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Science in Society #54 - Summer 2012

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From the Editors
Investment Banks & Financial Maths
Cancer Cure & Prevention
Personalized Medicine for Cancer Fact or Fiction?
Cancer an Epigenetic Disease
Does DCA Cure Cancer?
Science & Religion
Lives of meaning
No Transgenic Mosquitoes
Regulation of Transgenic Insects Highly Inadequate & Unsafe
Transgenic Mosquitoes Not a Solution
Non-transgenic Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue
Letters to the Editor
Spider-silk Quest
Unspinning the Web of Spider-Goat
In Praise of Spiders & Spiders’ Silk
Genetic Engineering Spider Silk
Ban Glyphosate Herbicides
Glyphosate Kills Rat Testis Cells
Bt Toxin Kills Human Kidney Cells
Glyphosate Toxic to Mouth Cells & Damages DNA, Roundup Much Worse
Epigenetics Rules
Non-genetic Inheritance of Longevity
Technology Watch
Environmental Obesogens Make Children and Adults Fat
Handmade Cloning More Efficient But Obsolete
New GM Crops Tolerant To Old Toxic Herbicides a Step Backwards
‘Confined’ Field Releases of Eucalyptus neither Confined nor Safe

Article first published 17/02/16

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