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I-SIS Lecture: Quantum Medicine

Organism as Polyphasic Liquid Crystalline Water

The quantum coherence of organisms arises from the unique ability of living systems to store and mobilise energy with zero entropy in the ideal, and depends to a large extent on the liquid crystalline water matrix that enables each molecule to intercommunicate with every other, creating the most exquisite ‘quantum jazz’ of light and sound displays that span 70 octaves in all the colours of the rainbow

The quantum coherence of organisms profoundly revolutionises our concept of health and disease. The healthy quantum coherent state is reflected in the complex dynamics of biological rhythms that are correlated like an exquisite symphony. Consequently, loss of coherence (disease) can be diagnosed with appropriate mathematical tools. The organism coordinates its activities by coherent electro-dynamical inter-communications, in which the quantum coherence of water plays a central role. That is why the organism is hypersensitive to weak electromagnetic fields and other subtle energy interventions. Conventional mechanistic medicine is doing more harm than good ultimately because it does not take quantum coherence of the organism into account.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Invited lecture, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade Physical Medicine 15 October 2009, and Serbian Medical Association, 16 October 2009, Belgrade, Serbia.

The fully referenced and illustrated text of the lecture can be downloaded here. This text with additional power point presentation is available here

Article first published 29/10/09

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