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Meaning of Life & the Universe
Announcing new book. This collection of essays is selected from about a thousand works written over a period of 46 years. They elaborate on what it means to live in a quantum universe as opposed to a mechanistic universe
Mae-Wan Ho 27th January 2016

The Paradigm Shifter: Overthrowing ‘the Hegemony of the Culture of Darwin’
Read what major scientists are saying about the paradigm shift away from neo-Darwinian evolution based on the natural selection of random mutations to a vastly richer synthesis
Suzan Mazur 15th December 2015

The Fourth Phase of Water, Gerald Pollack
Professor Pollack takes us on a fantastic voyage through water, showing us a hidden universe teeming with physical activity that provides answers so simple that any curious person can understand. In conversational prose, Pollack lays a simple foundation for understanding how changes in water’s structure underlie most energetic transitions of form and motion on earth
ISIS 23rd April 2013

Living Rainbow H2O
A new book by Mae-Wan Ho; sequel to The Rainbow and the Worm The Physics of Organisms. A unique synthesis of the latest findings in the quantum physics and chemistry of water that tells you why water is the “means, medium, and message of life”. Published May 2012
ISIS 18th April 2012

The Constant Gardener
A beautiful film that borrows from Greek tragedy but just misses the mark.
Sam Burcher 25th April 2006

Strong Medicine for Cell Biology
Life at the Cell and Below-Cell Level, The Hidden History of a Fundamental Revolution in Biology by Gilbert N. Ling, Pacific Press, New York, 2001 ISBN: 0-9707322-0-1
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reviews 28th October 2004

The Architect of Life
The Nature of Order, An Essay on the Art of Building and The Nature of the Universe, Vol. 1, The Phenomenon of Life, by Christopher Alexander
Dr. Mae Wan Ho reviews 4th November 2003

Biology of Least Action
Review of 'Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life: A New, Unifying Approach to Cell Function', by Gerald H. Pollack, Ebner & Sons, Seattle WA, USA, 2001. ISBN: Paperback: 0-9626895-2-1
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th April 2003

The Rainbow and the Worm - The Physics of Organisms 2nd Edition
This highly unusual book is a serious inquiry into Schrödinger's question , 'what is life?', and at the same time a celebration of life itself. It takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through many areas of contemporary physics, from non-equilibrium thermodynamics and quantum optics to liquid crystals and fractals, all necessary for illuminating the problem of life

Quantum Computer? Is It Alive?
The Feynman Processor, Quantum Entanglement and The Computing Revolution, by Gerard J. Milburn, Perseus Books, Cambridge, Mass, 1998, ISBN 0738201731. Reviewed by Dr. MaeWan Ho
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho