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Science in Society magazine

Published by the Institute of Science in Society, a not-for-profit organisation working for science, sustainability and society

"…truly playing an important part in the effort many of us are making to stay informed and alert."

“Providing important insights to many scientific debates crucial to developing countries, in a brave and refreshing way” Martin Khor, Director, Third World Network, Penang, Malaysia

“ISIS is a voice of sanity shouting for due consideration of possible consequences while applauding genuine advances in knowledge. There are too few such voices. The magazine provides an invaluable journal of record and another avenue for informing the public and energising the scientific community.” Dr. Henry A. Becker, Emeritus Prof. Chemical Engineering Queen's University, Ontario, Canada

“A wonderfully colourful publication, with excellent artwork and highly readable, well informed articles on contemporary scientific/social issues.” Margaret Stronach, Friends of the Earth, Wokingham, UK

“SIS is the antidote to scientific mumbo-jumbo. It treats people as grown ups - capable of understanding and facing up to difficult issues - whilst demanding that scientists describe the challenges of science in terms people can understand. Every idea that SIS explores is an advocacy of good science. A must-read for all who wish to change society for the better.” Alan Simpson, Member of Parliament, UK

“Playing an important part in the effort many of us are making to stay informed and alert.” Dr. Richard Strohman, Emeritus Prof. Cell and Molecular Biology, UC Berkeley, USA

“It is great to have honest unbiased literature to cut through the smog of misleading propaganda by corporate scientists.” Noel Lynch, Green Party member of The London Assembly, UK

“Science in Society (and ISIS' website) has become for me and my undergraduate and graduate students the most important source of information and reflection on issues related to genetic engineering in agriculture and medicine. A unique and exceedingly important resource greatly appreciated by a growing readership.” Dr. Pat Howard, Associate Professor of Communication Simon Fraser University, Canada

“SiS is a breath of fresh air in telling you what's so often omitted from the official journals and establishment papers; it's an antidote to industrial propaganda. The articles are methodically researched and global in outreach: an absolute must-read for the intelligent layperson who wants to get to the bottom of things and is prepared to give time and concentration to mastering the arguments.” Michael Meacher, Member of Parliament, UK

“I use Science in Society to teach genetics and management courses to help students identify political policies and corporate actions that respect social values and the scientific process along with economic values.” Dr. Dick Richardson, Professor of Intergrative Biology, University of Texas, Austin, USA

“Essential reading for a new generation of professionals and concerned citizens.” Dr Michel Pimbert, International Institute for Environment and Development, UK

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