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Banishing Glyphosate (PDF on USB memory stick)

Glyphosate/Roundup, falsely claimed by Monsanto to be safe and harmless, has become the world’s most widely and pervasively used herbicide, especially with glyphosate tolerant GM crops; it has brought rising tides of birth defects, cancers, fatal kidney disease, sterility, and dozens of other illnesses. Read the devastating evidence & ban glyphosate herbicides from you home and local community
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji & Dr Mae-Wan Ho with Dr Medardo Ávila-Vázquez, Dr Don M. Huber, Dr Rosemary Mason, Ib Borup Pederson, Prof Peter Saunders, & Dr Nancy Swansonmore


World Water Day Conference DVD

DVD of lectures from the 'World Water Day' conference, 22nd March 2013 - part of the ISIS Colours of Water festival

This conference considers the new science and art of water in the global social context and how we can prevent a water crisis. Eric Landen and Stevo Hausheer, Chee Yoke Ling, Dinabandhu Karmaker, Joe Cummins, Shui-Yin Lo, Jim Oschman, Mae-Wan Ho, Adrian Ho, Eva Sirinathsinghjimore


Chris Lee Trio - Waterscapes Jazz Concert DVD

Waterscapes Jazz Concert two DVD set. Chris Lee piano, Joe Pettitt bass, Rod Youngs drums, Jenny Howe vocals World premiere of piano-led jazz trio, partly inspired by artworks of the festival, and water-related songsmore


Earth Music Unlimited - Water Music Unlimited Concert DVD

Water Music Unlimited Concert By Earth Music Unlimited Trio: Edward Cowie piano, Stephen Preston Baroque flute, Mifune Tsuji violin. Three classically trained musicians with a single purpose: that music and the forces of nature coalesce and blend. All are deeply concerned with a quest to find new musical forms and new forms of acoustic self-expression. A recital of mainly improvised music in which the trio intercommunicate to translate their experiences of water. Cowie also premieres two new studies for solo piano from his cycle, The Waters of Life more


You are Water, I am Water DVD

Musical improvisation on the theme of water, featuring Lotte Anker on saxophone and Mark Sanders on drums/percussionmore


New Science of Water for Life DVD (2 DVD set)

Two DVD set of lectures from the 'New Science of Water for Life' conference, 21st March 2013 - part of the ISIS Colours of Water festival. Featuring: Gerald Pollack, Martin Chaplin, Djuro Koruga, Emilio Del Giudice, Mae-Wan Ho, Peter Fisher, Elmar Fuchs and Tim Crowemore


Colours of Water Art Exhibition Programme (PDF download)

PDF book of artworks featured at the Colours of Water art exhibition, March 12-28th 2013. Artworks by Edward Cowie, Heather Cowie, Kathy Haffegee, Mae-Wan Ho, Li Poon and Matt Poonmore

The Fluid Genome (CD ROM)

Electronic version of this out-of-print book (pdf) with all illustrations in full colour. Ideal for use in powerpoints etc. more


Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology virtual artwork DVD

DVD of artwork exhibited at the Quantum Jazz Biology event, March 2011.more


Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology event DVD

DVD excerpt of the event: overview and introductionmore


Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology & Medicine DVD (part 2)

DVD excerpt of the event, including the lectures on biology and medicine: Mae-Wan Ho, Jim Oschman and Peter Fishermore


Celebrating ISIS - Art Talks DVD (part 3)

DVD excerpt of the event, including the talks on art: Heather Cowie, Michel Kappeli and Julian Voss Andreaemore


Celebrating ISIS - Music and Performances DVD (part 4)

DVD excerpt of the event, including the music: Edward Cowie speech and musical performancemore


Food Futures Now - Launch Conference DVD

How organic agriculture and localised food (and energy) systems can potentially compensate for all greenhouse gas emissions due to human activities and free us from fossil fuels. This DVD is of the launch at the house of commons on 22nd April 2008. Approx duration: 2hrs 30minsmore


Rainbow And The Worm CD ROM

Accompanying CD-ROM to the book Rainbow And The Worm by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. This disk contains high-resolution movie clips of the living organisms filmed under polarised light microscopy: Drosophila, Daphnia and Artemia. Only available from I-SIS. more


Quantum Jazz - Parts 1 - 3 - PAL DVD Video

Have you ever wondered what being alive is like? What actually happens inside when we go about our business of living? What happens in our tissues, cells and molecules? When we dance, do our tissues, cells and molecules dance too? Do they dance when we sit still? We can show you what happens inside small organisms under a microscope, a special microscope that enables us to see right through to their tissues and cells, and especially their molecules as they are busy being alive.more


Quantum Jazz DVD + Rainbow and the Worm CD-ROM (combined purchase)



Dream Farm PowerPoint Presentations

This CD-ROM contains the presentations from the ISP conference - Dream Farm. Prof. George Chan, environmental engineer and creator of dozens of highly productive zero-emission farms to eradicate poverty in developing countries.How to turn "wastes" into energy and resources for local self-sufficiency. Get set for a post fossil fuel economy! more


Which Energy Audio Disk of Launch Conference

With talks by Pete Saunders, Michael Meacher, Tim Yeo, Mae-Wan Ho and George Chanmore


Big Picture tv interviews Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho is a world renowned geneticist & biophysicist. She is Director of the Institute of Science in Society, she is co-founder of the International Science Panel on Genetic Modification and is scientific advisor to the Third World Network. She has written more than 300 publications and over a dozen books including "Genetic Engineering - Dream or Nightmare?" and "The Case for a GM-free Sustainable World."more


Genetic Engineering Dream or Nightmare CDrom

This CD-Rom Contains an electronic version (PDF) of the second edition of the book by Mae-Wan Ho, along with graphic files of all the diagrams, for use in Powerpoint or other prensentation software. This bestselling book is now out of print and is only available as a CD.more


Keep Europe GM-Free!!

Farmers' and organic producers' representatives and politicians are to join an international panel of independent scientists to call on Europe to ban all environmental releases of genetically modified (GM) crops and instead to promote and adopt sustainable agricultural practices as a matter of urgency. more


Your Genes or Your Health

Why Genomics Won't Deliver the Health of Nations. Special ISIS Lecture.

The UK government launched a DNA BioBank in 2002 to collect DNA samples from 500 000 volunteers aged 45-69 to "capitalise on the knowledge from the Human Genome Project, which made available the genetic book of life". The hope is that by combining genetic, medical and lifestyle information, the study will unravel the origins of important diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's, and lead to improved diagnosis, treatment and prevention.more


ISP Special Parliamentary Briefing 29/04/2004 Audio CDs (2 CDs)

Michael Meacher supported the ISP in their call for an extended enquiry into GM safety, transparency and independance in scientific research, and an end to the victimisation of scientists whose research findings are 'inconvienient' for industry. All of the speakers feature on the Audio CD's.more


Food Initiatives Group Debate Nottingham 2nd June 2003

This DVD is a recording of a public debate between Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Conrad Lichtenstien about genetically modified foods (GM) and the possible effects on human health and the environment. This recording is a useful insight into the differences between scientists and there motivations for their work.more


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