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Emilio Del Giudice

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Emilio Del Giudice

Emilio Del Giudice had collapsed at his home in Milan while in the throes of writing scientific papers with his colleagues and collaborators; he died in hospital in the early hours the next day, 31 January 2014. Emilio, the most brilliant scientist in the world who has inspired me and countless others; Emilio, the kindest, most generous, entertaining, wise and witty man in the world, has been taken away from us suddenly and without warning.

But like Prometheus, he has lit the fire of the new science. Many are his torch-bearers who will roam the earth and spread the flame.  They will dispel the darkness with his dazzling light.

Emilio was a prolific and original scientist, a giant whose intellectual legacy needs to be fully assessed for decades to come. He is best known for pioneering the quantum field theory of condensed soft matter, especially water. This is described in an article published in Science in Society #51, which is reposted fully referenced Quantum Coherent Water and Life, together with photographs of Emilio, the most recent taken at our Colours of Water art/science/music festival in March 2013 ( Also reposted is a short video in which Emilio offers his insights on science and music.

Emilio Del’Giudice, quantum-field theorist, tells us how the new quantum physics of water raises physical truth to the level of poetic truth

Emilio Del Giudice was born on 1 January 1940 in Naples, Italy, and is now retired from the position of Senior Scientist at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). He has done research at MIT (Cambridge, USA) and at Niels-Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. A theoretical physicist whose main interests are quantum field theory and physics of collective and coherent processes, he has also investigated the structure of liquid water, with particular reference to living matter.

Article first published 03/02/14

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Brigitte Hansmann Comment left 4th February 2014 04:04:46
Dear Mae Wan, I feel lucky because I had the chance to know Emilio. Thanks to your articles in the ISIS magazine I first learnt about his work that helped me understand so much more of mine. Being able to meet him and share time with him was a wonderful gift. I will miss his presence, but I cherish the opportunities I had to be in it and keep him present in my heart. Brigitte

Clifford Andrews Comment left 4th February 2014 18:06:25
I was privileged to be able to work with Emilio on a number of occasions in Italy with my colleague - Shiatsu practitioner and Physicist Patrizia Stefanini. Emilio and I presented a joint workshop at the Italian Shiatsu Federation congress several years ago ...with 350 participants - Emilio made some insightful and enlightening comments on the Shiatsu Energy-work exercises experienced by this group. I also collaborated with Emilio and Patrizia in presenting some memorable workshops at Le Torracce Umbria on the theme of Shiatsu, Bodywork, and the properties of water. Over the years I have studied and explored Philosophy of Science, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and Shiatsu - convinced that there must be a paradigm that could explain the feeling of being alive. It was Emilio that provided some of the answers I, and many others, were searching for. Emilio could convincingly explain the Spiritual aspects of life from a Scientific standpoint - such rare a precious mind. Emilio was such a humorous, lively and brilliant person. His spirit will live on. Emilio you are missed.

Todd Millions Comment left 4th February 2014 18:06:44
500 years ago- I learmed studing the history of solar power,that-People believed based on observable phenoumeum that-Dew was evaporated by being drawn up between the seprate rays of the sun,as capillary action drew water up fibers.Wrong-But true as the image is such beautiful poetry.Our understanding of quantum effects will undergo similar changes I'm sure-Yet the framework we have begun will have such a coherent song too it.

Hugo Niggli Comment left 5th February 2014 19:07:36
Dear Larissa, Dear Mae-Wan Thank you for your E-Mail information with the sad news about the passing over from Emilio del Giudice into the light world of Christ. We have now another white knight of the Angel Michael army who helps us from the other world to do our biophotonic energy work here in the physic, earthly world. Emilio was a top-ranking scientist of the future. He was not only an analyst, but primarily a forward-looking, holistic researcher. God blessings Hugo

A R Liboff Comment left 23rd February 2014 03:03:35
It was my privilege to have known Emilio, both as a friend as well as a colleague, since 1985, when we first met at a meeting in Erice. To me he was the very essence of what it means to be a scientist: an explorer, creative, imaginative, and fearless.

Zsolt Varga MSc Comment left 27th August 2015 15:03:22
Recently I read an article by Emilio Del Giudice. Then I did some Google searches and I have noticed the harsh fact that Emilio Del Giudice had died on 30 January 2014. Being a Hungarian, I particularly respect Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and highly salute those – prominently Emilio Del Giudice – who know and appreciate the work he did. I hope that as Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and his work were esteemed by Emilio Del Giudice, so will be Emilio Del Giudice and his work by ones who will continue to carry life and the science of life & “life-giving water, sparkling like crystal” (c.p. Revelation 22,1: “Then the angel showed me the river of life-giving water, sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.”)