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Transparent Food Labelling for Europe

In 2008, I-SIS proposed a transparent labelling scheme that directly informs consumers as alternative to organic certification (Transparent Label An Alternative to Organic Certification, SiS 37). This has now become a Written Declaration in European Parliament, proposed by 5 MEPs: Cristiana Muscardini, Monica Frassoni, Christopher Beazley, Daniel Daianu and Adamos Adamou. In order to be approved, the Written Declaration must be signed by 393 MEPS. Up to now, it has been signed by 213 MEPs.

We have the contact details of MEPS who have not yet signed. Please identify your MEPs and ask them to sign on. This scheme benefits both consumers and producers and encourages small family farms and local food consumption. The Written Dclaration is available for signing during the plenary session in Strasbourg (from the 21 to 24 April and from the 4 to 7 May).

Article first published 23/04/09

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