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Banishing Glyphosate

Banishing Glyphosate - Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and others

Glyphosate/Roundup, falsely claimed by Monsanto to be safe and harmless, has become the world’s most widely and pervasively used herbicide; it has brought rising tides of birth defects, cancers, fatal kidney disease, sterility, and dozens of other illnesses - more

Ban GMOs Now

Ban GMOs Now - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Dr. Eva Sirinathsinghji

Health & environmental hazards especially in the light of the new genetics - more

Living Rainbow H2O

Living Rainbow H2O - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

A unique synthesis of the latest findings in the quantum physics and chemistry of water that tells you why water is the “means, medium, and message of life” - more

The Rainbow and the Worm - the Physics of Organisms

The Rainbow and the Worm - the Physics of Organisms - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

“Probably the Most Important Book for the Coming Scientific Revolution” - more

Science in Society #60 - Winter 2013

The only radical science magazine on Earth

Science in Society 60 cover


From the Editors
Scientific American Disinformation on GMOs
New Paradigm Food & Agriculture
Paradigm Shift Urgently Needed In Agriculture - UN Agencies Call for an End to Industrial Agriculture & Food System
Plants Warn One Another of Pest Attack through Mycorrhizal Fungal Network
Post-2015 Development: Africans Show the Way
Nitrogen-fixing for All Crops Not the Answer
Physics of Organisms
Galaxy Making Stars at the Edge of the Universe & Other “Surprises”
Continuous Creation from Electric Plasma versus Big Bang Universe
Biology of Organisms
Non-Random Directed Mutations Confirmed
The Principle of Minimal Stimulus in the Dynamics of the Living Organism
Towards 100% Renewables
Renewable Ousting Fossil Energy - Radical Grid Transformation under Way
Surviving Global Warming - Localized Food & Energy Systems in Nature’s Circular Economy
Sunny Prospects for Solar Photovoltaic
Japanese Farmers Producing Crops and Solar Energy Simultaneously
Funding for Small Scale Anaerobic Digesters in England
Sustainable water
Purple Root Water Hyacinth A Natural Remedy for Pollution
Freeing the world from GMOs
Scientists Declare No Consensus on GMO Safety
Beware the Changing Face of Genetic Modification

Article first published 17/02/16

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