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Announcing an important new book from I-SIS

This book now comes with an additional CD containing all the new articles that have been released after the book was published. These articles are fully referenced for further reading. This CD-rom is only available from I-SIS. Order the CD and book now:

Unraveling AIDS

The Independent Science and Promising Alternative Therapies

Mae-Wan Ho, Sam Burcher, Rhea Gala and Vejko Velkovic

unraveling AIDS cover

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) was identified as a global pandemic and “a threat to world security” by the Clinton administration in July 2000. President George W. Bush has pledged $15 billion to combat AIDS, and additional hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated by rich countries and charitable foundations.

Yet every aspect of the disease has been subject to acrimonious debate. Is AIDS a real disease? Is it a single disease? What is the real extent of the AIDS pandemic? Does HIV cause AIDS? Is AIDS sexually transmitted? Do conventional anti-HIV drugs do more harm than good? Are the candidate anti-HIV vaccines effective, or even safe? Are there safe and effective treatments that can be made widely available at affordable costs? 

Big pharmaceutical companies profit from the sale of lucrative drugs and hope to profit even more from effective AIDS vaccines, which are still in the pipelines after more than two decades. AIDS is perhaps the most-researched yet most-misunderstood disease in the world, about which the most misinformation is spread for political purposes.

Consequently, the multi-billion dollar international projects for addressing the “AIDS pandemic” may well miss their targets of alleviating suffering and death, and could even make things worse.

The book unravels the complex scientific debates surrounding the AIDS pandemic, and reviews effective treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable.


“I strongly recommend this book. It is a provocative, well-written and much too rare example of early warning within an area of omitted and vested interest-driven research.”
Dr. Terje Traavik, PhD, DVM, Scientific Director, Norwegian Institute of Gene Ecology

“This book delves into the nutritional and other lifestyle factors that establish the biological milieu for AIDS, and perhaps is at the very root of the expression of the disease.”
Henry A. Becker, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University, Kikngston, Canada

“An important book that is as up-to-date as the headlines.”
David Rasnick, PhD, Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, USA

“This book presents a comprehensive context for understanding AIDS and casts much needed light on a dark situation..”
Brian Goodwin, PhD, Visiting Scholar, Schumacher College, Devon, UK

“This book will blaze a trail to AIDS remedies for all people.”
Joe Cummins, PhD, Prof. Emeritus of Genetics, University of Western Ontario, Canada

“Unravels major AIDS myths and weaves a comprehensive strategy for effective diagnosis, prevention and therapy.”
Gary Null, PhD, Author of AIDS: A Second Opinion


1. AIDS A Global Pandemic

2. What is AIDS Disease?                                                    

3. AIDS and HIV                                                                            

4. African AIDS Epidemic                                          

5. The Ugandan Success Story

6. AIDS Aid: Big Profit for Pharma Giants                         

7. Anti-HIV Drugs Do More Harm than Good          

8. Surviving and Thriving with HIV                           

9. The Dangers of AIDS Vaccine Trials 

10. AIDS Vaccine or Slow Bioweapons?  

11. Controversy Breaks over AIDS Vaccine Trials     

12. Vaccinating People against Their Own Genes

13. HIV and Latent Viruses

14. The “Pink Panacea”: An AIDS Vaccine?

15. Eating Well for Health     

16. Eating Well against HIV/AIDS

17. Selenium Conquers AIDS

18. Probiotics for Life after HIV/AIDS

19. Herbs for Immunity

20. Traditional Medicine in the Fight Against AIDS

21. Hypericum versus HIV/AIDS     

22. Therapeutic Mushrooms

23. AIDS Therapy from Cheap Generics

24. Exercise Helps AIDS

25. The Way Ahead     

Order Online now: Unraveling AIDS: The Independent Science and Promising Alternative Therapies

Article first published 05/10/09

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