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Quantum Jazz Art Lecture

Quantum Sculptures

by Julan Voss-Andreae

Celebratng -SS Event
26-27 March 2011, London

Now avalable for vewng on Vmeo

Julan Voss-Andreae, quantum physcst sculptor, presents recent works nspred by protens, the molecular buldng blocks of lfe, and by quantum physcs, whch dsplay an organc aesthetc from geometrc elements that offer a more holstc vew of realty. Julan Voss-Andreae has large works commssoned n publc nsttutons n the US, and hs works have been feature n Nature and Scence. See hs full bography here; and hs webste:

The vdeo below s an excerpt from Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology event - Art Talks DVD (part 3)

Other vdeos on the -SS webste

Quantum Jazz Bology, Medcne, & Art
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Quantum Sculptures

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The followng book and DVDs relatng to ths event are avalable from the -SS onlne Store

Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology commemeratve volume
Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Art DVD
Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology event - Overvew DVD (part 1)
Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology event - Bology & Medcne DVD (part 2)
Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology event - Art Talks DVD (part 3)
Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology event - Musc and Performances DVD (part 4)

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