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ISIS Report 04/12/13

Open Letter on Retraction and Pledge to Boycott Elsevier

The background to this open letter is described in Retracting Seralini Study Violates Science & Ethics (ISIS report).

This letter has been signed by 1314 scientists and 3852 non-scientists from 99 different countries - add your name

This letter has been subject to cyber-attack by a group on Facebook called GMO LOL whose members have been signing on as fake scientists. These people are insulting concerned scientists who are acting in good faith; just the sort of people you want messing with your food, or telling you what food is safe. We have put in extra checks and our many friends are reporting them to us.


Wallace Hayes
Editor in Chief
Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT)



re:  “Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize,” by GE Séralini et al, published in  Food and Chemical Toxicology 2012, 50(11),  4221-31

Your decision [1] to retract the paper is in clear violation of the international ethical norms as laid down by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), of which FCT is a member. According to COPE, the only grounds for retraction are (1) clear evidence that the findings are unreliable due to misconduct or honest error, (2) plagiarism or redundant publication, or (3) unethical research. You have already acknowledged that the paper of Séralini et al (2012) contains none of those faults.

This arbitrary, groundless retraction of a published, thoroughly peer-reviewed paper is without precedent in the history of scientific publishing, and raises grave concerns over the integrity and impartiality of science. These concerns are heightened by a sequence of events surrounding the retraction:

  • the appointment of ex-Monsanto employee Richard Goodman to the newly created post of associate editor for biotechnology at FCT
  • the retraction of another study finding potentially harmful effects from GMOs (which almost immediately appeared in another journal)
  • the failure to retract a paper published by Monsanto scientists in the same journal in 2004, for which a gross error has been identified.

The retraction is erasing from the public record results that are potentially of very great importance for public health. It is censorship of scientific research, knowledge, and understanding, an abuse of science striking at the very heart of science and democracy, and science for the public good.

We urge you to reverse this appalling decision, and further, to issue a fulsome public apology to Seralini and his colleagues. Until you accede to our request, we will boycott Elsevier, i.e., decline to purchase Elsevier products, to publish, review, or do editorial work for Elsevier.

1. “Elsevier announces article retraction from journal Food and Chemical Toxicology”, PRNewswire, 28 November 2013,

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Signed by


  1. Gregorio Lvaro Biocheical engineering, Universitat Aut ma de Barcelona, Barcelona, SPAIN
  2. Pacia A Anthropology BA MA PhD c , CANADA
  3. Laraine Abbey MS biology clinical nutritionist private practice registered nurse, Monroe Twp , UNITED STATES
  4. Robert Abbruzzese D C Chiropractor Nutrition Wellness Educator, Abbruzzese Wellness, Briarcliff Manor, UNITED STATES
  5. Zulhelmi Alif Abdul Halim Materials science Physics, University of Technology Malaysia, Johor Bahru, MALAYSIA
  6. Cain Abel Biology, CNRS, Paris, FRANCE
  7. Bob Abell Ph D Science Education University of Alberta B Sc Chemistry Acadia, Automated Learning, Kanata On, CANADA
  8. Deni Abuhanif family physician general practitioner, Batam, INDONESIA
  9. Rodney Adeniyi Jones Medical Doctor LRCP S Ire MRCP UK , Genesis Wellness Ltd, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Vieaud Agathe engineer in molecular biology, INRA, Jouy En Josas, FRANCE
  11. Shahla Aghdaie I am a chemical engineer as well as an acupuncturist healthcare practitioner, New York Ny, UNITED STATES
  12. Daniele Agostini MD Public health Epidemiology Health environment , Bologna, ITALY
  13. Shirley Al Jabi B Med Science St Andrews MB Ch B Manchester DCH London Jordan Board Paediatrics, JORDAN
  14. Hassan Al Turabi PHD Physics, PNUD, Bamako, MALI
  15. Renaux Alain Ethnobotaniste, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  16. Elise Albert Msc in ecology and animal behaviour, FRANCE
  17. Catherine Albertini Pharmacist and PhD in Biology, INRA, Paris, FRANCE
  18. Norman Albon PhD Bristol Crystal growth Semiconductors Lipids membranes UK France USA Norway , retired, Chesham, UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Susan Alderson BS Chemistry, Medford OR, UNITED STATES
  20. Peter Aleff I am a retired engineer see my CV details at academia edu, independent researcher, Vineland New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  21. Jazz Alessi Nutritionist, Nutrition business, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  22. Eugene Alexander PhD Psychology, Shippensburg Univ Retired, Hummelstown Hershey, UNITED STATES
  23. Zoe Alexander PhD in Medical Sociology and PhD in Clinical Psychology, Haiku, UNITED STATES
  24. Elizabeth Alfieri I have been studying independently for 30 years , concerned citizen, Rochester, UNITED STATES
  25. Giuliana Allegrucci I am a zoologist and I am studying the mechanisms of evolution in different species of insects, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, ITALY
  26. Richard Allen social scientist research methodology Ph D, Phila , UNITED STATES
  27. Dean G Allen Phd PhD in clinical psychology focused on the integrated effects of physical and emotional wellness, Wellness, Burley, UNITED STATES
  28. Mark Allery BSc Hons Kent MSc Surrey CEng MIET FBIS, UNITED KINGDOM
  29. John Alley MS, Seattle, UNITED STATES
  30. Beatrice Allis Doctor of Pharmacy, Boca Raton, UNITED STATES
  31. Charles Allison Ph d Engineering Univ Cincinnati, Dayton, UNITED STATES
  32. Jean Paul Allouche Mathematics Th se d Etat i e HdR , CNRS, Paris, FRANCE
  33. Michael Alspaugh PhD Psychology Biopsychology , University of Chicago, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  34. Alba Alvarez Beltran Psicologa Recerca en ciencies de la salut, Associaci de Mujeres Itakas, Barcelona, SPAIN
  35. Douglas Amell B Sc N D , Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, CANADA
  36. Salina Amey B S Animal and Plant Sciences M S Applied Plant Sciences U of MN Graduate School, Saint Paul, UNITED STATES
  37. Carlos Amodei Psychology PhD, C Rdoba, ARGENTINA
  38. Carlos D Amodei PhD, BWN Argentina, ARGENTINA
  39. Arden Andersen Physician boarded in public health D O M S P H Ph D , UNITED STATES
  40. Roch Anne Marie Research worker in biology biochemistry cancerology, inserm, Lyon, FRANCE
  41. Dr Robert Annis research bsc dc ABDA F , Monetville, CANADA
  42. Richard Archdeacon Archdeacon Degrees in Biological and Geological Sciences, San Jose, UNITED STATES
  43. Michael Arconada Natural Biological Medicine Director of Research, 1981, Sag Harbor, UNITED STATES
  44. Dr Morones Armando Dr Phil in Mathematical Logic and Theory of Science, Munich, GERMANY
  45. Lionel Arnaud Assistant professor , ENIT, Tarbes, FRANCE
  46. Fiona Arnott Bachelor Of Science neuropsychology, AUSTRALIA
  47. Carol Aronoff PhD psychology Woodrow Wilson scholar, Captain Cook, UNITED STATES
  48. Jean Louis Aroui Ph D Associate Professor in Linguistics, Paris 8 University, Saint Denis, FRANCE
  49. Arthur Art Biostatistics Master, Hawley, UNITED STATES
  50. Mike Arthur i dont want to eat gmo, UNITED STATES
  51. Lee Artz Outstanding Scholar Award Purdue University Calumet Social Science, Purdue University Calumet, Hammond In, UNITED STATES
  52. David Asher Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine , Osteopathic Pain Management , Tulsa, UNITED STATES
  53. David Ashton MA Cantab VetMB MRCVS, Hitchin Hertfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  54. Walter Ashton TEXTILES, Leyland, UNITED KINGDOM
  55. Alex Attuah Ntow Esq B A LLB BL Lawyer , Lands Commission Accra Ghana, Accra , GHANA
  56. Wilson Au Ph D physics, Berkeley Ca, UNITED STATES
  57. Dan Auerbach MSEE Cum Laude, Thousand Oaks, UNITED STATES
  58. Barbara T Austin BA Molecular Biology Vanderbilt 67 Tissue Culture Cytogenetics Tulane Medical School Data Processing AS State Technical School at Memphis 1982, Medon, UNITED STATES
  59. Jean Christophe Avarre PhD in molecular physiology, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement, Montpellier, FRANCE
  60. Nicola Aylward BSc Hons Physiotherapy, Private Practice, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  61. Chris B I have an Engineering degree and stay abreast of nutrition medical and food science research , Rockford, UNITED STATES
  62. Vytenis Babrauskas PhD Fire Protection Engineering former Regional Editor for Elsevier s Fire Safety Journal, Fire Science and Technology Inc , Issaquah Wa, UNITED STATES
  63. Eric Badel PhD Plant sciences Researcher, INRA, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  64. Didi Baev PhD microbiology molecular biology biochemistry, BULGARIA
  65. Zija Bahja Docent PhD Master of Sceinece of Global Security Cranfield University, Defense Academy, Tirana, ALBANIA
  66. Dr John W Baird Doctor of Chiropractic, Markham On, CANADA
  67. Nigel Baker BSc Psychology studying for MSc in Food Security at Coventry university, Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM
  68. Richard Banfield Md Medical esearchsix, The Stamford hosital, Stamford Ct, UNITED STATES
  69. E D Barber MS degree Clinical Microbiology 15 years running hospital laboratory Science teacher 6 years, retired, UNITED STATES
  70. Richard Barie Astrophysicist NASA employee of the year , Sewickley, UNITED STATES
  71. Toni Bark MD Masters in healthcare emergency managment MHEM Leadership in environmental and energy design accreditation LEED AP , Center For Disease Prevention and Reversal, Evanston, UNITED STATES
  72. Bernice Barlow BSc Naturopathy, ATMS, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  73. Keith Barnham BSc PhD Emeritus Professor, Imperial College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  74. Annelise Barron Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford with Tenure Ph D Chemical Engineering 1995 U C Berkeley B S Chemical Engineering University of Washington Seattle 1990, Stanford University, Stanford Ca, UNITED STATES
  75. John Bartas Internet development RFC 1088 RFC 2775 etc , UNITED STATES
  76. Bernard Barthès PhD habilitation soil science, IRD, Montpellier, FRANCE
  77. Alick Bartholomew MA in geology University of Cambridge, Bath Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM
  78. Sharon Bass BS in Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacist, Madison, UNITED STATES
  79. Kristofer Beadenkopf MA Anthropology Archaeology BA Anthropology, Milford Pa, UNITED STATES
  80. Alexis Beaurepaire PhD in Molecular Ecology, Martin Luther Université, Halle, GERMANY
  81. Arnaud Béchet PhD Ecology, Tour du Valat, Arles, FRANCE
  82. Henry A Becker BE MSc ScD FCIC Killam Laureate 1992 Engineering Medal 1990 Prof Emeritus Queen s university, Kingston, Ontario, CANADA
  83. Champak Beeravolu Reddy Computational biology, CBGP, Montpellier, FRANCE
  84. Michel Bégin Ph D Microbiology, CANADA
  85. Piotr Bein MScE Tech U of Denmark PhD U of British Columbia professional engineer and independent genocide researcher with refereed scientific publications member Institute for Risk Research U of Waterloo now publicist Grypa666 and PiotrBein wordpress com, Vancouver, CANADA
  86. Atalo Belay MSc in Applied Entomology, PAN Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
  87. Lawson Bell Chemical Technologist Liquid Solids separation co authored 4 use patents in sugar uranium iron ore and coal processing, Retired Nalco Chemical Co, Moncton Nb, CANADA
  88. Michael Bending BA Health Science, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  89. Simon Benhamou PhD Neurosicences, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  90. Edlyn Benita Bsc Engineer, Analytical Diagnostic Centre, Willemstad, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES
  91. Lecorps Benjamin Master degrees, Laboratoire d thologie exp rimentale et appliqu e, Paris, FRANCE
  92. Philip L Bereano technology assessment Roster of Experts of Cartagena Biosafety Protocol, Washington Biotechnology Action Council, Seattle, UNITED STATES
  93. Bernard Berger Md BS MD, Kailua Kona, UNITED STATES
  94. Val Bernard Mom and Grandmother R N concerned Citizen, Allen Park, UNITED STATES
  95. Michael Bernardin ND I lead a team that studies soil biology and plan health , Sherbrooke, CANADA
  96. Robin Bernhoft Md Facs Faaem MD 28 peer reviewed publications Upjohn research award, Bernhoft Center for Advanced Medicine, Ojai, UNITED STATES
  97. Reinhold Berz Professor of Medicine MD President of ThermoMed International DGTR Germany, German Society of Thermography and Regulation Medicine, GERMANY
  98. Carmen Bessa Gomes PhD in Ecology, AgroParisTech, Paris, FRANCE
  99. Calvin Bey Ph D Genetics , , Arkansas, UNITED STATES
  100. Dr Pushpa Mittra Bhargava M Sc Ph D D Sc Hon Over 100 major national and international awards and honours including Padma Bhushan from President of India Legion d Honneur from President of France and National Citizens Award India , Anveshna, Hyderabad, INDIA
  101. Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharjya PhD, Korea university, Jochiwon Eup Yeongi Gun, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  102. Karel Bielstein BSc MSc Adj Professor of Geology Geological Engineering Black Hills State University, Rapid City Sd, UNITED STATES
  103. Vincent Bijman R D specialist Ir Ing BSc MSc Tropical Agriculture Plant Proctection Plant Pathology , RedStar, Brielle, NETHERLANDS
  104. Xhen Bioa research infectious disease MD MPH, UNITED STATES
  105. Dorrin Birch Doctorate in medicine Private practice for over 30 years in The United States Practitioner of Eastern Medicine for 30 years , Dorrin M Birch M D , UNITED STATES
  106. Ron Bivas Organic chemistry, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  107. Mariah Blackhorse BS Fish and Wildlife Sciences, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  108. Kathy Blaisure AS Ecology Environmental Technology BA Environmental Studies minor in Biology, Hallstead, UNITED STATES
  109. Thomas Blakeslee CalTech graduate 1962 My books are published in 9 languages , Thomas R Blakeslee, Westlake Village, UNITED STATES
  110. Miriam Blatt PhD Computer Science from Stanford, Ca, UNITED STATES
  111. Alvin Bloom BS MS PhD Aerospace Engineering Univ of Texas at Austin Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Major, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  112. Louis Blumberg Phd PhD in Professional Psychology Instructor San Diego State University Clinical Psychologist, Imperial County Behavioral Health San Diego State University, El Centro, UNITED STATES
  113. Volkert Bobeldijk HTS Holland BSc BA Economics University of Toronto Canada, Ontario, CANADA
  114. Eric Bockenthien Mathematics BSEE, Lombard Il, UNITED STATES
  115. Gayle Boehmsmith Doctorate in Psychology, retired, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  116. Patricia Boley Ph D in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, UNITED STATES
  117. Thomas Bolton B S in Chemistry 12 years research at 2 medical schools in Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  118. Pierre Bommel PhD Socio environmental Modeling, CIRAD, Montpellier, FRANCE
  119. Anna Louise Bond Third year chemistry student , UNITED KINGDOM
  120. Marc Bonhomme PhD ecophysiology, INRA, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  121. Adriano Borgna MD Chinese Medicine Nutrition Environmental medicine, New York, UNITED STATES
  122. Fumanal Boris Ph D Associate Professor in Ecology, Université Blaise Pascal, Aubiere, FRANCE
  123. Steven Borish Anthropologist Ph D Stanford University Book Review published in Linguistics and Education, California State University East Bay, Kentfield, UNITED STATES
  124. Arie Bos Medical doctor, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  125. Fay Bosman IBCLC BSc equiv, Vancouver Wa, UNITED STATES
  126. Marie Eve Boudreault Bac sociology, Alerte OGM Qu bec, CANADA
  127. Jean Pierre Bouillet Dr in Forest Sciences visiting professor at University of S o Paulo Piracicaba Brazil, CIRAD, Montpellier, FRANCE
  128. Jonathan Boulanger Weill PhD Student Neuroscience, Ecole Normale Sup rieure, Paris, FRANCE
  129. Fr D Ric Bourasseau degee in medicine formulation University ANGERS, Murs Rign , FRANCE
  130. Laureline Bourcier atmospheric sciences, ITALY
  131. Yann Bourgeois PhD Ecology Evolutionary Biology, B Le, SWITZERLAND
  132. Janegrace Bowman Registered Nurse, NEW ZEALAND
  133. Vaughn Bowman Naturopathic Physician Chemical Engineer, Dr Vaughn Bowman LLC, Stamford, UNITED STATES
  134. Jo Boyer Sebern anthropology subsistence strategies, Fallbrook, UNITED STATES
  135. Charles Brashears B S Pharmacy, Vienna Wv, UNITED STATES
  136. Samantha Braun Murray BSc ecology Msc botany forest ecology , Ecotones, Winnipeg, CANADA
  137. Oliver Brendel PhD plant ecophysiology, INRA , Nancy, FRANCE
  138. Roni Britton PhD Nutrition, Redmond, UNITED STATES
  139. Christophe Broca PhD in Biology, FRANCE
  140. Warren Brodey Physician Child Psychiatrist Family Unit Research at NIMH USA Cybernetics Retired NORWAY, Osl Norway, NORWAY
  141. Harmen Broersma MSc Electronic engineering, Zeeland, NETHERLANDS
  142. Brian Bronson Chemistry professor retired , APS, Alpena, UNITED STATES
  143. John Brooks Licensed Clinical Perfusionist and Certified Health Wellness Coach, St Louis, UNITED STATES
  144. Michel Brossard PhD Senior soil scientist, Institut de recherche pour le d veloppement, Montpellier, FRANCE
  145. John Brown BSc Electronics MEng Control Systems past lecturer in Computing Published under Elsevier , Self employed Previously published under Elsevier, Towcester, UNITED KINGDOM
  146. Mavis Brown California licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Retired, Calikfornia, UNITED STATES
  147. Vanessa Brown First Class Honours BSc Computer Science, West Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM
  148. David Brownstein M D Author, West Bloomfield, UNITED STATES
  149. Sand Buch Degree in Economics Geography Dip in information systems design working within the pharma industry for 20 yrs, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  150. Zoe Buckley a, Thones, FRANCE
  151. Alexandre Budria MSc Evolutionary ecology, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, FINLAND
  152. Ernesto Burgio MD Paediatrician, ECERI European Cancer and Environment Research Institute Bruxelles, Palermo, ITALY
  153. Annielaurie Burke Masters Chemical Engineering 43 years industrial experience as an environmental scientist, Allyn Wa, UNITED STATES
  154. Wendy Burke Ryan Engineer, Sierra Vista, UNITED STATES
  155. Dan Burns BSME, Burns Engineering, Cary, UNITED STATES
  156. David Burress PhD economics MA physics, Kansas Progress Institute, Lawrence, UNITED STATES
  157. Larry Burton PhD Physics professor dept head associate dean over period of 40 years at major research universities, Retired associate dean of engineering, State College Pa, UNITED STATES
  158. Roberta Burton Ph D social sciences, Tallahassee, UNITED STATES
  159. Paul Butler BSc MbChB Dip Obst FRNZCGP currently an MSc student University of Plymouth , Milford Family Medical Centre, Auckland , NEW ZEALAND
  160. Elisabeth Bücking PhD, GERMANY
  161. Stella Byrne BSc hons M N I M H , Llandeilo, UNITED KINGDOM
  162. Jacques Cabaret DVet Med PhD biology Ms Phil Sci DiplEurVetParasC Parasitologie, INRA, Nouzilly, FRANCE
  163. Antonio Calabro Fiber optic sensors, Studio Tech , Alife Ce, ITALY
  164. Gordon Caldwell BS Chemistry, Perry, UNITED STATES
  165. John Calman BA Univ of Chicago NSF Graduate Fellow, Alamogordo Nm, UNITED STATES
  166. Sheila Campbell BSc in Biological Sciences Zoology, England, UNITED KINGDOM
  167. Antonio Campos Electrical Engineer Professional Engineering License, UNITED STATES
  168. Elsa Flore Canard Post Doctorant in Theoretical Ecology Epidemiology, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  169. Dr Maria Caparis PhD Marine Biology Marine Scientific Expert Consultant to the United Nations Environment Programme , GREECE
  170. Dan Card B Sc EE Professional Engineer, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, CANADA
  171. R Mi Cardinael PhD in agroforestry systems, INRA, Montpellier, FRANCE
  172. Larry Carino Civil Engineering, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES
  173. Andrea Carlsen MD Child Adolescent Adult Psychiatry, UNITED STATES
  174. David Carlyle Medical doctor and PhD Physics, self, The Woodlands Tx, UNITED STATES
  175. Neil Carman Plant biology BS MS PhD, Austin Texas, UNITED STATES
  176. Jose Carraca degree in economics, iseg, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
  177. Patrick Carraher BS Environmental Science, Edwardsville, UNITED STATES
  178. Andres Carrasco Molecular Embryology Lab Universidad Buenos Aires CONICET, rqcarras gmail com, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  179. John Carroll M S Engineering Physics, Waterloo, CANADA
  180. Robert Carson Chemistry BS 10 patents , Rahway Nj 07065, UNITED STATES
  181. Stephen Carter Chemist BA Hons UK government adviser on consumer safety retired , UNITED KINGDOM
  182. Cs Carvalho PhD Physics, PORTUGAL
  183. Dowell Caselli Smith PhD Sociologist, Caselli Smith Enterprises, Rapid City, UNITED STATES
  184. Justin Casey Doctor of Chiropractic , Marshall , UNITED STATES
  185. Francois Cassistat Computer Scientist B Sc , Montreal, CANADA
  186. Guilherme Castagna MEngSc Project Management GradDiplCOmmerce Bachelor Civil Engineering, Fluxus Design Ecol gico, S O Paulo, BRAZIL
  187. Eduardo Castro MD, Troutdale, UNITED STATES
  188. Crispin Caunter BSc , Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
  189. Alberto Cenci Genetics Genomics PhD , Montpellier, FRANCE
  190. Mary Chamberlain BS Pharmacy MPH, The Villages Fl, UNITED STATES
  191. Nicolas Champagnat Research Scientist at Inria PhD in Applied Mathematics, Inria Nancy Grand Est, Nancy, FRANCE
  192. Jocelyn Champagnon PhD in Ecology, FRANCE
  193. Fabien Charbonnier PhD candidate Vegetal biology, CIRAD, Montpellier, FRANCE
  194. Sylvain Charlat PhD evolutionary genetics CNRS researcher, Villeurbanne, FRANCE
  195. Ramassamy Charles Ph D Neurotoxicity Neuroprotection, CANADA
  196. Guillaume Charrier PhD in Plant Ecophysiology, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
  197. Christophe Chaubet PhD Physics Professor, University Montpellier, Montpellier, FRANCE
  198. Sandrine Chauchard PhD, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, FRANCE
  199. Kamran Chaudhary MD, UNITED STATES
  200. Mark Chen PhD Psychology, UNITED KINGDOM
  201. Mingyu Chen Ph D Professor in Computer Science, Chinese Adademy of Sciences, Beijing, CHINA
  202. Anne Chenuil PhD Population genetics and evolutionary biology permanent position CNRS research scientist, CNRS, Marseille, FRANCE
  203. Gaetan Chevalier Ph D in Engineering Physics, UCI, Encinitas, UNITED STATES
  204. Doug Chick MSc Chinese Herbal Medicine, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  205. Yves Chilliard Research Director Ruminant Physiology and Nutrition, INRA, Auvergne, FRANCE
  206. Clarence Ching B S major in chemistry minor in zoology, Kamuela, UNITED STATES
  207. Grace Chipungahelo Agronomist, Research, Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA
  208. Shiv Chopra BVSc MSc PhD fellow World Health Organization, www shivchopra com, Ottawa, CANADA
  209. Noelle Choron Ingenieur en informatique ma trise de chimie 3 cycle biochimie, Longjumeau, FRANCE
  210. Margaret Christensen Md MD Board Cerfified Obstetrician Gynecologist working on environmental impact of GMO toxins on heath, Institute for Functional Medicine, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  211. Pedro Ivan Christoffoli Sustainable development PhD, UFFS, Laranjeiras Do Sul Pr, BRAZIL
  212. Julien Chuche Ph D in Biology, FRENCH GUIANA
  213. Kuini Chuen HBSc Government food chemist , Mississauga, CANADA
  214. Veronika Chv Talov PhD student of Theoretical and evolutionary biology at the Charles University in Prague, Praha 5, CZECH REPUBLIC
  215. James Ciulla 43 years of medical practice and journal reading, New Life Medical Clinic, Paris, UNITED STATES
  216. Alan Clark Inflammation and pain research specialist, Cambridge, CANADA
  217. E Ann Clark PhD Plant Agriculture University of Guelph retired , Ontario, CANADA
  218. Robert Clark Engineering, Belgrade, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  219. Aussel Claude Docteur es sciences, INSERM Retired , Nice, FRANCE
  220. Miaud Claude Evolutionary Ecology, EPHE, Montpellier, FRANCE
  221. Steve Claxton HNC chemistry, THAILAND
  222. Cillin Cleere BSc Biochemistry Dip Nutritional Therapy Member of BANT, BANT, Limerick, IRELAND
  223. Jane Clemens BS from Uof A AZ double major in Soils and Horticulture, UNITED STATES
  224. Tommie Clendening Masters in Occupational Therapy, UNITED STATES
  225. Tamra Clinger I am a geologist earth science and environmental science educator , Benton, UNITED STATES
  226. Mary Coan i have a PhD in toxicology and an MD certified in family med and int and holistic med, integrative family care at the springs, Pittsford, UNITED STATES
  227. Ann Morris Cockrell Taught Biology General Physical Science for 34 1 2 yrs in public schools in Texas , retired bio sci teacher of 34 1 2yr, Ingram Tx, UNITED STATES
  228. Guy Cohen EE engineer MBA, guyclementcohen, California, UNITED STATES
  229. Nicole Coineau Doctor es Sciences Groundwater crustaceans groundwater quality biogeography, Banyuls Sur Mer, FRANCE
  230. Brian Cole M S Biology 38 year career in conservation, Black Mountain, UNITED STATES
  231. Jonathan Colin PhD student in material physics, Université de Poitiers, Poitiers, FRANCE
  232. Hans Commandeur BSCI MSCI DSCI, ZZP, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  233. Paul Connett PhD Chemistry , American Environmental Health Studies Project, Binghamton Ny, UNITED STATES
  234. Jorge Contreras Health Scientist nutritionist and Optometrist, Sutton, UNITED KINGDOM
  235. Roger Cook Doctor Physics, Ilkley, UNITED KINGDOM
  236. Sarah Cooke B Soc Sc chartered town planner additional qualifications in teaching counselling and organisational management, Dorchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  237. James Cooley BA honors MA PhD developmental psychology, Lawrence Kansas, UNITED STATES
  238. Michael Coon M Sc Marine Biology, Victoria, CANADA
  239. James Cooper engineer city and guilds welder , Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM
  240. Mary Cooper Medical laboraty technician IMLT Haematology , Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, Exeter Ex2 9qn, UNITED KINGDOM
  241. Gloria Coppock MACP, Arlington, UNITED STATES
  242. Anne Cording Master of Science Human Nutrition, California, UNITED STATES
  243. Xochitl Cormon PhD Student Marine Ecology, Université Lille 1, Boulogne Mer, FRANCE
  244. Harry Corsover Ph D , UNITED STATES
  245. Genevieve Cortes PhD Geography Professor, University Montpellier, Montpellier, FRANCE
  246. Jérôme Cortet Soil Ecology and Ecological risk assessment including GMO, Université Montpellier 3, FRANCE
  247. Normand Cossette B Sc Agricultural Engineering Professional Engineer and Agronomist, Irrigation NORCO inc , Varennes Qu Bec, CANADA
  248. Johanne Cote BSc Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering Cell Culture Bioprocess Development, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  249. Diane Cousineau Civil Engineer Master of Integrated Water Management WASH Specialist , International WaterCentre, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  250. Catherine Coutand PhD, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  251. Marie Agnes Coutellec PhD, senior scientist in population genetics and ecotoxicology, INRA, UMR ESE, Rennes Bretagne, FRANCE
  252. Donsld Coyne Engineering Science, Silver Spring, UNITED STATES
  253. Simon Craig Hons Degree, UNITED KINGDOM
  254. Graham Creasey BSc Med Sci MB ChB FRCSEd Experience in clinical trials and regulatory approval for safety and efficacy of medical interventions, Stanford University, California, UNITED STATES
  255. Charlotte Creasy Biology BSc and working on MSc, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  256. Gregory Crook M Sc , CANADA
  257. Bruce Cropley Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science with distinction RMIT Uni , Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  258. Duncan Crow orthomolecular nutrition, retired, Hagensborg, CANADA
  259. Maryann Cuddeback Bachelors of science degree in Chemistry , Chemist, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  260. Alain Cuerrier Botany ethnobotany systematics, Plant Biology Research Institute, Montreal, CANADA
  261. Joe Cummins Ph D Genetics Prof Emeritus of Genetics Distinguished Fellow of ISIS, London Ontario, CANADA
  262. Catherine Cunningham Freshwater Ecology, Winmalee Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  263. Anne Cusack BS Chemistry Registered Nurse, UNITED STATES
  264. Sheldon Cytron Ph D Applied Sciences Univ Del , Symblem Assoc , Mountain Lakes, UNITED STATES
  265. Luigi D Andrea PhD expert on biosafety issues, SWITZERLAND
  266. John D Hondt I saw gmo starting in 1986 in the lab next to mine , West Cork, IRELAND
  267. W Dabby M S Physics, UNITED STATES
  268. William Dabby M S Physics, UNITED STATES
  269. Caroline Daniel Bsc Hons Biological Sciences ND Herbalist, self employed, Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  270. Thierry Darras Engineering degree MBA , Le Chesnay, FRANCE
  271. Robert M Davidson MD PhD FAIS Internal Medicine Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, Texas, UNITED STATES
  272. Jennifer Davies MD MPH, UNITED STATES
  273. Donald R Davis Ph D in chemistry Univ of California Los Angeles, Univ of Washington, Pullman, UNITED STATES
  274. John Davis Computer Scientist IT Consultant, self, Winthrop Maine, UNITED STATES
  275. Frances Day Ph D in biochemistry currently imaging specialist st the University of South Dakp, Yankton Sd, UNITED STATES
  276. Gilberto De Assis Ribeiro agronomic research, Instituto nacional de pesquisa da Amazonia, Manaus, BRAZIL
  277. Emanuele De Benedetti biochemist plant physiology, self, Milano, ITALY
  278. Lucille Elna P De Guzman PhD Seed Technology, University of the Philippines, Los Banos, PHILIPPINES
  279. Drs M T De Jong Retired program officer of the Dutch Technology Foundation STW, Soest, NETHERLANDS
  280. Xavier De Pedro Puente Ph D in Biology, Vall d Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona, SPAIN
  281. Paolo De Santis Senior Professor of Physics, University Roma Tre, Roma, ITALY
  282. Debal Deb M Sc Ph D Fulbright Fellow, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Kolkata, INDIA
  283. Guy Deffeyes Historian of Sciences Doctorant, ADDA ASDA, Paris, FRANCE
  284. Alessandra Degli Esposti Chemistry researcher, ISOF CNR, Bologna, ITALY
  285. Nicolas Deguines PhD in Ecology, Paris, FRANCE
  286. Raika Dehy Mathematics PhD in Mathematics Ma tre de Conf cernces, université de Cergy Pontoise, FRANCE
  287. Emilio DelGiudice PhD High Energy and Quantum Field Theorist Prigogine Medalist 2009, Milan, ITALY
  288. Dan Deluca HBSc DC, Barrie, CANADA
  289. James DeMeo PhD Geographical Earth Science and Climatology, Orgone Biophyscial Research Lab, Ashland Oregon, UNITED STATES
  290. Bas Den Boer Electrical Engineering, NETHERLANDS
  291. Mauk Den Boer Rotary Fellowship MSc Univ of Wageningen MFR Univ of Washington Seattle , i HEALTH bv, Arnhem, NETHERLANDS
  292. Bob Den Ouden dr oncologie, TCM, Rotterdamn, NETHERLANDS
  293. Alain Denaeyer Osteopath D O, BELGIUM
  294. Simone Denaeyer De Smet Past teacher Free university Brussel Belgium Doctor Honoris Causa University Cluj Napoca Roumania , free university brussel, Brussel, BELGIUM
  295. Frantz Depaulis Population genetics including GMO risk assessment phD, CNRS, Paris, FRANCE
  296. Catherine Deptula Doctor of Veterinary Medicine B S in Agriculture, Brandon, UNITED STATES
  297. Martin Dermine DVM PhD, BELGIUM
  298. Michele Dernay medical professional, Fairfield, UNITED STATES
  299. Jean Pierre Descourt pHD medical science, FRANCE
  300. Patrice Descourt nuclear atomic molecular quantum physics, marvinbot, FRANCE
  301. Jean Marc Deshouillers Emeritus Professor, Institut de Math matiques de Bordeaux, FRANCE
  302. Gilles Desroches Medical doctor, Ottawa, CANADA
  303. Jules Deutsch Best Doctors in America Urologist, New Orleans, UNITED STATES
  304. Gita Dhir Applied Molecular Biologist M S Used to create genetically engineered organisms with team for human diseases such as hemophilia , Virginia Beach, UNITED STATES
  305. Tiziana Di Lorenzo PhD permanent researcher, ISE CNR, Florence, ITALY
  306. Iris Diamond Economics PhD, Austin, UNITED STATES
  308. Brick Didier toxicology , Friends of the Earth Belgium, Li Ge, BELGIUM
  309. Yakhya Dieye Microbiology Genetics, University of Malaya, MALAYSIA
  310. Joseph Dimasi MS optical engineering BS electrical engineering, Boulder, UNITED STATES
  311. Alexander Dimauro BS Molecular and Cellular Biology U of Illinois Urbana Champaign, UNITED STATES
  312. Peter Dingle Environmental and nutritional toxicology, independent, Perth , AUSTRALIA
  313. Larry Dizmang M D , Napa, UNITED STATES
  314. Obdulia Dom Nguez Torrecillas Sociologist in social research , Matar , SPAIN
  315. Liot Dominique ingenieur, Cr Ances, FRANCE
  316. Michael Donagher B S Environmental Chemistry , Mr , UNITED STATES
  317. Josea S Dossou Bodjrenou Sauvegarde des esp ces et ecosystemes m nac s, Nature Tropicale ONG, Cotonou Littoral, BENIN
  318. Robert S Dotson MD Clinical Instructor University of Washington Medical Center Ophthalmology Department, Seattle Washington, UNITED STATES
  319. Edward Douglas PhD Molecular and Human Genetics, Noble s Isle Genetics Research Center, Hi, UNITED STATES
  320. John Dousmanis MA Environmental Education, New York, UNITED STATES
  321. Sylvie Dousset Transport of pesticides through soil, Université de Lorraine, Vandoeuvre L S Nancy, FRANCE
  322. Lorenz Dr Bachmann Agronomist, 35415 Pohlheim, GERMANY
  323. Anthony Dr Asturi PhD in electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Dynamics, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  324. Antonino Drago History and Foudnations of Sciences, University of Pisa , Calci Pisa , ITALY
  325. Mimi Drake PhD Biochemistry Immunology , Bowles Olives , California, UNITED STATES
  326. Jennifer Draper BSc Biochemistry, Georgia State University, East Point, UNITED STATES
  327. Jack Dresser Ph D NIH funded behavioral health research scientist, Oregon Research Insitute retired , Eugene Or, UNITED STATES
  328. Jay Dubinsky Bachalor of Science at univ of Calif Irvine Biology, green bioproducts, Palma De Mallorca, SPAIN
  329. Robert Dubois PhD Organic Chemistry, Houston, UNITED STATES
  330. Samuel Dubois Nutrition linguistics psychology , Amawtakuna, New Mexico, UNITED STATES
  331. Amy Dunning BSNursing MSc Medical Anthropology Political Economy, Greer, UNITED STATES
  332. Christophe Duplais Ph D Organic chemistry, CNRS UMR EcoFoG, Cayenne, FRANCE
  333. Jean Luc Dupouey Forest ecology, INRA, Nancy, FRANCE
  334. Denys Dutykh PhD in Applied Mathematics, CNRS, Chambery, FRANCE
  335. Gerard Duvallet Prof Emeritus PhD Medical Entomologist, University of Montpellier, Montpellier, FRANCE
  336. Peter Duvin PhD Biochimie a Toulouse Universite expert analyste a l Air D Montcuq, Toulouse, FRANCE
  337. Anj Duvnjak BSc Behavioural Neuroscience Melboure AUSTRALIA, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  338. Julie Dyer Independent Consultant geology BS MS CGeol, ITALY
  339. Myles Bennet Dyson Bioelectronics Cybernetics Engineering, Cyberdyne Systems, Freemont Ca, UNITED STATES
  340. Robert Dyson MA DPhil Retired industrial scientist engineering electronics, Oxfordshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  341. Skye Earing President of Ligand Solutions Inc molecualr device manufacturer since 2006, Ligand Solutions inc , Deland Fl, UNITED STATES
  342. Adolfo Tomas Eastman medicine diploma diploma in public health, ARGENTINA
  343. Tommy Ebe MIT MA Org Chemistry, Galena Oh, UNITED STATES
  344. Jon Ebersole Dr oec HSG Universit t St Gallen Switzerland , SWITZERLAND
  345. Victoria Ebin Ph D University of Cambridge MA Columbia University, Paris , FRANCE
  346. Haakan Edeholt Professor PhD in design , The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, NORWAY
  347. Morgan Edwards PhD in astrophysics owner of scientific and technical bookstore , self employed, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  348. Sue Edwards Plant taxonomist science editor promoter of agroecology Gothenburg Award on Sustainable Development shared with Kofi Annan as Chair of AGRA in Gothenburg 11 December 2011, Institute for Sustainable Development, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
  349. Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabjer BsC Addis Ababa PhD Univ Wales 2000 Right Livelihood Award 2006 UN Champion of the Earth, Environment Protection Authority, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
  350. Ronald Elmore Geologist B S Univ of Illinois 1968, Saugatuck, UNITED STATES
  351. Philippe Elskens PhD photobiomodulation, Veurne, BELGIUM
  352. David Eme PhD student Evolution Macroecology Phylogeography , University Lyon1, Villeurbanne, FRANCE
  353. Jean English Ph D Plant and Soil Sciences, UNITED STATES
  354. Daniel Epron Professor forest biology, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, FRANCE
  355. Irina Ermakova Prof doctor of biology, Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow, RUSSIAN FEDERATION
  356. Nathalie Espuno PhD ecology, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  357. Hamoir Etienne Endocrine and Transplantation surgeon MD PhD, Liege, BELGIUM
  358. Loïc Etienne Evolutionary biologist, Institut des Sciences de l Evolution, Montpellier, FRANCE
  359. Mary Eubanks Dr Eubanks is an expert in maize genetics and comparative genomics She is the inventor on 17 patents and has published 42 peer reviewed articles and an award winning book , Duke University, Durham Nc, UNITED STATES
  360. Millicent Everdell Bachelor of Environmental Science , Haute Provence, FRANCE
  361. Peter Benjamin Everett BS Chemistry PhD Neurochemistry , Brandon Ms, UNITED STATES
  362. Graham Ewing B SC Chemistry, Mimex Montague Healthcare, UNITED KINGDOM
  363. Christopher Exley PhD Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry Aluminium and Silicon Research Group, Birchall Centre Lennard Jones Laboratory Keele University, Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  364. Harold Faircloth BS Biological Science Florida State University Registered Environmental Health Specialist North Carolina, Macon Environmental Health, Franklin, UNITED STATES
  365. Maureen Fairley BSc Chemistry MSc Soil Physics PhD Environmental Chemistry, Ottery St Mary, UNITED KINGDOM
  366. Marie Farge PhD in Physics PhD in Mathematics research director CNRS member of Academia Europaea fellow of the American Physical Society , CNRS, Paris, FRANCE
  367. Tisha Farr Geology, Fort Worth, UNITED STATES
  368. Steve Farrar M S Horticulture, M2 Ingredients, San Marcos, UNITED STATES
  369. Derek Fawell D Phil Physics Lecturer retired, Weymouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  370. Florence Fayard Currently in Master 2 of Public Health Universit Paris Sud 11 and resident in Medical Oncology, Paris, FRANCE
  371. Robert Feller MD Ph D , Millville, UNITED STATES
  372. Marina Ferguson REsearch in the field of Atherosclerosis, Olympia, UNITED STATES
  373. Antonio Fern Ndez graduate in biology, Zamora, SPAIN
  375. Pamela Fernandez PhD in Crop Physiology, University of the Philippines, Laguna, PHILIPPINES
  376. Sofia Ferreira MSc , DTU Aqua, Copenhagen, DENMARK
  377. Bruno Ferry Doctor forest ecology, AgroParisTech, Nancy, FRANCE
  378. Ismene Fertschai PhD Zoology, University of Graz, AUSTRIA
  379. Linda Fickes Dr of chiropractic Certified Clinical Nutritionist Certified Medical Thermographer, Dr , Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  380. Tina Fiedler BHSc PhD, AUSTRALIA
  381. Vivian Fields BS Chemical Engineer, UNITED STATES
  382. Debbie Filip Diploma in Environmental Technology, Ingersoll On, CANADA
  383. Corrado Finardi Ph D agrofood economics, Confederazione Nazionale Coldiretti, Parma Italy, ITALY
  384. Keith Finnemore B Sc Hort , rosedale farm, Addo, SOUTH AFRICA
  385. Terence Finnigan BSc and PhD in physics, retired, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  386. Robert Fisher BS in Computer Science, Portland , UNITED STATES
  387. Fabrice Flipo Assistant professor philosophy history of sciences and epistemology, Telecom Ecole de Management, Paris, FRANCE
  388. Siobhan Flood BA Hons Natural Sciences MA Natural Sciences MEducation AIEMA, Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  389. Alberto Florian Post doc in Evolutionary Genetics, CNRS, FRANCE
  390. Kyle Fluegge PhD MPH Agricultural Economics USA, UNITED STATES
  391. Alain Fluet Professional chemist with a strong interest in food chemicals Bachelor degree in Chemistry , Quebec, CANADA
  392. Stephen Fog Design engineer, University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, UNITED STATES
  393. Sylvie Foliguet professor emeritus, ETIS, Cergy, FRANCE
  394. Susan Forbes B A B Sc Pharm a long interest in maintaining the integrity of scientific research, Vancouver B C , CANADA
  395. Ian Forrester B Sc Hons Chemistry Ph D Biochemistry, Retired, Calgary Alberta, CANADA
  396. Mathieu Fortin Biometrics Forest Growth and Yield Statistics, AgroParisTech, Nancy, FRANCE
  397. Daphne Fox MA Anthropology, ESL Online Courses, Bozeman, UNITED STATES
  398. Michael W Fox DSc PhD BVetMed MRCVS veterinarian and bioethicist, Indian Project for Animals and Nature, Golden Valley Minnesota, UNITED STATES
  399. Bearrice Fracchiolla Phd in linguistics assistant Professor , University Paris 8, Paris, FRANCE
  400. Henning Francke process engineering, GFZ, Potsdam, GERMANY
  401. Davin Francois Graduated Chemical Engineer, BELGIUM
  402. Craig Frankie I am a Marine Scientist , Marine Science, Manalapan, UNITED STATES
  403. Laura Franseen MD, Suttons Bay, UNITED STATES
  404. Peter Fraser BDS, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  405. Alan Fredeen phd pag professor of dairy systems, dalhousie university, Truro, CANADA
  406. Gordon Freeman Theoretical Physicist PHD , Black Mesa Research Facility, New Mexico, UNITED STATES
  407. Tim Freiday B S Ecology and Natural Resources Cook College Rutgers University enrolled in M S program for Wildlife Ecology at University of Delaware, Mr , Del Haven, UNITED STATES
  408. Joao Freire DMA in Music and Master in Musicology, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
  409. Grégoire Freschet PhD in Ecology, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  410. Esther Friede psychology, CANADA
  411. Nathalie Fromin soil ecology PhD , CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  412. Jill Fuller BS Chemical Engineer Mom who has fully recovered her ASD sons health with nutritional orthomolecular approach , Camas, UNITED STATES
  413. Julien Fumey PhD Student in biology, CNRS, Gif Sur Yvette, FRANCE
  414. Elena G Mez D Az Postdoc in Evolutionary Biology, SPAIN
  415. Sibylle Gabriel M A Cognitive Semiotics, Haute Savoie, FRANCE
  416. Jean Marie Gagnon B A B Sc chemistry Dipl me de l cole Normale Sup rieure Laval QC Canada , retired chemistry teacher, Joliett, CANADA
  417. Patrice Galacteros Ingenieur agronome IT specialist, retired, Pontoise, FRANCE
  418. Angelina Galang BS Chemistry MS Chemistry Ph D Environmental Science, Consumer Rights for Safe Food, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES
  419. Diana Maria Paola Galassi groundwater biology ecotoxicology of pesticides and fertilizers on aquatic invertebrates Professor of Zoology and Biodiversity assessment, University of L Aquila, L Aquila, ITALY
  420. Harry Gale B Sc Hons Pure Chemistry Sheffield University UK, Panama City, PANAMA
  421. Davide Galletti Comuter Science degree, Calci, ITALY
  422. Laure Gallien PhD Ecology and Evolution, CNRS, Grenoble, FRANCE
  423. Luis Javier Garavito Barrera IQ 61UN CO MScChemEng MIT 64 USA, cand PhD ChemEng by Research UofBradford 68 UK , LJGB C a SCS, Bogot D C , COLOMBIA
  424. Jaime E Garc A Gonz Lez Dr sc agr , UNED UCR, San Jos , COSTA RICA
  425. Bryan Gardham B Sc Plant Biotechnology , CANADA
  426. Amanda Garland Health Care Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, Mother, Alpharetta, UNITED STATES
  427. Pauline Garnier G R PhD Habilitation to direct research population and quantitative geneticist, INRA, Bordeaux, FRANCE
  428. Knut Garshol Geological Engineer MSc published author with a long list of professional papers, AECOM Asia Ltd, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
  429. Knut F Garshol MSc Geological Engineering, AECOM, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
  430. Miriam Garvi Ph D in Business Administration Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA
  431. Dave Gates Electronic engineer l holistic health, Ann Arbor , UNITED STATES
  432. Herve Gaucher BTEC Higher National Diploma, FRANCE
  433. Louise Gaynor Neurobiology, UCL, UNITED KINGDOM
  434. Walter Geels BS Chemistry, Subiaco Ar, UNITED STATES
  435. Arthur J Geiger DPM, Retd Dir of Podiatry service, Brooklyn Ny, UNITED STATES
  436. Karin Gerard PhD in genetics and evolution of marine population, IEB Universidad de Chile, Santiago , CHILE
  437. Ray Gerber B S Zoology 1960 Univ of Miami Florida M S Oceanography 1973 Univ of Rhode Island Ph D Oceanography 1976 Univ of Rhode Island, Saint Joseph s College, Standish Maine, UNITED STATES
  438. Michel Gerland PhD, CNRS, Poitiers, FRANCE
  439. Roberto Germano Solid State Physics MSc PROMETE srl CEO, PROMETE Srl, Napoli, ITALY
  440. Kathleen Gessaman BS Chemical Engineering, Great Falls Mt, UNITED STATES
  441. Marsha Geurtsen food should not cause people to be unhealthy and sick science should help not kill, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  442. Hooman Ghomeshi Master of Science in Physiology Doctor of Mecicine, Burlington, CANADA
  443. Simon Gibbons MSci Astrophysics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  444. Adrian Gibbs BSc PhD ARCS FAA, ANU Emeritus Faculty, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  445. Barbara Gilbert Masters in Optical Sciences, UNITED STATES
  446. Alan Giles MA Cantab Statistics, Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM
  447. Petel Gilles University Professor PhD Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  448. James Gillespie BS pharmacy RPh Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Huntsville Al, UNITED STATES
  449. George Gillson MD University of Calgary 1991 PhD Chemistry University of Alberta 1985 CEO Medical Director of Rocky Mountain Analytical founded in 2002 to support Functional and Integrative Medicine, Rocky Mountain Analytical, Calgary, CANADA
  450. Rapha L Girardin PhD student in Marine ecosystem modelling and fisheries dynamics, Boulogne Sur Mer, FRANCE
  451. Sonja Glavina DDS, Fairfield Ia , UNITED STATES
  452. Gwyllyn Goddard Family physician with honours microbiology and biochemistry , DR GWYLLYN S GODDARD INC, Chilliwack, CANADA
  453. Miriam Goedbloed research technician in moleculair biology, NETHERLANDS
  454. Anurag Goel PhD in molecular biology, WAPRED ngo, Madikeri Karnataka, INDIA
  455. Gary Goland Cert App Science, Peoples Environment Protection Alliance Inc , Oaklands Pk, AUSTRALIA
  456. Iris Gold BS Doctorate in Oriental Medicine, Larkspur, UNITED STATES
  457. Isabelle Goldringer PhD quantitative genetics and plant breeding, INRA, Gif Sur Yvette, FRANCE
  458. Lee Goodman Dvm Veterinarian DVM , UNITED STATES
  459. Leonard Goodwin I am author of three professional books based on large scale research studies Do The Poor Want To Work Washington DC Brookings Institution Can Social Science Help Resolve National Problems NY Free Press Causes and Cures of Welfare Lexington MA Lexington Books Prof Emeritus WPI MA, Mount Juliet, UNITED STATES
  460. Barry Gordon BS Physics, retired, Santa Rosa, UNITED STATES
  461. Pascal Gos Master in animal ecology and Molecular biology, University of Geneva, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  462. Sid Gould B Sc Physics, retired , Box Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  463. Brad Graham Master s in Health Educatipon, Milford, UNITED STATES
  464. Susan Graham M D B Sc P T , myself, Ohio, UNITED STATES
  465. Fabio Grazioso PhD in Physics, Université de Montreal, Montréal Québec, CANADA
  466. Daniel Green Ph D im Mathematical Sciences Bowling Green State University, Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, UNITED STATES
  467. Theodore Green AB MS PHD Prof at U Wisconsin Madison, retired, Arlington Va, UNITED STATES
  468. Jeff Greenberg biotechnology techniques and tools clinical diagnostics organic farming, Perth Ontario, CANADA
  469. Kelly Greenway PhD Candidate Biological Anthropology, UNITED KINGDOM
  470. Ana S Grégoire Master of engineering in electronics, BELGIUM
  471. Zulma Gregory B S in Biology and Masters in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Victory Medical Center Pharmacy, Austin, UNITED KINGDOM
  472. Paul Griffiths Medical Doctor, UNITED KINGDOM
  473. Terri Grimm Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, UNITED STATES
  474. Johan Grimonprez visual anthropologist, New York, UNITED STATES
  475. Arin Grinde Bachelor of Science in Biology with minors in Biochemistry and Psychology Doctor of Chiropractic degree, UNITED STATES
  476. G Groesbeck Neurofeedback, UNITED STATES
  477. Jennifer Groff Learning sciences and technology, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, UNITED STATES
  478. Steven Gronemeyer BS MS PhD, Cedar Rapids, UNITED STATES
  479. Nicolas Gross PhD Ecologist, FRANCE
  480. Xiulin Gu PhD Agricultural and Resource Economics 1999 Univ Hawaii USA , Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Kunming, CHINA
  481. Romain Guerreiro PhD Evolutionary Sciences, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, FRANCE
  482. Bernard Guido medecine, Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  483. Marcia Guidoni M D , Durham, UNITED STATES
  484. Patricia Gula social policy administration Univ of Wisconsin, retired USPHS, Sun Lakes, UNITED STATES
  485. Cheryl Gunn BA Microbiology Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  486. Kenneth Gunn B Pharmacy Doctor of Chiropractic Doctor of Osteopathy, retired, Longford Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
  487. Paul H Roux PhD Professor of Toxicology Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, CANADA
  488. Julian Haffegee M Phil Biophysics, Webmaster and Productions Editor Science in Society, ISIS, Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM
  489. Jon Gretar Hafsteinsson BS Food Science University of Iceland, ICELAND
  490. Sandra Haggard cell biologist associate prof of biological sciences university of maine at augusta, Dixmont, UNITED STATES
  491. James Hall Prosthodontist BDS MDS, UNITED KINGDOM
  492. Sheila Hall M D , Vancouver, CANADA
  493. Bob Hamburg BS MS CPC, Omega Alpha Recycling Systems, Glenside, UNITED STATES
  494. Philippe Hambye PhD Sociolinguistics, University of Louvain, BELGIUM
  495. Christopher Hamlin BSc Chemical Technology Health Safety and Environmental risk management , Safety Consultant, Baguio, PHILIPPINES
  496. Bj Rn Hammarskj Ld M D Ph D i Biochemistry, Independent Senior Scientist, Mora, SWEDEN
  497. Sue Hammond MD retired , UNITED STATES
  498. Kenneth Hankin Degreed in Engineering Mathematic Oceanography Marine Biology MBA, Universal Healthcare, Miami Fl, UNITED STATES
  499. Jung Hannes Dr habil , DESY, Hamburg, GERMANY
  500. Ayesha Hansa MTech Chemistry , Private, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA
  501. Brigitte Hansmann Applied Linguistic Sciences Somatic Pattern Recognition, ermie, Barcelona, SPAIN
  502. George Hanson Computer Engineering, Natural News, Scottsdale, UNITED STATES
  503. Lysianne Hari Ph D Student Mathematics , University of Cergy Pontoise, Cergy Pontoise, FRANCE
  504. Stephanie Harmon Bachelor of Science Environmental Resource Management, Jonestown, UNITED STATES
  505. Estelle Harrang PhD Molecular Genetics, FRANCE
  506. Gerald Harris 26 years teaching Chemistry and Science BSc Michigan Tech BA Queens University Ontario Canada MA University of Toronto Shell Canada Fellowship in Chemistry, Ontario Secondary Teachers Federation, Peterborough, CANADA
  507. David Harrison Ph D in Accounting, Univ of South Carolina Aiken, Aiken Sc, UNITED STATES
  508. Rev Jake Harrison Social Sciences, North American Intertribal Missions, Fort Worth Texas, UNITED STATES
  509. Jean Hart retired PhD Nutritionist, retired, Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  510. Abby Hartman b a anthropology , Richfield, UNITED STATES
  511. Fred Hartman MS Engineering physics, Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  512. Mohammed Hassan Molecular Biologist Master of Science, Safeage, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  513. Molly Hauck Psychologist, Kensington, UNITED STATES
  514. Todd Hauser Physics UC Berkeley unpublished research in food nutrition, UNITED STATES
  515. Nancy Haynes Medical Laboratory Technician, UNITED STATES
  516. Gabrielle Heatherdale Genotist, Unterensingen, GERMANY
  517. Joseph Heckman PhD Soil Science, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  518. Joel Hedberg Bachelor of Science Biological Science, Mr , Helena, UNITED STATES
  519. Philipp Heeb DPhil Evolutionary Biology, CNRS UPS, Toulouse, FRANCE
  520. Tracy Heilers Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Saint Charles, UNITED STATES
  521. Michael Heiming Research and Measuring ofg EMF, http microondes wordpress com, Nrw, GERMANY
  522. Joanna Heller MSW, Cos Cob, UNITED STATES
  523. Quentin Helleu PhD student in Evolutionary Biology Genetics, CNRS, Gif Sur Yvette, FRANCE
  524. Jennifer Henderson Interdisciplinary Degree in Agriculture Botany and Environmental Ethics, Citizen of Planet Earth, Arcata, UNITED STATES
  525. Kaj Henriksen PhD Ass Professor emeritus Environmental Engineering and Biology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, DENMARK
  526. Stephane Herbette PhD associate professor in plant molecular biology and ecophysiology, Blaise Pascal University, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  527. Barbara Herbut MSc Immunology King s College University Of London UK Transplant Immunology, Retired, Calgary, CANADA
  528. Sebastien Hernalsteens master license in clinical psychology bachelor in physical education vrije universiteit brussel, Gozee, BELGIUM
  529. Valerie Hernandez Hansen PhD in biomedical sciences expertise in signal transduction in immune cells immunology, UNITED STATES
  530. Douglas Herr BA Zoology BS Mechanical Engineering, Sacramento, UNITED STATES
  531. Hans R Herren PhD Entomology biological control MSc Agronomy Entomology Awards World Food Prize Tyler Prize Sir and Lady Rank Prize Kilby Award Right Livelihood Award Alternative Nobel Prize Brandenberger Prize , Biovision Foundation, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  532. Sallie Herson Masters Degree in Science, Bionutrient Food Assoc , Windsor, UNITED STATES
  533. Barbara Hertz BS Science, UNITED STATES
  534. Cochard Herv PhD Directeur de Recherches Membre de l Acad mie d Agriculture de France, INRA, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  535. Darrel Hestdalen Doctor of Chiropractic DIBAK FASA Nutritional Consultant, Enjoy Health Now, Fargo, UNITED STATES
  536. Clive Hetherington BSc Plant Biology, UNITED KINGDOM
  537. George Hewitt Chartered Civil Engineer project director for Nation Agriculture Centres International, Institution of Civil Engineers London, Bangor, UNITED KINGDOM
  538. Robert Heyduck BS Forestry MS Plant Breeding and Genetics, New Mexico State University, Mora, UNITED STATES
  539. Patrick Hicley I am a research analyst with a relentless passion for truth , Sedona Gepograpjic , Sedona, UNITED STATES
  540. Katrina Hidy BSMT ASCP transfusion medicine, American Red Cross, Charlotte Nc, UNITED STATES
  541. Victoria Hill RN Reiki Master, QCC INC, Brier, UNITED STATES
  542. Mae Wan Ho Ph D Biosafety Expert Quantum Biologist Prigogine Medalist 2014, Director Institute of Science in Society, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  543. Thierry Bernard Hoareau PhD Phylogenetics and population genetics, Department of Genetics University of Pretoria, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
  544. Lisa Hodgson BBSc Post Grad Dip Psych , Latrobe University, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  545. Frieder Hofmann Dipl Biol Environmental Monitoring Vice Chair VDI Board Biodiversity GMO Monitoring Risk Assessment, Oekologiebuero TIEM Integrated Environmenatl Monitoring, Bremen, GERMANY
  546. Jean Hofve Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Denver, UNITED STATES
  547. Gai Holden B A Psych PG Dip Psych , AUSTRALIA
  548. Erica Hollis BSc in pure and applied mathematics BSc in Herbal Medicine, UNITED KINGDOM
  549. Linus Hollis ScD ScD, Oakland, UNITED STATES
  550. Peter Holmann Doctor of Chiropractic, Saarbr Cken , GERMANY
  551. Diane Holmes I am a doctor of chiropractic and also have a master s degree in Asian medicine, UNITED STATES
  552. Carl Hopman Ecole Polytechnique Paris Corps des Ponts PhD MIT, Wilmette, UNITED STATES
  553. Peter P Hoppe Dr med vet Veterinary Physiology Univ Nairobi Head of BASF Animal Nutrition Research Station Retired , Wachenheim, GERMANY
  554. Otakar Horak Data and voice communications MEE, retired, Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC
  555. Mary Beth Horst Nurse practitioner MSN, UNITED STATES
  556. Frederic Hospital PhD in Population Biology Habilitation a Diriger les Recherches, INRA, Jouy En Josas, FRANCE
  557. Charles Hough Chiropractor graduated summa cum laude, UNITED STATES
  558. Gordon Howe Sociology BA MA, California Central Coast, UNITED STATES
  559. Phyllis Hoyte B Sc Hons Environmental Sciences, Port Of Spain, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
  560. Don M Huber PhD Plant Biologist Professor Emeritus Purdue University Melba Idaho, UNITED STATES
  561. Michael Huebert Veterinary medicine immunology nutrition master beekeeper master gardener , Clay County Nebraska, UNITED STATES
  562. Anthony Hughes B Sc Dip Chem Eng Dip Stats Lic Ac, Natural Medicine Clinic, Dublin , IRELAND
  563. Mark Hughes BSc Physics, UNITED KINGDOM
  564. Johannes Huisman mathematics, Université de Brest, Brest, FRANCE
  565. Caspar Hull DO, lowbounre osteopaths, Melksham, UNITED KINGDOM
  566. Chris Humberstone BSc Chemistry, Humberstone International, Sunny Isles Beach, UNITED STATES
  567. Lorraine Hurley MD and furhter certificates and awards, Brewster, UNITED STATES
  568. April Hurley Md Physician and Surgeon State of California Family Medicine board certified , Sant Rosa, UNITED STATES
  569. Fred Hussain MEng PhD in MEMS 3 axis Acceleration Sensors 17 yrs in R D Consutancy Product dev within Aerospace Telecoms Printing Industries, Herts, UNITED KINGDOM
  570. Craig Hutchinson Master of Chemical and Process Engineering Distinction University of Canterbury Christchurch New Zealand, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  571. Ann Huycke Medical doctor, self, Boise, UNITED STATES
  572. Jacques M Huyghe Associate Professor Biobedical research recipient of P G Interpore Award 2013 , Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS
  573. Anita Idel licensure veterinary medicine MDV , mediation project management agrobiodiversity, Feldatal, GERMANY
  574. Mindano Iha BSc pharm MSc , NORWAY
  575. Kelly Ilseman B S Biology M Ed Science and Environmental Education M S Human Nutrition, Upward Bound Math Science, Orono, UNITED STATES
  576. Eric Imbert Conservation Biology Plant Population Biology Assistant Professor University Montpellier France, FRANCE
  577. John Ingle MA Psychology, International Somatics Institute, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  578. Wanda Innes anti aging practitioner, capitale jeunesse, Water Mill, UNITED STATES
  579. Colby Inzer Naturopathic Doctor Diplomate Naprapathy Licensed Associate of Chiropathy diplomat American Medical Massage Association Licensed Massage therapist, Pressing Matters Massage Therapy , Eagle Id, UNITED STATES
  580. Henrik Isager MD dr med PhD retired lecturer Syddansk Universitet section infectious diseases, 5800 Nyborg, DENMARK
  581. Svilena Ivanova PhD student, FRANCE
  582. Allan Jablon MS Electrical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Ellicott City, UNITED STATES
  583. Johanna Jacks B Sc Agr M Sc Retired Wildlife Biologist, CANADA
  584. Joe Jackson Retired physician practiced family medicine for 40 years , AAFP, Pilot Mountain, UNITED STATES
  585. Elizabeth Jacobo Magister Scientiae in Natural Resources Student of PhD in agroecology, Facultad de Agronom a UBA , Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  586. Dainat Jacques PhD in Bioinformatics and Genomics, SupAgro, Montpellier, FRANCE
  587. Testart Jacques Director of medical research inserm retired , Fondation sciences citoyennes, Paris, FRANCE
  588. Benoit Jaillard PhD Agronomy Ecology, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Montpellier, FRANCE
  589. Tengiz Jaliashvili PhD Prof Academician , Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, GEORGIA
  590. Alan James MA Physics geophysics University of Toronto, Burnaby Bc, CANADA
  591. Isaac Jamieson PhD in Environmental Science DIC, UNITED KINGDOM
  592. Van Mansvelt Jan Diek Dr Sc Sustainable Agriculture, NETHERLANDS
  593. James Janossy BA MS abd PhD college faculty author of several textbooks, DePaul University, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  594. Gaëlle Jaouen Ph D Forest Ecology, AgroParisTech, Kourou, FRENCH GUIANA
  595. R Jarvis BSc Hons 1, UNITED KINGDOM
  596. Ad Le Jatteau PhD Linguistics, FRANCE
  597. Walter Jaworski DVM, Holyoke Community College, Northfield, UNITED STATES
  598. Mishael Jay Bachelor of Science Resource Management and Environmental Science Australian National University, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  599. Grandidier Jean Claude PR, ISAE ENSMA, Poitiers, FRANCE
  600. Drevon Jean Jacques Research Director in rhizobial symbiosis PhD Awards from the Fench Academy of Agriculture 1993 the Ibero Amercian Society of beneficial plant microbes interactions 2009 , INRA, Montpellier, FRANCE
  601. Martin Jean Louis Community Ecologist Conservation Science, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  602. Chotte Jeanluc soil ecology climate change, IRD, FRANCE
  603. Alison Jeanne BSc in Biomedical Science, NEW ZEALAND
  604. Laurent Jeanneau Geochemistry PhD, FRANCE
  605. Thierry Jecko Phd Habiliation Mathematical Physics , FRANCE
  606. Stanisbaw Jedydski PhD genetics and plant breeding retired from University of Environmental and Life Sciences, POLAND
  607. Jane Jefferson Public Health Specialist MSc Science and Technology Policy Manchester University UK, personal capacity, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  608. Thomas Jefferson Wholistic Physician, Self, Palm Beach Gardens Florida, UNITED STATES
  609. Lisabeth Jenders graduate mineralogist , Telgte, GERMANY
  610. Nicola Jervis BSc PGCE chemistry, University of Keele, Keele, UNITED KINGDOM
  611. Dr Angel Jimenez DVM CVA CVFT , UNITED STATES
  612. Lilian Joensen Biologist PhD, Grupo de Reflexi n Rural, Buenos Aires , ARGENTINA
  613. Nejc Jogan PhD associate professor, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
  614. Steven Johansen Chemistry Biochemistry, UNITED STATES
  615. Olle Johansson Associate Professor of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  616. Brian John MA D Phil, Ex Durham University Dept of Geography, Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
  617. Kelly Johnson I hold an MS in Food Science and work in the biotech industry, UNITED STATES
  618. Lynn Johnson Ph D psychology published in peer reviewed journals, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES
  619. Alan Johnson Phd PhD Psychology Professor retired, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  620. Laurance Johnston Ph D Biochemistry Molecular Biology, UNITED STATES
  621. Yves Jolivet Professor cellular and molecular physiology, University, Nancy, FRANCE
  622. Helene Joly evolutionary geneticist involved with the evolution of cultivated plants in interaction with the dynamics of socities, CIRAD, Montpellier, FRANCE
  623. Derek Jones Senior Researcher in Chemistry B Sc M Sc Ph D , ISOF CNR Italian National research Council , Bologna, ITALY
  624. Mary Jones no official awards but respected nutritional advisor, nationally certified massage therapist, Sandpoint, UNITED STATES
  625. Meg Jordan Medical Anthropologist PhD, CIIS, San Francisco, UGANDA
  626. Nicholas Jordan PhD MSc BEng, Faversham, UNITED KINGDOM
  627. Martinez Joseluis Ecofoodomics Microbiota , Universit Laval, Quebec, CANADA
  628. Kajima Mulengi Joseph Dr Professor of Organic Chemistry, CONGO, DRC
  629. Eric Jottrand Master in Biology, Gembloux, BELGIUM
  630. Michael Joyce Psychology Sociology Anthropology NeuroTechnology Listed in Who s Who Medicine and Health Care Education Mid West World Educator of the Year MN plus others too numerous to mention, Personal Resource Strategies, Roseville, UNITED STATES
  631. Bailly Julien Materials Engineer, FRANCE
  632. Claude Julien evolutionary biology, ISE M, Montpellier, FRANCE
  633. Catherine Jung Psychologist, FRANCE
  634. Colin K N A U F I have read extensively on the pros and cons of GMO and it has been made clear to me that GMO is not GRAS and GMO is fraught with fraud and malfeasance , Colin Knauf, Nanaimo, CANADA
  635. Jan Kaczmarek PhD Professor of Genetics and Plant Breeding retired from University of Environmental and Life Sciences, POLAND
  636. Leon Kappelman BA MBIS PhD in Computer Information Systems Director Emeritus IS Research Center Fellow Texas Center for Digital Knowledge, University of N Texas, UNITED STATES
  637. T Reid Kavieff D O Board Certified in Family Practice and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, CCM, West Bloomfield, UNITED STATES
  638. Dr Brenda Kaye BVSc Melbourne 1972 MEd Hons Canterbury 2002 Veterinary Surgeon, Reefton Veterinary Service, Reefton, NEW ZEALAND
  639. Charles Kelly Doctor of Chiropractic, Self, Warren Mi, UNITED STATES
  640. Donna Kelnhofer Register Nurse, Peoria, UNITED STATES
  641. Hannelie Kemp W Ed Hearing Specialist Clinical Nutritionist, Hearing Learning Centre, Knysna, SOUTH AFRICA
  642. Barry Kendler PhD in Nutrition Fellow of the American College of Nutriton Professor of Nutrition University of Bridgeport Bridgeport CT, University of Bridgeport, Bronx, UNITED STATES
  643. Michael Kern Osteopath Naturopath and Craniosacral Therapist Course Director at Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust London, CTET, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  644. David Kerr 2 degrees BS MS, Biotronic, Portland, UNITED STATES
  645. Harinamsimran Khalsa MS Biology, Santa Cruz, UNITED STATES
  646. Bill Khan Airfoil lenses supercells and other research and development , General Airfoil Dynamics, Glendale, UNITED STATES
  647. Joe Kiceniuk PhD Physiology Environmental toxicology, Nova Scotia, CANADA
  648. Julie Kidd Medical doctor, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  649. Myung H Kim M Phil in Sociology, New York, UNITED STATES
  650. Sandra Kinghorn social organizaion and social psychology, retired, Miami, UNITED STATES
  651. Lisa Kinney DVM, Port Deposit Md, UNITED STATES
  652. Gary Kinsley Clinical Laboratory Scientist BA UCLA Hospital Laboratory Technologist Calif State Licensed, UNITED STATES
  653. Faiez Kirsten MB ChB MBA EFTcc , Health Wellness Performance Institute, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  654. Jörg Klasmeier PhD Institute of Environmental Systems Research, Osnabruck University, Osnabruck, GERMANY
  655. Siegfried Kleisinger Prof Dr sc agr Agricultural Engineering, University of Hohenheim, GERMANY
  656. William Klink theoretical nuclear physics, university of iowa, Iowa City, UNITED STATES
  657. Richard Klippert doctorate of dental surgery, Qualicum Beach, CANADA
  658. Kristy Knight Expertise in the Language of the Body the science of the organs and glands have studied with the famed Dean G Allen PhD for 8 years, Sandy, UNITED STATES
  659. Kent Knock Ph D in Chemistry Arizona State University, Afternoon Zephyr Farm, Rogue River Or, UNITED STATES
  660. Ed Kobrinski Public health policy, Inkscape, UNITED STATES
  661. Bob Kohl Public Health Epidemiology MPH, UNITED STATES
  662. Joseph Kohn Md Physician with over 30 years clinical experience , www WeAreOne cc, Wailuku, UNITED STATES
  663. Jon Kopel phd in biochemistry, East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  664. Vassilios Kotaidis PhD Physics, Siegen, GERMANY
  665. Vincent Krakowski PhD student 2nd year , Biot 06 , FRANCE
  666. Rainer Krell Biology Entomology tropical agriculture PhD Guzi International Peace Price 2010, ITALY
  667. Adelheid Kresse Ass Prof PhD in Neuroscience 20 years of experience with animals models transgenice mice Sprague Dawley rats , Medical University Graz, Graz, AUSTRIA
  668. Marlis Krichewsky Doctorate in social sciences specialization on management engineering education, Cucuron, FRANCE
  669. Pascale Krikowski Ph D neurosciences, Montr Al, CANADA
  670. Sheldon Krimsky PhD Fellow of the American Associatuon for the Advancement of Science biotechnology risks assessment, Tufts University, Cambridge, UNITED STATES
  671. Suresh Krishna MBBS PhD, GERMANY
  672. Murukesan Krishnapillai PhD in Plant Science PG Diploma in Environmental Management PG Diploma in Landscaping , College of Micronesia FSM, Colonia Yap, MICRONESIA
  673. Mary Kristjen PhD in clinical psychology, New York, UNITED STATES
  674. Rachel Krown BSN, medical, Crown Point, UNITED STATES
  675. Dee Kruleski Biology, Harrisburg Are Community College, Harrisburg, UNITED STATES
  676. Louis Krut MB ChB MD University of Cape Town South Africa Adjunct Professor St Louis University, St Louis University, St Louis MO , UNITED STATES
  677. Keerthi Krutha B Tech, WILD Society , Coimbatore, INDIA
  678. Margaret Kuebler MPH year toward an ScD in public health attorney, Deep South , UNITED STATES
  679. Gary Kuehn DVM, Newhall, UNITED STATES
  680. Micha Kuiper Physicist drs , UvA, Egmond Aan Den Hoef, NETHERLANDS
  681. Henry Kuska Ph D retired Physical Chemistry Associate Professor Univ of Akron 1965 1993 , retired Chemistry Departmenr University of Akron, Akron Canton Ohio, UNITED STATES
  682. Marguerite La Gt PhD Crystallography retired, retired from CNRS, La Motte En Champsaur, FRANCE
  683. Charles La Via Ph D , N Mes, FRANCE
  684. Jan Laan Delft University of Techmology, Courtenay Bc, CANADA
  685. Philippe Label Research Director, INRA, Clermont Ferrand, FRANCE
  686. Isabelle Lachenaud Ph D in ecology, Kourou, FRENCH GUIANA
  687. Philippe Lachenaud PhD in biology HDR, CIRAD, Kourou, FRENCH GUIANA
  688. Andrew Lack PhD in Botany 1980 , Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  689. Laurel Lahaie Physician, Asuncion, PARAGUAY
  690. Mary Lahren Ph D in Geoscience , Reno, UNITED STATES
  691. David Laing Geologist MA Harvard University, Stockton Springs , UNITED STATES
  692. Beryl Laitung PhD associate Professor in Ecology, university of Burgundy, Dijon, FRANCE
  693. Alan Lambert BSE human ecology graduate study, The Gerard Group, Los Altos Ca, UNITED STATES
  694. Jenni Lane BSc Zoology BHSc Complementary Medicine , Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  695. Ron Lane M S Appropriate Tech International Development, Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  696. Laura Langham Bachelor of Science in Nursing with minor in Biology, Sacramento, UNITED STATES
  697. John Larandeau BS degree Civil Engineer University of Nebraska at Omaha 1974, Retired, Omaha, UNITED STATES
  698. Charmian Larke honurs degreee 2 1 biological sciences FRSA, Truro, UNITED KINGDOM
  699. Fabien Laroche MS, FRANCE
  700. Jacques Larochelle PhD in cell physiology, Laval University, Quebec, CANADA
  701. Christine Larsen M D and M S in Nutrition , Saint Petersburg, UNITED STATES
  702. Thomas Laurent PhD University of Massachusetts 1982, Camden Me, UNITED STATES
  703. Zerbib Laurent Complex Systems on Finance and Agroecology, SAG Research, Schifflange, LUXEMBOURG
  704. Jessica Lavabre Lavabre Micas PhD Ecology and dynamics of ecological networks, EBD CSIC, Sevilla, SPAIN
  705. Pierre Lavallee Applied computer science PhD, Consultant, San Diego County , UNITED STATES
  706. Renaud Lavend Homme immonology, Braine Le Chateau, BELGIUM
  707. Julia Ruth Lawson Parasitology BSc D Phil York University United Kingdom, PSGR, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND
  708. Soizic Le Saout PhD in ecology, CEFE CNRS Montpellier, FRANCE
  709. Didier Le Thiec ecophysiology genomic, INRA, Champenoux, FRANCE
  710. Duane Leavitt Chemistry instructor for over 40 years, CMMC, Buckfield, UNITED STATES
  711. Raphael Leblois PhD population genetics, INRA, FRANCE
  712. Philippe Lebourg Electronics design engineering degree member of IEEE member of IEEE standards definition and update committees, Grenoble, FRANCE
  713. Sarah Leclaire PhD zoology, Paris, FRANCE
  714. Gregory Lecouvey PhD student, INSERM, Caen, FRANCE
  715. William Lee Md Medical Doctor, Age Management MD Women s Health Consultants, Denver, UNITED STATES
  716. François Lefebvre Indepedent, Fontaine Le Comte, FRANCE
  717. D Lefevre Medical doctor Neuroscience, Private, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  718. Brenda A Lefrancois PhD Psychology, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John S, CANADA
  719. Quentin Legros PhD student experimental evolutionary biology, EZH, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  720. Jack K Leiss PhD epidemiology children s environmental health and perinatal epidemiology , North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  721. David Lellinger B A 1958 M A 1960 and Ph D 1965 in botany specializing in taxonomy and evolutionary biology , Brevard Nc, UNITED STATES
  722. Charlène Leloutre PhD, FRANCE
  723. Boris Leroy PhD in biology, University of Rennes 1, Rennes, FRANCE
  724. Jean Lessard Ph D in Organic Chemistry, Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, CANADA
  725. Rosie Leung MS in Applied Mathematics, UNITED STATES
  726. Violette Levie Electromechanical engineer, CANADA
  727. David Levy Cancer and alt Health, Pathways Inc , Tallahassee Fl, UNITED STATES
  728. James Lewis B S Pharmacy , Waukesha, UNITED STATES
  729. Kathy Lewis BS Mechanical Engineering, Aiken, UNITED STATES
  730. Pastor G Jeremiah Lexier B Sc in Electrical Engineering Communications, The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, Winnipeg, CANADA
  731. Roland Mag Libois Ecology PhD, Univ of Li ge zoogeography, Li Ge, BELGIUM
  732. Svein Anders Noer Lie Philosophy philosphy of science PhD, University of Tromsoe, Tromsoe, NORWAY
  733. Ernst Liebhart MA Dipl Psych PhD Social and Applied Psychology, Philipps University Marburg, Marburg, GERMANY
  734. William Light B A M A Ph D full member Sigma Xi NIEHS postdoctoral fellowship in Environmental Toxicology University of Wisconsin at Madison, Sandy Springs Ga, UNITED STATES
  735. Li Ching Lim BSc Ecology MPhil Development Studies, TWN, MALAYSIA
  736. Paik Lan Lim MB BS, Hacienda Heights, UNITED STATES
  737. Gerrie Lindeque Medical Doctor, Parys, SOUTH AFRICA
  738. Quentin Liot PhD student in Biology, INRS Institut Armand Frappier, CANADA
  739. Roger Lipman B Sc Chemistry Imperial College London Ph D Physical Chemistry Cambridge University, New York, UNITED STATES
  740. Edna Loehman PhD in economics professor emeritas Dept of Agricultural Economics Purdue University, purdue university, West Lafayette, UNITED STATES
  741. Sylvain Londe PhD Student Paris 6, Paris, FRANCE
  742. Elizabeth Lonergan BS Geology B Arch , UNITED STATES
  743. Dr Angela Longo PhD in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, TCMCH, Kamuela, UNITED STATES
  744. Marko Loparic PhD, Louvain La Neuve, BELGIUM
  745. Dr Ron Lopert M B B S Medical practitioner , Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  746. Gina Lopez Doctor of veterinary medicine DVM , UNITED STATES
  747. Juliana Lopez Marulanda MSc PHD Student , Rennes, FRANCE
  748. Jessy Loranger PhD student in functional ecology , CANADA
  749. Antoine Louchart PhD research scientist in paleontology CNRS, CNRS, Lyon Cedex 07, FRANCE
  750. Thomas Loudat PhD in Agricultural Resource Economics, TNSP Inc , Kaneohe, UNITED STATES
  751. Ver Nica Lozano MSc Biologie, ARGENTINA
  752. Vadim Lucian Bachelor of Science Microbiology, CANADA
  753. Rejane Maria Ludwig chemical engineering, AGAPAN, Porto Alegre Rs, BRAZIL
  754. Eric Luria MD, Washington, UNITED STATES
  755. Karen Lutter Engineer B S Mechanical Engineering who works on environmental law compliance, Sacramento, UNITED STATES
  756. Karen Lyke DSc MS CCN, , Whitehouse, UNITED STATES
  757. Amyan Macfadyen Biologist Ecologist Soil Scientist Fellow of Inst Biol Zool Soc London Brit Ecol Soc R Irish Acad c C , Professor, Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM
  758. Gerson Machado Biomedical Engineering PhD, MBD, Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL
  759. William Mackay neurophysiology B Sc M Sc Ph D , University of Toronto, Toronto, CANADA
  760. Norma Mackellar BSc Biology Specialization in Marine Biology , Black River, CANADA
  761. Angus Macqueen M Agr Sc PhD Biology , Retired former CSIRO, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  762. Christine Madden M Ed NCSP Ph D AbD Human Development Cognition School Psychology, UNITED STATES
  763. Todd Maderis Nd Naturopathic Doctor, Larkspur Ca, UNITED STATES
  764. Yadira E Magana BA Biology BSc Human Development UC Davis DC Doctor of Chiropractic PCCW, UNITED STATES
  765. Pascale Maillard Senior scientist PhD in Plant Physiology, INRA, Nancy, FRANCE
  766. Maria Dorota Majewska Neuroscientist neuropharmacologist Ph D , UNITED STATES
  767. James L Mako P E Leed Ap Environmental engineering, James L Mako P E Inc , Boca Raton Florida, UNITED STATES
  768. Dr John Ian Malcolm PhD in Applied Mathematics from University of California Berkeley Chaotician Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, University of Texas at Austin, Palo Alto, UNITED STATES
  769. John Malpass Ph D Education Psychology University of Southern California also a patent holder, Capella University, Pinehurst, UNITED STATES
  770. Michael Manley Process Engineer BS USAF Academy, Hewlett Packard Agilent, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  771. Keith Manton B Sc Metallurgical Engineering, UNITED STATES
  772. Sergio Manzetti Biocomputing, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SWEDEN
  773. Eric Marcon PhD in ecology director of the joint reseach unit Ecologie des For ts de Guyane, AgroParisTech, Kourou, FRENCH GUIANA
  774. Heblinski Marika PHD Neuropharmacolgy, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  775. Francois Marillier University Professor in geophysics, University of Lausanne, Lausanne, SWITZERLAND
  776. D L Marrin Hydrochemistry Ph D , UNITED STATES
  777. Claire Marsden PhD Associate professor in soil ecology, Montpellier SupAgro, Montpellier, FRANCE
  778. David Marshall MRCS MRCGP, independent, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  779. John Marshall ph d, institute of applied biochemistry, Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  780. Elizabeth Martin D C , Santa Roza Ca, UNITED STATES
  781. Guillaume Martin Evolutionary biology and evolutionary genetics PhD Agronomic Engineer Diploma , CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  782. Indira Martin PhD Biomedical Sciences, Nassau, BAHAMAS
  783. Jane Martin social scientist psychotherapist ms, Omaha, UNITED STATES
  784. Jose Martin Psychotherapist MA LMFT CHT, Oakland, UNITED STATES
  785. Peter Martin Pharmacology, G Teborg, SWEDEN
  786. Erika Martinez Fernandez Marine Biology and Aquaculture, Darwin, AUSTRALIA
  787. Andrew Maselli Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Software Engineer, Rochester, UNITED STATES
  788. Rosemary Mason MB ChB FRCA Award winning ex editor of medical journal, Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
  789. Jivan Masoomdar Social Ecology M A , Prescott College Alum, California , BAHAMAS
  790. Estelle Masseret PhD ecology , Université Montpellier 2, Montpellier, FRANCE
  791. Otto Mathias Ecology Eco toxicity GMO risk assessment, ENSSER, GERMANY
  792. Navdeep Mathur PhD, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, INDIA
  793. Leovegildo Matos Animal Nutrition Veterinary Immunology, Embrapa, Goiania Goi S, BRAZIL
  794. Joe Matula Clean renewable energy research U S Canadian and European Union patents pending on geoclimatic energy, Geoclimatic Energy Inc , Winnipeg, CANADA
  795. Florence Matutini Consultant Environmental Engineering Msc in Ecology , Montpellier, FRANCE
  796. Stacy Maurer PhD, Fairfield, UNITED STATES
  797. Sylvie Maweja MD, Li Ge, BELGIUM
  798. Mike Mayr BA Finance MA Medical Science DMD, UNITED STATES
  799. Carol Mcbratnie RN MSN Nurse Practitioner ANP BC already extol the benefits of a grain free diet as well as instructing on use of antibiotics in animal feed designed to rapidly fatten livestock same for corn one is what one eats and also one is what your food has eaten , Berkley, UNITED STATES
  800. Joe Mccavendish B Sc Biotechnology, AUSTRIA
  801. Roger Mccleary PhD Organic chemistry 1973 Harvard Univ R B Woodward mechanistic orgamis Postdoctoral 1974 Univ New Brunswick K Wiesner natural product synthesis , , UNITED STATES
  802. Tracey Mccowen M Bioethics genetic technologies Natural Resources PhD c Gund Student Fellow Jeffords Scholar of Public Policy agricultural policy land economics, GUND Institute for Ecological Economics, Vermont, UNITED STATES
  803. Gloria Mccracken Studying right now, Chiloquin, UNITED STATES
  804. Pam Mccraw BS Aerospace Engineering Univ of Texas 1988 former NASA JSC space shuttle flight controller , Seabrook, UNITED STATES
  805. Pamela Mccraw BS Aerospace Engineering Univ of Texas 1988 former NASA JSC space shuttle flight controller , Seabrook, UNITED STATES
  806. Jeanne Mcdonagh MSN RN, Saline Michigan , UNITED STATES
  807. Jane Mcdougall Mathematics Several Elsevier publications, colorado college, Colorado Springs, UNITED STATES
  808. Marilyn Mchugh Infectious Disease Biologist MPH Global Public Health, The Hummingbird Project, Cleveland Oh, UNITED STATES
  809. Maurice Mckenna Engineer Retired C Eng MBA MBCS, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
  810. Peter Mcknight BS in Clinical Dietetics MS in Health Care Policy Management Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Fairfield, UNITED STATES
  811. Michael Mclachlan professor of analytical environmental chemistry, Stockholm University, SWEDEN
  812. Mary Mcmaster BS mathematics MA African Studies PhD African History 11 years of awards supporting studies research, independent researcher, Bomoseen, UNITED STATES
  813. Johanna Mcnicholl BSc MSc Medical Molecular Biology 10 years microbiology research, Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM
  814. Faith Meadows HB Sc Geologist, CANADA
  815. Charito Medina PhD Environmental Biology, MASIPAG, Los Banos Laguna, PHILIPPINES
  816. Mimi Medjdoub I hold a degree of engineer in Food Industry , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  817. Michel Mégard Master in mathematics, SWITZERLAND
  818. Gautam Mehra Mechanical Engineer , Chandigarh, INDIA
  819. Daniel Mejia Economics drug policy, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, COLOMBIA
  820. Alain Melis osteopath D O , Mains Sante, Nivelles, BELGIUM
  821. Vince Mendieta B S Environmental Science, Austin Tx, UNITED STATES
  822. Ted Mendoza PhD Agronomist, University of the Philippines, Los Banos, PHILIPPINES
  823. Grant Meredith M D Student, UNITED STATES
  824. Florian Mermillod CNRS Researcher Functional Ecology, CNRS, Villeurbanne, FRANCE
  825. Robin Mesnage Cellular and molecular biology University of Caen, Caen, FRANCE
  826. Miguel Ngel Mestres Actually finishing my PhD in Plant Molecular Genetics, Centro Nacional de Biotecnolog a, Madrid, SPAIN
  827. Christl Meyer, AIDS Research, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  828. Dittmar Michael particle physics and energy , ETH Zurich Switzerland, Geneva Switzerland, SWITZERLAND
  829. Nejszaten Michel licenci en chimie, Seraing, BELGIUM
  830. Alice Michelot Associate Professor, Plant ecology, FRANCE
  831. Tore Midtvedt microbiology, KI, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  832. Lynne Mielke M D Physician, Optimal Health Spectrums, Pleasanton Ca, UNITED STATES
  833. Glenn Miles Anthropology, Surrey, CANADA
  834. Belay Ali Million Researching on the role of participatory mapping for learning and change in the context of resilience and biocultural diversity, MELCA Ethiopia AFSA, Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA
  835. Floyd Mitchell Biological treatment of domestic wastewater hydraulics hydrology M Sc Civil Engineering, MWH Global Engineering, Anchorage, UNITED STATES
  836. John Mohan Nutritional Consultant, Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  837. Peter Molenaar Distinguished Professor of Human Development Professor of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, UNITED STATES
  838. Theresa Mondello B S Biology Colorado State University M S Entomology University of Illinois ISA Certified Arborist PD 2232A, City Forester City of Easton PA, Easton, UNITED STATES
  839. Patricia Montague BS Biology, UNITED STATES
  840. Ernest Moore B Eng McGill 1956, Self, Ottawa, CANADA
  841. Patrick Moore Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritional Science Associates, West Haven, UNITED STATES
  842. Keith Moores Bsc Analytical Chemistry, Retired, Calgary, CANADA
  843. Bernardo Mora Chemical engineer Pchem and CRE lecturer at ESPOL Guayaquil, Guayaquil, ECUADOR
  844. Christianna Morgan Dr of Chiropractic craniopath and American Council on Nutrition, Brevard, UNITED STATES
  845. Dennis Morita BSEE 1 patent, self, Rancho Palos Verdes, UNITED STATES
  846. David Morrison Computer Scientist BSc Hons, Morrison Foundation, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
  847. Frank Morton Plant breeder organic seed grower seller , Wild Garden Seed, Philomath Oregon, UNITED STATES
  848. David A Mosig Private Physician D O , Lufkin Texas, UNITED STATES
  849. Georges Mouton Medical Doctor certificated in 1985 from the University of Li ge BELGIUM specializing in Functional Medicine for 20 years, Private Medical Practice, Burgos, SPAIN
  850. Charles Mr BS and MSM, Private Citizen, Hartland, UNITED STATES
  851. Larry Palm Mr BS MS in Electrical Engineering over 40 years experience in Systems Engineering, Retired, Melbourne Fl, UNITED STATES
  852. Karsten Mueller Ph D Environmental Science MS Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  853. Dr John J Mulrooney Dc Chirpractic Physician Clinical Nutrition Physical Rehabilitation, Portland, UNITED STATES
  854. Francois Munoz PhD ecology, University Montpellier 2, Montpellier, FRANCE
  855. Sandra Murray I am a scientist of nursing and have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Washington, UNITED STATES
  856. Peter Murray Rust Chemist MA D Phil, Open Knowledge Foundation, Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  857. Joachim Mutter Physican Medical Doctor since 1999 working in University Medical Center Freiburg Germany from 2001 until July 2008 Many scientific publications and four books, Environmental Medicine, Konstanz, GERMANY
  858. Jack Nachamkin Ph D in physics Run an organic farm , J J Farm, Glen Mills Pa, UNITED STATES
  859. Eva Najberg MSc in Health Psychology University College London, Najberg Milne, Buckinghamshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  860. Elya Naxon taught occupational therapy at university emphasis on neurological issues , Dallas Texas, UNITED STATES
  861. Richard Julia Ness BS MS Animal science 30 years as an educator in sustainable agriculture systems practices, Boyd Mn, UNITED STATES
  862. Ed Neubauer Metallurgy Masters Degree, ret d, Beloit, UNITED STATES
  863. Raymond R Neutra physician and epidemiologist former chief Div of Env and Occ Disease Control CA dept Pub Hlth, retired, Albany, UNITED STATES
  864. Stuart A Newman Chemistry developmental biology biological physics evolution of developmental mechanisms Ph D Chemistry, New York Medical College, Valhalla New York, UNITED STATES
  865. Bb Nibbom RN Research Nurse Integrative Medicine and currently a student in Functional Medicine certification program , UNITED STATES
  866. Jean Philippe Nicolas Mathematics, University of Brest, Brest, FRANCE
  867. Rachel Nicoll Researcher, BSEM, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  868. Antoine Nicot Ing nieur Evolution exp rimental, FRANCE
  869. Josephine Nicotra BSc Biomedical Hons Grad Dip Ed, AUSTRALIA
  870. Caroline Nieberding Associate Professor in Evolutionary Biology PhD in Science , Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain La Neuve, BELGIUM
  871. Friedrich Niebergall PhD, Crozet, FRANCE
  872. Elsa Noel phD student in evolutionary biology , CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  873. Dixie Normus PhD in Human Reproduction MSc in Women s Studies, Helena Mt United States, UNITED STATES
  874. Vic Norris PhD Professor of Biology, University, FRANCE
  875. Eva Novotny PhD Astrophysicist, Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  876. Jan Emiel Nuyens CivilEngineer Doctor in Applied Sciences Retired Professor at Unversit Libre de Bruxelles MASCE, Universit Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, BELGIUM
  877. John O Brien PA C Board certified Physician Assistant, Littlerock Family Medicine Suite 101, Tumwater, UNITED STATES
  878. John O Connor Physics, Artistic Solutions Publishing, Corte Madera, UNITED STATES
  879. Jo Oconnor BSc Hons Psychology, UNITED KINGDOM
  880. Maria Ohare PhD in archaeology researcher , Stonechat Lithics, Galway, IRELAND
  881. Irena Margaret Olejnik BSc Agriculture MSc Industrial Microbiology PhD Mycology worked mainly in education also dairy industry and research assistant animal physiology, retired, Aldergrove Bc, CANADA
  882. Mariejos Olivier Groundwater Ecology researcher , CNRS, Villeurbanne, FRANCE
  883. Roupsard Olivier PhD Forest Sciences HDR Forest Sciences A Prof CATIE Costa Rica, cirad, Montpellier, FRANCE
  884. B I Omar Bachelor of Business Science from the University of Cape Town Fellow of Actuarial Society of South Africa, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  885. Sylvia Onusic PhD Public Health Education MS BS CNS LDN board certified and licensed nutritionist independent scholar, University Research Associates, State College, UNITED STATES
  886. Dr Fred Opmeer University Utrecht Biochemistry PhD Thesis Medical Faculty Utrecht MD Postdoc Pharmacology, retired scientist, Zwolle, NETHERLANDS
  887. Dave Orchard B Sc D Phil C Chem, Retired, Begur, SPAIN
  888. George Ordal Biochemistry and molecular biology, University of Illinois, Urbana, UNITED STATES
  889. Robert Orme Chemistry Degree BSc formerly occupation in chemical industry Chief Chemist and teacher, retired, South West, UNITED KINGDOM
  890. Enrique Ortega PhD student, CIRAD, Montpellier, FRANCE
  891. Ollie Oscar Media, UNITED KINGDOM
  892. Nancy Ossenberg PhD Professor Emeritus Department of Biomedical and Moleculsr Sciences Queen s University, Kingston, CANADA
  893. John Otranto BS Engineering MS Systems Analysis, INES, Aying, GERMANY
  894. Stefano Ottani Scientist at CNR ITALY Molecular modeling on biological systems , C N R Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche, Bologna, ITALY
  895. Jean Marc Ourcival Eco physiology Plant climate interaction , CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  897. Monique Page Medical technologist BS Michigan State University , concerned citizen, Roswell, UNITED STATES
  898. Ronald Paget Fats and Oils Chemist BS Chemistry MBA 35 years experience in both US and Intl chemical industry, Ventnor, UNITED STATES
  899. Yoan Paillet Forest Ecology, Nogent Sur Vernisson, FRANCE
  900. Laurent Palka associate professor ecology, National Museum of Natural History, Paris, FRANCE
  901. John Palmer PhD Prof of Mathematics retired University of Arizona, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  902. Stephen Panetta Social Studies teacher BSeD, Horsham Pa, UNITED STATES
  903. Jean Michel Panoff PhD in Biology Professor at the University of Caen Normandy France, University of Caen, Caen, FRANCE
  904. Marc Pansu OhD modelling C and N cycle, agro-ecology, soil science, Montpellier, FRANCE
  905. Donald Parker Ph D in Biochemistry Founder of Bioassay Labs Post Doc Enzymology , Retired, Bowling Green, UNITED STATES
  906. Safiya Parker BSc Hons First Class in Applied Biological Sciences specialising in Physiology Pharmacology, Soraya Health, Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  907. Adrian Parkins BSc PhD , Katamid Ltd , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  908. Stuart Parkinson PhD in environmental science BEng in physics and electronic engineering Executive Director of SGR over 15y working on science and technology policy, Scientists for Global Responsibility, Lancaster, UNITED KINGDOM
  909. Charles Paskewicz Ph D in Clinical School Psychology, Central Florida, UNITED STATES
  910. David Patrice PhD senior scientist in population biology ecology evolutionary biology, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  911. Anupam Paul Msc Ag PhD I have doing doing organic farming along with conservation of indigenous rice varieties for the last 11 years I belive that hazardous patented anti nature GM crop is not necessary to feed the world Organic farming can feed the world , Biodiversity conservation Farm Agricultural Training Centre, Kolkata, INDIA
  912. Gail Pawlak Physics, human, Parma, UNITED STATES
  913. Steve Pearce Seismology PHd, Seltrain, Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  914. Wilhelm Peekhaus Ph D Information Science, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Milwaukee, UNITED STATES
  915. Randy Peele BS in Biology 40 years experience in horticulture and landscaping, Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Seneca SC 29678, UNITED STATES
  916. Alec Pekler Naturopathic doctorate student and trained toxicologist, California , UNITED STATES
  917. Nicki Penaluna Honours degree Natural Sciences University of London, Retired, Chalais, FRANCE
  918. Monica Fernandez Perea PhD in Physics, Independent Consultant, SPAIN
  919. Julio Perez Evolution bioinvasions PhD, Universidad de Oriente, Cumana, VENEZUELA
  920. Pietro Perrino Agronomist Genetisist and Botanist Conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources Former Director of Germplasm Institute and Research Manager, Bari, ITALY
  921. Michelle Perro I am an integrative physician and have lectured on GMO toxicity particularly in children , Institute for Health and Healing, Fairfax, UNITED STATES
  922. Zvonko Peteranac I tought mathematis for twenty years ontario Canada, OSSTF teachers federation, Guelph, CANADA
  923. Sabine Petereit master degree farmacist, Farmacist federization, Uras, ITALY
  924. Christine Peterson MS Forensic Science PhD Immunology and Microbiology, Dr , Carlsbad, UNITED STATES
  925. Douglas Peterson Ph D Psychologist, San Diego Behavior Consultants, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  926. Steve Philbrick B A in Computer Science M Ed in Educational Technology M S in Computer Science expected May 2014 , University of Maine, Orono, UNITED STATES
  927. Gayral Philippe PhD genomics and virology assitant professor at tours university france , IRBI, Tours, FRANCE
  928. Guérin Philippe Materials science Physics, CNRS, Poitiers, FRANCE
  929. Jarne Philippe PhD Population biologist, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  930. Marc Philippe PhD HDR Senior Researcher, Université Lyon 1 France, Lyon, FRANCE
  931. Alasdair Philips BSc DAgrE , Powerwatch UK NGO , Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  932. Betty Phillips PhD Psychology Harvard 1967, Pittsboro, UNITED STATES
  933. Ffiona Phillips BAppSc BVB BVMS, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  934. Ann Phillis Bachelor of Science Melbourne University, AUSTRALIA
  935. Jean Paul Picard Docteur en Medecine spécialiste en Sant Publique, 61340 St Jean De La Foret, FRANCE
  936. Coralie Picoche MD Bioinformatics and modeling, Ifremer, Dijon, FRANCE
  937. Cr Pierpoint Chiropractic Physician and BS in Biotechnology, Wholeness Chiropractic of Santa Fe, UNITED STATES
  938. Lev Que Pierre Ing Centrale Coordinateur SPS Qualiticien ts organismes, Collectif VigilanceOGM Pesticides16, Angoul Me, FRANCE
  939. Alexis Pietak PhD Physics Queen s University Canada, Organic Electric, Kingston, CANADA
  940. Michel Pimbert PhD Agroecology Director Centre of Agroecology and Food Security Coventry University , Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM
  941. Fernando Pineda pharmacist, Toledo, SPAIN
  942. Florence Piron Sociology and ethics of science PhD, Université Laval, Québec, CANADA
  943. Ruthann Pisaretz MA Counselor massage Therapist Matrix Repatterning Practitioner Structural Integration Practitioner Foundation Training student Instructor, Healing Center, Fairfax, UNITED STATES
  944. Jean Luc Plassat Engineer in molecular biology, CNRS, Strasbourg, FRANCE
  945. Simone Plaut CMIOSH MSc , Private individual , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  946. Tim Poate PhD, Plymouth University, Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  947. Teresa Poku MS Computer Science BS Electrical Engineering, Nj, UNITED STATES
  948. Gerald Pollack PhD Editor in Chief Water Prof Bioengineering University of Washington Prigogine Medalist 2011, Seattle Washington, UNITED STATES
  949. Firmas Degili Pollas Professor in Computational Sciences, ISCAA, Aveiro, PORTUGAL
  950. Mark Polle M D , CANADA
  951. Stephane Ponton PhD Forest Ecologist, INRA, Nancy, FRANCE
  952. Desmond Poon TCM Practitioner Homeopath Teacher, CANADA
  953. Betty Pope MST in biology anthropology, UNITED STATES
  954. G Pope BS Math, UNITED STATES
  955. Daniel Possnack BA physical science Senior Avionics Engineer , UNITED STATES
  956. Shideh Pouria MB BS BSc MRCP UK PhD Nephrology mucosal immunology envirnomental medicine, King s College London, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  957. Roni Pozner Quantum Dynamics Phd, Technion, Ramat Gan, ISRAEL
  958. Bharatendu Prakash M Sc D Phil VIKRAM SARABHAI FELLOW MPCST , KISAN VIGYAN KENDRA, Tindwari Banda, INDIA
  959. Michel Prévot Research Director at CNRS France Exceptional class Recipient of the Fernand Holweck Prize of the French Academy of Sciences Fellow of the American Geophysical Union , Montpellier, FRANCE
  960. Karl Probst MD in medicine , M D , Trier, GERMANY
  961. Sylvain Pronovost BA Philosophy MA Philosophy MSc Cognitive Science PhD candidate in Applied Cognitive Psychology, Research Associate School of Psychology Laval University Human Factors Consultant C3 Human Factors Consulting Inc , Qu Bec, CANADA
  962. Jim Puckett Former Exploration Geologist, Casrte Rock, UNITED STATES
  963. Arpad Pusztai FRSE chemist biochemist expert on nutritional and toxicological studies, Budapest, HUNGARY
  964. Bruno Querat PhD Endocrinology, CNRS, FRANCE
  965. Romeo Quijano Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology M D Jennifer Altman Award Science for Public Interest 2005, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology College of medicine Univ of the Philippines manila, Metro Manila, PHILIPPINES
  966. Michael Quillin master s degree shcool of communication cleveland state university, UNITED STATES
  967. Owen Quinn B Sc M Sc Environmental Science, Vancouver Bc, CANADA
  968. Fabio Quirici Psychiatrist, Swiss Medical Association, SWITZERLAND
  969. John Rabideau Mechanical Engineer , Retired P Eng , Ontario, CANADA
  970. C Dyeanne Racette General Surgeon, Morrisville Vermont , UNITED STATES
  971. Heather Rainbow diploma in physiotherapy Master of Arts one subject of which was astronomy, Basingstoke Rg22 6ja, UNITED KINGDOM
  972. Pavle Randjelovic Physiology PhD, Nis, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  973. Manit Rappon Ph D Professor of Chemistry, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ontario, CANADA
  974. Chris Rasmussen Md Ms Medical Doctor , Waukesha, UNITED STATES
  975. Uffe Ravnskov MD PhD specialist in internal medicine and nephrology, Lund, SWEDEN
  976. Michel Raymond Evolutionary biologist Doctorate thesis PhD silver medal from the CNRS , CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  977. Anita Reeb Masters degree in Social research methods PhD candidate in bio psycho social research, UNITED STATES
  978. Richard Regan MD Pathologist, Northwest Comm Hospital, Arlington Heights, UNITED STATES
  979. Jacinto Leite Capelo Rego PhD Mathematics, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, PORTUGAL
  980. David M Reid Plant stress physiology Ph D , University of Calgary, Calgary, CANADA
  981. Jean Reiher Biologist and Technical Editor, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  982. Ronald Reil Earth scientist and geologist Sigma Gamma Epsilon Earth Sciences Honors Society , Retired, Garden Valley Idaho, UNITED STATES
  983. Patricia Relue PhD in chemical engineering with expertise in bioengineering and biotechnology, University of Toledo, Toledo, UNITED STATES
  984. Danielle Ren B Sc Psychology, Montreal, CANADA
  985. Henk Renting MSc Environmental Sciences and MSc Rural Sociology, Visiting professor University of Cordoba Spain Associate researcher Wageningen University the Netherland, Veenendaal, NETHERLANDS
  986. William Richardson Medical practitioner retired MA MB BChir Cantab MRCP UK , UNITED KINGDOM
  987. Dave Riches B Sc hons M Sc MBCS C Eng Eur Ing , Marlow, UNITED KINGDOM
  988. Jennifer Richter Social Science Cognitive science statistic analysis neurobiology, Long Beach, UNITED STATES
  989. Charles Ridley Health practitioner, Dynamic Stillness School, Muir Beach, UNITED STATES
  990. Tim Riordan Batchelor of Apllied science Agriculture Permaculture design Certificate, Autana Permaculture, Dalgety, AUSTRALIA
  991. David Ritz Ph D Marine Biology, Retired, Hobart, AUSTRALIA
  992. Pierre Rivière PhD student in genetic, inra, Gif Sur Yvette, FRANCE
  993. Iain Robbe BSc 1977 MSc PHM 1985 MSc MEd 2001 MB BS 1980 MRCS LRCP 1980 MFPHM 1987 http www med mun ca CommunityHealth People Affiliated Faculty aspx , Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John S, CANADA
  994. Jane Roberts MA LicAc, University of Oxford, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  995. Jason Robertson BS Physics UIUC MS Electrical Engineering UVa JD UNLV Patent Attorney Reg 53 522, UNITED STATES
  996. Barry E Robinson Formerly Licentiate Royal Institute Chemistry, retired, Nr Hull East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  997. Dwight Robinson Entomology Plant Sciences Health Nutrition, MN Dept of Agriculture retired, Red Wing, UNITED STATES
  998. Quentin Rodemeyer ND Doctor of Naturopathy, Santa Monica California, UNITED STATES
  999. Ana Rodrigues PhD in Ecology, CNRS, Montpellier, FRANCE
  1000. Carolyn Rogers BSc Hons Botany Qualified Acupuncturist and Homoeopath, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  1001. Walt Rogers BS in Chemistry, Goshen, UNITED STATES
  1002. Pierre Antoine Rollat Farnier PhD Student, FRANCE
  1003. Barbara Roman BS Chemistry MS Polymer Science, UNITED STATES
  1004. Ernest Romanco Engineer, Special Services, Albion, UNITED STATES
  1005. Peter Romilly BSc PGCE MA PhD, Ecmetrika Consultancy and Research, Newport On Tay, UNITED KINGDOM
  1006. Paul Rosch MD Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry Chairman American Institute of Stress, New York Medical College, Hastings On Hudson, UNITED STATES
  1007. Lawrence Rose Occupation Environmental Medicine M D M P H Public Health Medical Officerten, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Mill Valley, UNITED STATES
  1008. Neil Rosen Certified family practice specializing in nutritional medicne , Preventive Medicine of Monmouth, Middletown Nj, UNITED STATES
  1009. Jean Claude Rostan Prof on the retired list Ecology, Lyon, FRANCE
  1010. Raphael Rouzes Msc Entomology , Tabanac, FRANCE
  1011. Michael Rovine Ph D Professor of Human Development, Penn State University, University Park PA, UNITED STATES
  1012. Matthew Rowland Bsc Hons Environmental Science, Transition Technology, UNITED KINGDOM
  1013. Frank Rowson B Vet Med , Matamata, NEW ZEALAND
  1014. Barry T Rubin Ph D Physical Chemistry Electrochemistry UNITED KINGDOM, Kings Lynn, UNITED KINGDOM
  1015. William E Rubin PhD human excretory studies MS BS Bio, UNITED STATES
  1016. Chris Rudd Chiropractor, Chasetown Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  1017. John Rule Soil Science, Sevierville, UNITED STATES
  1018. Eric Runte Board Certified Family Physician M D , Eric Runte Family Practice, Sonora California, UNITED STATES
  1019. Catherine Russell Licensed Professional Counselor, Alexandria Va, UNITED STATES
  1020. Sheila Russell Human nutritional biology Ph D , UNITED STATES
  1021. Tavish Russell Environmental Engineer, PEGNL, St John S, CANADA
  1022. George Ruta Physician M D , Cambridge, UNITED STATES
  1023. Robert Sabin Inventor of Novel cytotoxic Drugs, Superfox Therapeutics Inc , Mill Neck Ny, UNITED STATES
  1024. Tuculo Sacallama PhD Bioengineering of food toxins and laxative compounds University of Indonesia , INDONESIA
  1025. Edward Sacchette researcher, UNITED STATES
  1026. Aurelien Saghai PhD student Microbial Ecology, FRANCE
  1027. Inayet Sahin BS in biology, Beyond Green Living, Brookeville, UNITED STATES
  1028. Jordi Salmona Agronmy biotechnology ecology conservation , Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Lisbon, PORTUGAL
  1029. David Salter Electronics engineer IPC Certified PCB designer CID , UNITED KINGDOM
  1030. Luc Laurent Salvador Natural sciences training Licence es sciences naturelles PhD in Psychology, UM2, Sainte Suzanne, REUNION
  1031. Mark Samolis BS Chemistry United States, Kentfield, UNITED STATES
  1032. Anthony Samsell PhD Scientist Consultant, Deerfield New Hampshire, UNITED STATES
  1033. Francisco Sanchez Bayo PhD ecotoxicology risk assessment of pesticides and other contaminants, Office of Environment Heritage NSW, Lidcombe Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  1034. Scott Sandefur physiology, Cherokee Village, UNITED STATES
  1035. Ian Sanders B Sc, Self, Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM
  1036. Jennifer Sanftner Psychologist Ph D , Grove City, UNITED STATES
  1037. Rich Sang BS PT BS Health Sc MS Oriental Medicine Acup Physician , Delray Beach Florida, UNITED STATES
  1038. Dr Frank W Sannella Lic Counseling Psychologist Nutritional Consultant Hypnotherapist EFT Provider, Stockton, UNITED STATES
  1039. Ivan Santandreu biology environment production, Chile sin Transgenicos, Santiago, CHILE
  1040. Pierre Sartor Retired biologist Docteur es Sciences Papers in Sciences J Memb Biol Am J Physiol , CNRS, Pessac, FRANCE
  1041. Gill Sati MRCPE, Hospital Pantai, K Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  1042. Ellen Saul Licensed Psychologist BA in Pre Med, Faribault, UNITED STATES
  1043. Peter T Saunders Ph D Theoretical Cosmology Prof Emeritus Applied Mathematics Biomathematician, Co Director Institute of Science in Society, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1044. Asbjorn Saxegaard Biology, FTH, Aarnes, NORWAY
  1045. David Schemberger i am a medical doctor with research work in molecular biology at the California Institute of Technology in the lab of max delbruck nobel prize in 1971, permaculture institute of southern california, Orange County California, UNITED STATES
  1046. Mattia Schiaulini Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, Coop Integral Catalana, Barcelona, SPAIN
  1047. Silvia Schiaulini PhD Design Sciences, Udine, ITALY
  1048. Guus Schilder psychology kandidaats, St Harmonische Voeding, Lelystad, NETHERLANDS
  1049. Dr Leyla Schimmel Biologist biotechnology research scientist, Andover, UNITED STATES
  1050. Chris Schlink BSCE SDSU, UNITED STATES
  1051. Joya Schoen M D , Mid Florida Medical Group, Winter Park, UNITED STATES
  1052. Daniel Schreiber BSC zoology biology botany, Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA
  1053. Terry Schroeder BSEE University of Wisconsin Madison WI , UNITED STATES
  1054. Eckart Schumann PhD, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
  1055. Frederick Schurger BS DC DCUCP candidate, Upper Cervical Health Centers of America, Springfield, UNITED STATES
  1056. Ben Schwarcz Bachelor of Science MA Psychololgy, UNITED STATES
  1057. Norman Schwartz Medical Doctor, UNITED STATES
  1058. Paul Schwartz Ph D physics and very concerned consumer, Longmont, UNITED STATES
  1059. Ren M Segbenou Working on the socio economical and cultural assessment of GE and GMOs PhD, JINUKUN, Cotonou, BENIN
  1060. Peter Selby Registered Physical Therapist BSc Rehabilitation Medicine Univ of BC BA from Stanford University, You Angel You Peter Selby RPT, Western Us, UNITED STATES
  1061. Marc Selosse Microbial ecology evolution, Museum nat d Histoire naturelle, Paris, FRANCE
  1062. Stephanie Seneff Ph D, Senior Research Scientist MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Cambridge Mass, UNITED STATES
  1063. Caroline Senter MRes Environmental Social Science University of East Anglia 2011, Norfolk, UNITED KINGDOM
  1064. Milagros Serrana MS Biology major in Genetics Visiting scientist at University of Texas Medical Branch Department of Preventive edicine in 1997, Miriam College, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES
  1065. Joseph L Sexton Field Engineer Lucent Technologies, Lucent Technologies retired , Monroe, UNITED STATES
  1066. Paul Shabazian BSEE MSEE, Granada Hills Ca, UNITED STATES
  1067. W Z Shangguan PhD Condensed Matter Physics Semiconductor Physics, CHINA
  1068. Nestor Shapka Bachelor of Science Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree Diploma in FCT Homeopathy , Bonnyville, CANADA
  1069. William Shaw Ph D Board certified in clinical chemistry and toxicology recipient of the 2013 award from the International Academy of Child Brain Research, The Great Plains Laboratory, Lenexa, UNITED STATES
  1070. Stephanie Shelburne PhD Theoretical Research in MindBody Medicine , Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  1071. Rupert Sheldrake MA PhD, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1072. Jerry Sherman Nuclear Engineer and over 20 years as a medical professional , Spokane, UNITED STATES
  1073. Allen Shinn Social Science PhD, National Science Foundation retired , Cambridge Md, UNITED STATES
  1075. Vandana Shiva Ph D Quantum physics winner of Right Livelihood award numerous other prizes honorary degrees from numerous universities worldwide, Director of Navdanya, New Delhi, INDIA
  1076. Jennifer Shults Doctor of Chiropractic, Oberlin, UNITED STATES
  1077. Brian Shute Ph D Speech and Hearing Science, Spokane, UNITED STATES
  1078. Jerome Silbert M D Pathologist Molecular Biology Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Medicine Environmental Health, Watershed Partnership Inc , Guilford, UNITED STATES
  1079. Margarida Silva Biologist PhD from Cornell University USA , Portuguese Catholic University, Porto, PORTUGAL
  1080. Heber Silva Cantera Leg s Achuration , DSC, Montevideo, URUGUAY
  1081. James Silverblatt MD, Gates Mills, UNITED STATES
  1082. Sergiu Silvian PhD medical electronics, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  1083. Lionel Simonneau PhD Developmental Biology Epistemology of Biology Socio Scientific issues, INSERM, Montpellier, FRANCE
  1084. John Simonsen chemistry materials science nanotechnology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  1085. Meg Simpson MD, CANADA
  1086. Ruth Simpson BSc hons Applied Biology, N Yorks, UNITED KINGDOM
  1087. Kathy Sincere BA Holistic Nutrition, American Association of Nutritional Consultants, Lakewood Co, UNITED STATES
  1088. Susan Sinclair Social scientist MA, Oakland, UNITED STATES
  1089. Av Singh PhD Agriculture Just Us Chair in Small Farm Sustainability, Just Us Centre for Small Farms, Nova Scotia, CANADA
  1090. Baljit Singh Medial Doctor MD , Klinik Kaulsay, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  1091. Eva Sirinathsinghji Ph D Neuroscience Molecular Biology Staff Writer for Science in Society, Institute of Science in Society, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1092. Göran Sjöberg Materials Technology, Chalmers University, Gothenburgh, SWEDEN
  1093. Trond Skaftnesmo Biologist and philosopher cand philol , Haugesund, NORWAY
  1094. J Rn Skavland PhD, University of Bergen, NORWAY
  1095. Dav Skender BSE Polymer Science Engineering, UNITED STATES
  1096. Curt Slater Cancer Research, ARH, Mission, CANADA
  1097. Maria Smalley Ph D Analytical Chemistry, UNITED STATES
  1098. Anthonie Smit Masters degree Geophysics, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
  1099. Anthony Smith B D S B Sc M Med Sci , Lincoln, UNITED KINGDOM
  1100. Diane Smith C Phil ABD all but dissertation toward Ph D Chemical Physics UCLA DuPont teaching award, Ms , Lincoln, UNITED STATES
  1101. Harold Smith 40 years of researh in the nuclear industry, retired, Toronto, CANADA
  1102. Ted Smith B S in Chemical Engineering, Houston, UNITED STATES
  1103. John Snatic Doctor of Medicine, Reno, UNITED STATES
  1104. Roman Andrzej Sniady PhD Agriculture, Herr, Wroclaw, POLAND
  1105. Dr Patrick Sobota PhD Psychology, Voice Of The Fans, Chesterfield, UNITED STATES
  1106. David Sobral PhD Astrophysics, Leiden University, Leiden, NETHERLANDS
  1107. Touzeau Solène Responsable de programme de recherche master biologie , Objectif Sciences International ONG OSI , Dijon, FRANCE
  1108. Rudowski Sonia soil science master s degree, CIRAD, CONGO
  1109. Krista Soots M Ed Counseling Psychology, Tallinn, ESTONIA
  1110. Fouchecourt Sophie PhD Animal physiology, INRA, Nouzilly, FRANCE
  1111. Carlos Sosa Practising Medical Clinician, Private MD, Medellin, COLOMBIA
  1112. Masha Sosonkina Professor in Modeling Simulation and Visualization Engineering , Old Dominion University, Norfolk, UNITED STATES
  1113. Gene Sperling Pharmacist Allergy Immunology, Breathe Rite Air, Thousand Oaks, UNITED STATES
  1114. Jannie Sperling PhD Zoology, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  1115. Richard Spike DVM, Jerome Mi, UNITED STATES
  1116. Joerg Spitz MD and PhD Professor and board of Nuclear Medicine board of nutritional and preventive medicine, Insitute for medical Information and Prevention, Schlangenbad, GERMANY
  1118. Diederick Sprangers B Sc Biochemistry Dutch Drs Chemistry graduated on A tumef I am a GM consultant for NGOs , Genethics Foundation, Nijmegen, NETHERLANDS
  1119. Oliver Springate Baginski PhD lecturer Natural Resources Environment, School of International Development University of East Anglia, Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM
  1120. Pierre St Vincent Ph D Computer Science University of Montreal Ph D informatique Universit de Montr al , Qu Bec, CANADA
  1121. Maarten Stapper Farming Systems Agronomy, BioLogic AgFood, Weston Creek, AUSTRALIA
  1122. John Starmer BS MSc PhD Candidate, University of Florida, Gainesville, UNITED STATES
  1123. George Stastny Dipl Ing 1963 M Sc 1970 MH 1991 , CANADA
  1124. Aniela Staszewska Environmental Studies, University of Finances and Management, Biabystok, POLAND
  1125. David Stein Computer Scientist, individual, Bradford, UNITED STATES
  1126. Michele Stephens Bachelor of Science, AUSTRALIA
  1127. Michelle Stephens Masters in Physics, UNITED STATES
  1128. Susan Stephens B Mus Hons AKC B Com currently studying for B Econ, various, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  1129. Attila Stersky B Sc Ag Eng 55 M Sc 67 Ph D 71, Government of Canada Retd , Ottawa, CANADA
  1130. Frederick Stevens Electrical Electronics Engineering MS Extensive experience in electromagnetics RF and multi physics, UNITED STATES
  1131. Duncan Stewart Ph D Psychology, Victoria, CANADA
  1132. Pamela Stewart Clinical Laboratory Scientist, UNITED STATES
  1133. Mary Stockdale Ph D Forest ecology, University of BC Okanagan campus, Vernon, CANADA
  1134. Peter Stockdale Veterinary pathology Professor emeritus avian pathology diseases of feedlot cattle disease of endangered captive birds , Enderby, CANADA
  1135. David Peter Stonehouse B Sc AGR Guelph M Sc Agric Econ Guelph Ph D Agric Econ MB, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario, CANADA
  1136. Ulf Str Mberg MSc Chemical Engineering, SWEDEN
  1137. Arthur Strauss Doctor in integrative medicine dentistry DDS, Mclean Va, UNITED STATES
  1138. Peter Straw MSC micrbiology, Brampton Ontario, CANADA
  1139. Dexter Strawther Ph D Mathematics, UNITED STATES
  1140. Leland Streufert BS Chem Eng Northwestern University , Retired, Schaumburg Il, UNITED STATES
  1141. Brian Stross Anthropology PhD, University of Texas at Austin, UNITED STATES
  1142. Lucinda Stude BS Chemistry 1975 Washington College Chestertown MD Hewlett Packard Agilent Technologies Sales and Marketing representative, , Cochranville, UNITED STATES
  1143. Richard Stump M D Research, M D , Muncie Ind , UNITED STATES
  1144. Christine Sugden MSc Nutritional Medicine, Taynuilt, UNITED KINGDOM
  1145. Gregory Sullivan research physician in neuroscience, UNITED STATES
  1146. Kathleen Sumida MS MT ASCP SBB, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  1147. Marykelly Sutton Md Medical doctor, Raphael Medicine Therapies PC, UNITED STATES
  1148. Nancy Swanson Ph D Quantum optics 5 US patents author of books, Seattle Washingon, UNITED STATES
  1149. Agret Sylvie Sylvie DEA ecologie, cnrs, Montpellier , FRANCE
  1150. Francis Syman Pe BCE MSEA PE, ASCE MOAA USAA, Sw Virginia, UNITED STATES
  1151. Szaniszlo Szöke PhD in Agricultural engineering , Bee Computing sprl, Gesves, BELGIUM
  1152. Aboozar Tabatabai PhD candidate Oceanography, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  1153. Tim Tamblin Biofeedback Therapist, Santa Rosa, UNITED STATES
  1154. Linda Tanner M S Biology retired , UNITED STATES
  1155. Valériane Tassin PhD, Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, Montpellier, FRANCE
  1156. Lauri Tauscher BSME Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, Tigard, UNITED STATES
  1157. Dan Taylor PhD Anthropology , Open University, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1158. Roger Taylor BVSc PhD, Retired from Univ Bristol, Guildford, UNITED KINGDOM
  1159. Scott Taylor Mathematical models formulations, 1 Brynhurst Circle, Greenville, UNITED STATES
  1160. Clas Tegenfeldt M Sc E E PhD studies medical image processing and visualisation, BEMI, Link Ping, SWEDEN
  1161. Ole Tellefsen Agricultural Science, Institute for Science and Research, Oslo, NORWAY
  1162. Gregory Temmer BS Electrical Engineer, Sarasota Fl, UNITED STATES
  1163. Kenneth Tempel Bachelour 3 years nature health and enviroment subjects, Oslo, NORWAY
  1164. Gérald Tenenbaum PhD Habilitation France , Université de Lorraine, Nancy, FRANCE
  1165. Henk Tennekes Consultant Toxicologist RT NL CH , ETS Nederland BV, Zutphen, NETHERLANDS
  1166. Armin Tenner high energy physics, NETHERLANDS
  1167. Hans Terlingen 40 years of family practice, Ucluelet, CANADA
  1168. Michael Terrell BS degree from Nove SE university with certifications, Wholesome food stuff against GMO of any sort , Austin, UNITED STATES
  1169. Kelsey Thatcher Going to school for Medical Laboratory Tech, Dublin, UNITED STATES
  1170. Francis Thicke Ph D Agronomy Soil Fertility University of Illinois 1988 Former National Program Leader for Soil Science for the USDA Extension Service, Fairfield Iowa, UNITED STATES
  1171. Murray Thompson BAppSci Environmental Health Hons I Social Ecology Sociology PhD student University of Western Sydney , University of Western Sydney, New Norfolk Tas, AUSTRALIA
  1172. Scott Thomson PhD molecular immunology BSc in neuroscience , Royal Veterninary College, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1173. Wallace Thornhill B Sc Physics Laureate Telesio Galilei Academy of Science 2010 Sagnac Award Natural Philosophy Alliance 2013 , Vemasat, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  1174. Einar Thorsteinsson Ph D , University of New England, Armidale, AUSTRALIA
  1175. Walter Thut Most Promising Cleantech Startup World Investment Conference 2009 Water Treatment Electromagnetic Ambiance Resonance Frequencies, Waltter K Thut, Flanthey, SWITZERLAND
  1176. David Timbs BSc Zoology Lake Ecologist, Dublin, IRELAND
  1177. Jerome Timmer MD , Arbo24 7, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  1178. William Todd software engineer since 1973 DEC EMC2 Boston Technology Avid consultant , self employed, Strafford Nh, UNITED STATES
  1179. V Todde PhD Molecular Biology GBB Groningen University, ITALY
  1180. Lucija Tomlijenovic PhD, University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, CANADA
  1181. Jano Topercer Dipl Ing in forestry 1984 PhD in ecology agricultural and forest phytopathology and plant protection, Comenius University Botanical Garden, Blatnica, SLOVAKIA
  1182. Earl Torgerson BS Zoology BS Chemistry MS Chemistry Biochemistry, Retired, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  1183. Ursula Torres PhD Student in Ecological Informatics, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  1184. Clara Torres Barcel Postdoc in Microbiology and Evolution, ISEM CNRS UM2 , Montpellier, FRANCE
  1185. Albert Tousson M S in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Crane Hill, UNITED STATES
  1186. Dawn Toye Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, UNITED STATES
  1187. Martin Rapha L G Nter Tr Sch Master degree of chemical engineering, FRANCE
  1188. Terje Traavik Dr philos DVM 30 years as professor of virology mol biology and gene ecology, University of Troms , Troms , NORWAY
  1189. Eric Traboulay PhD PE REA Science Award American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fidelity Corporation, Corinth, GREECE
  1190. Mike Tran Master in Science , Davis, UNITED STATES
  1191. John Travis MD MPH founded first wellness center in US, Wellness Associates, Asheville, UNITED STATES
  1192. Colin Trier BSc PhD in Environmental Science CChem MRSC CEnv MIEnvSc, Grasp the Nettle Cooperative, Tavistock, UNITED KINGDOM
  1193. Rosanne Trottier PhD anthropology, THAILAND
  1194. Tom Tuduc MS EES, Stanford, UNITED STATES
  1195. Susan Tufts Moore M S Geology, Bedford Nh, UNITED STATES
  1196. Eric Turk PhD Neuroscience UCLA BS Stevens Inst Tech Org Chemistry, UCLA, North Hills, UNITED STATES
  1197. Patricia Tursi Ph D Georgia State University over 50 years health research Dissertation on Mind Body interactions, Springfield, UNITED STATES
  1198. Teri Ty I am self educated in nutrition I have been studying lots of types of food for five years now I am an experiment, love my healthy life, Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  1199. David Tyler PhD MSc BSc Physicist, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  1200. Robert Ulanowicz Ph D Johns Hopkins 1968 Ilya A Prigogine Medal 2007, University of Florida, Gainesville, UNITED STATES
  1201. Werner Ulrich Veterinarian Food Hygiene Inspector, Canary Islands Health Service, Sta Cruz De Tenerife, SPAIN
  1202. Richard Urbach PhD Operations Research and Mathematical Statisics, UNITED KINGDOM
  1203. Laurent Urban PhD in plant biology and physiology, Avignon, FRANCE
  1204. Monika V D Meden Studies in physics, Attac, Crozet Ain, FRANCE
  1205. Liane Val Re Math maticienne professeur d université, université de Savoie, Grenoble, FRANCE
  1206. J Valentine Biomedical research, Portland, UNITED STATES
  1207. Liane Valere retired mathematics university professor, université de Savoie, Grenoble, FRANCE
  1208. Suneel Valla MBChB MBL Unisa FAASM Diplomate AAFP , IHS, Easton, UNITED STATES
  1209. Miquel Vallmitjana Molecular Biologist, Vall S Occidental, SPAIN
  1210. Grant Rodney Van Der Merwe BTech Chemical Engineering, G A Services and Farming, Swakopmund, NAMIBIA
  1211. Alexander Van Dort Ir Degree in Physics at Technical university of Delft Netherlands in 1968, NETHERLANDS
  1212. R Van Oosten Drs medical practitioner, NETHERLANDS
  1213. Jacob Peter Van Praagh Hon Prof DR Leibniz University, DBIB GdeB CoeuR, Celle, GERMANY
  1214. Nieky Van Veggel BSc Agriculture Biotechnology MSc Animal Biology Welfare RSci MSB MIFST, Writtle College, Chelmsford, UNITED KINGDOM
  1215. Joan Vancamp RN BSN MS Chemistry , Private U S citizen, Livonia, UNITED STATES
  1216. Dale Vardeman Healing Diseases with Natural plant based foods, Campainge for Healthand wellness, Garden Grove, UNITED STATES
  1217. Alberta Velimirov Quality of organic food, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  1218. Sergio Vellante Agricultural Economics and Management Engineering Environment, Second University of Naples, Aversa Ce , ITALY
  1219. Christian Vélot PhD Senior lecturer in Molecular Genetics Universit Paris Sud, Orsay, FRANCE
  1220. Ramakrishna Venkatasamy Doctoral, EnviroSolutions Ltd, La Gaulette, MAURITIUS
  1221. Nicolas Vergara MA in Urban Development PhD student in Geography, Rutgers University, New Brunswick New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  1222. Biff Vernon Geologist, Transition Town Louth, LOUTH, UNITED KINGDOM
  1223. Patrick Verovic PhD in Mathematics, University of Savoie, Chamb Ry, FRANCE
  1224. Fotini Vervelidou PhD in Geophysics, GREECE
  1225. Joseph Viggianelli Chiropractic , Oceanside California , UNITED STATES
  1226. Maria Angela Vigotti BS Environmental Epidemiologist, University, Pisa, ITALY
  1227. Laure Villate PhD Biology agronomy, Inra, Bordeaux, FRANCE
  1228. Ivana Vinkovi PhD Senior Research Associate nanoecotoxicology, Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Zagreb, CROATIA
  1229. Vito Vitale MD radiative transfer processes in the atmosphere radiation budget aerosol and cloud effects, ISAC CNR, Bologna, ITALY
  1230. Anouk Voisin Master Biologie Ecologie et Biodiversit , Rocquencourt, FRANCE
  1231. Florence Volaire PhD ecophysiology, Montpellier, FRANCE
  1232. Laurence Volatier microbial ecology, ENTPE, Vaulx En Velin, FRANCE
  1233. Borut Vrhovnik Vrhovnik BSc Hons Physiotherapy University of Plymouth UK, SLOVENIA
  1234. Padmanabhan Vt Genetic epidemeology nuclear safety food safety environmental health, Kannur, INDIA
  1235. Jean Wagner MD, Lk Orion, UNITED STATES
  1236. Brad Wahlert B S degree in Animal Science Iowa State University, Fort Worth, UNITED STATES
  1237. Patrice Lynn Wakefield M D M D Degree research background in Neuropathology Independent study of nutrition health, UNITED STATES
  1238. Suzanne Waldron Bachelor of Science Environmental Health, UNITED STATES
  1239. Terry Wall Reporting on the importance of minerals in a healthy diet Dip VFM Dip Ag MNZPIM, In Sync Minerals, Shoal Bay, AUSTRALIA
  1240. Philip Wallace MSc in Psychology, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1241. Sharon Wallace PhD, UNITED STATES
  1242. Donald Walton Biochemistry B Sc M A Ph D Organic chemistry biochemistry of carbohydrates , Queen s University, Kingston Ontario, CANADA
  1243. Fred Walton Ba Hlth Sc Health practitioner, Access2health, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  1244. Gordon Walton Computer Science Texas A M University, self, Austin, UNITED STATES
  1245. Kenneth Walton Molecular Biology PhD from Vanderbilt University in 1970 followed by 40 years of experience as an educator and researcher in the biomedical sciences, Maharishi University, Fairfield, UNITED STATES
  1246. Alon Warburg Entomology PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, ISRAEL
  1247. Nancy Ward Holistic nutrition, Louisville Co, UNITED STATES
  1248. François Warlop MSc Agronomy, GRAB, FRANCE
  1249. George Wasko B S , Saegertown, UNITED STATES
  1250. Ann Watters RPP RPE BCPP. Health care BCPP with American Polarity Therapy Association, Polarity Center of Salem , UNITED STATES
  1251. Ann Watters Rpp Rpe Bcpp Energy medicine, Polarity Center of Salem , Salem, UNITED STATES
  1252. Sophie Wauquier Full Professor Head of the lab Structures Formelles du Langage CNRS Universit Paris 8, Université Paris 8, FRANCE
  1253. Heather Way PhD Molecular Pathology, Dr Heather Way, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  1254. Bonnie Weaver B Sc Biology McMaster 1967 MSc Biology McMaster 1971 Ph D Guelph Nutritional Sciences U of Guelph , Guelph, CANADA
  1255. Daniel Weber PhD MSc, Tianjin University, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1256. John Wedum Architect, Aspen, UNITED STATES
  1257. Bruce Wehling Bachelor of Science in Health with Certificate in Long Term Healthcare Administration, Partnership Health Clinic Past Board of Directors Member, Missoula Montana, UNITED STATES
  1258. John Weigel writer researcher, Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection, Leixlip, IRELAND
  1259. Robert Weissfeld DC, Robert Weissfeld, Denver, UNITED STATES
  1260. Zhu Wen doctor excellent telecommunication scientist, CHINA
  1261. Talia West Bachelor of Science in Health and the Environment, Murdoch, Fremantle, AUSTRALIA
  1262. Jim Westmoreland Licensed practitioner of Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist NCCAOM Diplomate, Griffin, UNITED STATES
  1263. Max Weyrick I am an engineer, Mr , Marietta, UNITED STATES
  1264. Donald White PhD Princeton, Rexford Ny, UNITED STATES
  1265. Leigh White MD PhD, UNITED STATES
  1266. Ron Whitehurst BS Biology Pest Control Advisor, Rincon Vitova Insectaries Inc , Ventura, UNITED STATES
  1267. Richard Widows BSc Agriculture University of Sydney, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1268. Craig Wilger BsChe Chemical Environmental Engineer USA, South Charleston Wv, UNITED STATES
  1269. Dr Paul Wilke DDS AIAOMT ACN Biologic Dentist and Nutritionist , IABDM, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  1270. Janet Wilkie Psychologist Ph D , Retired, Goshen Ny, UNITED STATES
  1271. David Williams Bioscience degree work in the pharmaceutical industry , Holywell, UNITED KINGDOM
  1272. Joel Williams Bachelor of Agricultural Science Hons , Roehampton University, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1273. Laverne Williams I am an architect with awards regarding Environmentally based design and health too numeruos to mention Google me, Environment Associates Architects , Houston Texas, UNITED STATES
  1274. Peter Williams B Sc hons Ph D , Sydney , AUSTRALIA
  1275. Chloe Wilson BSc Hons Environmental Science, UNITED KINGDOM
  1276. Delyth Wilson B Sc M Sc , Retired , Pentraeth, UNITED KINGDOM
  1277. Odo Windhof Dipl Biologist human genetics pharmacogenetics anthropology, Talisay City, PHILIPPINES
  1278. Jeffrey Winfield Md Phd MD PhD 150 peer review publications presentations Retired Neuroscientist and Neurosurgeon B S in Biochemistry and Physiological Psychology Currently involved with Nutrition Alternative Medicine and Anti aging , retired, San Diego California, UNITED STATES
  1279. Linda Wolfe M S R D with 20 years of practice , Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  1280. Ang Peng Wong Research in coronary heart disease, University of Central Lancashire, Shah Alam, MALAYSIA
  1281. Mae Woo Dds DDS, Billings, UNITED STATES
  1282. Ruth Woodley Master of Business Administration First Class Honours BSc Health Studies Dip NS RGN RMN, UNITED KINGDOM
  1283. Dominic Woolf PhD MSc BSc Physics, Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, UNITED STATES
  1284. Donna Worden Bachelor of Arts in Collaborative Health and Human Service Community Health Concentration, Kohala Health Library, Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  1285. Richard Wozniak BDS Dental Surgeon, Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  1286. Peggy Wright B S M Ed Nutrition Ph D Psychology, Virginia Integrative Medicine, Charlottesville, UNITED STATES
  1287. Dick Wullaert PhD Materials Science Functional water and nuclear materials research, Bioguard Industries Inc , Santa Barbara, UNITED STATES
  1288. Yun Xu Ph D Professor in Oil and gas development Now I am a master tutor of RIPED and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, RIPED PetroChina , Beijing, CHINA
  1289. Peter Yaholkovsky BS Mechanical Engr Stanford MD Univ of California , California, UNITED STATES
  1290. Max Yazhbin Masters of Engineering Chemical Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, UNITED STATES
  1291. Chut Ngeow Yee M Sc degree from Monash university Melbourne Worked as research assistant for 6 years co authored over 10 research papers , MALAYSIA
  1292. Akin Yilmaz PhD Medical Biology and Genetics, Gazi University Faculty of Medicinei Dept of Medical Biology Genetics, TURKEY
  1293. Monique Yost Internal Medicine MD, Dover, UNITED STATES
  1294. Karen Young BS Biol OD, Eugene, UNITED STATES
  1295. Joyce R Young N D Naturopathic Medical Doctor N D expertise in Environmental Medicine Organic Nutrition Classical Homeopathy M S Botany B S Biology, Chatham Cape Cod Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
  1296. Joao Yun PhD in Astronomy, PORTUGAL
  1297. Eva Yus Nájera PhD in Biochemistry, DEPANA, Barcelona, SPAIN
  1298. Romain Yvinec Mathematics, CR INRA, Tours, FRANCE
  1299. Axelle Zacai PhD Student in Paleontology, FRANCE
  1300. Jamie Zacharias BS MSW, UNITED STATES
  1301. Rick Zammuto BS MS Ornithology Ph D Mammology, Crescent Spur Bc, CANADA
  1302. Oscar Zamora PhD Professor and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines, Los Banos, PHILIPPINES
  1303. Kyriaki Zannettou Ph D Biology, FEO Cyprus, Larnaka Cyprus, CYPRUS
  1304. Carla Zapata Bachelors Degree in Literature and Communications, Wheaton, UNITED STATES
  1305. Dr Stanley J Zawada Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, FAMILY FOOT CENTER, Whitestone, UNITED STATES
  1306. Tatana Zehl I am an Environmental Engineer Currently I work with rural water systems in source water protection plans and GIS development , Reno Nevada, UNITED STATES
  1307. Valentin Zhelyaskov Ph D in Applied Physics specialization in Biophysics, Discovery Technology International, Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  1308. Bart Ziegler PhD toxicologist, Samuel Lawrence Foundation, California, UNITED STATES
  1309. Daniel Ziemens Neurobiology, GERMANY
  1310. Bert Zijlstra MA in physics, Lelystad, NETHERLANDS
  1311. Christine Zimmer P Eng MSc Eng , Toronto, CANADA
  1312. Frank Zimmermann Ph D Assoc Professor of Physics Rutgers University, Rutgers University, Piscataway, UNITED STATES
  1313. Marina Zlatina Rosina 1982 BS MS specialist environmental agricultural chemistry and soil science from Moscow University incl pesticide testing, Portsmouth, UNITED STATES
  1314. Victor Zue ScD MIT NAE Member Academia Sinica Member Okawa Prize winner, MIT, Winchester, UNITED STATES


  1. Campbell Auer UNITED STATES
  2. Felipe Bedon M B A , West Palm Beach, UNITED STATES
  3. Robert Cutler retired historian, Mesa, UNITED STATES
  4. Tomi Snabrygg Just a concerned citizen , Turku, FINLAND
  5. Arne String technical translator, Moss, NORWAY
  6. XuWen Xin MA , China Postnews press, Beijing, CHINA
  7. Melanie A Smith Mother language teacher avid organic gardener clinical herbalist in training lover of the EARTH, Washington State, UNITED STATES
  8. Ruth Abbott Concerned Citizen, CANADA
  9. Evelyn Abell Bachelor of Education Well read citizen A person who respects scientific methodology , Ottawa, CANADA
  10. Sam Aberman Fair Lawn, UNITED STATES
  11. Juliet Abrahams BA political Science, Frankfurt Am Main, GERMANY
  12. Jon Abrahamson USMC Carpenter, Human not a consumer , Carver County, UNITED STATES
  13. Mark Abushady B S in Environmental Science, Long Island City, UNITED STATES
  14. Nancy Acevedo concerned citizen, PRHO, Elgin, UNITED STATES
  16. Adrienne Acoba concerned consumer, Arizona, UNITED STATES
  17. Dorothy D Acord Educated in what is good for my health and it is not GMO, Louisburg, UNITED STATES
  18. Rod Adair Manheim, UNITED STATES
  19. Cherith Adams MA, Lancaster, UNITED KINGDOM
  20. David Adams Ph D , Penn Valley, UNITED STATES
  21. Debra Adams retired insurance worker, Spencer, UNITED STATES
  22. Lorraine Adams Jacksonville Fl, UNITED STATES
  23. Vince Adams 40 years marketing organic food, respect organics, Dorset, UNITED KINGDOM
  24. Cheyenne Adamson Researcher of the highest degree , Missoula, UNITED STATES
  25. Peter Adamson Post graduate degree in distance education from Universite de Paris 7, Poole, UNITED KINGDOM
  26. Mike Addison Saipe Natural Anti ageing medicine post grad fellowship in prevention performance and longevity medicine , IAPPL, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND
  27. Daniel Ade Concerned Citizen, Concerned citizen, Flushing, UNITED STATES
  28. Karen Adelberg Bachelors degree, Ottawa, CANADA
  29. Peter Adeline B Sc Sci Gen PGCE , Emsworth, UNITED KINGDOM
  30. Muhammad Afridi Diploma in Fine Arts and Love Nature Hate Chemical preparations, INDIA
  31. John Afton Attorney, New York City, UNITED STATES
  32. Jennifer Agles Organic Chemistry Student, Save Our Seeds , St Louis, UNITED STATES
  33. Simonetta Agostini lab technician, ITALY
  34. Larue Agresti I am a food activist, LaRue Design, Geneva, UNITED STATES
  35. Cypriano Aguerria Health Research, aguerria associates, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  36. Mansoor Ahmad BS MS MCSE MSCA MSDBA MCSD CCNP ITIL PMP, National Glass Industry LLC, Ras Al Khaimah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  37. Peter Ernst Ahrens Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Koh Samui, THAILAND
  38. Lisa Aikins Concerned human, Quenec, CANADA
  39. Linda Akers BS MED, Palmer Ak, UNITED STATES
  40. Christine Akin M Ed, UNITED STATES
  41. Mary Aktay I have been awarded two beautiful grandchildren whom I do NOT want poisoned by GMOs , Pompton Plains, UNITED STATES
  42. Diana Alago None I am a consumer , Chester Ny, UNITED STATES
  43. Le Vot Alain Pr sident de l agence de l nergie et du climat de St quentin en Yvelines co pr sident AMAP ile de France maire honoraire, Magny Les Hameaux, FRANCE
  44. Hans Inge Alander Spire Norway, Trondheim, NORWAY
  45. Chris Albany Advanced IT Project Management Adviser on healthy eating, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
  46. Mike Albar Computer programming, UNITED STATES
  47. Joseph Albrecht Sophomore Nutrition Major at SUNY Plattsburgh , Plattsburgh, UNITED STATES
  48. Paul Albrecht musician, Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  49. Caleb Alderson Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  50. Max Aleckson indentured builder, ret builder, Labrador, AUSTRALIA
  51. Stella M Aleman De Gallardo regular expertise, individual, Nyc, UNITED STATES
  52. Alexandra Alexandra I am a citizen deeply concerned with the health welfare of our people our country , Stockbridge, UNITED STATES
  53. Donna Alger Living Human Being, Ocala, UNITED STATES
  54. Beaupr Aline Dipl me d tudes coll giales, Qu Bec, CANADA
  55. Elisabeth Alington B Agricultural Science Hons , Earth Matters, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  56. Barbara Allen realtor, colwell banker, Oroville Ca, UNITED STATES
  57. Cyndi Allen Concerned Citizen, S Hamilton Ma, UNITED STATES
  58. Dennis Allen Medical Manufacturer, consumer, Pleasant Valley, UNITED STATES
  59. Laura Allen NONE, Akron, UNITED STATES
  60. Lorraine Allen Mother Community Service Representitive for Healthy Living for Children, Topsfield, UNITED STATES
  61. Virginia Allgaier Stirling, UNITED STATES
  62. Mark Allison I m interested in healthy diets, Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  63. Pamela Alspaugh Food Consumer Project Management Professional, Hapsco Solutions, Tulsa Oklahoma, UNITED STATES
  64. Theresa Alsup Optical Engineering, I work for NASA GSFC, Ashburn Va, UNITED STATES
  65. Jeff Altaffer UNITED STATES
  66. Heidi E Altorfer Swiss attorney 1980 Berkeley MBA 1984, Z Rich, SWITZERLAND
  67. Mary Alvarado Retired nurse, Sullivan County, UNITED STATES
  68. Ruth Alvarez MPAS Th D Ph D , Homer, UNITED STATES
  69. Pam Alverson Administration at major Cancer Center Administrator Protocol Review and Monitoring, Leeds, UNITED STATES
  70. Harriet Alvord I have survived cancer for 42 years because I eat organic foods and grow as much myself as I can , North Chatham, UNITED STATES
  71. Charles Alworth BBA MPA DBA CPA, Dr , Houston, UNITED STATES
  72. Harry Ameen BS Business Administration informed consumer and concerned citizen, Sebring, UNITED STATES
  73. Faisal Amjad Co Founder and Director, KN OW COM, Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM
  74. Kassem Amoudi MFA, Camden, UNITED STATES
  75. Louise Amyot I m a dietitian, Greenfield Ma, UNITED STATES
  76. Joel Anastasi MS Journalism Columbia University , UNITED STATES
  77. Vincent Sarah Anastasi Masters Degree in Education and English Teacher, Grove City, UNITED STATES
  78. George M Anderjack Natural and organic food consumer , Nashville, UNITED STATES
  79. J Michael Anders Landscape Contractor Horticulturist Botanist, Gaia Landscapes Inc , Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  80. Pucky Anders Seattle, UNITED STATES
  81. Barbara Anderson Registered nurse, Waconia, UNITED STATES
  82. Brad Anderson practical, Denver, UNITED STATES
  83. Carolyn Anderson Assoc Degree Sciences, public, Sedona, UNITED STATES
  84. Cary Anderson Informed Citizen, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  85. Dale Anderson B IT , Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  86. Doug Anderson B Sc Medical Technology retired, DurhamCLEAR, Whitby, CANADA
  87. James Anderson Concerned Citizen, Tacoma, UNITED STATES
  88. Karen Anderson B S in Education, Luminous Self, Macdoel, UNITED STATES
  89. L Anderson Research, UNITED STATES
  90. Mark Anderson I know that science is supposed to be free of bias , Bothell, UNITED STATES
  91. Marvin Anderson physician nutritionist author of book on managing autism director of autism clinic, www autismasabbasplace com, Cedar MI, UNITED STATES
  92. Thomas Anderson Researcher, 80215, UNITED STATES
  93. Tina Andersson university degree social anthropology, GREECE
  94. Martha Andrade private citizen concern about our general public health, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  95. Mette Andresen Nurse, H Vik, NORWAY
  96. Alena Andress MSc, El Cerrito Ca, UNITED STATES
  97. Lisa Andrews Organic gardener permaculturist activist, Kapa Au, UNITED STATES
  98. Esbjorn Aneer PDC, UNITED KINGDOM
  99. Oneg Ange Student, FRANCE
  100. Petra Angpao Organic grower and Educator Maharlika Award for humanitarian work, IAT, CANADA
  101. Craig Angus educator Human Geography teacher BA BS MA education social studies , Lafayette Co, UNITED STATES
  102. Patrice Anita Organic Urban Farmer and Cook , UNITED STATES
  103. Bataille Anne Defendeur de nos droits, Gien, FRANCE
  104. Max Anstey Accountancy, UNITED KINGDOM
  105. Joseph Anticaglia MD I am concerned about the integrity of publishers their journals authors and evidence based science , New York State Medical Society , Nyc, UNITED STATES
  106. Alfredo Antillon IB Chemistry Teacher, MEF Int l School, Istanbul, TURKEY
  107. Sharon Anton Masters Degree in English MFA in Film Production, Mission Hills, UNITED STATES
  108. Chiara Antoniacomi retired teacher, Udine, ITALY
  109. Kyriakos Antoniou Bachelors of English, UNITED STATES
  110. Victor Apa Business Degree and successful entrepreneur, Toronto, CANADA
  111. Alex Christopher Aponesto Program Officer, Group of Advocates for Sustainable Agriculture, Tandag City, PHILIPPINES
  112. Neusa Appler Just my common sense, Cudjoe Key, UNITED STATES
  113. Denise Arakawa Medical Technologist, Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  114. Todd Arborist Informed Father, Succasunna, UNITED STATES
  115. Patrick Archambault none only a concerned citizen of the world, Montreal, CANADA
  116. Linda Archibald Informed concerned citizen, Southern California, UNITED STATES
  117. Ian Arhip bachelor degree in Computer Science, IT Consulting, Toronto, CANADA
  118. Angela Armaly I am just a conscious citizen, Greenville, UNITED STATES
  119. Suzanne Arms BA honors lifetime achievement award by Lamaze International Founder Director of Birthing The Future located in CO USA, Birthing The Future a 501c3 nonprofit, Bayfield, UNITED STATES
  120. Kathleen Arnheim Concerned citizen with a BA in English, Cape Coral, UNITED STATES
  121. Hywel Arnold Consumer horticultural worker , Llandrindod Wells, UNITED KINGDOM
  122. J Arnold BA in Philosophy, UNITED KINGDOM
  123. Louise Arnold HND , Sheffield , UNITED KINGDOM
  124. Kamal Arora Quality Assurance for air passenger screening , Toronto, CANADA
  125. Rachna Arora Honours degree in Botany Environment and safe food activist A certified Yoga teacher a student of Ayurveda with interest in holistic healing , Public Awareness on Genetically Modifed Foods, Gurgaon Haryaa, INDIA
  126. Pam Aros Business management , North York, CANADA
  127. J Michael Arrington Medical Research Analyst and Consulant, Innovating Medicine Associates, Cameron Park, UNITED STATES
  128. Luis Arrondo DC CABNN, San Jose, UNITED STATES
  129. Fiona Maree Arundell Chartered Accountant CA Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Diploma in Chartered Accounting from the ICAA AND concerned citizen of the world, Geelong, AUSTRALIA
  130. Segundo Asensio Suarez biologia, Asturias, SPAIN
  131. Fenelon Ashley B S Environmental Science w specializations in Toxic Substance Control and Occupational Health Safety, Marine Pollution Control Corp , Detroit, UNITED STATES
  132. Clive Ashworth PhD Physics, UNITED KINGDOM
  133. Dan Askew Lay health practictioner, Family, Lindale, UNITED STATES
  134. Adeel Aslam LITTLE , Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  135. Je Athmavanam Enterprise Product Analyst , ADAT, Kochi , INDIA
  136. Ellen Atkin Professional aerial photographer with background in sales and marketing , Vancouver BC, CANADA
  137. Pam Atkins B Sc M Ed , Ballarat, AUSTRALIA
  138. David Atkinson Engineering degrees MS, Dozier, UNITED STATES
  139. Mike Atkinson Truth seeker, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  140. Paul Atkinson Information Technology post graduate level, Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  141. Wini Atlas RN BS CHt CCE, UU Congregation of Fairfax Oakton VA, Vienna, UNITED STATES
  142. Roland Auer high school diploma honorable discharge from military service, Islip , UNITED STATES
  143. Cassandra Auerbach BA University of the Pacific, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Venutra County California, UNITED STATES
  144. Saundra Augustus Rochester, UNITED STATES
  145. Charlotte Auld Very well read lay person and concerned mother , FRANCE
  146. Maria Aumick Doctor of Chiropractic, UNITED STATES
  147. Marlie Avant Motherhood I love My family and care about what they eat , Springfield Grange, Salinas , UNITED STATES
  148. Hannah Avers BS Masters in Social Work Concerned Citizen and advocate of healthy foods, UNITED STATES
  149. David Avery concerned well read wine maker, Lotusland vineyards, Abbotsford B C , CANADA
  150. Tim Avila 25 years in validation of applied nutrition and biochemistry , Systems Bioscience Inc , San Juan Capistrano, UNITED STATES
  151. Robert Awender information technology and network administrator, general public, Napanee, CANADA
  152. Brian Axe healthy consumer, UNITED STATES
  153. Iris Ayala Ob Gyn Health Wellness, MiaBella Health, Clermont, UNITED STATES
  154. Klid Ayi Planning Collection and data processing, JINUKUN, Cotonou, BENIN
  155. Margaret Joy Aylward Dux of College 7 University papers, Physicians Scientists for Global Responsibility, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  156. Tim Azerkan NaturalyPure Health Product LLC, Paso Robles, UNITED STATES
  157. Andree B Bachelor of Science, UNITED STATES
  158. Jennifer B Masters in Education Teacher and Mother, UNITED STATES
  159. Rose B undergraduate , Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  160. Shelly B BS Communications Plattsburgh N Y 2015 Iridologist graduate, Universal Solutions Inc , Adirondack Mountains, UNITED STATES
  161. Tore B Krudtaa Engineer in electronics, Sandefjord, NORWAY
  162. Nancy Babbs CPA, Bellevue, UNITED STATES
  163. Joann Babcock Masters Degree in Education, UNITED STATES
  164. Michel Baboulaz retired engineer, FRANCE
  165. Mary Bacon organic gardener, UNITED STATES
  166. Angela Badelt GERMANY
  167. Daniel Badrán Osteopath, Madrid, SPAIN
  168. Dawn Baeckeroot BS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Alden, UNITED STATES
  169. David Baggs B Arch Banksia Award Premiers Award UTS Award , Global GreenTag Certification , Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  170. Suzanne Bagur BS degree, Bc, CANADA
  171. Sibylle Baier MFA, Lenox, UNITED STATES
  172. Susana Bailen Acevedo Artist, UNITED STATES
  173. Lori Bain Master of Heritage Conservation Usyd BA Classics USyd , Parattah, AUSTRALIA
  174. Vicki Bainard retired, Grand Coulee Wa, UNITED STATES
  175. Roger Baird Common sense, Denman Island, CANADA
  176. Sarah Baird An informed mother, Cold Lake, CANADA
  177. Jeanni Bajenski The fact that avoiding GMO foods has made me a whole lot healthier otherwise no degrees awards except a pat on the back , 1951, Largo, UNITED STATES
  178. David Baker University of Birmingham England Graduate School of Water Resources Diploma in Graduate Studies M Sc with distinction in Water Resources Technology 1968 Over four decades of residential African experience in the fields of water sanitation and drainage , freelance consultant, Bn21 2jj, UNITED KINGDOM
  179. Deborah Baker FNP BC MSN BSN BA, Fletcher, UNITED STATES
  180. Kristine Baker Against GMO, UNITED STATES
  181. Larry Baker Over 55 years of studying everything available on vitamins minerals and food production , Florida, UNITED STATES
  182. Lawrence Baker Simply stated common and moral sense as well as a reverence for life , Concerned Citizen, Cave Creek Az, UNITED STATES
  183. Mike Baker London, UNITED KINGDOM
  184. Jeff Bakken Very informed consumer I read daily at NaturalNews com Mike Adams The Health Ranger and at Dr Mercola s site, Somerset, UNITED STATES
  185. Karl Baldwin Diligent and concerned consumer, Luray, UNITED STATES
  186. Richard Bale Enthusiastic amateur, Na, SPAIN
  187. Patricia Bales Dentist DDS, Central City Ia, UNITED STATES
  188. Joan Balfour BS MSW, UNITED STATES
  189. Lorena Balint I am an economist by profession and concerned about my kid s life by choice as any normal parent should be , Orlando, UNITED STATES
  190. Brian Ball , Saratoga, UNITED STATES
  191. Timothy Ball I read, Stearns Ky 42647, UNITED STATES
  192. Lou Ballou Farmer, UNITED STATES
  193. Mitchel Balmayne Concerned citizen , UNITED STATES
  194. Ildiko Balog Acupuncturist, NORWAY
  195. Jan Balsavich Bachlor of Arts Ace CPT NASM CPT CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Glen Ellyn Il, UNITED STATES
  196. Susan Bamford Just concerned about the future for our children, Minehead, UNITED KINGDOM
  197. Elzbieta Bandura MS in biology medical technology in Florida retired , Krakow, POLAND
  198. Jenny Bangert Certified Healing Foods Specialist, Bamboo Studio, St Louis, UNITED STATES
  199. Mike Banghart communication consultant, UNITED STATES
  200. Malynda Barakadyn I am a Wellness Consultant I have Certifications in Aromatherapy Herbalism and Emotional Release techniques I also have Naturopathic training and am a live long researcher into Health , Knoxville, UNITED STATES
  201. Stephanie Barbera MFA, Pittsburgh, UNITED STATES
  202. Lu S Fernando Barbosa Lins Environmentalist, Plus Talents, Palmas Tocantins, BRAZIL
  203. William Barbour Farmer and Concerned Citizen, Gretna Va, UNITED STATES
  204. Garnet Barcelo Retired former federal government Human Resources Compensation Advisor, Surrey B C , CANADA
  205. Cindy Barg Musician and Bus Chauffer, Be Free Say No to GMO, BELGIUM
  206. Patricia Barga Conscientious consumer Not a puppet to biotech and big business , Ms , Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  207. Patty Barga Organic gardener informed consumer, Ms , Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  208. Diane Barham Kankakee, UNITED STATES
  209. Sharon Baril Shame on you for trying to hide the truth from the public We have the right to know , Qualicum Beach Bc, CANADA
  210. Deborah Barker Steward oif the Earth, Punta Gorda, UNITED STATES
  211. E Mark Barker Nutritional Herbal Consultant, Canmore, CANADA
  212. Paul Barkovich Health Safety Wellness Specialist Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Kneaded Care Inc , Brantford On, CANADA
  213. Paul Barlow citizen, Saint Petersburg, UNITED STATES
  214. Phyllis Barman Potomac, UNITED STATES
  215. Jeff Barnard Paramedic Master Medical Qi Gong Instructor qi gong tai chi CPR emergency medicine, North Star Institute, Monterey, UNITED STATES
  216. Al Barnes Certified Herbalist Truth Mechanic, independent freedom, Salmon, UNITED STATES
  217. William Barnes Healthcare Consultant MPPM from Yale SOM, Mr , Austin, UNITED STATES
  218. Phil Barone health food advocate, Staten Island, UNITED STATES
  219. John Barr MB ChB FRACGP, General Practitioner, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
  220. Tom Barraford IT, analyst, Bellingham, UNITED STATES
  221. Light Barrett Biology microbiology Research degrees and minors in these expertise Also English literature and linguistics degrees, LymeDisease com, Redlands Ca, UNITED STATES
  222. Graham Barrett Lennard Former Organic Farmer, Magician Marketing , Beverley, AUSTRALIA
  223. David Barriga FFA, Queen Creek Az , UNITED STATES
  224. Philip Barron Diplomate in chiropractic neurology President of the greater boston chiro society, Gbcs, Canton, UNITED STATES
  225. Amy Barry I am a member of the public who cares about truth and preventing diseases, North Reading, UNITED STATES
  226. Craig Barry Organic farmer and consumer, UNITED STATES
  227. Daniel Barry MBA CFA, Huntington Bay, UNITED STATES
  228. Ricardo Bartelme MD Family physician, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, UNITED STATES
  229. Marie Bartlett Biology BA Princeton University , Leyden, UNITED STATES
  230. Steven Bartlett I know the truth, Maleny, AUSTRALIA
  231. Sven Bartnik Human on Earth, AUSTRIA
  232. Brenda Barton Associates Degree in Nursing, Ames, UNITED STATES
  233. Renae Barton Photographer Artist, New Bedford Ma, UNITED STATES
  234. Maria Basaldu Ms , Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  235. Jennifer Basaraba Sprague Bachelor of Science a consumer and concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  236. Ellin Baskin BA English Master Library and Information Science Artist Fine Art, W Columbia, UNITED STATES
  238. Nnimmo Bassey Environmental justice advocate Promotes food sovereignty Interrogates hunger politics , Health of Mother Earth Fiundation HOMEF , Benin City, NIGERIA
  239. Cgm Bates BA Broadcast Journalism, UNITED STATES
  240. Margaret Bath Advanced Diploma Nutrtion, Retiree, Bargara Qld, AUSTRALIA
  241. Alisa Battaglia master gardener , Weston, UNITED STATES
  242. G Baty Beekeeper, Castres, FRANCE
  243. Andr Baudet Niv IV, Poitiers, FRANCE
  244. Wes Bauer B S Molecular Biology, UNITED STATES
  245. Jacques Bavay citoyen concern , Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  246. Max Baxster UNITED STATES
  247. Anna Baxter BA Business Administration and citizen concerned about health of human race, Loveland Co, UNITED STATES
  248. Loan Bay Just a concerned citizen of the world who cares for freedom and transparency , UNITED STATES
  249. Carla Bayerl Have studied Health and Wellness issues for 35 years on my own , 1952, Duluth, UNITED STATES
  250. Bf Bayha Long term self study due to family health issues School of hard knocks , UNITED STATES
  251. Norman Beach USAF Ret Aircraft Maintainer and concerned citizen , USAF, UNITED STATES
  252. Tom Beach Fifty years of personal study of the effects of food on health , Mind Body Health, Kamuela, UNITED STATES
  253. Michael Beamish Primary education, AUSTRALIA
  254. Mary Kay Beattie BS Biology Psychology, Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  255. Howard Beatty M A History, UNITED STATES
  256. Cheri Beauchamp Hunt Concerned Consumer and Health Advocate, Phoenix Arizona, UNITED STATES
  257. Alyssa Beaudoin BA in Psychology, CANADA
  258. Cyril Beaulieu civil engineer, Annecy, FRANCE
  259. Kathleen Beavin Concerned citizen, Bothell, UNITED STATES
  260. Aminda Bech Interdisciplinary Bachelor in Computer Science and Pedagogic , Halden, NORWAY
  261. Ruth Bech Ecological potato farmer , World Wide Women , Troms, NORWAY
  262. Kristina Beck Financial Services Manager, Milwaukee, UNITED STATES
  263. Ina Becker phi beta kappa cum laud ba 2 ma s, Ms , Somers, UNITED STATES
  264. Froydis Beckerman I read information about Monsanto s GMO products every day and I only eat Organic food , Columbia Md 21045, UNITED STATES
  265. Melissa Beckford MS candidate, UNITED STATES
  266. Jared Bedecarre BA in computer science, Pleasant Hill, UNITED STATES
  267. Sue Bedford Registered General Nurse, Kempston, UNITED KINGDOM
  268. Dianne Bee organic horticulture business owner with extensive knowledge of GMOs and soil science, UNITED STATES
  269. Neena Beeharry diploma in kinesiology, UNITED KINGDOM
  270. Eileen Beers nurse, Arlington, UNITED STATES
  271. Gautam Begani B Ed Chem MBA, Forest Hills, UNITED STATES
  272. Patricia Behr College graduate and Registered Nurse before retirement Large interest in nutrition and agriculture, Retired, Siverthorne, UNITED STATES
  273. Renate Behrbohm Riedel non, Munich, GERMANY
  274. Elizabeth Beisel Rd Llc registered dietitian BA general arts BS clinical diabetes, GMO FREE CT, Ct, UNITED STATES
  275. Ronna Bejarano retired owner of a natural foods company, Knoxville, UNITED STATES
  276. John Bekker Consumer, UNITED KINGDOM
  277. Kerry Bekker Consumer, UNITED KINGDOM
  278. Charity Bektesi I m a concerned mom of six , Milwaukee, UNITED STATES
  279. Manzer Belanger Private, Frenchville, UNITED STATES
  280. Richard Belanger Zolfo Springs, UNITED STATES
  281. Christine Bell English teacher, Mother, Paris, FRANCE
  282. Kerrie Bell Concerned consumer and organic home gardener , AUSTRALIA
  283. Ray Bell B S Degree in Health Wellness and Fitness, Texas, UNITED STATES
  284. Traci Bell BBA, Frisco Texas, UNITED STATES
  285. Virginia Bell A person that has seen more changes in our food supply for over 25 years , Elkridge Maryland, UNITED STATES
  286. Warren Bell BA UBC MD CM McGill CCFP FCFP, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Salmon Arm, CANADA
  287. Marce Bellav certiffied cancer practitioner, wellness, Brampton, CANADA
  288. Bruce Bellinger No, Toronto, CANADA
  289. Ana Bello Member of the human race, Belgrade, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  290. Gail Belluardo Psychology, Parsippany, UNITED STATES
  292. Richard Bendall No Degrees, Retired, CANADA
  293. Carol Bendel Troutman, UNITED STATES
  294. Gudrun Bender RN BSN, GERMANY
  295. Sandra Bender Ph D in Clinical Psychology retired, Mississippi, UNITED STATES
  296. Deborah Benge RN who cares about the safety of my friends and family, Registered Nurse, Spencerport, UNITED STATES
  297. Erich Benndorff BA , Ramona , UNITED STATES
  298. Chris Bennett Registered Nurse, Austin, UNITED STATES
  299. Christine Bennett Registered Nurse, Austin, UNITED STATES
  300. Marge Bennett Registered Nurse retired, Vancouver Wa, UNITED STATES
  301. Tamera Bennett Boise, UNITED STATES
  302. Victor Bennett doctorate in psychology, homa center, Baltimore , UNITED STATES
  303. Sciberras Benoit Deug B 1 re ann e, FRANCE
  304. Tonya Bentel BS Biology AA Nuclear Medicine Technolgy CNMT, UNITED STATES
  305. Jennifer Bentley concerned consumer, Lutz, UNITED STATES
  306. Joseph Bentley 26 years ago founded Lifestar the art of healing Presently a leader in natural healing solutions for Cancer AIDS and several others , Lifestar, Sedona, UNITED STATES
  307. Linda Bentley very nutritionally informed, concerned citizen, Austin Tx , UNITED STATES
  308. Kimberly Benton Doctor of Chiropractic, Mo, UNITED STATES
  309. Christina Benz Diploma of health science Nursing , Perth, AUSTRALIA
  310. Monica Berens concerned and educated consumer small farmer, Michigan, UNITED STATES
  311. Ingrid Berg Mysen, NORWAY
  312. Kay Berg I have been a member of the Weston Price nutritional organization for many years and have been a student of health and nutrition for many years , Lopez Island Wa, UNITED STATES
  313. Bleuenn Bergé Faucheurs Volontaires, 56800 Campeneac, FRANCE
  314. John Bergeson Aviation Engineer, Rochester Ny, UNITED STATES
  315. Sarah Bergland Design, Squamish, CANADA
  316. Donna Berman Mother of three feed my parents siblings neighbors and their children , Califon Nj, UNITED STATES
  317. Irene Bernaud costume designer, FRANCE
  318. Dyann Berndt Certified Shorthand Reporter Registered Professional Reporter, Dyann L Berndt CSR RPR, Berwyn, UNITED STATES
  319. Barbara Bernhardt Health Nutrition, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  321. Connie Beroza Buffalo New York, UNITED STATES
  322. Kkerry Berry None pertinent, citizen, Bay City, UNITED STATES
  323. Linda Berry MSSW, UNITED STATES
  324. Deborah Berthold veterinarian, UNITED STATES
  325. Tom Berthold BS Computer Scientist, UNITED STATES
  326. Pamela Bertram Msw Licsw Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker , Big Lake, UNITED STATES
  327. Alzbeta Besseova civil engineer, concerned citizen, Willowrook, UNITED STATES
  328. Barbara Bettinger Licensed Massage Therapist, Charleston Wv, UNITED STATES
  329. Yvonne Bevacqua masters degree in health and p e , Lakeside, UNITED STATES
  330. Barbara Beveridge MSc Software Engineering Now working in Horticulture , Middlesbrough, UNITED KINGDOM
  331. Jean Bevsek BS in Foods and Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  332. Christiane Bezerra Master of Science in Communication Design, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  333. Br De Bheaglaoich BA HDE from University College Cork, Co Limerick, IRELAND
  334. Perviz Bhumgara B Sc Home Economics , Mississauga, CANADA
  335. Debra Bialko psychologist, Ms , Toms River, UNITED STATES
  336. Emma Biddle MIFA, UNITED KINGDOM
  337. Al Bieefron society of automotive engineers, home, Waterford, UNITED STATES
  338. Jeff Bielski concerned consumer horticulturist, Port Monmouth Nj, UNITED STATES
  339. Helena Bijl Schaminee Medicine student, Beneden Leeuwen, NETHERLANDS
  340. Mark Bilk BSEE, Mountain View California, UNITED STATES
  341. Bogdan Bilyk Life, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577, UNITED STATES
  342. Pamela Binkley none but my health serious autoimmune issues celiac sprue for one thyroid , Mulvane, UNITED STATES
  343. David Birr Environmental Engineer, Synchronous Energy Solutions, Barrinfgton, UNITED STATES
  344. Reverend Stephanie Bisceglia B A Wholistic Health U C Santa Cruz CMEUs in Weight Management Low Glycemic Eating Glycobiology, San Jose Wholistic Health Center, San Jose Ca, UNITED STATES
  345. Heather Bishop CPA BS Accounting MS Accounting, UNITED STATES
  346. Susan Bissell Concerned citizen, Julian Ca , UNITED STATES
  347. Ramsaran Bissessar BSc Electrical Engineering, Retired, Tunapuna, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
  348. Michael Bitzenburg MS Vocational Technical Education St Louis Missouri USA, St Louis, UNITED STATES
  349. Anne Christibe Bj Rnebye Medical doctor Specialist in general Medicine , Eikeliklinikken, Hosle, NORWAY
  350. Anne Marie Blaauw registered nurse, Castricum, NETHERLANDS
  351. Willem Blaauw registered nurse, Castricum, NETHERLANDS
  352. James Black Hempstead, UNITED STATES
  353. Magdalena Black I am not a scientist but want to give my voice in this extremly important case , GERMANY
  354. Charlie Blackmore I have studies nutritional science for the past 45 years , Oregon, UNITED STATES
  355. Freeda Blackstone Certified Natural Health Practioner Certified Natural Health Consultant Certified Emotion Code Practioner, Everett, UNITED STATES
  356. Anthony Blaine BSc Biology 1969, Stamford, UNITED KINGDOM
  357. Bobbie Blair BA, GMO Free Langley, Langley, CANADA
  358. Fred Blair MS MOM L Ac, UNITED STATES
  359. Lisa Blake BA University of Michigan, Swanton, UNITED STATES
  360. Marchann Blake Attorney, UNITED STATES
  361. Carol Blanchard M Ed M Div Fellow American Assoc of Pastoral Counselors, Psychosynthesis Center of Portugal, Palmela, PORTUGAL
  362. Stacy Blankenship Member of the Human race, UNITED STATES
  363. Claire Bleakley Bleakley BSc Psyc RC Hom NZ , Featherston, NEW ZEALAND
  364. Howard Bleicher D D S D D S , Santa Fe, UNITED STATES
  365. Joan Blessing BS degree nursing, Fort Myers Beach, UNITED STATES
  366. Sara Blevens Wooster, UNITED STATES
  367. Patricia Blevins Nursing degree, Warrington, UNITED STATES
  368. Richard Block Former Chair Bastyr University Chair CEO various healthcare enterprises, BF Enterprises LLC, Washington State, UNITED STATES
  369. Rene Blom BA of Arts Social sciences, Sundog food co op, Prince Albert, CANADA
  370. Josh Blum BA in Accounting, UNITED STATES
  371. Megan Bockmeyer Biology Student Orlando Florida , UNITED STATES
  372. Mary Bodenstein B A A A S M S W L C S W , Morristown, UNITED STATES
  373. Dorothy Bodt BS Child Study MA Literacy, North Babylon, UNITED STATES
  374. Ruth Boettger Wife Mom Business Owner Investor Studier of Nutrition and Natural Health, CANADA
  375. R Gine Bohar Bachelor in philosophy works in translation in the medical field, Toronto, CANADA
  376. Gerald Bohemier Chirop, Winnipeg , CANADA
  377. Harry Bohnsack OD nutrition counselling is a part of my practice I value honest open information free of corporate bias, Doctor of Optometry, Fredericton, CANADA
  378. Sylvia Bonati real estate broker, Metairie, UNITED STATES
  379. Jean Bond BA Psychology, UNITED KINGDOM
  380. Peter Bond BSc Engineering, UNITED KINGDOM
  381. Sharee Boneham Humanitarian , Grande Cache, CANADA
  382. Anne Bonhomme Concerned citizen, Paris, FRANCE
  383. Janet Bonneau Fairfax, UNITED STATES
  384. Nicolas Bonnet Computer science engineer, FRANCE
  385. Glenn Bonney Musician, UNITED STATES
  386. Kasia Booss Cortez UNITED STATES
  387. Martine Boot Father firmerly chairman of the board of elsevier now deceased, NETHERLANDS
  388. Erika Boras Masters Degree, Piermont, UNITED STATES
  389. Grace Borenstein Court Interpreter approved by the Administrative Office of the courts Trenton New Jersey, Cherry Hill, UNITED STATES
  390. Liz Borg Cosmetologist, Helmetta New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  391. Nancy Borg I read credible scientific research, none personal, Stowe, UNITED STATES
  392. Hans Borge Physical therapist and licencesd acupuncturist, Fysioterapisenteret Sola, Stavanger, NORWAY
  393. Xavier Borr S Bachelor of Communication Sciences UAB , EcoDiari cat, Barcelona Catalonia, SPAIN
  394. Miep Bos Teacher of fine Arts Alumni of the Royal Dutch Academy of Fine Arts The Hague received De Loftrompet in Lelystad , The European GMO free Citizens, Lelystad, NETHERLANDS
  395. Bastiaan Bosch Therapist in Ortho Molecular Medicine, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  396. Steve Boshkov attorney in large US based law firm, Princeton Nj, UNITED STATES
  397. Jenna Bosley BA Hons , Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  398. Gianluca Boss Studying for B A in Law, SWITZERLAND
  399. Gail Bossenga Ph D in history from University of Michigan, UNITED STATES
  400. Felicity Botwinik U Mass Extension Landscape Management Green School Certificate, Mrs , Westwood, UNITED STATES
  401. Dominique Boulanger I read and study several different topics and can come to an intelligent educated decision , CANADA
  402. Diane Bourdeau writer, Winnetka, UNITED STATES
  403. Joseph Bourgault Saskatchewan Order of Merit Full Recovery from Life Threatening Illness by my own Research Studies, St Brieux, CANADA
  404. Larry Bowditch No awards Advocate of Natural Health, Advocate of Natural Health, Carrollton Texas, UNITED STATES
  405. Kathryn Bowers BMED MA DMA, Webster University, UNITED STATES
  406. Chris Bowman Bachelors in Finance California State University Fullerton, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  407. Kimberly Bowman Children s Healthcare field, UNITED STATES
  408. Matt Bowskill BA Environmental Resource Science, Toronto, CANADA
  409. Adolfo Boy Researcher retired fron INTA Msc in Horticulture WSU Hoticulture Professor University of Moron BsAs Argentina , GRR, Salsipuedes Cordoba, ARGENTINA
  410. Rebecca Boyd Not a scientist, UNITED STATES
  411. Judy Boyington Homemaker mother and grandmother concerned about the safety of our world s food supply and lack of caring integrity by BIG Businesses MONSANTO who put profit above the world s health , North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  412. Gerald Boykin Consumer, Pittsburgh, UNITED STATES
  413. H D Boyles OPTOMETRIST , Dr , Hickory, UNITED STATES
  414. Jeanluc Bozzoli art, Kealakekua, UNITED STATES
  415. Richard Brackett Harvard University ALB life long study of health issues , West Palm Beach, UNITED STATES
  416. Janet Bradley I have a BA as a speech language pathologist and a master s equivalency in the same just minus 50 clinical hours , Edgewood Md, UNITED STATES
  417. Janice Bradshaw BA, Santa Rosa Ca, UNITED STATES
  418. Carol Brady MSW siunsel people on mind body spirit issues, Life Expressions Inc, Ohio, UNITED STATES
  419. James Brady BS Met E, JBZ Seed, Caldwell, UNITED STATES
  420. Sean Brady Doctor of Chiropractic, UNITED STATES
  421. Everard Braganza Marine Industry professional, Marine Superintendent, Kuwait, KUWAIT
  422. Sherri Brainard PhD in theoretical linguistics, Manila, PHILIPPINES
  423. S Brina Braithwaite Founder of Healthy Earth Sustainable Living Project community garden advocate and mother , Healthy Earth Sustainable Living Project, Albany New York, UNITED STATES
  424. Teresa Brake Information Systems, Mrs , Fort Worth, UNITED STATES
  425. Roberta Branagan MA Counseling, Albuquerque Nm, UNITED STATES
  426. Jim Brauner Bs Htcp I work diligently in the field of energy healing and nutrition BS in Science and Certification in field, Inner Balance , St Louis, UNITED STATES
  427. Cindy Breedlove bs biology, UNITED STATES
  428. Zibby Brela Transit Operations Expert, London On, CANADA
  429. Holly Brelia registered nurse, Florida, UNITED STATES
  430. Karin Brelle Boss Homemaker, Glendale, UNITED STATES
  431. Claire Brennan Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Level 7 Degree , Teagasc Training College, Dublin, IRELAND
  432. Melvin Brennan PhD University of Stirling, Baltimore, UNITED STATES
  433. Julie Breton Master s degree in English French translation, Beaucaire, FRANCE
  434. Marianne Breton Renewable Energies, FRANCE
  435. David Breuer Technical editor, DENMARK
  436. Sandra Brewer Trenton, UNITED STATES
  437. Charles Brewster Jr B S degree in Nutrition, Lehman College, Bronx, UNITED STATES
  438. Victor Brice BSc Pharm , Nanaimo, CANADA
  439. Lee Ann Bricker Project Manager High Tech Industry, Burnaby, CANADA
  440. Shari Bridges MBA Nutritionist PhD in progress, UNITED STATES
  441. Claudia Veronica Brignolo Gimenez Education Masters Translator Interpreter, Tairu Vera Cruz BA, BRAZIL
  442. Paul Bristow Permaculture Designer Ecologist, Ferney Voltaire , FRANCE
  443. Benjamin Britton RN BSN, Wellington, UNITED STATES
  444. John Broadbooks concerned citizen, Northglenn, UNITED STATES
  445. D Brock I am just a well read and knowledgeable person who would prefer to eat wholesome and natural food whenever possible , UNITED STATES
  446. Jeanette Broderick Consumer, New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  447. Timothy Broderick Social Policy Management Honor Degree , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  448. John Brodeur AS BS MA , Hartford, UNITED STATES
  449. Kim Brodey ordinary citizen , CANADA
  450. Kelly Brogan MD clinical instructor NYU Bellevue Medical Center psychiatry reproductive health, optional, New Canaan, UNITED STATES
  451. Petra Brokken B A M A J D , Ms , Saint Paul, UNITED STATES
  452. Terry Bronson registered nurse, UNITED STATES
  453. Derek Brooks Health practitioner retired, Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM
  454. Ron Brooks BSEE CS UCB, RHGT Trust, Akaroa, NEW ZEALAND
  455. Ct Bross college and natural nutritional sciences, Walnut Creek, UNITED STATES
  456. Jp Brousmiche beekeeper with scientific background , Braine Le Comte, BELGIUM
  457. Remijio Broviak Internet Marketer, UNITED STATES
  458. Al Brown Artist, Art Works by Brown, Strathroy, CANADA
  459. Dan Brown masters of science degree, Miami, UNITED STATES
  460. David Brown UNITED STATES
  461. Dennis Brown Professional Engineer for 30 years, Retired, Weaverville, UNITED STATES
  462. Gary Brown 15 years on plaintiff litigation vs BigPhRMA knowledge of fraudulent publications in scientific journals , Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  463. Laura Brown BA Certified Holistic Health Coach, Atlanta, UNITED STATES
  464. Robert Brown Chemistry major currently well read in the natural and applied sciences , New York, UNITED STATES
  465. Robert Brown no qualification, Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM
  466. Ron Brown Brown Business, AMET , Hawthorne, UNITED STATES
  467. Susan Brown I support this letter 100 Elsevier needs to reverse the retraction and get rid of people with great conflict of interest at the journal Elsevier has lost ALL credibility , citizen, La Mesa, UNITED STATES
  468. Maureen Browne I can read and understand English How about that , University Heights, UNITED STATES
  469. Sally Brownfield French teacher, Olympia Washington, UNITED STATES
  470. Michelle Browning Salisbury Concerned mother sister aunt and friend who wants to get to the bottom of the negative effects of GMO s We can t do that if big money continues to buy silence , Port Charlotte, UNITED STATES
  471. Janie Broyles Private consumer, St George, UNITED STATES
  472. Andrea Bruce PhD, Barrie, CANADA
  473. Cynthia Bruce BS in Dental Hygiene, Texas, UNITED STATES
  474. Laura Bruckman concerned mother, Charleston, UNITED STATES
  475. Shirley Brumley BS I have studied nutrition and nutritional research for over 40 years , New Nexuci, UNITED STATES
  476. Stephen Brummitt RVT Regestered Vascular Technologist, Lenoir City, UNITED STATES
  477. Mel Brummund Chropractor, CCBC BCCA, Kelowna Bc , CANADA
  478. Anna Brunetti Montreal Nord, CANADA
  479. Jodie Bruning B Bus Agribusiness Researcher, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  480. Steven Bruno Attorney, Pacific Grove Ca, UNITED STATES
  481. Mary Alyce Brunskill 2 master degrees and nutrition certificate, Surprise, UNITED STATES
  482. Carol Bryant Retired medical editor, UNITED STATES
  483. Rosie Bryant an informed mother BA Hons PCGE , Bedford, UNITED KINGDOM
  484. Kirk Bryson 64 years on the planet watching the human race destroy itself, Old Saybrook , UNITED STATES
  485. Matthew Buaas CompTIA A certified I T technician , UNITED STATES
  486. Larry Buchanan Ed D, Arnold, UNITED STATES
  487. Sharon Buchanan Mother of four grandmother of eight great grandmother of one Pet parent to five cats and two dogs I am a proactive consumer of pet food as well as human food Groundless suppression of any scientific study is tantamount to calling me ignorant , Hendersonville Nc, UNITED STATES
  488. Georgiann Buck xxxxxx, Tallahassee, UNITED STATES
  489. Bobbie Burdett Wellness Coach and Coach Trainer, UNITED STATES
  490. Darrell Eula Burdge American Consumer Wants Good Natural Foods, Hazel Green Ky, UNITED STATES
  491. Anne Burfitt B S Teacher , UNITED STATES
  492. Kevin Burget BA English MFA Film , UNITED STATES
  493. Hans Burgschmidt Health Practitioner, Hans Burgschmidt Production Group, Toronto, CANADA
  494. Eric Burgstahler Engineer, FRANCE
  495. Alex Burke Lcadc lpc, UNITED STATES
  496. Gene Burke Founder CEO of environmental health investigations company ret d , Environ Health Projects, Woodland Hills Ca, UNITED STATES
  497. John Burke DMA music, Marmora, CANADA
  498. John Burke 30 years teaching solar assembly workshops with non profit educational corporations Maine Solar Energy Association, MESEA, New York Maine, UNITED STATES
  499. Kate Burke Ba Ed Certified professional coach, Ulverstone, AUSTRALIA
  500. Nancy Burke Aware and mindful consumer , Ottawa, CANADA
  501. Candace Burkett 30 years of natural and organic foods research and advocacy a highly educated mother and citizen, Presence Marketing, Wauconda Illinois, UNITED STATES
  502. Diana Burkholder I am a concerned citizen, Newburyport, UNITED STATES
  503. Joel Burnett Agriculture and nutrition researcher, Washington State, UNITED STATES
  504. Don Burns Computer Programmer, Sedona, UNITED STATES
  505. John Burns Dr of Acupuncture, Sun City West, UNITED STATES
  506. Larry Burns retired lawyer, Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
  507. Paul Burns Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, Auburn Hills Mi, UNITED STATES
  508. Darryl Burnside none applicable, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  509. Ernst Burri Lic oec , Retired, Naples Fl, UNITED STATES
  510. Patsy Burrows UNITED STATES
  511. Bruce Burt Cocerned consumer of food, Private individual, Calgary, CANADA
  512. Valerie Burt PhD c MS Holistic Health and Nutrition, California, UNITED STATES
  513. Christina Burtis Legal, World Bank, Washington Dc, UNITED STATES
  514. Vic Burton BA Sociology 30 years Head Start Specialist, UNITED STATES
  515. Susan Burzynski BA liberal arts, Scottsdale, UNITED STATES
  516. Jon Busch Knowledgable through published reportage , Aspen, UNITED STATES
  517. Rowena Bush Bachelor of Arts, Perth Wa, AUSTRALIA
  518. Janet Busvek RN, Johnson City, UNITED STATES
  519. Lisa Odette Butean Graphic Design student, SPAIN
  520. Kathy Butler sociology psychology, Butler , CANADA
  521. Ray Butler bbs, Kapiti, NEW ZEALAND
  522. Talitha Butterfield Have a wellness company that helps people stay well and recover if ill promote healthy eating habits , Butterfield Wellness, Niwot, UNITED STATES
  523. Lucas Buur I have read a lot about the subject, NETHERLANDS
  524. Liz Bygrave Concerned layperson, 01424 319389, St Leonards On Sea, UNITED KINGDOM
  525. Erik Byre NORWAY
  526. Paul Byrne just a citizen, Concerned Citizen, UNITED STATES
  527. Robert Cacioppo Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Sport Studies, UNITED STATES
  528. Joseph Caddy Need honest research in order to make correct decisions, Nanaimo, CANADA
  529. Pete Cahan retired engineer, Syracuse Ny, UNITED STATES
  530. Johnny Cahill BSc Physio Lic TCM, Dublin, IRELAND
  531. Fawn Caldwell Degrees in English lit Mass Communications and Computer Programming , Menifee, UNITED STATES
  532. Judith Caldwell Lawyer, Detroit, UNITED STATES
  533. Catherine Callaghan Basic consumer of toxic chemicals in my air water soil food soaps and everything, Chicago Il, UNITED STATES
  534. Julie Calow OND H C Mngt, WEA, Truro, UNITED KINGDOM
  535. Christopher Camera Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Columbus, UNITED STATES
  536. Brenda Cameron M Ed Educator, University of Chester, Cheshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  537. Ruth Cameron BS in Biology, UNITED STATES
  538. Pj Camp Researcher, UNITED STATES
  539. Christopher Campbell Ph D Psychology, Chatsworth, UNITED STATES
  540. Lindsey Campbell M A Oxon, Killin, UNITED KINGDOM
  541. Lorna Campbell Massage therapist health advocate mother of aspiring 12 year old physicist BA MA PGdip, Hastings, UNITED KINGDOM
  542. Noel Campbell No degrees, Alfords Point, AUSTRALIA
  543. Robert Campbell certified organic farmer FCAS FCIA B Math, Better Together Farms, Chatsworth, CANADA
  544. Adriano Candioli retired, retired, Roma, ITALY
  545. Deborah Canivet BA B Ed Former health policy analyst, CANADA
  546. Anna Cannella BS Physics Secondary Education, Dalton Pa, UNITED STATES
  547. Susan Canning small business operator, Wild WestCoast RainForest, Powell River, CANADA
  548. Joe Canti Devon, UNITED KINGDOM
  549. Amigo Cantisano 39 year organic farmer 30 year organic farm advisor to hundreds of organic farms world wide winner of Steward of Sustainable Agriculture, OrganIc Ag Advisors, Nevada City Ca, UNITED STATES
  550. Susan Caplan college degree, UNITED STATES
  551. Chelsea Caracci associates degree, UNITED STATES
  552. Joan Carefoot Milton Professional musician private teacher Monsanto is evil and the truth is coming forth , Lethbridge, CANADA
  553. Stacy Carey Masters Degree in Medical Bioethics clinical research professional for core a decade, Mastic Beach, UNITED STATES
  554. David Carlson Thinking human and consumer, Minnesota, UNITED STATES
  555. Christine Carmona I am a health conscious artist I have an Associates Degree in Science , UNITED STATES
  556. Jonathan Carr not applicable, Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM
  557. Robert Carri Re Altercycliste, Sherbrooke, CANADA
  558. Francis Carrier citoyen hyper sensibilis dans la pr servation de l environnement f d rateur via b n volat actif nature culture sport, Grande Riviere, FRANCE
  559. Idelis Carrion US Citizen, UNITED STATES
  560. T Carroll B Comm LLB JD Commonwealth Scholar Environmental Law and International Development, CANADA
  561. David Carson Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, IHG, Lawrenceville, UNITED STATES
  562. Jack Carstens B Bus Sc M A , Farm, Paarl, SOUTH AFRICA
  563. Julian Carter Theology MA STL, New York, UNITED STATES
  565. Lloyd Carter former professor of California water law, California Save Our Streams Council, Clovis Ca, UNITED STATES
  566. Peter Cartwright BA MA Music, Farmington Hills, UNITED STATES
  567. Kent Casady Juris Doctor degree California State Bar member, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  568. Veronica Casale B A , Narcolepsy Support Group of San Diego County, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  569. Lisa Cascarella I am a wife and mother of four children I have a degree in Biology, UNITED STATES
  570. Donna Casey State certified school cook for 16 years HACIP certified Food safety and Sanitation FDA Food Code , Apple Grove, UNITED STATES
  571. Jacqueline Casimir Lambert Academie Royale des Beaux Arts Brussels Diploma , artist, Brussels, BELGIUM
  572. Moss Cass M B B S , AUSTRALIA
  573. Wanda Cassese N a, Consumer, Monroe Township, UNITED STATES
  574. Cherylann Castanieto BA Education Biology, Nevada City, UNITED STATES
  575. Elaine Casteel Raised on a farm wife mother grandmother greatgrandmother, UNITED STATES
  576. Larry Castellani Professor Ph D of Philosophy, Niagara County Community College, North Tonawanda, UNITED STATES
  577. Pat Castillo Teacher, Human, Madison, UNITED STATES
  578. Helen Castonguay concerned and informed citizen, Malagash, CANADA
  579. Elisa Catalini Reggio Emilia, ITALY
  580. Elizabeth Catenacci Mother and Housewife, Sarasota Fl, UNITED STATES
  581. Alan Caughley Farmer, Far North, NEW ZEALAND
  582. David Caulfield Bachelor of Arts Licentiate in Theology graduate Diploma in Education class 1 rhea hers Certification Ontario Assoc on Developmental Diisorders award of Professional Excellence Award for outstanding Contribution to Loyalist College Ontario graduate of the Royal Canadian Airforce Officer s T, Retired college professor, Carrying Place, CANADA
  583. John Cava Architect, UNITED STATES
  584. Ines Cavar ABD psychologist, Zagreb, CROATIA
  585. Rico Caveglia Health longevity coach author of 15 books on wellness, Ageless living Lifestyle, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  586. Piero Cavina employee R D, Coop Italia, Casalecchio Di Reno, ITALY
  587. Shirley Cayze Housewife, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  588. Stephen Cecrle High School Graduate, UNITED STATES
  589. Mercedes Centena Lic Sociolog a UNLP post grado en IAP Investigaci n Acci n Participante especializada en tem tica ambiental, Observatorio de Conflictos socio ambientales en Argentina, La Plata, ARGENTINA
  590. Brian Cere Ontario, CANADA
  591. Louis Cersosim health researcher, West Babylon, UNITED STATES
  592. Rebecca Cerveny 2 years of college R N program , Garfield Heights, UNITED STATES
  593. Beverly Chaba BSc MSc Nutrition University of Alberta, Circle C Farms, Fort Saskatchewan, CANADA
  594. Elizabeth Chafer Solicitor non practising , St Laurent Sur Gorre, FRANCE
  595. Greg Chakalian BS, UNITED STATES
  596. Derek Chalcraft University degree, CANADA
  597. Catherine Chalom ing nieur Ecole Centrale Paris, Bio Philippe Auguste Le Retour la Terre, Paris, FRANCE
  598. Pamela Chamberlynn I am a medical professional Masters in Clinical Social Work graduate of Duke University INtegrative Medicine Center as an Integrative Health Coach Professional and as a Mindfulness Professional , Integratve Health Coach Professional Services , Tallahassee, UNITED STATES
  599. Ruth Chambers Nursing, Concerned Citizen, Cleveland Ohio, UNITED STATES
  600. May Chan I am a consumer and concerned about GE foods in my community , concerned citizen, San Mateo, UNITED STATES
  601. Philip Chandler Beekeeper, Friends of the Bees UK, Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM
  602. Linda Chang housewife, CANADA
  603. Wendy Chang Hollister, UNITED STATES
  604. Judy Chaparro Concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  605. Christine Chaplik A human being who was very sick eating GMOs and when I stopped eating them got well That s enough scientific proof for me Monsanto is killing us and hiding that fact is being just as guilty , Liberty, UNITED STATES
  606. David Chapman Malaga, SPAIN
  607. Karen Chappell I am a nurse , UNITED STATES
  608. Ann Charles Therapist, Independent Person , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  609. Girardin Charles no lo se, SWITZERLAND
  610. Cenier Charlotte Ing nieur charg d tudes en grande culture sp cialiste insectes, FRANCE
  611. M Charrin B S degree concerned citizen consumer and food safety activist , UNITED STATES
  612. Kimberly Chartrand Registered nurse and certified master gardener , Holistic brain health, Encinitas, UNITED STATES
  613. Megan Chaskey MA Elementary Education, Ross School, Sag Harbor, UNITED STATES
  614. Maureen Chasson Concerned Parent, Wayland, UNITED STATES
  615. Christopher Chatters a member of the public who believes in truth before profits , Newbury, UNITED KINGDOM
  616. Yokeling Chee Law degrees University of Malaya (Malaysia), Cambridge University (UK), Director of Programmes Third World Network, Beijing, MALAYSIA
  617. Patricia Cheeseman Study of Health and Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  618. Betty Chenoweth Retired Registered Nurse, Vernon Bc, CANADA
  619. J Chesson B A in Psychology with a focus on neuroscience and child development, Calgary Alberta, CANADA
  620. Angie Chevallier I am a registered nurse, Raleigh, UNITED STATES
  621. Nadine Chicoine College Instructor, Leonardtown, UNITED STATES
  622. Darlene Chiosa none but my own health issues, Lake Clear, UNITED STATES
  623. Laurence Chisholm Only having followed GMO developement since early Ninties, Sliema, MALTA
  624. Ray Choiniere Ph D in psychology retired marriage and family counselor, UNITED STATES
  625. Ariane Chomette MASTER de recherche tudes anglo germaniques, FRANCE
  626. Valerie Chorvat MBA and Ph D, Tampa Fl, UNITED STATES
  627. Julia Chowaniec PGCE Degree BAHons fashion diploma in journalism Gardener, East Grinstead, UNITED KINGDOM
  628. Bo Christensen Gardener and nature loving human, Phitsanulok, THAILAND
  629. Inge Christensen social worker, Privat, Roslev, DENMARK
  630. James Christensen MA Applied Linguistics, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  631. Michael Christenson business statistician MBA, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  632. Bristiel Christian cologie interest, no, Bajamont, FRANCE
  633. Peter Christians retired, CANADA
  634. Jonathan Christie BSc Engib, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  635. Mesnage Christine hoping that this petition can allow the final approval of the work to S ralini et his colleagues, militant, Fermanville, FRANCE
  636. Schwarz Christine super, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  637. Diane Christopher Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Cowlesville, UNITED STATES
  638. Oceana Christopher journalist, Long Beach, UNITED STATES
  639. Jia Yan Chua student, nil, Singapore, SINGAPORE
  640. Helen Ciampi I am a healthcare professional who is very concerned about the future of our population , Floral City, UNITED STATES
  641. France Ciel D August Raymond, UNITED STATES
  642. Elena Cirdei naturopathic osteopathic homeopathic studies Certifications, CANADA
  643. Patricia Cizewski BA MA theatre MS Ed Admin and Policy Studies certification Systematic Development of Informed Consent Institute for Participatory Mgmt and Planning , Quincy Ma, UNITED STATES
  644. Andreas Claassens Ba, HTI, Stellenbosch, SOUTH AFRICA
  645. Javier M Claparols Sponsor of an adopted Resolution on a Moratorium on Further Release of GMOs in the IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature , Ecological Society of the Philippines, Makati City, PHILIPPINES
  646. Annie Clark 36 yr cancer survivor married to Vietnam Vet parent no awards, Windham Parent Network, Willimantic, UNITED STATES
  647. Dave Clark Mechanical Engineer Health research is my hobby, Savage, UNITED STATES
  648. David Clark Birdsboro, UNITED STATES
  649. John Clark Chartered Engineer, UNITED KINGDOM
  650. Rebecca Clark Virginia Beach, UNITED STATES
  651. Lonni Clarke Artist, Lonni Clarke Studio, St George, UNITED STATES
  652. Victoria Clarke Horticulturist, AUSTRALIA
  653. Anne Claxton AWCF, UNITED KINGDOM
  654. Jo Clayson BS in Education partial completion toward Masters in Sustainable Systems, , Fort Plain, UNITED STATES
  655. James D Cleave BS MBA, Wheaton Il, UNITED STATES
  656. Andre Clement Masters Degree Criminology Management Consultant, ECUADOR
  657. Jerome Clement AA Industrial Electronics, concerned citizen, Hermitage, UNITED STATES
  658. Alpha Clemons non GMO supporter, natural news subscriber, Detroit, UNITED STATES
  659. Mark Clench CANADA
  660. Sue Clinton RN Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Weston A Price Foundation, Sydenham, CANADA
  661. Louise Coates Natural health diploma, Alexandria, CANADA
  662. James Cochrum bachelors degree business, Consumer, Losangeles, UNITED STATES
  663. Mary Cody I am an Organiser of the March Against Monsanto Las Vegas, GMO Free Vegas, Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  664. Stella Coffey organic farmer with public interest concerns regarding GM crops, Cahir, IRELAND
  665. Matthew Coghlan Hamburg, UNITED STATES
  666. Debra Cohen I am not a scientist however I am an educated and informed CONSUMER , GMO Free CT, Wethersfield Ct, UNITED STATES
  667. Mark Cohen Computer Engineer, Mansfield, UNITED STATES
  668. Mildred Cole RN, Grifton, UNITED STATES
  669. Joanne Coleman I hold two degrees one in education and I was a science teacher now retired, CANADA
  670. Kevin Coleman environmntal studies degree, Banbury, UNITED KINGDOM
  671. Yvonne Coleman My health and other people s is important to me , Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  672. Daniel Coles BSc Engineering Durham UK, Telford, UNITED KINGDOM
  673. Junilla Collard Allen, UNITED STATES
  674. Carol Collier Please stop bowing to corporations we need to understand how gmo food are affecting us , Axle Texas, UNITED STATES
  675. Emilie Collins read everything I can regarding genetically modified foods, UNITED STATES
  676. Jerome Collins college, UNITED STATES
  677. Joel Collins I am a human being with common sense enough to know that GMOs are cancerous and damaging to our bodies the bodies of other creatures and the planet itself, Pompton Plains, UNITED STATES
  678. Kristi Collins UNITED STATES
  679. Sue Collinson A concerned citizen, AUSTRALIA
  680. Maria Collison Concerned citizen horrified by tactics used to force gm foods on innocent people, IRELAND
  681. Ian Colombo Doctor of Chiropractic, Smyrna, UNITED STATES
  682. Lesley Colquhoun BSc Hons , Barrie, CANADA
  683. John Comrie QC MCIArb BA LLB BCL, DefinitiveADR, Austin And, UNITED STATES
  684. Tomas Conde Retired Curriculum Analyst, UNITED STATES
  685. Marilyn Conley B S in Dietetics Certificate in Hospital Dietetics, retired, Calgary, CANADA
  686. Sarah Conley , Keyport NJ, UNITED STATES
  687. Theresia Connell Educator B A , Unionville, UNITED STATES
  688. Francis Connor Concerned Consumer, Petaluma, UNITED STATES
  689. Tacey Conover Redding, UNITED STATES
  690. Anthony Consolato arborist shiatsu therapist structural intergration student, Hurley, UNITED STATES
  691. John Constantinou food expert, North Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  692. Melissa Constantinou Permaculture Training Africa, Master Gardeners of Middlesex County, North Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  693. Catherine Contarino Ms , Lynbrook, UNITED STATES
  694. Pat Conte BBA, Bronx, UNITED STATES
  695. James Conway UNITED STATES
  696. Audrey Cooke BA, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  697. Linda Coomans I have a bachelor of social work degree and took political science and economics , Retired Probation Officer, Powell River B C , CANADA
  698. Jackie Coombs Health Wellbeing Research, UNITED KINGDOM
  699. Jake Cooper student, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  700. Johanna Cooper I have an animal rescue and grow as much of my own organic NON GMO heirloom food as possible I plant trees and grow and use herbs and other earth medicines I stand for the Rights of All Our Relations I am a single mom and a Daughter of the Earth I need no other credentials , Second Chance Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Barton, UNITED STATES
  701. Marcia Cooper social scientist MA Criminology Corrections abD Criminal Theory Mother of children with health issues the doctors could not help had to research myself and learn about modifying diet for health, retired, Waco, UNITED STATES
  702. Valerie Cooper many, UNITED STATES
  703. Carla Cooper Hicks Information Technology, Humanity, Austin, UNITED STATES
  704. Clare Copley Art Design BA Hons Bristol ATC PG Brighton , UNITED KINGDOM
  705. Norman Coppola BA, UNITED STATES
  706. Kiki Corbin certified naturopath CTN ACSGC, Grassroots Action Network, Incline Village, UNITED STATES
  707. Rick Corcoran BS, Roanoke, UNITED STATES
  708. Lara Cordell concerned citizen, Irvine Ca, UNITED STATES
  709. Rita Cordero MA School Psychologist Parent, Prescott Valley, UNITED STATES
  710. Abraham Cordova Dr of Chiropractic Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist In practice 37 yrs Practice includes nutrition , Cordova Chiroprctic Centre, Aptos Ca , UNITED STATES
  711. David Cornberg PhD Education, independent, Fairbanks, UNITED STATES
  712. Diana Cornell will boycott, not a scientist, Windsor, CANADA
  713. Sandy Cornell Moab, UNITED STATES
  714. Ann Corrao RN nutrition, CCC, Ny, UNITED STATES
  715. George Corson Seeker of Truth in science , No Affiliation, Cape May County Nj, UNITED STATES
  716. Franco Corticelli Philosopher of science, Bologna , ITALY
  717. Lori Costantino PhD Holistic Nutrition, Pawcatuck, UNITED STATES
  718. Anne Costello a concerned consumer , Newburyport, UNITED STATES
  719. Gayle Costello Citizen who eats food, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  720. Dee Cota I have studied nutrition since 1965, Member National Health Federation, Santa Paula Ca, UNITED STATES
  721. Bob Cotterill Degree in Librarianship , Coeden Fach Trees Swansea Environment Centre, Swansea, UNITED KINGDOM
  722. Albert Cottrell Master of Music Degree, AARP, Dublin, UNITED STATES
  723. Julie Coulson farmer, UNITED KINGDOM
  724. Lucian Coulson Interested party autopoesis , Integrated System Methodology, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  725. Margi Coulson secretary, retired, Legal, UNITED STATES
  726. Jackie Coupland B Human Ecology U of M, Vancouver, CANADA
  727. Marine Cournier Master of law Business and Human rights expertise, CANADA
  728. Linda Couslton BSN RN Member International Honor Society of Nursing, UNITED STATES
  729. Angela Cowan What I am is appalled , Ontario, CANADA
  730. Jo Cox BS Health Science, UNITED STATES
  731. Karri Cox Dip RM, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  732. Michael Cox Master of Science, UNITED STATES
  733. Sidney Cox Doctorate in Natural Healing PhD, Appalachian Advanced Health, Wilkesboro, UNITED STATES
  734. Virgina Cox Concerned and informed grandmother , UNITED STATES
  735. Linda Coyne high school chemistry teacher, UNITED STATES
  736. Peter Cozijn Translator, PJC, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  737. Gene Craig Nanimo, CANADA
  738. Jessica Craig Respiratory Therapist, Moneta, UNITED STATES
  739. Phyllis Craig BS Applied Clinical Nutrition Certified Biofeedback Therapist Stress Mgmt Educator, Hinckley, UNITED STATES
  740. Daryce Cram Shreveport, UNITED STATES
  741. Anthony Cranston 65 years of taking an interest in food and its origin and possible side effects, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  742. Linda Crawford Bachelor of Science in Art Masters in the Art of Teaching University Instructor, Kyoto, JAPAN
  743. Carl Creasy Florence Al , UNITED STATES
  744. Chad Credeur , UNITED STATES
  745. Nancy Crimaudo only a highly concerned citizen studen of science, Macomb Michigan, UNITED STATES
  746. Palma Cristina master in maths, Torino, ITALY
  747. Lori Crockett BS in Accounting, UNITED STATES
  748. Scott Crockett Consumer, UNITED STATES
  749. Jack Croes Chemistry major 4 years WAyne State University, Nj, UNITED STATES
  750. Elaine Cronin Teaching degree, Ontario, CANADA
  751. Chris Crook Bee keeper, Surrey Natural Beekeeping, Dorking, UNITED KINGDOM
  752. Bruce Crosby Osteopath, Kitchener, CANADA
  753. Genevieve Crosss Human, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  754. Mark Croucher concerned citizen, Corlay, FRANCE
  755. Brian Crowshaw BA, Retired teacher, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  756. David Crum Consumer and concerned citizen, Cave Creek, UNITED STATES
  757. Karen Crutcher Bachelor of Arts Native American Studies Environmental Psychology, Anahola, UNITED STATES
  758. Rachel Crutchfield Bachelors degree, Rocklin, UNITED STATES
  759. Raul Cruz Carmona Environmental consulting IT applied to Environmental projects, Associacio Mediambiental Racons de Renau, Renau Tarragona, SPAIN
  760. Jill Cryder UNITED STATES
  761. Steven Csargo Self Study on Natural Healing, Browerville, UNITED STATES
  762. Jianhua Cui Bachelor Degree Of Telecommunication, Beijing, CHINA
  763. G Dillon Culbreth None that apply, Coffee Party USA United Methodist Church, Creston Nc, UNITED STATES
  764. Barbara Cullison organic gardener for over 20 years, Manchester, UNITED STATES
  765. Charlotte Cullum concerned consumer, Pilot Point, UNITED STATES
  766. Deborah Cummings Occupational Therapy Structural Integration Craniosacral Therapy Nutrition, Snohomish, UNITED STATES
  767. Carmele Cummins BS in Family Consumer Sciences an informed concerned citizen for the health of our children grandchildren, Black Diamond Wa, UNITED STATES
  768. Ronnie Cummins Co Author of the book Genetically Engineered Foods A Self Defense Guide for Consumers, Organic Consumers Association USA , Finland Mn, UNITED STATES
  769. C K Cunningham PhD Human Development Sustainable Agriculture Policy Advocate Permaculture Design Consultant , Web of Life Permaculture Design, Boulder Colorado, UNITED STATES
  770. Michael Cunningham A concerned consumer that is heir to whatever the outcome we can win against tyranny and evil, Huntsville, UNITED STATES
  771. Donna Curcio gmos will require more and more glyphosate as weeds mutate becoming more resistant, Plantation, UNITED STATES
  772. Elizabeth Curl Bachelor of Science, Retired from University of IL, Springfield, UNITED STATES
  773. Spencer Curry Aquaponics Gardener 2 years experience, Fresh Farm Aquaponics LLC, South Glastonbury, UNITED STATES
  774. Mike Curtis Concerned citizen , Orono, UNITED STATES
  775. Pauline Curtis concerned mother grandmother citizen of mother earth, Armstrong, CANADA
  776. Robin Cushman I am a horticulture photographer working with diverse partners Oregon State University Willamette Food and Farm Coalition Food for Lane County many individual organic farmers etc , Robin Cushman Photography, Eugene, UNITED STATES
  777. Susan Cuss a concerned citizen, CANADA
  778. Kaye Cussen medical doctor MBBS FRACGP, Scone MedicalPractice, Scone, AUSTRALIA
  779. Laura Cusumano concerned citizen, Freeport, UNITED STATES
  780. Justin Cutter Agriculture teacher , UNITED STATES
  781. Sima Cutting I am a chef concerned about ingredients, The Kitchen Table, Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM
  782. Judy Cutts Dinuba, UNITED STATES
  784. Domingos D Amico Agricultural Engineer, Brasilia, BRAZIL
  785. Marlene D Entremont B A English, Education, Fall River, UNITED STATES
  786. Devdath D Souza My sister brother in law are scientists of Coffee Board in India , Business, Mangalore, INDIA
  787. Ruth Daby Ph D BCPP, UNITED STATES
  788. Kurt R Dahl Do not have any degrees or awards in science just like to see the truth finally come out , Kegaska Quebec, CANADA
  789. Robert Dahl Bachelor of Arts Mathematics, Baltimore, UNITED STATES
  790. Barbara Dahms Lifelong interest in Scientific Work I follow the research into GMO and insecticide toxicity , Flint Tx, UNITED STATES
  791. James Daigle Publisher and editor of EPA Shadow Law, ENVIRES Corporation, Norwich, UNITED STATES
  792. Scott Dailey bachelor of arts iniversoty of minnesota, Minneapolis Mn, UNITED STATES
  793. Sandy Dalcais BA, New York, UNITED STATES
  794. Gary Dalecky consumer, University of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, UNITED STATES
  795. Crista Damato Masters of Counselling, CANADA
  796. Robert Damhuis geotechnical engineer, Joondanna, AUSTRALIA
  797. Kaayla Daniel PhD in Nutrition Certified Clinical Nutritionist CCN , Albuquerque Nm, UNITED STATES
  798. Gail Daniels No, Burlington, UNITED STATES
  799. Stacey Danzi Nurse, Lockport N Y , UNITED STATES
  800. Yang Daolin degree, Bole, CHINA
  801. Christina Darabi concerned citizen, Jax, UNITED STATES
  802. Dorina Dariiciuc I lived a healthy life I am 44 and have advanced stage cancer Spend the last two years trying to identify the factors that contributed to my disease , Self, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  803. Lika Dario Masters of Health Administration student, Honolulu Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  804. Sarah Darling BA Bryn Mawr College, Greenfield Ma, UNITED STATES
  805. Satyaraj Das Pforzheim, GERMANY
  806. Catherine Dash Masters Degree School of Hard Knocks, South Bend, UNITED STATES
  807. Alana Dauphinee BSc UCLA , UNITED STATES
  808. Angela Davies Consumer Nursery Nurse, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  809. Martin Davies Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  810. Angelika Davis cpa, Mrs , Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES
  811. Berna Davis anthropology BA journalism BA education MA, Atherton, UNITED STATES
  812. Dr Robert Davis Doctorate at Birmingham University Order of the British Empire Master of Arts Worcester University , Jasper carrott Ltd, Solihull, UNITED KINGDOM
  813. Eugenia Davis I am the consumer for whom all this effort is expended for the profit of those who are careless about me , Locust Grove, UNITED STATES
  814. Jon Davis activist, Eugene, UNITED STATES
  815. Mariya Davis M Ed a current doctoral student, UNITED STATES
  816. Norma Davis Fort Madison, UNITED STATES
  817. Phil Davis BA Food Manufacturer, Provo, UNITED STATES
  818. Sarah Davis BS Nursing, Educational Enrichment Opportunities, Oak Ridge Tn , UNITED STATES
  819. Deborah Dawe Registered Nurse, Nashville, UNITED STATES
  820. Catherine Day Public Health, UNITED STATES
  821. Paul De Burgh Day Study of biotech since 2000, retired, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA
  822. Eadward De Crayford Concerned consumer, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  823. Thomas De Gale BA University of Natal South Africa, PTH Water, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  824. Charles De Haas docent political organisation, gemeenteraad, Smilde, NETHERLANDS
  825. Alejandra De Marcos Esquerdo Madrid, SPAIN
  826. Benjamin De Preter Coaching , Antwerp, BELGIUM
  827. Genevi Ve De Rougemont Translator BA in Psychology, Auroville, INDIA
  828. Esther De Ru paediatric physiotherapist , Zutphen, NETHERLANDS
  829. Gerard De Ruyter Concerned citizen more than enough qualification, Wanniassa, AUSTRALIA
  830. Machteld De Smet Bacchalor in Laws, x, 2400 Mol, BELGIUM
  831. Victoria De Stefano Concerned citizen , Hillsborough, UNITED STATES
  832. Debbie Debbie mother of three GMO Free Healthy Children, homebody, Mercer Pa , UNITED STATES
  833. Justine Decker MOM, Canton, UNITED STATES
  834. Donald Defelice Nutritional Health coach, Atlanta, UNITED STATES
  835. Daniel Deffenbaugh Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Hastings Ne , UNITED STATES
  836. Mary Delay B Ed and M Ed, UNITED STATES
  837. Indira Delic Linguist, Can Talk Canada, London Ontario, CANADA
  838. Carmen Dello Buono Master of Arts English and American Literature, UNITED STATES
  839. Anna Deloatch Concerned citizen that is tired of all the poisons that are given to us on daily basis , Hartford, UNITED STATES
  840. Kathleen Demill San Diego, UNITED STATES
  841. John Dendy Fellow of the Library Association, Christchuch, UNITED KINGDOM
  842. Michelle Denise teacher authorgraduate diploma in language studies Rsearched GMOs agriculture 6 years independently, Foodwatch, Bentley Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
  843. Nicole Denison BA and some post undergraduate courses, Madison, UNITED STATES
  844. Christophe Denjean Ngo management, FRANCE
  845. Emma Denson My family and I use these products, Ada Ok, UNITED STATES
  846. Camille Denti Registered Nurse, Staten Island, UNITED STATES
  847. David Denton Doctor of Chiropractic, Colorado Springs, UNITED STATES
  848. Marie Depardon Singapore, SINGAPORE
  849. Judi Dequaker Health Nutrition, Palatine, UNITED STATES
  850. Soumeya Derbal Environmental Engeneer , Toronto, CANADA
  851. Memeo Derisa Magufo BSc, Murcia, SPAIN
  852. Ralph Derogatis BS in FU, Colonia, UNITED STATES
  853. Kerstin Derolf I am a concerned stay at home mom B S Physics with a math minor, Cynthiana Ky, UGANDA
  854. Kim Derr Accountant, Lutz Fl, UNITED STATES
  855. Amelia Desantis Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, Franklin Park, UNITED STATES
  856. Anne Desmond social Work, St Louis Mo, UNITED STATES
  857. Shannon Determan RN, UNITED STATES
  858. Fm Deutsch BA UC Irvine, Oceanside, UNITED STATES
  859. Koen Develter teacher of christian ethics, Roeselare, BELGIUM
  860. Jeanne Devendorf Mother, Fulton Ny, UNITED STATES
  861. Marjorie Devereaux RN, Rockledge, UNITED STATES
  862. Scott Devier you don t need to be a scientist to see that if it kills bugs weeds its going to kill you , father, Troy, UNITED STATES
  863. Cindy Devine herbalist biofeedback specialist yoga and qi gong instructor natural health consultant, Ms , Moose Jaw, CANADA
  864. Gerrie Devoe Concerned Citizen Grandmother, Alpharetta, UNITED STATES
  865. Mora Dewey Masters degree Stanford University, UNITED STATES
  866. Patricia Dewitt consumer , Montana, UNITED STATES
  867. Lori Dicampo Concerned Citizen, Concord, UNITED STATES
  868. Tamara Dickerson certified fitness instructor , peak wellness and fitness corp , Post Falls , UNITED STATES
  869. Lita Didschuns BS in Telecommunications also AA in Pre Nursing and AS in Legal Assistant 1988 , UNITED STATES
  870. D J Diebold behavioral health therapist , Mr , Scottsdale, UNITED STATES
  871. Pamela Dietrich Legal field, UNITED STATES
  872. Jean Dietz BS Accounting ASU 1984, 1951, Chandler, UNITED STATES
  873. Eileen Dignardi Franklin, UNITED STATES
  874. Beth Dill Elk Grove Village, UNITED STATES
  875. Sheila Dillon Mother Grandmother Great Grandmother , Willmar, UNITED STATES
  876. Paal Dinessen Oil and gas engineer Owner Hotel chain, Jasmine Hotel Pattaya, Pattaya, THAILAND
  877. Barbara Dingwall Ex Elsevier journals desk editor DISENCHANTED with Elsevier editorial policies, Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM
  878. Julie Dior Kruger PhD in liberal arts, Paris, FRANCE
  879. Rocky Dirico Professor of Karate, World Martial Arts Association , Franklin, UNITED STATES
  880. Mohammed Dirir Master in Logistic Managemnt Supply Chain , PUPLIC Port Services, Mahboola, KUWAIT
  881. Valerie Ditta MBA Business Management student at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Austin, UNITED STATES
  882. Tanya Dobbs Upper Black Eddy, UNITED STATES
  883. Judith Dobkins independent nutritional researcher, Silver City, UNITED STATES
  884. Duane Dobowolski M A , health at hand, Bogota, COLOMBIA
  885. Belinda Dodd Bachelor of Architecture, Belinda Dodd Design, Eugene, UNITED STATES
  886. Deborah Doe bachelors, North Brookfield, UNITED STATES
  887. Linda Doering Masters in Education and Licensed Educator Doctor of Oriental Medicine Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant, NCCAOM IBCLC, Truth Or Consequences, UNITED STATES
  888. Agnes Doherty consumer, Ca, UNITED STATES
  889. Jerolyn Dolan Certified Public Accountant Certified Fraud Examiner, Novato Ca, UNITED STATES
  890. Hollis Dolben concerned citizens, Marshfield Ma, UNITED STATES
  891. Bill Domenichini farmer, Georgetown, UNITED STATES
  892. Chazelle Dominique nurse, 63 sans OGM, Blesle, FRANCE
  893. Reuben Donajkowski Hubbard Lake, UNITED STATES
  894. Karen Donaldson concerned consumer, UNITED STATES
  895. Remco Sjoerd Donders MS Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM
  896. Janet Donnelly Registered Nurse, Forked River Nj, UNITED STATES
  897. James Doran Arizona, UNITED STATES
  898. Philippe Dorleans none, FRANCE
  899. Mary Jane Dorr Mother, Mission Viejo, UNITED STATES
  900. Lisa Dorries Registered Nurse Human being who desires healthful foods, UNITED STATES
  901. Jeanette Dorsey UNITED STATES
  902. Andrea Dossett Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  903. Karen Dotson BS Psychology, Southfield Mi, UNITED STATES
  904. K Dougherty Have been reading and researching about food and nutrition for over ten years , Seriously concerned consumer, UNITED STATES
  905. Walter Douglas AA, San Bernardino, UNITED STATES
  906. Kathleen Douglass CONCERNED CITIZEN, Erma, UNITED STATES
  907. Orane Douxami bachelor degree, UNITED STATES
  908. William Dovel RN Pro EFT Master, Bill Dovel Pro EFT Center, Meridian, UNITED STATES
  909. Colleen Doyle upper division classes in marine biology and a Nationally Certified Legal Assistant, 1952, Everett, UNITED STATES
  910. Judith Dozier I am a concerned citizen of the USA and do not approve of genetically engineered food , Franklin Tn, UNITED STATES
  911. Charles Drace GMO researcher and editor of books on GMOs, NEW ZEALAND
  912. Boris Dragin Licensed Acupuncturist working with healthcare CEO, BorisD07 gmail com, Gothenburg, SWEDEN
  913. Johan Drejare no academic degrees, SWEDEN
  914. Dr Thomas J Driber Ph D I am a clinician in the field of Interventional Healthcare, Healthy House Calls private practice , Nashville Tn, UNITED STATES
  915. Cynthia Drozda UNITED STATES
  916. Alain Du Chaxel Engineer, FRANCE
  917. Lynette Du Mont Nutritionist, citizen comsumer, Golden, UNITED STATES
  918. Vivienne Dubourdieu Freelance writer and editor on alternative health for over 40 years, Freelance Journalist, Seaford East Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM
  919. Rodney Dueck Retired physician and healthcare executive feeling a sense of responsibility to the future if our species, St George Utah, UNITED STATES
  920. Kay Duffy BA Business Administration, Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
  921. Jean Fran Ois Dufort I m not a scientist just a normal citizen And I want free informations , FRANCE
  922. Nigel Dugdale No, FRANCE
  923. Tamara Duggar Master of Human Relations from Univ of Oklahoma and concerned mother of 5 who supports responsible scientic reporting , Havelock Nc, UNITED STATES
  924. Linda Dugger CMT CYT, UNITED STATES
  925. Hennie Duits healthy life style advisor, Nunspeet, NETHERLANDS
  926. Dawn Dujour Granbury Tx, UNITED STATES
  927. Martha Dunbar Maryland, UNITED STATES
  928. Mary Duncan BA in Home Economics, San Rafael, UNITED STATES
  929. Clive Dunkley MA RCA PGCE, Guildford, UNITED KINGDOM
  930. Nelia V Dunleavy UNITED STATES
  931. Steven Dunn Ph D in Religious Studies , Assistant Professor, Milwaukee, UNITED STATES
  932. Laureen Dunne Associates Degree, Absecon, UNITED STATES
  933. Meribeth Dunsmoor MEd, UNITED STATES
  934. Henry Dupont Concerned citizen, FRANCE
  935. Julie Dupuis Master of Arts English Literature, Noelville, CANADA
  936. Janice Durham Concerned Citizen, Leavenworth, UNITED STATES
  937. S Durham RN, UNITED STATES
  938. Robert Philipe Durieux PhD in Soil Science Now working s non scientist For many years worked as scientist at US universities , Nieuw Vennep, NETHERLANDS
  939. Laurence Duval responsable d un service environnement dans une mairie, FRANCE
  940. Claire Dyard Physical therapist retired , Maine Et Loire, FRANCE
  941. Louise Dyck Nurse, Winnipeg, CANADA
  942. Adam Dziadowicz Concerned citizen, West Babylon, UNITED STATES
  943. Mercedes Dzindzeleta Degree in Environmental Technology, Racine, UNITED STATES
  944. David Eaby I am not a scientist, D Scott Eaby, Ephrata, UNITED STATES
  945. Don Eachus MBA, UNITED STATES
  946. Gwen Easson Retired Nurse, Gloucester, CANADA
  947. Ronald Eber Port Gamble Washington, UNITED STATES
  948. Tom Harald Eckell Farmer, Larvik, NORWAY
  949. Elpis Ecklin Concerned citizen , UNITED STATES
  950. Donald Eddie nil, Mulmur, CANADA
  951. Phil Ede builder, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  952. Rachel Edelson B A Currently am a teacher, Ms , Scarsdale, UNITED STATES
  953. Thomas Edmonds AAS in Electronics AAS Electrical Technology Who s Who in American Junior Colleges, Mr , Christiansburg, UNITED STATES
  954. Deborah Edwards Various, Ms , Rochester, UNITED STATES
  955. Frazer Edwards auto didact, San Jose, UNITED STATES
  956. Shakti Edwards LAPHP BA Arts CHPs, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  957. Victoria Edwards International diploma education, AUSTRALIA
  958. Marion Egger Food coach, Food Coaching, AUSTRALIA
  959. Chase Ehorn Keen interest in the sciences of health and nutrition, UNITED STATES
  960. John Eichhorst no degrees I think Monsanto or the Likes should be banned off thi s Planet, retierd, Burnaby Bc, CANADA
  961. Virginia Eichorn aucpuncturist, Austin, UNITED STATES
  962. Sam Eisenbach 1942, Mecosta, UNITED STATES
  963. Julietta Eisenberg Literacy Specialist, New York, UNITED STATES
  964. Sandy Eitel mother grandmother concerned citizen, Austin Texas 78731, UNITED STATES
  965. Wissam El Bachelor, CANADA
  966. Susan Elaine foodie, concerned citizen, Los Angeles Ca , UNITED STATES
  967. Jose Elias BS in Field Crop Production, San Diego C A, UNITED STATES
  968. Melissa Elie English Teacher, Tripp Middle School, Leeds, UNITED STATES
  969. Michael Elkins RN, UNITED STATES
  970. George Ellenton Member of the human race, Delta BC, CANADA
  971. Les Eller J D , Denver, UNITED STATES
  972. Danielle Elliott BA, Clearwater, UNITED STATES
  973. John Elliott Master of Public Administration, Annandale Va, UNITED STATES
  974. Karen Ellis Mother Human Being, Cleveland, UNITED STATES
  975. Kathleen Ellis , Mechanicsburg, UNITED STATES
  976. Marla Ellsworth Sacramento, UNITED STATES
  977. Allyn Embree College grad 3 years university Kitchen designer , Calgary, CANADA
  978. Laurel Emert Whitefish, UNITED STATES
  979. Karla Emery Organic Gardner Farmer , Off The Grid Gardens, Salem Oregon, UNITED STATES
  980. Lisa Emery Bachelor of Science AND Doctor of Pharmacy, 29841, UNITED STATES
  981. Andree Emond Battling an immune disorder caused by gut dysbiosis, CANADA
  982. Julie Enders B B A, UNITED STATES
  983. Leni Engels Rn RN CHt, UNITED STATES
  984. Rukshana Engineer Professional Classical Ballet Teacher, Vancouver, CANADA
  985. Yvonne England Dip Raw mBANT, Alliance for Natural Health International, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM
  986. Brett Engle None concerned consumer, Smyrna, UNITED STATES
  987. David English Sociology and Theology, Fort Myers, UNITED STATES
  988. Chuck Ennis Very concerned citizen consumer, UNITED STATES
  989. Mary Enright Olson M A Ed , UNITED STATES
  990. Julio P Rez Enrique just a concious person, independent, C Cuta, COLOMBIA
  991. Meta Epstein concerned citizen, Ny, UNITED STATES
  992. Niklas Erblich MBA , AUSTRIA
  993. Janine Erceg Educator that teaches Science, NEA MCEA ETEA, Edison, UNITED STATES
  994. Messaoudi Eric nurse, Uturoa, FRENCH POLYNESIA
  995. Lola Erickson no decrees, Tualatin Oregon, UNITED STATES
  996. Mark Erickson College Graduate, Winfield, UNITED STATES
  997. Kristian Eriksen Beekeeper, Eurokom Eriksen, Drammen, NORWAY
  998. Solomon Ernest P Design of Structures Machinery, Triton Technologies, Chennai, INDIA
  999. Aud Marit Esbensen MBA, NORWAY
  1000. Randall Esperas Software engineer, Cupertino, UNITED STATES
  1001. Ess Ess not applicable, UNITED STATES
  1002. Carl Estes Boulder Creek, UNITED STATES
  1003. Billaud Esther Maitrise, FRANCE
  1004. Charles Evans college degree, Houston, UNITED STATES
  1005. Edgar Evans avid reader of truth, Private, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  1006. Gail Evans Journalist, SOUTH AFRICA
  1007. James Evans Health conscious person for 50 years , Palm Springs, UNITED STATES
  1008. Jeanne Evans educated citizen, La Coste, UNITED STATES
  1009. Lynn Evans Listening to Human scientists and not Aliens Monsanto , Humanity, Stourport, UNITED KINGDOM
  1010. Susan Evans nutrtionist certified clinical herbalist, Indian Hills, UNITED STATES
  1011. Michael Evenson Concerned consumer, Thorsby Ab, CANADA
  1012. Margaret Everitt Critically thinking human being , UNITED STATES
  1013. Sesil Evren BS Molecular Biology Genetics, Istanbul, TURKEY
  1014. Anne Ewan Nutritional therapist dip CNM, UNITED KINGDOM
  1015. Madeline Eyer Certified Raw Food Coach , Mrs , Woodinville Wa, UNITED STATES
  1016. Ivana Faber ing Civil Ingineering, NETHERLANDS
  1017. Carolyn Fagan school teacher bachelor education bachelor of special education masters education, amalgamated academy school, Avondale Nl, CANADA
  1018. Donald W Fair New Oxford, UNITED STATES
  1019. Tanya Fan Concerned Mother of two sons Office Administrator , Sultan, UNITED STATES
  1020. James Fancy Industrial Engineering, Waterford, UNITED STATES
  1021. Grace Farah business administratoon, neways, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1022. John Farion American Culinary Federation Certified Working Chef now known as Chef de Cuisine Same rating , Retired ACF Chef, Los Angeles CA, UNITED STATES
  1023. Mark Farrar Concerned and educated citizen with a brain who can spot BS a mile away, UNITED KINGDOM
  1024. Peter Faure common sense, MALTA
  1025. Kristen Favreau chiropractor, Canton, UNITED STATES
  1026. Shirley Fawcett B Sc M B A , Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM
  1027. John Fazio Masters of Science, Pine Brook, UNITED STATES
  1028. Donya Feci Teacher, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  1029. William Feeley BA Biology San Francisco Ca 19777, UNITED STATES
  1030. Dj Feild NONE, SELF, Salop, UNITED KINGDOM
  1031. Elliot Feldman BS degree in biology FDU 1976, UNITED STATES
  1032. Helen Feldman med tech , Ms , Moorpark, UNITED STATES
  1033. Rappazzo Felice Laurea, Catania, ITALY
  1034. John Feliciano Gardener, Lake Stevens, UNITED STATES
  1035. Marcus Feng Bachelor s Degree, Guangzhou, CHINA
  1036. Karen Fenneman informed citizen, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  1037. Jan Fenno Registered Nurse, Little Rock Ar, UNITED STATES
  1038. Cathy Fenton BA MS, New York Ny, UNITED STATES
  1039. Christine Fenton B Ed, County Sligo, IRELAND
  1040. Janet Ferguson Concerned for our planet, Lambertville, UNITED STATES
  1041. Lark Ferguson BA in Human Relations and intensely interested in the health and welfare of all life forms on this planet, Ms , Lincoln, UNITED STATES
  1042. Jaime Fernandez Jr No Scientific Expertise Earned MBA Degree, UNITED STATES
  1043. Georgia Ferrell doctorate in health and physical education, CANADA
  1044. Georgia Dorothy Ferrell PhD in Health and Physical Education, Westport Ontario, CANADA
  1045. Javier Fhi BA in buisnes management , Bogota, UNITED STATES
  1046. Lisa Fideldy Lodi, UNITED STATES
  1047. Francesca Fifis Certified Natural Chef, Sonoma, UNITED STATES
  1048. Evan Filer Live of the grid 85 raw diet mostly growen at home no chemicals , Biloela, AUSTRALIA
  1049. Avi Fine licensed acupuncturist traditioanl chinese herbalist, UNITED STATES
  1050. Simon Finemore BSc MSc, UNITED KINGDOM
  1051. Carlo Fiore Science and History Teacher, UNITED STATES
  1052. Jean Fran Ois Fischberg Specialist in Integrative Medicine and especially in systems that analyse and treat the Information Field , BFit Labs, Madrid, SPAIN
  1053. Colette Fischer Bachelor of Science, UNITED STATES
  1054. Donna Fisher I have been in the medical field for over 30 years , Mrs , Westmoreland, UNITED STATES
  1055. Janis Fisher MA English, Quartz Hill, UNITED STATES
  1056. Karen Fisher UNITED STATES
  1057. M E Fisher UNC CH B A , Raleigh, UNITED STATES
  1058. Greg Fitzgerald Chiropractor, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1059. Karl Fitzgerald Miami Fl, UNITED STATES
  1060. Nancy Fitzgerald Irvine, UNITED STATES
  1061. Cheryl Flammer consumer and avid researcher, , Commerce Township, UNITED STATES
  1062. Diane Fletcher mother, UNITED STATES
  1063. Nancy Flexman Ph D in Education Diploma in Nutrition, Limerick, IRELAND
  1064. Laura Flick Honor s Bachelor of Science Master of Arts in Education, Ontario, CANADA
  1065. Rebecca Flood concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  1066. Laura Flora BS I OE, Michigan, UNITED STATES
  1067. Brieanne Fluewelling Self Taught, Boise, UNITED STATES
  1068. Rita Flygar work in medical field, Rockville, UNITED STATES
  1069. Linda Flynn BS in secondary education biology broadfield science majors MS in Computers in education, Twin Bridges, UNITED STATES
  1070. Dolores Flynn Edge Amnesty International Pax Christi, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  1071. C J Fogarty Certified Dental Technician, Daytona Beach, UNITED STATES
  1072. Nancy Fogl research, Camanche, UNITED STATES
  1073. Ann Fonfa Cancer Patient Advocate of 20 years, Annie Appleseed Project, Delray Beach, UNITED STATES
  1074. Fionna Fonseka BBA Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Toronto, CANADA
  1075. Diana Ford study and work with nutrition M A in Art Therapy, Santa Fe, UNITED STATES
  1076. Paul Ford Professor of Mathematics M Ed , Mountain View College, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  1077. Sandra Ford ban GMO, ban GMO, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  1078. Art Fore Electronics Engineer, Elephant Butte Nm, UNITED STATES
  1079. Jennifer Foreman Aviation Professional, Sonoma, UNITED STATES
  1080. Beth Forrest consumer but college educated, UNITED STATES
  1081. Sally Forster BS Finance, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  1082. Karl Forsyth Diligent student of health and nutritional science, Santa Rosa California, UNITED STATES
  1083. Jane Fost Masters of Liberal Arts Georgetown University, Artists, Fairfax, UNITED STATES
  1084. Brad Foster philosophy, Lakelands, AUSTRALIA
  1085. Chantal Foster Mother, Portland, UNITED STATES
  1086. Heather Foster Concerned citizen against GMOs, UNITED STATES
  1087. Robert Foster Farmer, PBJ, Riverton, UNITED STATES
  1088. Thierry Fouchet , Angers, FRANCE
  1089. David Fowler pro eater of food, Pleasure, Jamestown, UNITED STATES
  1090. Bee Fox UNITED STATES
  1091. Gregory Fox concerned thoughtful world citizen, Englewood Fl, UNITED STATES
  1092. Will Fox PhD Management, M I M , Uttarkashi, INDIA
  1093. David Fradgley In depth interest in misleading scientific information put forward as fact by many large commercial and international companies, Private citizen, Chard, UNITED KINGDOM
  1094. Fran Ois Xavier Fraipont concerned English teacher and amateur beekeeper, Coll ge Saint barth lemy, Li Ge, BELGIUM
  1095. Michel Franc Consumer, Franklin Nc, UNITED STATES
  1096. Paparatti Francesco expertise on toxicology of Criigen about mais NK603 et Round Up, Attac 16, Angouleme, FRANCE
  1097. Marilynn Francis BSc, Bellevue, UNITED STATES
  1098. Martino Francis bep, FRANCE
  1099. Debi Francis Scott cured myself of ic by eliminating gmo from my diet, gmofreenj, New Jewsey, UNITED STATES
  1100. G R Mia Francois Technician, INRA, Nancy, FRANCE
  1101. Vicki Frazer independent researcher, Akron, UNITED STATES
  1102. Marlene Frederick consumer, Keystone Heights, UNITED STATES
  1103. Jacqueline Freeman I am a farmer and beekeeper We rely on the sanctity of independent journalism to know what is true , Friendly Haven Rise Farm Inc , Battle Ground WA, UNITED STATES
  1104. Dorothy French UNITED STATES
  1105. Dorothy Freudenberg food grower, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  1106. Jodi Friedlander Nutrition, Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, UNITED STATES
  1107. Joyce Friedman Specializing in Holistic Rejuvenation, JoyDee LLC, Brooksville, UNITED STATES
  1108. E Friend degree in business management, UNITED STATES
  1109. Dianne Fries Masters in Library Science, UNITED STATES
  1110. Robert Friesl BSME 25 years mechanical engineer, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  1111. Darlene Frisicaro RN, Alden, UNITED STATES
  1112. Frank Frisina Designer for the disabled father of 6 children raised on mostly home grown or organic foods , Tucson Az, UNITED STATES
  1113. David Fritz BA Head of Communications of Biovision Foundation former science journalist Swiss TV, Biovision Foundation, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  1114. David Froehlich NONE, NONE, Franklin Wi, UNITED STATES
  1115. Peter Scott Frost Degree in anthropology including studying genetics, UNITED STATES
  1116. William Fry R E T Electroneurophysiology Technologist and past Elsevier subscriber very very disappointed , self employed , Long Sault , CANADA
  1117. Bill Frysinger college graduate, Mr , Sun City Center, UNITED STATES
  1118. Elizabeth Fucci Bachelor s degree in Business Administration member of Alpha Chi Honor Society, Reston, UNITED STATES
  1119. Kate Fulford BEd MBA, UNITED KINGDOM
  1120. Nicole Fuller BA hons, AUSTRALIA
  1121. Bruce Fulton BA, CANADA
  1122. Kathryn Funk Mother, CANADA
  1123. Cody Fyler , West Des Moines, UNITED STATES
  1124. Deuxmarse G , GATINEAU, CANADA
  1125. Patricia Gadbaw widely read regarding GMOs, UNITED STATES
  1126. David Gaeddert College graduate retired from electrical and electronic employment General interest in health and environment , Amherst New York, UNITED STATES
  1127. Mary Gafner None other than watching people die from cancer and poor nutrition i e GMO rBST etc, Concerned Moms, Tustin, UNITED STATES
  1128. Susan Gage No degrees no awards just extreme concern regarding retraction of Seralini study, UNITED STATES
  1129. Nicholas Gagnon Wakefield, UNITED STATES
  1130. Racheli Gai I m an artist and an activist, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  1131. John Malcolm Gaissert BA, Sierra Club member, Arnold Ca, UNITED STATES
  1132. Monica Galarce Certified Medical Assistant CAM AAMA BA in Psychology and Biological Sciences, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  1133. Rebecca Gale Gonzalez BA in Org Leadership and Communications Master Gardener Environmental Advocate, Flint, UNITED STATES
  1134. Ashley Galindo Bachelors of psychology, Brownsville, UNITED STATES
  1135. Carol Gallagher consumer, New England Region, UNITED STATES
  1136. Siobhan Gallagher Writer Scientific Editor, Martizay, FRANCE
  1137. Nicholas Galuszynski student of environmental sciences, SOUTH AFRICA
  1138. Bridget Galvin Registered Nurse, El Cerrito California, UNITED STATES
  1139. Sasha Gamble Associate of the Arts, Kings Beach Ca, UNITED STATES
  1140. Vera Ganun researcher, UNITED STATES
  1141. Paloma Gaos Certified Legal Interpreter, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  1142. Jes S Garc A Blanca Escritor e investigador independiente, Almu Car Granada , SPAIN
  1143. Georgette Garcia consumer, Vallejo, UNITED STATES
  1144. Maria Guadalupe Garcia I am a concerned human being which has been studying independently for many years no letters behind my name but I can read and from that decipher bad information from good information TRUTH wears no mask seeks neither place nor applause she bows to no human shrine she only asks for a hearing , Redwood City, UNITED STATES
  1145. Albert Garcin Citoyen, St Pardoux Les Cards, FRANCE
  1146. Terry Gardener experienced gardener retired , Banstead, UNITED KINGDOM
  1147. David Gardner Chronic ill health researcher, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  1148. Leslie Garl Redding Ca, UNITED STATES
  1149. James Garnett BFA MFA Massage Therapist Training, Berkeley, UNITED STATES
  1150. Pamela Garnica My child was healed of numerous medical issues by eating gmo free , farmer, Blythewood Sc, UNITED STATES
  1151. Biddy Garstang Organic grower, Taunton, UNITED KINGDOM
  1152. Lori Ann Garza RN training research, UNITED STATES
  1153. Cherie Gaskin BodyTalk Practitioner and Mother, Bendigo, AUSTRALIA
  1154. Anne Gastinger freelance writer B A in Education and Psychology , Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  1155. Larry Gates Bs in industrial technology, UNITED STATES
  1156. Ranieca Gathings protecting our children , world citizen, Houston Texas, UNITED STATES
  1157. Madeleine Gautier English teacher retired , Tournon, FRANCE
  1158. Yvette Gavillan Goldau Sz, SWITZERLAND
  1159. John S Gawaran Not applicable, Not applicable, Sterling Heights, UNITED STATES
  1160. Karen Gay Engineer, Maryland, UNITED STATES
  1161. Spencergay Gay Gympie, AUSTRALIA
  1162. Steven Gaylord Some background in engineering electrical non destructive testing industrial X ray cert and chemistry , Barstow, UNITED STATES
  1163. Suzanne Gaynor Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist L Ac Dipl O M RYT M S O M , A Thousand Petals Acupuncture LLC, Phoenix Az, UNITED STATES
  1164. Martin Geerts Editor Cichlidae, N V C , Swalmen, NETHERLANDS
  1165. Ralph Gehlbach BS Metallurgical Engr Met Chem Process Engr Lab Mgr Retired, Leander Tx, UNITED STATES
  1166. Suzanne Geis Registered Nurse, Lockport, UNITED STATES
  1167. John Gelert Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Kihei, UNITED STATES
  1168. Michele Gelman Attorney Health Coach, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  1169. Kathie Gemmill Nurses training, Simi Valley, UNITED STATES
  1170. Leslie Genchi Concerned Citizen, Costa Mesa, UNITED STATES
  1171. Traci Genders Concerned Citizen Melbourne Australia, South Yarra, AUSTRALIA
  1172. Eugene Hanson Gene None Layman, Rutlalnd Vt, UNITED STATES
  1173. Genelle Genelle 42 years of serious study of nutrition physiology ethics, Eugene, UNITED STATES
  1174. Merideth Genin Holistic health educator have seen huge rise in chronic illness since intro of GM into food supply, New York, UNITED STATES
  1175. Barbara Genn Concerned Citizen, UNITED STATES
  1176. Lise Genz Writer, Schenectady, UNITED STATES
  1177. Catarina Geoghan PhD, UNITED KINGDOM
  1178. Ms George I don t have any degrees , healthy parents, Camden, UNITED STATES
  1179. Dario Gerchi Seeker of truth, Somerset, UNITED KINGDOM
  1180. Jim Gerritsen Certified Organic Seed Farmer President Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association OSGATA , Wood Prairie Farm, Maine, UNITED STATES
  1181. Jan Gerus concerned grandfather, NETHERLANDS
  1182. Margrete Geurts Lakin teacher, Nevlunghavn, NORWAY
  1183. Adrienne Gheit Educated Consumer , New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  1184. Maryann Gianantoni Physical Therapist, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  1185. Lisa Giannone registered dietitian, UNITED STATES
  1186. Rhonda Gibson concerned citizen of planet Earth, Hampstead, UNITED STATES
  1187. Ma Theresa Gil graduated Bachelor of Science in Agriculture work as Research and Extension Coordinator in MASIPAG Mindanao, MASIPAG, El Salvador Mis Or, PHILIPPINES
  1188. Maria Gil Yoga teacher and knowlege on food for health, SPAIN
  1189. Sonja Gilbert Bsc Human Ecology, Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  1190. Donna Gill Student of nutrition and natural healing for 35 years, my family, Florida, UNITED STATES
  1191. Mary Gillcoatt Psychotherapy and natural health coaching, self, Washington, UNITED STATES
  1192. Michael Gillean Sonoma Valley Electric, Sonoma, UNITED STATES
  1193. Joanna Gillette An Independant Researcher Chef, Northland, NEW ZEALAND
  1194. Shereen Gillette Charlotte, UNITED STATES
  1195. David Gillis Sailor, Halifax, CANADA
  1196. Tony Gillis Expert at understanding corruption, Edmonton, CANADA
  1197. Mandy Giltjes Keen researcher on food and nutrition, Hornchurch, UNITED KINGDOM
  1198. Joni Gilton Concerned Citizen, Austin Texas, UNITED STATES
  1199. Eric Gin Graduate of 2010, UNITED STATES
  1200. Cate Giroux RN, New London, UNITED STATES
  1201. Rachel Glanstein parliamentary procedure, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  1202. Mira Glavardanov MA Philosophy a concerned citizen , UNITED KINGDOM
  1203. Vesna Glavina concerned observer, Fairfield Ia , UNITED STATES
  1204. Peter Glickman BA Psychology Reed College Portland OR author of bestselling Lose Weight Have More Energy Be Happier in 10 Days , Clearwater, UNITED STATES
  1205. Michael Glos Plant Breeder and Farmer, Kingbird Farm, Berkshi, UNITED STATES
  1206. Michael Godfrey MBBS , private practice, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  1207. Patricia Godfrey I am a concerned citizen of the world , Bellingham, UNITED STATES
  1208. Elizabeth Godman Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  1209. Mariapaz Godschild I have no expertise in genetics, Vancouver Bc, CANADA
  1210. Michelle Goebel BS International Business Cume Laude BA Arts Humanities Cume Laude, Boca Raton, UNITED STATES
  1211. Murlin Goeken natural and organic foods industry, Denver Co, UNITED STATES
  1212. Donna Goering M A Human Resource Development M A Communication Media Theatre, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago Il, UNITED STATES
  1213. Blake Goldberg BA environmental studies permaculture gardener, New Orleans , UNITED STATES
  1214. Steven Golden Clinical Nutritionist, UNITED STATES
  1215. Joel Goldfarb BA 1 yr grad school Psychology Behavioral Statistics, UNITED STATES
  1216. Daniel Goldman PhD, Huntington, UNITED STATES
  1217. Kenn Goldman BA environmental science evergreen state college, Dragoon, UNITED STATES
  1218. Hesh Goldstein Masters Degree in Nutrition, HEALTH TALK HAWAII, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  1219. Stan Golik PhD Computer Science, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  1220. Janet Golubski well read on GMO, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  1221. Ant Nio Gomes MSc Animal Production Lisbon Technical University UTL Lisbon Portugal, Instituto Politecnico de Santarem, Santar M, PORTUGAL
  1222. Ricardo Goncalves Ribeiro I know organic nature, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
  1223. Javier Gonz Lez Veterinary Doctor, SPAIN
  1224. Ryan Gonzales AA, Hillsborough, UNITED STATES
  1225. Wendy Gonzales MA Special Education Human Services, UNITED STATES
  1226. Donald Gonzalez Masters in Chemistry University of Tennessee 1957, Retired, Greer, UNITED STATES
  1227. Yesenia Gonzalez Currently studying Food and Science Technology , CSULA Food and Science Technology, Huntington Park, UNITED STATES
  1228. Carole Good AA and AS in Business Administration, Central California, UNITED STATES
  1229. Shirley Goodbar Retired teacher BA MSS parent grandparent ex market gardener 40 years of study on nutrition , human being, Lisarow, AUSTRALIA
  1230. Victoria Goode Just a person that is against GMO food, Missouri City, UNITED STATES
  1231. Dan Goodhart thanks for doing your part to save this world from the human race you keep going and the only thing alive will be the plants you ve created , Cave Creek, UNITED STATES
  1232. David Goodlander Chef, Lakeside, UNITED STATES
  1233. Lenda Goodpaster Associate Degree Veterinary Technology, Washougal, UNITED STATES
  1234. Deborah Goodsite Publishing photo research, UNITED STATES
  1235. Lorraine Goodwin Artist, Jefferson, UNITED STATES
  1236. Tin Gordan consumer, UNITED STATES
  1237. Feliks Gorovits UNITED STATES
  1238. Ken Gorrell BS Bus Admin, Human being, St Louis, UNITED STATES
  1239. Eva Goss BS in Biology Northwestern University, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES
  1240. Kathy Goss BA Psychology MBA Health Coach, KG AND Associates LLC, Orchard Lake, UNITED STATES
  1241. Rahul Goswami Researcher agro ecological systems, Centre for Communication and Development Studies, Maharashtra, INDIA
  1242. Linda Gottlieb MA, New York, UNITED STATES
  1243. Lennie Gottman Monroe City, UNITED STATES
  1244. Holly Goulding Degree in Biology, Lusaka , ZAMBIA
  1245. Denis Goulet BA , Sherbrooke Qc, CANADA
  1246. Fanny Goupil Master degree and currently student in organic agriculture, FRANCE
  1247. Joseph Goutier Health and Spiritual Care, Missionnaires Oblats, Saint Albert Alberta, CANADA
  1248. Rick Gouveia Mechanical Technician, Carique, Carletonville, SOUTH AFRICA
  1249. D Gove BA, Mrs , Orleans, UNITED STATES
  1250. Jacob Graber food industry, Lakeview, UNITED STATES
  1251. Quentin Graddon college graduate, senior citizen, Wellington Florida, UNITED STATES
  1252. Charles Graham BSc Hons Ag Econ Grower and Horticulturist retired , Bridgwater, UNITED KINGDOM
  1253. Ciaran Graham Master Mariner Masters in Spirituality by Research, Nordic natural energies, Wicklow, IRELAND
  1254. Ticee Graham Healy, UNITED STATES
  1255. Frances Grahamjones I am an informed consumer committed to maintaining safe and sustainable agricultural practices , Berkeley Ca, UNITED STATES
  1256. Dm Graminski Masters of Library Science , New York, UNITED STATES
  1257. Linda Grammer farmer horticulturist chairperson GE Free NZ Northland Inc recipient of a Conservation Award , GE Free NZ Northland , Whangarei, NEW ZEALAND
  1258. Kenneth Granby Personal Opinion, Helena Montana, UNITED STATES
  1259. Lisa Grandstaff Four year degree in engineering and another 26 years in my field, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  1260. Jim Grapek Jounalist Producer MS Newhouse SU Masters Cornell, Associated Producers Inc , Bethesda, UNITED STATES
  1261. Daniel Grassi Writer science researcher, Mr , Binghamton, UNITED STATES
  1262. Daryl Graveline maniccurist and contracctor, Westlake Village , UNITED STATES
  1263. Martha Graves B S in Health Information Administration Indiana University, Indianapolis In, UNITED STATES
  1264. Adrian Gray I am a BSc Hons in Physics but don t work in science currently This is a violation of true science in the name of money , UNITED KINGDOM
  1265. Connie Gray I have environmental illness in an accute way, Siera Club, St Louis Mo , UNITED STATES
  1266. Jade Gray New Zealand citizen and I am seriously opposed to the activities of monsanto etc I am wholly supportive of the purpose of this paper, Secret Harbour, AUSTRALIA
  1267. Lynn Gray have studied health for 50 years, Marshfield, UNITED STATES
  1268. Gillian Grayston Electron Microscopy Technician, Otago University, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND
  1269. Arlene Green B S Health Education, North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  1270. Gina Green Concerned mother , Arizona , UNITED STATES
  1271. Robert Green B Sc Computer Engineering, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  1272. Linda Gregory 1939, Sherman, UNITED STATES
  1273. Harlow Greguire BA, Northeast, UNITED STATES
  1274. Mo Se Grelier Bac 3, FRANCE
  1275. Sascha Grierson BSc PhD , Hugh Grierson organic farm butcher, Perth, UNITED KINGDOM
  1276. Shannon Griesbach health and wellness, concerned consumer , Louisville, UNITED STATES
  1277. David Griffin ScB Brown University, Retired, Palm Beach Gardens, UNITED STATES
  1278. Louthea Griffin B S J D Retired Regulatory FDA Affairs Specialist in medical devices, Chico, UNITED STATES
  1279. Mark Griffin Human being, UNITED STATES
  1280. Lora Griffith MA, Fairfax, UNITED STATES
  1281. Richard Griggs English Instructor American Community College Former U S Naval Officer USPS Postal Worker, English Instructor, UNITED STATES
  1282. Robin Grille Psychologist BA psych Grad Dip Counseling, Avalon Beach, AUSTRALIA
  1283. Catheirne Grills BA in psychology, Coboconk, CANADA
  1284. Stephen Grim study heath food, self, Valentines, UNITED STATES
  1285. Joseph R Grivois No expertise in science, Manchester, UNITED STATES
  1286. Judy Grodsworth Registered Nurse, Val Des Monts Quebecten, CANADA
  1287. Martin Groenendaal Biological food, Hengelo, NETHERLANDS
  1288. Eline Groenheijde Shiatsu Bowen and massage practitioner, Voel Bewust, Assen, NETHERLANDS
  1289. Robert Groleau BS MS Structural Engineering, Austin, UNITED STATES
  1290. Rani Gronau MAT Special Education Teacher, UNITED STATES
  1291. Robert Gross Masters, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  1292. Norman Grossman informed consumer, New York, UNITED STATES
  1293. Patricia Grossman I am a small farmer and tatted lace maker , West Brandywine, UNITED STATES
  1294. Carl Grove investigation world class athlete , Bristol, UNITED STATES
  1295. A Lindsay Groves Orchestra cellist, Symphoria, Cny, UNITED STATES
  1296. Albus Gryffindor reporter, BeiJing, CHINA
  1297. Michal Grygo Psychology business and international relations, UNITED STATES
  1298. Mariajos Guazzelli Agronomist, Centro Ecol gico Ip , Ip , BRAZIL
  1299. Gretchen Gubelman masters degree in social work, Friday Harbor, UNITED STATES
  1300. Reinhold Guenther Dipl Ing , Diessen, GERMANY
  1301. Francisco Guerra Food Security and Sustainable Rural Development MSc Animal Production Reading UK , Queretaro, MEXICO
  1302. Hubert Guerriat agricultural engineer, Daussois, BELGIUM
  1303. Karen Guidry Bachelors in Biology Bachelors in Chemistry, Metairie, UNITED STATES
  1304. Jennifer Guilford Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas, UNITED STATES
  1305. De Crop Guillaume Bac 5 technology , Toulouse, FRANCE
  1306. Jean Luc Guilmot Agricultural Engineer MBA, ARBORIS s p r l , Chaumont Gistoux, BELGIUM
  1307. Valerie Guinan Nutrition, Cupertino, UNITED STATES
  1308. Robin Guinn none I am an informed consumer who chooses to feed her family healthy natural food and spreads the word about the dangers of eating a diet rife with GMO s, Society for GE Free BC, Surrey, CANADA
  1309. Kathleen Gummere My expertise is that I eat food and I do not want poison in it , Townsend, UNITED STATES
  1310. Karlen Gunderson UNITED STATES
  1311. Robert Gundling BBA INFORMATION SYSTEMS, self, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  1312. Mike Gustine bachelors degree, UNITED STATES
  1313. Jody Guth world citizen fed up with hypocrisy, Portland, UNITED STATES
  1314. Nilo Guzman BS Economics MLQ University, APO INTERNATIONAL SERVICE FRAT , Caloocan City, PHILIPPINES
  1315. Berge Gwena Lle professeur des coles, faucheurs volontaires, Charix, FRANCE
  1316. Richard Gworek Minor in Biology Graduate Ecology and Marine Biology courses, Lewiston, UNITED STATES
  1317. Raymond Haagensen year 12, Flinders, AUSTRALIA
  1318. Anna Habetler retired librarian, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  1319. Julie Hack Palm, UNITED STATES
  1320. Matt Hackett AAS, UNITED STATES
  1321. Theresa Hadden Martinez registered nurse, Placitas, UNITED STATES
  1322. Paul Haeder Science journalist college faculty member communications expert urban planning practitioner, Mr , Vancouver, UNITED STATES
  1323. George Hagans I am an Architect, Retired, Chapel Hill, UNITED STATES
  1324. Mc Hagerty BSN , Citizen, Carlsbad Ca, UNITED STATES
  1325. Antoinette Halberstadt Retired journalist ambulance paramedic and city councillor, Castlegar BC, CANADA
  1326. Adam Hall Columbia, UNITED STATES
  1327. Julie Hall I am a Registered Dental Hygienist I help patients to make food choices that impact their dental and overall health on a daily basis , Claremont, UNITED STATES
  1328. Stacey Hall MA CN, Label GMOs, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  1329. Jacques M Hallard Ing CNAM Paris Former R D manager in Seed Systems, Independant consultant ISIAS, 13940 Moll G S, FRANCE
  1330. Christiane Hallard Lauffenburger Retired teacher, Independant French proof reader, 13940 Molleges, FRANCE
  1331. Hugh Halliday Naturopath, Taumarunui, NEW ZEALAND
  1332. Sissel Halm Y MSc in Engineering Cybernetics, IEMFA Citizens Radiation Protection Norway, NORWAY
  1333. Richard Halpern PhD in English Yale, New York University, New York, UNITED STATES
  1334. Joseph Hamel 1967 BSED from Fitchburg State Ubiversity, Puyallup Wa, UNITED STATES
  1335. Rodger Hamel Non, Prince George, CANADA
  1336. Charla Hamill Online publisher and informed healthy consumer determined to remain so , UNITED STATES
  1337. Anita Hamilton RN , Calgary, CANADA
  1338. Carol Hamilton BA LMP I eat and I am interested in what I feed myself and family , UNITED STATES
  1339. Jili Hamilton I am a complementary therapist, SWITZERLAND
  1340. Cheryl Hand B S , Binghamton, UNITED STATES
  1341. Diana Hand Certified Community Herbalist licensed PTA and CWT, Wild Herbalist, Crooksville, UNITED STATES
  1342. Sandra Handly Science Teacher, Richmond, UNITED STATES
  1343. Emily Handy I am a student of alternative medicine , Mayo, UNITED STATES
  1344. Anne Hanford Certified Nutritional Consultant Licensed Esthetician, Matlock Wa, UNITED STATES
  1345. Angela Hanke Informed Consumer, Oak Ridge, UNITED STATES
  1346. James Hankins B S Electrical Engineering I also stay abreast of current research in health and nutrition, private citizen, Haines City Florida, UNITED STATES
  1347. Inge Hanle long time researcher of research, Vancouver, CANADA
  1348. Joyce Hansen Dairy Products, J J Enterprises, Ferryville, UNITED STATES
  1349. Katherine Hansen Life long advocate of healthy natural organic living fitness instructor and business owner, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  1350. Vivi Linda Hansen I am a medical doctor with a special interest in nutrition and have been studied GMO for years , Gentofte, DENMARK
  1351. Jordan Harary Anchorage, UNITED STATES
  1352. Ann Hardin Informed consumer, Charlotte, UNITED STATES
  1353. Trevor Harding 56 Years as a farmer Watching nature do its JOB, Mudgee, AUSTRALIA
  1354. Ken Hargesheimer BS agriculture teach organic no till farming worldwide, gardens mini farms network, Lubbock Tx, UNITED STATES
  1355. Leonard Harley B Theol Univ of Southampton PGCE, Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM
  1356. Barbara Harling BA Comprehensive Art, Chippewa Falls, UNITED STATES
  1357. Stanley Harmon personal interest in nutrional science, Mariaville, UNITED STATES
  1358. Charlie Harnasz Sports Massage, Mansfield, UNITED KINGDOM
  1359. Emi Harper organic farming, Ms , Haleiwa, UNITED STATES
  1360. Roy Harper English BA , Kirkland, UNITED STATES
  1361. Debra Harpole Troy, UNITED STATES
  1362. Carol Harris B A Psychology, CANADA
  1363. Diana Harris MS in Ed Environmental St NYS Cert Teacher all awards college based for academic achievement , Teaneck, UNITED STATES
  1364. James Harris Masters Degree Education, St James church, St Louis Mo, UNITED STATES
  1365. Lavinia Harris AA ARDMS RVT RDCS, Chandler, UNITED STATES
  1366. Cecile Harrison Organic and Biodynamic Farmer, Hudson, UNITED STATES
  1367. Brandie Harrop researcher, Sherwood Park, CANADA
  1368. Dirk Hart Land Water Engineer long time activist for GMO free food restauration of soil life and the carbon cycle for the autonomy of family farmers and ultimately for the benefit of human health, Network for Vital Agriculture Down2Earth movement Citizens for GMO free food, NETHERLANDS
  1369. Pam Hart M A , Omaha, UNITED STATES
  1370. Rebecca Hart free lance writer MFA Writing , Ms , Ilwaco, UNITED STATES
  1371. Robert Hart Graduated college with high honors completed masters level studies , Santa Rosa, UNITED STATES
  1373. Ann Marie Hartmann I do not have any scientific degrees, UNITED STATES
  1374. Grant Hartnell Automotive Repair Business Owner, Centralia, UNITED STATES
  1375. Tamra Hartwig Heart Rate Variability Specialist, Synergy Worldwide, Hadley, UNITED STATES
  1376. Daniel Harvey high school diploma etc , UNITED STATES
  1377. Guy Harvey I am an awakened human being, Fairfield Iowa, UNITED STATES
  1378. Harriett Harvin none in this area masters in early childhood education, Athens, UNITED STATES
  1379. Bruce Haskett Concerned Citizen, Seguin, CANADA
  1380. Catherine Haskin Human being who is very concerned about GMOs and the corruption of the scientific process to suppress information about them , catherine haskin gmail com, Tokyo, JAPAN
  1381. John Haslett Graduate student Chiropractic B S in Biology Eagle Scout, Boiling Springs Sc, UNITED STATES
  1382. Reza Hassan SOUTH AFRICA
  1383. Virginia Hatfield Copperas Cove Texas, UNITED STATES
  1384. Chrissie Hathor Certified health coach, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  1385. Frank Hattyar UC Berkeley BA Business Administration, Napa, UNITED STATES
  1386. Brian Hauser MD Physician, Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, UNITED STATES
  1387. Jennifer Hauser nurse, Bayville, UNITED STATES
  1388. Colleen Hausman Studied healthy foods and supplements several years to reverse my own and family health problems , Merritt Island, UNITED STATES
  1389. Jessica Hausman Nurse Rn, New Milford, UNITED STATES
  1390. Rudy Haveman Agricultural Business Management Diploma, Kitley Beef Farm, Toledo, CANADA
  1391. Holly Hawkins Father and brother are biomechanical engineers and firmly agree with this letter they will be signing separately, California, UNITED STATES
  1392. Vicki Hawse BA Fine Arts Education, Ridgway, UNITED STATES
  1393. Niall Hay FORMER RN, Toronto, CANADA
  1394. Susan Hay RN BSN CNM Certified Nurse Midwife MPH International Health, UNITED STATES
  1395. Mitsuko Hayakawa Mother, The MOM Hui Oahu chapter, Pearl City, UNITED STATES
  1396. D Haynes Private Researcher, Private, Newmarket, CANADA
  1397. Wes Hays Gardener farmer, UNITED STATES
  1398. Janice Healey Mcpherson, UNITED STATES
  1399. Tom Heaney Hurleyville, UNITED STATES
  1400. Daniel Heasley Bachelor of music, Harmony, UNITED STATES
  1401. Rita Heath Masters in education, Kansas City, UNITED STATES
  1402. Marguerette Heding Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Doha, QATAR
  1403. Diane Heffner MM in music ongoing student and proponent of ethical and biological nutrition and medicine, Stow Ma, UNITED STATES
  1404. Peter Heffron MA Social Ecology, Best Practice Planning, Hilo, UNITED STATES
  1405. Linda Hegenbarth San Francisco Ca, UNITED STATES
  1406. Are Erlend Hegrand Teacher in secondary school, Oslo, NORWAY
  1407. Antti Heikkila cinician MD, Eira Hospital, Helsinki, FINLAND
  1408. K P Hein student of soil biology, CANADA
  1409. Richard Heinberg Science writer, Post Carbon Institute, Santa Rosa CA, UNITED STATES
  1410. Adria Helala M A Education, Surahammar, SWEDEN
  1411. Gigi Helliwell Masters Science Education, Buffalo, UNITED STATES
  1412. Darius Helm Yale undergraduate 1988 major in religion minor in physics, UNITED STATES
  1413. J Rg Helms President of Portuguese Laughter Yoga Organization, A Vida Uma Gargalhada Associa o, Vila Nova De Poirares, PORTUGAL
  1414. P L Simen Hem Bachelor of Electronics 3 year 1 year of Economics 1 year of coaching 1 year of pedagogics 1 year of computing, NORWAY
  1415. Erik Hemelt NETHERLANDS
  1416. Carol Hemingway Ph D Clinical Psychology, Santa Barbara, UNITED STATES
  1417. Heather Hemphill No degrees but I am intensly passionate about science reporting the truth and not being politically supressed , Alberta Environment , Edmonton, CANADA
  1418. Tamara Hendershot ms in biology, UNITED STATES
  1419. Bruce Henderson trade certificate Industrial Instrumentation Electrical Service techninian, Tauranga, NEW ZEALAND
  1420. Elizabeth Henderson I am an organic farmer our science is both indigenous and research based , NOFA NY and the Agricultural Justice Project, Newark, UNITED STATES
  1421. Laurie Henderson BA sociology elementary education US, Rosendale NY, UNITED STATES
  1422. Shawna Henefeld Almost finished with bachelors in psychology, Amelia Island, UNITED STATES
  1423. Peter Henricks BA from Rutgers College 1981, Pete Henricks Consulting, Milltown, UNITED STATES
  1424. Marie Henriksen improved health by ingesting only pure products as much as possible , personal, Kennebunkport, UNITED STATES
  1425. Giles Henry Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1426. Harold Henry Researcher, Miami, UNITED STATES
  1427. Janan Henry I am a conservationist, Tucker, UNITED STATES
  1428. Joyce Henry Minneapolis Mn, UNITED STATES
  1429. Mary Henry teacher and concerned mum, nil, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  1430. Roger Henry Bloomington Mn, UNITED STATES
  1431. Nicole Henzel College graduate , GE free Tricities , Port Coquitlam, CANADA
  1432. Christopher Heppner English Literature Ph D U of Toronto , McGill University Retired, Victoria Bc, CANADA
  1433. Brian Hepworth Greater Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  1434. Larry Herbig Doctor of Chiropractic Nutritional Counselor, UNITED STATES
  1435. Evonne Herkert State of Ohio medical license, UNITED STATES
  1436. Chad Herlyn BS in Pharmacy , Kansas City, UNITED STATES
  1437. Bruce Hermes wholistic practitioner and researcher, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  1438. John Herr ND Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Everett Pa, UNITED STATES
  1439. Gabriela Herrera Miami, UNITED STATES
  1440. Renita Herrmann AS BA BS MS high honors mother pilot, ALPA, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  1441. Teresa Herron Certified Dental Hygientist, Alexis, UNITED STATES
  1442. Irene Hersk Diploma in Secetarial studies, Legal Secretaray, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1443. Robert Herzfeld BSEE, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  1444. Sylvie Heutz graduates, Liege, BELGIUM
  1445. Colin Hewens Diploma in Agricuture Dairy, NEW ZEALAND
  1446. Bernard Heymans Brussels, BELGIUM
  1447. Joan Hickey well informed and concerned spirit in flesh, AUSTRALIA
  1448. Gaydeana Hickman UNITED STATES
  1449. Dr Kristine Hicks Doctor of Chiropractic, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  1450. Richard Hiestand BFA , St Louis, UNITED STATES
  1451. Donald Hild BS in BA CPCU ARM, Piqua, UNITED STATES
  1452. Tina Hileman On Call Hospital Chaplain, Glenview, UNITED STATES
  1453. Georgegeorge Hilficker Com Hilficker Concerned American consumer, Tampa, UNITED STATES
  1454. Dorothy Hilgendorf housewife, New Berlin, UNITED STATES
  1455. Barbara Hill medical secretary, UNITED KINGDOM
  1456. Blanche Hill BS interested and informed consumer, UNITED STATES
  1457. John Hill Farmer, Newark, UNITED KINGDOM
  1458. Maggie Hill RN, mone, Castleton, UNITED STATES
  1459. Oliver Hill Packaging technologist, UNITED KINGDOM
  1460. Sarah Hiller Consumer, UNITED STATES
  1461. James Hillier BCom hons CA , CANADA
  1462. Sue Hilmi , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1463. Mary Himmer MSW ACSW, Blue Bell, UNITED STATES
  1464. Katherine Hine I practiced law for more than 30 years and have a degree in mathematics which included a study of statistics I m able to spot fraud when I see it , UNITED STATES
  1465. S Hinkle Engineer, defense, Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  1466. Susan Hirsch Concerned Consumer, UNITED STATES
  1467. Bronya Hirschman freelance health writer, freelance health writer, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  1468. John Hiscott BA JD, self, Stroudsburg, UNITED STATES
  1469. Bosley Hiss Jamaica Plain, UNITED STATES
  1470. James Hitt Concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  1471. Adrian Ho n a, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  1472. Bao Hoang consumer, Sunnyvale, UNITED STATES
  1473. John Hoar BSc MSc, University Lecturer London, Fareham, UNITED KINGDOM
  1474. Brendan Hoare Organisaiton Transformation, Organic Systems, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  1475. Teresa Hobday Therapist Dip Nutr Cert Ed Dip Allergy etc, The Rose Clinic, Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  1476. Sharon Hodge Retired RRT, UNITED STATES
  1477. Philip Hodgson MBA, UNITED STATES
  1478. Irwin Hoenig Registered CardioVascular Invasive Specialist Techniques Certified CranioSacral Therapist Nationally Certified Therapist in Massage and Bodywork, Laurel, UNITED STATES
  1479. Bill Hoenigmann Concerned American , Lake Worth, UNITED STATES
  1480. Allison Hofmann Nd Duke Bastyr grad practicing Naturopathic Doctor, Sophia Health Institute , Seattle, UNITED STATES
  1481. Mary Hogan BA Yale University 1997, UNITED STATES
  1482. James Hogarth purchaser of non GMO products , retired, British Columbia, CANADA
  1483. Judith Hogg nil, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  1484. Michael Holberton Analyst Programmer Application Developer 30 years I T experience, Pisaq, PERU
  1485. Vicky And Bill Holbrook Nutritional Consultant, UNITED STATES
  1486. Beverly Holcomb CPT Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, UNITED STATES
  1487. Joseph Holder Human disgusted by other humans willing to sacrifice the well being of humanity for their own personal greed What a legacy to leave to their own future generations , California, UNITED STATES
  1488. Anny Holgate Theater Professional and Teacher BFA, Saratoga Springs Ny, UNITED STATES
  1489. Debbie Hollis Citizen of the USA , New Hampshire , UNITED STATES
  1490. Joy Holloway Ph D psychology university professor, Helena Montana, UNITED STATES
  1491. Mon Holloway Public service, Public Service, Sa, AUSTRALIA
  1492. Eva Holly Law Student, Appalled Concerned Citizen, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  1493. Terri Holm CANADA
  1494. Albert Holman Bachelor s degree in physics license to practice law Texas USA, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  1495. Diana Holman BS degree, UNITED STATES
  1496. Nils Dennis Holmberg Common sense, Nordic Healing Association, Oslo, NORWAY
  1497. Aaron Holmgren Software Engineer, Nanaimo, CANADA
  1498. Philippe Holodenko Autodidact, Paris, FRANCE
  1499. Robert Holsem natural health, UNITED STATES
  1500. Wayne Holum BS Life Sciences MS Counseling Certified Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practitioner, Healing With Intention LLC, Kailua Kona Hi, UNITED STATES
  1501. Dani Hommer Chiropractor, Iowa, UNITED STATES
  1502. Zen Honeycutt Founder of Moms Across America a national coalition of unstoppable Moms raising GMO awareness , Moms Across America, Mission Viejo, UNITED STATES
  1503. Laura Honig concerned citizen and raising two children on non GMO, UNITED STATES
  1504. Dale Hood student, Wimberley Tx , UNITED STATES
  1505. Jessica Hood Boise, UNITED STATES
  1506. Fiona Hook MA Cantab PGCE Journalist, Brentwood, UNITED KINGDOM
  1507. Dale Hoover Concerned Citizen , Bradenton, UNITED STATES
  1508. Laurel Hopwood I am a registered nurse , UNITED STATES
  1509. John K Horenkamp B S in Mathematics MBA, Baltimore, UNITED STATES
  1510. Austin Horne Bedford, UNITED KINGDOM
  1511. Debra Horner BS Finance, Naples Fl, UNITED STATES
  1512. Linda Horowitz Ga, UNITED STATES
  1513. Kim Horrigan nil, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  1514. Christine Horton I am a horticulture student with a degree in Economics and Philosophy , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1515. Ljubica Horvat , UNITED STATES
  1516. Richard Houston Biomedical Engineering, UNITED STATES
  1517. James Houtzager Captain in the Merchant Marine, Merchant Marine, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  1518. Fran Oise Hovelaque Riec Sur Belon, FRANCE
  1519. Karstine Hovingh expert on bees and beekeeping chairlady BeeSupport Foundation, BeeSupport, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  1520. Maria Howard Oriental Medicine MAOM, Everett, UNITED STATES
  1521. Michael Howley technical qualifications in diagnostic medicine clinical chemistry haematology microbiology etc worked in field for 25 years now retired, private individual, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  1522. Erin Howorth BS Degree, Yorkville, UNITED STATES
  1523. Rachel Hoyle Unrelated BSc very concerned citizen, Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd, Daresbury, UNITED KINGDOM
  1524. Jacklyn Hsu Registered Dietitian, UNITED STATES
  1525. Jerold Hubbard I am a grass roots farmer who has personally wittnessed how we have become PEST CREATORS , Johnson Kansas 67855 5600, UNITED STATES
  1526. Katy Hubbard Dipmoma in nursing , FRANCE
  1527. Rick Hubert Bachelors of education, Smithers, CANADA
  1528. Kimberly Huff BS of Economics, Sioux Falls, UNITED STATES
  1529. Donald Huffman graduate of the college of hard knocks, West St Paul, UNITED STATES
  1530. Cheryl Hughes Registered Nurse, UNITED STATES
  1531. Jane Hughes BA Hons Pyschology, UNITED KINGDOM
  1532. Marvin Hughes Bachelor s Degree in Food Technology from University of Nebraska, Retired farmer property developer, Hastings Ne, UNITED STATES
  1533. Susan Hughes Concerned Citizen of the World, Hallsville Texas, UNITED STATES
  1534. Gene Hull Retired electronic engineer, Mr , Gresham, UNITED STATES
  1535. Leroy Hulse Year, Forest Grove, UNITED STATES
  1536. Thomas Hulstr M IT storage, Kors R, DENMARK
  1537. Anne Huminski RN, Merritt Island, UNITED STATES
  1538. Aaron Humphrey Nutrition Student, Idaho, UNITED STATES
  1539. Jean Hunt BSE in Education CCS credentials for Health Information Coding, Greensboro, UNITED STATES
  1540. Lynn Hunt Organisational development specialist, Private, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  1541. Hanna Hunziker CANADA
  1542. Jannelle Hurney I am a mother who cares about the health and well being of my family the human race and the environment , Grafton, UNITED STATES
  1543. Nic Hurst Palm Beach Gardens, UNITED STATES
  1544. Roger Hurtubise Promoting healthy food amoung farmer s groups, CIOEC, La Paz, BOLIVIA
  1545. Darlene Huss But I do have a BS in Biology , Minneapolis Mn, UNITED STATES
  1546. Jane Hussey Ms , Clinton, UNITED STATES
  1547. Dionne Husted BA Liberal Arts Asian Studies Emphasis Anthropology Minor Oregon State University, UNITED STATES
  1548. Ridley Hutchinson I have studied the harmful effects of GMO and GE foods for last 15 years living near Monsanto experimental fields, Boulder, UNITED STATES
  1549. Frederica Huxley Private, Columbia, UNITED STATES
  1550. Robert Hyde 4 Masters degrees Fine arts Art history Library and Information science French Currently grad student in Italian , College for Creative Studies, Royal Oak, UNITED STATES
  1551. Marina Hynes Thirty years of research and surviving Hermetic evil, Stephenville, CANADA
  1552. Tim Hynes 54 years of life experience, CANADA
  1553. Linda Ibanez Nursing degree, Orlando, UNITED STATES
  1554. Paul Idol Interested lay person, New York City, UNITED STATES
  1555. Patrickl Ijewere medical doctor, Brandon, UNITED STATES
  1557. Sharon Intilli Student of Nutrition one semester of grad school at New York University Nutrition Program , Warwick, UNITED STATES
  1558. Costas Ioannou Grower of natural food , CYPRUS
  1559. Thomas Irving I have followed the reports on the Dr Mercola website about the criminal activity by the likes of Monsanto in forcing the use of G M food on the American people both north and south , Private individual, East Grinstead West Sussex , UNITED KINGDOM
  1560. Mary Ann Isaac BA MA ACCE, UNITED STATES
  1561. Melonie Isaac 35 years studying nutrtion, Fergus Falls, UNITED STATES
  1562. Yara Ismail An informed Opponent of GMOs , UNITED STATES
  1563. Izy Ismaili a woken up individual , Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  1564. Tapani Isokangas BBA Bernard M Baruch College, Lake Worth , UNITED STATES
  1565. Yoko Ito , Quebec, CANADA
  1566. Mara Iv BS in Business Administration, Miss, Providence, UNITED STATES
  1567. Dana Ivey MFA honorary doctorate Rollins College Jon Houseman Award 3 Obie Awards, New York, UNITED STATES
  1568. Robert Jack BSEE, Orlando, UNITED STATES
  1569. Barbara Jackson Human Mother Grandmother Who wants a world left worth living in , Rockwell, UNITED STATES
  1570. Bryan Jackson Natural Food, Delaware, UNITED STATES
  1571. Graham Jackson A R C T Mus Bac , Richmond Hill Ontario, CANADA
  1572. Jenn Jackson Licenced Massage Therapist, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  1573. Sally Jackson A Science Researcher and nurse who teaches proactive health, Proactive Health Education LLC, Gilbert, UNITED STATES
  1574. Sheridan Jackson Career in biological research at University of California, retired, California, UNITED STATES
  1575. Chris Jacobs Bachelor of Arts 2 years of graduate school, UNITED STATES
  1576. Jos Jacobs Common sense, Ypsilanti Mi, UNITED STATES
  1577. Josie Jacobs Medicine Hat Alberta, CANADA
  1578. Micki Jacobs independent researcher of nutrition endocrine disruptors, Dayton, UNITED STATES
  1579. Anna Jacopetti MA teacher and educator for 50 years , Santa Rosa Ca, UNITED STATES
  1580. Dinsart Jacques Pr sident F U A P N , aoiculture, Mettet, BELGIUM
  1581. Laura Jaeckel a, UNITED STATES
  1582. Patti Jahsman MSW, UNITED STATES
  1583. Pat Jalette LICSW, UNITED STATES
  1584. Christiane James Concerned consumer and mum , Port Macquarie, AUSTRALIA
  1585. Ondine James ND, Vancouver, CANADA
  1586. Ron Claude Jamis Double PhD, Citizens for Safe Food, Tallahassee, UNITED STATES
  1587. Lauren Jankowski concerned about food safety, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  1588. Ella Jans Life experience, Canfield, CANADA
  1589. David Janssen Mr , Port Orchard, UNITED STATES
  1590. Spiros Jaren privat, non, Trondheim, NORWAY
  1591. Ellen Jarrar education , JORDAN
  1592. Vivienne Jarratt concerned citizen and mother, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1593. Arthur Jarrett Environmental Campaigner, Newport On Tay, UNITED KINGDOM
  1594. Greg Jaworski Culinary degree, Nosh Restaurant , Lake City, UNITED STATES
  1595. Jay Jayawardena Proessional, AUSTRALIA
  1596. Sabench Jean Beekeper, 34220 Riols, FRANCE
  1597. Rousseau Jean Jacques Concerne par les problemes d environnement et de pollution anti OGM dans l etat de nos connaissances , Aude, FRANCE
  1598. Clausse Jean Pol Apiculteur, Souvret, BELGIUM
  1599. Glenn Jemeyson research, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  1600. Deborah Jennings Registered Nurse with Medical Surgical ENT and Geriatric background, GMO Free Rochester, Rochester Ny, UNITED STATES
  1601. Cheriel Jensen I am the moderator for the detox site on yahoo I work with poisoned people every day who have been unable to find effective medical care , detpx site on Yahoo, Saratoga, UNITED STATES
  1602. Palle Uhd Jepsen Retired Wildlife and Nature Management Consultant to the Ministry of the Environment DENMARK , UNITED KINGDOM
  1603. Joan Jerpe Truth Seeker, Naperville Il, UNITED STATES
  1604. Betty Jhon degree in accounting n business administration, Toronto, CANADA
  1605. Mike Jhooty bse, Burlington, CANADA
  1606. Dorothy Ji M L S Librarian, East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  1607. Wang Jianzhong non GMO, Zhejiang, CHINA
  1608. James Jim BA in Philosophy, Koloa, UNITED STATES
  1609. Michaela Jira B A, Consultant, Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  1610. Noguera Joelle A levels, Sauviat Sur Vige, FRANCE
  1611. George Johanson Yonkers Ny, UNITED STATES
  1612. Noma Johns No degrees or awards, Wheaton, UNITED STATES
  1613. Sarah Johns MA AppLing , OMAN
  1614. Adam Johnson Information Technology Professional, UNITED STATES
  1615. Arlene Johnson just a regular person, Bluffdale, UNITED STATES
  1616. Betsy Johnson J D , Austin Tx, UNITED STATES
  1617. Bruce Johnson MS Applied Physics MA Electrical Eng, UNITED STATES
  1618. Jean Johnson consumer, UNITED STATES
  1619. Marc Johnson Engineer MBA, Calgary, CANADA
  1620. Morton Johnson I am a widely read generalist self educated Northwestern University BS Business , Morton Grove Il, UNITED STATES
  1621. Pat Johnson BA Psychology, Iredell Statesville Schools, Statesville, UNITED STATES
  1622. Rafael Johnson non scientist, UNITED STATES
  1623. Richard Johnson A concerned human being, UNITED STATES
  1624. Sandra Johnson consumer concerned with health and truth, UNITED STATES
  1625. Sidney Johnson Cancer Patient self research on the causes of cancer, Champaign, UNITED STATES
  1626. Steven Johnson UNITED STATES
  1627. Zina Johnson Concerned Citizen that want to eat healthy food , UNITED STATES
  1628. Bruce Johnston Science Teacher and Health Educator Health Researcher , Health Acaemy International, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1629. Charles Johnston Structural engineer for 40 years performing food beverage engineering projects, Retired, Hendersonville, UNITED STATES
  1630. Randy Johnston Interested party and long time studyer of nutrition, Payson Az, UNITED STATES
  1631. Samuel Johnston Esq Environmental lawyer J D , UNITED STATES
  1632. Alistair Jones Manager Community Development Organisations, Environmentall Outcomes inc, Canberra, AUSTRALIA
  1633. Anthony Jones Longtime Organic Gardener Farmer, UNITED STATES
  1634. Bob Jones Studied math and computer science University of Waterloo criminology Conestoga College owned and operated a printing and advertising company in Cambridge Ontario, Holstein, CANADA
  1635. C Jones nurse, Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
  1636. Emyr Jones university of life, Crymych, UNITED KINGDOM
  1637. Ralph Jones 30 years of nutitional supplement studies, Personal, Milton Ontario, CANADA
  1638. Stefano Jones BA Communication Studies ARU MA International Relations University of Warwick , Girasole, Bologna, ITALY
  1639. Jacqueline Jonescu undergraduate degree registered nurse 35 years teaching in the health sciences program, retired nurse professor health sciences college program, Kitchener, CANADA
  1640. Ted Jonsson Seattle Wa , NAMIBIA
  1641. Ted Jonsson bfa univ calif mfa univ wash, Seattle Wa , UNITED STATES
  1642. Luis Jorba bsc maths , SPAIN
  1643. Amanda Jordan Diploma Health and social care UK , March against monsanto, Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM
  1644. Betty Jordan certificate as nutritional consultant and educated mother, person, Bloomfield, UNITED STATES
  1645. Janet Jordan Masters degrees in English and teaching, Green Party of Washington State, Olympia, UNITED STATES
  1646. Peter Jordan Ma Psychology, Clark New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  1647. Pierre Jordan Consultant in renewable energy and biomass engineering specialist for South America , Jordex Engineering, Valencia, VENEZUELA
  1648. Maria Jordanbs BS in nursing, Setauket, UNITED STATES
  1649. Tony Jorgenson Electrical Engineer BSEE , Lynchburg, UNITED STATES
  1650. Juho Joru Logistics, Haukipudas, FINLAND
  1651. Scott Joseph Health Foods, UNITED STATES
  1652. Riffaud Josie syndicaliste paysanne, via campesina, Romagne, FRANCE
  1653. Suma Josson Documentary Film maker have made several films on agricultural issues , Individual, Mumbai, INDIA
  1654. Sanda Jovanovic Air Traffic Controller, Bjelovar, CROATIA
  1655. Arthur Joyce journalism, New Denver Bc, CANADA
  1656. Patricia Juarez Not a scientist, UNITED STATES
  1657. C Judson Avg citizen, UNITED STATES
  1658. Julie Julie nutritionest in training, Manchester, UNITED STATES
  1659. Roy Julie Master 2 Environemet et D veloppement Durable, Paris, FRANCE
  1660. Grandi Re Julien e, FRANCE
  1661. Jimmy Juno private and personal research only, independent, New Orleans, UNITED STATES
  1662. Chris Just Degree of Common Sense and Ethical Morals, Illinois, UNITED STATES
  1663. Jolita Juteliene Bachelors degree in food technology, Dublin, IRELAND
  1664. Bia K MBA, Brussels, BELGIUM
  1665. Matthias K Gler Student of Philosophy, AUSTRIA
  1666. Albin Kacala BS Mathematics MLA Liberal Arts Worked in computer industry 35 years, Randallstown, UNITED STATES
  1667. Iman Kacan Bachelor degree in Microbiology Quebec Canada, CANADA
  1668. Diane Kain Certified Nuttitionist, Time in a Bottle, Shallotte Nc, UNITED STATES
  1669. Emma Kall New England, UNITED STATES
  1670. John Kall DMD, Louisville, UNITED STATES
  1671. Dan Kallstrom B A In Psychology Teaching Cert In U S and Canada, Martensville, CANADA
  1672. Tuck Kamin Branding Advertising, Austin, UNITED STATES
  1673. Janusz Kaminski articles in various publications, Reseda, UNITED KINGDOM
  1674. Jean Kaminski RN, UNITED STATES
  1675. Justyna Kaminski nexus magazine personal observations that we do not have a freedom to speak out, Reseda, UNITED STATES
  1676. Alvin Kamminga Reader of health and effect of foods on health, UNITED STATES
  1677. Lori Kane Homemaker wife mother and daughter , Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  1678. Nicholas Kane nutrition and fitness, Healthy and Fit over 50, Cambria, UNITED STATES
  1679. Linden Kaniewski BaHons International Politics, UNITED KINGDOM
  1680. Priscilla Kapel Director of Alternative Healing Clinic, UNITED STATES
  1681. Kenneth Kapp DIHom, Monroeville, UNITED STATES
  1682. Konnie Karakatsanis school teacher avid organic gardener concerned citizen, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  1683. Constance Karatza Health and Nutrition Professional, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  1685. Matti Karell , Helsinki, FINLAND
  1686. Angeline Karigan Winter Masters in Spanish Bachelor in Sociology Bachelor in Spanish, UNITED STATES
  1687. Hans Karow Dipl Ing Reg Bauassessor, Quesnel, CANADA
  1688. Mark Kase life, UNITED STATES
  1689. Joseph Kasenchak My Master s Degree is unrelated to the scientific research regarding GMOs , United Nations, New York, UNITED STATES
  1690. Louise Kasl educated consumer BOS Biology, Clarkston, UNITED STATES
  1691. Judy Kasper concerned citizen and consumer, UNITED STATES
  1692. Deanna Kasta Architect, Newport, UNITED KINGDOM
  1693. Wendy Kates SCRREA, Cherry Hill, UNITED STATES
  1694. Alison Katz sociologist former international civil servant 18 years with the World Health Organization , People s Health Movement, Aire, SWITZERLAND
  1695. Rahul Kaushik MS Bio , Flowserve, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  1696. William Kauth MS extensive private reseach, Gift Communnity, Ashland, UNITED STATES
  1697. Larry Kavan Okemos, UNITED STATES
  1698. Edward Kaye law, UNITED STATES
  1699. Britt Kaylor BS Biological Sciences, Fort Collins, UNITED STATES
  1700. Robert Kearney I am a health advocate , Chicago, UNITED STATES
  1701. Stephen Keast retired expert, Slaterville Springs Ny, UNITED STATES
  1702. Tiffany Keefer Mommy organic consumer student, UNITED STATES
  1703. Karen Keeley Bachelor of Science Forestry personal interest and study of health and nutrition but not an expert, Beaverton, UNITED STATES
  1704. Vinay Keesara Physician, La Crescenta, UNITED STATES
  1705. Wen Kefei Shenzhen, CHINA
  1706. Gloria Kegeles J D , UNITED STATES
  1707. Bruce Keith B Ed, CANADA
  1708. David Keith Economics, UNITED STATES
  1709. Lori Keith Self educated natural philosopher , Ms , Dayton, UNITED STATES
  1710. Lynn Keith Concerned citizen against scientific corruption and conflicts of interest, Atlantic Beach Fl, UNITED STATES
  1711. Fredrick Keller MFA awarded full professorship at Kutztown University, Fleetwood, UNITED STATES
  1712. Jennifer Keller None I am just a mom and grandmother that HATES GMO products , Decatur, UNITED STATES
  1713. Christopher Kelley Chiropractic Doctor, UNITED STATES
  1714. Kimberly Kelley RN Software Engineer Journalist and Consultant , KS KELLEY RN LLC, Portland, UNITED STATES
  1715. R Thomas Kellogg Dentist DMD , Self Employed, Pa, UNITED STATES
  1716. Kathie Kelly BA Psych MA Education HUMAN BEING, UNITED STATES
  1717. Margaret Kelly Consumer, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  1718. Sandra Kelly M Ed Researcher, Vancouver, CANADA
  1719. Sue Kelly LMT, UNITED STATES
  1720. Melvin Kelm none concerned citizen, Marshall, UNITED STATES
  1721. Robin Kelsey RN over 15 years, Boynton Beach, UNITED STATES
  1722. Jeanie Keltner I have a PhD which taught me how to research I have researched health effects of GMOs, SOapbox media, Sacramento, UNITED STATES
  1723. Mahala Kempf Thinking Reading Individual Promoter of Simpler Living Common Sense, Kempf Conservation Stone , South Petherton Som, UNITED KINGDOM
  1724. Malcolm Kendrick MbChB MRCGP elected to Who Who s peer reviewer for BMJ, East Cheshire Heatlthcare Trust, Nantwich, UNITED KINGDOM
  1725. Janet Kennedy BA Organic gardener Interested in health truth and justice , UNITED KINGDOM
  1726. Margaret Kennedy Lay person who values good health , Stonehaven, UNITED KINGDOM
  1727. Samuel Kennedy b p s blue ribbon cheesemaker, Mr , Edgartown, UNITED STATES
  1728. Kim Kennelly Educator M ED, Pinellas Co School Board, Oldsmar, UNITED STATES
  1729. Carolyn Kennison Bachelor of Science in Dietetic Nutrition, Windsor Co, UNITED STATES
  1730. Kenneth Kenton BSEE and MCS , UNITED STATES
  1731. Kelia Keogh Childcare Degree, Manning Valley, AUSTRALIA
  1732. Anthony Kerr I am a consumer and I depend on the honesty and integrity of scientific findings , Singapore, SINGAPORE
  1733. Jim Kerr farmer and consumer, CANADA
  1734. Brigitte Kerrutt Teacher, German Austrian Association, Ballarat Vic 3350, AUSTRALIA
  1735. Lyn Kerschen I am not a scientist, UNITED STATES
  1736. Thomas Keryk BA Chemistry BS Pharmacy Retired Pharmacist, Retired Pharmacist, Middleport New York, UNITED STATES
  1737. Mathias Kessler Artist who works on Nature in collaboration with Science, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  1738. Judith Ketterer A human being that wants our food chain protected from the effects of GMO s , Columbus, UNITED STATES
  1739. Gaiji Khaled MAster 2 SETE Universit de Versailles St Quentin, Trappes, FRANCE
  1740. Choduraa Khandy Just an interest in own health and health of my child, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1741. Raj Khokhar BS Geology, UNITED STATES
  1742. Donna Kies Masters of teaching, Bumpass, UNITED STATES
  1743. Janine Kievits I am a beekeeper with scientific background who follows for beekeeping organizations the issue of risks posed by pesticides to bees, Namur, BELGIUM
  1744. Vanja Kildal GreenGaia, Karmoy, NORWAY
  1745. Elaine Kilgannon Herbalist, Kutztown Pa , UNITED STATES
  1746. Pam Killeen Author Radio Personality Health Coach, London, CANADA
  1747. Albert Kim Naturopathic physician, Burnaby, CANADA
  1748. Bob Kimball Nutritional Consultant, Encinitas, UNITED STATES
  1749. Sandra Kimbrough A Simpler Time, Alopharetta, UNITED STATES
  1750. Doug Kincaid Homeopath, UNITED STATES
  1751. Glenda King B S in psychology Concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  1752. Janette King BSc Animal Science University of British Columbia, Vancouver B C , CANADA
  1753. Karen King Winnebago Green Business Award 2008 Venice Beautification Award 2012 Business of the Year 2012, Englewood Fl, UNITED STATES
  1754. Richard King Software development expert, UNITED KINGDOM
  1755. Ron King automotive, UNITED STATES
  1756. Sharon King Glastonbury, UNITED KINGDOM
  1757. Cathy Kingery Enlightened consumer, UNITED STATES
  1758. Lois Kingsley Texas, UNITED STATES
  1759. Sophia Kinne I m a Traumatic Brain Injury Victim trying to protect my already damaged brain against GMOs that further damage and regress any progress, Life of people, Harrison, UNITED STATES
  1760. Scott Kinnear B Ag Sci majored in biochemistry at Melb University, The Safe Food Foundation, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  1761. Keith Kirkendall I am studying Naturopathy at Trinity School of Natural Health forever the student , me myself and I , Ohio, UNITED STATES
  1762. Dyan Kirkpatrick I have a passion for real food and good nutrition , Oregon, UNITED STATES
  1763. Kathe Kirrene designing food plans for people with specific ailments , kirrene designs, Pacific Palisades Ca, UNITED STATES
  1764. Pamela Kirscher Masters degree, Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  1765. Edy Kizaki MA in Education, Bainbridge Island, UNITED STATES
  1766. Judy Kizler 72 year old citizen , California, UNITED STATES
  1767. Danielle Klaff Diploma in Graphic Design, Envirochild, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  1768. MIchael Klass Bachelor s Psychology MBA Marketing Organic Advocate, High Quality Organics, UNITED STATES
  1769. Sally Klees BA U of WI Long term researcher of safe ingestibles as a mother of 28 year old son with Autism, Laguna Niguel, UNITED STATES
  1770. Laura Kleffner BSA, UNITED STATES
  1771. Esther Klein None Just an elderly experienced citizen with good common sense and an interest in science and ethics , CANADA
  1772. Nira Klein Economist, Orange County Ca, UNITED STATES
  1773. Denise Kleinman AS BFA MS, Mercerville Nj, UNITED STATES
  1774. Marie Klimchuk concerned citizen consumer, Bedford, UNITED STATES
  1775. Anne Klimke BS and MS, Holualoa Hi, UNITED STATES
  1776. Hans Klink Driver of an input product free agriculture growing from within organic growth, Agro Organics Pty Ltd, Strand, SOUTH AFRICA
  1777. Sharon Kloepfer Dermatologist, Longmont Clinic, UNITED STATES
  1778. Nettie Klompsma Consumer informed alert and concerned mother and grandmother, NETHERLANDS
  1779. Hedda Kloster Cand polit Social anthropology, NORWAY
  1780. Pat Klotz eater, Laguna Beach, UNITED STATES
  1781. Vicki Knapp AA Degree BA Degree, Nampa Id, UNITED STATES
  1782. Bobbie Knight Denver, UNITED STATES
  1783. Keith Knight BioEnergetic Resonance Practitoner, Balanced Heath, Warrington, UNITED KINGDOM
  1784. Todd Knight I am Human I can see fraud and collusion when it appears in my line of sight as well as any sentient being , Leamington Ontario, CANADA
  1785. Tina Kniseley Associates Degree in Health Science, UNITED STATES
  1786. Janet Kniss I am terrified about our future food safety and health I follow the GMO s closely and want us to DEMAND more studies, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  1787. Jodi Koberinski Member of Canada s Organic Value Chain Round Table, Organic Council of Ontario, CANADA
  1788. Suzanne Kobos Associates degree in applied science, Lake In The Hills, UNITED STATES
  1789. Dianne Kocer Masters Degree in Education, UNITED STATES
  1790. Cindy Koch Concerned citizen, Long Beach, UNITED STATES
  1791. Joy Koch 2 BA degrees Inventor of livestock equipment , SmartFarm HQ Inc , Sf Bay Area, UNITED STATES
  1792. Lynn Koch Knowledgable reader of articles, New York, UNITED STATES
  1793. Maciej Kocialkowski lifeguard, North Port, UNITED STATES
  1794. Margaret Koelling private research, Melbourne, UNITED STATES
  1795. Anne Kohler Independent product consultant for doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils very concerned about humanities health and wellness mother and grandmother, Adelaide Sth Aust , AUSTRALIA
  1796. Jacqueline Kok x, Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS
  1797. Debbie Kolaski IT Consultant, Grande Pointe, CANADA
  1798. Leon Kolb PBF faculty Zagreb Biotechnology , CROATIA
  1799. T Kolb RN, Richmond, UNITED STATES
  1800. Traude Kolb Bachelor Degree Concerned citizen, , AUSTRALIA
  1801. Finn Kolberg Teacher MBA, Bergen, NORWAY
  1802. Annie Konkol Masters and near death MCS patient, ALA, Beverly Hills, UNITED STATES
  1803. Amy Kontrabecki home gardener and informed citizen, Lakewood, UNITED STATES
  1804. Elaine Kopsaftis concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  1805. Cree Korchak Kc, UNITED STATES
  1806. Collin Korf Chemist, High Point, UNITED STATES
  1807. Leonard Korinek 50 years of study, body builder, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  1808. David Kornblum Juris Doctor, Los Angeles Ca, UNITED STATES
  1809. David Korten AB MBA PhD Stanford Business School , UNITED STATES
  1810. Gerard Korteweg Monetary macroeconomist, Haarlem, NETHERLANDS
  1811. Chris Kosturko Reader, Connecticut, UNITED STATES
  1812. Anthoulla Koutsoudi British Lawyer , Croydon, UNITED KINGDOM
  1813. Ivan Kovach Krcelich university degree in journalism, Dugo Selo, CROATIA
  1814. Jeff Kowalik Certified foundation consultant, Park Ridge, UNITED STATES
  1815. Susan Koyama BA MA published author of multiple books retired translator, Sun City West Az, UNITED STATES
  1816. Brian Kozak I am not a scientist, CANADA
  1817. Melanie Kozlowski Food and Drug Activist , UNITED STATES
  1818. Linn Krabber D I am a mother , NORWAY
  1819. Julie Kraft certified pilates instructor and studio owner, Nashville, UNITED STATES
  1820. Marie Kranendonk Civil Society Organisation health Environment policy advisor Honorary president of WECF, WECF Women in Europe for a Common Future, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
  1821. Wm Krause Concerned citizen, Hillsborough, UNITED STATES
  1822. Marsha Krauter concerned citizen people have a right to know what is in there food, public, Hughesville, UNITED STATES
  1823. Matt Krcilek 15 years of study in holistic medicine diet nutrition and holistic medicine , UNITED STATES
  1824. John Kretsinger I am an Organic Farmer a retired U S Marine and an Agent Orange survivor, KW Farms, UNITED STATES
  1825. Donald Kretz Former computer systems engineer at Lockheed Martin Inacom Royal Bank etc , Concerned Canadian, Edmonton Alberta, CANADA
  1826. Stuart Krichauff Dip of agricultural science, S P Krichauff, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  1827. Stacy Krieger Just a concerned citizen, SGI, San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  1828. Kate Krimsky An ordinary citizen, Salisbury Mills, UNITED STATES
  1829. Ray Krips consumer, UNITED STATES
  1830. Elizabeth Krop Organic diet for our family for over 30 years, Mississauga, CANADA
  1831. Jozef Krop M D ret Fellow American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Mississauga, CANADA
  1832. Teresa Krupa R N , St John, UNITED STATES
  1833. Edward Krupp b s e e , Michigan, UNITED STATES
  1834. Robert Krutul None but I am extremely concerned with my health, Alliance For Natural Health USA, Fountain Hills, UNITED STATES
  1835. Julia Krynke Master s Degree, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  1836. Kenneth Kuecker Private citizen concerned about food safety, Elgin Il, UNITED STATES
  1837. William Kuhl 2016 Presidential Candidate, Humanist, Tuckerton , UNITED STATES
  1838. Joseph Kuhn BS MS, BFLI, Rockport, UNITED STATES
  1839. Claudia Kuhns Urban Farmer , Good Food Now, Denver, UNITED STATES
  1840. Tyrone R M Kuiper Physicist drs , Egmond Aan Den Hoef, NETHERLANDS
  1841. Laurens F Kuipers ecologist, life, Groningen, NETHERLANDS
  1842. Debbie Kujawski really do you need to be overeducated to know this retraction is WRONG I think not , Menomonee Falls, UNITED STATES
  1843. Sharon Kumpf Nutrition and Food Science, UNITED STATES
  1844. John Kunesh Licensed Massage Therapist, Spirited Massage, Princeville, UNITED STATES
  1845. Jeri Kurre concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  1846. Desiree Kurta Rmt mother and also a member of the human race, Red Deer, CANADA
  1847. Hans Kvisgaard Electronic Technician, DENMARK
  1848. Deborah Kyle BS in Biology, Tampa, UNITED STATES
  1849. Robin Kyle small business owner , Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  1850. Agnes Laan Boutilier S Point, CANADA
  1851. Judith Labadie vegetable gardener community activist, Newberg, UNITED STATES
  1852. Kathleen Lackey AAS BS CPP CLT PDC , Appalachian State University, Boone NC, UNITED STATES
  1853. Doug Ladouche crop consultant state politician BS Crop Science University of Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  1854. Joanne Laferriere Nova Scotia, CANADA
  1855. Fabio Lagana Honours degree in Ecological and Environmental Science, Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
  1856. Sarah C Lagnado masters degree education, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  1857. Aileen Lai Associate Diploma of Business Accounting Diploma of Business Administration Diploma of Community Services Work, Chadstone, AUSTRALIA
  1858. Kaye Laidlaw Qualified Chef Diploma Liberal Arts Victoria University Small farmer Vineyard operator, Rainbows End Vineyard, Carisbrook Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  1859. Brenda Lakanen AA LMT, UNITED STATES
  1860. Pierre Lalanne Computer engineer, Orthez, FRANCE
  1861. Theresa Lam B S Biology Middle School Science Teacher Environmental Commission Board Member, East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  1862. Ariene Lambert Citizen of the World concerned about the safety of our food supply outraged by publications which hire Monsanto executives into positions of editorial control who are prepared to suppress scientific truth and diminish the integrity of the sciences in the interest of Corporate profits , Chicago, UNITED STATES
  1863. Martine Lambert honteux , Normandie, FRANCE
  1864. Betty Lambright MS Resource Mgmt Admin, UNITED STATES
  1866. Fernando Land Ingeniero Agr nomo, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  1867. Miriam Landau M Ed Registered Dietitian and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Behavioral Health Wellness LLC, Northeast Ohio, UNITED STATES
  1868. Toni Landvatter Consumer, Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES
  1869. Donald Lane Business, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  1870. Marlene Lane none Just a concerned mother who wants healthy children and grandchildren, Kelowna, CANADA
  1871. Brent Lang Mt Angel Or, UNITED STATES
  1872. Patty Langkopf concerned consumer and mother, North Yarmouth, UNITED STATES
  1873. Jeannie Langley Mother of 4, Fernandina Beach, UNITED STATES
  1874. Jesse Langston Business Degree, North Florida, UNITED STATES
  1875. Satay Lanzman Integrated health coach, Ms , Dyke, UNITED STATES
  1876. Robert Lardner physical therapist, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  1877. Jenna Larke honours degree 2 1 architecture , Truro, UNITED KINGDOM
  1878. Pamm Larry Various Activist Awards I am the Initial Instigator of CA s Prop 37 the ballot initiative to label GMOs in 2012, Labelgmos org, Chico, UNITED STATES
  1879. Rita Larsh BA MPA, Kamas, UNITED STATES
  1880. Allen Larson I am healthy at the age of 82, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  1881. Freya Larson Nashville, UNITED STATES
  1882. Judith Lasalle RN, prometric, Cheshire Ct, UNITED STATES
  1883. Deborah Lasker Registered Nurse, Spokane, UNITED STATES
  1884. Anna Laskowska BA Degree, UNITED STATES
  1885. Susan Lasley B S Chemistry M B A General Management A M Liberal Studies H St Modern History, New York, UNITED STATES
  1886. Paul Latham Weatherford, UNITED STATES
  1887. Rita Latourelle I am not a scientist just a citizen concerned about big business censorship of things we have a right to know, Minnesota Lake, UNITED STATES
  1888. Cheryl Lauer Associate of Arts Degree Master Florist 25 yrs in horticulture, Greeley Co , UNITED STATES
  1889. Richard Lauer Consumer horticulture , Greeley, UNITED STATES
  1890. G Mez Carrasco Laura Sentido com n por favor , Barcelona, SPAIN
  1891. Gauvin Laurent Ing nieur, DIRECCTE, Caen, FRANCE
  1892. Mary Laveau I am a lifelong learner of health and nutrition , Austin, UNITED STATES
  1893. Cherry Lavell BA Hons Archaeology one time Fellow of Society of Antiquaries of London, Cheltenham, UNITED KINGDOM
  1894. Julia Lawlor bachelor s degree, Maplewood, UNITED STATES
  1895. Cathy Lawrence Masters , Nyc, UNITED STATES
  1896. Claire Lawrence BA Science, Santa Barbara, UNITED STATES
  1897. Jonathan Lawrence Osteopath , UNITED KINGDOM
  1898. Jonathan Lawrence health nutrition human performance research, student, Comanche, UNITED STATES
  1899. Terry Lawrence Computer consultant, Surrey, CANADA
  1900. Deborah Lawson I have noted for many years the adverse effects of GMO s on my body we must educated the public about this atrocity on their health , Concerned Citizen, Perry Florida, UNITED STATES
  1901. Don Lawson Edmonton, CANADA
  1902. Robyn Lawson Teacher, AUSTRALIA
  1903. Kartini Le Grand ecological gardenier, Haarlem, NETHERLANDS
  1904. Ashlee Leach Concerned citizen and mother, Chatham, UNITED STATES
  1905. Catherine Leach Canadian consumer and mother, London, CANADA
  1906. Alan Leader Engineering Finance degrees, Candle Lake, CANADA
  1907. Dennis Leahy Bachelors in Computer Science, Duluth, UNITED STATES
  1908. L Leblanc environmentalist health activist, Psychognosia, Paphos , CYPRUS
  1909. Karine Leblanc Sault 2 university degrees Teacher mother , Port Coquilam, CANADA
  1910. Ismael Leclet grave, 1990, Chazelles Sur Lyon, FRANCE
  1911. Robert Leder Juris Doctorate Attorney LMSW Clinical Social Worker, Norrth Salem New York, UNITED STATES
  1912. Faye Lederman Environmental journalism , Fort Lee, UNITED STATES
  1913. Elisabeth Lee Lda en Filosofia by Universitat de Barcelona, Belluno, ITALY
  1914. Goldchenlee Lee Guangdong university of social science, Huizhou Guangdong, CHINA
  1915. Ishmal Leenhouwers City , Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND
  1916. Susie Lees MA Textile design, GE Aware Nelson, Tasman District, NEW ZEALAND
  1917. Marianna Leeuw nurse, particulier, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  1918. Dianne Lefevre Physician Psychiatrist, Retired, London Uk, UNITED KINGDOM
  1919. Michael Leger Auto didact Philosophy of Science, UNITED STATES
  1920. Hugh Lehman Ph D philosophy Harvard University 1963 co founder and co editor of Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics until 1995 , retired, Guelph, CANADA
  1921. Susan B Lehman Concerned citizen and mother, Homosassa Florida, UNITED STATES
  1922. Erin Lehto High School Diploma, Waterloo, CANADA
  1923. Maria Lelinho Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  1924. Jeannette Lellinger I am a Librarian Univ of Havana a certified field Naturalist USDA Graduate School Field Studies Program a certified Hypnotherapist FSS , Brevard North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  1925. Stephanie Lem Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, UNITED STATES
  1926. Gilles Lemaire , Attac France, Paris, FRANCE
  1927. Ann Lemaster Licensed Vocational Nurse Healing Touch Practitoner Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner , Texas, UNITED STATES
  1928. Susan Lenarz RN Certified Diabetic educator, Libertyville, UNITED STATES
  1929. Alden Lenhart Highschool Diploma, Nantucket Permaculture Network, Nantucket, UNITED STATES
  1930. Wendy Lennox I, High River, CANADA
  1931. Jack Leonard industrial chemistry worldtraveller and seen the degeneration of civilised population trough food , Oostende, BELGIUM
  1932. Peter Leonard BSFS International Economics MA Applied Linguistics, Taos, UNITED STATES
  1933. Karen Lerique BA Philosophy H Dip Ed , FRANCE
  1934. Raymond Leszczynski researcher, Harwood Heights, UNITED STATES
  1935. Diane Levine BA, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  1936. B Blake Levitt I am a science journalist and author, Connecticut, UNITED STATES
  1937. Roseanne Levy BA, Westport Ct, UNITED STATES
  1938. Shelby Lew Organic gardener permaculturist activist, UNITED STATES
  1939. Alison Lewis UNITED STATES
  1940. Brian Lewis B S Civil Engineering Registered Professional Engineer, Midwest, UNITED STATES
  1941. Cheryl Lewis Life Extension Foundation Member, Portland, UNITED STATES
  1942. Jim Lewis Livingston Tx , UNITED STATES
  1943. Marvin Lewis I am a retired professional engineer I have two bachelors and graduate work in chemistry I have a patent that was used worldwide , Mr , Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  1944. Ralph Lewis Seeing through the mind created illusions of conditioned thinking , Expanse Consulting, Thiensville Wi, UNITED STATES
  1945. Yu Shan Li Cheng Du, CHINA
  1946. Robin Liang Information Technology Specialist, CHINA
  1947. Susan Liang BS in Physics, Singapore, SINGAPORE
  1948. Anthony Liberto NONE, Jacksonville, UNITED STATES
  1949. Ann Marie Lidmark BA Zoophysiology and MA Public Health Science, SWEDEN
  1950. Shaun Lile Systems Engineer, Lake Balboa, UNITED STATES
  1951. Sandra Limpert Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology some post doc work toward graduate degree in Psychology, UNITED STATES
  1952. Rachael Lin Educated consumer, Doylestown, UNITED STATES
  1953. Soyu Lin Student, CHINA
  1954. Sandy Lincoln BA Hons , Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM
  1955. Dianne Lind concerned mother, UNITED STATES
  1956. Ava Lindberg someone who eats, UNITED STATES
  1957. Wolfgang Lindner Social work, Hohenems, AUSTRIA
  1958. Anneli Lindroos I m glad you started this letter Much needed , Jyv Skyl , FINLAND
  1959. Marie Ange Linehan Informed Consumer, Worthing, UNITED KINGDOM
  1960. Michael Lingard Healthcare Professional, TotalHealthMatters , Hawkhurst, UNITED KINGDOM
  1961. Graham Lingley Degree, UNITED KINGDOM
  1962. Julie Linley Registered Nurse, CHSS, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
  1963. Dennis Sheila Linn M Div Authors speakers on the integration of spirituality and science , Vail Colorado, UNITED STATES
  1964. Outrigger Lionel Technicien Greenpeace France, Nesles La Vallee, FRANCE
  1965. Eileen Lippman B S degree, Select , Marlton, UNITED STATES
  1966. Bingcheng Liu Rich work experience in solar power industry music arts and business consultancy, TBEA of China, Beijing, CHINA
  1967. James Liu PhD CFA, CANADA
  1968. Zhe Liu architecture, CHINA
  1969. Miranda Llewellyn nutritional therapist, self, Kingston Upon Thames, UNITED KINGDOM
  1970. Richard Lobwein Diploma of Special Education Bachelor of Education Degree Mathematics , Roma, AUSTRALIA
  1971. Tom Loew Distinquished Health educator recognized by ILL State Board of Ed for Those who excel Health curriculum design instruction , Lincolnshire, UNITED STATES
  1972. Deavah Loewen healthy humanity, Central Butte, CANADA
  1973. Grant Loewen MA creative writing, Lost River, CANADA
  1974. John Logan A 73 year old student of the university of life, Katikati, NEW ZEALAND
  1975. Kate Logan Environmentalist Documentary video maker Artist BDES, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
  1976. Pamela Logan BFA MFA Concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  1977. G K Long informed consumer who has been healed by use of organic non GMO foods, Midwest, UNITED STATES
  1978. Jadwiga Lopata Goldman Prize Winner 2001 , ICPPC, Malopolska, POLAND
  1979. Joel Lord Independent Vaccine researcher journalist, Vaccine Resistance Movement , Vancouver, CANADA
  1980. Aesha Lorenz Al Saeed Bachelors of arts in Education, AUPHR, Portland, UNITED STATES
  1981. Ann Loretan M A in , Northeast, UNITED STATES
  1982. David Lorimer MA PGCE FRSA, Scientific and Medical Network, Leven, UNITED KINGDOM
  1983. Giuseppina Losco PROFESSEUR, UNITED STATES
  1984. Karin Lough NA, NA, New York NY, UNITED STATES
  1985. Kim Lougheed Community Support Worker Educational Assistant, CANADA
  1986. Kate Loughton concerned citizen, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1987. Bernard Andrew Love Bachelor of Applied Science Chiropractic Practicing Chiropractor , Love Chiropractic, Kuluin, AUSTRALIA
  1988. James Love Bachelor of Science Juris Doctor, Tulsa, UNITED STATES
  1989. Madeleine Love B Sc Dip Ed Maths Science Physics I used to buy papers from Elsevier , Independent Researcher, Benalla, AUSTRALIA
  1990. Susan Lovett I am not a scientist Only and informed citizen , Private Citizen, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  1991. Roger Lowry horticulture, horticulture, Penzance, UNITED KINGDOM
  1992. Rebecca Lozano BA, Weston, UNITED STATES
  1993. Gaye Luard Nurse, CANADA
  1994. Brunella Lucchi Integrated Neurosomatic Therapist, UNITED STATES
  1995. Gail Lucidi AOS Culinary Institute of America, Friends Academy, Bayville New York, UNITED STATES
  1996. Beatrice Ludwig LLB LLM, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  1997. Marie Helene Luebbers phD French Literature, Tustin, UNITED STATES
  1998. Robert Lueck Suppression of scientific evidence for commercial gain should be punishable by criminal charges , Plainview Ny 11803, UNITED STATES
  1999. Isabel Maria Luiz Lopes Caregiver and a farmer, Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
  2000. Sherree Luke masters of communication disorders, Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES
  2001. Mark Lukens I am a human, Duncannon, UNITED STATES
  2002. Dr Doug Lukinuk Doctor of Chiropractic BSc, Peterborough, CANADA
  2003. Luke Lundemo Associate Degree in Arts and Science, The Conscious Living Project, Jackson, UNITED STATES
  2004. Paulette Lundquist Concerned Citizen, Somerset, UNITED STATES
  2005. Romeo Lungu Psycholog, Rhone Alpes, FRANCE
  2006. Mirta Luque Psychologist, San Jose, UNITED STATES
  2007. Theresa Lussi Pagosa Springs, UNITED STATES
  2008. Melissa Lybeck Nurse, Mothers , Red Deer, CANADA
  2009. Tim Lybeck Dip Tech Business Management QC CSA B51 ASME B31 3, CANADA
  2010. Natalie Lyman Orangevale, UNITED STATES
  2011. Bhavana Lymworth BA in English, Foxglove Healing Arts, Vancouver, CANADA
  2012. Middleton Lyn Ontario, CANADA
  2013. Elizabeth Lynn a citizen, California, UNITED STATES
  2014. Sandra Lynn I eat healthy and read extensively on our food system I support organic food nature in general by giving money , UNITED STATES
  2015. Sheila Lyon Landscape Architect, UNITED STATES
  2016. Kathleen Lyson I am a human living on this planet we call home , Mrs , Seminole, UNITED STATES
  2017. David Lysons Auditor Consultant Environental Management, Lysons International Pty Ltd, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  2018. Sami M Lki Master Of Social Sciences 1997, Ashtanga Yoga Oslo, NORWAY
  2019. Stephen Macallan Lic A B Ac M Ac M H Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Bio Energetic Regulatory Medicine Rife Technology, Healthcare, Crewe, UNITED KINGDOM
  2020. Janine Macdonald Bachelor of science in Physical Therapy, Harpswell, UNITED STATES
  2021. Denise Macdougall UNITED STATES
  2022. Catherine Macintosh Architect, SGR, Winchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  2023. Heidi Mackay Certified Nutritionist, Studio City, UNITED STATES
  2024. Maria Macknight Doctor of Oriental Medicine Acupuncture Nutritional Therapy Detoxification Herbal Medicine, Wellness Restoration, Arlington, UNITED STATES
  2025. Donald Macnab Stark BSc MA MA Psychology Sociology, Bowers Gifford, UNITED KINGDOM
  2026. Anna Madaschi Do I have to be a scientist to believe in science , Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  2027. Sandra Madden BA Hons, Two Moors School, Dulverton, UNITED KINGDOM
  2028. Daniel Maddux Patent Attorney, UNITED STATES
  2029. Eileen Madigan self educated, San Diego, UGANDA
  2030. James Madison not, Acupuncture and Herbal Rx, Whitefish Mt 59937, UNITED STATES
  2031. Noah Madlin m a economics fordham univ advanced training in Permaculture Designten, Hilltown Pa, UNITED STATES
  2032. Elizabeth Maerten M S in Elementary Education, Tonawanda, UNITED STATES
  2033. Monika Mag BA, , Budapest, HUNGARY
  2034. Zoraida Maga A High School Diploma Currently College Freshman National Society of High School Scholars Academic Excellence Scholarship Year One HonorSociety org The National Society of Collegiate Scholars , Houston, UNITED STATES
  2035. Vicky Magana BA Biology BSc Human Development DC, AUSTRALIA
  2036. Patsy Magee MA counseling mental health therapist, Shreveport La, UNITED STATES
  2037. Maggi Magenpie Simply a Mother concerned with the health of the soil what is in our food , UNITED KINGDOM
  2038. Julie Maguire Nutrition and Dietary Practices, Woodford, AUSTRALIA
  2039. Bernadette Mahfood MA Agricultural Economics, UNITED STATES
  2040. Shauki Mahomed Medical Doctor LRCP DPM MRCPsych FRSM, Neways International, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM
  2041. Fabiano Maia Franco a concerned consumer with his children s health, Goi Nia, BRAZIL
  2042. Victor Maisonet Social Science, JW org, Elizabeth, UNITED STATES
  2043. Rameez Majal BSc Mech Eng BSc Proj Man, NDPW, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  2044. David Major Concerned Citizen , Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  2045. Kathleen Makris I do not need a specific degree to understand that GMO GE foods are the most unhealthy for human consumption , El Cajon, UNITED STATES
  2046. Leeroy Malac Allain engineer, Paris, FRANCE
  2047. Elizabeth Malamalatabua Independent concerned individual, Cheltenham, UNITED KINGDOM
  2048. Keith Malinowski Pt Pleasant, UNITED STATES
  2049. Nicholas Malkentzos MA in Education, Staten Island, UNITED STATES
  2050. Renee Mallinger MS, Il, UNITED STATES
  2051. Viki Malone UNITED STATES
  2052. Helen Malvick Herbalist in Training, Glen Ellyn, UNITED STATES
  2053. Gosia Mamot PTA, UNITED STATES
  2054. Kathleen Manafi BS Degree in Data Processing, Henderson, UNITED STATES
  2055. Anna Mancel Hoeppner None that are science related I am a teacher and graduate of Georgia Southern University Georgia University System USA , El Paso Tx, UNITED STATES
  2056. Silvana Mangiaracina Head librarian, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bologna, ITALY
  2057. Caryn Mangisi I m a mom who feeds 7 kids a Mother in law and a husband , Williamsport Pa, UNITED STATES
  2058. Tina Manke none self researched per internet on GMOsand GEs, Maple Ridge, CANADA
  2059. Richard Manley Dean of Counseling and Psychology BS and MS Psychology, UNITED STATES
  2060. Natalie Mannering I am a self educated but well informed environmental and political activist and belong to many environmental groups, Ms , Eureka Springs, UNITED STATES
  2061. Patrick Manning Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  2062. Leo Mansu Lodi, UNITED STATES
  2063. Julie Manta BA MA MSST Associate Dean , Mt Holly Springs Pa , UNITED STATES
  2064. Nadine Mantooth consumer, Denver, UNITED STATES
  2065. Vandame Marc licence, FRANCE
  2066. Cecily Marchesi PHD, Dunedin Fl, UNITED STATES
  2067. Merle Ziporah Marcus I have studied and eaten organic food since 1967, Ms , Second Mesa, UNITED STATES
  2068. Annika Mardfalk M Sc , UNITED STATES
  2069. Joy Margulies Registereed Nurse and BS Community Health, Arverne, UNITED STATES
  2070. Deborah Marion North Bend, UNITED STATES
  2071. Ankica Markulin Bachelor of Science Natural Resources , AUSTRALIA
  2072. Gail Marmont Postgraduate Diploma in Social and Community Work Otago NZ, Alliance Party, NEW ZEALAND
  2073. David Marott NA, Simi Valley, UNITED STATES
  2074. Tanya Marquette 40 years of studying health and healing, New Paltz, UNITED STATES
  2075. Sarah Marquez forestry student in university of the philippines los banos, uplb forestry society, Laguna, PHILIPPINES
  2076. Leslie Marr B S in Social Science and concerned consumer, Michigan, UNITED STATES
  2077. George Marra concern granfather, Sebring, UNITED STATES
  2078. Nancy Marsden Bachelors Degree Master of Education, UNITED STATES
  2079. Thomas Marsh BA mgmt Technology, Seminole, UNITED STATES
  2080. Glenn Marshall BSME , N A , UNITED STATES
  2081. Mary Marshall Bachelor of Science University of Texas, Austin, UNITED STATES
  2082. Rosemarie Mart medical herbalism, Paris, CANADA
  2083. John Marter B A M A Ed S common sense disdain for money grubbing big industry , Concerned Citizen, Gentry, UNITED STATES
  2084. Andrea Martin B S Degree Human Nutrition, Williston, UNITED STATES
  2085. Francoise Martin Doctorate British literature, Ivry La Bataille, FRANCE
  2086. Ginger Martin Livingston, UNITED STATES
  2087. Harvey Martin concerned person for safe foods, Kennewick Wa, UNITED STATES
  2088. K Martin concerned reseller, Seattle, UNITED STATES
  2089. Laura Martin Seralini, FRANCE
  2090. Lionel Martin Manual Therapy, Integrated Bodywork Therapies, Portland, UNITED STATES
  2091. Tina Martin Concerned citizen, Healthy Heart Pets, Gulf Breeze, UNITED STATES
  2092. Vicki Martin lifelong advocate of healthy living, Sandpoint, UNITED STATES
  2093. Sue Martineau Mother grandmother maths tutor yoga teacher someone who cares what we are doing to our beautiful planet , Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  2094. Jessica Martinez Informed Consumer, Elgin, UNITED STATES
  2095. Regina Martino free resercher in bioenrgetic, shungite fr, Paris, FRANCE
  2096. Natalie Martkovich holistic practitioner, ISRAEL
  2097. Oure Marvel I have a bachelors degree in Spanish and TESOL graduate student of TESOL teacher, Hilliard, UNITED STATES
  2098. Mary Mary stop creating diseases non gmo , private, Palm Harbor Florida 34684 , UNITED STATES
  2099. Michael Masley musician artist, UNITED STATES
  2100. Mary Masnik BS Mgmt Science Social Work MS in Social Work Columbia Univ NY Westinghouse Science Talent Award 1951, retired, Mount Arlington Nj, UNITED STATES
  2101. Beth Mason BA Psych, Toronto, CANADA
  2102. Ernest Mason Sinclairville, UNITED STATES
  2103. Rosemarie Mason HANDLE Neurodevelopmentally Practitioner, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2104. Sarah Mason I am an individual who eats breaths air and drinks water I read I think I care I qualify , Exeter Nh, UNITED STATES
  2105. Steve Mason Natural health advocate Supporter of the truth , General public, Red Deer, CANADA
  2106. Mike Massari college grad in food industry, UNITED STATES
  2107. Rene Masters University graduate mental health worker, Self, Calgary Alberta, CANADA
  2108. John Mateja San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  2109. Helen Matekunas concerned citizen, Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  2110. Dr Lewis Mates PhD History, UNITED KINGDOM
  2111. Lee Mates Do not have a degree, Badger Trust, Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM
  2112. Peter Mates PhD (equiv) Physics, Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM
  2113. Vernon Mather Health Food Research, OFS Loss Adjusters, Midrand, SOUTH AFRICA
  2114. John Matheson B A Some graduate school, Hilltop, UNITED STATES
  2115. Murray Mathews retired contractor against censorship of any kind , Cherry Valley, UNITED STATES
  2116. Anna Matson office work, Home, Karratha, AUSTRALIA
  2117. Silvio Mattacchione Specialty Book Publisher Researcher BA and MA in History I have bred livestock for 50 years , Port Perry, CANADA
  2118. Carol Matthews MA in Teaching, Retired Teacher, Newfane New York, UNITED STATES
  2119. Evelyne Matthews Licence d animation socio culturelle, Coherence, Saint Senoux Bretagne , FRANCE
  2120. Jonathan Matthews Director of GMWatch, GMWatch, Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM
  2121. Paul Matthews Faucheur Volontaire, UNITED KINGDOM
  2122. Evelyne Matthews De Saint Rapt Professeur de yoga, Saint Senoux, FRANCE
  2123. Gail Maudal Ph D in psychology, Little Canada, UNITED STATES
  2124. Norbert Maudoigt apiculteur, Mas Blanc Des Alpilles, FRANCE
  2125. Kathryn Maule Concerned Human being BSc Chemistry, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM
  2126. Bruce Maunders B Sc EE, CANADA
  2127. Patricia Maurice CANADA
  2128. P L Mauseth Concerned father, Nordland, NORWAY
  2129. Ronald Maxson UNITED STATES
  2130. Linda Maxwell Advance Diploma of Health Science Naturopathy , AUSTRALIA
  2131. Lana May Informed Consumer, Mount Prospect, UNITED STATES
  2132. Samuel May BA MBA, Portland Maine, UNITED STATES
  2133. Tanja May Human Resources professional, Jacksonville, UNITED STATES
  2134. Joy Mayberry Authentic human being with a concern about GMO , Normanville, AUSTRALIA
  2135. Frederick Mayer Chiropractic Physician Associate Degree in Nursing, UNITED STATES
  2136. Frank Mayo BSEE, Houston, UNITED STATES
  2137. Nancy Mayo Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
  2138. Ozala Mazar Masters degree, Belle Chasse, UNITED STATES
  2139. Marjie Mc Cullough 65 years of life, West Chucago, UNITED STATES
  2140. Connie Mcadam Regina, CANADA
  2141. Amanda Mcalister A concerned person, Milltown, IRELAND
  2142. Kathy Mcallister Registered Nurse Sustainable Urban Farmer Organic Master Gardener, CANADA
  2143. Patricia Mcallister Gardener nature lover and concerned citizen and parent, UNITED STATES
  2144. Alexander Eric McArthur HNC Mech Eng 1st Class DTI Certificate Marine Enginering Grosses Deutsches Sprach Diplom Diploma Modern German Stirling University United Kingdom Certificate in Apiculture, Scottish beekeepers Association n, Regent St, UNITED KINGDOM
  2145. Michael Mcateer University Lecturer Communications and Management, University, Deagu, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  2146. Patricia Mccaffrey registered nurse, Timberlake, UNITED STATES
  2147. Donald Mccain MA Values in the Environment Lancaster University, Retired, Hartland Devon, UNITED KINGDOM
  2148. Donald Sky Mccain MA Values in the Environment, Mr , Hartland Devon, UNITED KINGDOM
  2149. Michael McCandless MS PhD in Computer Science from MIT, UNITED STATES
  2150. Fred And Valerie Mccarney Expressive art , Saratogs Springs, UNITED STATES
  2151. Fran Mccarthy nutritionist nurse, Kincardine, CANADA
  2152. Kelly Mccarthy Concerned citizen , Laton Ca, UNITED STATES
  2153. Noreen Mccarthy I am a consumer that depends on acurate truthful research , UNITED STATES
  2154. Deanne Mcclain Registered Nurse former Nurse Practitioner, Ladson, UNITED STATES
  2155. Merridee Mcclatchy BA organic farmer, Bangs, UNITED STATES
  2156. Lisa Mcclellan Juris Doctorate, Stuart, UNITED STATES
  2157. Gloria Mcclintock Child developmental specialist and special education educator specialist for over 30 years, Foster City, UNITED STATES
  2158. Ellen Mccormick Co Founder of GMOFreeCT in Connecticut I have studied about this topic for about 12 years, GMOFreeCT, Weston, UNITED STATES
  2159. Catherine Mccoy BA , Murrieta, UNITED STATES
  2160. Catherine Mccoy BA , Murrieta, ANDORRA
  2161. Paul McCullough Sustainable Systems Technology, UNITED STATES
  2162. Arnold Mccutcheon Diploma in Agriculture, CANADA
  2163. Gillian Mcdaid Concerned citizen, IRELAND
  2164. Lisa Mcdaniel UNITED STATES
  2165. Pamela Mcdermott B S Ed Spanish Language Secondary Level, Pittsburgh Pa, UNITED STATES
  2166. Peggy Mcdermott Registered Nurse , Wilmington, UNITED STATES
  2167. Carole Mcdonald I hhave no expertise in science , Grandville, UNITED STATES
  2168. Mary Mcdonald Bachelor of Science Home Economics, Kirkland Washington, UNITED STATES
  2169. Michelle Mcdonald Medical Coder Auditor, UNITED STATES
  2170. Patricia Mcdonald Concerned for my children, Cincinnati, UNITED STATES
  2171. Kay Mcdougall MBA, Imbabura, ECUADOR
  2172. Stephanie McDowall A watching wide awake Canadian , Nanaimo, CANADA
  2173. Linda Mcdowell Consumer, UNITED STATES
  2174. Alice Mcelroy B S in Biology and science writing, Sequim, UNITED STATES
  2175. Richard Mcfatridge I am a recovering victum of GMOs and agriculture chemicals who has switched to organic food , Willow Street Pa, UNITED STATES
  2176. Celeste Mcgovern Journalist, Aberdeenshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  2177. Bernadette Mcgreevy concerned citizen, Jackson Nj, UNITED STATES
  2178. Arlene Mcguire reiki master zero point energy practitioner, Southgate, UNITED STATES
  2179. Elizabeth Mcguire College educated Mother Grandmother and protector of the human race, Denver, UNITED STATES
  2180. Jill Mcguire environmental activist, concerned consumer, Melrose Florida, UNITED STATES
  2181. Thomas Mcguire Bsc, Toronto, CANADA
  2182. Dawn Mcintyre human who wants to eat safe food, Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  2183. Darren Mckean Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  2184. Marlene Mckee Nutrition Consultant, Los Angeles Ca, UNITED STATES
  2185. Pauline Mckelvey Bachelor of Arts, Uniting Church in Australia member , Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  2186. Mary Mckeogh Certified public accountant, Plano, UNITED STATES
  2187. Julia Mckinley Degree in Psychology, Delta Bc, CANADA
  2188. Bruce Mckinnon massage therapist osteopathic manual practitioner, CANADA
  2189. Valorie McLain Individual researcher, UNITED STATES
  2190. Katharine Mclarty BPAS, CANADA
  2191. Jan Mclellan Bachelor of Business Studies including Environmental papers ie Sustainable Farming, West Coast, NEW ZEALAND
  2192. Nancy Mclendon concern citizen, Crossville, UNITED STATES
  2193. Phoebe Mcleod PhD, Columbia Sc, UNITED STATES
  2194. Charles Mcmahan Integreated Body Analysis Art of Healing, Professional Health Management LLC, Asheville North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  2195. Richard Mcmahon artist, no, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  2196. Neil Mcmanus c g, Studley, UNITED KINGDOM
  2197. Dean Mcmillen none retired paramedic, Penticton B C , CANADA
  2198. Jack Mcmullen BS Electronics Engineering Columbia University Phi Beta Kappa MBA JD Harvard University Honors at both schools, Cambridge Meridian Group Inc , South Burlington, UNITED STATES
  2199. Paulene Mcnair RN Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist, Cancun Stem Cell Clinic, Florida, UNITED STATES
  2200. Jeannie Mcnamara BA, Nhp Ny, UNITED STATES
  2201. Noel Mcnaughton Master of Agriculture from the University of Alberta many years as an agriculture and resource reporter with CBC television news, Alberta, CANADA
  2202. Tony Mcnicholl B Ed senior citizen who is very concerned that food safety security is being put at risk by Monsanto , Trearddur Bay Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM
  2203. Thomas Mcnichols Arborist Horticulturist self cured of M D diagnosed chronic disease, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, UNITED STATES
  2204. D Mcquaite Educated aware human, Ontario, CANADA
  2205. Kerry Mcrae No awards, Ottawa, CANADA
  2206. Badela Mduzulwana Student, Port Elizabeth, SOUTH AFRICA
  2207. Geoffrey Mead Retired medical practitioner, Woodbridge, UNITED KINGDOM
  2208. Jat June Meade UNITED STATES
  2209. Connie Meadows consumer of organic foods, UNITED STATES
  2210. Maurizio Medda conscious consumer, Copenhagen , DENMARK
  2211. Nicole Meeker B S Criminal Justice, Virginia, UNITED STATES
  2212. Lilian Meijer Solution Architect , BELGIUM
  2213. Darlene Meis BA Computer Science An Informed Citizen, UNITED STATES
  2214. Yvonne Meisner Effingham Illinois, UNITED STATES
  2215. Audrey Meldrum Self educated human being, Castro Valley, UNITED STATES
  2216. Bonny Casel Melendy Natural Physician Master Herbalist Healing Diets Expert, School of Natural Medicine, Boulder Co, UNITED STATES
  2217. Joan Melton Fayetteville, UNITED STATES
  2218. Shari Mendelson Speech Language Pathologist Communication Disorders, New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  2219. Christina Mendoza Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctorate, New Port Richey, UNITED STATES
  2220. Rebecca Mendoza AA Nursing student, Dade City, UNITED STATES
  2221. Cristina Meneses Calvillo Mother and English teacher , M Xico D F , MEXICO
  2222. Phyllis Menos BA social sciences health practitioner and concerned citizen, Essendon, AUSTRALIA
  2223. David Menzies Concerned health conscious person with some education enough to know GMO with glyphosate is a grab for the shutup money , Nimbin Environment Centre, Lismore, AUSTRALIA
  2224. Lily Mera xxxx, xxxx, Tampa Florida, UNITED STATES
  2225. M Merc Passionate about my health and well read After all look at list of Scientist that have signed, UNITED STATES
  2226. Joseph Mercola D O and founder of Mercola com Leading Health Website, Mercola com, Hoffman Estates, UNITED STATES
  2227. Nicholas Merolesi Sr Fifty years of vibrant good health throuth nutrition and exersice in the school of hard knocks , Matamoras, UNITED STATES
  2228. Terry Messner Degree in Illustration Visual communication, UNITED STATES
  2229. Joy Metcalfe Holistic Health Counselor Buddhist Teacher, Sebastopol, UNITED STATES
  2230. Kiki Metronome B A Business Organic gardener mother grandmother well read citizen of Earth a person who respects scientific methodology and life, UNITED STATES
  2231. Joseph Metzger organic farmer, Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  2232. Klaus Metzger Engineering, St Andrews, UNITED KINGDOM
  2233. Charlotte Meunier 2 licences, FRANCE
  2234. Sue Meyer Breast Cancer Survivor, UNITED STATES
  2235. Susan Meyer BS in biology, Addy, UNITED STATES
  2236. Patricia Meyer Peterson Diplomate in Asian Bodywork, self employed, Virginia, UNITED STATES
  2237. Steve Meyerowitz Nutrition author, Sproutman Publications LLC, Great Barrington, UNITED STATES
  2238. Sarah Meylor concerned consumer, Des Moines Iowa, UNITED STATES
  2239. Kathryn Michael Doctorate , Ohio, UNITED KINGDOM
  2240. Doreen Michaud concerned citizen, South Dennis, UNITED STATES
  2242. Diane Michelsen Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, UNITED STATES
  2243. Charles Mickelson Electronics Tech 2000 hrs Navy classroom instruction, Laramie Wy, UNITED STATES
  2244. Robin Midkiff Have read numerous studies on the effects of pesticides on humans and animals, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  2245. Bogomir Mihajlovic Food and technology engineer agricultural engineer and advisor chief editor, MPB NOLIT Publishing, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  2246. Michael Mikowski Communication and Education, Affinity Health Consultants, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  2247. Gianna Milano Science Journalist and writer MIT Knight Science Journalist Fellow, Rome, ITALY
  2248. Wenche Milas Concerned Citizen, Sola, NORWAY
  2249. G Eric Miles BBA Marketing DCF, Las Vegas Nv, UNITED STATES
  2250. Gerald Miles Organic Farmer for fifty years and earn my living by producing food , Genetic Engineering Network, Haverfordwest, UNITED KINGDOM
  2251. Leslie Miles , UNITED STATES
  2252. Marilynn Miles Roswell, UNITED STATES
  2253. Andrew Millat M M , Ohio, UNITED STATES
  2254. Paul Millea Medical Doctor, Washington, UNITED STATES
  2255. Carina Miller Organic farmer concerned citizen activist grandmother, Hessen, GERMANY
  2256. Coralyn Miller Child Development empahais in Nutrition education also certified in Nurturing Pathways , Stevenson Wa, UNITED STATES
  2257. Dave Miller Organic Farmer, Flemington, UNITED STATES
  2258. Donna Miller Ph D in nutrition CNHP, N Hollywood, UNITED STATES
  2259. Doreen Miller much private research into the safety of GMOs, Boston, UNITED STATES
  2260. Edward Miller OOD, retired, Palm City, UNITED STATES
  2261. Elena Miller investigative paralegal, Mrs , Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  2262. Jim Miller Discriminate user of products and food Among other things anything knowingly containing GMO is avoided, CANADA
  2263. Judy Miller A Concerned Consumer, Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  2264. Martha Miller Degree from University of Washington, Education, 98026, UNITED STATES
  2265. Mary Miller none except i have cancer lymphoma , Davie Fl, UNITED STATES
  2266. N Miller Masters Degree Decades of reading on nutrition health behavior , UNITED STATES
  2267. Nathan Miller Fitness coach, Austin Tx, UNITED STATES
  2268. Russell Miller DDS, Rochester, UNITED STATES
  2269. Sharon Miller None a concerned parent and grandparent who believes in truth, UNITED STATES
  2270. Steve Miller UNITED STATES
  2271. Susan Miller M A in French with an avocation of biochemistry, retired , Lake Oswego, UNITED STATES
  2272. Tim Miller BS Business Administration and Management, UNITED STATES
  2273. Virginia Miller Degree in psychology, UNITED STATES
  2274. Kallie Miller Rn Registered Nurse Dip Behavioral Science, London Ontario, CANADA
  2275. Karen Miller Shoaff retired graphic artist, Garrett, UNITED STATES
  2276. Jane Millerick Fine Arts, self , New York Ny, UNITED STATES
  2277. Todd Millions Life long medical stock husbandry and crop experince faiminal and personal medical background engineering including steam PV ect Poisoning victum star link bt corn , Cypressolar712EastendSKs0n0t0, Cypress Hills Sk , CANADA
  2278. Matthew Milller Permaculture Consultant, Sustainable Way Of Life, Charlotte, UNITED STATES
  2279. Gail Mills I am a registered nurse, St Louis Mo , UNITED STATES
  2280. Vedrana Milutinovic Master of Arts working in Finance sector, NETHERLANDS
  2281. Sharon Minifie Equine professional animal health, Harmonytrails, Pittsfield, UNITED STATES
  2282. Cathryn Minoli very concerned citizen, Rowayton, UNITED STATES
  2283. Benita Minson An informed Opponent of GMOs, Bc, CANADA
  2284. Violet Mintscheff Master of Education, Sutton West On, CANADA
  2285. Gael Mion Strategy Consultant MSc in EE MBA, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2286. Edward Mish farmer, Chickadee Farm, Lopez Island Wa, UNITED STATES
  2287. Dmitry Mishalov Masters in Engineering IT , Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  2288. Bobbi Misiti Research and teach Yoga for healing and health, BeFit Body Mind Yoga, Camp Hill, UNITED STATES
  2289. Angelo Mitchell BA biology, FPPO, Warren, UNITED STATES
  2290. Penny Mitchell Licensed massage therapist nutritional consultant, Westfield, UNITED STATES
  2291. Michael Mittenberg concerned citizen, Astoria, UNITED STATES
  2292. Daniel Mlynowski Undisclosed, Cleveland, UNITED STATES
  2293. Andreea Modrea I am a consumer who believes the truth is more important that money and that Nature cannot be improved upon , Ottawa, CANADA
  2294. Anniken Moe L M T , ABMP, Portland, UNITED STATES
  2295. Gregory Moeliker Civil Engineering Degree, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
  2296. Barbara Moffett Bemidji, UNITED STATES
  2297. James Moffett Farmer, Ficksburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  2298. Iulia Moghioroiu A simple reader interested in healthy diet, Bucuresti, ROMANIA
  2299. Christophe Moille Paris, FRANCE
  2300. Brieg Moisan Hydraulic Engineer, Angers, FRANCE
  2301. Natasha Moiseyev I am an individual with significant interest in truthful publication of scientific facts without bias of financial interest , Fresno, UNITED STATES
  2302. Jaap Molenaar Biology, Bijenstichting, Kolhorn, NETHERLANDS
  2303. Carlos Molina Health care professional , NEW ZEALAND
  2304. Kimberly Mollin RN BSN, UNITED STATES
  2305. Declan Moloney Marketing Masters Degree, Private, Leinster, IRELAND
  2306. Ara Momjian Nutrition and personal training, Glendale, UNITED STATES
  2307. Louis Mon Ger M B A, BELGIUM
  2308. Jorge Moncada Software developer, Mr , Cali, COLOMBIA
  2309. Melinda Mondo Consumer, Student, Mather, UNITED STATES
  2310. Fleury Monique professeur des coles, 1959, Mouri S, FRANCE
  2311. Richard Harley Monks B Ed UBC Library Technician Langara community gardener, Mr , Vancouver, CANADA
  2312. Nora Monnet I read continuously on these topics so I can be an informed consumer , UNITED STATES
  2313. Victoria Monroe human, Las Vegas, UNITED STATES
  2314. Sky Montanaro another watchdog for our earth , Uk, UNITED KINGDOM
  2315. Carol Montgomery I am a concerned citizen that is very concerned about what I eat and feed my family, Texas, UNITED STATES
  2316. Donna Montgomery BS Business Management, Columbus, UNITED STATES
  2317. Karen Montgomery Winnebago, UNITED STATES
  2318. Lanelle Montgomery B S Nursing and Doctor of Jurisprudence, Austin, UNITED STATES
  2319. Carolyn Moody Dip ION Optimum Nutritionist and natural health practitioner, BELGIUM
  2320. Brenda Mooney Argyle, UNITED STATES
  2321. Jan Moor BSC Pharmacy Lymphatic Diploma Nutrition Diploma, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
  2322. Bryon Moore I have a doctorate degree in chiropractic , UNITED STATES
  2323. Carrie Moore United bachelor of Science Universitynid Colorado, UNITED STATES
  2324. Elizabeth Moore worked as a research asst in the late 1960 s at NIH, retired, Northeast , UNITED STATES
  2325. Mandy Moore Bachelor of Health Sciences Naturopathy, general, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  2326. Michael Moore BSc, CANADA
  2327. David Moorefield Bachelor of Environmental Science VA Tech 1998, UNITED STATES
  2328. Suzan Moorehead Medical field Nurse midwife, UNITED STATES
  2329. Susan Moorhead Reflexologist, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2330. Imdaad Moosajee BSC General Business Master of Business Administration Master of Science Computer Science, Plano, UNITED STATES
  2331. Kimberly Mora RN DNP student, Ocean Grove, UNITED STATES
  2332. Sol Mora MA Teacher, San Juan, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
  2333. Julia Moran Grant No special degrees but am intelligent enought to fully understand what I am reading , Ontario, CANADA
  2334. Sally Fallon Morell MA English journal editor president non profit organization, The Weston A Price Foundation, Washington Dc, UNITED STATES
  2335. Heidi Morgan medical professional, Denver, UNITED STATES
  2336. Jill Morgan BS in Sociology, UNITED STATES
  2337. Joe Morgan Physician DO practice Holistic Medicine, Powell Tn, UNITED STATES
  2338. Sylvia Morgan CHIM RHN, CANADA
  2339. Tim Morgan concerned, Midvale, UNITED STATES
  2340. Brenda Morley I am a small farmer, UNITED STATES
  2341. Melissa Morley Science Communicator and Educator B Sci Botany and Ecology Dip Ed Dip Sci Ag, AUSTRALIA
  2342. Wendy Morley Registered Holistic Nutritionist RHN Pn1, Thionetic Nutrition, Richmond Hill, CANADA
  2343. David Morris Primary Care Physician MBChB MRCP UK DipSIM, Cumbria, UNITED KINGDOM
  2344. Lyn Morris 70 year old consumer, Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  2345. Patricia Morris MSW, Highland Park, UNITED STATES
  2346. Raymond Morris D Phil Oxon Sociology Professor Emeritus in Sociology York University Toronto Canada, Salmon Arm Bc, CANADA
  2347. Sarah Morris DipHE in Design and permaculturist , Hull, UNITED KINGDOM
  2348. Sophia Morris BA English MEd, UNITED STATES
  2349. Star Morris CNMT RDMS RDCS RVT retired Canada, Squamish Bc, CANADA
  2350. John Morrison BSc in Botany and Organic farmer, COABC, Qualicum Beach, CANADA
  2351. Deana Morrison Fernandez Doctor of Chiropractic Masters in Human Nutrition, West Milford Wv, UNITED STATES
  2352. Janet Morrow I am 82 years old and still living , Kalispell Montana, UNITED STATES
  2353. Chanda Morse Vacaville, UNITED STATES
  2354. Rick Morse Health Food Associate, Down To Earth, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  2355. Danielle Mortensen BSc Biology grower of food and medicinal plants, UNITED STATES
  2356. Opal Mortensen Massage therapist and Colon hydrotherapist, Twin Falls, UNITED STATES
  2357. Debbie Morton victim of negative reactions to GMO corn and soy and working to ban all GMO s , Halton Hills Ontario, CANADA
  2358. Chrissy Moser PsyD Clinical Psychology, Fort Myers, UNITED STATES
  2359. Ann Moses 3 yrs graduate training in experimental psychology, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  2360. John Moses PHYSICS, Retired Educator, Roanoke, UNITED STATES
  2361. Lea Mosher concerned human, New Milford, UNITED STATES
  2362. Susan Moskaly B S in Zooloy, Eureka California, UNITED STATES
  2363. Jacqueline Moskowitz B A MS in Education, Issaquah, UNITED STATES
  2364. Douglas M Moss Concerned consumer, Woodridge, UNITED STATES
  2365. Yves Mostien retired, BELGIUM
  2366. Dawn Mourey Concerned Mother and Grandmother , Colorado Springs Co, UNITED STATES
  2367. R A M Mous Engineer, NETHERLANDS
  2368. Pippa Moye B Sc Hons , UNITED KINGDOM
  2369. Abel Mr Doctor, Thornton, UNITED STATES
  2370. Andrew Mr BA physics Masters in Practical Spirituality, Estes Park, UNITED STATES
  2371. Brett Mr Masters, UNITED STATES
  2372. Brian Mr Human Being, Milwaukee, UNITED STATES
  2373. Byron Mr Nutritionist , Edina, UNITED STATES
  2374. Christopher Mr BA Business Marketing Accounting, Sax , Sherwood Or, UNITED STATES
  2375. Clinton Mr B S Dietetic s , UNITED STATES
  2376. Curtis Mr Studies, UNITED STATES
  2377. Daniel Mr BS MS, Connecticut, UNITED STATES
  2378. Doug Mr Elma, UNITED STATES
  2379. Edward Mr UNITED STATES
  2380. Eric Mr Personal research, UNITED STATES
  2381. Greg Mr concerned consumer, self, Bowie, UNITED STATES
  2382. Herald Mr Personal interest and concern, Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  2383. John T Kelly Mr Mechanical Electrical designer, Webster New York, UNITED STATES
  2384. Larry Mr Surprise, UNITED STATES
  2385. Mark Mr BA Biology, Louisa, UNITED STATES
  2386. Michael Mr 50 yrs researching various sciences and applied sciences rotifera hovercraft parabolic dish concentrators cam medicine, Springfield, UNITED STATES
  2387. Neil Mr Sebring, UNITED STATES
  2388. Philip Mr Instructor in Cross Connection Control, Water Quality Assurance, Gray Maine, UNITED STATES
  2389. Randall And Gayle Mr NURSE, Punta Gorda, UNITED STATES
  2390. Remijio Mr Informed Citizen, Mapleton, UNITED STATES
  2391. Steve Mr Marketing Specialist, Atlanta Ga, UNITED STATES
  2392. Walter Mr I raise awareness of common sense health nutrition , El Segundo, UNITED STATES
  2393. William Mr just an informed citizen, UNITED STATES
  2394. Zeb Mr Wooster, UNITED STATES
  2395. Earl Donita Mr Mrs GMO free consumer, Label WA I 522, Spokane Valley, UNITED STATES
  2396. Amy Mrs RN, UNITED STATES
  2397. Christine Mrs MOTHER, Newtown, UNITED STATES
  2398. Cynthia Groves Mrs M A Independent Practice Management Consultant to Professionals since 1985 Health and Environment Practices Researcher Gardener From Tao to Earth website Award of Excellence from California Acupuncture Association, Hi, UNITED STATES
  2399. Debi Crawford Mrs none merely a person of common sense and decency who values health and free will to choose what I eat over the prosperity of some rich and tyranical company, Blue Mound, UNITED STATES
  2400. Doreen R Smith Mrs Master s degree in Counseling , unaffiliated concerned human being if the bees all die life on this planet will too , West Hartford Ct , UNITED STATES
  2401. Nicole Mrs Education, UNITED STATES
  2402. Sheryl E Browne Mrs UNITED STATES
  2403. Susan Mrs Springfield, UNITED STATES
  2404. Terry Mrs I m a smart consumer who is sick and tired of having to chose between poisen food and real food, homemaker, Warren, UNITED STATES
  2405. Danielle Mrs Phillips Registered nurse, UNITED STATES
  2406. Allison Ms logical, Edwards, UNITED STATES
  2407. Anneke Ms Bachelor student, MEXICO
  2408. B Ms College, UNITED STATES
  2409. Cindy Ms Certified Health Coach, Blue Springs Mo, UNITED STATES
  2410. Denise Ms Nutrition Educator, University of MN, Little Falls, UNITED STATES
  2411. Mary Ellen Ms BA in Electrical Engineering, Pa, UNITED STATES
  2412. Mary Kay Ms Master s but not in Science, Chesterland, UNITED STATES
  2413. Melinda Ross Ms Bloomington In, UNITED STATES
  2414. Pat Berger Ms ba, Oakland, UNITED STATES
  2415. Reed Ms accredited Energy Medicine practioner, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  2416. Sandra Ms I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, Omaha, UNITED STATES
  2417. Susan Ms Associates and bachelors degrees educator, Gardner, UNITED STATES
  2418. Suzanne Ms Thoroughly review scientific studies on food and health master s degree, Sisters, UNITED STATES
  2419. Brenda Ms Sederlin Lake Elsinore, UNITED STATES
  2420. Alex Mucha Branding, Singapore, SINGAPORE
  2421. Molly Mueller masters degree, Rochester Hills, UNITED STATES
  2422. Kelly Muir Nurse in Advanced Medical Nutrition, Nutricia, Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
  2423. Maria Muir Food activist, Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM
  2424. Robert Muir BA 1968 reader, Houston, UNITED STATES
  2425. Wendy Mullen Educated Consumer, UNITED STATES
  2426. David Mullens Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Master of Science in Numerical Science, Retired, Wyoming, UNITED STATES
  2428. Grace Mullin BS in Nursing, Nursing, Quitman Arkansas, UNITED STATES
  2429. Rachel Ann Mullin Artist, Tatamagouche, CANADA
  2430. Ken Mullins D C , Port Colborne On, CANADA
  2431. Daniel Mulvihill Graduate Georgetown University 1956, Taxpaying Citizen, Midwest, UNITED STATES
  2432. Cheryl Munro CANADA
  2433. Rachel Munroe Informed lay person, Bellingham WA, UNITED STATES
  2434. Janet Munson I just like to eat real food , CANADA
  2435. Michael Murashige PhD in English, Pasadena, UNITED STATES
  2436. Mary Murdock MS in Speech Language Pathology, Alachua, UNITED STATES
  2437. Christopher Murphy Criminal justice, Ft Lauderdale , UNITED STATES
  2438. David Murphy Founder Executive Director Food Democracy Now , Food Democracy Now , Clear Lake, UNITED STATES
  2439. David Murphy Published Author of 3 best sellers on earthworms, Maryborough, AUSTRALIA
  2440. Donna Murrant mother grandmother, Toronto, CANADA
  2441. Dorothy Murray let the truth reign, Schenectady, UNITED STATES
  2442. Jean Murray organic vegetable gardener for 40 years and owner of organic family farm for almost 25 years, Cambridge Mass , UNITED STATES
  2443. Sharon Murray Certified Aromatherapist, St Albert, CANADA
  2444. Garrett Murrin I am an educator for coMra Therapy incorporates low level laser sequenced colour light magnetism and ultrsound into one therapy , Radiant Life Technologies, Edmonton, CANADA
  2445. Angela Muser public health nurse, Issaquah, UNITED STATES
  2446. Willis Music electronics, Cheyenne, UNITED STATES
  2447. Miranda Musich Criminal Justice and Psychology degrees concerned consumer and parent, Nome Alaska, UNITED STATES
  2448. Nicole Muskett Muskett masters of science registered dietitian, independent health care professional, Van Nuys, UNITED STATES
  2449. Peter Muskus BSc Agriculture Aberdeen 1974, Nairn, UNITED KINGDOM
  2450. Christine Mustelier Retrired Army Officer retired registered nurse bachelor and masters degress in nursing, Seattle Washington, UNITED STATES
  2451. Enjoli Muthu Bachelors of Science in Accounting, Colorado Springs, UNITED STATES
  2452. David Mutter I am not a Scientist I care about the Earth and all life I recognise the interconnectedness of all things and oppose all of this and other profit driven evil I believe in positive action as opposed to fear and negativity which the powers that be attempt to use to control , Lucy Glyn, Warwickshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  2453. Catherine Myers Breast Cancer Survivor, Ventura CA, UNITED STATES
  2454. Jean Myers cooking instructor, UNITED STATES
  2455. Susan Myers I am human, Naples Fl, UNITED STATES
  2456. Carolyn And Earl Myres M Ed I insider myself to a researcher of food industry tactics of marketing, Cleburne, UNITED STATES
  2457. Suzanne Myron just a consumer, Woodbury, UNITED STATES
  2458. Aldo Mysek None Common sense thinking should suffice , Chicago, UNITED STATES
  2459. Anya N A Associate of Arts current undergrad student, California State University East Bay, Bay Area Ca, UNITED STATES
  2460. Jq N J Parent healer concerned with the care of all species Mother Earth , W Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM
  2461. Steven Nadell MS CNS, Thorne Research, Washington Dc, UNITED STATES
  2462. Lori Nakamura Higa BSBA with honors Mom of one , Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  2463. Deborah Nance BBA in Marketing from the University of Iowa , Miami, UNITED STATES
  2464. Sabrina Napolitano RN, Ventura, UNITED STATES
  2465. Ch Narendra Journalist Human Rights activist, Hyderabad, INDIA
  2466. Janet Nash Ny, UNITED STATES
  2467. Pat Nash Fervent Researcher of Holistic Medicine, UNITED STATES
  2468. Kathyann Natkie I am a Science teacher who aids students in validating sources Elsevier will be listed for highlight in our search program indicating suspect source , Ms , Glen Gardner, UNITED STATES
  2469. Sharon Nau BA in Psychology Ms in Research Methods in Psychology MA in Counseling, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  2470. Sylvain Naud Security, Belgrade, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  2471. William Navran no degrees, UNITED STATES
  2472. Jeremy Naydler PhD, Temenos Academy, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  2473. Linus Ndonga I am the founder and Executive Director of Strategic Poverty Alleviation Systems SPAS which assists poor communities in their search for sustainable alternatives to conventional human and ecological health in changing climate, Strategic Poverty Alleviation Systems SPAS, Nairobi, KENYA
  2474. James Neal attorney, Oberlin, UNITED STATES
  2475. Ted Neff Nutritionist, Pittsburgh, UNITED STATES
  2476. Vincent Negri none i m a concerned citizen , Commack, UNITED STATES
  2477. John Neilson MA MLS Retired Librarian, Fredericton Nb, CANADA
  2478. Lina Nekipelov Chamb Ry, FRANCE
  2479. Arvel Nelson I am a bio fuels producer private use , Winchester Ky, UNITED STATES
  2480. Mara Nelson Sign Language Interpreter , Red Deer, CANADA
  2481. Patricia Nelson Milton, UNITED STATES
  2482. Sigurd Nes Medical doctor Specialist in general Medicine , Eikeliklinikken, Hosle, NORWAY
  2483. Renee Nester A person with a right to know , UNITED STATES
  2484. Lisa Nettles master degree in accounting, North Palm Beach, UNITED STATES
  2485. Angelika Neumann Masters in Electrical Engineering, Seattle Wa, UNITED STATES
  2486. Andree Neumeister M AT Rolfer, Institute for Structural Integration, Cerrillos, UNITED STATES
  2487. Elizabeth Nevett UNITED KINGDOM
  2488. Logan Nevitt intelligent, UNITED STATES
  2489. Karolyne Newby B A , CANADA
  2490. Arlene Newman RN BSN, Lincroft, UNITED STATES
  2491. Paul Newman Kinesiologist and concerned consumer, UNITED KINGDOM
  2492. Richard Newquist Concerned citizen against commercial corruption , Private, Jacksonville Florida, UNITED STATES
  2493. John Newton Journalist and author World Food Media Awards Best food Journalist 2006, UTS, Glebe, AUSTRALIA
  2494. Christine Nguyen Le Doctor of Optometry, UNITED STATES
  2495. Lorena Nicardi Pedagogue PhD in Philosophy, Sesto San Giovanni Milan , ITALY
  2496. Judy Nicassio Certified Nutritionist, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  2497. Lorraine Nichol None concerned consumer and parent, Bishops Stortford, UNITED KINGDOM
  2498. Marzia Armida Nicodemi Ehikioya Humanities and Languages University of Pisa Italy, www shirleylife com, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2499. Vincent Martin Nicolas Ornitho mara cher, FRANCE
  2500. Paul Nielsen UNITED STATES
  2501. William Nielsen BS Physics, UNITED STATES
  2502. Steve Nieman BA in Liberal Arts, Ownership Union, Nw Usa, UNITED STATES
  2503. Henk Niermans Holistic approach in Health, Welshpool, UNITED KINGDOM
  2504. Randall Nieusma I farm vegetables and and other edible plants for my family and neighborhood organic , Midwest, UNITED STATES
  2505. Wally Niezguski Life Long Organic Farmer, Wally s Organically Grown Produce, Clarkston Michigan 48348, UNITED STATES
  2506. Melissa Nini Graduate student , Princeton, UNITED STATES
  2507. Elaine Nitschke Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Science, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  2508. John Michael Nix MA TESOL, National Taitung University, TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA
  2509. Diana Nixon Over 20 years working in the health foods industry , Child s Health, Spanish Fork, UNITED STATES
  2510. Patrick Noble I have nearly fourty years experience of farming without inputs from outside the cycles of the farm, Bryn Cocyn Organic Farm, Denbigh, UNITED KINGDOM
  2511. Carole Noel BA history and education Museum professional , Winnipeg, CANADA
  2512. Letitia Noel MFA PT, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  2513. Paul And Carol Noland MEd husband and BA wife , The Kids League, Clinton, UNITED STATES
  2514. Kristan None UNITED STATES
  2515. Julie Nora Personal extensive study based on passion for saving the environment, Sunnyside NY, UNITED STATES
  2516. Per Nordstr M MSc Engineering Physics Have worked with reserch within Medtech Industry but never tampered the truth, Public Venture Capital, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  2517. Jim Nordstrom concerned citizen, Jersey City, UNITED STATES
  2518. Christine Norris nurse, Toronto, CANADA
  2519. Ba Norton Bachelors degree, Memphis, UNITED STATES
  2520. Roberta Noss special education teaching degree and autism endorsement, Ms , Eaton Rapids, UNITED STATES
  2521. Paul Nottoli Doctor of Chiropractic, UNITED STATES
  2522. Marijan Nout I spend a lot of years morte than 15 years of reading on health and food and so on, Gelderland, NETHERLANDS
  2523. Klemen Novak Computers and IT, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
  2524. Victor Novick Masters in Dance Therapy, Hanna Somatic Education, Ashland, UNITED STATES
  2525. Clare Nowlan B A Anthropology J D , Cuenca, ECUADOR
  2526. Anthony Noyes BVSc Veterinarian , Wairarapa , NEW ZEALAND
  2527. Jacqueline Nulty study of microbiology, Newport Richey, UNITED STATES
  2528. Pentti Nupponen Holistic Itegrative Dentist, The Halifac Ceter for Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry, Halifax Pa, UNITED STATES
  2529. Dieter Nurnberger Father of the Year 2009, Citizens Against Corruption, UNITED STATES
  2530. Ira Nussbaumer SWITZERLAND
  2531. Sara Nussel Masters in Education, Williston Fl, UNITED STATES
  2532. Sandy Nutritionally Interested Study much on health have had eight different CANCERS , Rancho Mirage Ca, UNITED STATES
  2533. Sean O Brien Not a scientist, UNITED STATES
  2534. Suzanne O Brien Intuitive Healer Natural Health advocate, UNITED STATES
  2535. Shane O Bryan Graduate student at the University of San Diego professional university administrator, National University, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  2536. Michael O Callaghan Co ordinator of the GM free Ireland Network since 2003, Global Vision Foundation, Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  2537. Barbara Mike O Connor Animal Trainer, Southern Oregon, UNITED STATES
  2538. Claire O Connor Organic Horticulturist Farmer and Retailer , Manna Organic Store, Kerry, IRELAND
  2539. William O Connor I have read about grown and consumed natural food for 45 years , Larkspur, UNITED STATES
  2540. Christine O Day College Graduate BSBA degree health coach, GMO Free CT, Wilton Ct, UNITED STATES
  2541. Brigid O Donnell RN BS, San Antonio, UNITED STATES
  2542. Jan O Donnell Human Being, Human Race, Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM
  2543. Patricia O Kelley Registered Nurse Board Certified in Med Surg, Macon, UNITED STATES
  2544. Megan O Neill Mom raising a family with BA Intercultural Studies and Certificate Professional Accounting, San Diego Ca 92111, UNITED STATES
  2545. Michael O Sullivan human being, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  2546. Gerhard Oberschlick Editor, FORVM Intl Review, Wien, AUSTRIA
  2547. Janet Oconnell Bachelor of Science, Lake Elmo, UNITED STATES
  2548. Nancy Oden Environmental activist studying writing and speaking on GMOs for 15 years I am an organic farmer , Clean Earth Farms, Jonesboro Maine, UNITED STATES
  2549. Carol Odense human being with common sense, CANADA
  2550. Francis Oeser Ba Arch Dip TRP Melbourne Dip ShakStud Birmingham , , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2551. Steve Ohi Bachelors of Arts, Kitchener, CANADA
  2552. Nelosn Oicado Mechanical Engineer, Drammen, NORWAY
  2553. Patty Olejko human being, Dana Point Ca, UNITED STATES
  2554. Sofia Olhovich I am responsible citizen and I do not want to eat chemicals, la casa del pan, San Cristobal De Las Casas, MEXICO
  2555. Micka L Olivaud Concerned citizen, Charenton Le Pont, FRANCE
  2556. Martin Oliver 2 A Levels UK , AUSTRALIA
  2557. Nancy Oliver BSN, Heiskell, UNITED STATES
  2558. Rachel Oliver Currently studying for a bachelors in environmental science, UNITED STATES
  2559. Gareth Olivier Agricultural Diploma Farmer and Agricultural Consultant in Crop Production, Eastern Cape, SOUTH AFRICA
  2560. Poiget Olivier computer engineer, Ile De France, FRANCE
  2561. John Olley Cornwall On Hudson Ny, UNITED STATES
  2562. Maureen Olofson B Ed, Burnaby, CANADA
  2563. Margaret Olsen BFA, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  2564. Patricia Olsen Organic gardener, Holbrook, UNITED STATES
  2565. Laurie Olson April 2010 to present learning as much as I can as fast as I can for my own health and that of my family and community , Volunteer GMO awareness various groups, Kitsap County, UNITED STATES
  2566. Karen Marie Omholt Human beeing, S, NORWAY
  2567. Michele Oneill M D , Denver Co, UNITED STATES
  2568. Richard Oneill West Milford, UNITED STATES
  2569. Linda Y Ongania RN BSN, Blue Point, UNITED STATES
  2570. Jerome Onufer Master of Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Concerned Citizen, Issaquah, UNITED STATES
  2571. Vivian Orgel Investigative reporter and author, MBBC Inc , Norfolk, UNITED STATES
  2572. Joy Oriole Assistant Professor of English retired, Mrs , Germantown, UNITED STATES
  2573. Chris Ormsbee BS Computer Science Concerned citizen about effects of GMO on human health and lack of responsibility by corporations profiting and now editors censoring for corporate gain and public demise , self, Montrose Co, UNITED STATES
  2574. Patricia Ormsby I have a degree in chemical engineering but work as a translator , Fujinomiya Shi, JAPAN
  2575. Anne Orso RN, Saint Louis, UNITED STATES
  2576. Amar Ortal i am a hollistic medicine practitioner, no organisation, Bucharest, ROMANIA
  2577. Keirsen Ortiz , AUSTRALIA
  2578. Wendy Osborn MSW, UNITED STATES
  2579. Gina Osburn agribusiness natural grower, Ms , Guttenberg, UNITED STATES
  2580. Kirsten Ostrofsky science teacher, East Northport, UNITED STATES
  2581. Leigh Oswald B Ed , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2582. Isabelle Ouellet Master in Public Health Promotion, Quebec, CANADA
  2583. Pattie Overstreet Consumer, Mrs , Hinckley, UNITED STATES
  2584. Roberta Owen Informed mother and grandmother, Transition Holywell District, Flintshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  2585. Shea Owens Master of Music, UNITED STATES
  2586. Carol Pacheco Bachelor of Music, Herndon, UNITED STATES
  2587. Ricardo Pacheco Diet Technology degree health group leader and activist, Nutrition Health and Fitness, Parma, UNITED STATES
  2588. Bevan Pacholko Humanitarian artist writer Father and COOK , Edmonton, CANADA
  2589. Nicola Packer not applicable, Individual, Cinderford, UNITED KINGDOM
  2590. Victoria Packer none this is in the interest of my own health and that of my family , Victoria s Custom Interiors, Littlestown, UNITED STATES
  2591. Carlee Paddock Clockwise Service and Repair, Weaverville, UNITED STATES
  2592. Kathryn Paddock Personal trainer, Hidden Hills, UNITED STATES
  2593. Ed Pagan juris doctorate, Pagan Affiliates LLC, Lambertville, UNITED STATES
  2594. Gail Pagan interested person no degree, UNITED STATES
  2595. Jennifer Pagliaro Mother, Portland, UNITED STATES
  2596. Bobby Pagusara Graduate bachelor of science major in Crop Science Awarded full Scholar Xavier University Science Foundation and the International Organic Agriculture Development Training in Sweden and Thailand, MASIPAG Inc , Cagayan De Oro City, PHILIPPINES
  2597. Gina Paige Bachelor s Degree in Psychology, Virginia, UNITED STATES
  2598. Stephen Paine Concerned consumer and Healer , Bridgend Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
  2599. Alison Painter BA Hons , UNITED KINGDOM
  2600. Timo Pakkala None except concerned about the accuracy of scientific information, individaul, Clatyon, UNITED STATES
  2601. Kati Palethorpe Masters degree in applied linguistics magna cum laude Masters degree in Linguistics summa cum laude , CANADA
  2602. Georgene Palka Mrs , Nashville, UNITED STATES
  2603. Michael Palla it system engineer, SWITZERLAND
  2604. Elayne Pallist GMO Labelling activist, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  2605. Brian Palmer Physical Education degree U B C , Surrey, CANADA
  2606. Deb Palmer MS in Speech Language Pathology, Fitchburg, UNITED STATES
  2607. Robin Palmer Dietetic Technician and Massage therapy, I 522 Campaigner in WA State , Yakima, UNITED STATES
  2608. Raymond Panek Morrisville CC Auto technician Onondaga CC Computer information Cornell Industrial Labor Relations , Syracuse, UNITED STATES
  2609. Francesco Panella beekeper, Unaapi, Novi Ligure, ITALY
  2610. Cris Panerio OA Advocate, MASIPAG, Bay, PHILIPPINES
  2611. Chris Panila Concerned health conscious citizen and artist www chrispanila com, UNITED STATES
  2613. Denise Paolini I study Eden Energy Medicine, Cherry Hill, UNITED STATES
  2614. George Papa Studying Nutrition, Lowell, UNITED STATES
  2615. Dr Mary Papatheocharous Bsc anatomy unsw Mchiro macq MACC CACCP USA , Brighton chiropactic, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  2616. Marie Paquot Concerned grand mother, BELGIUM
  2617. Jeff Parker BA in Mass Communications, Espa A, SPAIN
  2618. Neville Parker am a electrotechnology teacher in tertiary education for many years , AUSTRALIA
  2619. Sarah Parker Parker MA Cantab Classics MA Westminster Technical and Specialised Translation , Socialist Resistance Left Unity, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2620. Lydia Parks Bachelors, Principal , Louisvillr, UNITED STATES
  2621. Morag Parnell Mb ChB, Linlithgow, UNITED KINGDOM
  2622. Alice Parrish A person raising children, Saint Petersburg, UNITED STATES
  2623. Barbara Parsont I am a concerned citizen, Tallahassee, UNITED STATES
  2624. Oliver Parviste Welder Plumber, Hyvink , FINLAND
  2625. Avelo Pascal living human, FRANCE
  2626. Vicki Pasco Nurse, Riley Michigan, UNITED STATES
  2627. Catherine Pascoe BA B ED , Teacher, Kitchener, CANADA
  2628. Rocco Passafaro Very informed and responsible citizen , UNITED STATES
  2629. Ms Pat Culleny organic vegetarian cancer survivor, UNITED STATES
  2630. Mary Patalano I am a human being who eats food I deserve to eat GMO free food , Whately, UNITED STATES
  2631. Sanna Patiala Lawyer, Espoo, FINLAND
  2632. Diane Patnode landscape architect, citizen, Altamont Ny, UNITED STATES
  2633. Robert Patrick Degree in Business Administration and company owner, UNITED STATES
  2634. Elizabeth Patterson BS Math and Business, Nashville Tn, UNITED STATES
  2635. Karin Patterson Concerned mother and citizen, UNITED STATES
  2636. Uniqea Patterson Activist, Revisionistic Media , Elizabeth, UNITED STATES
  2637. Scherer Paul PhD ETHZ Agronomist, SAG Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe Gentechnologe, Zurich, SWITZERLAND
  2638. Alvena Pauls Concerned Housewife, CANADA
  2639. Jack Paulson BGS sociology, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  2640. Genni Pavone Volunteer, UNITE, Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM
  2641. Livio Pavone BSc Manufacturing with Management GMO is not safe Monsanto is criminal , Swindon, UNITED KINGDOM
  2642. George Paynter REASONABLE PERSON, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  2643. Don Peacock Human Engineer, UNITED STATES
  2644. Marjorie Peak Naturopathic Physician, UNITED STATES
  2645. Don Pearce Seeker of truth transparency and honesty , Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  2646. John B Pearce Sr Some limited expertise in nutrition, Seattle Wa, UNITED STATES
  2647. Tia Pearson Wahiawa, UNITED STATES
  2648. Sandy Peccerillo passionate about my food, Branford, UNITED STATES
  2649. Cindi Peck Retired Director of Demonstration Research Offices UC , Fort Collins, UNITED STATES
  2650. Barbara Pedersen concerned citizen, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  2651. Paul Peek Extensive research into the unethical weaponizing of the food supply, Eastover, UNITED STATES
  2652. Yann Peeters Non, Non, Toronto, CANADA
  2653. Meriem K Peillet Publishing Consultant, Como, ITALY
  2654. Philip Peirce Associates Degree Industrial Engineering, UNITED STATES
  2655. Gaetan Pellerin I am someone who cares about our future generations, Montreal, CANADA
  2656. Adam Penalver Well informed citizen committed to public health issues notably where conflicts of interests are raised Regular reader of scientific issues of all kinds for decades , FRANCE
  2657. Holly Pender Love B Education, Trail Bc, CANADA
  2658. Malcolm Pendergast Master of Education, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
  2659. Luanna Penner CANADA
  2660. Joni Pennington holistic health educator, Lake Ann, UNITED KINGDOM
  2661. Giana Peranio Paz Education BA, ISRAEL
  2662. Julie Perchy UNITED STATES
  2663. Chris Percoulis Associates in Computers, UNITED STATES
  2664. Nancy Peregrine Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, WellBeing, Ca, UNITED STATES
  2666. Ivan Perez Industrial engineer, Mexico, MEXICO
  2667. Marta Perez Ninguno, ARGENTINA
  2668. Martha E Perez Austin Tx, UNITED STATES
  2669. Brettney Perr Researcher, UNITED STATES
  2670. Claire Perricelli UNITED STATES
  2671. Leonora Perron Masters Degree in Education, Portland Oregon, UNITED STATES
  2672. Vickie Perry Mother and future Grandmother of HEALTHY PEOPLE , Surprise, UNITED STATES
  2673. Annelies Peskett No rewards or degrees, London, CANADA
  2674. Zvomko Peteranac i was a teacher of highschool mathematics for 27 year in ontario canada, non, Solin, CROATIA
  2675. Makiko Peters Business application software programmer B S degree, Huntington Beach, UNITED STATES
  2676. Fred Petersen Consumer, Wisconsin, UNITED STATES
  2677. Barbara Peterson Researcher and independent journalist with a BS in Business, UNITED STATES
  2678. Cornelius Peterson MBA Certified Public Accountant MA Curriculum Instruction, Kansas City Missouri, UNITED STATES
  2679. Debbie Peterson Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  2680. Amelie Petit MASTER OF FRENCH AS SECOND LANGUAGE, Conde Sur L Escaut, FRANCE
  2681. Gregoire Petit Nuclear safety engineer, Caen, FRANCE
  2682. Kathy Petterson administrator for AOPA, Alberta Organic Producers Association, Morinville, CANADA
  2683. Judith Petty I am an academic on the faculty of the University of Michigan with an M Phil from Yale University , UNITED STATES
  2684. Janice Peyton Rowley Westbrook, UNITED STATES
  2685. Concetta Pharney consumer, Spring Valley, UNITED STATES
  2686. Bob Phelps Public Interest Advocate BA Hons Grad Dip Federation Medal for services to the Australian community, Gene Ethics, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  2687. Phil Philip Land Surveyor , Kansas City, UNITED STATES
  2688. Campos Philippe Ph D in Computer Science, Gen Ve, SWITZERLAND
  2689. Serpollet Philippe for the living not the competiton of business , Jacob Bellecombette, FRANCE
  2690. Clare Phillips BA Hons PGCE, Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  2691. Clifford Phillips BA, UNITED STATES
  2692. Hilary Phillips BA Dip Teach, Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
  2693. Jo Phillips R N , Sooke, CANADA
  2694. Marge Piatak BS English Education Feldenkrais Practitioner, New York, UNITED STATES
  2695. June Picard M A Mebntal Health Licensed Professional Counselor, Winddancer Venter INC , Bay City Mi, UNITED STATES
  2696. Ingrid Pich Personal trainer and health coach, ERxercise Easy , Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  2697. David Pickett Informed citizen, Toronto, CANADA
  2698. Kay Pickett UNITED STATES
  2699. Nichole Pickup None Just an informed and concerned citizen, Rogers, UNITED STATES
  2700. Vicki Picou attorney Masters degree in unrelated field, Baton Rouge, UNITED STATES
  2701. Jeff Pieret Engineering Law Student London , UNITED KINGDOM
  2702. Verger Pierrre AUCUNE, 84150 Jonquieres, FRANCE
  2703. Patrick Pieters dietist, BELGIUM
  2704. Philip Piggford Seventy years of trying to eat healthy food , Victoria, CANADA
  2705. Nick Pinchok MA in Education, Wheaton, UNITED STATES
  2706. Kathleen Pinho Bachelor of Arts, Fleming Island, UNITED STATES
  2707. Chams Pishdad Bachelor of science University of Utah, Retired, Stowe Vermont, UNITED STATES
  2708. Maria Jesus Pita Conde Doctor , A Coru A, SPAIN
  2709. Victoria Pittman BA farmer rancher, UNITED STATES
  2710. Gabrielle Pla Customer Service , Kapaa, UNITED STATES
  2711. Darlene Placeway a mom who cares , Lapeer, UNITED STATES
  2712. Piotr Plachciak Technician Technologist, retired, Blackburn, UNITED KINGDOM
  2713. Karen Plante Herbalist, Integrated Spaces, St Paul, UNITED STATES
  2714. Rebecca Platt Harendza just a mom, Binghamton Ny, UNITED STATES
  2715. Mary Platten AA, Green Bay Wi, UNITED STATES
  2716. Joe Ples Health Conscious Consume, UNITED STATES
  2717. Randy Plett Concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  2718. Lilly Pliakes Not applicable, Aventura, UNITED STATES
  2719. Johan Ploeg Retired Petroleum Engineer with 40 Industry experience, Cloverdale Oregon, UNITED STATES
  2720. Martin Plotkin M D M D H F A A O S , Wellness Concepts LLC, St Charles Illinois, UNITED STATES
  2721. Anne And Raymond Poirier Ms , Berkeley, UNITED STATES
  2722. John Poirier I have read all the available research on the subject and am outraged that scientific data is being hidden so as to support some corporations agenda , British Columbia, CANADA
  2723. Carola Polakov Responsible consumer, Woodstock Ny, UNITED STATES
  2724. Mira Polasek Edmonton, CANADA
  2725. Teresa Poliny Abella no tengo, Barcelona, SPAIN
  2726. Robert Pollard Software Engineer, Maylene, UNITED STATES
  2727. Diane Polster registered nurse, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  2728. Ramona Polvere MPH, Yonkers , UNITED STATES
  2729. Alec Pomnichowski BFA Architecture Masters of Science Candidate Urban Policy Analysis , SnRM, New York, UNITED STATES
  2730. J Pond Shiatus therapist, Forres, UNITED KINGDOM
  2731. Lia Ponton MA BA Concerned Citizen of the World, UNITED KINGDOM
  2732. Emilio Ponzoni , , Corrientes, ARGENTINA
  2733. David Poole BSc Hons Psychology MBPsS, The British Psychological Society BPS , UNITED KINGDOM
  2734. Jeff Poole HB Human Being with the inherent ability to to know bullshit when I see it , Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM
  2735. Li Poon BA Engineering Physics UCSD Resident Artist ISIS , Toronto, CANADA
  2736. Matthias Poon BESc, AUSTRALIA
  2737. Gerard Pope common sense, UNITED STATES
  2738. William Popyuk M ED, CANADA
  2739. David Porter Retired Engineer Concerned Citizen and Environmental Campaigner, UNITED KINGDOM
  2740. Melanie Porter No expertise concerned citizen, Huntersville, UNITED STATES
  2741. Tracy Porter BA AAT Qualified MSc Finance, Self, Reading, UNITED KINGDOM
  2742. Wayne Porter BS MIT, retired, Reston, UNITED STATES
  2743. Gayle Portnow consumer, Nyc, UNITED STATES
  2744. Debra Poscharscky Research in field of psychology working on bachelors , Portland, UNITED STATES
  2745. Frank Post concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  2746. Eugene Postevka CRNA MSN, UNITED STATES
  2747. Suella Postles I am a concerned food consumer , Seattle, UNITED STATES
  2748. Rene Pot Master in Psychology, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
  2749. Lindi Potgieter Pharmaceutical industry homeopathic industry natural health, SOUTH AFRICA
  2750. James Pott Masters in Psychology 5 years post graduate studies in Nutrition and Molecular Biology, Palliser Downs, Foxboro, CANADA
  2751. Emmanuelle Pouiv simply citizen master II, FRANCE
  2752. Amy Powell BS in Nutrition, Powell Consulting, Houston, UNITED STATES
  2753. Nancy Powers BA anthropology Reiki Level 3 Electrical Engineering Technician retired, Peck, UNITED STATES
  2754. Raymond Powers JD, Thornwood, UNITED STATES
  2755. Kingsley Poyser Nil, Fulham, AUSTRALIA
  2756. Roberta Prada BAchelor of Arts Mother avid reader of nutrition, Ny, UNITED STATES
  2757. Elizabeth Pratt B S Mathematical Statistics M S Biometry Medical University of South Carolina, Walnut Creek California, UNITED STATES
  2758. Melinda Pratt Bachelor of Science Nursing University of Minnesota, Home School Teacher, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  2759. Sheila Pratt Bachelor of Arts not a scientist, human race, Maple Ridge, CANADA
  2760. Lora Premo BA Anthropology Wesleyan University Middletown CT, Colorado Springs, UNITED STATES
  2761. Janet Presson R N M Ed , A Small Miracle Inc , Waynesville, UNITED STATES
  2762. Stephen Preston PhD musician with a concern that people are not poisoned for profit , UNITED KINGDOM
  2763. Susan Preston PhD Environmental Studies, CANADA
  2764. Doreen Pretty Someone with common sense , Niagara Falls, CANADA
  2765. Jennifer Prezant UNITED STATES
  2766. Ann Price An avid follower of health science, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2767. Eileen Price Concerned citizen consumer , Illinois, UNITED STATES
  2768. Graeme Price An avid follower of health science, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2769. Maliya Price An avid follower of health science, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2770. Marion Price BA, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2771. Philip Price Master of Divinity, United Church of Christ, Glen Ellyn , UNITED STATES
  2772. Sharon Proske B Sc zoology M A , CANADA
  2773. Ariel Proto Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, UNITED STATES
  2774. Yves Provencher Master degree am nagement du territoire et d veloppement r gionnal, Quebec, CANADA
  2775. Sean Prusak life time vegetarian vegan 4 years Organic as much as possible I have been studying health science n food issues regularly for years , OCA Millions Against Monsanto and I m a conscious human being with rights , Orange County , UNITED STATES
  2777. Judy Puente Henderson, UNITED STATES
  2778. Lenore Puleo no degrees, concerned citizen, New York, UNITED STATES
  2779. Tony Pullano Concerned health conscious citizen, Tuckahoe, UNITED STATES
  2780. Gwen Pulos , Akron, UNITED STATES
  2781. Agnes Puntch BA Psychology, Rodeo Ca, UNITED STATES
  2782. Mindy Purcell Herbalist, Deep Woods Apothecary, Arlington, UNITED STATES
  2783. Andrea Purdon BA degree, Florida Right to Know, Grand Island, UNITED STATES
  2784. Marco Pustianaz Associate Professor, ITALY
  2785. Dana Qualls Katy, UNITED STATES
  2786. Loretta Quarles BBA Business , Harrington De, UNITED STATES
  2787. Diane Queen studied herbs nutrition concerened citizen, UNITED STATES
  2788. Linda Querry BSNRN, Urbana, UNITED STATES
  2789. Ernest Quin Health Nutritionist, PUERTO RICO
  2790. Elizabeth Quinn BScN, Mississauga, CANADA
  2791. Kathleen Quinn University faculty in Community Health, Pass Christian, UNITED STATES
  2792. Santhanam R Wide work experience in international trade technology transfer 7 evaluation for commercial purposes non profit sustainable agriculture renewable energy pro bono work, Consultant Self Employed, New Delhi, INDIA
  2793. Cecilie R Geberg teacher, NORWAY
  2794. Mohamed Youcef Rabah baccalaur at, Lyon, FRANCE
  2795. William Raddatz MS Financial Analysis, Clearwater, UNITED STATES
  2796. Dawnia Radig Parent organic activist Soapmaker , Brevard County Fl, UNITED STATES
  2797. Carol Radike B S Biology licensed Acupuncturist, UNITED STATES
  2798. Ellen Radike BS in Medical Technology Biology Lab Coordinator, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UNITED STATES
  2799. Francesca Raga pensioner public manager , Roma, ITALY
  2800. Joyce Raguskus Awards in Behavioral Science Human Services, Environmental Concerns Coalition, Milford, UNITED STATES
  2801. Carol Rahbari consumer and concerned grandparent , ISIS, Ypsilanti, UNITED STATES
  2802. Laura Rahfeldt Thomas MA Rhetoric and Composition, UNITED STATES
  2803. John Railton BA concerned citizen, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  2804. Sharon Rain BSW Honors CADCII , Beaumont Ca, UNITED STATES
  2805. Janice Rains B A in Spanish Language Literature Communication Disorders, Concord, UNITED STATES
  2806. Pat Rains Dietition, Trenton , UNITED STATES
  2807. Sarah Raite Living in the Natural World for 61 years , Jamesville New York, UNITED STATES
  2808. Jyotsna Ram Enviromental researcher and writer, UNITED KINGDOM
  2809. Santhanam Ramasubramanyam None Practical approach and work experience Some are detailed here http www researchgate net profile Santhanam_R , Consultant self Employed , New Delhi, INDIA
  2810. Carolina Ramirez I m a concerned citizen, Pilar, ARGENTINA
  2811. Susan Ramos Piano Teacher, Musical Minds Piano Lessons, Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  2812. Benjamin Ramos Jr bachelor of laws, PDG, Kabankalan City, PHILIPPINES
  2813. Liz Rand Doctor of chiropractic, Waldorf, UNITED STATES
  2814. Sherry Rand Concerned eater, S California Hi Desert, UNITED STATES
  2815. Trudy Randall I follow and have read many articles on health issues all my adult life , UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
  2816. Tom Rando Research, Jamestown, UNITED STATES
  2817. Malcolm Rands CEO ecostore Chairman FairGround Foundation Member World Class New Zealand International Network , ecostore, St Marys Bay, NEW ZEALAND
  2818. Ken Rankin Mr , New Orleans, UNITED STATES
  2819. Matthew Rankin Completed High School, NEW ZEALAND
  2820. Serena Rappa Kronenwetter, UNITED STATES
  2821. Lak Rappon BSc Chemistry Computer Sci MBA, Thunder Bay Ontario, CANADA
  2822. Rosa Rashall Certified Nutrition Educator, Whitethorn, UNITED STATES
  2823. Martin Ravitzky nutrionist and herbalist, New York School of Natural Healing, Kahului, UNITED STATES
  2824. Gaye Raymond Physical THaerapist human movemnt, Oakland, UNITED STATES
  2825. Saul Rayo Farmer, Ancient wave studios, UNITED STATES
  2826. Christopher Reading Automotive engineer, Michigan, UNITED STATES
  2827. Sarah Reagan Doctorate in Nautropathy, Knoxville, UNITED STATES
  2828. Carol Reckwerdt widely informed college graduate, concerned citizen, Palos Heights, UNITED STATES
  2829. Ruth Reddaway retired software engineer, UNITED STATES
  2830. Thomas S Redding A Consumer, ME, Cheyenne Wy, UNITED STATES
  2831. Jamie Reddington Registered Professional Nurse, Central Island Health Care, Massapequa Park New York, UNITED STATES
  2832. David Redman Bachelor s degree, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  2833. Jacqueline Redwine Human Being Mother of 2 Consumer of food, Kyle Texas, UNITED STATES
  2834. Tom Reed languages degree, Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM
  2835. Darren Reeser Network engineer, Aurora, UNITED STATES
  2836. Diana Reeves BA Business Administration Retired CPA Safe Food Advocate, GMO Free USA, UNITED STATES
  2837. Joanne Regan M Ed , UNITED STATES
  2838. Florence Regehr private, private, Winnipeg, CANADA
  2839. Rafael Regla Contreras Human Rights, Incontrare AC, Miguel Hidalgo, MEXICO
  2840. Sharon Rehorn Consumer, Leesburg, UNITED STATES
  2841. Dan Reid Concerned citizen who wants access to the science and be able to make my own informed decisions , Waterloo, CANADA
  2842. Leslie Reid Visual Arts, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, CANADA
  2843. Ursula Reid Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  2844. Richard Reidinger PhD in Economics Post doc in Water Science and Enginering, Sperryville, UNITED STATES
  2845. Daniel Reilly Educated Consumer, Queens Ny, UNITED STATES
  2846. Mark Reiners Independent research, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  2847. Pamela Reinganum Psychology, Tunbridge Wells, UNITED KINGDOM
  2848. Shirley Reischman Concerned citizen, Shirley A Reischman LLC, Cincinnati, UNITED STATES
  2849. James Reisinger BSEE JD, Klamath Falls, UNITED STATES
  2850. Lucy Reksoatmodjo Nutritionist, Galiano Island, CANADA
  2851. Terri Remedio Registered Nurse BSN, Downingtown, UNITED STATES
  2852. Francois Renaville Librarian, University of liege, Liege, BELGIUM
  2853. Bridget Rendall HND Business IT PA on an Organic Farm and AntiGMO supporter, Organic Vegetable Farm Worker, Exeter, UNITED KINGDOM
  2854. Ruth Rendely Master s in East Asian history Ph D a b d in American history, Seraphim Blueprint, Otto, UNITED STATES
  2855. Tamara Renee A human who eats food , UNITED STATES
  2856. Nimueh Rephael Associate of Applied Science degree A A S Paralegal Studies B S Communications Boston Univ fundraiser for NonProfit Organizations, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  2857. Paul Repicky College professor teach Biostatistics Master of Arts in Teaching Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Ph D in Curriculum , San Diego, UNITED STATES
  2858. Tommi Rethke i am a health care professional, UNITED STATES
  2859. Lucien Reuter Engineer, AMS Vienna, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  2860. Torsten Rex freelancer, Girona, SPAIN
  2861. Marilee Reyes concerned private citizen, Mrs , Eugene, UNITED STATES
  2862. Carol Reynolds BA Connecticut College, Wichita, UNITED STATES
  2863. Maggie Rhoades BS MA CYT, Bethesda, UNITED STATES
  2864. Mark Rhodes Informed Consumer, International Marine Consulting, Ocala Fl, UNITED STATES
  2865. Mimi Rhys medical technologist alternative healthcare provider, Brighton, UNITED STATES
  2866. Sophia Riad Degree, Cork, IRELAND
  2867. Claudia Rice M A AMST, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  2868. Steven Rice Self educated in Alternative Medicine and the politics of food production and medical education , Eastlake Oh, UNITED STATES
  2869. Tony Rich Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Formulation and Marketing Worldwide, IdeasOne Incorporated, Sausalito, UNITED STATES
  2870. David Richard publisher of health related publications, Vital Enterprises Inc , Ridgefield , UNITED STATES
  2871. Diane Richards I have no degree I just want to eat food from the earth the way it was intended pure and healthy, 1958, Strafford, UNITED STATES
  2872. James Richards Fully Qualified Consumer , Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  2873. Robyn Richards BA Psychology worked in archaeology recordskeeping for Sandia National Labs NM State HPD currently am a medical billing coordinator, Sierra Club volunteer, Albuquerque Nm, UNITED STATES
  2874. Jimmy Richardson PhD in Education Iowa State University, Starkville, UNITED STATES
  2875. Patrick Richardson MBA Associate Degree EE, Ava Mo, UNITED STATES
  2876. Terrilyn Richardson BS Marketing, UNITED STATES
  2877. Regina Richardson Peterson Masters in Art Education, Ballwin, UNITED STATES
  2878. M J Richardson Shipway Concerned consumer, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  2879. David Richey technician , Bel Alton, UNITED STATES
  2880. Robert Richmond Chiropractor with 40 yrs in practice , Saltspring Island, CANADA
  2881. Margery Riddle Science editor and indexer, UCRS, Oakland, UNITED STATES
  2882. Ray Ridings Dairy Farmer for 34 years, NEW ZEALAND
  2883. Kelly Ridio 20 yrs retired navy hospital corpsman surgical technician, Mr , San Diego, UNITED STATES
  2884. Dieter Riedel Bachelor in Comuter Science Degree as Naturopath, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  2885. Stephanie Rieffanaugh German and French, UNITED STATES
  2886. Pamela Riek B A Creative Writing, UNITED STATES
  2887. Jennifer Riels Mother teacher consumer, Fairview, UNITED STATES
  2888. Hugues Riester Concerned cityzen, Paris, FRANCE
  2889. Bill Rigby M Sc Statistics and Operations Research MA Oxon Mathematics, Friends of the Earth, Beverley, UNITED KINGDOM
  2890. John Riggs Electronics, Reno Nv, UNITED STATES
  2891. Carole Rihtar R N , Ne Ohio, UNITED STATES
  2892. Thomas Rinard concerned citizen for a healthy planet, nurse, Waco, UNITED STATES
  2893. Brigitte Ringe Parent, Wide Bay, AUSTRALIA
  2894. Elaenor Ringer Child of a farmer with a degree in agriculture Observer of the chemical industry since the wrongful steatment re the absolute safety of both field fin and DDT safety of both D , Concerned retired person, Berkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  2895. Willliam Risley Chiropractic Physician, Scottsdale, UNITED STATES
  2896. Marielle Rivas Bellevue, UNITED STATES
  2897. Aixa Rivera BA in education, Bayamon, PUERTO RICO
  2898. Veronica Rivera loan originator , Elmwood Park, UNITED STATES
  2899. Cynthia Rizer Independent Contractor, Daytona Beach, UNITED STATES
  2900. Brad Roach Doctor of Veterinary Medicine BS Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma, UNITED STATES
  2901. Steve Roach Concerned Citizen , Myrtle Beach Sc, UNITED STATES
  2902. Jared Robb Stanwood, UNITED STATES
  2903. Channing Robbins Humanity, Brick Nj , UNITED STATES
  2904. William Roberson Concerned citizen, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  2905. Gail Roberts Pet Nutritionist, Ca, UNITED STATES
  2906. Janette Roberts B Pharm Hons Diploma Clinical Nutrition, GMP Pharmaceuticals, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  2907. Leon Roberts Health Food and Fitness Advocate, UNITED STATES
  2908. T Roberts Accounting Degree University of Idaho natural food promoter concerned citizen, Idaho, UNITED STATES
  2909. Tracy Roberts Master of Public Administration, UNITED STATES
  2910. Atalanta Robertson Layperson conscientious consumer, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  2911. Marie Monique Robin Author of the documentary and book The World according to Monsanto, Paris, FRANCE
  2912. Robyn Robins Counsellor Yoga Teacher Author, Lower Beechmont, AUSTRALIA
  2913. Claire Robinson MPhil English researcher, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  2914. Francia Robinson Doctor of Osteopathy, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  2915. Leanne Robinson Bachelor of Applied Science, Coffs Harbour, AUSTRALIA
  2916. Meg Robinson Artist DA Edin Ex director of private art school Aberdeen Scotland , www healingartjourneys com, Alcazar Spain, SPAIN
  2917. Jean Robison school diploma, Katonah, UNITED STATES
  2918. Jerry Rockhold BSEE, Rockhold Enterprises, Seattle, UNITED STATES
  2919. Lynn Rockstad Health Care Consultant, Social Worker, Vancouver Wa, UNITED STATES
  2920. Louis Rocque Opp Engineer, Lincoln Park, UNITED STATES
  2921. Chris Rod E 4 USN Sailor, Burlington, UNITED STATES
  2922. Darla Rodgers BS RDMS RVT, Elkridge, UNITED STATES
  2923. Nemesio Juan Rodr Guez Mitchell Investigador antrop logo Programa Universitario M xico Naci n Multicultural de la Universidad Nacional Aut nioma de M xico sede Oaxaca, PUMC UNAM sede Oaxaca, Oaxaca, MEXICO
  2924. Leclet Rodrigue Concerned citizen BPREA Apiculture , 1990, Chazelles Sur Lyon, FRANCE
  2925. Antonio Rodriguez Common Sense, Bellflower, UNITED STATES
  2926. Jose Rodriguez Bs in Industrial Engineering Six Sigma plus and Shannin Statisitcal My regular job includes health risk in processes including ergnomics and reductions or elimination of chemical expousure and risk of injuries Other health related Kiensiology AcupuntureTherapist Enrolled in Bio Resonance, independent, Chihuahua, MEXICO
  2927. Raul Rodriguez Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  2928. Howard Roe Marine Engineer, Nowra, AUSTRALIA
  2929. Dorothy Roeder B S chiropractor, 85050, UNITED STATES
  2930. Emilie Rofas Literature translator and English teacher, Montrouge, FRANCE
  2931. Anna Rogers Concerned consumer, Virginia, UNITED STATES
  2932. Jan Rogers 10 years of investigating Monsanto and GMOs, Polson, UNITED STATES
  2933. John Rogers UNITED STATES
  2934. Sally Rogers Registered Nurse CRNA, Jonesborough Tn , UNITED STATES
  2935. Robert Rohner Self educated consumer, Mr , Groveport, UNITED STATES
  2936. Sandra Roitblat Solon, UNITED STATES
  2937. Anna Roland None, Natural news, Cheyenne, UNITED STATES
  2938. Martha Rolfe Harvard University, Reading, UNITED KINGDOM
  2939. Norman Rolfe concerned party, Mr , Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  2940. Donna Roller I own my family farm and can clearly see the negative effects of GMOs on our soils and our animals , UNITED STATES
  2941. Karen Rollins I am a concerned citizen , UNITED STATES
  2942. Ali Romaine RN, Grapeview, UNITED STATES
  2943. Mary Romaine BS AP MTOM, UNITED STATES
  2944. Kathleen Roman Consumer, Howell Nj, UNITED STATES
  2945. Andr Romet member of Rucher des Allobroges Savoie l Abeille Dauphinoise APSF et Apiflordev France , Apiculteurs Sans Fronti res, Apprieu 38140, FRANCE
  2946. Sue Ronson Concerned citizen, CANADA
  2947. Hugh Rooney Lecturer in Reflexology, Kippen, UNITED KINGDOM
  2948. Graham Rooth MD M Phil MRCPsych , Retired psychiatrist, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  2949. Kathleen Roper Crows Landing, UNITED STATES
  2950. Mar Ros BS, Buffalo Ny, UNITED STATES
  2951. Donald Rose Small business operator Bachelor of Science Iowa State Univ , Don Rose Co, Waukegan, UNITED STATES
  2952. Marie Rose Physician Assistanet, Northbrook, UNITED STATES
  2953. Nancy Rose informed concerned consumer, A Member of The Human Race, Niagara Region, CANADA
  2954. Sir Julian Rose Pioneer organic farmer rural economy expert and advisor to British Government Government and private Citations for contribution to protection of Polish countryside ibution to Polish Countryside, International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, Malopolska, POLAND
  2955. Vic Rose Informed consumers , Snohomish, UNITED STATES
  2956. Joshua Rosen Young Naturalist award winner, Orlando, UNITED STATES
  2957. Alan Rosenberg Glen Agric diploma Emerson Collage certificate QBE, Lindros Whole Earth Consultants, SOUTH AFRICA
  2958. Karen Rosenfeld Dog Behavourist and Wellness Adviser, Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer, White Lake, CANADA
  2959. Ann Rosenqvist TCM Acupuncturist, Mjolby, SWEDEN
  2960. Catherine Ross none , Edmonds, UNITED STATES
  2961. Daniel Ross BSC agric now organic farmer, UNITED KINGDOM
  2962. Joan Ross Interior Design Studies SUNY Albany NY, New Baltimore, UNITED STATES
  2963. Karen Ross B A Sociology many awards including mother of 2 grandmother of 3, UNITED STATES
  2964. Karin Ross retired RN, Florida, UNITED STATES
  2965. Lynn Ross Registered Nurse, Oregon, UNITED STATES
  2966. Olivier Rostan bac 2, FRANCE
  2967. Thea Rott Detox and Raw Food Specialist, CANADA
  2968. Peter Rotton Chinese Medicine Practitioner 4 year Degree Registered with Australian Health Professional Registration Agency, Mt Warrigal Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  2969. Francine Roussel Engineer CNRS for 30 years Molecular biology Ecology Univ ParisSud 11 and Montpellier 2 , Montpellier, FRANCE
  2970. Michael Rouzer BE Applied Mathematics UofMich , Sugar Land, UNITED STATES
  2971. Rachelle Rover self research and studies, Woodstock, UNITED STATES
  2972. Michelle Rowan NOCN in mental health, Falmouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  2973. Robert Rowan engaged consumer, Orangeville, CANADA
  2974. Debbie Rowe BS Healthcare Mngmt, Richmond, UNITED STATES
  2975. Deborah Rowe BS Healthcare Mngt, Richmond, UNITED STATES
  2976. Valerie Rowell None professional but 20 years of raising organic vegetables, Toronto, CANADA
  2977. Hildy Roy CMT RP Long time study of quality home grown foods and pasture raised animals, Ca, UNITED STATES
  2978. Penny Roy It s about time long overdue Thanks, Crowsnest Pass Ab, CANADA
  2979. Tom Rudge BSc Ag Certified Organic Farmer Chair for the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Yukon, CANADA
  2980. Derek Rudisill music, UNITED STATES
  2981. Susannah Rudkin BA Hons RPC MBACP, UNITED KINGDOM
  2982. Martin Rudland B Sc Honours Mathematics 1965 , UNITED KINGDOM
  2983. Charles Rue PhD Master Env Plan Mq decade of GMO social and environmental justice education, Columban Mission, Strathfield NSW, AUSTRALIA
  2984. Susan Ruecker BS Engineering Math, UNITED STATES
  2985. Claudette Ruff mother, Forked River, UNITED STATES
  2986. John Rufus Herbal and Homoeopathic medicine, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  2987. Rikje Maria Ruiter Teacher, Spiritual Center The Eight Corner, Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
  2988. Linda Ruivo some college, UNITED STATES
  2989. Anna Ruiz I have none, One World, Cleveland, UNITED STATES
  2990. Lynette Rupersburg nurse, NoGMO4Michigan, Clinton Twp Mi , UNITED STATES
  2991. Jody Rusnak Hundreds of articles on health news not controlled by the popular media Monsanto must perish or we will , Edmonton, CANADA
  2992. Sandi Russ Greenville, UNITED STATES
  2993. Sandy Russ Country, UNITED STATES
  2994. David N Russell Registered Respiratory Therapist Canada , Alberta, CANADA
  2995. Jeannette Russell mother of childhood cancer cluster victim, Pittsburgh, UNITED STATES
  2996. Peter Russell retired electrical engineer, , Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM
  2997. Joan Russow PhD Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Compliance Research Project, Victoria, CANADA
  2998. Ana Rutherford Hospitality Maanagement, Restaurant World, Florida, UNITED STATES
  2999. Lori Ryan Granite Bay, UNITED STATES
  3000. Margaret Ryan Registered Nurse and Oriental Medicine Practitioner, Ms , Tomah, UNITED STATES
  3001. Peggy Ryan reflexologist certification, Reflexologist, Bremen Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3002. Richard Ryan BS in Pharmacy Auburn University, APA, Dandridge Tn, UNITED STATES
  3003. Ralph Ryder Communities Against Toxics, Ellesmere Port, UNITED KINGDOM
  3004. Jill Ryman BA, San Clemente, UNITED STATES
  3005. Diann Sabin UNITED STATES
  3006. Luis Sabini Fern Ndez Journalist and teacher in ecological questions, Facultad de Filosof a y Letras, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  3007. Luis E Sabini Fern Ndez Journalist and teacher with specialization in ecology and Human Rights, C tedra Libre de DDHH UBA, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  3008. Cyril Sader University BA degree, LEBANON
  3009. Shiila Safer bachelors in transpersonal psychology, the Earthtribe, Wimberley, UNITED STATES
  3010. Patrice Sagbo I m biologist Ir health and Animal Production Specialist in Biodiversity MSc2 in Ecotourism, Actions pour le D veloppement Durable ADeD ONG, Cotonou, BENIN
  3011. Susana Sáiz Medinger Naturopath, SPAIN
  3012. Salvador Salcedo Murrieta, UNITED STATES
  3013. Ololade Saliu A B in Molecular Biology , Rancho Palos Verdes, UNITED STATES
  3014. Lauren Sallen Veterinarian, Seattle, UNITED STATES
  3015. Isabelle Salles aucun, Saint Didier Sur Rochefort, FRANCE
  3016. Vincenc Salmic Kitchener, CANADA
  3017. Pat Salom Health field, UNITED STATES
  3018. John Salt Master Beekeeper MEng, Moray, UNITED KINGDOM
  3019. Jean Saltzman I have been studying fake science for over 15 years Most science in the USA is now political science bought and paid for by corporations , Lapeer, UNITED STATES
  3020. Manel Salvat Paper Industry continous improvement engineer, Barcelona, SPAIN
  3021. Paula Samec Bachelor of philology, Graz, AUSTRIA
  3022. Connie Sampognaro master of healthcare management, UNITED STATES
  3023. Angela Sampson BA Business PhD Metaphysics mother and citizen who cares about medical credibility, Humanity , California, UNITED STATES
  3024. Gil Sampson B Math Biochemistry Corporate Ethics Human Health Physiology Common Sense, CANADA
  3025. Craig Sams B Sc Econ Hon Doc Kingston U Shackleton Award, Carbon Gold Ltd, Hastings, UNITED KINGDOM
  3026. Gregory Sams 21 years running food companies opened world s only shop dedicated to chaos theory author, chaOs worKs, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3027. Laura Sanchez BM and concerned US Citizen, West Covina, UNITED STATES
  3028. Yvonne Sanders , 1965, Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS
  3029. Gerald Sanderson jus a concerned citizen, tsl, Minneapolis, UNITED STATES
  3030. Brian Sandle BSc LRSM, Retired, Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  3031. Daniel Sandvig Concerned Citizen, Monroe Wa, UNITED STATES
  3032. Bari Sanger B S in Managaement and B A in Pre Med and Journalism and a fermer federal investigaor Policy Anlayst, Golden Colorado, UNITED STATES
  3033. Monte Sanidad Nutrition researcher Baylor University School of Medicine Stanford University School of Medicine, Honolulu Hawaii Usa, UNITED STATES
  3034. Aneta Saniewska BA, UNITED STATES
  3035. Grazia Sanna lawyer, Rome, ITALY
  3036. Bev Sansum Concerned Citizen, Fort Lauderdale, UNITED STATES
  3037. Laurie Santavicca B S Education Mathematics Science, Detroit Mi, UNITED STATES
  3038. Teresia Santee I am a retired educator who has kept up on the links between what we eat and our health I taught young children with learning problems , Pomona Ca, UNITED STATES
  3039. Eugenio Santiago Mechanical Engineering, Phil Society of Mechanical Engrs , Manila, PHILIPPINES
  3040. Elena Santibanez BS International Business, Avondale, UNITED STATES
  3041. Gen Santoli , UNITED STATES
  3042. Demichel Basnier Sarah Student Sociology and Anthropology , UCBN, FRANCE
  3043. Grignon Moquin Sarah Bacc, Montr Al, CANADA
  3044. Lisa Sarinelli Have researched this issue for years on my own, Concerned citizen, Charlotte, UNITED STATES
  3045. Dawn Sarni teacher with BS degree and post graduate studies, Corvallis, UNITED STATES
  3046. Sj Sarradet Ms , Charlottesville, UNITED STATES
  3047. Ronald Sarson Years of study and practice on natural and modified foods , Herndon, UNITED STATES
  3048. Dale Sauer Master of Education from the University of Oregon, UNITED STATES
  3049. Mark Saul I am a college student, student, Victorville, UNITED STATES
  3050. Shiralee Saul M A, RMIT, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  3051. Stephan Saul Engineer MBA, CANADA
  3052. Matteo Saulle voglio un mondo seza ogm, Ruvo Di Puglia, ITALY
  3053. Harold And Margaret Saunders Organic Farmer for 34 years have farmed for 50 years, Saunders Family Farm , Denfield, CANADA
  3054. Yael Sauzedde Sustainable small home builder and natural health advocate, UNITED STATES
  3055. Mike Sawchuk Director of MIS, Calgary, CANADA
  3056. Rosemarie Sawdon BA Have read many scientific articles regarding GE GMO crops Damage has already occured , Coalition for Justice, Blacksburg Va, UNITED STATES
  3057. Laura Saxon Concerned citizen, Morriston, UNITED STATES
  3058. Gwyneth Saxton BA hons Yoga Diploma informed intelligent human being, St Ives, UNITED KINGDOM
  3059. K Sayer Musician and granny, UNITED KINGDOM
  3060. Fernando Daniel Saz Corcho President de la , ASiA Associaci Salut i Agroecologia, Barcelona, SPAIN
  3061. Ben Schacher Bachelor of Science in Biology Minor Chemistry, Cambridge, UNITED STATES
  3062. Wil Schaefer Gardener Consumer of GE foods how the hell does one avoid them now violently allergic to Cheerios , Tucson, UNITED STATES
  3063. Carol Schaffhausen Work in the medical field, individual, Birmingham, UNITED STATES
  3064. Christie Schatz None , Canton , UNITED STATES
  3065. Anita Scheelings farmer, UNITED STATES
  3066. Charles Scheffel Professional Accountant, Sebright Ontario, CANADA
  3067. F Schein concerned consumer, Teaneck, UNITED STATES
  3068. Claus Scheingraber Dr med dent , AEB e V , Munich, GERMANY
  3069. Annie Scheppach certified holistic counselor from Institute for Integrative Nutrition Masters George Washington U , Alexandria, UNITED STATES
  3070. Francis Scheuer RSn HPCS HSS , del surw llc , Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  3071. Alvina Schick Member of the Orthomolecular Medicine Society, private citizen, Vancouver, CANADA
  3072. Natalie Schickel BA and years of reading research about food and health, Parent, Summit, UNITED STATES
  3073. Patricia Schiewe college graduate school of education, UNITED STATES
  3074. Ray Schiewek Registered Nurse, NEW ZEALAND
  3075. David Schinasi Counter terrorism studies , Falcon Professional Security , Leesburg, UNITED STATES
  3076. Donna Schink Concerned human who eats food , Human being, Morris County, UNITED STATES
  3077. David Schlute BS in Exercise and Sport Science Doctor in Chiropractic Medicine, UNITED STATES
  3078. Jody Schmidt Concerned citizen, Lincoln, UNITED STATES
  3079. John Schmidt BSEE MSCS, PFN People for Non GMO, Oak Creek, UNITED STATES
  3080. Theo Schmidt consumer, UNITED STATES
  3081. James Schmit Chiropractic Physician, Celina, UNITED STATES
  3082. D Schneider Software Engineer, Edgewood, UNITED STATES
  3083. Leslie Schneider business major and concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  3084. Nancy Schneider Registered Nurse, Cincinnati, UNITED STATES
  3085. Regina Schoellkopf Trenton, UNITED STATES
  3086. Immy Schoolland citizen of the world concerned about the safety of our food supply and about the total lack of integrity by big companies s a monsanto who put profit above health, Lanaken, BELGIUM
  3087. Ward Schraeder BS in Chemistry, SFF, Salina, UNITED STATES
  3088. Dick Schram Utrecht, NETHERLANDS
  3089. Dick Schram Soportujar, SPAIN
  3090. Jeanne Schreurs n, NETHERLANDS
  3091. Nicola Schuler studying to be a nutritionist, Boulder, UNITED STATES
  3092. Lou Schuller Informed reader, UNITED STATES
  3093. Richard Schulman Ph D in Clinical Psychology Licensed Psychologist, Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  3094. Detlev Axel Schultz Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Saarland, GERMANY
  3095. Ladonna Schultze Registerd Nurse, Kasson Mn, UNITED STATES
  3096. Peter Schuman Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and J D in Law , UNITED STATES
  3097. David Schwartz Medical Doctor M D , Louisa, UNITED STATES
  3098. Christine Schwarz Privat, Vienna, AUSTRIA
  3099. Nancy Schweiger Pre med studies am a techincal writer, , Campbell, UNITED STATES
  3100. Evelyn Schwein I am a consumer who studies the health benefits of what I eat , Indianapolis, UNITED STATES
  3101. Susan Scorzelli not applicable, Plymouth Michigan, UNITED STATES
  3102. Colleen Scotch concerned citizen, UNITED STATES
  3103. Heidi Scott Mother, UNITED STATES
  3104. Jan Scott Nutritionist, UNITED STATES
  3105. Ken Scott B S , Tucson, UNITED STATES
  3106. Maggie Scott Bachelor of Arts Psychology, individual, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  3107. Russell Scott PHD CHEMISTRY, food, Lismore, AUSTRALIA
  3108. Sherie Scott Concerned consumer, Perth Road Village, CANADA
  3109. Irena Scuric BA Zagreb Film Academy ADU, free journalost, Zagreb, CROATIA
  3110. Alison Seamer BA combined studies pqACCA, East Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM
  3111. David Seaton Earthling stonemason , Breckenridge, UNITED STATES
  3112. Cynthia Sebetes Mom, Moms Across America March, UNITED STATES
  3113. Fraser Secret BA English Dip T Financial Mgmt Teacher s accreditation and all around decent person who cares about his planet and his felow man, Burlington, CANADA
  3114. Patricia Seguin BS in Medical Technology, Roseville, UNITED STATES
  3115. John Seidel interested amateur, Private, Monterey, UNITED STATES
  3116. Pat Seitz Concerned about the quality of our food , Lomita, UNITED STATES
  3117. Kevin Sellar nil, NEW ZEALAND
  3118. Robert And Laura Sellars health researcher, avienu, Beavercreek, UNITED STATES
  3119. Dianne Sellin I don t have to be a scientist to know that this is illegal and unethical , Grass Valley, UNITED STATES
  3120. Klaus Selmayr doctorate in law Germany , Katonah, UNITED STATES
  3121. Margaret Seme Parent, Phillipsburg, UNITED STATES
  3122. Jolanta Senele journalist, Loosdrecht, NETHERLANDS
  3123. Kristine Senele journalist NGO activist, Baltic Environmental Forum, Riga, LATVIA
  3124. Lori Senoret Basic and clinical medical science administration assistant, UNITED STATES
  3125. Stefano Serafini M A Philosophy, International Society of Biourbanism, Rome, ITALY
  3126. Gail Seramur Bachelor of Science, Palos Park, UNITED STATES
  3127. Mary Sergiacomi Fitness Instructor with a keen interest in health and nutrition , Clemmons, UNITED STATES
  3128. Judi Sericolo Private citizen cured own cancer Daily research and reading of health studies info , Chicago, UNITED STATES
  3129. Cassandra Sestito Masters of Human Resource Management, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  3130. Steve Shacter AAS electrical construction , UNITED STATES
  3131. M Agnes Shadel Fifty plus years or reading about nutrition and healthy living My degree is a BA in Fine Arts, Pueblo West Colorado, UNITED STATES
  3132. Jack Shafer Life time American consumer, American consumer, Grapevine, UNITED STATES
  3133. Tria Shaffer Teach A P in a massage school massage therapist mother, Texas, UNITED STATES
  3134. Malika Shambe Bsc Computer Science MBA Finance avid reader on nutrition and its impact on health, Nairobi, KENYA
  3135. Shahrooz Shams Arlington, UNITED STATES
  3136. Dennis Shannon i taught high school earth and physical science for 32 years BS WIU MS National Louis U , Flossmoor Il , UNITED STATES
  3137. Anna Sharp AS Dental Hygiene, Siler City Nc, UNITED STATES
  3138. Tasha Sharp Nutrition Enthusiast , UNITED STATES
  3139. M Shatzen B A Psychology University of California and Graduate Teaching certificate University of California, UNITED STATES
  3140. Linden Sheffield no expertise just common sense, private, High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM
  3141. Stan Sheggeby MA, Mr , Madison, UNITED STATES
  3142. Matthew Shellenberger Farmer, Mount Vernon, UNITED STATES
  3143. Miriam Sheller I am not a scientist , UNITED STATES
  3144. David Shelton UNITED STATES
  3145. Kim Shelton B S , UNITED STATES
  3146. Karen Shepard MSc Rural Extension and development, Just Us Centre for Small Farms, Wolfville, CANADA
  3147. Carole Sheridan Library technician Realtor, retired realtor, Victoria, CANADA
  3148. Linda Sherman Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine, Olympia, UNITED STATES
  3149. Liadain Sherrard very concerned person, GREECE
  3150. Debra Sherry Doctor of Medical Heilkunst DMH , New Mexico, UNITED STATES
  3151. Maggie Shields life long interest and inquiry, Worcester, UNITED KINGDOM
  3152. Illidan Shih bachelor of law, Annie Studio, Beijing, CHINA
  3153. Beverly Shipko Certified Stress Management Specialist, UNITED STATES
  3154. Richard Shlosser I am a drummer , UNITED STATES
  3155. Avery Shockley bsrn, state of delaware, Northeast, UNITED STATES
  3156. Julie Shockman Blaine, UNITED STATES
  3157. Laura Shore AUSTRALIA
  3158. Derrick Shores BS Marine Transportation MS Computer Science, Palm Bay, UNITED STATES
  3159. Robin Shorey B A Hons Clinical Psychology University of Queensland St Lucia , North Walsham, UNITED KINGDOM
  3160. Rory Short B Sc Mech Eng , retired, Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  3161. Craig Shrum BA and BEd, CANADA
  3162. Xin Shu Please everyone support Seralini and his colleagues , Shanghai, CHINA
  3163. Jeremy Shuminas UNITED STATES
  3164. Petra Shwayko Bonners Ferry Id, UNITED STATES
  3165. Upinder Sidhu high school, Laval, CANADA
  3166. S Sidwell Concerned Citizen who believes we have a right to know what is in our food , Franklin Tn, UNITED STATES
  3167. Pascal Sieger bachelor of business, SWITZERLAND
  3168. Paul Siemens Masters of Social Work, Toronto Ontario, CANADA
  3169. Ado Sigal no scientific indoctrination but extrem capability in using common sense or pure logical thought , Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  3170. Breanna Sikorski Masters of Arts Cumulative Effects Assessment, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, CANADA
  3171. Heather Silberg Business Management, Illinois, UNITED STATES
  3172. Muischneek Silja concerned human, Z Rich, SWITZERLAND
  3173. Angela Sills Researcher Content Writer, Edgewater, UNITED STATES
  3174. Alex Silverio San Jose Ca, UNITED STATES
  3175. Rudi Simko I worked for years in the health and human welfare sector where I helped find funding for medical research , Ms , Fletcher, UNITED STATES
  3176. Karen Simmons Bachelors, UNITED STATES
  3177. Mike Simmons Well self educated in health and the effects of our environment on health due to personal and family adverse reactions to poisons in everyday foodstuff, Tennessee, UNITED STATES
  3178. Joan E Simms BA degree in Sociology reader who cares about my health and what goes into my body , Glen Burnie , UNITED STATES
  3179. Al Simon Health Business Owner Researcher and New Media Publisher, Private, Private, UNITED KINGDOM
  3180. Jeffrey Simon my expertise comes from concern for the truth , Langhorne, UNITED STATES
  3181. Leslie Simon Master s Degree, Western School, Miromar Lakes, UNITED STATES
  3182. Trish Simon Sustainable Agriculture Researcher Supporter, UNITED STATES
  3183. Lisa Simon Zubek Home maker, UNITED STATES
  3184. Janet Simpson Registered nurse and human being as well as informed food consumer, British Columbia, CANADA
  3185. Tom Simpson MA Industrial Design, UNITED STATES
  3186. Lesley Richard Sims BA MBA JD, Dolores, UNITED STATES
  3187. Rev Dr Ronald L Sims BA Psychology Biology M Div Ph D Divinity, Niangua Missouri, UNITED STATES
  3188. Laura Sinaguglia Mother Daughter Sister American Citizen, Wise Seeds of Learning, Windsor, UNITED STATES
  3189. Gd Singh Business Researcher cum Journalist, SS Media House, New Delhi, INDIA
  3190. Jonathon Singleton The road less travelled , Perth Western Australia, AUSTRALIA
  3191. Joanne Sinton Registred Nurse, Stuart Fl, UNITED STATES
  3192. Kim Sinton I am a web application developer , UNITED STATES
  3193. Melanie Sirinathsingh PhD candidate Politics and International Relations Queen Mary University, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3194. Jamie Sitko master s in mental health counseling, Sitko Mental Health Counseling, Hiram, UNITED STATES
  3195. Amerigo Sivelli Organic Agriculture Diploma at the Emerson College UNITED KINGDOM Research Student at the China Agricultural University PEOPLE S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, Beijing Depu International Trade Co Ltd, Bologna, ITALY
  3196. Rstein Sj En Sea captain and for the time organic seller , Rogaland, NORWAY
  3197. Patrick Skailes over 34 years in the health and fitness industry as an athlete trainer and coach , online and hands on personal training, Nanaimo, CANADA
  3198. Ronald Skorupa BSEET, Mill Valley, UNITED STATES
  3199. Dorothy Skrytek campaigner, Derby Friends of the Earth, Derby, UNITED KINGDOM
  3200. Gwendolyn Sky Cave Junction , UNITED STATES
  3201. Jo Anne Slabber concerned mom granny and citizen , retired, Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA
  3202. Christine Sladen UNITED STATES
  3203. John Sleeman BA Hon Business Studies, Caterham, UNITED KINGDOM
  3204. Ernest A Slingsby International Development Consultant, UNITED STATES
  3205. Claire Sliptchuik Melbourne Fl, UNITED STATES
  3206. Thomas Slowe Corroaion Control Engineering, N A, Grand Islsnd Ny, UNITED STATES
  3207. Bette Small Bachelor of science degree, UNITED STATES
  3208. Tanya Smart No officially recognised degrees or awards but I know that food has to un tampered with in order to be nourishing And science needs to be impartial or it is no longer science , UNITED KINGDOM
  3209. John Smartt aikido master instructor, Athens, UNITED STATES
  3210. Deana Smiel I am a lay expert , Albuquerque, UNITED STATES
  3211. Adam Smith BSc Biochemistry, Alliance for Natural Health International, Dorking, UNITED KINGDOM
  3212. Barbara Smith St Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, South East Us, UNITED STATES
  3213. Betsy Smith Patchogue, UNITED STATES
  3214. Carol Smith concerned citizen retired nurse, UNITED STATES
  3216. Claire Smith Human Development Specialist, Antigo, UNITED STATES
  3217. Cynthia Smith Registered Nurse, Victoria, UNITED STATES
  3218. Debbie Smith Ordinary Consumer, Murfreesboro Tn, UNITED STATES
  3219. Derek Smith BSc Design and Engineering, UNITED KINGDOM
  3220. Dian Smith degree in bussiness management, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  3221. Dottie Smith bsn uc med center san francisco ca usa, Woodinville Wa, UNITED STATES
  3222. Janet Smith informed consumer, Newark Valley, UNITED STATES
  3223. Jason Smith health expert, Portal Arizona, UNITED STATES
  3224. Jeffrey Smith The leading consumer advocate promoting healthier non GMO choices Jeffrey Smith s meticulous research documents how biotech companies continue to mislead legislators and safety officials to put the health of society at risk and the environment in peril , Institute for Responsible Technology, Iowa, UNITED STATES
  3225. Jeffri Smith Machinist, Bothell Wa, UNITED STATES
  3226. Joanna Smith FBDO Fellow of the British Association of Dispensing Opticians , Salisbury, UNITED KINGDOM
  3227. Judy Smith human, Andover, UNITED STATES
  3228. Karen Smith CNHP, Clayton, UNITED STATES
  3229. Krista Smith Registered Polysomnographic Technologist and concerned consumer, Indiana, UNITED STATES
  3230. Laurie Smith 60 yrs old ill for yrs Healing my self without any help from degrees and awards or authorized personel, person, Elizabeth Colorado, UNITED STATES
  3231. Noel Smith Engineer Mechanical , Farmer, Eudlo, AUSTRALIA
  3232. Peggy Smith College student, Malvern, UNITED STATES
  3234. Sharon Smith Common sense and research, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  3235. Susan Smith BS Nursing MBA, UNITED STATES
  3236. Teresa Smith General interest in health problems caused by mans intervention, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3237. Theresa Smith BSc Honors, NJ, UNITED STATES
  3238. Thomas Smith I am a very concerned consumer and citizen desiring truth , Newtown Square Pa, UNITED STATES
  3239. Paul Smola Health practitioner minister and masters in divinity , Denver, UNITED STATES
  3240. Cynthia Smoyer B S Biological Health Health Planning and Administration 1970 numerous continuing education credits, Ithaca Ny, UNITED STATES
  3241. Diana Smythe M S , Ms , Watertown, UNITED STATES
  3242. Michael Snow Health safety issues, UNITED STATES
  3243. Shelly Snow gym owner, Pocahontas, UNITED STATES
  3244. Stephen Snyder Student of Nutrition, Pa, UNITED STATES
  3245. Wm Snyder informed citizen, UNITED STATES
  3246. Marcia Sobel BS Biology concerned citizen, North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  3247. Christer Soderberg leadership for sustainability consultant, Open World Foundation, Stockholm, SWEDEN
  3248. Patricia Nell Sokolowski How some individuals are capable of looking in the mirror or sleeping at night beyond my comprehension , Wichita Ks, UNITED STATES
  3249. Martin Sol Chemical Engineer, Acampe contra Monsanto en el Congreso, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
  3250. Arthur Soles Concerned Great Grandfather, Chemainus, CANADA
  3251. Barry Solomon B A Degree, Flushing, UNITED STATES
  3252. Paul Solomon MA Educational Psychology Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Haiku, UNITED STATES
  3253. R A Soltani IT, Paris, FRANCE
  3254. Peter Somerville BA Arts MA Sociology, UWO retired, London, CANADA
  3255. Courtney Sonnkalb Financial Analyst, Denver, UNITED STATES
  3256. Phil Soriano Schoolteacher , Sydney , AUSTRALIA
  3257. Patricia Sorrell Ms , Waukesha, UNITED STATES
  3258. Pauliina Sorvali mother, FINLAND
  3259. Trev Southlea environmental safety professional , Ny, UNITED STATES
  3260. Diana Spade MD Medical Doctor , Ashland Or, UNITED STATES
  3261. Mary Ann Spade Retired, California, UNITED STATES
  3262. John Spangler History MA, San Diego, UNITED STATES
  3263. Jennifer Spano Baginski RN, UNITED STATES
  3264. Jodi Sparkman I am a thinking reasoning intelligent human being with children who cares about my health and others , UNITED STATES
  3265. Brian Sparks MDiv BA Anthroppology BA Education, Livingston Mt, UNITED STATES
  3266. Laurinda Spear Master of landscape architecture, Landscape architect, Miami, UNITED STATES
  3267. Loren Spector Abundance Technologies, California, UNITED STATES
  3268. James Spencer BS mathematics from U of Michigan 1965, Glendale, UNITED STATES
  3269. Kim Sperr An informed Opponent of GMOs UNITED STATES, South Bound Brook, UNITED STATES
  3270. Stephanie Sponsel masters in Psychology, UNITED STATES
  3271. Roger Sprague UNITED STATES
  3272. William Sprow Retired, Cleveland, UNITED STATES
  3273. Seguin St Phanie member of the collective Vigilance GMO France Charente , FRANCE
  3274. Bonita Staas I am a concerned HUMAN BEING, UNITED STATES
  3275. Margaret Stack I am a registered nurse , self, Appleton Wi, UNITED STATES
  3276. Earl Staelin 47 years as trial lawyer and substantial experience handling chemical injury cases expertise in nutrition as well, Mr , Englewood, UNITED STATES
  3277. Beatrice Stagg College grad plus interest in nutrition which I investigate by reading petinent books , none , Florence, UNITED STATES
  3278. Maria Stahl BBA Medical transcriptionist using Elsevier products, Montpelier, UNITED STATES
  3279. Rok Stajnko Interest in healthy nutrition, IRELAND
  3280. Sheri Staley Shelton, UNITED STATES
  3281. Ellie Stalker teach proper nutrition from the perspective of natural foods from nature in other words whole natural foods not GE food, Eating For Life, Yellville, UNITED STATES
  3282. Jim Stalnaker Horticulture College, UNITED STATES
  3283. Ward Stalnaker 25 years teaching mathematics previous experience in applied mathematics, retired, Snowflake, UNITED STATES
  3284. Lee Stanbridge Studied microbiology and active in community environment programs , Ogden , UNITED STATES
  3285. Sue Stanton no degree, Durham, UNITED STATES
  3286. Suzanne Stapler MS Holistic Nutrition, Wayne, UNITED STATES
  3287. Laura Staples 35 year activist and advocate, Sarasota, UNITED STATES
  3288. Chris Stapleton teacher, teacher, Lancaster, UNITED STATES
  3289. Robert Stapleton MS Nutrition and Integrative Health Student Concerned Citizen, Frederick Md, UNITED STATES
  3290. Betty Stapp Health issues researcher, Westminster, UNITED STATES
  3291. Karen Stark BS in Industrial Relations Mother Economist, GMO Free PA, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  3292. Carol Starkey Retired Registered Nurse, Retired worked for Kaiser Permanente, Windsor Ca Usa, UNITED STATES
  3294. Anna Starr concerned citizen, New York, UNITED STATES
  3295. George Jiri Stastny M Sc MH, CANADA
  3296. Margaret Stauder Educated business professional, St Louis Mo, UNITED STATES
  3297. Larry Steele Akron, UNITED STATES
  3298. Patric Steele San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  3299. Ron And Diane Stefan B S Industrial Management, Oak Hill Fl, UNITED STATES
  3300. Chris Steffes Too much to list, UNITED STATES
  3301. Severine Stegner Bachelor Of Arts, Montreal, CANADA
  3302. Mark Stehly A concerned citizen, self, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
  3303. Barbara Steidley Concerned homemaker, Augusta Missouri, UNITED STATES
  3304. Kevin Steigner 76 years of experience , Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  3305. Jan Steinman Certified Permaculture Teacher organic farmer BA General Science Marylhurst University, EcoReality Sustainable Land Use and Education Cooperative, Salt Spring Island BC, CANADA
  3306. Keith Stengl My background is in telecommunications But I have followed the GMO debate pro and con When in doubt I default to all things natural There is NOTHING natural about GMOs , UNITED STATES
  3307. Lorna Stephen Cooking experience the household for 47 years, Atlanta, UNITED STATES
  3308. Jo Stephens UNITED STATES
  3309. Renee Stephens Organic Farmer, UNITED STATES
  3310. Andrew Stephenson Highly educated, UNITED KINGDOM
  3311. Denise Stephenson PhD in American Studies and author of Isolation, Oceanside, UNITED STATES
  3312. Michael Stephenson BS Construction Management University of Florida Concerned Citizen, Naples, UNITED STATES
  3313. Joann Sternberg Ramsey Mn, UNITED STATES
  3314. Hella Steurbaut fysiotherapist, BELGIUM
  3315. Elaine Stevens human race, Greensboro, UNITED STATES
  3316. Leslie Stevens Fine Arts Professional, AMDA INC, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  3317. Meghan Stevens PhD candidate, Macquarie University, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  3318. Heidi Stevenson Journalist, Gaia Health, UNITED KINGDOM
  3319. Patricia Stevenson Bachelor of Education, Albertans for Food Safety, Edmonton Ab, CANADA
  3320. Barbara Stewart no degrees or awards I do my own health research and am observant to the problems with horses eating GMO corn and soy based feeds , UNITED STATES
  3321. Carlton Stewart Management Marketing, Carlton Stewart Consultants, Spanish Town, JAMAICA
  3322. David Stewart Analyst with about 35 years real world experience, Toronto , CANADA
  3323. Laura Stewart BA MA Ecologist, Taos, UNITED STATES
  3324. Lori Stewart UNITED STATES
  3325. Alicia Stillwagon BS Environmental Studies, New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  3326. Judy Stock Masters of Music The Juilliard School, Oconomowoc, UNITED STATES
  3327. Mary Stock nutritionist, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  3328. Lisa Stokke Co founder A Director working toward a healthy sustainable food future, Food Democracy Now , Iowa, UNITED STATES
  3329. Ernest Stolen martial artist conscious nutritional devotee, no scientific affiliation, Sparks Nv, UNITED STATES
  3330. Mary Stone consumer of non GMO products, UNITED STATES
  3331. Ann Storer BA RN Retired Very Concerned Citizen, UNITED STATES
  3332. Lisa Storey Masters of Counseling, Rochester, UNITED STATES
  3333. Irmgard Stork R N , Anaheim, UNITED STATES
  3334. Susan Stotesbery International business degree commercial banking career Mom educated consumer, UNITED STATES
  3335. Toek Eram Straatman Esoterics spirituality , Philippeville, BELGIUM
  3336. Jamie Strait Educated consumer, 1963, Bloomingdale, UNITED STATES
  3337. Morgan Stralman Therapeut, Homeopat, Eksjo, SWEDEN
  3338. Ann Elisabeth Strand I am educated in agriculture and I am concerned that poison is not as safe as most scientists say , Bokn, NORWAY
  3339. Cydney Strand Registered Nurse Nutrition Counselor, Retired, New York, UNITED STATES
  3340. William Stranger Publisher DharmaCaf Books DharmaCafe com Program Director The Calistoga Institute, DharmaCafe com, Cobb CA, UNITED STATES
  3341. Brigit Strawbridge Bee campaigner and human being, Bumblebee Farm Friends of the Bees, Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM
  3342. Annette Stremecki Author of Diary of a Medical Nightmare , private, Turner Valley Alberta, CANADA
  3343. Angella Stribling Nutrition, Houston, UNITED STATES
  3344. David Stringer Writer, Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA
  3345. Mary Lee Stromquist 16 years researching published data on GMO crops glyphosphate, independent researcher, Florence, UNITED STATES
  3346. Nolene Stuart Certified Massage Therapist, Escondido, UNITED STATES
  3347. Kimberly Stubbolo accountant, Olathe, UNITED STATES
  3348. Bernadette Stumpel Master of laws, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  3349. Judith Stumpf Mother taking care of her family, homemaker, Santa Fe , UNITED STATES
  3350. Ana Su Rez Degree in Law, SPAIN
  3351. Mary Suckling Registered Nutritional Consultant, SDMProducts LLC, Keizer, UNITED STATES
  3352. John Sukhov Concerned humanitarian and citizen, Human, UNITED STATES
  3353. Eric Sukkel Extremely concerned and informed Citizen at large , Lake Country Bc, CANADA
  3354. Eileen Sullivan health field social work, Ms , Medway, UNITED STATES
  3355. Lisa Sullivan citizen, Stafford, UNITED STATES
  3356. Steve Summers Undergraduate training in Life Sciences and Physical sciences, Vancouver, CANADA
  3357. Sharon Sundine consulting, Snohomish, UNITED STATES
  3358. Arita Sundqvist Master of Social Sciences, FINLAND
  3359. Reverend Susan Schmidt herbalist , Jordan , UNITED STATES
  3360. Jadranka Suster BS in Nutritional Science, Brooklyn, UNITED STATES
  3361. William Sutera Cranford, UNITED STATES
  3362. Jude Suto Extensive research into GMO s, Tucson Az, UNITED STATES
  3363. Johnny Sutton Self Educated, Montpelier, UNITED STATES
  3364. Suzy Parker Suzy disabled ex farmer from herbicide and pesticid poisonings , Auburn, UNITED STATES
  3365. Mary Swan backyard farmer and mother, Summerside, CANADA
  3366. Chet Swanson Masters, Fairfield Ia, UNITED STATES
  3367. Donna Swanson Licensed Professional Counselor, HOPES Center, Racine, UNITED STATES
  3368. Mike Sweeney Concerned citizen of the planet earth, Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM
  3369. Benjamin Sweet organic gardener, Lexington, UNITED STATES
  3370. Peter Swierczek Shirley, UNITED STATES
  3371. Trevor Swinden BscN, CANADA
  3372. R Swinton Hons BSc physical education organic chem math, nil, Ontario, CANADA
  3373. Scott Sykes BA LLB, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  3374. Joseph Sylvester dr mercola advocate, Monroe, UNITED STATES
  3375. Escazaux Sylvette Master language , FRANCE
  3376. John Sylwester MA retired audiologist , Victoria Bc, CANADA
  3377. Susan Syracuse I have a BSin Nursing, school nurse, Tucson, UNITED STATES
  3378. Deborah Syrett Medical Herbalist Nutritionalist, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3379. Debra Szarka Westlake Oh, UNITED STATES
  3380. Stacie Szegleti MotherOf a child with Autism whom I treat with whole foods, Metairie, UNITED STATES
  3382. Janet Tache I am a very concerned homemaker who reads all possible research on GMO issues and other food issues I am so disappointed in your retraction action , Penn Valley California, UNITED STATES
  3383. Natasha Tack CNHP Certified Natural Health Professional, Ind Consulting , Clearwater Fl, UNITED STATES
  3384. Jeanette Tacker Master of Science in Accountancy, Richmond Va, UNITED STATES
  3385. Ana Tadi a concerned citizen of the planet Earth and mother, CROATIA
  3386. Barbara Talbert private study, Medina, UNITED STATES
  3387. Cesidio Tallini PhD hc Cyberanthropology PhD hc International law ThD Theology DD Divinity Political Science Naturopathy Information Technology, Saint Ren Descartes University, South Floral Park, UNITED STATES
  3388. Gloria Tallman caring mother of 2 , Headingley, CANADA
  3389. Edwin Tamasese Managing Director Soil Health Pacific Ltd , Apia, SAMOA
  3390. Clair Tankersley Had experience with my son s having bad effects from pesticide at an early age, Mertzon, UNITED STATES
  3391. Jessica Tanner Masters of Music in Education, North Carolina, UNITED STATES
  3392. Nigel Tanner Nsw, AUSTRALIA
  3393. Jane Tanon no degrees no awards just a concerned human being, Cezac, FRANCE
  3394. William Tarangelo San Diego, UNITED STATES
  3395. Janice Tarantino A S Individual Studies with High Honors, UNITED STATES
  3396. Jane Tarbutt BSc London in Psychology, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3397. Dianne Tarulli Jamesburg, UNITED STATES
  3398. Nikola Tasi permaculture gardener, SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO
  3399. Frank Tavani Phila, UNITED STATES
  3400. Maria Tavares BSc General Science York University Paramedic Diploma Humber College Osteopathy current study Canadian College of Osteopathy , Woodstock, CANADA
  3401. Michel Tavir Retired businessman, ITALY
  3402. Carol Taylor Physiotherapist Reg Acupuncturist, CANADA
  3403. Kay Taylor Clinical Hynotist and Life Regression Counselor, 29 Palms Ca, UNITED STATES
  3404. Ken Taylor Self taught, Naples, UNITED STATES
  3405. Nicole Taylor Bachelor of Science Nursing Bachelor of Science Computer Science , CANADA
  3406. Tom Taylor Saint Louis, UNITED STATES
  3407. Rebecca Tedder LLB Hons BA Psyc, Glenden, AUSTRALIA
  3408. Gildo Teixeira UNITED STATES
  3409. Susan Tejada I am a mother reversing my son s ADHD just by taking off gmo s from his diet , Homestead Florida, UNITED STATES
  3410. Anne Temple I m a concerned citizen, Hartland, UNITED STATES
  3411. Erin Ter Beest independent health researcher and blogger, Waupun, UNITED STATES
  3412. Joel Terrace BBA MS, Nashville Ga, UNITED STATES
  3413. Gail Terry concerned and informed citizen, Vancouver Bc, CANADA
  3414. St Phanie Tessier Protection of Environment Militant, Emerainville, FRANCE
  3415. Robert Tetreault Food processing technologist, Brantford Ontario, CANADA
  3416. Robert Tewsley BA MBA, Stavanger, NORWAY
  3417. Daniel Thalen Washington, UNITED STATES
  3418. Carol Thebus consumer, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  3419. Helene Therrien Nurse and owner of a health food store, St Andr Avelin, CANADA
  3420. Michelle Thibault Teacher, CANADA
  3421. Marcel Thies LIS, Leibniz Institut f r Astrophysik Potsdam, Potsdam, GERMANY
  3422. Anjani Thomas accomplished musician composer food lover, indiviual, Beverly Hills, UNITED STATES
  3423. Felicia Thomas no, UNITED STATES
  3424. Georgse Sally Thomas none Just well informed health nut for 48 years, Saluda, UNITED STATES
  3425. Kathy Thomas Bachelor of Education, Layton, UNITED STATES
  3426. Michael Thomas RN DC, Thomas Chiropractic Care, Belleview, UNITED STATES
  3427. Michelle Thomas Consumer, UNITED STATES
  3428. Sally Thomas 48 years as an awake consumer, Saluda, UNITED STATES
  3429. Stuart Thomas ex sugar chemist Coy exams part BSc QFSM AMIFire E, retiured, Deception Bay 4508 Qld, AUSTRALIA
  3430. Tammy Thomas Registered Dietitian Masters in Exercise Biochemistry work in Regulatory, Austin Tx, UNITED STATES
  3431. Marta Thomassen HR Manager and Mother, LEV groep, Gemert, NETHERLANDS
  3432. Alice Thompson Fine Artist, Dawson City Yukon, CANADA
  3433. Anthony Thompson Life study, IRELAND
  3434. Jan Thompson Forester World Citizen, Kimberley Bc, CANADA
  3435. Lucy Thompson degree ba hons, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3436. Sally Thompson Director of Yoga Center, Shining Bay Yoga Retreat, East Dover N S , CANADA
  3437. Scott Thompson Vegetable Gardener , Scott Shots Photography, Truckee, UNITED STATES
  3438. George R Thompson Jr Associate in Applied Science, Brunswick Ny, UNITED STATES
  3439. Marion Thomson Co Chair of a national organisation in New Zealand promoting Healthy Soil Safe Healthy Food and most of all healthy people A GE Free NZ is an integral part of our advocacy work See http organicnz org nz , Soil Health Association of NZ , Hastings, NEW ZEALAND
  3440. Melanie Thomson Health Information management professional, Toronto, CANADA
  3441. Michelle Thomson BA Psychology MEd Counselor Education, UNITED STATES
  3442. Sheila Thornhill farmer, Tortosa, SPAIN
  3443. Nigel Thornley Certified Electronics Technologist, Hantsport, CANADA
  3444. Naomi Thorpe Psychoanalyst, UNITED STATES
  3445. Lydia Thorsen Just a person concerned with the proliferation of GM foods in our diets and disgusted that science is no longer run by honest scientists , Cobham, UNITED KINGDOM
  3446. Oliver Tickell MA Oxon Physics, The Ecologist, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  3447. Jennifer Tiedje I m a Mother , UNITED STATES
  3448. Karla And Brent Tildahl Registered Nurse Wellness Educator BS in Nursing , Fontana, UNITED STATES
  3449. Diane Timmins BS, Longwood , UNITED STATES
  3450. Elizabeth Timothy human earthling, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UNITED KINGDOM
  3451. Michael Tims Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement Carleton University, CANADA
  3452. Heather Tinnaro Ordained Reverend, UNITED STATES
  3453. Jack Tips Ph D , Austin, UNITED STATES
  3454. Jose Luis Tobal Cabezas secondary school, SPAIN
  3455. Terry Toby American who wants Monsanto to stop the bullshit, Spokane, UNITED STATES
  3456. Flavio Togni Ferreira MSc Crop Science, Organic Grower, Juiz De Fora, BRAZIL
  3457. Teofan Tomescu none whatsoever, Arad, ROMANIA
  3458. Bruce Tompkins Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics, Calgary, CANADA
  3459. Yoka Tompot Human being fighting for the health of humanity, , Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  3460. Janneke Tops organic vegetable growing organic farming engeneer, www gezondemoestuin nl, Groningen, NETHERLANDS
  3461. Linda Torlay BS degree Outraged citizen , New Jersey, UNITED STATES
  3462. Carlos Torres Musician, SPAIN
  3463. Eirik Torsvik electrician, Rykene, NORWAY
  3464. Darlene Toth 4 years of a 5 year university nursing degree, CANADA
  3465. Cristalle Tourrenc master of modern literature, FRANCE
  3466. Lynette Tovar BS Medical Technology, La Grande, UNITED STATES
  3467. Kathleen Tovey Peotone, UNITED STATES
  3468. Alvin Trace M S Adult, UNITED STATES
  3469. Teresa Trampe I am a lawyer and a parent and come from a family of farmers, St Paul Mn, UNITED STATES
  3470. Josette Trancho no diploma, FRANCE
  3471. Gerald Tranter 23 yrs farming diploma in agriculture , Twin Pine Ranch, Grande Prairie Ab , CANADA
  3472. Kay Travis Kitchen chemist in charge of family meals for 5 people former teacher dropped out after Master s Degree, Gaithersburg Md, UNITED STATES
  3473. Julie Tremeer Teacher B A Honours B Ed, Bowmanville, CANADA
  3474. Marisella Tresiana I am simply a concerned consumer who is cautious with the food me and my family consume , Rome, ITALY
  3475. Merlene Treuhaft Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner EFT Practitioner Graduate Student, Eden energy medicine, Cleveland Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3476. Sandra Trimble CANADA
  3477. Col Triz Racine, UNITED STATES
  3478. Greg Trook Communications Engineer, Lincoln, UNITED STATES
  3479. Dennis Trujillo Political Scientist, US Army, Korea, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
  3480. Andrew Tsartolias Bachelor of Science CIS University of Louisville and an avid nutritionist, CANADA
  3481. Linda Tsoutsouris Masters Degree in Education New York Times Bestselling author, Valparaiso, UNITED STATES
  3482. Margaret Tulonen No degrees or awards, No affiliation, Algoma Ontario, CANADA
  3483. E Tuna PhD Food Engineer, TURKEY
  3484. Edward Tunby B S Biology, UNITED STATES
  3485. Paul Turcksin As a human being I can make thec difference berween good and evil , Saraburi, THAILAND
  3486. Clare Turner E A R A C, SDSC, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3487. Earle Turner NZ trade certificate in Engineering, Wanganui, NEW ZEALAND
  3488. Helen Turner I am a midwife My father was a highly accomplished scientist who taught me how to think, Basildon, UNITED KINGDOM
  3489. Jean M Turner Agriculture Education, Fursdon Hill, Devon, UNITED KINGDOM
  3490. Laurie Tuttle RN BSN CCM, Greensboro, UNITED STATES
  3491. Ardelle Tuxen None relating to science I grew up on a farm and have farmed and grown my own food all my life , La Crosse, UNITED STATES
  3492. Anthony C Tweedale MS Env l Studies, R I S K Consultancy, Brussels, BELGIUM
  3493. Lynn Tyler concerned citizen, Tampa, UNITED STATES
  3494. Jeff Tyree bs biology father etc, Mays Landing Nj, UNITED STATES
  3495. John Udenberg engineer, UNITED STATES
  3496. Linde Ulbrich Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  3497. Margarita Ulsaker BA in Management with honours Certificates in Chemistry and Mathematics, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND
  3498. Dawn Unruh Irving, UNITED STATES
  3499. Mariano Urbani Studies equivalent to a BS in biochemistry 25 years experience in diagnostic company marketing advisory board at CSUF, California, UNITED STATES
  3500. Carsten Vagn Hansen Retired family physician Health consultant and advisor, Dan Soc Orthomolecular Medicine, Vejle, DENMARK
  3501. Kris Vaitkus MSW, Mrs , Rockville, UNITED STATES
  3502. Marquet Val Rie Maurecourt 78780, FRANCE
  3503. Debra Valazza homemaker, Skillman Nj, UNITED STATES
  3504. Becky Valdez Bachelor of Science in Biology, Nebraska, UNITED STATES
  3505. Tullin Valdez Consumer, Human race, Truckee, UNITED STATES
  3506. Miroslav Valenta civil engineer , Sobrance , SLOVAKIA
  3507. Ana Valle GMO, North Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  3508. Angelica Vallin Finance, Concord, UNITED STATES
  3509. Lorie Van Auken B A in Fine Arts Beekeeper Organic Gardener mother and concerned citizen of the world , East Brunswick, UNITED STATES
  3510. J Van Coutren UNITED STATES
  3511. Henk Van Dam experience, polydam telfort nl, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  3512. Charles Van Der Haegen societal transformation, Grez Doiceau, BELGIUM
  3513. Peter Van Der Spuy B Sc Ed Nutrition Activist, Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
  3514. Herman G Van Der Waals Lawyer, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  3515. Lizanne Van Enckevort concerned citizen, La Liviniere, FRANCE
  3516. Jo Van Heesch , , Tilburg, NETHERLANDS
  3517. Cocky Van Hesteren Micor nutritionist on Bloodtype and Genotype principles, Uniek Gezond, Maarssen, NETHERLANDS
  3518. Adri Van Kooten life, NETHERLANDS
  3519. Martin Van Leeuwen Renewable Energy Research Tropical Agriculture, AMeces Consultancy International, Wallersheim, GERMANY
  3520. Tony Van Stokkum Cheese maker and organic farmer, NEW ZEALAND
  3521. Ren Van Wanrooij NETHERLANDS
  3522. Lola Vance I am a licensed esthetician and body therapist , spa industry, Shell Beach, UNITED STATES
  3523. Steven Vandenberg MBA, Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3524. Beatriz Vandergoes Cultural Anthropologist BA MA expertise on North Sumatra Indonesia , Leiden, NETHERLANDS
  3525. Gary Vandermolen Bachelor of Science Northwestern University, Retired, San Francisco Bay Area, UNITED STATES
  3526. Gerry Vandervaart Hydronics engineer, Universal Hydronics, Niagara Falls Ont, CANADA
  3527. Delena Vanover College educated teacher, UNITED STATES
  3528. R Vanstrien consumer, UNITED STATES
  3529. Robert Vanwagner health and food activist, Oakhurst, UNITED STATES
  3530. Vera Maria Vargas Ferreira advogada civilista, Porto Alegre, BRAZIL
  3531. Dag Vatne Veterinarian surgeon, Dyredoktoren, Sandnes, NORWAY
  3532. Roger Vaughan Ten years research of foods and drugs GM foods and illness cures not manufactured by big pharma, Brisbane, AUSTRIA
  3533. Amanda Vazquez BS Management and Ethics, Clearwater, UNITED STATES
  3534. Erik Vegt activist, mam, Groningen, NETHERLANDS
  3535. Francois Veillerette , G n rations Futures, Paris, FRANCE
  3536. Cecilia Velasquez Sociology Undergraduate UC Davis, UNITED STATES
  3537. Frederik Willem Veldink BA BEd MA History Teacher Mentor History and Geography, Manitoba Teachers Society, Arnes Manitoba, CANADA
  3538. Cornelia Vellenga a concerned grandmother and former teacher, Waco Tx, UNITED STATES
  3539. Robert Jan Verhoek Librarian, The Hague, NETHERLANDS
  3540. Shirley Verhoorn Bachelor of Fine Arts, Denmark, UNITED STATES
  3541. Angela Verley Concerned member of the public, Leominster, UNITED KINGDOM
  3542. Glenda Verlinden Bachelor of Science, gardeninng, Mount Gilead, UNITED STATES
  3543. Robert Verlinden Experience expert about international political trials of GMO based on my duties mentioned in the preamble of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ICCPR , Foundation for the prevention of Abuse of Genetic Manipulation, Rotterdam Holland , NETHERLANDS
  3544. Dusanka Verschuur Educated consumer, Consumer, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  3545. Ingelin Vestly Bachelor in therapuetic Arts and natural medicine, Baldron, Oslo, NORWAY
  3546. Marlene Vidmar B S Medical Technology, Grand Junction Co, UNITED STATES
  3547. Anne Vieira B A , Front Royal, UNITED STATES
  3548. Juli Viel concerned mom, Ofallon, UNITED STATES
  3549. Meike May Vierstra We are an organisation campaigning on agricultural issues, ASEED Europe, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
  3550. Laura Viherlahti BA MBA natural wellness business owner Saltroom of Spokane, Washington, UNITED STATES
  3551. Donna Viitanen an informed consumer for healthy eating, Sierra Vista Az, UNITED STATES
  3552. Wayne Viitanen Ph D American Literature Board Member pf tje Friends of the San Pedro River AZ, non scientific, UNITED STATES
  3553. Tony Villar organic chemistry, Naga, PHILIPPINES
  3554. Abel Villarreal Houston, UNITED STATES
  3555. Maria Vincelli concerned citizen who demands that so called scientists stop destroying this planet , Montreal, CANADA
  3556. Robert Vinciguerra Independent researcher, Manalapan, UNITED STATES
  3557. Bill Vinson Information Technology, Dallas, UNITED STATES
  3559. Dina Visuri MS Occupational Therapy Health Coach, UNITED STATES
  3560. Luis C Vite Master of Science MS Bachelor of Science BS in Chemical Engineering, Global Consulting Co , Pasadena Ca, UNITED STATES
  3561. Kirsi Vitikka Master of Laws, 1953, Helsinki, FINLAND
  3562. Howard Vlieger Primary Coordinator and Co Author of Lifetime Pig Study and GM Grain, Maurice, UNITED STATES
  3563. Carolyn Vogt Food Safety Advocate, Austin, UNITED STATES
  3564. Jan Voisey Continued interest after involvement in drug testing in the past with the Welcome Foundation and Glaxo, Minehead, UNITED KINGDOM
  3565. James Vokac physics educator MS, UNITED STATES
  3566. Wendy Von no degree a concerned citizen, Rhinelander, UNITED STATES
  3567. Raynard Von Hahn B Comm LLB, Genesis Law Corp , Vancouver, CANADA
  3568. Kay Von Tress BA University of Pennsylvania, Menlo Park Ca, UNITED STATES
  3569. Sumeth Vongpanitlerd Special interest in EMF effects on health PhD in Electrical Engineering, THAILAND
  3570. Lieselotte Vonroch My Neighbor who took care of my Yard used Roundup without my permissen and killed my beautifull Roses I see the damage this krab has done , Kelso, UNITED STATES
  3571. Benedict Voon None However I care for our planet and civilization , SINGAPORE
  3572. Todd Voorhees Natural Foods Grocery Industry for 23 Years, Whole Foods Markets, Atlanta, UNITED STATES
  3573. Sandra Vos concerned citizen, Ms , Big River Ca, UNITED STATES
  3574. Teri Voss High School graduate, Boise, UNITED STATES
  3575. Serge Vrabec Masters in Communications Truth Award 2008, Salem, UNITED STATES
  3576. Vivian Vukojevich only my own personal reading research, Southern California, UNITED STATES
  3577. Johannes F Vuursteen phyto s plant hormones female cancers seminars courses, Orthomolecular prac tzr, Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS
  3578. John F Vuursteen natural healing specialist, Hoofddorp, NETHERLANDS
  3580. Erin W UNITED STATES
  3581. James Wadas concerned citizen, Sault Ste Marie, CANADA
  3582. Jennifer Wagler Registered Nurse, North Adams Michigan, UNITED STATES
  3583. Carina Wagner Traditional Chinese Medicine Licensed Acupuncturist, Sebastopol, UNITED STATES
  3584. Eleanor Wagner JD, Downers Grove, UNITED STATES
  3585. Elise Wagner Degree in Holistic Nutrition, Northborough, UNITED STATES
  3586. Margaret Wagner concerned citizen, Los Angeles Ca, UNITED STATES
  3587. Richard Wagner Jr BS in Business Administration Northwestern U, Warrenton, UNITED STATES
  3588. Elizabeth Wagner Newell UNITED STATES
  3589. Lori Waite B A Filmaking awarded Best Editor by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2004, Brentwood, UNITED STATES
  3590. Max Wakefield Wakefield Campaigner, London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3591. Mark Walczak I study GMO and its effects on biolife and see only one solution STOP buying gmo products , concern citizen, Mississauga, CANADA
  3592. Thomas Walden organic gardener massage therapist computer software test engineer professional pilot, citizen, Broken Arrow, UNITED STATES
  3593. S Waldrop We the People, Taylors Sc, UNITED STATES
  3594. Karen Walker Bachelor of Science Dedicated student of nutrition and health Mother , UNITED STATES
  3595. Ken Walker Have studied researched health and nutrition for the last eight years and in the process have reversed my osteoporsis got rid of 95 of my arthritis brought my total cholesterol down to 150 from 200 lowered my blood pressure and I do not take any prescription drugs , Glenrock Wy, UNITED STATES
  3596. William Walker BA languages, Montrose, UNITED KINGDOM
  3597. David Wall BS Agric Forestry MA Bus Mgt Member Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Grp Nominated for Bd of Dir Gardening activist Write gardening articles for newspapers Member TX Organic Farmers Gardeners Organization Member OK Forestery Assoc President OSU Forestry Alumni , Sother Sustainable Africulture Working Group, Mount Pleasant, UNITED STATES
  3598. Rob Wallaart Drs Biochemistry, Leiden, NETHERLANDS
  3599. Jim Wallace BS biology and psychology, Canby Oregon, UNITED STATES
  3600. Fiona Walsh New York, UNITED STATES
  3601. Victoria Walter concerned mother feeding her young, UNITED STATES
  3602. Alisa Walterhoefer Educated consumer mother gardener and health advocate , UNITED STATES
  3603. Cathy Walters A concerned person about the poisoning of our food supply, Evansville, UNITED STATES
  3604. Donald Waltman BS MS in Physics, State College, UNITED STATES
  3605. Rosalind Walton BA Hons Psychology Queen s University Kingston ON Canada, Kingston, CANADA
  3606. Dalong Wang S awd, rpg, CHINA
  3607. Joanne Wannan University graduate concerned citizen, Toronto, CANADA
  3608. Dian Wanner CREDO, Wenatchee, UNITED STATES
  3609. Geoffrey Ward 12 years of involvement with an organic farmers cooperative , Farmer Direct Cooperative, Regina, CANADA
  3610. Janet Ward I established a professional development program which partnered math science and humanities teachers , private citizen, New Hampshire, UNITED STATES
  3611. John Ward I am an Electronics Technician My passion for the past 30 years has been health and wellness and particularly nutrition , self, Santa Maria Ca, UNITED STATES
  3612. Hannah Wardle msc light and lighting , London, UNITED KINGDOM
  3613. Steve Ware Secondary school, CANADA
  3614. Denise Waring no degrees or awards am an organic farmer raising organic birds fruits and vegetables, birds and blooms farm, Canal Fulton, UNITED STATES
  3615. Kathleen Warner educated and concerned mother and citizen, UNITED STATES
  3616. Ty Warren MFA Digital Arts ACSM certified personal trainer cyclist runner member of the human race, UNITED STATES
  3617. Dan P Warren D C I hold a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine I am now retired , Surrey B C , CANADA
  3618. M Rcia L Washington LL M Int l and European Protection of Human Rights 2003 during which I wrote The Human Right to Adequate Food and Genetically Modified Food , Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL
  3619. Susan Washington I eat food, Waiheke Island, NEW ZEALAND
  3620. Willliam Waskul concerned human, Milan Mi, UNITED STATES
  3621. Bente Waterhouse None science should NEVER be used to sell promote business interests it leads to mistrust in science invalidating genuine studies, UNITED KINGDOM
  3622. Christine Waters Nurse healthcare worker, Overland Park Ks, UNITED STATES
  3623. R Waters Human, UNITED STATES
  3624. Dr John G Watson Doctor of Chiropractic with personal interest in nutritional issues for 30 years , Mantua Utah, UNITED STATES
  3625. Larae Watson Masters in Education Bachelors in Business, UNITED STATES
  3626. Mary Watson nutritionist and grower, Rio Rico , UNITED STATES
  3627. Philip Watson St Ives, UNITED KINGDOM
  3628. Rebecca Watt Monkton Md , UNITED STATES
  3629. Rhonda Watts Hettinger School teacher B A Ed author, Wilton New Hampshire, UNITED STATES
  3630. Pamela Waugh Reiki Master, Palm Harbor, UNITED STATES
  3631. Louis Weady Masters MBA, Royal Printing Service, Guilford, UNITED STATES
  3632. Lorinda Weatherall B Sc Physical Anthropology, CANADA
  3633. D Weaver Concerned Consumer, UNITED STATES
  3634. Melissa Weaver Paralegal and Cosmetology Aesthetics, Self, Phoenix, UNITED STATES
  3635. Steven Weaver Orlando, UNITED STATES
  3636. Bob Webb none consumer, UNITED STATES
  3637. David Webb BA degree, Arizona, UNITED STATES
  3638. Joann Webb Retired Registered Dental Hygienist, UNITED STATES
  3639. Peter Webb Business Owner in Agricultural area , Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
  3640. Joanna Weber Nutrition Consultant M A M Ed B S , Kailua Kona, UNITED STATES
  3641. John Weber M S Degree , Bundaberg, AUSTRALIA
  3642. Mary Weber retired nurse, Wurtsboro, UNITED STATES
  3643. Miriam Weber NMD Naturopathic Physician L Ac Masters in Oriental Medicine Licensed Acupuncturist , Private Practice, Tucson AZ, UNITED STATES
  3644. Di Webster Beekeeper, UNITED KINGDOM
  3645. Kelly Webster I study healthy aging everyday , Ms , Roseville, UNITED STATES
  3646. Kevin Webster Research Academic, Texas, UNITED STATES
  3647. Terry Webster BSc Chemistry Keele England, Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  3648. Penny Webster Brown Human Being with an interest in staying that way, Alton, UNITED KINGDOM
  3649. John Wehunt I am a concerned citizen that seeks truth, Justin, UNITED STATES
  3650. Vera Weikel Computer Science B S , UNITED STATES
  3651. Skye Weintraub Licensed Naturopathic Physician expertise in nutrition allergies and GI issues 2012 best nutritionist in Eugene award, Dr Skye Weintraub ND, Eugene Oregon, UNITED STATES
  3652. Joyce Weisberger M S in Nursing, New York, UNITED STATES
  3653. Jimmy Weishaar BS Chamistry Kansas State University 1978, Overland Park Ks, UNITED STATES
  3654. Anthony Weishar human rights activist, Willoughby Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3655. Gabriel Weiss Certified Health Coach Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Essential Ecology, UNITED STATES
  3656. Stu Weiss Retired engineer, Lake Ronkonkoma, UNITED STATES
  3657. Barbara Wellbeloved BA, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
  3658. Jonathan Wellingham BSc Hons Electronic Engineering Personal interest in food and health , Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  3659. Rosie Wellingham First Degree BA Hons Social Anthropology, Bristol, UNITED KINGDOM
  3660. Malcolm Wellington diploma in counselling psychology, CANADA
  3661. Trevor Wells Lawyer and farmer, Muizenberg, SOUTH AFRICA
  3662. Daniel Wenger BA in History and Secondary Education MA in History, UNITED STATES
  3663. Ileana Wenger Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, OC Flock Management Inc , Bowden, CANADA
  3664. Isolde Werkhoven GUATEMALA
  3665. Bruce Werner , Mr , Palm Springs, UNITED STATES
  3666. Ken Wertz Conscious citizen with a very high B S detector i e lie detector built in , Shinealight, Pine Grove, UNITED STATES
  3667. Ruth West MA ex Visiting Scholar Green Templeton College Oxford, Campaign for Real Trust, Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM
  3668. John Westendorp BA MD only minor in science though , CANADA
  3669. Christine Westerlund Masters from the University of Provence France, Narvik, NORWAY
  3670. Christine Westfeldt LPC NBCC Counselor deeply concerned about the health of her family friends community, Fairview, UNITED STATES
  3671. William Westmancott Concerned consumer, Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM
  3672. Elaine Weston BA Arts, retired, Deerfield Beach, UNITED STATES
  3673. Margaret Weston Organic gardener researcher informed concerned consumer BLArch, Austin, UNITED STATES
  3674. Michael Weston Concerned American for Healthy Food Supply, UNITED STATES
  3675. Alan Weyman retired systems engineer, Beccles, UNITED KINGDOM
  3676. Felicity Weymer LPN RMT, Stettler Alberta, CANADA
  3677. Lawrence Whalley BA Economics CPCU CLU ARM ALCM ARP ARe AU AIC AMIM, Insurance, Cary, UNITED STATES
  3678. Pam Wheat human being that wants non GMO food for humanity, UNITED STATES
  3679. Hank Wheeler BA Psychology Univ of Colorado, Canon City, UNITED STATES
  3680. William Wheeler civil engineer, Heredia, COSTA RICA
  3681. Dru Wheelin Avid reader and retired Health teacher, Ithaca Ny, UNITED STATES
  3682. Robin Whelan AA degree NURSING, UNITED STATES
  3683. Don White no degrees Researcher, UNITED STATES
  3684. Eric White Masters Degree with interests in environmental health, UNITED STATES
  3685. Katharine White Have studied environmental and health impacts of GE for past fifteen years, NEW ZEALAND
  3686. Katherine B White Madison Ms, UNITED STATES
  3687. Marian White Bachelors Degree in business, Morrison, UNITED STATES
  3688. Roger White Professional beekeeper, Superbee Apiaries, Larnaca, CYPRUS
  3689. Susan White Intelligent citizen of the United States, UNITED STATES
  3690. Zach White I am a computer repair tech and work at a health food store I am not a scientist but I study existing science , Southern Oregon, UNITED STATES
  3691. Pj Whitehead CPT and human being, Sheffield, UNITED STATES
  3692. Scott Whitelaw Bachelors Degree, CANADA
  3693. Ollie Whitener Mckinney Tx, UNITED STATES
  3694. Andrew Whitley MSc in Food Policy Vice Chair of The Soil Association, Bread Matters Ltd, Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM
  3695. Piers Whitley A great deal of knowledge about the hazards of GMO both the growing of the crops and the effect of the resultant produce when consumed by humans and livestock, Monaco, MONACO
  3696. Graeme Whitlock 62 years of living , Khon Kaen, THAILAND
  3697. Jennifer Whitlock BA BBA MBA, UNITED STATES
  3698. Mark Whittaker BA MPhil , DENMARK
  3699. Karen Whyte Hamilton, CANADA
  3700. Suzanne Wickham Sociologist, Perth, AUSTRALIA
  3701. Lonnie Widler UNITED STATES
  3702. Rachael Wiese Psychology, UNITED STATES
  3703. Michael Wiesenbach BS Professional Aviation AAS Electronics Technology, UNITED STATES
  3704. Morten Wiik thrutseeker , Oslo, NORWAY
  3705. Ser Wijenbergh electrical engineer , Maastricht, NETHERLANDS
  3706. Timothy Wilbers Bachelor of science, Groningen, NETHERLANDS
  3707. Teri Wildauer Port Washington, UNITED STATES
  3708. Jim Wilday BS Business Admin, GMO Free NJ, Long Beach Twp, UNITED STATES
  3709. Jim Wilday Sr Lay person Co leader of GMO Free NJ Health Coach, UNITED STATES
  3710. Sandra Wilkes Master of Science in Oriental Medicine Doctor of Oriental Medicine New Mexico , UNITED STATES
  3711. David Will B S Agriculture Education Texas A M Univ M A Agriculture Sam Houston State University Texas Certified Landscape Professional 2, Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, New Braunfels Texas, UNITED STATES
  3712. Laurie Willberg Health journalist, Toronto, CANADA
  3713. Francine Williamosn Golden Co, UNITED STATES
  3714. Amanda Williams BA Hons European Business Studies former Pharmaceutical industry employee with exposure to marketing and regulatory affairs Independent campaigner with specific interest in agrochemicals and bees for 5 years , www buzzaboutbees net, Wales, UNITED KINGDOM
  3715. Dave Williams none , siera club, Bear, UNITED STATES
  3716. Jennifer Williams Physical Therapist, Illinois, UNITED STATES
  3717. John Williams Concerned citizen BS degree Southern Illinois University USA , Everett, UNITED STATES
  3718. Joyce Williams Concerned citizen consumer writer philosopher and ethicist, Cleveland, UNITED STATES
  3719. Kent Williams Graphic Design, UNITED STATES
  3720. Lee Ann Williams Director of Food4Hull social enterprise aiming to improve availability of and access to healthy local food environment and food campaigner , Food4Hull, Hull East Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM
  3721. Lisa Williams nurse, UNITED STATES
  3722. Romona Williams business, Manistee, UNITED STATES
  3723. Scott Williams BA MA in Economics, UNITED STATES
  3724. Simon Williams BTech Degree Production Engineering and Management, Freelance Technical Journalist, Buckfastleigh, UNITED KINGDOM
  3725. Sharon Willie DOE TEACHER 30 yrs , GMO FREE HAWAII, Hawaii, UNITED STATES
  3726. Jean Willson Medical doctor Herbalist , CANADA
  3727. Barb Wilson just a concerned citizen, Togo, CANADA
  3728. Barbara Wilson BA Registered Dietitian, UNITED STATES
  3729. Celia Wilson BFA Hons , Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
  3730. Dave Wilson Red seal Millwright, Edmonton, CANADA
  3731. Dianne Wilson B A college degree, Ms , Sequim, UNITED STATES
  3732. Donnie Wilson MSc, Comox Bc, CANADA
  3733. Janice Wilson I am a lay person who takes my health very seriously with respect to the foods I eat and where they come from , no affliations, Mississauga, CANADA
  3734. John Wilson Degrees in engineering and science from Newcastle University and the Open university, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UNITED KINGDOM
  3735. Kathleen Wilson incomplete science major, oneconcernedcitizen, Hanford, UNITED STATES
  3736. Margaret Wilson I am a retired pensioner with an interest in our world and want to help clean our environment by adding my support , CANADA
  3737. Marsha Wilson concerned citizien mom grand mother, Crane Or, UNITED STATES
  3738. Pete Wilson no expertise but rationality, Mr , Pahoa, UNITED STATES
  3739. Sandra Wilson UNITED STATES
  3740. Scott Wilson P T L Ac Institute of Integrative Nutrition certificate, Northeastern Pa, UNITED STATES
  3741. Stu Wilson conservation philanthropist, UNITED STATES
  3742. Barry W Wilt Not a guinea pig for Monsanto, Smoky Mountains, UNITED STATES
  3743. Alice Winborne BA Concerned citizen, Puerto Vallarta, MEXICO
  3744. Dallas Windham Dallas, UNITED STATES
  3745. Gerry Winner Lived 76 years free of GMO s and still going , Self, Tumwater, UNITED STATES
  3746. Shelby Winstead Certified Holistic Health Coach BS in Chemistry, Silver Wellspring Health Coaching, Silver Spring, UNITED STATES
  3747. Jacqueline Winter Masters degree in Social Work, Individual and Relationship Counseling Center, Honolulu, UNITED STATES
  3748. David Wire Elecctrical Engineer but not participating from a purely scientific approach, Colorado, UNITED STATES
  3749. Eva Wisenbeck UNITED KINGDOM
  3750. John Wisener Post Grad Information Technology, UNITED STATES
  3751. Kristin Wisgirda Acupuncturist, Brockton Ma, UNITED STATES
  3752. Barbara Wishingrad BA History UC Berkeley registered midwife NARM certifications in water harvesting and greywater installation WMG and Greywater Action USA, Sweetwater Collaborative, Santa Barbara, UNITED STATES
  3753. Michele Witkowski RN, Dunnellon, UNITED STATES
  3754. Esther Witte Veterinary Technician A S Degree, Los Angeles, UNITED STATES
  3755. Roslynn Witte Registered Nurse, Scottsdale Az, UNITED STATES
  3756. Mike Woelfel Human consumer , Houston, UNITED STATES
  3757. Sean Wofford student , UNITED STATES
  3758. Andrzej Wojtaszek Nutrition, UNITED STATES
  3759. Christine Wolf Homemaker, Utah, UNITED STATES
  3760. Ken Wolfe A concerned citizen, Nova Scotia, CANADA
  3761. Lee Wolfe Ontario, CANADA
  3762. Robert Wolfe Nutrition w biological science major, Self, Murray City, UNITED STATES
  3763. Cathleen Wolff RN BSN ONC, Monee, UNITED STATES
  3764. Nathaniel Womble I am a person endowed with sound reasoning and intellect , individual, Atlanta, UNITED STATES
  3765. Dan Wood South Portland Maine, UNITED STATES
  3766. Kelly Wood just an aware consumer, Lebanon, UNITED STATES
  3767. Victoria Wood Master s in Nutritional Biochemistry, Takoma Park Md, UNITED STATES
  3768. Grace Woodbury BA Anthropology and Political Studies, nil, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  3769. Douglas Woodcock non scientist, Fernandina Beach, UNITED STATES
  3770. Jamie Woods American consumer who wants healthy food to eat and has suffered from eating GMO products, US citizen, Edgewater, UNITED STATES
  3771. Jan Woods MA Literature University of California Davis , Woodland, UNITED STATES
  3772. Elizabeth Woodworth Health Sciences Librarian 25 years several awards, Victoria, CANADA
  3773. Donald Sharon Woolery Practiced as licensed architect focusing on technical aspects of construction products Member of CSI , UNITED STATES
  3774. Max Wootton Im not, Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM
  3775. Matthew Worthington BS in Industrial Technology, Ijamsville, UNITED STATES
  3776. Jessica Wortsmann Registered Dietitian, UNITED STATES
  3777. Kennard Wottowa MBA Booth Graduate School of Business multiple patent holder Eagle Scout, Chicago, UNITED STATES
  3778. Abigail Wright software quality assurance, UNITED STATES
  3779. Bonnie Wright Student of Life A voice for NH grassroots, NH Right To Know GMO, Salem Nh, UNITED STATES
  3781. Randall Wright A private citizen interested in maintaining a SAFE food supply , Edmond Ok, UNITED STATES
  3782. Susan Wright interested party no degree, Sh Pk, CANADA
  3783. Caroline Wrightson BA L Ac, UNITED STATES
  3784. Biying Wu N A , Shishi Fujian, CHINA
  3785. Shouqiang Wu We all need to know the truth need much , CHINA
  3786. Ingrid Wubben Occupationl therapist Early childhood teacher Tomatis Practitioner 1 Intelligent Caring Human Being, Kerikeri, NEW ZEALAND
  3787. Beth Wubbolt I am a register nurse a mother and a concerned citizen, Bethlehem, UNITED STATES
  3788. Bianca Wulff BA Psychology Business, UNITED STATES
  3789. Ken Wylie autoelectrician, Home, Margaret River, AUSTRALIA
  3790. Sally Wylie teaching degree, Home, Margaret River, AUSTRALIA
  3791. Dianna Wyman Bachelor of Science Music Education, UNITED STATES
  3792. Bai Xiao junior student, CHINA
  3793. Ireene Sointu Xxxx BA Hons, UNITED KINGDOM
  3794. Steve Yandall estate manager environmentalist, Cornwall, UNITED KINGDOM
  3795. Xu Yang Bachelor, Beijing, CHINA
  3796. Jiumin Yao We urge FCT to reverse this appalling decision and further to issue a fulsome public apology to Seralini and his colleagues Until you accede to our request we will boycott Elsevier i e decline to purchase Elsevier products to publish review or do editorial work for Elsevier , TANGSHAN NORMAL UNIVERSITY, Tangshan, CHINA
  3797. Ruihong Yao Assistant Engineer, Liaoning , CHINA
  3798. David Yaron MSW, Bowen Island, CANADA
  3799. Stephan Yedinak B S Physics University of Rochester M S Engineering Economics Stanford University, search, Beaverton, UNITED STATES
  3800. Dennis Yee awarded, Staten Island, UNITED STATES
  3801. Venkata Subba Rao Yerramalle Btech ECE, INDIA
  3802. Sue Yokitis Nanty Glo Pa, UNITED STATES
  3803. Holly Yokoyama just concerned citizen with health issues, Rancho Cucamonga, UNITED STATES
  3804. Elizabeth York BSc in Maths including studying logic and statistics retired RGN retired HV Health Visitor training and work involving health promotion , Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM
  3805. Richard York B Ed Hons irrelevant here but long term follower of GM issues concerned for honest science to be heard , Northampton, UNITED KINGDOM
  3806. Hillary Yosowitz Bachelor degree education, Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3807. Beetty Young one on one educator against gmo foods by a senior citizen, Jefferson Co Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3808. Betty Young high school graduate, Richmond Ohio, UNITED STATES
  3809. Chris Young concerned person, Nanaimo, CANADA
  3810. Debra Young Teacher, UNITED STATES
  3811. Irene Young University of Life, NEW ZEALAND
  3812. Jessica Young college student, Sedalia, UNITED STATES
  3813. John Young I ve been an dairy producer herd manager general manager partner and sole owner of dairy farms from 110 cows to 6100 cows and a senior consultant in the dairy production industry , Wellness and Prosperity Options, Weyauwega, UNITED STATES
  3814. Rev Vincent Young STD in Moral Theology STL in Medical Ethics BS in Education, Upland, UNITED STATES
  3815. Scott Kg Young Enlightened Consumer, YIH LLC, Traverse City, UNITED STATES
  3816. Vincent Young BS STL MA, Upland, UNITED STATES
  3817. Willaim Young Masters of Science in Exercise and Sport Scineces University of Flordia 1996, 807 Wellness Group, Florida, UNITED STATES
  3818. Alice Youngblood organic grower mother grandmother great grandmother, Powhatan Va, UNITED STATES
  3819. Brinda Youngblood I have no degrees or awards but I do have a 2 by 3 TUMOR and I ve been eating unbeknown to me GMO corn wheat a long time, I m a wife mother and grandmother, Texas, UNITED STATES
  3820. George Younge Academic Humanities , University of York, York, UNITED KINGDOM
  3821. Philip Yu licensed acupuncturist, UNITED STATES
  3822. Wing Sin Yu Keylontic science and astrophysics, HONG KONG
  3823. Diana Yungbluth None other than common sense, Waterford Mi, UNITED STATES
  3824. Caroline Yunker B S degree in Business Administration, Ms , Albany, UNITED STATES
  3825. Susan Yurychuk New Denver, CANADA
  3826. Beck Yvette master in philosophy, FRANCE
  3827. Maureen Ellen Zaccaria Teacher of scientific English in university hospital scientific translations, Personal, Bari, ITALY
  3828. Elias Zamaria San Francisco, UNITED STATES
  3829. Orlando Zambrana HVAC Technician, Lake Mary, UNITED STATES
  3830. Esther Zamora Concerned American citizen , Victorville, UNITED STATES
  3831. Lillian Zapata BA, Dickinson, UNITED STATES
  3832. Vladimir Zarkov Masters degree in Philosophy, Sofia, BULGARIA
  3833. Kevin Zegel Doctor of Chiropractic, Integrative Chiropractic, Haverhill, UNITED STATES
  3834. Jacqueline Zehden BBA in Accounting no scientific expertise, UNITED STATES
  3835. He Zehong 2bl q , CHINA
  3836. Qinwei Zhang degree, CHINA
  3837. Hua Zhao Television Screenwriter, Food Safety Volunteers, Shanghai, CHINA
  3838. De Hua Zhou Cheng Du, CHINA
  3839. Maria Ziegler Mechanical Engineer Homeopath Nutritionist Naturopath, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
  3840. Charlene Zilius M A retired senior psychologist health advocate, Nevada County Ca, UNITED STATES
  3841. Annelies Zimmer Concerned Consumer and mother, London, CANADA
  3842. Philomena Zloch Concerned Consumer, Florida, UNITED STATES
  3843. Roger Znyski UNITED STATES
  3844. Charles Zollner Doctor of Chiropractic, Zollner Precision Chiropractic Inc , San Rafael , UNITED STATES
  3845. Tony Zopa fda, UNITED STATES
  3846. Monica Zoppe Biologist, Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, ITALY
  3847. Samia Zouein BA Childhood Youth Studies, GHANA
  3848. Mark Zuckerman bachelor science, Northridge, UNITED STATES
  3849. Cheryl Zuehlsdorff Registered Dietitian, Winston Salem, UNITED STATES
  3850. Dorann Zuke Kamuela, UNITED STATES
  3851. Lisa Zure BA with Honors Liberal Studies UCSB Activist Writer Editor Teacher, Ms , San Anselmo, UNITED STATES
  3852. Naomi Zürcher Consulting Arborist Master Composter trained Beekeeper, Arbor Aegis, Lucerne, SWITZERLAND

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