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Treating Diabetes with a Glucagon-like Peptide
Looks promising for some
Prof. Joe Cummins 26th October 2011

Diabetes New Cures from Old Foods
We still do not understand diabetes, but where diet and exercise fail, some surprisingly common foods may help
Prof. Peter Saunders 24th October 2011

New Diabetes Drug and Cancer Risk
Liraglutide, a synthetic long-lasting glucagon-like peptide appears to have the perfect ability to control blood glucose, except for potential risk of a rare thyroid cancer
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th October 2011

Global Diabetes Epidemic Rages On
The upward trend shows no sign of abating, governments need to empower people to make the necessary ‘lifestyle’ changes
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th October 2011

Diabetes Not in the Genes
Type 2 or late onset diabetes has been reaching epidemic proportions in industrialised countries. Diabetes now costs Britain's National Health Service nearly a tenth of its budget. Instead of addressing the environmental causes, huge efforts are invested into identifying 'susceptibility genes'
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 28th February 2002