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ISIS scientific publication September 2013
Cancer a redox disease
ISIS 8th October 2013

New Scientific Publications from ISIS July 2013
Circular Thermodynamics of Organisms and Sustainable Systems | Super-Conducting Liquid Crystalline Water Aligned with Collagen Fibres in the Fascia as Acupuncture Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine
ISIS 6th August 2013

The Quantum Coherent Organism
Announcing a new scientific preprint from ISIS. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Re-examines the proposal that organisms are quantum coherent
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 21st July 2004

The Liquid Crystalline Organism and Biological Water
Announcing an important ISIS scientific preprint, presented at Gordon Research Conference, June 2004
I-SIS 7th July 2004

Bioenergetics and the Coherence of Organisms
The problem of living organization can be stated as follows: how is it that an organism consisting of a multiplicity of tissues and cells and astronomical numbers of molecules of many different kinds can develop and function as a whole?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Organisms as Polyphasic Liquid Crystals
We review evidence supporting the idea that organisms are polyphasic liquid crystals and that liquid crystalline structure is fundamentally involved in biological organization and function, including pattern determination during development
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Julian Haffegee, Richard Newton, Yu-ming Zhou, John S Bolton and Stephen Ross

Quantitative Image Analysis of Birefringent Biological Material

Stephen Ross, Richard Newton, Yu-Ming Zhou, Julian Haffegee Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Quantum Coherence and Conscious Experience
I propose that quantum coherence is the basis of living organization and can also account for key features of conscious experience - the 'unity of intentionality', our inner identity of the singular 'I'
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

What is (Schrödinger's) Negentropy?
I attempt to outline, qualitatively, a 'thermodynamics of organized complexity' based on energy storage and mobilization in a coherent space-time structured system maintained far from thermodynamic equilibrium by energy flow
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho