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Unifying Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity
Milo Wolff's Universe of coherent quantum matter waves claims to overcome difficulties and paradoxes in conventional quantum theory and general relativity with applications in electronics and cosmology
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 3rd March 2016

Mystery of Disappearing Quasars
A dozen quasars - the brightest furthest beacons of the early universe – have suddenly blinked out, forcing a rethink of conventional theory
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 24th February 2016

Gravitational Waves Exist, but Colliding Black Holes?
More than half a century of dedicated effort to build the most sensitive detectors of gravitational waves has finally paid off, but its presumed source remains unconvincing
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 22nd February 2016

How the Electric Plasma Universe Creates Galaxies and Stars
A coherent theory of how galaxies and stars are created only exists in the Electric Plasma Universe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 21st October 2015

‘Cosmic Web’ or Cosmic Electricity Grid
Observations on the largescale structure of the Universe over the past decades have given rise to the notion of the ‘cosmic web’, which is nothing if not the cosmic electricity grid of the Electric Plasma Universe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 19th October 2015

Many Things New around Our Electric Sun
On-going in situ measurements and sky mapping are revealing new and hidden structures in the magnetic plasma bubble around our Sun
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 7th October 2015

Earth's Magnetized Plasma Shield & Earth-Sun Connection
Earth’s layers of magnetized plasma shield its atmosphere from the solar wind, thereby protecting life as we know it, yet Earth-Sun connection may be more direct than anyone has imagined
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 23rd September 2015

Electric Plasma Universe Arrives
Astrophysicists have discovered plasma in our skies since the 1960s and increasingly regard plasma a key element in understanding not only Earth and our solar system, but also life and the universe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 21st September 2015

Supermagnetic Field or 'Supermassive Black Hole'
Huge magnetic fields in a quasar where a ‘supermassive black hole’ is supposed to be gives the lie to Big Bang theory and strong support instead for the Electric Plasma Universe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 5th August 2015

No Dark Matter Detected
Desperate search for dark matter with increasingly sensitive detectors has yielded nothing so far; maybe it never existed except in the standard theory of cosmology
Dr Mae Wan Ho 14th April 2014

Continuous Creation from Electric Plasma versus Big Bang Universe
The Big Bang Universe, 95 % unobservable in hypothetical dark matter and dark energy is giving way to one alive with electric plasma currents accumulating mass and transferring energy over galactic and intergalactic space in a cosmic extravaganza of constant creation
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 11th November 2013

Galaxy Making Stars at the Edge of the Universe and Other "Surprises"
The Universe is 14 billion years old, but galaxies were already making stars at prodigious rates by 700 million years after the Big Bang if not sooner, and there is no turbulence when galaxies collide to form huge clusters; surely the theory can’t be right
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 7th November 2013