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Science of the Organism: Mathematics

Index of articles from the Science in Society Archive on the mathematics of the organism. For articles in other categories, please see the SiS archive menu.

E-Infinity Spacetime, Quantum Paradoxes and Quantum Gravity - Story of Phi Part 6
E-infinity fractal spacetime may resolve major quantum paradoxes and take us further towards the unification of quantum physics and general relativity
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 7th April 2014

Golden Geometry of E-Infinity Fractal Spacetime - Story of Phi Part 5
The golden ratio is at the core of our fractal universe of infinite dimensions that looks and feels 4-dimensional
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 31st March 2014

Golden Cycles and Organic Spacetime - Story of Phi Part 4
The golden ratio orchestrates all of nature's cycles to create organic spacetime
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 24th March 2014

Golden Music of the Brain - Story of Phi Part 3
From chaotic dynamics of natural processes to sublime music and information processing in the brain
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 17th March 2014

Watching the Daisies Grow - Story of Phi Part 2
The spiral arrangements of plant elements around the stem are based on the golden ratio; asking why leads us on to a deeper realm of beauty
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 10th March 2014

The Story of Phi
Part 1 The mathematics. A non-mathematician describes her own initiation into the secrets of the magic number in the heart of mathematics, and how it is woven into the fabric of the physical and living world
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 3rd March 2014