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Interview with Mae-Wan Ho
From genetics and GMOs to quantum biology and cosmology
Mónica Fernández 8th July 2015

Water Structured in the Golden Ratio
Predictions from quantum chemistry calculations and state of the art cryogenic electrospray ionization infrared spectroscopy provide evidence that water exists as pentagonal dodecahedron clusters based on the golden ratio, the magic number woven into the fabric of the universe and consciousness
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 18th March 2015

Protons in Quantum Jazz Concert
Multiple protons in water clusters caught quantum tunnelling in concert, resulting in superfast and accurately directed current flow; could this be happening in our body?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 9th March 2015

Rosetta for a Water Universe
Among the most significant new findings of the Rosetta space probe on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is the copious creation of water by a previously unrecognized process; water is ubiquitous and the most abundant compound in the Universe, making our Universe especially fit for life
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 4th March 2015

Supramolecular Nanostructures in Highly Dilute Solutions Required for Biological Activity
Stable structures containing millions of water molecules in highly dilute solutions of chemical compounds are formed only in the presence of ambient electromagnetic fields; they exhibit physical properties distinct from bulk water and are essential for biological activity
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 6th October 2014

Emilio Del Giudice - Illuminating Water and Life
Emilio collapsed at his home in Milan Italy while in the throes of writing scientific papers with his colleagues and collaborators; he died in hospital later that evening, 30 January 2014. Emilio is the most brilliant scientist in the world who has inspired me among countless others. He is also the kindest, most generous, entertaining, wise and witty man. I had been so looking forward to discussing my latest ideas with him on mathematics, art, beauty, consciousness, and the universe (see The Story of Phi and other articles in the series); for such is his wide ranging interests and passion. That was not to be. He was taken away suddenly and without warning.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st October 2014

Large Structured Water Clusters Caught on Camera
The structures are hundreds of microns or more in size and have the characteristics of soft matter; they bring quantum electrodynamics into the study of water, cell biology and medicine
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 12th February 2014

Emilio Del Giudice
Prometheus of the New Science

Emilio was a prolific and original scientist, a giant whose intellectual legacy needs to be fully assessed for decades to come
ISIS 3rd February 2014

You are Water I am Water - Lotte Anker and Mark Sanders
Lotte Anker and Mark Sanders at the Colours of Water FestivalAnnouncing a new ISIS video. The third and final musical performance at Colours of Water was an experimental jazz improvisation by Danish saxophonist Lotte Anker, with British percussionist Mark Sanders on drums. Watch this improvisation now on the ISIS website. The entire performance is available from the ISIS online store here
ISIS 23rd July 2013

Earth Music Unlimited - Reflections
Earth Music Unlimited at the Colours of Water FestivalAnnouncing a new ISIS video. The second musical performance at Colours of Water was an improvisation by a trio of classically-trained musicians, Earth Music Unlimited (Edward Cowie, piano; Stephen Preston, flute; Mifune Tsuji violin). The first piece of the evening was entitled Reflections, and like the rest of their set, was inspired by water. Watch this improvisation now on the ISIS website. The entire performance is available from the ISIS online store here
ISIS 26th June 2013

Chris Lee Trio, Raindance
Colours of WaterThe ISIS Colours of Water festival had musical performances by a number of highly respected artists, the first being Jazz pianist Chris Lee and his Trio (Chris Lee, piano; Rod Youngs, drums; Joe Pettitt, bass) whose set included the world premiere of several new pieces created especially for the festival. The performance began with a piece inspired by ISIS artist Li Poon's Raindance, and is now available to watch on the ISIS website, Youtube and Vimeo. A high definition 2 DVD set of the entire performance is also available from the ISIS online store here
ISIS 24th June 2013

Colours of Water Film
Colours of WaterA short video capturing some of the highlights of the hugely successful ISIS Colours of Water festival on the science and art of water. As well as the art exhibition there were musical performances, workshops and two jam-packed science conferences on the latest developments on water research, and water in a social context. If you missed this event, DVDs are available from the ISIS online store here
ISIS 12th June 2013

Colours of Water - New Science of Water for Life - pictures and DVD
New Science of Water for Life DVDPictures from the sell-out Colours of Water science day are now posted on the ISISart website. A DVD of the lectures from the conference can be pre-ordered from the ISIS online store; featuring: Gerald Pollack, Martin Chaplin, Djuro Koruga, Emilio Del Giudice, Mae-Wan Ho, Peter Fisher, Elmar Fuchs and Tim Crowe<
ISIS 17th April 2013

Science and Art of Water
Dr Mae-Wan Ho reveals how science and art become one in her feeling for water that goes back to traditional Chinese culture
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 25th March 2013

What is Liquid Water?
The unique complexities of liquid water make it anomalously fit for life
Prof Martin Chaplin 18th March 2013

Life is Water Electric
Part 2 Quantum Coherent Liquid Crystalline Water & the Life-Field. Invited keynote lecture at Electric Universe 2013: The Tipping Point conference, Albuquerque, 3-6 January, 2013
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 4th February 2013

Life is Water Electric
Part 1 - Electrodynamic Life-Field & Body Electric. Invited keynote lecture at Electric Universe 2013: The Tipping Point conference, Albuquerque, 3-6 January, 2013
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 14th January 2013

Living H2O the Dancing Rainbow Within
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho presents highlights of her new book 'Living Rainbow H2O', World Scientific and Imperial College Press, 2012
18th July 2012

Superconducting Quantum Coherent Water in Nanospace Confirmed
Quantum coherent delocalized protons make confined water nanotubes superconducting with large implications for cell biology
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 16th July 2012

Announcing Art/Science/Music Festival Colours of Water
Date: 12-28 March 2013 Venue: Menier Gallery-London
Be prepared for a surprising feast of mind, body and spirit in ISIS' continuing quest to recover beauty and truth in science and art
ISIS 2nd May 2012

Protein's Secret Water Music in Nanospace
New nuclear magnetic resonance study of proteins in nanospace reveals hidden water protein correlations over an enormous range of time scales
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd November 2011

Electronic Induction Animates the Cell
How quantum coherent water in the liquid crystalline cell is really responsible for the membrane potential that determines its vital states, and is crucial for energy and signal transduction
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 12th October 2011

Quantum Coherent Water, Non-thermal EMF Effects, and Homeopathy
How quantum coherent water may account for specific biological effects of very weak electromagnetic fields, and possibly homeopathy
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 27th July 2011

Quantum Coherent Water and Life
Water is quantum coherent under ordinary conditions, according to a quantum electrodynamics field theory that may explain many of its most paradoxical properties including life itself
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 25th July 2011

DNA Sequence Reconstituted from Water Memory?
Water carrying only the electromagnetic signature of a DNA sequence can make a replica of the sequence out of simple building blocks, according to Nobel laureate HIV researcher
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th July 2011

The Rainbow Ensemble
How water keeps ‘most everything in the cell dancing most of the time, and what’s the cell really like
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 20th October 2010

Dancing with Macromolecules
Macromolecules need lots of water to function effortlessly and acquire completely new talents when fully hydrated
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 18th October 2010

Dancing with Ions
Water has a special dynamic relationship with ions dissolved in it that will determine their chemistry in the cell
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th September 2010

Cooperative and Coherent Water
Cooperative hydrogen-bonding between molecules gives rise to energetically favourable three-dimensional network of supramolecular clusters in liquid water under ambient conditions, resulting in long-range dipole correlation and quantum coherence
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 27th September 2010

Liquid Crystalline Water, Quantum Molecular Machines and the Living State
Invited lecture at Biomaterials Symposium, YUCOMAT 2010, Plaza Hotel, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, 6-10 September 2010
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 17th September 2010

Water’s Quantum Jazz and the Living State
Invited lecture at International Conference on Water, Hydrogen Bonding Materials and Nanomedicine, Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Serbia, Bans Palace, Benja Luka, 4 September 2010
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 15th September 2010

Can Water Burn?
The case of salt water that can be ignited when exposed to a radio frequency beam and what it could tell us about the structure of water
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th June 2009

Liquid Crystalline Water at the Interface
Just add sunlight for energy and life
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 31st March 2008

Water’s Effortless Action at a Distance
Water plays the lead role in living processes through changing between two states, a brand new understanding of bioenergetics and enzyme action
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 27th October 2006

Water and Colloid Crystals
The age-old alchemist’s dream of turning base materials into gold is coming true in the fabrication of new colloid crystal chips, but the fascinating history of colloid crystals is still unfolding
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 26th October 2006

Two-States Water Explains All?
The age-old mystery of water is unfolding as a recent model of a large hydrogen-bonded water superstructure matches practically all observations
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 25th October 2006

Collagen Water Structure Revealed
Water associated with collagen shows a surprising degree of order. Could they be the super-conducting channels that enable every single cell within the body to intercommunicate for perfect coordination?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 23rd October 2006

First Sighting of Structured Water
Structured water is among the hottest topics in science but no one has seen it until now
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd November 2005

Positive Electricity Zaps Through Water Chains
Water bound on surfaces of proteins and membranes conducts positive electricity, and could enable cells and tissues to intercommunicate rapidly and efficiently
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 27th October 2005

Water Smoothing Protein Relationships
How proteins get into shape through water chains
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 25th October 2005

A Break-through in Understanding Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Field Effects
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reviews new and old scientific findings to explain how the physics and chemistry of the collective water structure in the cell and the organism can interact with extremely weak EMFs to cause a multitude of biological effects.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 15th February 2005

What's the Bacterium Really Like?
Far from being a bag of macromolecules dispersed at random inside a rather tough cell wall, the bacterium is highly and spontaneously organised into nested functional compartments through interactions between the macromolecules and cell water
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 16th October 2004

What's the Cell Really Like?
It takes life-long commitment, profound knowledge and artistry to show the world what the cell is really like.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 15th October 2004

The Importance of Cell Water
Prof. Martin Chaplin presents a new theory on the structure of water in the cell that switches between low-density and high-density clusters
Martin Chaplin 13th October 2004

The Liquid Crystalline Organism and Biological Water
Announcing an important ISIS scientific preprint, presented at Gordon Research Conference, June 2004
I-SIS 7th July 2004

Water Forms Massive Exclusion Zones
Water, the most abundant constituent of living organisms, is associated with an enormous amount of surfaces inside cells and in the extracellular matrix. Is all of this biological water different from water in bulk? The answer is definitely yes, if the incredible new findings are to be taken on board.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 30th June 2004

The 'Wholiness' of Water
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports on how a body of water appears to change as a whole and wonders if oceans do it too
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th June 2004

Is Water Special?
Water has a collective structure that's extremely flexible and dynamic, which may EXPLAIN some of its 'anomalies'
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 28th June 2004

Water Remembers? Homeopathy Explained?
New research suggests water remembers what has been dissolved in it, even after dilution beyond the point where no molecule of the original substances could remain.
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 25th August 2003

Crystal Clear – Messages from Water
Could crystals of water be the answer to all our problems? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reviews the amazing work of Japanese water scientist
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 1st June 2002

The Strangeness of Water & Homeopathic 'Memory'
Is there any reason for homeopathic remedies to work? Does the strangeness of water hold the key? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho describes recent ideas on how the quantum electrodynamic properties of water could provide the basis of homeopathic 'memory' and how one might investigate them
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 31st May 2002

Homeopathy Enters the Mainstream
Homeopathy is entering the mainstream in the UK. Sam Burcher reports on some recent findings that bear on a centuries-old controversy that still baffles mainstream science
Sam Burcher 30th May 2002

Molecules Clump on Dilution
A surprising discovery that molecules dissolved in water clump together when the solution is diluted is said to explain homeopathy. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho explains why the result flies in the face of conventional chemistry
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 29th May 2002