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Sustainable Cities as Organisms - A Circular Thermodynamics Perspective
Universal scaling of biological rates with body mass is based on thermodynamics, but requires a circular thermodynamics based on coupled cycles of energy and material transformation, which applies also to sustainable systems including cities
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 29th September 2014

Large Cities in USA less Green than Small Ones
Large cities emit more CO2 and earn no more per capita than small cities, contradicting the 'economy of scale' that makes larger cities 'greener' than small ones and raising doubt over claims of other benefits
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 15th September 2014

Learning to Flow
New science of water for life, new model for business Adrian Ho
Adrian Ho 5th June 2013

End of Drug Monopolies and Mega-profits?
Recent rulings in India may make it harder for big pharmaceutical companies to maintain their monopolies and very high prices, especially in the Third World
Prof Peter Saunders 15th April 2013

Circular Economy at Davos
Circular economy is entering mainstream in the business community as an answer to the global economic crisis, but will it really save the world?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 4th March 2013

Investment Banks & Financial Maths
Investment bankers are to blame for the credit crunch that has beggared nations, but what about financial mathematicians?
Prof. Peter Saunders and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st May 2012

Living, Green and Circular
The new Truly Green Economy needs to be modeled after and embedded within the circular economy of nature to generate and regenerate wealth for people and planet
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th January 2012

New Economy Now
Away from the headlines, a new economy is taking shape through financial innovations on the Main Street and grassroots local action
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th January 2012

“Shut Down Wall Street!”
The money and banking system that has brought the world’s economy to its knees should be allowed to collapse in favour of an alternative that serves people and planet
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 12th December 2011

Closed Loop, Cradle to Cradle, Circular Economy & the New Naturephilia
A new-found love of nature is shared by leaders of sustainable development and their ideas are beginning to find favour in the corridors of power
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th January 2011

Vampire Capitalism
You might think it’s impossible to buy a business using its money rather than your own, but private equity companies are able to do just that. The deals can be highly lucrative for them but at the expense of the employees, the taxpayer and people saving for their pensions
Prof. Peter Saunders 6th September 2010

Financing World Hunger
How the financial markets create hunger and make huge profits
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Peter Saunders 21st April 2010

More than Banking Needs to Change
The events of the past year have led to many hard questions being asked about our financial system and ‘free market economy’
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho & Prof. Peter Saunders 12th May 2009

Biotech Investment Busy Going Nowhere
Claire Robinson exposes the financial woes of the biotech industry
Claire Robinson 13th July 2004

Globalising Chinese Medicine
China has joined the World Trade Organisation, and the globalisation of her traditional medicines has begun. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho asks if that's good for health
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th April 2003

GM Debacle Continues
Desperate biotech corporations are deserting academic research despite massive bailouts from our governments. It is high time to redirect public investments away from this financial and intellectual dead-end
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th January 2003

The "Academic-Industrial-Military Complex" Engineering Life & Mind
The "academic-industrial-military complex" is shaping every aspect of our lives, beginning with the kind of science and scientific research that gets done and gets reported. We are not only losing our right to self-determination and self-sufficiency, but most seriously of all, our right to think differently from the corporate establishment. The suppression of scientific dissent threatens the survival of science and endangers lives.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Jonathan Matthews 30th October 2002

Blair’s Biotech Vision Clouded
Blair’s vision of biotechnology and science is outmoded and out of touch with market reality. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho asks why Blair and other governments are throwing even more public money away at a sinking titanic of enterprises, while vital health and agricultural services are disintegrating for want of rational investments.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 23rd June 2002

Biotech Fever Burning, Burning Out?
Biotechnology is a risky business, according to a new study in the United States, the nation that leads the world in biotechnology. Nor is there likely to be a biotech boom resembling that of information technology.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 22nd June 2002

Senior Scientist Dismissed for Defending Academic Standards
This is yet another blatant example of a university administration in bed with corporate business, and all too ready to sacrifice academic standards and academic freedom for commercial reasons
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 16th May 2001

The Corporate Take Over of Science
The corporate take over is here and threatening the foundations of democratic government. ISIS book review
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 26th January 2001

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