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Genetically Modifying Genes and Scientific Evidence
Prof. Peter Saunders reviews 'Altered Genes, Twisted Truth', by Lawyer Steven M. Druker; a book in which the many saftey claims made by advocates of genetic engineering are shown to be false - exactly as if in the courtroom
ISIS 22nd June 2015

The Food, Inc. Horror Movie
A film that exposes how the corporate food industry sickens and enslaves the nation, but leaves many stones unturned
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 24th February 2010

The Depressing Side of Medical Science
A review on ' David Healy. Let Them Eat Prozac. New York University Press '
Prof. Peter Saunders 11th August 2008

Review of Norwegian Report to the Directorate of Nature Management, Norway
TOO EARLY MAYBE TOO LATE : Ecological risks associated with the use of naked DNA as a biological tool for research, production and therapy.
Angela Ryan

Living with the Fluid Genome
The biotech empire is fast collapsing because it has got the science wrong. Read this riveting inside-story of the fluid genome from a scientist who has been warning that genetic engineering is both dangerous and futile for over a decade
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare
Since its first publication in 1998, Mae-Wan Ho''s book, Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare? has been widely acknowledged as providing the most sustained and reasoned challenge to many of the scientific assumptions underlying genetic engineering.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho