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Quantum Jazz Art, a virtual exhibition DVD with superb musical accompaniments, which will be played and available at the event Celebrating ISIS - Quantum Jazz Biology. Order now from the ISIS online store DVD only | DVD plus commemorative volume


Curated and Compiled by Mae-Wan Ho
Produced and Edited by Jerome Monnot

Li Poon, Canada
Mae-Wan Ho, UK
Kathy Haffegee, UK
Matt Poon, Australia
Jade Ho, USA
Jasmine Ho, USA
Julian Voss-Andreae, USA
Heather Cowie, UK
Helga Kreuzritter, Germany
Edward Cowie, UK
JR Jacques, Haiti
Chief Z. O. Oloruntoba, Nigeria
Wavy Gravy, USA
Romel Balan, Haiti
Pyas, Haiti
Antilhomme, Haiti
Unknown street artists,
Greece, Denmark, Spain,


Fuerte by John Clark,
Quantum Jazz DVD by Julian Haffegee
Follow me by Shan Patrick Kenner
Rutherford’s lights Study 1
by Edward Cowie, played by John Casey
Lowfrican by Ken Wallace
Uncertain achievements by Eric Loos
Rain on the prarie by Tilman Silescu
Cookies and milk by Lucas Cantor
Flap jack by David Flavin
Bach Prelude in D minor by Li Poon
Something next door by Bruce H Hathaway
Magic Dulcimer by Pete Calandra
Joyful daze by D. Difonzo
Just like Steve drums by Steve Horelick
Skipping rope by Angel Jose Ruiz Perex
Outback at twilight by Simon Brewer
Moving String by Julian Haffegee
Spanish romance by Li Poon
Dumbek dance by Pete Calandra
Plucky groove by Steve Horelick
Rambling River by Steve Glotzer

This page published 01/02/11

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