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Death Camp Fukushima Chernobyl

Now available as a pdf download here (10mb)

The potential future for the Fukushima children victims is written starkly in the government birth and death registries of the heavily contaminated regions in the Chernobyl fallout: close to a million excess deaths, a doubling or tripling of general mortality rates.

Many of the deaths and sicknesses could have been avoided had governments not done their best to suppress the evidence from the start, aided and abetted by the nuclear lobby posing as regulators.

This report is a succinct account of the real evidence from scientists and doctors persecuted for telling the truth. A global phase out of nuclear power is in order, given that a combination of renewable energy options can provide all our energy needs safely, sustainably, and at much more affordable costs.

Article first published 25/07/12

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David King Comment left 27th July 2012 00:12:56
Unfortunately most governments would probably react in the same way as Russia and Japan did. Suppress public information as long as possible. When eventually it is coomon knowledge the assure everyone that the problem is less than the engineers or scientists say it is. Then provide reassurance that the after effects are less than experts say it is. And so on!!!

U. Comment left 27th July 2012 00:12:30
Hm, the report might be interesting, and, of course, true. But still: What would it change after having read it? In my opinion, the report should be made available to government officials rather than to private people, however that might create a certain momentum of critisism. Is it intended to provide this report as something like a basic discussion paper between public and politics? I mean, just having the information doesn´t help a bit. Perhaps you should try to concentrate to market the paper particularely in Japan. I know that the catastrophe isn´t over, yet ... and the effects of it not for a long, long time (in parts of Germany, you still can´t eat mushrooms or boars since they still are too highly contaminated as a result of Chernobyl... And as far as I can see that, Fukushima is considerably worse than Chernobyl was/is...

Jim Wadas Comment left 12th January 2014 19:07:10
This is late but I'm just catching up to speed. There is no such thing as 'government!' It is simply a group of individuals who have established an organization wherein they make all the rules for everyone except themselves. They too are 'Private People'. As such, I give them no more credence than anyone else to be able to tell me what I should or should not know and why. Transparency is critical for open and honest discussion and decision making. Secrecy generally means coercion.