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Comprehensive Evidence Against GM

ISIS Reply to WHO Questionnaire on Food Biotechnology - Joe Cummins and Mae-Wan Ho (8 pages)

List of Appendices

  1. "Environmental and health impacts of Bt" by Lim Li Ching (7 pages)
  2. "Horizontal gene transfer – hidden hazards of genetic engineering", by Mae-Wan Ho (15 pages)
  3. "A brief history of the CaMV 35S promoter" by Mae-Wan Ho (4 pages)
  4. "The herbicide glyphosate and glyphosate-tolerant GM crops: Impact on health and the environment" by Joe Cummins (6 pages)
  5. "Chardon LL T 25 Maize Hearing: Evidence with special emphasis on the use of glufosinate ammonium (phosphinothricin)" by Malcolm Hooper (12 pages)
  6. "Patents on life patently undermine food security" by Lim Li Ching (6 pages)