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Biodiversity or GMOs: Will The Future of Nutrition Be in Women's Hands or Under Corporate Control?
Declaration for International Women's Day, 8 March 2015. Diverse Women for Diversity, Mahila Anna Swaraj, Initiative for Health, Equity and Society, Navdanya, Moms Across the World
Dr Vandana Shiva and Dr Mira Shiva 11th March 2015

Super-rice without GM, China's Dream Comes True
1 000 Kg per Mu in 10 Years
Prof. Li Kangmin 5th December 2011

Golden Rice and Hazards of GMOs
Lecture at Workshop on Hazards of GMOs, Food and Democracy, 5th European Conference on GMO-Free Regions, 25 April 2009, Cultural and Conference Centre Lucerne (KKL), Switzerland
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th April 2009

The Golden Rice Scandal Unfolds
Phase II clinical trials on children have been conducted with unapproved experimental GM rice enhanced in pro-Vitamin A that has the potential to cause birth defects and developmental abnormalities
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 18th March 2009

Dangerous Field Test of Non-pathogenic GM Bacteria
The non-pathogenic GM bacteria not only carry antibiotic resistance marker genes, but the proposed field tests will also involve the release of the wild-type bacterium that is pathogenic to rice and may cause disease in human beings.
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 16th July 2007

GM Rice Contamination How Regulators Tried to Sidestep the Law
BSE, drug trials and GM food, who are the regulators protecting?
Prof. Peter Saunders 24th October 2006

USDA Poised to Deregulate Illegal GM Rice
Questions over USDA’s Role in Transgenic Contamination and Regulation
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th September 2006

Therapeutic Vaccines for Allergy in GM Rice
Known to cause asthma in clinical trials
Prof. Joe Cummins 31st March 2006

Less is More for Nepali Rice
A low input rice system has more than doubled yield in Nepal
Rhea Gala 6th October 2005

GM Rice in India
Prof. Joe Cummins reviews recent genetically modified rice research in India.
Prof. Joe Cummins 30th November 2004

GM Rice in Japan
Prof. Joe Cummins reviews genetically modified rice in Japan and points to overlooked dangers
Prof. Joe Cummins 30th November 2004

GM Rice Release in China
Reduced production and transportation bottlenecks have persuaded China to think of growing GM rice, but Prof. Joe Cummins says it is unwise for serious safety reasons.
Prof. Joe Cummins 30th November 2004

Drought Resistant GM Rice Toxic?
why one method to genetically engineer drought resistant rice could be perilous for human and animal health
Prof. Joe Cummins 24th September 2004

Non-GM Iron Rice a Solution?
Is genetic engineering necessary to develop rice rich in iron? Lim Li Ching reports on successes achieved with conventional breeding
Lim Li Ching 14th September 2004

Rice in Asia: Too Little Iron, Too Much Arsenic
Asians are getting too little iron and too much arsenic from soil and water. Unfortunately the remedy for one problem may increase the impact of the other. The challenge is to find a remedy that takes care of both problems
Prof. Joe Cummins 13th September 2004

New Rice for Africa
A new rice variety developed by plant breeders is boosting rice yields for farmers all over Africa
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 28th July 2004

Two Rice Better than One
Lim Li Ching reports on remarkable results from a simple experiment in China that combats rice disease and increases yields
Lim Li Ching 12th July 2004

Promises & Perils of GM Rice
Rice, the food crop for half the world's population is the current target of genetic modification. What are the health and environmental consequences?
Prof. Joe Cummins 9th July 2004

Corporate Patents vs People in GM Rice
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Lim Li Ching get to the bottom of current attempts by corporations to usurp rice varieties through genetic modification
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Lim Li Ching 8th July 2004

Top Indian Rice Geneticist Rebuts SRI Critics
Dr. A Satyanarayana responds to criticisms of SRI as someone responsible for introducing the practice to the Andhra Pradesh state of India
A Satyanarayana 5th July 2004

Fantastic Rice Yields Fact or Fallacy?
A low-input rice cultivation system invented in Madagascar and spreading all over the world is apparently exposed as without scientific basis
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd July 2004

Cancer Promoting Transgenic Rice
Transgenic rice containing human insulin-like growth factor, known to promote cancer, is being developed government-funded academic researchers in Canada for commercial production. Prof. Joe Cummins exposes yet another gross violation of biosafety
Prof. Joe Cummins 9th March 2004

Significance of the Rice Genome
The rice genome is in many respects much more significant than the human genome, because the potential to use (and hence abuse) it is much greater
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 19th April 2002

Rice Is Life
Rice is the staple for more than half of world’s population living in many of the poorest countries. It has great social, political and scientific significance. How will the rice genome sequence, recently announced, affect the food security of the poor? This ISIS mini-series examines the role of different players that will shape the future of agriculture and food security in the developing countries
ISIS 18th April 2002

Questionable 'Stability' at JIC
Scientists at the UK John Innes Centre attacked I-SIS for quoting their annual report indicating that transgenic plants are unstable and that the CaMV 35S promoter should be phased out [1]. They claim they have evidence that transgenic rice lines are stable. Mae-Wan Ho shows how their claim is not borne out by their own evidence.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th March 2001

The 'Golden Rice'
a GM rice engineered to produce pro-Vitamin A - is being offered to the Third World as cure for widespread vitamin A deficiency - An Exercise in How Not to Do Science
ISIS-TWN 1st January 2000

Angry Thai Farmers Say Ban GM Rice
and demand protection of indigenous biodiversity, knowledge and wisdom
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho