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“Event of a Life Time”

Quantum Jazz Biology Lecture

Why Beauty is Truth & Truth Beauty

by Mae-Wan Ho

Celebrating ISIS Event
26-27 March 2011, London

Now available for viewing on Vimeo

Mae-Wan Ho, ‘quantum jazz biologist’, regarded by some as “the most influential scientist alive today”, shows how her science and art bear out the poet John Keats' enigmatic lines,  Beauty is truth, and truth beauty, and why that is important for reclaiming science (and art) for the public good.

Mae-Wan Ho is Director of the Institute of Science in Society (, best known for original work on the physics of organisms and sustainable system and as a strong critic of genetic modification. See her full biography here.

The video below is an excerpt from Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology event - Biology & Medicine DVD (part 2)

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The following book and DVDs relating to this event are available from the ISIS online Store

Article first published 11/05/11

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