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Celebratng -SS - Quantum Jazz Bology, Medcne, and Art

Celebratng SS, Quantum Jazz Bology*Medcne*Art


26-27 March 2011


Alara Wholefoods Ltd, (map) 110-112 Camley Street, London, N1C 4PF, UK (nearest underground staton, Kng’s Cross/St. Pancras (Eurostar ral staton)


Edward Cowe, nternatonally renowned ‘sonc poet’ composer, performer, and much exhbted artst all over the world

Heather Cowe, geologst turned organc artst, workng n multple dmensons wth mxed meda n quest of the nter-sensual

Peter Fsher MD, Clncal Drector and Drector of Research at Royal London Hosptal for ntegratve Medcne, and Homeopath to Her Majesty the Queen

Mae-Wan Ho PhD, Drector and co-founder of SS, author of <>The Ranbow Worm and numerous other works, quantum jazz bologst and occasonal artst

Mchel Kappel, prze-wnnng artst extraordnare, ever breakng boundares n quest of nature’s process, the latest are structural symphones of water, from France

Mchael Meacher MP, the people’s favourte poltcan and envronment mnster, SS’ frend and sponsor snce the begnnng

Jm Oschman PhD, cell bologst, poneer and author of <>Energy Medcne, from New Hampshre, USA

L Poon, Chnese-European-mesoAmercan fuson abstract, artst-n-resdence at SS, much admred for the ‘shamanstc’ qualtes of hs pantngs, from Toronto, Canada

Alex Smth, Managng Drector of Alara Wholefoods, wnner of multple awards for green busness and sustanablty, creator of urban zero-carbon dream farm

Julan Voss-Andreae, physcst and quantum sculptor, wth mportant large-scale works commssoned n publc nsttutons, from Portland, Oregon, USA

And many others


Saturday 26 March 2011
13:00 Regstraton
Actual Art Exhbton
Quantum jazz complatons of musc and art
14:00-14:10 Welcome and Openng Remarks <>Alex Smth
14:10-14:15 Charman’s ntroducton <>Peter Saunders
14:15-14:45 Lfe s Water’s Quantum Jazz <>Mae-Wan Ho
14:45-15:15 Energy Medcne & Quantum Jazz <>Jm Oschman
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break and Vst of Alara Dream Farm <>Alex Smth
15:45-16:15 Homeopathy the Scence and Art of Healng Water <>Peter Fsher
16:15-16:30 Symphones of Water <>Mchel Kappel
16:30-17:30 Pano rectals by “sonc poet” <>Edward Cowe
The Bologcal Pano- a sound dscourse on the pano and organsms
Brds as Composers
17:30-18:45 Recepton & Drnks
Vewng Art Exhbtons

(Saturday evenng before and after recepton and dnner, contnung on to Sunday endng 13:00)
18:45-19:00 Speech <>Rt Hon Mchael Meacher MP
19:00 Buffet Dnner
20:30-21:30 Pano mprovsatons by Request <>Edward Cowe
Sunday 27 March 2011
9:30 Exhbtons open
10:00-10:30 Morphogeness <>Heather Cowe
How to develop and generate form wth nature
10:30-11:00 Quantum Sculptures <>Julan Voss-Andreae
11:00-12:00 Guded Tour of Alara Dream Farm <>Alex Smth
12:00-13:00 Coffee and Exhbtons

Attendance strctly lmted - Book now to be sure of gettng a place

£65 for regstraton, recepton and dnner

Add £12 to pre-order the specal commemoratve volume that wll nclude selected reproductons and lstng of all the artworks exhbted as well as lectures delvered. (The volume costs £15 otherwse).

For further detals e-mal or telephone 44-(0)1908-696101.


Please regster below and pay onlne wth paypal, or prnt and send the regstraton form wth a cheque to Celebratng SS, 29 Tytherton Road, London N19 4PZ, UK.

Please select:Regstraton, recepton and dnner £65
As above plus commemoratve volume £77

Avalable from onlne bookstore now

Celebratng SS, Quantum Jazz Bology*Medcne*Art, a commemoratve book, contanng comprehensve texts of the talks and selectons of the fantastc artworks featured n both the actual and vrtual art to be released at the event Browse Buy now

Quantum Jazz Art, a vrtual exhbton DVD wth superb muscal accompanments, whch wll be played and avalable at the event Detals Buy now

Celebratng SS Event, DVD of the entre event tself ncludng the actual art exhbtons, wll be released shortly afterwards  Buy now

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