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Science in Society #66 - Summer 2015

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From the Editors
Ending GMOs Now
Health Watch
Low Fat & Low Saturated Fat Diet Bad for Health
Statins for the Healthy are Harmful
MMR Controversy Reignites
Freeing the World from GMOs
Glyphosate ‘Probably Carcinogenic to Humans’ Latest WHO Assessment
Ten NGOs Ask China to Stop Producing Glyphosate to Protect World Health
Biodiversity or GMOs: Will The Future of Nutrition Be in Women’s Hands or Under Corporate Control?
Devastating Impacts of Glyphosate Use with GMO Seeds in Argentina
Goats Fed GM Soybean Produce Abnormal Milk, Reduces Weight of Off-Spring
Bt Brinjal Fails Two Years Running Risks Spreading Disease
Elsevier Climb Down over Séralini Retraction but IARC Retraction Next for Monsanto
100 % Renewables
Supercapacitors for Flexible Energy Storage & Ultrafast Superpower
All-Carbon Graphene Supercapacitors Coming Part 1
Graphene Liquid Crystal Electric Dream Coat
No Nuclear
Spiralling Cost of Nuclear Power Station
New Age of Water
Rosetta for a Water Universe
Protons in Quantum Jazz Concert
Water Structured in the Golden Ratio

Article first published 15/05/15

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