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Science in Society #42 - Summer 2009

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From the Editors
More than Banking Needs to Change
Freeing the World from GM
The Golden Rice Scandal Unfolds
Who Owns Life, Not Monsanto?
Corporate Monopoly of Science
Death by Multiple Poisoning, Glyphosate and Roundup
Acceptance of GM Crops Exaggerated
Call for Direct Witness Evidence of GM Hazards & Failures
Letters to the Editor
Sustainable World
Saline Agriculture to Feed and Fuel the World
Harvesting Waste Heat to Save the Climate
Reef to Replace Barrage to Tap the Tides?
An Urban Dream Farm for London?
Cooperative for Health, Food Security & Environment
Against the Credit Crunch
Technology Watch
‘Biologicals’, Wonder Drugs with Problems
Magnifection, Safe Pharming or Doomsday Device?
Malaria Vaccine Trials Raise Concerns over Risks to Infants
Epigenetics and Beyond
Epigenetic Inheritance through Sperm Cells, the Lamarckian Dimension in Evolution
Darwin’s Pangenesis, the Hidden History of Genetics, & the Dangers of GMOs
Intercommunication via Circulating Nucleic Acids
Health Watch
Super-Toxic Cocktails

Article first published 17/02/16

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