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Living proof against HIV/AIDS

I read Unraveling AIDS (ISIS publication) and your mention of Dr. Harold Foster CD4 tailspin (Selenium Conquers AIDS? SiS 23) is noteworthy. I have come to know Dr. Foster quite well and am living proof of the efficacy of his nutritional formulation.

My life is dedicated to promoting the work of Dr. Foster and I remain tireless, and will not stand idle and let another friend die of AIDS, or from the side effects of the drugs intended to treat the disease.

I was diagnosed with symptomatic AIDS in December of 1995 with a CD4 count of 51.  In February of 1996 I commenced a regimen of AZT, the only Health Canada approved treatment available at the time.  Over the next ten years, the ARV regimens included AZT, 3TC, Saquinavir, Zerit, Norvir, Viracept, Sustiva, Fuzeon and Kaletra.  Kaletra’s monograph states over one hundred side effects on the digestive, endocrine, musculoskeletal, nervous and lymphatic systems.  Metabolic and nutritional disorders in addition to cardiovascular Bradyarrhythmia (abnormally slow heartbeat) have been reported.

With the advent of entry inhibitors (Fuzeon or T20), I found myself on a regimen of twice daily subcutaneous injections, and after ten years of antiretrovirals (ARVs), retained little body fat. As a result, I experienced persistent injection site reactions such as redness, swelling and hardening of the skin.

I participated in a clinical trial commencing May 12, 2005 sponsored by the Canadian Immunodeficiency Research Collaborative to evaluate the efficacy of using the Biojector© CO2 injector delivery system over standard hypodermic needles.  Once again the injection sight reactions persisted due to the absence of body fat.

I was introduced to Dr. Foster’s work in early 2006 and was somewhat amazed these findings were rarely published.  After considerable research on nutrients, nutrition, digestion etc, and a decade of ARV regimens, the pills, serums, hypodermic needles, CO2 guns and most of all, drug side effects, I stopped the ARVs May 16, 2006. 

During August 2006 and January 2007, there was a 49 percent decrease in viral load and a 38 percent increase in CD4 cells.  I celebrate a one year anniversary of being ARV free and during that time have saved the provincial health $50 000 in medication costs.  Fuzeon alone comes with a $2 650/month price tag.   Monthly supplement costs range from $100-$120.

An undetectable viral load and improved average CD4 count - the blood markers utilized to assess health and therapy outcome – do not necessarily mean a healthy individual. As someone with a decade of ARV therapy and “good numbers”, I did not feel healthy.  I experienced the plague of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, abnormal liver functions, the onset of osteoarthritis, duodenitis, peripheral neuropathy, lipoatrophy and the progression of hepatitis B to a grade or level 2. Today I am free of these side effects, and have presented normal liver functions for the first time in ten years.

ARVs are not the panacea; AZT prescribed in mono therapy is considered malpractice in the US.  AZT left me with severe anemia to the point that therapy was discontinued.  To state that if you do not take your drugs you will die is a myth. There are many individuals such as myself living a healthy life without ARVs.

The 2006 International AIDS Conference discussed the devastation in Africa. However; we are in a position to learn from the nutritional advancements made in Africa.  AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) are reluctant to publish this information as it is deemed anecdotal.  ASOs are charged with bringing any and all information to the community regarding the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

My experience is not unique, and this approach to the treatment of AIDS must be considered as a viable, sustainable alternative. It is a more humane approach to HIV/AIDS that treats the patient rather than the disease.  I have written a letter to Canada national newspaper regarding the book 28 stories of AIDS in Africa by reporter Stephanie Nolan on this very issue, which she seems to be quite unaware of. 

Norman Sartor, Marie, Ontario, Canada

Bird flu

Thank you for mentioning me in the article How to Stop Bird Flu Instead (SiS 35). I very much appreciate your willingness to make a statement about the over-looked connection between bird flu and environmental toxicities. I certainly wish that the WHO would take a look at the dioxin connection!

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Philanthropy exposed

I have just read Philanthropy Gates Style (SiS 35) Thank you very much for your commitment to the moral and noble course of promoting the production of natural foods, opposing the production of disease and death foods, and protecting human life.

I am impressed with the extent and depth of your analytical exposé, as always. I have been worried by the way those who have accumulated money at the expense of most other people now use their money. It conforms to the philosophy of AS IF, because what the ignorant members of the public see as philanthropy is really incredibly wicked capitalist self-enrichment.

There is a proverb among the Yoruba ethnic group here in Nigeria: Ti agbalagba ba subu, a wo eyin; which means literally: when a person falls down, he looks back. He looks back to identify or find the cause of his fall and remove it so that neither he nor anyone else would be caused to fall again by that object.

I am not inclined to believe what Kofi Anan was reported to have said on not promoting G.M Foods for Africa. I think he considered it safest to say so.

In appropriate Nigerian I say to you: “Well doing”; “doing” because you are still doing what I am acknowledging and giving you approbation and appreciation for; not well done because that would apply after you would have done it

My regards also to Professor Joe Cummings for his work.

Prince Pieray C. P Odor, The University of Lagos, Nigeria

Philanthropy Gates Style (SiS 35) is a welcomed and overdue article, unfortunately just a little late for Germany. Last week, the country’s leading news magazine Der Spiegel
carried a cover story on the “Billionaire Samaritans”, with the cover picture entitled,  “The Saviours of the World”, and Bill Clinton swooping out in the guise of a modern-day Superman. One can wonder what he will be able to do now with the paltry 200 million dollars in his foundation, compared to what he neglected as President.

I can’t begin to tell you about the runarounds I got from US government officials here in Germany on the issue of climate protection when he and Al Gore were in office.

Jeff Michel, Berlin, Germany

More on legal action against GMOs

Regarding your excellent report Scientists and MEPs for a GM free Europe (SiS 35)
I would like to clarify that there are three organisations involved in the legal action against GMOs. The first group is “Public Eye on Science”, founded by Urs Hans inspired by his experiences with the BSE crisis. The second group is the network of "Aktion Genklage"  (approximately translated as "action legal”), created in the past year, its most important promotors/actors, include Christiane Luest at Munique as coordinator, Dr. Christoph Palme at the Institute for Nature Protection Law in Tuebingen,  and Werner Mueller from Global2000/FoE-Austria. There is an English documentation of the project at As it is a juridical project, it uses all existing juridical concepts including co-existence (of GM and non-GM agriculture)
The third group is the “Network for a GMO-Free World” created at the moratorium workshop on April 20th 2007 at the conference of GMO free regions in Brussel. The Steering Committee members of this network have agreed to reject co-existence, and to promote a ban or moratorium of GMOs.

Dr. Wolfgang Wiebecke, Agrarian group of attac in Wuppertal, Germany

I fully agree with Wolgang Wiebecke’s account (above). I also wish to highlight farmer Glöckner case (reported in Cows Ate GM Maize & Died, SiS 21). I spoke as president
of the farmers organisation Public Eye on Science. Our aim is to bring light
to this dark story. We tell what happens when after field trials of Bt corn
gets fed to cows, and unexpected things shows up: serious health problems in the animals and depression in milk production. But there has been no investigation and monitoring by officials. As soon as the farmer goes public, the company starts their repressive campaign on the farmer and the whole media.

As farmers, scientists and consumers we will take actions against the clear worldwide contamination strategies of the agribusiness.

Urs Hans, Public Eye on Science, Germany

Question on Honeybee

Such questions in Parliaments (, SiS 35) are a very powerful awareness raising action that forces the country or countries to take responsibility.

More effective still would be notices of claim for unlimited liabilities by affected countries on those approving such chemical releases without having considered all the consequences. We have producer and product liability laws and it is time that the lawmakers practice what they preach.

Walter Jehrne, microbiologists, Healthy Soils, Australia

Biofuels and family planning

When I learned the truth about corn and alcohol (Biofuels: Biodevastation, Hunger & False Carbon Credits, SiS 33), I started a public campaign warning groups that the rising price of corn is resulting in starvation because poor people cannot afford it.

It is obvious there is one sane solution that progressives never discuss, and which was addressed on Earth Day 1970, and the solution subsequently forgotten.

Family planning is the answer. As long as population increases demand for natural resources increases, a fact which somehow is lost in discussions. No matter how green we are, more people means more demand for water, more development and growth and less habitat.

I am serious - is anybody else? Don't take my word for it - go to American Singles, select postal code 33089 or Lakeland, Florida - and you will read that I have no children as yet, and plan on having only one child.

Daniel Barker, Lakeland, Florida, USA

Quantum dance and Qigong

Your article Quantum Jazz, The Tao of Biology on the quantum dance and quantum coherence, how the organism straddles quantum superimpositions, rides the quantum probability wave, reminds me very strongly of the channeled books of Seth by Jane Roberts in the 60s and 70s. The organism is very aware of which probabilities lie within its scope, and navigates through the quantum world in such a fashion. This is all part of the argument that each one of us is choosing our own reality, creates it in fact.

I admire your work, and love the direction you have taken professionally. I have a BSc in Biology, which enables me to appreciate what you write. I am also a Qigong practitioner.

I believe that the practice of Qigong is causing me to feel qi in my meridians, not only superficially, but deep in the core, running through the organs. This is of supreme importance in your “coherence” argument. The increased qi flow leads to increased coherence, I believe. It would also go a long way to understanding Sheldrake’s morphic fields, and explain how our organism is able to pick up information from the environment.

The style of Qigong I practice is meditative and uses meridian tracing movements with hand mudras for specific meridians. It is rather unique I believe, and very effective in training one to feel and cultivate qi.

Thanks for being there and taking such an active part on behalf of our world!

Mark Wigzell


I have always wondered about Wi-Fi (Drowning in a Sea of Microwaves, SiS 34) Someone recently joked: “W-Fi? Why fry?” Keep up the good work!

Calestous Juma, Harvard University, USA

Article first published 29/08/07

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