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Homage to Black 2, Explorations in Chinese Ink
These larger pictures continue my experiments in roughly chronological order, beginning with Chinese ink applied as overlay to paintings completed a year ago, to simultaneous uses of ink and colours, with music and poetry very much in the air
ISIS 9th July 2014

Compositions in Chinese Ink - Homage to Black
Chinese ink gives the most intense and luxuriant black colour, as yet unrivalled by ink produced in Japan, India, or anywhere else in the world. Black – the colour containing all colours – has strong emotional associations with sorrow, loss, darkness and the occult, but also carries the irresistible allure of the all-encompassing cosmic night, of finality, surrender, death, and perhaps rebirth.
ISIS 30th June 2014

Colours of Water - You are Water, I am Water
You are Water, I am Water DVDThe ISISart website now has pictures from this highly original improvisational, based on the theme of water. A DVD of the performance is available for pre-order from the ISIS online store; featuring: Lotte Anker on saxophone and Mark Sanders on drums/percussion
ISIS 24th April 2013

Colours of Water - Opening Reception and Preview
ISIS artPhotos from the Colours of Water art preview/reception and of artworks by the ISIS artists
ISIS 11th April 2013

Jazz Musician Chris Lee Premiered New Works Inspired by ISIS Artists
It was the first of three evening concerts for the Colours of Water art/science/music festival and also the very first concert ever to be performed at the Menier Gallery in which the art exhibition for the festival is held. And to the wild delight and appreciation of a packed audience, jazz pianist/composer Chris Lee gave the first recital of six splendid new works for his trio
ISIS 27th March 2013

Science and Art of Water
Dr Mae-Wan Ho reveals how science and art become one in her feeling for water that goes back to traditional Chinese culture
Dr Mae-Wan Ho 25th March 2013

Announcing Art/Science/Music Festival Colours of Water
Date: 12-28 March 2013 Venue: Menier Gallery-London
Be prepared for a surprising feast of mind, body and spirit in ISIS' continuing quest to recover beauty and truth in science and art
ISIS 2nd May 2012

A Scientist's Earth Music
ISIS contribution to Earth Music Bristol, 18-26 November 2011, Bristol, UK
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 10th October 2011

Quantum Jazz Art - Quantum Sculptures
Video Clip of Julian Voss Andreae lecturing on "Quantum Sculptures". From the Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology event, March 2011.
ISIS 1st June 2011

Quantum Jazz Music - Birds as Composers
Video Clip of 'sonic poet' Edward Cowie performing "Birds as Composers". From the Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology event, March 2011.
ISIS 25th May 2011

Quantum Jazz Biology Lecture - Energy Medicine and Quantum Jazz
Video Clip of Jim Oschman lecturing on "Energy Medicine & Quantum Jazz". From the Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology event, March 2011.
ISIS 16th May 2011

Quantum Jazz Biology Lecture - Why Beauty is Truth & Truth Beauty
Video clip of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho on "Why Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty". From the Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology event, March 2011.
ISIS 11th May 2011

Quantum Jazz Biology, Medicine, and Art
Did You Miss the Science/Art “Event of a Life Time”? Video clip overview of the event
ISIS 5th May 2011

Avant Garde Art/Science Event to Recover Beauty and Truth
Leading scientists and artists turned a wholefood factory into an art gallery and music/lecture hall overnight to reclaim science and art for the public good; the theme of the event, which took place 26-27 March 2011, was ‘quantum jazz’, the sublime aesthetic of quantum coherence as the basis for a new understanding of the living system and the living universe
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 19th April 2011

Why Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty
Invited lecture Making Visible the Invisible Conference, University of Huddersfield, Huddersfield, UK, 10-11 March 2011
Mae-Wan Ho 14th March 2011

Beauty and Truth in Science and Art
Preface to Celebrating ISIS, Quantum Jazz Biology, Medicine, Art
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 2nd February 2011

Water - Uncharted Spaces – the Body of the Transitory
An artist articulates his art and science on elemental water
Michel Kappeli 1st November 2010

Salvador Dalí, Paranoia and Dissolution of Time
Martin Ries dissects The Persistence of Memory
Martin Ries 8th October 2008

In Search of the Sublime
The creation of significant form is the basis of knowledge, possibly for all living species; it holds the key to aesthetic experience in science and art, and depends on the inextricable entanglement of all beings in nature
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho 16th June 2008

The Return of the Whale Dreamers
What connects British actor Kim Kindersley to a dispossessed aboriginal tribe to the musician Julian Lennon? A powerful new film documenting a gathering of indigenous and tribal leaders that explores the profound connection between whales, dolphins and humanity.
Sam Burcher 30th August 2007

Colours of Water Exhibition Collection
Artworks by Kathy Haffegee | Mae-Wan Ho | Li Poon | Matt Poon