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Oceans in Distress
Pollution, destructive overfishing and increasing commercial exploitation are threatening the planet’s cradle of life, warns the UN.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th July 2006

Canada Denies Visa for Africa's Chief Biosafety and Biodiversity Negotiator
Interference with international negotiations has plumbed new depths
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th May 2005

Energy, Productivity & Biodiversity
Generations of ecologists have puzzled over the causes of biodiversity and its relationship with productivity
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 23rd January 2004

More CO2 Could Mean Less Biodiversity and Worse
More carbon dioxide doesn't just make the earth warmer. It is an entire conglomerate of correlated changes of global dimensions in the earth's climate, water, land, and not the least of all, her living inhabitants.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 3rd October 2003