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Death of Gene Patents
It took more than a decade to expose this legal monstrosity; all patents on DNA sequences natural or synthetic should be banned on the ground that they usurp the ‘laws of nature’ embodied in the DNA coding mechanisms that have evolved through billions of years of evolution
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th November 2010

Biosafety, Patents and Biopiracy
News from Brasil 17.5.99
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th May 1999

Why We Should Reject Biotech Patents from TRIPS
This Report examines the TRIPS
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Terje Traavik

Copyright on Information
The increasing use of digitally held data is changing publishing and raising new problems about copyright. Electronic journals and databases do not incur the costs of printing, packaging and mailing, but they still cost money to produce and maintain.
Prof. Peter Saunders

Why Biotech Patents Are Patently Absurd
Scientific Briefing on TRIPs and Related Issues. TRIPs, or Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights, is an agreement between member states of the WTO that seeks to enforce US style patent laws around the world.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho