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Science in Society #68 - Winter 2015

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From the Editors
Continuing Demise of GMOs
SiS Obituary - Michael Meacher
New Cosmology
Electric Plasma Universe Arrives
Earth's Magnetized Plasma Shield & Earth-Sun Connection
Many Things New around Our Electric Sun
‘Cosmic Web’ or Cosmic Electricity Grid
How the Electric Plasma Universe Creates Galaxies and Stars
Volkswagen & Others Cheat Because Regulators Are Toothless and Worse
Freeing the World from GMOs
GM African Cowpea to Enter African Markets
Teminator Mustard Must Not be Released
No Nuclear
A Dangerous Nuclear White Elephant
Food & Agriculture
No to Climate Smart Agriculture
Organic Food during Mother’s Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Male Birth Defects
Science & Democracy
The Secret Science Act
Physics of Organism
Yin & Yang Chinese Medicinal Herbs Identified by Light Emission

Article first published 18/11/15

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