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Yin and Yang Chinese Medicinal Herbs Identified by Light Emission
For thousands of years, the principle of ‘yin and yang’ has dominated traditional Chinese medicine but these qualities have eluded all attempts at characterization until now
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 12th October 2015

Homeopathy for the Masses
Homeopathy can be mainstreamed as the most affordable, efficacious, and safe public health provider through a standardized and specific therapeutic approach that can deal effectively with all diseases including cancers and opens the door to controlled clinical trials and scientific investigations
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 3rd December 2014

How Mind Changes Genes through Meditation
The mind-body divide has been breached in conventional Western medicine thanks to new research findings in molecular genetics that not only bridges mind and body but also East and West
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 21st May 2014

A Practising Acupuncturist Speaks
I am an acupuncturist with a private practice in Philadelphia, PA and work for a Pain Management Clinic in Cherry Hill, NJ. I would like to present some acupuncture findings related to treating patients in chronic pain. The purpose is twofold: one is to share this technique in hopes that other acupuncturists use it and find it helpful in treating patients and two is to spur research.
Mark Rues 28th April 2014

The Forgotten Organ - The Human Microbiota
The symbiotic relationship between humans and the microbes living inside us is increasingly linked to health, disease and even behaviour
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 20th November 2013

How Microbes Influence our Minds
We think of ourselves as autonomous individuals with a will of our own, but microbes in our gut turn out to have more say on how we feel and behave than we know
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 20th November 2013

The Principle of Minimal Stimulus in the Dynamics of the Living Organism
Clinical practice has already demonstrated the importance of small stimuli rather than big ones to strengthen the abilities of self-regulation and self-repair of living organisms. We show how Eva Reich’s butterfly touch massage depends crucially on “phase” information rather than energy exchange, as is consistent with quantum coherence of living organisms
Dr Margherita Tosi and Dr Emilio Del Giudice 4th September 2013

Electromagnetic Signals from HIV
For the first time, electromagnetic signals specific to HIV can easily be detected in patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy that has no virus detectable in the bloodstream; prospects for a science of homeopathy looking good
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd September 2010

'Homeopathic' Signals from DNA
Nobel Laureate who discovered the HIV presents controversial but well-documented findings that electromagnetic signals can be detected from highly diluted solutions of DNA
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 31st August 2010

Compromise on EU Vitamins and Minerals
A legal challenge to overturn the EUs controversial Food Supplements Directive is over, but the corporate takeover of herbal medicine and natural remedies continues
Sam Burcher 31st August 2005

Acupuncture, Coherent Energy and Liquid Crystalline Meridians
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho presents an update on how her theory of the organism provides a novel explanation for acupuncture and other forms of subtle energy medicines.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 18th June 2005

Sustainable Systems as Organisms?
The authors Mae-Wan Ho and Robert Ulanowicz present a new conceptual model for understanding sustainable systems as organisms that is opposed to the dominant model of unlimited growth. It is a breakthrough to understanding energy relationships in living systems that updates the ecological approach of Eugene and Howard Odum.
Dr. Mae Wan Ho 26th May 2005

A Reprieve for EU Vitamins and Minerals
A legal challenge to rescind the controversial European Food Supplements Directive claims its first success, but this is only a temporary respite from a systematic corporate takeover of herbal medicine and natural remedies
Sam Burcher 23rd May 2005

Knotty but Nice: Spectacular Anti-Cancer Agents in Tree Knots
Prof. Joe Cummins reports on further anti-cancer chemicals that are found in common plant sources
Prof. Joe Cummins 29th April 2005

Health-promoting Germs
Cultivate Health from Within: Dr. Shahani's Essential Guide to Probiotics
Rhea Gala 19th April 2005

Electronic Medical Implants - Promises & Perils
Electronic medical implants have been in development since the 1950s with the first cardiac pacemakers. They have since expanded to include defibrillators for the heart, neurostimulators for the nervous system, including those implanted INTO the brain, drug delivery infusion pumps and cochlear implants to assist hearing
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 15th December 2004

Organic Production Works
A new study shows organic production outperforms conventional in crop yield, soil fertility, pest reduction and economic return
Rhea Gala 9th December 2004

Are Organic Foods More Healthy?
New research shows that organic feed gives protection against toxins under vulnerable conditions where conventional feed fails
Rhea Gala and Sam Burcher 8th December 2004

Caring Mothers Reduce Response to Stress for Life
How a rat responds to stress depends on whether its mother cared for it properly as a pup, which marks its genes for life
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th September 2004

Selenium Conquers AIDS?
Sam Burcher reports on a nutritional hypothesis with possible implications for prevention and treatment of the global pandemic
Sam Burcher 20th July 2004

How Carbohydrates Make Fats
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho traces the tangled paths of how diet affects metabolism affects gene transcription affects metabolism...
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 13th February 2004

The Obesity Epidemic
Prof. Peter Saunders punctures some myths about obesity
Prof. Peter Saunders 12th February 2004

How to Survive 40 Days Starvation
Some conventional health fears need to be questioned, as, like fasting, they may contain health-restoring opportunities
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 12th February 2004

Diet Trumping Genes
Most geneticists are still focussing on gene sequences to find out which gene variants go with which diseases. But that's a serious mistake, and for more reasons than one.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 22nd October 2003

European Directive Against Vitamins & Minerals
First 300 key vitamins and minerals axed, now 5 000 supplements banned by 'insane' EU Directive. Sam Burcher reports on the right to freedom for the £1.6 billion alternative health industry.
Sam Burcher 15th October 2003

Water Remembers? Homeopathy Explained?
New research suggests water remembers what has been dissolved in it, even after dilution beyond the point where no molecule of the original substances could remain.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 25th August 2003

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Contemporary Western Science
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho discovers out how traditional Chinese medicine is at the heart of indigenous Chinese culture, and suggests how it could be understood in terms of contemporary Western science
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th April 2003

Traditional Medicine in Contemporary China
Traditional Chinese Medicine enjoys high status in China, which is good for the health of the nation.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 9th April 2003

Miracle Chinese Cancer Cure
One of the latest 'miracle' cancer cures hails from China, and it is Kanglaite, a preparation made from a traditional staple food. It highlights the nature of Chinese remedies and the Chinese approach to health.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th April 2003

Organic Agriculture Helps Fight Cancer
Organic agriculture largely excludes synthetic inputs - pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers - and focuses instead on long-term ecological health. The health benefits of organic foods have now been highlighted by new research: they are richer in anti-cancer chemicals
Prof. Joe Cummins 27th March 2003

Herbalert to the Rescue
UK herbal medicines market stands at £240 million per year as an estimated 15 million people choose herbal remedies for everyday ailments. Figures for the global market top $60 billion per year and rising.
Sam Burcher 25th March 2003

Hands Off Vitamins and Herbs
Visits to Complementary Alternative Medicine practitioners throughout Europe outnumber those to doctors by two to one. Government figures show UK citizens spend £70 million per year on nutritional supplements and about 20% of the population use vitamins and minerals in their diets. But European Parliament Directives passed in March 2002 will ban food supplements, in a bid to re-classify them as medical drugs
Sam Burcher 13th January 2003

Homeopathic Medicine is Nanopharmacology
Dana Ullman invites us to think of homeopathy as medicine at ultra-small doses, or nanopharmacology, which avoids the often debilitating side effects of conventional pharmacology.
Dana Ullman 4th November 2002

Global Strategy for Traditional Medicine
The World Health Organisation intends to integrate traditional medicine into national health systems globally. This is an opportunity for building safe, affordable and effective national health systems
Sam Burcher and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st August 2002

The Strangeness of Water & Homeopathic 'Memory'
Is there any reason for homeopathic remedies to work? Does the strangeness of water hold the key? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho describes recent ideas on how the quantum electrodynamic properties of water could provide the basis of homeopathic 'memory' and how one might investigate them
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 31st May 2002

Don’t Let Biopiracy Spoil Revitalisation of Indigenous Health Systems/ Honey Beats Superbugs
As the dominant reductionist medical model is falling apart and failing to deliver health, scientists are rediscovering indigenous herbal medicines around the world which have the potential to revitalise indigenous health systems, protect biodiversity, and provide safe, effective and affordable healthcare for all.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Sam Burcher 14th December 2001

Hold on to midwife, here comes the doctor
The corporate takeover of reproduction started with the medicalisation of childbearing and childbirth. This is now reaching its logical conclusion with the spectre of human cloning and germ line genetic manipulation. Sam Burcher and MaeWan Ho describe how women everywhere can regain control of the reproductive process and more, by holding on to their midwife.
Sam Burcher and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 22nd September 2001

Coherent Energy Liquid Crystallinity and Acupuncture
Talk presented to British Acupuncture Society, 2 October, 1999
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st December 1999