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First Commercial Bt-Maize was Toxic, Scientist and Farmer Confirm
German Farmer harassed and persecuted by Syngenta for years for finding its Bt-maize 176 highly toxic to his cows now tells the whole story
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 1st February 2016

Continuing Demise of GMOs [updated 30/10/15]
More than two-thirds of EU nations opted for bans on growing GM crops; Monsanto stocks fell 25 %, losses deepen, and 12 % of workforce slashed
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji and Dr Mae-Wan Ho 14th October 2015

No to Climate Smart Agriculture
'Climate Smart Agriculture' is agribusiness' latest attempt to promote industrial farming and undermine agro-ecological approaches generally recognized as the real solution to food production under climate change
Coalition against Climate Smart Agriculture 28th September 2015

GM African Cowpea to Enter African Markets
Coinciding agenda of seed and biotech industry to enter African markets via GM African cowpea as Ghana seeks injunction on crop
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 7th September 2015

Teminator Mustard Must Not be Released
A hazardous transgenic technology for male sterility originally designed to enforce corporate patent on seeds is now transmogrified into a means for increasing yield, in theory, through enforced outbreeding
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 2nd September 2015

Ending GMOs Now
Global rejection sent Monsanto profits plummeting, farmers abandoning GM crops in record numbers, reclassification of glyphosate as probable carcinogen triggering fresh calls for bans and restrictions; GMOs failing old and new, while organic and non-GMO markets continue booming; the days of GMOs are numbered, let’s hasten the demise
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 21st April 2015

Bt Brinjal Fails Two Years Running Risks Spreading Disease
Bt brinjal varieties planted all over the country die from disease prematurely or fail to fruit, and fail to protect against target pest; a moratorium must now be imposed as a matter of utmost urgency to prevent the spread of new disease to indigenous varieties
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 20th April 2015

Glyphosate ‘Probably Carcinogenic to Humans’ Latest WHO Assessment
The world authority on cancer’s evidence-based assessment is pitched against the Monsanto-led corrupt approvals in US and Europe
Dr Mae-Wan Ho and Dr Nancy Swanson 24th March 2015

Genetic Modification Trails Conventional Breeding By Far
Researchers have created conventionally bred varieties tolerant to drought and low nitrogen soils that can reduce poverty in 13 African countries by up to 9 %, far outperforming anything that genetic modification has achieved
Prof Peter Saunders 15th October 2014

How Roundup® Poisoned my Nature Reserve
A personal witness to the devastating demise of wild pollinators and other species as glyphosate herbicides increase in the environment
Rosemary Mason MB ChB FRCA 17th September 2014

Seeds of Truth - Vandana Shiva Responds to The New Yorker
The New Yorker carried a very long article in its 25 August 2014 issue "Seeds of Doubt" by journalist Michael Specter, dedicated ostensibly to Vandana Shiva and the anti-GMO campaign, but is in truth a none-too-subtle ploy to discredit both in the service of the biotech industry. Specter had already published a book in 2009, Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives, purporting to defend science from its critics in denial of scientific progress. This is her reply.
ISIS 1st September 2014

Epigenetics and Implications for GM Crops Using RNAi
Based on invited presentation at 1st Forum of Development and Environmental Safety, under the theme "Food Safety and Sustainable Agriculture 2014", 25 - 26 July 2014, Beijing
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 28th August 2014

Bangladeshi Bt Brinjal Pilot Scheme Failed
Pest infestations, low yields, unwanted produce and unlicensed cultivation as Bt Brinjal is forced on South Asian citizens
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 7th July 2014

Horizontal Transfer of GM DNA Widespread
But No One is Looking, Almost
A culture of denial over the horizontal spread of genetically modified nucleic acids prevails in the face of direct evidence that it has occurred widely when appropriate methods and molecular probes are used for detection
Dr Mae Wan Ho 9th June 2014

Global Status of GMO and Non-GMO Crops
Dr Mae-Wan Ho takes you behind the latest, most blatant scientific disinformation campaign to show how GMO crops have remained a minority sector in food production and shrinking from overwhelming consumer rejection; in contrast, non-GMO sectors are rapidly taking over the global food market, the largest, agro-ecological farming, is also the most sustainable, resilient and climate friendly, and currently produces over half of the world’s food
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 3rd April 2014

Don't Grow Bt Brinjal
100 civil society organisations around the world oppose Bt brinjal commercialization for Bangladesh
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 18th December 2013

Farmers still Suffering from Bt Resistant Rootworms
Crop rotation strategies not alleviating Bt resistance in Illinois
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 16th September 2013

Cisgenesis is still Genetic Modification with All the Attendant Risks
The new trial on GM blight-resistant potato is being sold as cisgenic technology to confuse the public, but it is still genetic modification with all the attendant risks most of which are not addressed
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 14th August 2013

“Disappearing Rats and Dying Pigs” Are GMOs to Blame?
Grim reports of dying pigs in China since 2006; are they linked to GM feed?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 5th August 2013

US Staple Crop System Failing from GM and Monoculture
Resilience, yields, pesticide use, and genetic diversity, all worse than Non-GM Europe
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 10th July 2013

How Non-GM Cassava Can Help Feed the World
Great strides are being made in improving this important staple through conventional breeding
Prof Peter Saunders 1st July 2013

GM Crops and Water - A Recipe for Disaster
Genetically modified foods are a threat to our dwindling water supplies; they are less water-efficient and contaminate fresh water
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 6th May 2013

New GM Nightmares with RNA
Small double-stranded RNA (dsRNAs) that aim to interfere with specific gene expression are increasingly used to create GM crops; unfortunately they have many off-target effects and can also interfere with gene expression in all animals exposed to the crops
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th April 2013

Study Confirms GM crops lead to increased Pesticide Use
GM technologies have led to a 7% increase in pesticide use
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 8th November 2012

GM Crops Destroyed by US Drought but non-GM Varieties Flourish
Non-GM varieties are more drought resistant, yet agritech giants ensure farmers are unable to access them
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 9th October 2012

Bt Toxicity Confirmed: Flawed Studies Exposed
Researchers confirm Bt toxicity to non-target beneficial insects and show how experiments claiming to refute their results were designed not to find the effect
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 11th July 2012

Behind the GM Wheat Trial
Crucial information omitted from public discussion discredits the public-funded research institute: it has close ties to industry, the GM crop has not been molecularly characterized or tested for potential risks to health or the environment, it carries genes for antibiotic resistance and tolerance to glufosinate, a herbicide banned in Europe, and the anti-aphid trait on trial is very likely to be ineffective
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 20th June 2012

New GM Crops Tolerant To Old Toxic Herbicides a Step Backwards
Dow Agroscience petitions for deregulating new GM maize tolerant to 2,4-D and Quizalofop
Prof. Joe Cummins 9th February 2012

Plant Immune System Spawns New Biopesticides
Monsanto’s Harpin a potential health hazard but natural extract from giant knotweed is best for ‘man and beasties’
Prof. Joe Cummins 19th December 2011

Monsanto Defeated by Roundup Resistant Weeds
An explosion of glyphosate resistant weeds forces Monsanto to run away from farmers’ rising weed control costs
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 28th November 2011

Bt Resistant Rootworm Spreads
The emergence of more Bt-resistant pests is further proof of the futility of Bt crops
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 31st October 2011

GM Feed Toxic, New Meta-Analysis Confirms
A meta-analysis on 19 studies confirms kidney and liver toxicity in rats and mice fed on GM soybean and maize, representing more than 80 percent of all commercially available GM food; it also exposes gross inadequacies of current risk assessment
Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 5th September 2011

USDA/APHIS Creeping towards Regulatory Shutdown
Genetically modified bluegrass deregulation marks the beginning of the end of a toothless regulatory regime for GMOs
Prof. Joe Cummins 30th August 2011

Genetically Modified China
Multinational biotech companies have a strong presence in China with many GMOs approved for import and processing; and transgene contamination is inevitable
Prof. Joe Cummins 8th September 2010

GM Potatoes not Proven Safe for Release
UK and European regulators authorising release of GM potatoes show reckless disregard of safety
Prof. Joe Cummins 15th July 2010

GM Blight-resistant Potatoes – Who Needs Them?
While researchers are wasting taxpayers’ money to create hazardous GM blight-resistant potatoes, non-GM highly blight-resistant varieties are already on the market, with low carbon impact and all-round appeal to consumers
Dr Eva Novotny 12th July 2010

Glyphosate Tolerant Crops Bring Diseases and Death
New research reveals disastrous ecological impacts of the world’s top herbicide and GM crops made tolerant to it
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Brett Cherry 26th May 2010

EU’s Pro-Industry GMO Regulators Endanger Public Health Petition for Independent Science in GMO Risk Assessment
EU watchdog attempts to undermine already lax regulations to speed up commercial approval of risky GM products
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th May 2010

GM Food Angel or Devil
It has been 16 years since the first genetically modified (GM) crop - Flavr Savr tomato for delayed ripening - was approved for commercial growing in the USA. It was also the year that I became a ‘science activist', on realising how science itself was falling prey to corporate manipulation.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 5th May 2010

Bt Brinjal Halted
but Fight against GM neo-Colonialism Continues
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th April 2010

After Monsanto's GM Meltdown in the USA…
Syngenta comes to the rescue to keep the transgenic treadmill going
Prof. Joe Cummins 14th April 2010

US Farmers Oppose 'Big Ag' in Anti-Trust Hearing
Will farmers get justice at last from years of victimisation from big agribusiness peddling genetically engineered crops?
Dr. Eva Novotny 7th April 2010

One million signatures for banning GMOs in Europe
The European Commission has just approved growing genetically modified crops for the first time in 12 years, putting the GM lobby's profits over public concerns - 60% of Europeans feel we need more information before growing foods that could threaten our health and environment. Sign the petition and spread the word. 23rd March 2010

Glyphosate Resistance in Weeds - The Transgenic Treadmill
Glyphosate resistant weeds may spell the end of patented herbicide tolerant crops, but can farmers exit the transgenic treadmill that’s very profitable for Monsanto?
Prof. Joe Cummins 3rd March 2010

A 12-Year Saga of Farm Suicides in India
In 2006-08, Maharastra saw 12 493 farm suicides, 85 percent higher than the 6 745 suicides it recorded during 1997-1999, and the worst three year period for any State at any time despite huge government debt relief packages.
P. Sainath 9th February 2010

Field Testing Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus: Environment Assessment Still Inadequate
USDA/APHIS aims to support widely dispersed field trials with reckless disregard for safety and in flagrant violation of the precautionary principle.
Prof. Joe Cummins 8th February 2010

UK Chief Scientist Misrepresented Over GM
Is it possible that Prof. Beddington’s staff - at the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs perhaps - are much keener on GM than he is, and wrote a speech for him that was leaked ahead of time to The Guardian? Could it be that Prof. Beddington, after seeing the prepared speech, changed it out of all recognition?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 5th February 2010

GM Crops Facing Meltdown in the USA
Major crops genetically modified for just two traits - herbicide tolerance and insect resistance – are ravaged by super weeds and secondary pests in the heartland of GMOs as farmers fight a losing battle with more of the same; a fundamental shift to organic farming practices may be the only salvation
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st February 2010

GM Crops Increase Herbicide Use in the United States
The use of toxic herbicides on the rise due to the spread of herbicide tolerant crops
Brett Cherry 18th January 2010

Why Bees Vanish
A film that tries to get to the bottom of the mystery of the disappearing bees with some success
Sam Burcher 16th November 2009

High Lysine GM Maize Withdrawn, Safety Concerns
A much touted second generation “nutritionally enhanced” GM crop bites the dust, as company fails to address serious health concerns; but don’t suppose that regulation will triumph
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Peter Saunders 11th November 2009

The Day of the Triffid in Transgene Contamination
Transgenic flax grown for several years in Canada has nevertheless contaminated probably the country’s entire flax seed stock; that’s why flax should never be used to produce transgenic industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals
Prof. Joe Cummins 23rd September 2009

Say No to GM Carnations for Europe
A petition has been posted against the introduction of GM-carnations Moonaqua with altered the Netherlands.. These carnations are not yet available in Europe because they are not authorized. But the Dutch Ministry of Environment will do that in less than 6 weeks.time.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 12th August 2009

Brian Goodwin, A Pioneer across the Disciplines
It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Prof. Brian Goodwin in his last post as Resident Scholar at Schumacher College at the age of 78.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 23rd July 2009

ISIS Comment in Support of Ban on GMOs in Negros
On behalf of the Institute of Science in Society, I would like to submit our Comment to you on the Philippine Sugar Research Institute Foundation's objection to the implementation of Provincial Ordinance 007 in Negros Occidental Province.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 16th July 2009

New Study Indicates That Canadian Farmers Are Highly Critical Of Genetically Modified Wheat, As Controversy Over This Crop Reignites
A new study on Canadian farmer perceptions toward genetically modified (GM) wheat - specifically Roundup Ready wheat (RRW)- has just been published in the international peer reviewed journal Environmental Science and Pollution Research. This scientific paper is being released just as the controversy over growing GM wheat is re-igniting. Unlike a recent industry-sponsored study conducted in the US, it shows that Canadian farmers are categorically opposed to RRW.
Ian Mauro 25th June 2009

Maize streak Virus Resistant Transgenic Maize for Africa?
Transgenic viral resistance is short-lived while marker assisted selective breeding can offer long-term protection
Prof. Joe Cummins 14th May 2009

Europe Holds the Key to a GM-Free World, 5th Conference of GM-Free Regions, Food & Democracy
Important revelations at the Conference on how Europe determines the future of GMOs in the world market, and more
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 6th May 2009

Call for Direct Witness Evidence of GM Hazards & Failures
ISIS has already accumulated a large dossier of evidence and your help in assembling witness evidence may be just what's needed to make the case for a global ban on environmental releases of GMOs. Please submit to us photographic and video evidence of hazards and failures
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 14th April 2009

Acceptance of GM Crops Exaggerated
FoE exposes false and misleading statistics presented by industry-funded group to promote GM crops
Brett Cherry 9th March 2009

Scientists Protest Unethical Clinical Trials of GM Golden Rice
Tufts university involvement in golden rice feeding trials.
Dr Brian John 16th February 2009

Bt Brinjal Unfit for Human Consumption
Expert independent scientist verdict contradicts Indian regulatory authorities on biosafety of GM aubergine
Sam Burcher 9th February 2009

Who is Anti-Science?
Hilary Benn & Other GM Supporters

The Cabinet minister betrays his true colours in a head to head with Vandana Shiva and other proponents of organic agriculture as evidence piles up against the safety of GM food and feed.
Sam Burcher 6th February 2009

GeoEngineering A Measure of Desperation
We have all the means to save the climate without risking the earth in unregulated geoengineering research
Prof. Peter Saunders & Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th February 2009

Transgenic Animals for Food Not Proven Safe
FDA’s guidelines on commercial release of transgenic animals ignore known hazards of GMOs and totally inadequate to protect the public from genetic and epigenetic damages that may result from transgenic foods.
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th November 2008

Why Prince Charles is Right
We Need GMO-Free Food and Agriculture for Food Security
Dr. Vandana Shiva and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 21st August 2008

Sex Hormone Sprays Halted over Cities But…
California embarks on an even more alarming pesticide eradication policy for a harmless moth
Sam Burcher 15th August 2008

Exposed: Europe’s GM-Hype in Times of Food and Fuel Crisis
The pro-GM brigade has been losing no time in exploiting the current global food and fuel crisis and the high price of animal feed to promote GM as the solution in the mainstream media
Caroline Robinson 6th August 2008

Ending 10 000 Years of Conflict between Agriculture and Nature
Organic agriculture is not enough; we must replace annual with perennial crops.
Dr. Stan Cox 26th June 2008

Terminator Mosquitoes to Control Dengue?
Why take a dangerous, costly, and untested high tech option when safe, effective, and affordable alternatives are available.
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 14th May 2008

Deadly gift from Monsanto to India
To follow up on your articles, I enclose photographs of mealy bugs infested cotton plants in the demonstration plots of different seed companies in Vidarbha: Ganga Kavari, Paras Bbhrahma, and Banny. All of the plots have the Bollgard label. These mealy bugs have never been in our region on any plants before Bt cotton was introduced.
Ram Kalaspurkar 12th May 2008

Mass Protests against GM Crops in India
As India edges closer to what is probably the last year of field trials for Bt Brinjal (eggplant, aubergine) before commercial approval may be granted, large scale resistance has been building up all over the country
Kavitha Kurunganti 30th April 2008

Study Based on Farmers’ Experience Exposes Risks of GM Crops
The first study of its kind in North America, possibly in the world, shows how the risks of GM technology outweigh the benefits especially in the longer term.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 24th April 2008

GM Failures Continue
The GM industry has been ailing at least as far back as 2005, but kept alive by an aggressive campaign of disinformation 16th April 2008

Let the World Learn from North American Farmers' Experience with GMOs
Prof. E. Ann Clark reviews the real scientific surveys that contradict every claim made by British academics regarding the benefits of GM crops in their government-funded ‘study’
Prof. E. Ann Clark 11th April 2008

Transgenic Potato Not to be Released
The University of Leeds Centre for Plant Sciences submitted an application to release genetically modified (GM) potatoes to the open environment for a field trial. The transgenic potato plants have been produced using Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Prof. Joe Cummins 19th March 2008

Genetically Modified Alfalfa: Scope of an Improved Environmental Assessment
This report was submitted to the USDA on behalf of ISIS. Prof. Joe Cummins.
Prof. Joe Cummins 18th March 2008

Non-GM Breakthroughs Leave GM Behind
Non-GM breakthroughs keep coming thick and fast for problems that GM proponents claim require GM, but GM solutions, if any, are years away
GM Watch 27th February 2008

GM-Free Europe Beginning?
A remarkable sequence of events since ISIS’ European Parliament Briefing Scientists and MEPs for a GM free Europe [1] may mean the beginning of the end of genetically modified crops in Europe.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 9th November 2007

Transgenic Plum Gets USDA Non-regulated Status Based on False Claims of Safety
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho rebut USDA conclusion that transgenic DNA and RNA are non-toxic
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 26th July 2007

Antibodies from Hybrid GM Tobacco Plants
Proposed release has not considered risks of antibodies to wild life and human beings, nor the horizontal transfer of antibiotic resistance marker genes to disease-causing bacteria
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 9th July 2007

Emergency Motion on Protecting the Honeybee
Question Tabled to European Commission by Ms Hiltrud Breyer MEP of Strasbourg
Ms Hiltrud Breyer MEP 22nd June 2007

Scientists and MEPs for a GM free Europe
Independent scientists, MEPs, farmers and citizens united at the European Parliament condemning GMOs; the European Food Safety Authority to be sued
Sam Burcher and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 21st June 2007

Ready for Dicamba Ready GM crops?
Turning an environmental disaster into a real catastrophe
Prof. Joe Cummins 20th June 2007

Parasitic Fungus and Honeybee Decline
Professor Joe Cummins says systemic pesticides undermine the bee's immune system, leaving it susceptible to the parasitic fungus Nosema
Prof. Joe Cummins 18th June 2007

Scientists for a GM Free Europe
Scientists from six countries join forces with MEPs to call for a Europe wide and worldwide ban on growing GM crops.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th June 2007

GM Eucalyptus Environmental Assessment Irregular
USDA's environmental assessment uses confidential business information liberally and frivolously and violates its own regulation if not federal law
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 31st May 2007

The BP-Berkeley Energy BioScience Institute
The biofuels boom is already having devastating effects on the world's poorest countries and on planet as a whole by accelerating deforestation and climate change
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th May 2007

GM Food Nightmare Unfolding in the Regulatory Sham
Regulators such as the European Food Safety Authority and UK's Food Standards Agency have been ignoring the precautionary principle, manipulating and corrupting science, sidestepping the law, and helping to promote GMOs in the face of massive public opposition and damning evidence piling up against the safety of GM food and feed.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 9th March 2007

Approval of GM Crops Illegal, US Federal Courts Rule
The courts said it three times so it must be true
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st March 2007

Moratorium on all GM Trees and Ban on GM Forest Trees
Genetically modified (GM) trees have all the hazards of GM crops only worse, GM forest trees, in particular, are the ultimate threat to people and planet
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 18th February 2007

GM Food Nightmare Unfolding and the Regulatory Sham
How our regulators are ignoring the precautionary principle, manipulating and corrupting science, sidestepping the law, and helping to promote GMOs in the face of massive public opposition and damning evidence piling up against the safety of GM food and feed
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th February 2007

Global GM Crops Area Exaggerated
Ten years on, and the ‘growth’ in GM crops area is exposed to be more hype than substance as opposition heightens Sam Burcher
Sam Burcher 29th January 2007

Yeasts Targeted for High Ethanol Production
Metabolic engineering of yeasts for high ethanol biofuel production may generate toxic metabolites and pose unique threats to agriculture
Prof. Joe Cummins 12th January 2007

GM Grapevines & Toxic Wines
Synthetic genes, toxins and cyanide gas are some of what to expect from wines on your dinner table
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th January 2007

'Self-Cloned' Wine Yeasts Not Necessarily Safe
Yeast genetics is more precise, but altering the expression of a single native yeast gene can change the entire metabolic network in an unexpected way
Prof. Joe Cummins 8th January 2007

GM Wine Sold Unlabelled in the United States
Prof. Joe Cummins exposes the potential hazards of the GM wine yeast that has been approved as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration and advises against drinking US wines
Prof. Joe Cummins 6th January 2007

Universal Condemnation Meets UK Government’s Green Light for GM Potato Trials
Assumptions of safety not justified by existing evidence. The government must withdraw permission for the trials, or the regulators should be held responsible for any harm caused.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 6th December 2006

Transgenic Maize with Monoclonal Antibodies Grown in France
This amounts to an illegal massive clinical trial of monoclonal antibodies known to cause severe side effects including death
Prof. Joe Cummins, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Peter Saunders 27th July 2006

GM Egg Plant Contains Bt Toxin Linked to Hundreds of Allergy Cases and Thousands of Sheep Deaths
It would be unthinkable and irresponsible to approve the genetically modified eggplant. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins find no published studies nor experimental details on safety tests in the application for field releases of the Bt brinjal and raise serious questions
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 14th July 2006

USDA Proposes to Deregulate Its Own Transgenic Plum
Should not be approved, major gaps in risk assessment
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 11th July 2006

Mass Deaths in Sheep Grazing on Bt Cotton
At least 1 800 sheep reported dead from severe toxicity after grazing on Bt cotton fields in just four villages in Andhra Pradesh India
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 3rd May 2006

Poor Women Farmers' Crops of Truth
Rhea Gala reports from a ‘backward' area of Andhra Pradesh where dispossessed women farmers have regained control of their destiny by promoting a diversity of traditional crop varieties
Rhea Gala 9th February 2006

GM Ban Long Overdue
Dozens Ill & Five Deaths in the Philippines
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 6th February 2006

Indian Cotton Farmers Betrayed
Rhea Gala travels to Andhra Pradesh to find out why small farmers are still planting GM Bt cotton when it has failed miserably since its introduction four years ago
Rhea Gala 2nd February 2006

Transgenic Pea that Made Mice Ill
Raises serious safety concerns on transgenic proteins in general that must be addressed while a ban on all GM food and feed is imposed
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 28th November 2005

Zambia Holding Firm to GM Ban Amid Aggressive GM Awareness Campaign
Zambian Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training, told the international conference on Genetic Engineering and Sustainable Agriculture in Lusaka, 3-6 October, that her country had taken a bold stance to reject GMO foods and conditions attached to them
Dr. Mae Wan Ho 9th November 2005

Independent Scientists Object To Terminator Seeds
Genetic Use Restriction Technologies Should be Eliminated and Use of Public Funds to Develop Use Restriction Technologies Should be Prevented
Prof. Joe Cummins 15th September 2005

Marker Assisted Selective Breeding
Prof. Joe Cummins gives the current state of play in how molecular genetic analysis can aid in selective breeding without genetic modification
Prof. Joe Cummins 8th September 2005

Organic Cotton Beats Bt Cotton in India
Organic cotton is incomparably superior to genetically modified Bt cotton
Rhea Gala 5th August 2005

Italy's Genebank At Risk
Prof. Pietro Perrino tells the story of how Italy's gene bank, among the ten largest in the world, risks being destroyed under an enforced merger with groups preoccupied with genetic modification of crop plants
Prof. Pietro Perrino 3rd August 2005

SOS: Save Our Seeds
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho warns of new dangers posed by genetic engineering to the world's gene banks, already in jeopardy from years of under-funding, and stresses the importance of in situ conservation and seed saving in local communities for sustainable food systems and food security
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st August 2005

Cover-up over GM DNA in milk
Syngenta's GM maize linked to dead cows linked to GM DNA in milk and scientist involved in what appears to be a major cover-up on behalf of big dairy producer.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 26th July 2005

Monsanto versus Farmers
The world's biggest genetically engineered seed owner destroys time-honoured traditions of seed saving and drives American farmers to destitution and bankruptcy.
Sam Burcher 28th April 2005

View from MADS House
New opportunities for manipulating flowering in plants set the stage for extensive alteration of crop geography
Prof. Joe Cummins 9th March 2005

Iraqi Government Urged to Revoke "Cynical and Wicked" Patent Law
Aid agencies and NGOs across the globe have been reacting with horror to the news that new legislation in Iraq was carefully put in place last year by the United States that will effectively bring the whole of the country's agricultural sector under the control of trans-national corporations
Dr. Brian John 8th March 2005

Which Science or Scientists Can You Trust?
Michael Meacher told a public conference on Science, Medicine and the Law in the strongest terms that we need independent science and scientists who take the precautionary principle seriously and sweeping changes are needed in science funding and scientific advice to the government that ensures the protection of independent science
ISIS Report 25th February 2005

Death Domains in New Bio-pesticides
Professor Joe Cummins warns of new bio-pesticides the US Food and Drug Administration proposes to deregulate that may cause all animal cells to commit suicide
Prof. Joe Cummins 21st February 2005

Corporate Hijack of Sustainable Agriculture Backfired to Moratorium on GMOs
An attempted corporate takeover of the World Conservation Union turned into a moratorium on GMOs
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th February 2005

ISP Bid to Stop US "Rubber-Stamping" Transgene Contamination
ISP submitted strong objections to US's proposed change in policy that would allow companies to contaminate the food supply with unauthorized test crops
Mae-Wan Ho, Sam Burcher and Rhea Gala 27th January 2005

PR Posing as Science in Crop Biotechnology
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho expose the corruption of traditional standards in science reporting of GM crops
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 25th January 2005

GM Cotton that People Forgot
GM cotton has aroused relatively little resistance outside the Third World for the simple reason that it is wrongly perceived to be a non-food crop.
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th January 2005

Are Transgenic Proteins Allergenic?
Some two-thirds of all transgenic proteins have similarities to known allergens. Should we worry?
Drs. Mae-Wan Ho, Arpad Pusztai, Susan Bardocz and Prof. Joe Cummins 5th January 2005

US to Rubber Stamp Transgene Contamination
US set to approve contamination of food supply with unauthorised test crops.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Sam Burcher 22nd December 2004

GM Sugar Beet Gone Sour
A new GM sugar beet event has been deregulated in the United States. But it is yet another story of poor assessment by the regulators that seriously threaten organic crops
Prof. Joe Cummins 7th December 2004

Feeding the World or the Corporations?
Food agencies are feeding corporate greed while an estimated 880 million people in the world go hungry
Sam Burcher 26th November 2004

How Europe is Re-colonising America with Help from the Natives
A major row has erupted over an industry-led proposal to make GM soya in Argentina "sustainable", and the blame is laid squarely at Europe's door
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 21st November 2004

Corporate Hijack of Sustainable Agriculture
Agribusiness is embracing sustainable agriculture in the form of ecoagriculture. Prof. Miguel Altieri explains why it isn't the genuine approach
Prof. Miguel Altieri 16th November 2004

Secret Trials in GM-Free Australia Raise New Fears of Contamination
Secret Trials in GM-Free Australia Raise New Fears of Contamination - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd November 2004

No to GM Oilseed Rape GT73
Monsanto has applied to import its GM oilseed rape GT73 into Europe for use in animal feed and processing. The Scientific Panel on GMOs of the European Food Safety Authority has given it a favourable opinion, and there will soon be a vote on it at the Council of Ministers. Here's a description of what it is and why it should be rejected
Prof. Joe Cummins, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Lim Li Ching 22nd September 2004

Synthetic Genes in Food Crops
Prof. Joe Cummins explains why genes inserted into GM crops are not 'substantially equivalent' to genes in their native state
Prof. Joe Cummins 1st September 2004

DNA in GM Food & Feed
The government's scientific advisory committees have repeatedly tried to reassure the public that there is nothing to fear from genetically modified (GM) DNA, but critics disagree.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th June 2004

Superbug with Anthrax Genes
The Bacillus species causing anthrax and food poisoning are closely related to each other and to a third, Bacillus thuringiensis, whose toxin genes are extensively exploited to create genetically modified Bt-crops. ISIS has warned of the potential for dangerous recombinants to emerge; such a recombinant has now been identified. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins caution against growing Bt crops, especially in the Third World
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 16th June 2004

Broken Promises
Will GM crops really help developing countries?Lim Li Ching looks at some telling examples in Kenya, Indonesia and India.
Lim Li Ching 12th May 2004

GM Food & Feed Not Fit for "Man or Beast"
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins review some of the scientific evidence behind a series of recent scandals involving the safety of GM food and feed. They expose fatal flaws in the regulatory process and highlight how Europe is in danger of approving GM varieties that are genetically unstable and hence illegal as well as unsafe. They demand a full enquiry into the abuse of science that has allowed GM crops not fit for human or animal consumption to enter our food chain.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho & Prof.Joe Cummins 7th May 2004

Bt Toxins in Genetically Modified Crops: Regulation by Deceit
Prof. Joe Cummins reviews the impacts of Bt toxins and Bt crops and points to a fundamental flaw in their regulatory assessments - toxicity testing based, not on the toxins in Bt crops themselves, but on surrogate toxins. There is, furthermore, evidence that some Bt toxins are toxic to mammals.
Prof Joe Cummins 23rd March 2004

Austria Raises Hell over GM Safety
ISP members, Susan Bardocz, Mae-Wan Ho and Arpad Pusztai among others, briefed representatives of the Austrian government and Austrian ngos in a workshop held in Vienna last November. One of the Austrian government representatives, Josef Hoppichler, subsequently breifed the US-Embassy in Austria. The US Embassy staff were so impressed that Hoppichler's briefing was translated and circulated by the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service under Global Agriculture Information Network (GAIN).
Josef Hoppichler 10th February 2004

Approving GM Crops is Abusing Science
Scientific evidence has gone decisively against GM crops. So why is commercial growing allowed? Scientists from the Independent Science Panel are calling for an enquiry
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st February 2004

Food Quality? What's That? / Do Animals Like Good Food?
As the global war over genetically modified food intensifies, so has the urgency to assess food quality. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports on some promising approaches
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 31st December 2003

Animals Avoid GM Food, for Good Reasons
Experimental and anecdotal evidence shows that animals seek to avoid GM food and do not thrive if forced to consume such food
Dr. Eva Novotny 13th December 2003

GM Crops Increase Pesticide Use
Proponents claim that GM crops substantially reduce pesticide use, but new evidence shows otherwise
Lim Li Ching 11th December 2003

Unstable Transgenic Lines Illegal
Further evidence that most if not all commercially approved transgenic lines are genetically unstable and non-uniform has come to light. The transgenic lines fail to satisfy the current EU Directive requirements for proof of genetic stability and uniformity, and are hence illegal
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 3rd December 2003

New GM Toxin Looms over Our Food
Prof. Joe Cummins issues advance warning of new GM toxin from soil bacterium that's to be incorporated into our food crops
Prof. Joe Cummins 2nd December 2003

Regulatory Sham on Bt-Crops
Prof. Joe Cummins exposes the regulatory sham involved in GM crops containing a range of biopesticides
Prof. Joe Cummins 1st December 2003

Mercury A Growing Scourge
Mercury pollution is a growing global menace. Prof. Joe Cummins calls for UN regulation
Prof. Joe Cummins 28th November 2003

GM Crops Harm Wildlife
The UK's farm scale evaluations have shown conclusively that the herbicide regime linked with GM spring oilseed rape and beet is damaging to biodiversity.
Lim Li Ching 8th November 2003

Transgenic Lines Proven Unstable
The insert in every commercially approved GM line has undergone rearrangement. The cauliflower mosaic virus promoter plays a major role. This should be the final nail in the coffin for GM crops, says Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who has, for years, challenged scientific committees advising governments over this very issue
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 23rd October 2003

More on Bt Resistance
Prof. Joe Cummins deals with further intricacies on the supposed lack of Bt resistance outbreaks from commercial growing of Bt crops
Prof. Joe Cummins 16th October 2003

Argentina's GM Woes
Proponents claim that GM crops are necessary for fighting hunger in developing countries and decreasing the use of pesticides. The evidence shows otherwise. GM crops have exacerbated poverty and hunger, increased herbicides use, brought new health hazards, destroyed agricultural land and livelihoods, and resulted in deforestation
Dr. Lilian Joensen and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th September 2003

GM Crops Irrelevant for Africa
Damning report concludes GM crops do not address the real causes of poverty and hunger in Africa
Jonathan Matthews 18th September 2003

No Bt Resistance?
Prof. Joe Cummins questions the recent report that there has been no Bt resistance outbreaks
Prof. Joe Cummins 9th September 2003

GM Potato = Malnutrition
A GM potato will solve Third World hunger, said pro-GM scientists in India and Britain. Dr. Vandana Shiva and Afsar Jafri expose the lies they tell to force GM foods on a defiant world that will also put school children at risk from malnutrition by displacing nutrient-rich indigenous staples
Dr. Vandana Shiva and Afsar Jafri 30th July 2003

New Terminator Crops Coming
Gaining control over seed production using 'terminator' genetic modification has become a goal of genetic engineers. Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho alert us to some new tricks in the pipelines, and the lies perpetrated to mislead the public
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 12th July 2003

Organics for Health
A Chapter from the Independent Science Report, The Case for a GM-Free Sustainable World
Here's some of the evidence that Sir John Krebs, Head of UK's Food Standards Agency refuses to acknowledge in his persistent denigration of organic agriculture
ISIS 4th July 2003

Transgenic Contamination of Certified Seed Stocks
Yet more evidence that transgenic contamination is inevitable and unavoidable.
Prof. Joe Cummins 10th June 2003

GM Microbes Invade North America
While the attention of the world is focused on genetically modified (GM) crops, GM microbes have been released for at least six years with little or no public awareness or debate
Prof. Joe Cummins 24th April 2003

Royal Society Under Fire
The Royal Society, UK's national academy of science, has come under fire for its perceived pro-GM bias. Some NGOs have complained to the Charity Commission about its conduct.
Claire Robinson 3rd March 2003

Transgenic Meat Scandal
How the United States regulatory agencies allowed its universities to pass potentially poisonous transgenic meat to the millions, thus reflecting badly on both the regulatory agencies and the university scientists.
Prof. Joe Cummins 13th February 2003

Allergenic GM Papaya Scandal
How Prof. Joe Cummins uncovered the great scandal of how US regulatory agencies approved a GM papaya even though it carries a viral gene known to be a potential allergen
Prof. Joe Cummins 2nd February 2003

ISIS' Questions to UK Food Standards Agency Open Meeting
The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) is holding an open meeting on Wednesday 13 November 2002. The ACNFP advises the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on any matters relating to novel foods (including GM foods) and novel processes.
ISIS 29th October 2002

Do Not Let our Nightmare Become Yours, Warn Canadian Farmers
The Soil Association launched on 17 September 2002 a damning report on GM crops, calling them a 'practical and economic disaster'. But the most eloquent opposition came from North American farmers themselves.
Lim Li Ching 24th October 2002

Good-Bye GMOs
Forcing GM food aid on famine-stricken southern Africa is a sheer act of desperation. Behind the aggressive stance and rhetoric, the biotech corporate empire is crumbling. It is morally, scientifically and financially bankrupt
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th September 2002

Science War Intensifies
The embattled British government-sponsored Farm Scale Evaluations (FSEs) are due to end in 2003. For Britain as for the rest of Europe, the decisive moment has come for GM crops: to commercialise, or to ban. The scientific establishment, the Government and Monsanto join forces in attacking independent scientists and stifling debate.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th June 2002

Pitfalls of Transgene Containment in Chloroplast
As transgenic contamination is becoming a big issue, biotech companies are proposing to put transgenes in the chloroplast genome instead of the nuclear genome in order to prevent them from spreading. Prof. Joe Cummins reveals the pitfalls.
Prof. Joe Cummins 19th June 2002

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Replies to Aventis in Chardon LL Public Hearing
Aventis applied to place herbicide-tolerant transgenic maize Chardon LL on UK National Seed List in 2000. This provoked such widespread objection that a public hearing was held later that year. But the hearing was adjourned when it transpired that Chardon LL did not pass the requisite test for distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS).
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 14th June 2002

Science for the Poor, or Procurer for the Rich?
The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is the world’s largest and most influential agricultural research network that is supposed to help the poor
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th April 2002

Has Science Compromised Science?
Once again, the journal Science has allowed a private company to publish a scientific paper in its pages while withholding data from public view for commercial reasons
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th April 2002

Breaching the Knowledge Monopoly
The Beijing Genomics Institute of China has taken the scientific world by surprise. It came up from behind to beat the West at its own game, finishing a draft of the rice genome in just 18 months, and has the potential to change the power politics of agriculture forever
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th April 2002

Public/Private Partnerships Too Close for Comfort
Is the relationship between public and private getting too cosy for comfort in the rice genome sequencing efforts?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 18th April 2002

What Lurks Behind Triple Herbicide-Tolerant Oilseed Rape?
The surprising speed with which multiple herbicide tolerant oilseed rape appeared in Canada and the United States raises serious questions over horizontal gene transfer and transgenic instability
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th April 2002

Astonishing Denial of Transgenic Pollution
Top scientific journal Nature retracted a paper on transgenic pollution of Mexican landraces under pressure from pro-biotech scientists, but the authors stand by their conclusions, now firmed up by new data
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th April 2002

Scrambled genomes in human gene therapy and transgenic plants
Human gene therapy is usually considered separate and distinct from genetic modification (GM) of crops, but this is misleading.
Prof. Joe Cummins and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th March 2002

Keeping Brazil GM-free
Outrageous as it may seem, the federal government of Brazil has joined up with Monsanto to appeal again and again for Brazil's moratorium on commercial growing of GM crops
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 22nd February 2002

The Best Kept Secret of GM Crops
Witness Statement to ACRE For ACRE open hearing on the criticisms of T25 GM maize risk assessment
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 13th February 2002

Citizen's Vigil Exposes Bad Science in GM Crop Trial
Local inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands witnessed another GM crop fail in front of their very eyes. Scientists who have approved the UK farmscale field trials should be held to account.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 7th January 2002

Transgenic Pink Bollworms FONSI?
he US Department of Agriculture returned a verdict of FONSI finding of no significant impact on transgenic pink bollworms. Prof. Joe Cummins condemns the decision as deeply flawed.
Prof. Joe Cummins 14th December 2001

GM Crops Failed
GM crops have higher yields, improved performances, and greatly reduce the use of agrochemicals. Farmers like them because they increase income. Lim Li Ching and Jonathan Matthews debunk these myths, documenting failures of GM crops around the world.
Lim Li Ching and Jonathan Matthews 14th December 2001

GM & Corporate Serfdom Official
We are witnessing the most outrageous acts of corporate theft and domination in history. At its heart is the manipulation of lifeforms and the use of this technology to gain control over the food chain. 4 charts the recent antics of Monsanto.
Nick Papadimitriou 4th October 2001

Common Plant Vector Injects Genes into Human Cells
The genetic engineering community has assumed that Agrobacterium, a commonly used gene transfer vector for plants, does not infect animal cells, and certainly would not transfer genes into them. But this has been proved wrong. Prof. Joe Cummins warns of hazards to laboratory and farm workers.
Prof. Joe Cummins 24th September 2001

Foot & Mouth Outbreak, GM Vaccine and Bio-warfare
The recent foot & mouth disease outbreak in the UK has been blamed on intensive agriculture, ecoterrorists, and globalisation. Now, evidence has emerged that it may be linked to experimental GM vaccines tested in simulated biowarfare emergency.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 24th September 2001

Nature Rejects Scientific Debate on UK Farmscale Field Trials
The following commentary on an article published in last week’s Nature describing UK’s farmscale field trials was rejected by the correspondence editor, following discussion with our editorial team . This is not the first time that Nature has refused to allow real scientific debate on GM crops to take place in its pages.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Angela Ryan and Prof. Joe Cummins 31st August 2001

Beware Corporate Takeover of Organics
While science thugs and Oxford dons are busy attacking organics in the public arena, the corporate paymasters may be engineering a takeover, Dr. MaeWan Ho reports on her visit to Inverness, where eleven have subsequently been arrested, and six charged, for placing themselves in the path of the tractor planting GM seeds.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th August 2001

GM Crops May Face Genetic Meltdown
All GM crops may be unstable, and worse, they may face total genetic meltdown due to escalating error catastrophes
Prof. Joe Cummins 12th June 2001

Europe to Demand Strict Molecular Characterisation for GMOs?
New 'eventspecific' molecular characterisation devised by Belgian government scientists highly important in the context food safety control . Monsanto's Roundup Ready GM soya is found to have scrambled and unknown genes. Is it legal? Is it safe?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 22nd May 2001

Horizontal Gene Transfer Happens - II
The evidence for horizontal gene transfer is accumulating. MaeWan Ho reviews a selection of recent scientific papers.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th May 2001

GM Crops May All Be Unstable
ISIS has drawn attention to the instability of GMOs and GM constructs all along. Prof. Joe Cummins offers this latest verdict, all GM crops may be unstable.
Prof. Joe Cummins 8th April 2001

Terminator Insects – The Killing of Females
US Dept. of agriculture has approved field release of GM pink bollworm this coming summer, as a prelude to developing femalekilling traits to control bollworm pests.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Prof. Joe Cummins 20th March 2001

Terminator insects give wings to genome invaders
The US Dept. of Agriculture has approved field release of GM pink bollworm this summer, which are made with a mobile genetic element that can jump many species.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th March 2001

piggyBac a name to remember
The first genetically modified GM insects are due for release in the United States this summer. Prof. Joe Cummins takes us through the basic genetics and the hazards involved
Prof. Joe Cummins 16th March 2001

Who's Afraid of Horizontal Gene Transfer?
Controversy erupted following claims by Berkeley scientists that transgenic maize has contaminated Mexican maize landraces. Horizontal gene transfer- the direct uptake and incorporation of foreign DNA into cells is something pro-biotech scientists don't like to mention and top scientific journals like Nature are extremely reluctant to discuss.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Joe Cummins 5th March 2001

UK Top Research Centre Admits GM Failure
Scientists in UK’s top GM crop research institute, the John Innes Centre, are finally admitting to the public that GM crops are no good. ISIS press release 26/01/01
Angela Ryan, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Joe Cummns 29th January 2001

Horizontal Gene Transfer - The Hidden Hazards of Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering involves designing artificial constructs to cross species barriers and to invade genomes. In other words, it enhances horizontal gene transfer – the direct transfer of genetic material to unrelated species.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 18th August 2000

GM Crops - How Corporations Rule and Ruin the World
The proposal that agricultural biotechnology is vital for the future of the developing world can immediately be contradicted if we are talking about GM crops. Evidence is building up that they are unsafe, unsound and unsustainable.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 8th June 2000

Risks of Viral Resistant Transgenic Crops
This paper was presented to Workshop on the Ecological Risks of Trangenic Crops, University of California, Berkeley, March 2-4, 2000. It gives evidence of recombination between viral transgenes and viruses to generate new viruses. It also draws attention to the danger of the cauliflower mosaic viral promoter which is in practically all GM crops currently undergoing field trials or already commercially released.
Mae-Wan. Ho, A. Ryan, Prof. Prof. Joe Cummins 10th April 2000

Transgenic DNA in Animal Feed
Critique of MAFF* Report CS0116 'Effect of feed processing conditions on DNA fragmentation'
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho and Angela Ryan 2nd April 2000

Biosafety Alert
The US and European Union are trying to ‘harmonize’ approval process for genetic engineered products through the TransAtlantic Economic Partnership TEP – a kind of freetrade agreement, according to its critics.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd April 2000

Horizontal gene transfer - new evidence
A group of researchers in Indiana University of the United States have just reported that a genetic parasite belonging to yeast has suddenly jumped into many unrelated species of higher plants recently.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 5th December 1998

Genetically Modified GM crops are neither needed nor beneficial
They are a dangerous diversion from the real task of providing food and health around the world
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

GEOs pose hazards, risk-assessment is difficult, but essential
Genetic Engineering suggests new avenues for production of useful products and organisms, but it also poses hazards to the environment and health. Delineating these hazards is complicated and difficult, but important at every level of decisionmaking on risk assessment and riskmanagement
Chakravarthi Raghavan

Dr Arpad Pusztai Talks on Food for the 21st Century
Organized by The British Hungarian Fellowship
Angela Ryan

Eating Cauliflower Mosaic Virus infected vegetables does not prove that Cauliflower Mosaic Virus Promoter in genetically modified crops is safe
Recently researchers from the John Innes Centre JIC for plant research in Great Britain have again claimed that the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus CaMV promoter used to genetically modify virtually all of the transgenic crops now marketed or being tested for marketing has been proven to be safe for human consumption because humans have been consuming virus infected crucifers for a long time.
Prof. Joe Cummins