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Life is Water’s Quantum Jazz

The organism is quantum coherent, with water playing the lead role in creating and maintaining the quantum coherence and in energizing the organism. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Invited lecture for Sages and Scientists Symposium, 25-27 February 2011, La Costa Conference Center, Carlsbad, California

*Due to time constraints, only the first half of this lecture was delivered at the symposium


I am going to give you the latest instalment of my life story: the quantum coherent organism. Quantum coherence is the pre-requisite for consciousness. It is the pre-conscious ground that Deepak Chopra mentioned in his opening speech,  without which all the amazing things described yesterday evening – precognition, telepathy, remote viewing, entanglement, and so on - would not be possible. It the ‘I’ in everyone, even though we are composed of tens of trillions of cells and hundreds of trillions of bacteria, and astronomical numbers of the most diverse kinds of molecules. The quantum coherent organism is a macroscopic quantum being with an ever-evolving wave function spread throughout the entire universe, entangling the wave functions of other quantum beings. Quantum coherence of the organism has such important implications on how we are to live our lives that I want to bring you all that contemporary science has to offer.

This latest episode is on how water is crucial to the quantum coherence of organisms. Highly polarized multiple layers of liquid crystalline water molecules form dynamically coherent units with the macromolecules, enabling them to function as quantum molecular energy machines that transform and transfer energy with close to 100 percent efficiency. This liquid crystalline continuum of intimately associated polarised water and macromolecules extends throughout the extracellular matrix into the interior of every single cell, enabling each cell, ultimately each molecule, to intercommunicate with every other. Intercommunication is the key to the quantum jazz of life, in place of command and control.

Quantum jazz is my metaphor for the incredibly dynamic light and sound dance-show inside the quantum coherent organism as it goes about its business of living. It involves the most diverse players, coordinated from subatomic to macroscopic dimensions spanning a frequency range of 73 octaves, each improvising freely and spontaneously from moment to moment yet perfectly in tune and in step with the whole. Rather like the quantum jazz dancers (Poreotics) that ended last night’s gala performance, only much, much more so.

The complete lecture and lecture with powerpoint presentation are available for download from the I-SIS online store

Article first published 07/03/11

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John Mendes Comment left 15th August 2011 04:04:49
Dear Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, I am currently reading your book, The Rainbow and the Worm. Myself and my brother, Ramiro Mendes, are music composers and artists who are very interested in using the universal/biological element of sound in transforming human consciousness and ultimately, our world. We are very interested in your work in that it is part of our work to understand how sound/frequencies are part of the fabric of all living and non-living elements of the universe. We would love establish contact with you and find ways that we can ultimately use music to expand the knowledge of our generation. We are specially moved to see that you use Quantum Jazz to explain the process by which life and harmony is maintained at local and world levels. We look forward to receive your correspondence. Warm regards John Mendes Mendes Brothers

maewan ho Comment left 15th August 2011 05:05:37
Hi Mendes brothers, wonderful to hear from you. Please send us your works. We have an ongoing art/science project, launched at a special event last March. Here;s a talk that may be of interest, and do check out the rest.