grain or any GMO poison. I call it poison because it seems by all indications that GMO products are hazardous to human health. I want real food made by God, not lab engineered unhealthy garbage.
Kathryn Kingston Comment left 15th February 2014 15:03:10
Profoundly saddened.....For years we have known the science was faulty....we must stand strong and together to right this very wrong.
Robert Rohner Comment left 15th February 2014 15:03:04
Corporate interest are short sighted. If they continue to poison their customers they will no longer have a revenue stream. Simple enough?
Jan Barendrecgt Comment left 15th February 2014 15:03:54
Before Seralini's publication on toxicity there have been publications on the devastating effects of roundup on soil fertility as well as on the issue that glyphosate results in a huge decrease of minerals available for (animal) metabolism. From this perspective, Seralini's work only confirms what has been published earlier - that GMO is a pro-profit technology, disregarding the negative effects of ALL toxins used with GMO production. In this region (hills, rainfall 2...4 m/year) it also is obvious that the use of glyphosate results in erosion.
Robert Bright Comment left 15th February 2014 15:03:44
Profits have notoriously clouded judgments whether it is a Wall St. firm or a corporation manufacturing groceries. It appears the biotechnology industry doesn't have a clouded judgment but an agenda to line their pockets at the cost of people's lives.
Paul Rooney Comment left 15th February 2014 16:04:42
A person who doesn't watch TV and is discerning with what he researches. I will also be presenting these lies to our school board, because I cannot sit by and watch our children, unknowingly poisoned daily without having an educated choice.
WILLIAM BARBOUR Comment left 15th February 2014 17:05:10
I am very resentful of those who are willing, for the sake of financial gain, to abandon or manipulate "real science" and experiment with the lives of our children and grandchildren.
Philip Lamourreux Comment left 15th February 2014 17:05:13
United States belongs at the top of the list.
Don Lane Comment left 15th February 2014 17:05:53
My comment was to all of the people helping to inform the public, not to the Publications or Scientist providing Evidence Based Poison. This is akin to Chemical Warfare.
Sandra Webb Comment left 15th February 2014 18:06:10
Hopefully, before it is too late, the truth will win out and all GMOs and chemical pesticides will be banned. What will those who love the money they're making by deceiving us do when there is no way left to enjoy it? Those who strive to bring out the truth have my full support. And those who let greed be their guide will receive their due.
Joseph Caddy Comment left 15th February 2014 18:06:20
I am a 74 year old ex Commercial fisherman ,logger etc.I have lived long enough to have seen the natural wealth ,in all forms,(clean air ,water fertile soil,etc}decimated in my lifetime.Part of the natural wealth is mankinds knowledge and technology.When it too is corrupted for whatever reason we are all affected. We are in my opinion being attacked on all fronts. I think personally that it is time to change the paradigm . Money in my opinion must no longer be the bottom line,but rather the real wealth. {the natural world and the support systems including our knowledge and technology. Peace
Jewel Spence Comment left 15th February 2014 18:06:23
Enlightening and frightening
Mel Brummund Comment left 15th February 2014 18:06:20
Unfortunately Science is now a BELIEF SYSTEM, which means it has given up looking for the Truth!
Lieselotte VonRoch Comment left 15th February 2014 19:07:52
I'm 66 years old and it doesn't take a much of a Brain that money will be our down fall. These so called scientist who lie will pay dearly with there own health ....
Donald Kretz Comment left 15th February 2014 19:07:44
Fighting entrenched corrupt interests is well known to me. My website exposes how corporations engage in highly illegal and corrupt activities in the province of Ontario, Canada. I salute your efforts to level the playing field and hope as a anti-fraud crusader I may be as successful as you. Collectively we may be able to change this world for the better. If we can not get GMO labels on food, I suggest a NO GMO (like the organic designation) label be used so consumers can know what food is safe.
Barry W. Wilt Comment left 15th February 2014 19:07:24
Franken science begets franken food. Be part of the solution, not the problem, let the truth prevail, not the corruption.
Declan Moloney Comment left 15th February 2014 21:09:48
When Monsanto et al get their way and we all die from cancer, who will then buy their products? Perhaps the guys who landed in Roswell in 1947 want the planet for themselves, and Monsanto was set up by them to kill us all gently over a couple of generations.
max aleckson Comment left 15th February 2014 21:09:26
I sincerely believe scientists and admin. of Monsanto , have their own non g.m food farms. Is there someone who could check this out ?.
lisa Comment left 16th February 2014 10:10:38
Hi, Please stop using GMO;s we do not need this barbarick way of farming this crap is just srewing up our planet, and killing animals and humans what a dam waste. All just for capital gain!!!
Diane Garrett Comment left 16th February 2014 14:02:25
Science and the scientific method ought to bring ideas and understandings to the light, so that the entire community can participate in making informed decisions. The potential effects of genetic modification ought to be thoroughly studied before being mass marketed to the world. When findings indicate potential problems, more attention ought to be brought to those findings, further studies-instead attempts are made to dismiss the findings and discredit the scientist! How absurd! It is patently obvious that Monsanto orchestrated a cover up! They want "in" in Europe. Surely you are not so ignorant that you cannot see what would happen worldwide, in terms of rampant disease and lowered life expectancy! Perhaps that is your goal...
ZDZISLAW KRAWIEC Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:30
Reliable scientific research (just like research of prof. Eric Seralini et altera)confirm now that GMO and Roundup are very dangeous for humanity
Hildy Lyn Roy Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:11
Growing up in England and during the war, we learned how to grow our own Victory V gardens and have chickens and make our own soups, bread and so on. But mostly, EVERYTHING WAS organic. What is going on now is ridiculous as the people employing this deceit are also doing it to themselves, their children and on and on. I am now over 80 and frankly only buy organic and pasture raised but we still do not realize what is in our foods and water and air. thank goodness there are people who care and let's pray that we can run these bad "guys" to ground.
Lawrence Baker Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:02
The excellent 2008 documentary film, The World According to Monsanto, by French filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin exposes the truth about this multinational corporation, which is that Monsanto's greed supersedes any moral responsibility or reverence for life. Monsanto executives, please note, murder over the protracted course of 80 years is still murder.
Michael Horton Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:52
Our very lives as a species are at risk here. Sterility occurs in the 3rd generation of test animals raised on GE soybean. Extinction is looming for human bloodlines living on these foods. Soils depleted by these practices will no longer be productive and near-shore ecosystems are undergoing rapid degradation due to the run-off from polluted crops. Several issues meet in this problem. We witness the clash between profit and truth in our generation. The mad scientist, feverish in his lab, creates the monster that proves his undoing. Real action, yielding results would involve those people in decision capacities with the legal fictional entity being a distant second. Only when we see some meaningful jail time for these perpetrators will the decisions in the boardroom begin to show human concern. The management of the tobacco issue is the template for this one as well. In this, one could only expect a corporation to develop a new and improved product that would not necessarily be an option, like tobacco is, but a staple.
Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:38
Haven't we learned our lesson from the Tobacco Indusyry! How many people died before the real scientific proof came out about tobacco! Big Business has the money to keep the truth hidden from the public. What a shame that greed is negatively affecting the health and well being of the world and environment in which we live.
Darla Rodgers Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:31
I compare this to what happened with the tobacco industry! How many people died because the real scientific truth about tobacco didn't come out for years. Big Business has the money to keep the truth hidden from the public. What a shame that greed has such a negative affect on the health and well being of the world and the environment!
Jennifer Mills-Lang Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:25
Absolutely disgusting! I hope all the Monsanto employees suffer greatly and die from consuming their own poison - along with every other person who supports them knowingly!
Dave Kisor Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:16
All they had to do was put one of their own (like they do all over gooberment) on the review board and voila, instant rejection, just add conflict of interest. Their reason for retracting the study is akin to firing someone because they wear a color you dislike. We need long term studies before any more of their products are forced on the market, but they are loathe to do them, as it would show how unsafe their products actually are and would open them up to all manner of lawsuits. We need a global class action suit against the primary GMO corporations. Anybody know how? I may not be a scientist, but I was a Physical Science Technician with the USFS prior to retiring.
Lee Stanbridge Comment left 16th February 2014 08:08:07
It is encouraging and gratifying to view the interest of people world wide that are recognizing the current challenges to force corrupt mega corporations from placing profits above quality and excellence of products.
Hugo Vogel Comment left 16th February 2014 14:02:01
I am not generally against GM plants, however that corn species mentioned above may in fact contain some questionable proteins as a consequence of the method how the new "genes" have been introduced. Otherwise corn is anyway not a perfect nutriment, since the absence of some important amino acids. Anyway, the retraction of a paper is always very questionable and that is the reason I have given my subscribtion for the letter
Nick Comment left 16th February 2014 15:03:51
I have shared your letter on social media, and am happy to do so. God bless all of your for the work you are doing. Nick
Diane Peake Comment left 16th February 2014 18:06:41
Don't they care about what they are doing? The earth is our home, our food is our nourishment. With out both we can't survive. Stop what you are doing!
Zeb Comment left 16th February 2014 19:07:16
I would love to see gmo supporters go a pure gmo diet for 6 months.
c.j.bonderove Comment left 16th February 2014 21:09:30
It is about time that we held their feet to the fire, and start telling the truth.
Diana Harris Comment left 17th February 2014 15:03:35
It is obvious that because the terrible consequences are not "proven" for 20 years or more, the mfg companies have nothing to be concerned about. All the "higher ups" and their willing "cover ups" will have stashed away their monetary gains in a safe NON-U.S. facility, so when/if they DO get caught.....oh well, guess we'll "close up shop now." To think that more than a minute percentage of those corporations may actually have the integrity to pass up windfall profits for concern about public health/mankind is shockingly naive. It will be a tremendous uphill battle to just get "the truth" exposed to the general public--besides on the back page of the paper, or at 3am on TV, that is. Whatever the as-yet-uncoined word for "rule-by-global-corporations" will be, we are now living under it, oppressed by it, mostly ignorantly. Hunger Games is now, without the games, but the same, nevertheless.
Randy Comment left 17th February 2014 07:07:47
We all need to stop the madness and get back to following the laws of nature, sustainability will not be possible if we continue the monoculture and use of the chemicals that we are now.
Lawrence Rose M.D. Comment left 17th February 2014 07:07:40
I have carefully read Dr. Seralini's toxicology research on glyphosate and GMO corn. Seralilni's rat toxicology study protocol closely followed the protocol of the Monsanto studies. Following these rats clearly shows that Monsanto's 90 day period of following their rats was carefully calculated to avoid showing any adverse effects on the Monsanto rats. Cutting off any further follow up after 90 days was clearly an unethical study design.
JCinCT Comment left 17th February 2014 07:07:25
I am very positively in support of any and all efforts to bring to light this massive corporate effort to degrade and contaminate our precious food supply. People can no longer stand aside trustingly and let big Business make decisions about what constitutes wholeness of something so important as our food supply. They are making us sick, and the Medical profesion is cleaning us out later....what a package deal; and what a toxic legacy to leave our children.
austin horne Comment left 17th February 2014 17:05:15
very anti GM
Steve Comment left 17th February 2014 21:09:17
It is somewhat reassuring to see scientists protesting this action. Perhaps they understand the thin ice the scientific community is skating on as large corporations prostitute science for fun and profit.The internet is a game changer v/v the public's perception of science, especially when it comes to food and nutrition. MORE scientists need to become aware and speak out against the degradation of their profession, lest public mistrust becomes epidemic.
T. Reid Kavieff, D.O. Comment left 18th February 2014 12:12:30
As a voting member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture whose journal is published by Elsevier, I will make sure all board members are aware of this antiscientific action and advocate for changing the publisher of the journal ASAP.
Jan Roberts Comment left 18th February 2014 08:08:23
It is almost 80 years since Weston Price wrote “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. His work linked compromised reproduction and decline in physical and mental health to a society’s switch from their traditional diets (healthy food grown on healthy soil or found in pristine waters) to refined and processed foods. He would be turning in his grave to see how we’ve gone from bad to very bad and beyond. I only hope that a movement such as this has the power to stop the evil that is Big Farmer and his brother in arms Big Pharma.
Stacie Szegleti Comment left 18th February 2014 08:08:15
So many people are uneducated when it comes to GMO's in our food. When did money become more important than our and our children's health? Stop the GMO's in our food!!
Jean M Turner Comment left 18th February 2014 20:08:11
The destructive activities of Big Pharma are 'legend' and all in the pursuit and retention of wealth and power. There would be no objection to business and research practised with integrity but this monster is out of control and running amok. It will not allow other technologies and research to work alongside. Why? Afraid that the competition and integrity of others will threaten their power as the public moves towards more natural and gentle solutions.
Barbara Bettinger Comment left 18th February 2014 15:03:43
Our bodies were designed to absorb nutrition through dietary means, this ability is no doubt "changed" once the foods are genetically altered. There have been numerous idiopathic pathologies arise over the past 50yrs or so...much of which I would attribute to the genetic modifications of our foods !!!
Victor Bennett Comment left 19th February 2014 07:07:10
Julia Creighton Comment left 19th February 2014 07:07:00
It's unconscionable that GMO's have been allowed into the food-stream. It's even worse that it has been forced upon us with fake science by big companies with no moral or ethical standards but purely for big profits. The planet is dying from these same big greedy corporations. The fact they pay big dollars to defeat GMO labeling is very telling indeed. Evil, evil, evil.
Karen Plante Comment left 20th February 2014 08:08:53
Dr Mercola, thanks for the spot-on article. In a Democracy, the people come first, not the profits of corporate giants. I hope, we, the people, will start to put a stop, once and for all, to this atrocity, they call food, GMO, GE food, We, the people, are sick of being made sick by so called food. Thanks for your focus on the truth.
Cassandra Comment left 21st February 2014 08:08:42
Dr. Mercola thanks for everything that you do to provide awareness to the consumers. Stop GMO in our foods.
Miriam Schrippe Comment left 22nd February 2014 07:07:52
The United States has been the "guinea pig" for the world when it comes to GMO. After 20 years, FINALLY some of our citizens are waking up. The "tipping point" for change may happen sooner than we think. It is truly unfortunate for the world that we ever got to this point. We can't trust scientific studies if they are conducted by the manufacturers. And that is not rocket science.
Lisa Blake Comment left 23rd February 2014 15:03:42
That Food and Chemical Toxicology would retract the peer-reviewed study shortly after the installation of ex-Monsanto employee Richard Goodman to the newly created post of associate editor for biotechnology tells it all. Just as in the appointing of previous (and future!) Monsanto employees in the FDA and USDA to override any possible governmental (U.S.) regulation or banning of GMOs, now once-respected scientific publications become the tool of corporate greed. This time Monsanto has really overstepped. Science is now strangled: it has no legitimate voice. Millions given to the universities to dictate pro-GMO studies, only Monsanto-controlled studies allowed to be published or used by U.S. Gov't agencies for decision making, and finally, a real study by a solid scientific team pulled because Monsanto doesn't dare let it stand.
paul koehler Comment left 23rd February 2014 21:09:33
all Monsanto and DuPont chemicals should be banned all over themselves world
PEG WRIGHT Comment left 23rd February 2014 21:09:20
Dayna McDaniel Comment left 24th February 2014 07:07:34
It is most unfortunate that you would treat such an important paper such as “Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize,” by GE Séralini et al, published in Food and Chemical Toxicology 2012, 50(11), 4221-31 with such disrespect. It is clear that you, as many others, have been influenced by Monsanto to participate in their worldwide coverup of harm being done to the food supply of our world by the chemical and GMO crops they produce. It is genocide-only now we can't blame Adolf Hitler for who is behind the plan.
Kenneth Granby Comment left 25th February 2014 08:08:15
Friends of the Earth is now in talks with Home Depot about Neonics in the plants they sell, which are killing the bees. They are running a campaign to get Home Depot and Lowes to stop selling these plants. It is a start, and I would encourage all who read this letter to contact their nearest Home Depot and Lowes stores that you will mot buy their plants that have these drugs in them. It is a start and we have to start someplace and this is one thing an individual can do
Steve Comment left 25th February 2014 08:08:51
: principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.
Denise Williams Comment left 9th March 2014 08:08:58
People have a right to have all the facts with regard to anything much less poisons put on their food.
Vee StJohn-Byles Comment left 17th April 2014 21:09:17
I was heartened to read this article and by the stand that is being taken by true scientists who did not have a vested interest in genetically modified organisms. It has been shown through experience that mutated forms of plants life have an adverse effect on the DNA of humans and animals alike. GMOs are an outrage being unleashed on humanity, I hope that Pandora can be put back in the box and that box sealed for good.
Sandra Madden Comment left 24th April 2014 10:10:47
This is blatant suppression of scientific evidence for commercial gain and it should be republished in full as a valid piece of scientific research.
Leo G Younger Comment left 24th April 2014 10:10:39
Thank you to the true scientists who are ethical and have integrity. I'm proud to be one of many sponsors of scientist Tyrone Hayes, PhD, who is a world leader in research on atrazine and its harm to life.
Darryl Comment left 24th April 2014 10:10:26
This type of activity brings the whole scientific world into further disrepute and must therefore be dealt with swiftly. Even Richard Goodman's (ex-Monsanto-now-Elsevier's-biotechnology-reviewer) response to this saga is not encouraging as he paints a picture of overworked and underpaid reviewers & journal's (Elsevier) with insufficient resources to cover the required workload....and Mr Goodman with his continuing financial reliance on Monsanto & Co(he is still funded by the 6 main biotech giants)presents a further deep concern in that the reviewer has an obvious & understandable conflict of interest. Does any of this sound acceptable to you?? ...and when I look around to see who is big enough to DO anything about this I see there really is me and you. Thankfully there are a huge and growing number of You's there so thanks for your comments, caring & integrity.
Machteld Comment left 24th April 2014 10:10:28
Thank you those people who go fo their ideals and do not go for the money... :)
Maureen E. Zaccaria Comment left 24th April 2014 10:10:25
Thank you for what you are doing so that this generation can pass on to the coming generations a better world or at least less corrupt.
Susan Washington Comment left 24th April 2014 10:10:20
It is a tragic comment about our present culture that reporting of scientific work is limited by those who are threatened by scientific truth.
Vicky Holbrook Comment left 24th April 2014 11:11:37
The truth about GMOs must be told! How dare you try to stifle it!
Theresa Hadden-Martinez Comment left 24th April 2014 13:01:55
Scientific research should be unbiased and used to advance humanity's knowledge. Your actions put all your publications in question.
Al Barnes Comment left 24th April 2014 13:01:52
Proof of the secret societies agenda (linked to the prevailing chemical assault upon mankind and the entire planet) ca be seen by looking at the Georgia Guidestones, which are visible markers of the actual intentions of globalization, Agenda 21, and the recent EU infiltration of the U.S..
Shalon Pasic Comment left 24th April 2014 14:02:58
HELL NO, GMO!!! The truth is already out and spreading like wildfires. Why stifle the truth? Just makes those doing so look guilty even more perfect for persecution for promoting Monsatans killer seeds and foods. I boycott all GMO and any and all Organic brands that find non-labeling and hiding of truthful facts! May the people prevail against such moral and ethical corruption.
Dr. Patrick Sobota Comment left 24th April 2014 14:02:51
Freedom of information is the most powerful tool in the fight against tyranny. This world which is so crippled by ignorance needs all the scientific information it can acquire. Please allow this information to be published.
Ann Gallant Comment left 24th April 2014 14:02:44
Scientific research should be unbiased. It should be used for the advancement and well-being of to humanity. Once again, we see big corporate bucks buying influence and overpowering the doing of what is right and just!
Grace Mullin Comment left 24th April 2014 14:02:39
Think of the tobacco issue took 30 years to admit the harm. We do not have that much time to stop eating GMO foods.
Jennifer D Comment left 24th April 2014 14:02:35
The world does not need GMOs. GMO's are kllling off native species of plants and insects as well as HUMANS.
alan Comment left 24th April 2014 15:03:14
The future is GMO or HUMANITY and all life.
Renate Comment left 24th April 2014 15:03:11
GMO's should have never bin released on earth. It is against nature.
dr. isali ben-jacob Comment left 24th April 2014 15:03:37
The issue is one's Right to Vote, which is premised on having good information for the exercise of judgement. Censorship in all its forms is antithetical to this issue and results in fascistic consequences!!!!
David Stewart Comment left 24th April 2014 15:03:57
If they are willing to retract a legitimate article, what articles are they refusing to print in the first place? Just a comment, not being a scientist I do not really understand GMO. However I do understand that when a person or organization has a product that they are proud of they proudly advertise the bejeebers out of it, not try to stop labelling of it or suppress detractors. Therefore I suspect that current GMO products are probably very bad for us and the planet.
wm. snyder Comment left 24th April 2014 16:04:34
The scientific community should not be influenced in any way by political or corporate influence. Let the findings speak for themselves without biases, based on scientific facts upholding to the truth of the facts regardless.
Gerard Veltman Comment left 24th April 2014 16:04:02
By retracting an article, its research is no longer open for falsification. No falsification, no science. So, why bother about a journal like that any longer?
Don Bass Comment left 24th April 2014 16:04:54
The suppression of scientific evidence for commercial gain should be punishable by criminal charges!
Hesh Goldstein Comment left 24th April 2014 17:05:39
Richard E. Goodman, the person that rejected Seralini's adverse report on GMOs was newly hired by the Food and Toxicology journal and the person in charge of a newly created position of reviewing biotechnology papers and rejecting them if he felt they were unsubstantiated, was a former Monsanto employee. Coincidence or conspired?
Don Ballou Comment left 24th April 2014 20:08:44
Good Lord, do the right thing for humanity, publish the truth!
Ralph DeWolf Comment left 24th April 2014 20:08:38
Since I grew up in the Netherlands which is a country of high integrity, I am deeply ashamed that a company of Dutch origin like Elsevier would sink so low as to retract a perfectly proper scientific article; especially knowing that studies and experiences all over the world strongly indicate that GMO foods are damaging to the health of soil, plants, animals and people. Then to actually hire a former Monsanto employee to review biotech related studies makes it even worse. Shame on you!! Elsevier, the unscientific magazine empire.
C. J. Comment left 24th April 2014 20:08:26
Seralini's report was valid and helpful, giving people an educated, informed choice about GMO's - most people welcome such honest reports/research. Most people do not want anything to do with GMO's. Monsanto and gang are like cysts with roots that go everywhere. If good reports showing honest research are so casually removed, what else is going on that we aren't allowed to know about? Homogenized, everything ized emulsion paint milk anyone?
M Kempf Comment left 25th April 2014 06:06:40
To withhold the truth is ultimately counterproductive. The truth will out - as indeed it is already.
Bonita Poulin Comment left 25th April 2014 06:06:33
You are supposed to be scientific!
mark dnning Comment left 25th April 2014 06:06:28
My wife was pressured by her physician into a mandatory medication safety and drug interaction psychological series of 'education'. The information is sponsored by Elsevier in conjunction with the US government. She will have to 'pay' for this privilege as will all pain management patients in the area. Such care for the welfare of the recipients of this organization's carefully screened research, for a price of course.
Kerrie Comment left 25th April 2014 06:06:10
When any scientific entity such as Elsevier caves in to bullying, money ,political pressure or revolving door appointments from industry it is only a matter of time before its key group of adherents defects and moves on elsewhere. The demise of it's credibility is the eventual demise of itself . It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Benjamin Franklin
Paul Blake, N.D. Comment left 25th April 2014 06:06:58
This is something we finally have to come to grips with, “what we allow successful business people like Monsanto's CEO Hugh Grant to get away with?” He murderously grinds up humanity, and the environment using his paid for morally zero minions, who ludicrously stomp on every ethical value we hold dear? Clownishly demonstrated in the, oh so obvious, ham-handed Elsevier Journal fiasco. That glorious Three Ring Circus, of PhD clowns like Wallace Hayes. Who fall all over themselves to scrape up as much money as they can and stuff themselves into a teeny, tiny car to make their escape, while we watch, peeeuuuu what a stinker!!!
Julie Rideout Comment left 25th April 2014 09:09:17
While I am not a professional scientist, I am very interested in science and in health. Since it has already been established that the study itself is perfectly valid, the only reason for its retraction is fear. Elsevier was obviously fearful that their Group would not continue to be successful unless they retracted the study. Whether the threat was real or "merely" implied, it was enough to make them act on it. Now the question, who threatened them? For that answer you simply follow the money. Who had the most to lose? Money is addictive and desperate people (and organizations) can become dangerous. And yet, the truth will come out. Already it is known that the corn borer is now resistant to the poisons made by Monsanto. Already it is known that GMO crops produce less food and it is toxic to life. People pay money to Monsanto to slowly and painfully end their lives. No one thought to realize that when the chemicals used to allow the DNA transfer to "take" and blend into a different species, those chemicals inside the human body allow DNA transfers from that species we're eating to blend with our DNA. Our own DNA is altered by eating a genetically altered organism. I pray people will wake up and refuse to be included in the grand experiment to see what GMOs do to people over time.(They kill them.) Buy organic, start a garden, grow rosemary in your window (it protects your body from radiation--Google it!). If Elsevier will retract their retraction and reinstate the study, I will be among the first to praise them for that. It obviously has great merit and needs to be a topic of public of discussion. Trying to actively discredit valuable, possibly life saving information that should be available to any interested person, is taking a step into another Dark Age. Let's not plan to go that direction.
sally neish Comment left 25th April 2014 11:11:20
So... it happens again! The BMJ caved in under the Murdoch fist over Brian Deer's slanderous lies about Andrew Wakefield. Now Elsevier. Just shows what cowardly, unprincipled wimps these journals breed. Mind you.... having an editor foisted on you from the very company you have exposed, who is then hell-bent on exonerating his company at all cost, is perhaps a small mitigation!
Alfred Martijn Comment left 25th April 2014 13:01:29
Enough research has been done to establish that GMO is a very bad idea. With all the crys about human health we must stop the rot without further ado. Those who are meant to be the guardians of public interest and health must take up their responsibility or be publicly castigated.
Michael Peil Comment left 25th April 2014 13:01:19
GMOs are totally unnecessary and UNatural. Monsanto is clearly uninterested in human health, sustaining nature and well-being. GMO research is EUGENICS (intends to kill.) Never a mention of all the toxic pesticides and herbicides routinely sprayed on plants and soil that enter the food chain continuously, the water... Monsanto and all it does are an abomination to humanity.
Patti Ruocco , RN, BSN, MSN Comment left 25th April 2014 15:03:37
I used many Elsvier publications when getting my masters. Now I wonder if you are bought and paid for, I believe there may be good and bad 'new science'---but GMO's are not given the time to prove their safety over generations. Real science and publishers with integrity would give scientists the time and space to explore and educate. We have the right to choose--in medicine it is called INFORMED CONSENT---we deserve that with our food as well.
Rich Coulter Comment left 25th April 2014 19:07:13
Very happy to sign the petition, it is not the first time Elsevier has demonstrated they have chosen the interests of industry over the integrity of science; former CEO Sir Crispin Davis who pulled the Wakefield study was making US$100,000/year in a non-executive director position on the board of UK MMR makers GlaxoSmithKline when he pulled the study.
Karl Junga Comment left 25th April 2014 21:09:51
Why did the peer reviewers allow initial publication? i.e. how could they be so wrong? What changed after Mr Goodman's appointment? Strange that results with such wide ranging potential public health implications can be retracted ostensibly by an (ex)employee of the company potentially causing the problem.
Boris Sotomayor Comment left 26th April 2014 11:11:18
More and more people are starting to figure out who is really running our country... Its not our corrupt politicians. Its the very few filthy rich people that control all the money and power. Its good to see the masses are waking up to all the bad things that are going on around them. Final words: population control-- its really happening.
Paul Fassa Comment left 26th April 2014 22:10:21
It's obvious that Monsanto was behind this as a certain former Monsanto scientist became an editor there just before the retraction.
Henry Ruby Comment left 27th April 2014 08:08:05
Joh 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. Joh 3:20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. Joh 3:21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.
Richard Tarnoff Comment left 28th April 2014 15:03:57
I would urge you to issue a retraction and apology. Your action has been referred to in our local newspaper as proof that it is safe to consume herbicides.
Bob Brown Comment left 20th May 2014 17:05:05
The fix is in. The big agricultural companies are owned by the same people as the big pharmaceutical ones, and they cannot lose, whatever happens. If the stuff makes people sick, that means more money for the "Was On Cancer". This is almost as good for profits as war, and lots safer anyway. They control mass media with their big advertising budgets, so you will never hear a thing on the news.
jamaludin Comment left 27th June 2014 09:09:00
The retraction is a blatant display of arrogant attitude and disrespecting equal right to express a viewpoint.
Susanne Scott Comment left 3rd July 2014 06:06:04
The corporatization (even social activism) of science/academia must cease. In the case of GMO's or... oooh, even that of global warming, all credible scientists know that "the science is never settled." All credible scientists work diligently to falsify and refute existing theory. "the great tragedy of science: the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact." -TH Huxley Yet, truth must guide us and prevail over profit, politics, policy, popularity, or personal bias. If we had to endure this rather recent and nefarious phenomenon among governments and corporations of suppressing research, thought, inquiry, and ideas in the early 20th century, where would quantum physics be today?
Warren Taylor Comment left 8th March 2015 09:09:00
It is simply the time for truth, openness, moral responsibility and equality for all.

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