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Liquid Crystalline Water, Quantum Molecular Machines and the Living State

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Invited lecture at Biomaterials Symposium, YUCOMAT 2010, Plaza Hotel, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, 6-10 September 2010

A fully referenced and illustrated version of this lecture plus power point presentation is available for download here

The liquid crystalline organism

It’s been 18 years since I peered down the polarised light microscope and saw what no one else has seen before: a little fruit fly larva doing a psychedelic dance in all the colours of the rainbow. The polarizing light microscope technician was on leave, so we were left to our own devices. My colleague Michael Lawrence turned all the knobs this way and that until we got the best contrast. We had stumbled on a new configuration that optimised the detection of low level birefringence typical of biomolecules. But that alone would not have enabled us to see the dynamic liquid crystalline display of the little fruit fly larva.

For that to happen, all the molecules in the cells and tissues of its body must be aligned and moving coherently together. Not just the macromolecules but more importantly, the cell and tissue water must be an intrinsic part of the polarised liquid crystalline phase; the water forming dynamically coherent units with the macromolecules embedded and immersed in it. This water I call liquid crystalline water. The fruit fly larva is not unique, all living cells and organisms display themselves like that.

In the book named after the fruit fly larva [1], The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms, first published in 1993 and now in its 3rd enlarged 2008 edition, I present theoretical arguments and empirical evidence to support the idea that the organism is coherent to a high degree, even quantum coherent; and liquid crystalline water is an intrinsic part of the quantum molecular machines that power cells and organisms.

A quantum molecular machine transfers and transforms energy quantum mechanically at the molecular level without dissipation. This is exactly what motivates a lot of nanotechnology.

However, nanotechnologists still have much to learn from nature in how liquid crystalline water associated with nanomolecular machines is crucial to their functioning. Prof. Djuro Koruga is a pioneer among nanotechnologists in his multifaceted research on water and nanomaterials, and I thank him again for inviting me here to contribute to his vision.

In the short time available, I shall describe some recent evidence in support of the view that liquid crystalline water forms dynamically coherent units with enzyme proteins and DNA and then see how that might explain the living state.

A fully referenced and illustrated version of this lecture plus power point presentation is available for download here

Article first published 17/09/10

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patrons99 Comment left 27th September 2010 02:02:51
Using today’s technology, I wish someone would reproduce Royal Rife’s work with his BX cancer virus and Mortal Oscillatory Rate. If we can use MRI to image the spatial distribution of nuclear magnetic proton spin densities and relaxation times using magnetic fields and pulsed magnetic field gradients, why can't similar electromedicine technology be developed and applied to therapy? Where does the energy originate for the quantum coherent energy transfers at a distance that you describe so eloquently? Does it come from light waves? Is it a photodynamic effect? Do environmental toxins and xenobiotics adversely affect the quantum coherence of living organisms? Consider our cummulative environmental exposure to fluoride, mercury, and aluminum. What causes a species to become extinct? Are humans getting closer to extinction?

Mae-Wan Ho Comment left 27th September 2010 04:04:34
You've asked the right question, Patron. Electromedicine can be developed. The energy for quantum coherence originates within the organism itself, through metabolic pumping. Yes, environmental toxins and xenobiotics can adversely affect the quantum coherence of organisms, most likely through effects on water.

ehnriko Comment left 27th September 2010 16:04:23
Metabolic pumping... within the organism itself... This means... that the movement or pulsing of electrons within a molecule is somehow acting as a trigger mechanism to create some pulsing effect wherein the metabolic system of the organism would involuntarily work... like the beating of the heart. If this is the case... then photons can only have an effect once it is oscillated to a frequency that will resonate with the frequency of the molecule itself. Normal photon and radio waves will not be able to do any work at all. A crystaline water is an electrical capacitor by itself.

Dr Ivan U. Ghyssaert Comment left 11th April 2015 16:04:44
I energize water since 40 years with gems, minerals and frequencies. Healing most anything