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The Gut Microbiome and Cancer
Our gut microbiota influence cancer susceptibility of our digestive tract as well as distant organs including the skin, lungs, breasts and liver
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 26th February 2014

Apple Pectin for Radioprotection
A group of doctors and scientists risked their lives and careers to help children living in the most contaminated areas of the Chernobyl fallout and discovered a simple treatment that clears the radionuclides from their bodies, offering hope for future generations of Chernobyl and Fukushima victims
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th June 2012

Green Tea Compound for Radioprotection
Green tea polyphenol antioxidant protects against bystander effects of low dose ionizing radiation that damage cells and cause numerous diseases including cancer
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 30th May 2012

Cancer a Redox Disease
Cancer cells are universally disturbed in their electronic energy balance, an understanding that potentially revolutionises cancer therapy and prevention
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 12th April 2012

Does DCA Cure Cancer?
A common chemical seems just short of the latest miracle cure for cancer, but its implications for our basic understanding of cancer may be far more important
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th April 2012

Cancer an Epigenetic Disease
Cancers are overwhelmingly caused by environmental factors and hence largely preventable; the focus on therapy based on genetic mutations is misplaced
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th April 2012

Personalized Medicine for Cancer Fact or Fiction?
Companies are marketing genetic profiling to provide personalized cancer therapy, but cancers show numerous mutations that differ not only between individual patients but also from one region to another in a single tumour
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd April 2012

New Diabetes Drug and Cancer Risk
Liraglutide, a synthetic long-lasting glucagon-like peptide appears to have the perfect ability to control blood glucose, except for potential risk of a rare thyroid cancer
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th October 2011

Wireless Phones and Brain Cancer
Cordless phones similar to mobile phones for increased risks to brain tumours, especially for the young, where the risks are five times for users compared with controls
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 22nd June 2011

European Environment Agency Highlight Mobile Phone Cancer Risks
Latest reviews conclude 10 years exposure increases brain tumour risks especially for the young
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 15th June 2011

Flu Vaccines and the Risk of Cancer
Flu vaccines are increasingly manufactured in cell lines that are actually or potentially oncogenic, and FDA guidelines allow high levels of contamination and no spot checks are carried out
Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny 7th October 2009

Cancer Risks from Microwaves Confirmed
Microwaves from wireless mobile phone transmitters may be more potent than lower frequency electromagnetic fields in promoting cancer
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 24th May 2007

Green Tea Against Cancers
More evidence emerges on green tea and cancer prevention though it is hard to pin down the molecules involved
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 24th January 2007

Organic Strawberries Stop Cancer Cells
Latest evidence on why organic foods are good for health
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th September 2006

Recombinant Cervical Cancer Vaccines
Merck Company released the results of clinical studies on a recombinant vaccine Gardasil in October 2005, claiming 100 percent efficacy in preventing cervical cancer from human papilloma virus (HPV) strains 16 and 18, believed to cause about 70 percent of cervical cancers
Prof. Joe Cummins 20th December 2005

Knotty but Nice: Spectacular Anti-Cancer Agents in Tree Knots
Prof. Joe Cummins reports on further anti-cancer chemicals that are found in common plant sources
Prof. Joe Cummins 29th April 2005

Cancer Promoting Transgenic Rice
Transgenic rice containing human insulin-like growth factor, known to promote cancer, is being developed government-funded academic researchers in Canada for commercial production. Prof. Joe Cummins exposes yet another gross violation of biosafety
Prof. Joe Cummins 9th March 2004

Miracle Chinese Cancer Cure
One of the latest 'miracle' cancer cures hails from China, and it is Kanglaite, a preparation made from a traditional staple food. It highlights the nature of Chinese remedies and the Chinese approach to health.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th April 2003

Globalising Chinese Medicine
China has joined the World Trade Organisation, and the globalisation of her traditional medicines has begun. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho asks if that's good for health
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th April 2003

Organic Agriculture Helps Fight Cancer
Organic agriculture largely excludes synthetic inputs - pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers - and focuses instead on long-term ecological health. The health benefits of organic foods have now been highlighted by new research: they are richer in anti-cancer chemicals
Prof. Joe Cummins 27th March 2003

Mobile Phones & Cancer
A spate of reports during 2002 is confirming links between electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and cancer
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th December 2002

Common gene therapy vector causes cancer as well as toxic shock
The potential for gene therapy to cause cancer has been predicted for many years. This is now confirmed in a new study that highlights, yet again, the dangers of unregulated, profitdriven genetic engineering.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 20th September 2001