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Are sustainable economic systems like organisms? (PDF download)

M.W. Ho in Evolution, Development and Economics (P. Koslowski, ed.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1998.

Bioelectrodynamics and Biocommunication - An Epilogue. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho and F.A. Popp. In Bioelectrodynamics and Biocommunication. M.W. Ho, F.A. Popp and U. Warnke, (eds.), World Scientific, Singapore, 1994.

Bioenergetics and the coherence of organisms. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho in Fundamental Research in Ultra High Dilution and Homeopathy. (J. Schulte and P. C. Endler eds.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 1998.

Biological Organization, Coherence and Light Emission from Living Organisms. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho and F.A. Popp. In Thinking About Biology W.D. Stein and F. Varela, eds.Addison-Wesley, New York, 1993.

Brief Exposure to Weak Static Magnetic Fields (PDF download)

Mae-Wan Ho, Tracy A Stone, Igor Jerman, John Bolton, Hilary Bolton, Brian C Goodwin, Peter T Saunders and Fraser Robertson

Can Weak Magnetic Fields (or Potentials) Affect Pattern Formation?. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho, A. French, J. Haffegee and P.T. Saunders. In Bioelectrodynamics and Biocommunication. M.W. Ho, F.A. Popp and U. Warnke, (eds.),World Scientific, Singapore, 1994.

Cancer a redox disease (PDF download)

Ho MW. ACNEM Journal 2013, 32, 12-18
Cancer cells are universally disturbed in their electronic energy balance, and understanding that potentially revolutionizes cancer therapy and prevention

Electrodynamic Activities and Their Role in Organisation of Body Pattern (PDF download)

M.W. Ho, S. Ross, H. Bolton, 1992
This paper reports some of the highlights of our investigations (both published and in progress) into the role of electrodynamical activities in the organization of body pattern in Drosophila

Influence of cations in extracellular liquid on delayed luminescence of acetabularia acetabulum. (PDF download)

Ho, M.W., Musumeci, F., Scordino, A. and Triglia, A. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology 45, 60-66, 1999.

Light Emission and Rescattering in Synchronous Populations of Early Drosophila Embryos - Evidence for Coherence and Long-range Cooperativity. (PDF download)

Ho, M.W., Xu, X., Ross, S., and Saunders, P.T. In Advances in Biophoton Research (F.A. Popp, K.H. Li and Q. Gu, eds.), World Scientific, Singapore, 1992.

Liquid crystalline meridians. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho and D.M. Knight. The American Journal of Chinese Medicine 26, 251-263, 1998.

Living Organization, the Coherence of Organisms and the Morphogenetic Field. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho, Y.M. Zhou and J. Haffegee. In Physical Theory in Biology Foundations and Explorations (C.J. Lumsden, W.A. Brandts and L.E.H. Trainor, eds.), pp. 225-241,World Scientific, Singapore, 1997.

Non-Thermal EMF Effects & Cell Water (PDF download)

Lecture given at the Green Network Charitable Trust conference, Science, Medicine and the Law, 31st January - 2nd Febuary, Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA), London, UK. This is a 3 part paper with presentation included.

On the nature of sustainable economic systems. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho World Futures 51, 199-221, 1998.

Organisms as Polyphasic Liquid Crystals. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho, J. Haffegee, R.H. Newton, S. Ross, Y.M. Zhou and J.P. Bolton. Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics 41, 81-91, 1996.

Primary and Secondary Waves in Development. (PDF download)

P.T. Saunders and M.W. Ho J. Theor. Biol 114: 491-504, 1985.

Quantitative image analysis of birefringent biological materials. (PDF download)

S. Ross, R. H. Newton, Y.M. Zhou, J. Haffegee, M.W. Ho, J. Bolton, D. Knight. J. Microscopy 187, 62-67, 1997.

Quantum coherence and conscious experience. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho Kybernetes 26, 263-276, 1997.

Super-Conducting Liquid Crystalline Water Aligned with Collagen Fibres in the Fascia as Acupuncture Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine (PDF download)

Mae-Wan Ho Forum on Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics 3(3-4), 221-236 (2012) Abstract: New evidence indicates that hydrogen is quantum delocalized between neighboring water molecules even in the liquid state, predisposing water to proton conduction, especially in confined nanospaces; water nanotubes aligned by collagen fibers fulfil all the criteria for proton superconduction, making them excellent candidates for meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, as first proposed 15 years ago. Keywords: quantum coherence, liquid crystalline water, meridians, collagen, proton conduction

Sustainable Systems as Organisms (electronic) (PDF download)

The authors Mae-Wan Ho and Robert Ulanowicz present a new conceptual model for understanding sustainable systems as organisms that is opposed to the dominant model of unlimited growth. It is a breakthrough to understanding energy relationships in living systems that updates the ecological approach of Eugene and Howard Odum

The Biology of Free Will. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho. J. Consciousness Studies 3, 231-244, 1996.

The Liquid Crystalline Organism & Biological Water (PDF download)

This highly original paper was extremely well received at the prestigious Gordon Research Conference. It extends work described in Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's book, The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms. Electronic version (PDF, requires adobe reader)

The Quantum Coherent Organism (PDF download)

Lecture at The Rank Prize Funds Symposium, Grasmere, Cumbria,19-22 April 2004

The Quantum Coherent Organism & EMF Sensitivity (PDF download)

Lecture given at Children with Leukaemia Scientific Conference, 6-10 September, Westminster, London.

Thermodynamics and Complex Systems. (PDF download)

P.T. Saunders and M.W. Ho. In Disequilibrium and Self-Orgnazation (C.W. Kilmister, ed.), pp 243-254, D.Reidl Publishing Co., Dordrecht, 1986.

Towards a theory of the organism. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho Integrative Physiology and Behavioral Sciences 1997.

What is (Schrödinger's) Negentropy? (PDF download)

M.W. Ho. Modern Trends in BioThermalKinetics 3, 50-61, 1994.


CATEGORY: Physics of Organisms (popular) PRICE BUY NOW
Acupuncture, Coherent Energy and Liquid Crystalline Meridians (PDF download)

The meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine recognizes a vital energy, qi, circulating in nature and in our body. Within the body, qi is said to circulate through channels known as meridians, which interconnect the viscera and limbs and the deeper and superficial layers of the body in a branching network of increasingly fine mesh

Gaia and the Evolution of Coherence. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho and F.A. Popp, Gaia in Action, Science of the Living Earth (P. Bunyard, ed.), pp. 220-233, Floris Books, 1995.

Natural Being and Coherent Society. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho In Gaia in Action, Science of the Living Earth (P. Bunyard, ed.), pp. 286-307, Floris Books, 1995.

Organism and psyche in a participatory universe. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho in The Evolutionary Outrider (D. Loye, ed.), Adamantine Press, UK and Praeger Books, USA, 1998.*

Physics of organisms and the naturalistic ethic of wholeness. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho, in Wider Horizons, Explorations in Science and Human Experience (D. Lorimer et al, eds.), pp. 73-9, Scientific and Medical Network, 1999.

The entangled universe (PDF download)

M.W. Ho Yes! A journal of positive futures #13, 20-23, 2000.

The new age of the organism. (PDF download)

M.W. Ho Architectural Design Profile No. 129, New Science = New Architecture?, Royal Academy of Arts, 1997.

To science with love, how science and scientists can contribute to the sustainability agenda. (PDF download)

Seminar on Education for Sustainable Economic Development, Learning and Skills Development Agency, 2002.*

Towards An Indigenous Western Science: Causality in the Universe of Coherent Space-time Structures. (PDF download)

Ho, M.W. In Reassessing the Metaphysical Foundations of Science (W. Harman, ed.), Noetic Sciences Institute, 1994.*


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