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On The Back of a Tiger

By Jeremy Stuart & Brad Abrahams

A forthcoming documentary that presents much needed radical ideas on health, nutrition, aging, and consciousness. Success of this campaign will enable the producers to complete filming and start on a rough cut. Help us get this incredibly important message out there by donating and/or sharing. See

Have a look at the trailer below, and please support the production of this important film!

On The Back Of A Tiger: Trailer

Article first published 14/07/15

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mike Comment left 17th July 2015 02:02:03
succinct and wonderful. thanks

Krichauff Comment left 17th July 2015 18:06:59
When those in charge of the "world depopulation policy" who are intent on destroying humans and the planets environment are brought under control we can start on these things.

Viktor anton Comment left 23rd July 2015 02:02:03
I think We can Start right now by trying to reflect on what We do and raise our awareness for ourself our interactions with our enviroment and finaly realising that We all have the choice to select what and how We We want to experience life. We dont have to wait for sombody else to change vor to bring anybody und er control. We have to bring ourself und er control

Warren Taylor Comment left 17th July 2015 15:03:29
Fantastic! Well done all of you for the courage and determination to assist in the transformation that we as a humanity must embrace. Words do not adequately express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the importance of your efforts.

Bud Weiss Comment left 30th July 2015 19:07:12
If this documentary goes viral, it could shift the many unworkable paradigms in biology and medicine practically overnight.

Barry Raphael Comment left 10th August 2015 15:03:37
There is a segment of professionals in medicine and dentistry that is primed for this information. We are already unhappy with the way things have been done and just need the evidentiary support to continue the change we are already making.

Angie Smith Comment left 14th August 2015 00:12:14
This is rising to a critical mass of awareness. It must be time....

Dr. Angela Pascoe Comment left 14th August 2015 15:03:56
Finally, a documentary that can literally shift how the majority of people view healing and health! Thank you for taking the time to reveal the truth about what we know to be true, healing comes from WITHIN, not without!