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Graphene Liquid Crystal Electric Dream Coat
Graphene and carbon nanotubes shaped into supercapacitor fibres by wet-spinning liquid crystal mesophases and other means for whole new generations of microelectronics and macroscale wearable applications
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 8th April 2015

All-Carbon Graphene Supercapacitors Coming
All carbon micro-devices with large capacities, paper-thin or whisker-thick, print or spun that will accompany whole new generations of consumer microelectronics and wearable electronics; there is an urgent need to design for reuse and recycling now
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 1st April 2015

Graphene from Greenhouse Gases to Save the Climate
Graphene can be synthesized in large qualities and with minimum environmental impacts from methane and also carbon dioxide, thereby also saving the climate
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 7th August 2013

Graphene Molecular Sieves for Desalination and Purification
Single or double layers of graphene can be precisely perforated to create molecular sieves with numerous applications from desalination to purification of water and gases and isolation of macromolecules
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 31st July 2013

Graphene and Solar Power for the Masses
Developing graphene for flexible easy to manufacture and affordable photovoltaic applications
Dr Mae Wan Ho 24th July 2013

Graphene Oxide for Nuclear Decontamination
Graphene oxide rapidly removes some of the most toxic long-lived human-made radioactive nuclides from contaminated water
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 17th July 2013

Why Graphene is Amazing
Graphene's unusual electronic structure enables it to produce remarkable quantum coherent effects even at room temperatures, opening the door to new applications in electronics and spintronics
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 15th July 2013

Graphene Micro-Supercapacitors for On-Chip Energy
Flexible high density charge storage graphene micro-supercapacitors made with home DVD laser burner in less than 30 min, far out-perform commercially available product and herald in the next miniaturization revolution
Dr Mae Wan Ho 8th July 2013

Graphene and the New Age of Carbon
The latest wonder material graphene promises to provide all we need in clean energies and superefficient technologies and mop up greenhouse gases and toxic waste; too good to be true?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 3rd July 2013